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Found 160 results

  1. Tl;Dr: imprinting system discriminates against players with jobs and makes it impossible to hit 100% imprint on some dinosaurs. Poorly thought through, wonder if there are even any breeders on the dev team. First, let me make this statement. If you no-life a game, if you choose to spend 20 hours a day on ark and sleep for 4 hours and you don't work, that's fine. You do you. If that makes you happy, go for it. This is not a post to trash on no-lifers. This is purely about the game and it's mechanics. Another statement, this will be about imprinting to 100%. I know, 80% to 90% is still a good imprint, but if 100% is in the game, it should be obtainable by everyone, with only their SKILL as a breeder holding them back. Now let's move on. Here is my issue. In a game, if someone spends more time on it than me and gets ahead of me, fine. I won't complain, put more time into it, you should get more rewards. As long as I know I can eventually get what you got, it will just be a little longer of a wait. If you can grind out 100,000 narcotics in a day, but it might take me a week to do that, fine. As long as I can eventually make that much. That's not the case with imprinting and it's unfair. I felt like with this new update, it was going to fix this issue, but it didn't. The old imprinting system was one imprint every 3-4 hours. And you had to hit every single one to get 100% imprint. So no sleep, no work for you if you wanted 100%. Again, if your skill as a breeder prevents you from not imprinting, examples: you forget about your babies, you don't have a kibble farm dedicated to imprinting kibbles, then that's on you for not being able to hit 100%. But this is the game's mechanics preventing you. The new imprinting system. Now it's once every 8 hours with increased percent rewards. Better, but still flawed. I'm assuming they did 8 hours because they just rounded to people needing 8 hours of sleep and work 8 hour work/school shifts. But that's not the case for probably 99% of their player base. Most people don't just lay in bed for 8 hours. They go to bed, they lay there for at least 15 minutes, then they go to sleep, but most people need to sleep longer than 8 hours to keep from being sleep deprived, because when you sleep for 8, you're not really getting a full 8. You're waking up in the middle of the night for the most part, leading to the full time you lay in bed about 9 to 10 hours. And that's just to stay healthy, that's not oversleeping. Now for your work shift. 8 hours isn't enough. They're excluding lunch breaks that add to that and the drive to and from work. Now I won't say increase it to 12 hours because some people work 12 hour shifts, it shouldnt try to please everyone, but at least the majority. This system doesn't just allow no-lifers to get ahead, it supports it and discriminates against people who want a healthy night of sleep and who work. I've done the math and there is only one time schedule a person that works and wants to get SOME sleep can go by to get 100% imprinting. Note: this only works for Dino's that the growth lasts 2 days and 7 hours at the most. If it lasts 2 days and 8 hours, it will intervene with your work. Note 2: this schedule can't work with pregnancy, like doedicerus, wolves, sabertooths, Mammoth's, etc. Because you can't pause their pregnancy like you can an egg. Here is the schedule Saturday 7am: hatch egg. Then imprinting times are saturday 3pm, 11pm, Sunday 7am, 3pm, 11pm, Monday 7am, done. Now depending on the dino, depends on how much slack you have. An argentavis has 7 hours of slack, because it's 2 days and 7 hours. So you have 7 hours you can be late between all imprints. But if you're late like an hour on one, then you're looking at staying up until midnight for the remainder of the night imprints. There are actually some Dino's that are actually impossible to hit 100% with this system, even for no-lifers. The Giga is an example. It's maturation time is 11 days and 16 hours. Since it lands on a time divisible by 8, then the last imprint would be needed as soon as it becomes an adult and actually prevent you from getting that last one. And, even if it did let you imprint right before turning into an adult, you're talking about 35 imprints and not being 1 second late to any of them. That's insane. This system needs fixed. Either more slack, like allow us to miss 10-20% of the imprints for a dino and still get 100% or 3 strikes and you're out, or increase the time to 12 hour intervals. This even the playing field for everyone. No-lifers still get the upper hand by having more time to breed more 100% Dino's, but at least, this system would allow everyone to hit 100% some of the time. And don't bring up how it's to be realistic to real life. How a real baby would need you regardless of work or sleep. But real life, you would most likely have a partner that could help you. In ark, only one person can imprint on one dino. And also, in real life, I wouldn't just leave my baby alone when I go to work.
  2. Bring back the old hud

    All I really want is for there to be an update that adds an option to go back to the previous hud it’s not that big of a change but many of us who don’t like the new hud would greatly appreciate it. Also an option to remove the flyer nerf on our own servers would be great.
  3. Rather fed up right now. This all started while I was mid game and just FINALLY found a way out of the cave with my rock drake egg (for those who aren't using any cheats or boosted settings and went in without any pets you know how challenging this is) in Ark Aberration and my game crashes with this message on my screen (seen in photos). This happened after yet another update. Since then I have tried loading Ark and ALWAYS crashes at this screen. I ran a system 32 scan on my computer, everything is fine and in check. I've validated my files on Steam. I've seen others having this issue as well with no resolve. Not a happy customer right now. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello Devs and Community Team! I don't want to sound like one of the guys who always complain, but I think, 3hours is a tad long between the release of an update and finding it here with the changelog. I did a Server update at exactly 17:03 MET today. Now it's 19:49 and I've no clue what changed on my server. I am aware it's sunday, but still, this is an official forum. The guy that committed the release to Steam could have quickly written 3 lines of text that there's an update and what it is about. Thanks for noticing and considering.
  5. Update glitch?

    After doing an Ark update today when I restarted the game, all of my items were still present and at the appropriate level but my engrams were gone going back to level 1. I have tried a hard restart and dying, none of these worked. Anyone out there have a solution?
  6. I play on the Ragnarok map on Ark Survival Evolved, I spawned in a few aberattion creatures (Rock Drake, Basilisk, Glowtail) to try them out before i bought the dlc, And i have not despawned them/killed them yet. And ever since the update i am always crashing every 30 or so minutes back to the Xbox Dashboard and losing alot of progress causing me to have to do it all over again, which is extremely annoying and frustrating, even when using the "saveworld" command. If anyone has a possible solution to this let me know please, Also one last thing, I have already tried uninstalling the game and my account, i've tried clearing the cache, i've tried clearing peristant storage, i've tried hard reset, i've tried turning off and on normally. It still doesen't work, But for some reason other maps like the island do not have this issue and it seems to be a problem on Ragnarok only as far as i know. Any solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. The Crash looks like this by the way; black screen and crash to dashboard. (not my video using for reference) P.S. (I tried deleting my save aswell, It didn't crash until i had about 40+ creatures and a fairly medium-small sized base with a few walls and about 50-60 tames inside, my base is at Viking Bay 1, On a offline singleplayer server, if that helps.)
  7. Hello, I am pretty new to Ark and I am having a little trouble since the last update for PS4 ( Version 1.53 ). After the install, and link to get Ark Aberration, the single player game I was playing on bugged out. I lost all my xp. I had my health well over 3,000, I could carry over 3,000 lbs, Food level was around 600, Air was around 400, etc. etc. After the update My health dropped to 941, Stamina 460, Oxygen to 100, Food to 100, water to 160, at least the weight is still up to 2023, Melee dropped from over 1500 to 537 and movement and crafting dropped to 100 as well. All Engrams were lost, however it did give me about 4500 points to get back the more important items. My player remained at level 100, so this prevents me from gaining any higher level on my xp. XP calculator shows : 160435.0 / 180147 I have checked all settings to try and fix this, I know that you can not gain any levels over 100 until after Ascension but with my xp levels stuck where they are, it is going to be close to impossible to compete with the bosses in order to ascend. So, Has the over 200 hours on this game come to an end due to a technical glitch? Or is there a way to fix this? If it can't be fixed, I would like to take this time to thank the ark team for not informing us that the update would cause us to lose all xp and start our player from scratch. Thanks for any help, and thanks for taking a moment to read my post. Merrill ( Garth61 )
  8. Ark keeps crashing when playing on a nitrado rag dedicated server. After a while the screen turns black and a couple of seconds later you return to your xbox home. You need to start Ark again en connect to the server. Does anyone else has this problem? All people on the server are having the same problem. The game isn't playable if it keeps crashing and you keep dying because you fall of you Wyvern or drown Is this problem server related or a bug in Ark?
  9. Hi, I have been happily playing my local single player game and gone through multiple updates without mayor issues. But yesterday I updated to 275.33 and now my character (somewhere around level 80, don't dare to log in again to not break it more ...) is reset to all stats at 100 and all my evolution points or activated skills are gone too. Everything else is still like before (same position, structures, my inventory etc.) so I cannot even move, because my armour and inventory is too heavy for the character. What can I do? I don't want to start back from level 1 again :-( Is there any way to get back to a previous saved game? I have only started the game once after the update and noticed the error. Thanks for any tips! And should I report this somewhere official (technical ticket ?). Lars
  10. Anyone else lose Dinos?

    So i play on NA official server 297. I knew the update was coming for abberation and even assumed that the servers would be taken offline. However, when 8am pst rolled around and the server was still running i assumed the update was delayed. So i took out my level 260 rex... the highest level rex that my tribe had... for a meat run. Subsequently i spotted a beaver dam and ran over to loot it of cp and hopefully some silica pearls. As soon as i jumped off the rex and into the water the server went down. No announcement that they would be going down, no get to a safe area just shut down the server right in the middle of people playing. Understandably i died from drowning... what i didnt expect though is that my level 260 rex also drowned... in less than 10 feet of water. Water that barely came up to the top of his legs he drowned in. Am i the only one who lost a dino because of this issue?
  11. UPDATE Messed up TAMING?!

    I don’t know what changed but I tried to tame a 150 dire bear yesterday and 25 honey only got it to 78 percent!? I thought x2 was taking effect which should have brought it down to 12 l honey req. what happened?
  12. Just tried to start Ark and Steam said "Update paused". No controls or indication of why. I launched Ark and Steam came back with "69gb required for update, only 55 gb free". I moved some games and Ark downloaded over 11gb. The biggest thing in the patch notes is Aberration. I do not have Aberration so that shouldn't affect me, correct? Are the SM5 renderer changes something that requires 11.1 gb download and 69 gb of free disk space for installing? If not, you need to look to what you're forcing down the Steam pipeline. Throwing that kind of download / disk space requirements at everyone is not trivial for everyone. I have a very adequate games drive and I had to move games to let this happen, which is also not a trivial exercise for most people.
  13. Stuck at 9.1GB Download

    Download stopped at 9.1GB, changing DL servers don't help. Can't blame Steam for that though. Any suggestions other than "restart your router" which will 100% not help at all. I'm not alone with that.
  14. will the update kill me?

    i was playing ark, and had no idea when the update was going to come to ps4 (i knew it was today but wasnt sure what hour) so i played normally the whole morning, until a few seconds ago i started lagging and got kicked of the server to download the update, i have poopty internet and the update will take 15 hrs, so i wonder if ill die and lose my stuff, will the offline raid protection get activated instantly or will the server freeze while people update?
  15. Maps (standardise all)

    Firstly, sorry for the bad title, I didnt know how to word it So, its a small suggestion to bring all the maps in line with each other. E.g The jerboa will signal the coming of rain on all maps. Wind value will be added to all maps in your overview. Things like this basicly. Since cross server play is such a huge feature of the game, standardising all the maps present and future to contain the same infomation would be nice. You could then branch this suggestion into more weather calls for the jerboa (snow storm, fog etc.) But thats another topic. Who knows, maybe a jerboa on the island would forewarn you from adventuring into the wild right before the dreaded fog and rain combo
  16. It's now 8.42 PM UK time and all 4 of my dedicated servers has gone down for the update you just released and none of them has come back up. When stopping the update process which was stuck and starting it again in putty the servers are not going past the looking for update sequence. Is this something that has gone wrong on your end? I'm at a loss here because they were all fine 10 minutes ago lol. Kind regards Hilde
  17. I was reading this article but it's very vague. It says the time but not the date. Does anyone know a link to a better article that actually says when the update will happen?
  18. Just did a 192mb update to my Ark game on my dedicated server console and now the server will not stay up for more than 20 monutes. Game simply crashes to dashboard. Unbelievable, 4 crashes back to back. What is going on here? Is anyone else running a dedi server having the same issues atm?
  19. After upgrading to Xbox One X, when you start Ark (if you do not skip Ark Intro), the xbox makes a strange noise. This only happens with Ark. Some of you have this "strange problem"?
  20. Hey Guys since the resent patch Rag 70 is now crashing constantly and restarting, every few min, possible we could get some attention on it. Not sure if its Just rag or other servers as well though. Thanks !
  21. "Your server is already up to date! The most recent version is 2217243." While there is no super-important updates in the recent patch, might as well point it out in case I'm the last one to run ARK server on Linux...
  22. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    Updating to 272.3 causes crash to desktop. Crash error attached. Worked fine before update.
  23. Updated the game, now i'm getting fatal errors
  24. Server 492 is broken.

    Im on ragnarok server 492. We recently recieved hardware updates and the server has been crashing ever since. All players are being booted, we are losing tames, dead babies due to server kicking players on end. Nonstop lag and high ping. Most players o. Server are inaboe to reconnect slyet server is still active so time is passing game with no one to actually play. Fix this now. Tired of your fail updates and losing high level tames and babies to these server crashes.