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Found 6 results

  1. As the title implies some people are unable to connect to certain Official Servers (for example 423). I have heard from this happening to Classic and SE servers. For people still ingame i suggest to not log out you will probably not be able to get back in.
  2. Cant use my raft

    Ok so this is probably operator error so I am going apologize in advanced. sorry! So I have just ordered a server from its the regular map the island/ we are playing on pc! everything is working and going fine, I am new to this but everything so far is going fine. Until.. I made a raft and when I go to use it all it does is float there and just says raft in yellow text, I have tried swimming under it ran around it stop and started my server nothing I cant use it. so then I made myself my own tribe thought maybe that was a issue. nope nothing, so I thought maybe it was just a glitch. Because when I went to place it in the first place as soon as i hit the key to place it, it just auto placed without me moving it around to decide were i wanted it. So then after killing a second turtle family I made another raft I swam out deep into the water and went to hit the key to place it again it just auto placed. still cant drive it doesn't even show me the whole square with the raft picture just says raft in yellow, Its like I didn't place it. I dont know what to do and said ask you people please!! the ocean is calling! thanks
  3. Can't See it

    Help !! I am running the game on LAN server and I am unable to see the game I disable my Anti-virus detector and my Fire wall ...and still nothing any Help would be great .... Thanks so much 7777 - 27015 all in place and still nothing .....HELPPPP
  4. Hi Heres the problem: I was able to play on a private server which is rented by a friend, by opening required ports. Game kicked me out after suddenly switching to 2nd monitor Couldn't reconnect in after that. I played with the ports an it suddenly worked, but only for that one game Can't reconnect to the game What i did: Opened router ports, at one time all of them Restartet pc and game several times Stoped Kaspersky and Windows Firewall
  5. Unable to complete action

    I just logged out of my non-dedicated XBOX session on ark and then tried logging back in. But it keep saying "Unable to complete Action, Please Check Account Privilages." I have no idea what this means, My friends and I have worked on this game for the past 4 days, so if any one knows what is going on please help!
  6. I've been playing often and reached level 17. Yesterday I was playing as usual and the game lagged and crashed. Ever since then I cannot get into the server EU-XboxOfficialServer152, not any other server. I've reset everything on my end and have no idea why when I finally get a chance to join it says "cannot get address". What's causing this? My NAT is open and I can see player count and everything.