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  1. Ark keeps crashing when playing on a nitrado rag dedicated server. After a while the screen turns black and a couple of seconds later you return to your xbox home. You need to start Ark again en connect to the server. Does anyone else has this problem? All people on the server are having the same problem. The game isn't playable if it keeps crashing and you keep dying because you fall of you Wyvern or drown Is this problem server related or a bug in Ark?
  2. DarkFrost

    update Need help with Extinction Update

    I've been trying to update ARK: Survival Evolved since yesterday and I've had no luck. First, Steam was downloading the update and after it was done, it just stopped and the "Time Remaining" disappeared and the whole Network Usage and Disk Usage graph just went to 0. I let it run overnight. I checked up on it multiple times in the night and it would just stop and it said Update Cancelled and it would restart it all over again. So I cleared the download cache and checked up on some forums and found that setting the region to Russia - Moscow could help. Then I went back to sleep. In the morning it was Installing the download and it was going pretty smoothly but as soon as there were like 5 mins remaining, the time starting going back up. First to an hour and then it slowly made its way to "More than 1 year" and than the "Time Remaining" just disappeared. Thanks in Advance First Then
  3. After 777 was released me and many other players are still experiencing major issues with hosting servers, loading into games etc. I can't even play on the server i host because it is broken now! when can we expect a patch for this? I haven't gotten to play in so long!
  4. I play on the Ragnarok map on Ark Survival Evolved, I spawned in a few aberattion creatures (Rock Drake, Basilisk, Glowtail) to try them out before i bought the dlc, And i have not despawned them/killed them yet. And ever since the update i am always crashing every 30 or so minutes back to the Xbox Dashboard and losing alot of progress causing me to have to do it all over again, which is extremely annoying and frustrating, even when using the "saveworld" command. If anyone has a possible solution to this let me know please, Also one last thing, I have already tried uninstalling the game and my account, i've tried clearing the cache, i've tried clearing peristant storage, i've tried hard reset, i've tried turning off and on normally. It still doesen't work, But for some reason other maps like the island do not have this issue and it seems to be a problem on Ragnarok only as far as i know. Any solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. The Crash looks like this by the way; black screen and crash to dashboard. (not my video using for reference) P.S. (I tried deleting my save aswell, It didn't crash until i had about 40+ creatures and a fairly medium-small sized base with a few walls and about 50-60 tames inside, my base is at Viking Bay 1, On a offline singleplayer server, if that helps.)
  5. JuicyPineappl3

    Tek Quetzal

    what do you think about the new tek quetzal I'm so happy about it!!
  6. So, I dunno how many people even use the trackers in Ark, but I have used them before and they are confusing as hell. Why is it that a player can use ANY number as a Node Frequency when the tamed dino server cap is 600? (or something along those lines.) Personally, I don't see any reason for a player to need more than 20-30 different frequencies. Hell, maybe you can use the greek alphabet again for frequency names? This would make it much easier to find frequencies when you forget which frequency you put a dino on. I forgot which frequency I put all of my tracked dinos on and all I could potentially do about it is make all new tracker nodes and set them to new frequencies, and there's nothing I can do for dinos that I've already lost! I'd really like for this to be something that is 'up there' in terms of priorities. Players shouldn't be able to lose their dinos without them dying so easily anyway. If I could find my lvl260 Argy that'd be great...
  7. Boricua0728

    Windows 10 will not update

    My Xbox updated just fine but The play anywhere windows 10 version says it doesn’t have an update
  8. Is anyone else who plays on the Microsoft Store version having trouble finding servers? It's not showing an update on the store but I'm on the wrong build.
  9. soeksoek

    Version 1.77 No Sessions Found

    After today's update all people i know cannot access ark server list. 0 servers showing up. 😕
  10. XBRoyalHost

    Update 777 Issues?

    There was an update released for Xbox 777, is any experiencing any issues with this update? My dedicated server is not operating correctly.
  11. **This thread servers a dual purpose. One: Identify/list known issues and stating opinion on map's status, "Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is." Two: List recommendations if TLC needed.** As someone who really liked the center when I first switched from the island I found myself growing tired of it faster than expected. It was plagued with problems like the island wasn't. It had some serious issues that took away from the enjoyment of it. I never did the bosses there so I can't speak to if they are better or worse after update. But my issues consisted of: MANY locations on the map had areas to get under the map either entirely or where you were between layers I guess you could say. I strongly feel if it hasn't already this should be addressed it was a nightmare playing PvP on this map and getting raided from under map. I got really tired of having to be mindful where I walked so I didn't fall through and lose my tame or my stuff on my person. It strongly takes away from the game play when this is an issue you're dealing with, I am sure it exists elsewhere but I never had and haven't had these issues anywhere as close to as bad as I did while playing on the center map. There wasn't (at least from what I saw at the time I haven't kept up with it since I was there months ago) any real updates to the map ever compared to other maps. Haven't been paying attention but still not aware of much.. I know there was one maybe two recently? No story tied to the map, even if it wasn't apart of the original storyline why not give it something of its own? Open the Ark universe up a little? IDK could it hurt anything? Am I the only one who thinks this could be nice to add? Didn't have any unique creatures like Scorched, Ragnarok, or Aberration. C'mon can't make one single unique thing for it? Again could it really hurt anything? With all of the community's creativity I have a hard time believing Wildcard couldn't come up with something applicable to add here. So while playing on it I just felt like it was a place to die, since other maps were advancing and The Center didn't appear to be. It's an interesting map especially with the underworld. It would be nice to see some TLC come to the center and give it some more originality if you will. Help it stand more equal to the other maps. Since Ragnarok dropped it really seems to eclipse the Center. Maybe instead of having all the biomes like Ragnarok what if different biomes had different effects like one area has faster breeding, taming, etc. Those could easily be bad ideas so don't judge me just brainstorming. I am really more interested in what others think as I feel there are probably some awesome ideas out there and want a centralized place for ideas to be posted so Devs can easily see what people are thinking/wanting with the center. What are other people's issues/concerns with the map? Am I missing something? What should be added/edited/removed from the center map? Should the biomes be adjusted and maybe add a desert or an aberration-like area? Something else? Perhaps if enough people are interested we can get something accomplished. Everyone is invited to share their thoughts on the center map don't be shy no idea is bad. KNOWN ISSUES / BUGS **When specific issues are posted** UPDATED: 3/30/2018 Mesh/Ability to get under map. Layers of map not visible at particular perspectives. Ground and large rocks invisible from one spot are visible from another spot. Over spawning of creatures in caves and other locations. -Stated in bug forum section. Massive amounts of lag, possibly from gross over spawning. -Stated in bug forum section. Graphical bug seen during rain. -Depicted in bug forum section. RECOMMENDED IDEAS **This list is updated with user's posts below to keep ideas in one centralized location for easy viewing. I will periodically review posts to update list** UPDATED: 3/30/2018 Add Griffin spawns on floating island. New creature(s) unique to Center Map. Add original wyverns with trench. Add wyverns, no trench but nesting inside on the inner walls of inactive volcano. Create Aberration biome on center whereas Ragnarok has SE biome. No Aberration biome but some of the assets from Aberration. Unique engrams for Center Map. All tek engrams available/Server option to allow it. Ascension option. Water boss/Third boss. Explorer notes/Unique story. Unique structures. Ex: Gas vein or Wind turbine for SE. Unique/Different additional flyers. Additional caves. Unique ruins. Underwater bubble biome. Add landmass on east side of map. Third boss drops dragon's engrams. Additional islands. Cave TLC. Actual weather - some of which could have ability to disturb flyers. Nameless added to volcano area. Adjust element count for bosses. RECOMMENDED UNIQUE CREATURES **When specific creature is described will be added here. These will only spawn on Center map.** **Not all of these are expected to be added perhaps one or two. This is full list of what's been proposed.** UPDATED: 2/23/2018 Water wyvern. Pegasus. Water Leviathan. Piscine humanoid. Nāga (Explained below) *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nāga Tiamat (Explained below) *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiamat Gargoyle/Gargouille. Sea Drake. Dragon boss (reskinned and tamable)
  12. Hey guys! These are the Official Xbox Patch Notes for Primitive Plus! Current Version: v1.3 v1.3 PC Content through v247 engram fixes! Obsidian pickaxe harvest rates increased Lumber Gate icon added Brick gate icon added Fishing lootables edited to remove non-primitive items Apiary bee duplication fixed - increased harvest rates of drone and queen bees Honey spoiling time increased when in apiary Melee weapon balance- many weapons have been adjusted for damage Carnivore taming balance pass - fish, poultry, ribs, and bacon no are now balanced / no longer OP Weight of dried rice reduced to .1 vs 1 Ground cashew engram is no longer duplicated in the handmill Allo kibble can be crafted in cooking pot or cauldron Brick and Lumber Gates can now be crafted in the construction bench Cashew milk can be consumed like any other eatable Various items no longer act as a feeding trough (traps, cabinets, miners box, etc) Fuel source for fermenting barrel removed - should auto-activate Fermenting barrel description improved to be more informative Custom arrow balance - all arrows should have distinct damage differences Water tower snap point improved to snap in a more logical placed Collision for the cement ramps has been improved - no more crouching through doorways Custom arrows can be used on core ark weapons (bow and crossbow) Speed of arrows increased while using the longbow increased Rolling pin texture on the cooking station corrected Poultry can be cooked using all cooking methods (campfire, grill, etc) Clay from primitive + no longer turns into the clay from scorched earth Repairing while using the grindstone has been fixed Crafting while using the grindstone has been fixed The destructible mesh for stone fences corrected Custom consumables also give HP repleneshment like standard ARK consumables Icon has been added/corrected for the fishing traps Cigarette crafting time has been reduced to 5 seconds Cigarette consumption sound replaced with a non-eating sound Tudor (L Bar) collision corrected Tudor bar naming is now consistent in all views Issues with limestone resolved - lumber structures no longer need limestone / limestone is recognized in valid crafting scenarios Lumber door now aligns with lumber doorframe Armarberry and Azulberry jam recipes now call for the proper resources Steel ingots now require an iron ingot in carbon to craft rather than iron ore and carbon ore Sloped cement roof no longer needs to be relearned when relogging Steel safe damage type corrected - added proper metal particles when attacking (rather than wood) v1.2 Fixed crafting reqs on glass roof Obsidian pickaxe damage increased Cashew milk doesn't need an engram - place ground cashew in cauldron for 120s Cooked poultry works Lumber gate doors functional Behemoth brick gateway was renamed to reflect its actual size. Will need to get behemoth in Bonemeal engram requirements corrected Fermenting barrel malt consumption corrected. Will consume every 120s All variations of "chicken" renamed to "poultry" Tudor bar engrams now appear in engram list Brick gate and gate frame engrams restored Metal hammer torpor increased Allo saddle engram added to smithy Apiary inventory increased Fishing loot tables adjusted to remove primitive items Seated position in lumber chair improved Battle-axe damage increased Poultry cooking and stacking issues resolved Poultry stacks reduced to 5 Poultry spoil time increased Fish and ribs taming affinity reduced Steel safe damage type corrected (can not be destroyed easily with basic tools) Lumber glass ceiling renamed to be in-line with other lumber structures Viking axe and battle axe can be repaired Grindstone should look inside its inventory for materials rather than personal inventory Dried rice description and icon fixed Tea, Coffee, Sugar, and Tobacco can't be used for taming Wooden club torpor increased v1.1 Added items from most recent ARK release Carnos and Herbivores can be tamed with custom consumables Fixed torpidity exploit Mailbox no longer causes crashes! Fixed naming on "cooked chicken" to "cooked poultry" Fresh poultry can be cooked on standard campfires Fresh fillet can be cooked on standard campfires Cooked meat spoils to old cooked meat properly Prime cooked meat spoils to old cooked meat properly Seeds now have proper icons Hunting knife can now be equipped Pitchfork can be picked up after thrown Lumber gate and gateframe have proper snnap points Lumber ceiling can now be crafted and placed Viking Axe can now be equipped Miners box now accepts carbon, steel ingots, and crystal in its inventory Barrel texture has been re added Sloped cement roof can now be crafted and placed Lumber chair can now be crafted and placed Big bonfire can now be crafted and placed Water tower fills with water when raining Crafting lumber workshop gives slightly more XP Longbow accepts all various arrow types Terror Bird and Pelagornis can be harvested for feathers Terror Bird and Pelagornis can be harvested for poultry Apiary can be placed without being obstructed Steel Safe can be placed without being obstructed All brick structures are correctly categorized as brick rather than stone Steel safe categorization corrected Storage box have proper collision Stone fences have proper collision Storage boxes do not have infinite HP Fixed issues with obsidian spear crafting and damage Jam/Preserves now require the exact berry the recipe calls for Tintoberry preserves can now be made in the cauldron Lumber walls can correctly be replaced with other walls (lumber) Fresh ribs and fresh poultry can be placed in the feeding trough Non primitive items removed from alpha drops Preserving campfire now needs 'fuel' to preserve properly Grape juice engram restored Ground cashew engram restored Grill description fixed to remove wood as a fuel source Fresh poultry can be cooked in the grill Topor increased from hammer Tudor bars no longer float above structure floors Beer and wine can now be placed on tudor bars Collision improved on concrete ramps Concrete roof icon now has correct image Preserving campfire no longer works as a trough Lumber glass wall size and snap points improved Lumber glass ceiling size and snap points improved Lumber glass ceiling icon now has correct image Various types of firewood can be used with: standard campfire, forge, and fireplace Spinning mule removed (for now) Stairs removed (for now) Level requirement for iron chestpiece corrected Fermenting inventory size increased Wood handrail engram restored Wood handrail vertical size increased slightly Lumber roof collision improved Trap and fishing bait XP given reduced Trap and fishing bait weight reduced Lumber tier structure now requires stone vs. limestone Concrete floor collision/clipping issues improved The center rewards room loot will not spawn non primtive item Stimbull stamina replenishment increase Fixed icons for old meat Reduces size of "small" storage box Cauldron recipes updated to include original recipes from cooking pot Level requirement for iron chestpiece corrected Fixed glass material on lumber ceiling Angler gel can be used on big campfire and bonfire Brick gate and gateway added to engram list Lumber gate and gateway added to engram list Fixed free braggot mead 'gift' from fermenting barrel Rope position on water well improved Bucket position on water well improved Water well bucket functionality fixed (works as a water tap. the water well base works as a reservoir) Fixed apiary mechanic queen bee and drone bee do not get consumed when making worker bees Both versions of oil may be used on various torches (oil, sparkpowder, angler gel the only fuel sources for torches/candles) Improved glass texture on roof and sloped roof structures Teepee description fixed Custom naming enabled for modern storage and weapon rack Grindstone description updated and corrected
  13. SceptileDisfunction

    TLC 3 Ideas

    Hello Survivors, Today I got a suggestion thread on a TLC 3 idea! So I really like the Creatures they picked for the recent TLCs and would like at least one more TLC update! *DISCLAIMER* These Creatures are obviously opinionated and are my ideas! We need a TLC Dedicated to Certain Sea Creatures! #1 Megalodon: I agree Megalodon is still a good mount, but lets make it better! Lets add a ability! Megalodons ability would be a enrage ability! Where if it takes a certain amount of damage at a certain amount of time (Depending on how much health it has) it will go in a rage mode where its Attack and Speed go up tremendously! Also the Model needs to be worked on a lot! #2 Icthy: Again another bland mount that is a good beginner mount, but I don't think this needs to be an Battle mount, more than a food gathering mount where if you need fish and or prime fish, The Icthy is the Dino for you! Also on a side thing make it playful, interactive with the survivor I:e make it do tricks and make it jump out of the water when mounted just like the Basil! Another cool thing is a Pod or Pack Ability! if you tamed multiple of Icthys the highest Stat tame will be the alpha of the pod! This will be they only great defensive part of the Icthy! #3 Angler: Surprisingly a mount I don't use a lot, but the only thing that could be cool is if we have a mechanic with the lure! #4 Carno: I know this is a land mount but this dino needs a increase badly! Remember back in the old days of ARK where if we saw a Carno and we got scared or we thought we were gonna die and we couldn't wait to tame one! Well guess what that doesn't happen anymore because of all the new dinos that have been brought into the game! So lets fix him up! Lets add a Charge ability that will Incapacitate certain creatures (Depends on there size), makes them slower and gives a opportunity to kill Opposing Tribes or getting ur prey! Also making the Carno look cooler and horns a little more sharper! What do you think? Please let this get noticed so the devs can at least look at this!
  14. so my girlfriend has spent about 2 thousand hours playing this game on her single player world, breeding dinos for the colors she wants, and after updating the game today she logs in and all the dino colors are messed up and changed, she is utterly devastated, is there any way we can fix this?
  15. After the latest update on ark i am unable to transfer my character to other servers. I am always server hopping since i have baby dinos on other servers at the same time. Last night i went from my abb server to my rag server to imprint on my gigas and now i am unable to leave. I am unable to go back to abb to imprint on my drakes. I'm gettibg so sick of all these game braking bugs introduced by updates if anyone else has this problem let me know i hope im not an isolated case or it will probably not be fixed i hope i am able to get back on abb to imprint.
  16. i have the Microsoft PC version to host my server for my xbox's and both of them have updated but the pc version wont even show that an update is available. any help would be great thanks
  17. 5 of our tribe members has Mac devices. We are not able to play since today (Aug 14) when all other platforms were updated. When will you update Mac platform?
  18. The new iOS update deleted all my Plant X plots on the Western Plains server
  19. First download was stopped at 93% or 5.37GB of 5.78GB, the message installation stopped appears every attempt to continue update. The update after that, went to 7.1% or 1.77GB of 24.72GB and currently will not continue giving the message installation stopped every attempt to resume or try again. The Ark tile is in the Que area in the my games and apps section. Starting the game everything is good until the big "A" to select join ark or host screen. Selecting join or host results in 'missing download content ' message, options and credits still work. Hard reset xbox 4 times, verified good internet and 3TB of storage is available. Ark has been working great for sometime, was building onto base when game kicked me suddenly for the first of these updates. 2 days without being able to feed dinos, orb holding 9 wyvrens and 5 brontos of 175 to over 300 level ranges. Is anyone else having trouble with Ark chronicles 2 update(s)? Any solution would be greatly appreciated.
  20. It is annoying that the extinction chronicles II Update broke the game and you cannot play it anymore I'm hoping that in the next few hours this will be fixed and I expect wildcard to learn from this mistake and make sure this does NOT EVER HAPPEN AGAIN the sooner this is fixed the less fans they will lose Good look wildcard ! [PS:I think the problem is the tek Stego btw don't just remove it if thats the case thank you ;)]
  21. Rahthos

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Edit: I realize some of the dinos I listed are being changed in the second TLC update, so here's an updated list based on what I believe would make a solid third TLC. 1. Carnotaurus 2. Quetzalcoatlus 3. Plesiosaurus 4. Mosasaurus 5. Megalodon 6. Pachycephalosaurus Aside from that, in terms of solely appearance, the Pteranodon, Gigantosaurus, Dilophosaur and Stegosaurus could also use a bit of love. I would also like to suggest possibly adding some more color IDs into the game's mutation system for more variety, like more purple and orange colors. Thanks for reading!
  22. polpon2005

    Update not installing

    The new update wont install on my iphone SE and i know it isnt the iphone because it is brand new.I have tried everything to install it and now i cant play the game.Can someone tell me what to do?
  23. This is my reddit post. We play on a official pvp server that is connected to the main server cluster. We were farming when around 9:25 pm Us East the server went down for around 2 minutes to "update". Our NE (crystal mountain) base was completely foundation wiped, but our tames are still there, we are unable to place down foundations on that mountain, all of our turrets on green obby are on "survivors and mounted tames only" yet they shoot wild creatures, Our server suddenly became PVE and offline raid protection was enabled. Ark is a game where progress is measured by days, to suddenly loose a entire base is a giant slap to the face and the community, if Wild card is experimenting with server settings this is incredibly irresponsible if we do not get a rollback which fixes this stuff. We just want our base base which was farmed by 25 people. With no base our tames are as good as dead.
  24. ArkOfficialIsDeadDEVFAIL

    Last Update destroyed my tribe

    One of the most disappointing moments while playing ARK. My tribe has been stocking up on lvl 300+ giga eggs ready to do a mass hatch. We hatched 20 gigas and everything was going great until the update. Since the update most of our tribe members can't join any servers including single player and now we just found out all the gigas are dead. Tribe has of course rage quit and I can't blame them. Stuff like this has happened many times before but never has it cost my tribe so much time. I think I will have to retire from ARK aswell. I just can't motivate myself to grind when I know everything can be so easily ruined. Good bye Ark SurvivalEvolved =(
  25. OK, this is the 3rd time this happned to me. It seems to happen after every update for these special events. I had all my maps uncovered .. NOW they are all blank AGAIN!! I had over 80% of the notes/dossiers/etc .. now those are ALL gone and have to go find them all over AGAIN .. which now means I no longer get my skins for completing. I no longer get my skins for fighting the bosses, taming all of the tameable dinos, curing swamp fever, reaching lvl 115, etc. EVRYTHING IS RESET.. I am so tired of having to redo EVERYthing AGAIN for the 3rd time. Why does this keep happeneing and who else is having this issue? 🤬