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Found 16 results

  1. Despite having the "No Dino Download" setting unchecked, transfers are not working at obelisks/drops/tek transmitters. Basically, everything works fine during the upload; dinos get uploaded, and any items I upload as well get uploaded. When it comes to downloading, however, I can get all the items i uploaded as well as my character. In fact, the option to download the dino from the other map is there. However, upon downloading, the name of the dino on the transfer menu disappears (implying the transfer happened), but there's no dino in sight.
  2. So last night I transferred to a random Ragnarok server and I brought a flyer with me so that I could get around a little easier. I went to re-upload my tame so I could download it again on the random server so that if it were to get killed by another tribe they wouldn't be able to see the server It was uploaded from just the server it was tamed on. I wasn't able to because of the 12-timer. So after finding some loot I hid my flyer and went to bed. I woke up the next morning found a supply drop and uploaded all my loot without any problems. I went to upload my tame so I could keep it in the ob instead of the random server (was afraid it may get killed, didn't necessarily make friends 😂) It gave me the option to upload a tame, the 12-timer had ended, I could select the tame and click "upload tame", then it would show me the prompt saying "are you sure you want to do this all items on tame will be dropped blah blah blah", but then when I accept this nothing happens. The prompt goes away but my tame doesn't upload. I thought maybe it was because I was at a drop instead of the ob, so I tried green but still the same thing. i've tried googling and youtubeing the problem but haven't found any recent forums or videos on this. Im going to try knocking out my bird and attempting it again when it wakes up or exiting the game and joining again. If anyone has experienced this problem and knows how to fix this bug It would be extremely appreciated!!! Time is of the essence
  3. Will I lost my tribe ownership after I upload my charactor and transfer to other servers in PvE ? I'm the only member and leader of my tribe .
  4. xSperlx

    Cant upload basilisk

    today i got a basilisk and i want to transfer it to my center server, but everytime i press the button to upload nothing happens.is this a bug or the basilisk transfer is disable. and yes im the admin of my tribe.
  5. MrCaptainPickles

    Obelisk/Drop issues?

    Hey is anyone having issues with Obelisks/Drops since the update last night? I am accessing Obs/Drops and seeing Crafting and Inventory...no Ark Data, No Creatures options in either. I have 2 Otters uploaded with about 5 hours left to download...any suggested fix? This is on Official Servers. I play Unofficial with my buddies and the Obs/Drops are working on there. https://ibb.co/ciibZx https://ibb.co/mDvZMc
  6. So, I'm not exactly sure how to phrase my question for the best clarity but I'm going to try. I have an unofficial server that is currently set to the Aberration map and I want to switch it to Ragnarok. If I upload my tames at an obelisk before changing the map, will I be able to download them to the new map once the change is done? My thought process is that ideally it will go as follows: 1. Upload dinos at obelisk on Aberration map. 2. Change server settings to use Ragnarok map. 3. Download Aberration tames to Ragnarok. Does anyone if this can be done? Any help/input to confirm or deny if this can be done would be fantastic. Thank you!
  7. StubsArk

    Can't upload

    Sorry if this was asked before, i accidentally uploaded on a dedicated server that had download blocked, my character and animals uploaded fine, but once on the new server, the items show in the slots but i cannot download? I started a new character but i connot upload again?
  8. Jtmorris

    Help! Cannot do this

    So playing singleplayer, I cannot upload Dinos, items, or survivor into the obelisks. I put everything into the obelisks in the appropriate places, upload a dino so it shows its loaded. Then I upload survivor data, go back to the main menu, load a new map, and there is no loaded survivor data to load. So then I load original map, and the game starts at the respawn map as if I had just died. I don't know if it's relevant, but my other data does not save either - by that I mean my map revealed area doesn't save and explorer notes don't save.
  9. So I play on an official xbox server and want to save my character to change to another official xbox server.. maybe one of the new ones. This is not yet doable on the xbox. Some people say that this is a feature on pc and will soon be added to xbox, others say that character transfer is never allowed on official servers. Which is the truth? In my opinion you should be able to transfer your characters between official servers as it would help spread the players into the new servers and there is no unfair advantage to be gained because all of these servers have normal xp and taming rates. Thanks in advance for any information
  10. BadPunGenerator

    Cannot Upload Certain Animals

    I try to upload my Griffin but it will not work, I have to wait 3 to 5 hours before I can upload it again but once I upload it and bring it out I can see the timer but even when the time runs out I have to wait. This happens for most of my tames and I've tried finding out why but have not found any awnsers on why it's doing this
  11. Its clear that duping is a thing. It's obvious that it needs to be addressed and fixed. What isn't clear, at least not to me, is why legit players are forced to suffer. I used to use the oblisks and drops regularly. Now, with the implementation of timers, it's really painful, and a terrible waste of time. Example: If i were in the field (away from base), and found myself becoming encumbered though gathering, I could toss some items in a drop, or one of the oblisks, and later retrieve the items closer to base. Now, not so much. Example: if I wanted to build a new base, or move to a new server, I could craft up some structures to get me started, and toss them in a drop, and upon finding a suitable location to build, i could pull those structures from a nearby drop or oblisk. I recently designed a multi-purpose trap/outpost, which required quite a few structures be-pre-made, and that it be built in a very hostile area (as the tames i was looking to obtain are quite vicious, and resources in the area are scarce). I sat at an oblisk (over-encumbered and nearly starving, someone actually brought me food and water) for 30 mins waiting to upload 100 walls. When i finally went to move the items, I accidentally transferred only 1 of the 100 stack, leaving me with a 99 stack with a refreshed timer. By far the most annoying, and boring hour of game-play I've ever experienced. I'd rather berry tame a level 150 Theri, and spend 10 hours picking countless berries by hand, able to interact and battle countless dilos, than be stuck in one spot for an hour because the devs came up with a mediocre band-aid for duping. (which apparently has only limited how frequently cheaters can dupe, and didn't actually eliminate the problem.)
  12. I play Single Player (PC) and I used to able to upload and download dinos/items from a Beacon to another Beacon/Obelisk. I have Tribute downloads enabled and I can use the Obelisks for transferring, but I can't access Ark Data in a Beacon's UI. Was this feature removed?.
  13. Bonzaiacker

    Dinos vanished when uploaded

    So I had this happen to me Saturday. I uploaded my rock golem and its just missing. I saw it vanish like they usually do when you upload but it doesn't show in the "download" part of the screen. I've moved several dinos (like 180) after that and all worked like it should. Anyone else had that happen or have any ideas? I did submit a ticked but we all know how that will turn out.
  14. Does anyone know how these things work? Is there a guide to obelisks and beacons? It seems like a jungle of knowledge out there. So many questions about what will happen if i use one of these arcane devices. They should put a billboard next to them that says......BEWARE!
  15. Since yesterday evening i'm unable to play. Ps4 official pvp servers. Event went as followed: went on the centre to green ob,popped the giga out to get meat. I uploaded the giga afterwards. So my inv is filled with meat. On the second i want to upload,the server gets hit by dupers. My uploads gets trough tho. So i want to download at our water pen,but after i fill 3 cookers,the server gets hit again. Bounces me back to green. This happened 3-4 times. Last time,i spawn in with no gear. Eversince ,when i acces an inventory,ob,transmitter,... the game freezes up. ce-34878-0 is the error code. Tried it on multiple ps4's,same result. If i use my gf's account(same server/tribe) it goes without problems. If i use an other survivor on my account,i still have the same problem. So rules out the survivor . Account bound? Tried: wiping save files,checked 4 updates,wiped the game,wiped the ps4. Anyone else has an idea? I filed a ticket. But that takes a week usually. I'm at home with a broken hip,so it kinda sucks not being able to play atm;)
  16. TheMetalMan

    Upload Survivor Advice

    I mostly play on single-player on the island, it's a small map if you compare to the new ones. Haven't done a lot of caves. Anyhow I plan on buying the DLC upon the release of the game (Which will be in august I believe?) and I will probably be over level 100 by then and rather than starting from scratch I'd like to get informed on how uploading survivor works. Here are my question: 1. When I upload my survivor I will drop all my items, I know that much. But where will my characters pawn? At another obelisk? Or is it like regular respawning? 2. Will I be able to return to my "old" world on theisland? Can I respawn at my bed at my house? 3. I've heard about uploading dinos, do that work between local servers as well? 4.(About the dino again) When/if the dino is transferred does it keep it's saddle? 5. How many dinos can I bring? Can I bring dinos that don't exist in Scorched Earth, like the Spino? 6. If I can return to my old island, will time have passed while I am on Scorched Earth? Will I have to return at some point and feed my dinos or will time freeze? 7. Is there anything else I should be aware of when uploading my survivor? Thanks in advance, have a good day!