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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 28 results

  1. New server, active admin, friendly tribes already beginning to populate. Rates are boosted to make things competitive, but not repetitive. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/jwKRjqs Settings: 4x Taming 4x Harvesting 4x Experience Gain 5x Mating and Breeding Reduced Mating interval Increased Imprint effectiveness Decreased Imprint Interval (scaled to breeding settings) Tribe Imprint No Admin Abuse Wild Dino Wipes Cave Flyers allowed No Cave Damage Disabled Building Collision Unlimited Respecs 2x Player Weight 2x Spoil Timer Corpse Decompostion Timer Increased and Corpse Locator Crosshair and Damage Text Enabled Offline PvP allowed (see discord) As the server has just begun, there are still plenty of places to claim and we plan on starting a cross ark into Aberration by the end of the month. Server rates are set to possibly change over time as we find an ideal balance for all players. Any questions or for help finding the server, PSN: revolutsia333
  2. SUPERBAD | RAGNAROK X10 PS4 DEDICATED [UNOFFICIAL PC] ORP PROTECTION Friendly community, all welcome Pvp/pve Events Offline raid protection 5 Day protection can be requested after being raided to rebuild,resupply. https://www.facebook.com/groups/superbadark/
  3. Hi Everyone! We have a Aberration server up and running. Taming - x3 XP- x3 Breeding - x3 Egg Hatch - x3 Mature Rate - x3 Boosted drops ! contains TEK + ELEMENT & lots more goodies + no admin's or admin tribe. Very friendly server, idea behind the server is to enjoy the new map without being wiped as soon as you log off, not getting attacked as soon as you see another player... if this sounds like fun to you then search for the server in unofficial pc sessions ( server name is topic title ). or add AStingingRodger and put in F/R ' Ark Server ' and I can invite you in. hope to see ya there p.s we would like to see if anyone can beat the final boss - if you do there's a £20 psn card prize ( in your currency ) GOOD LUCK !
  4. Hello I have created a more difficult and diffeent server from the rest for those looking for a whole new ARK experience. This server is as close to vanilla as possible while offering a few small improvements. Just a note admin logging is on. So you can see everything and admin does and they will not use any commands or chests I promise. There is no flyers allowed here.... all Engrams belonging to flyers have been removed. You can still tame them but you cant ride them. All harvesting like wood and metal and many others are the same ad on officil servers. Difficulty is on max so there is 150 dinosaurs like official. Everything is the same as official except taming speed is 5x and baby and hatch is x30 that is the only difference. This way things take time but not so much it becomes boring or tiresome and nothing here is easy. Also wild dinosaur damage has been boosted a tiny bit so that your games have a challenge rather than run in chomp once and they are dead... This make it so when you see a T-Rex you know to fear them now rather than bleh I can kill it easy. The aim of the server is to make it a scary challenging place and not some easymode taming simulator things are dangerous and scary here and they will hurt. If you are interested in joining just add my Gamertag Project Danny for an invite Or Search for server name [UK] No Flyer, No Boosted Island Server. I welcome everyone to come and join this fun PVP Server if you want someting new thank you and hope to see you in game.
  5. UKARKSERVER: PVE Community Servers, 2 x 50 slot Nitrado hosted http://www.ukarkserver.com Friendly server cluster on Ragnarok and Aberration, with midly boosted rates. Always looking for new survivors to join in and help build on our community. We hold regular events ranging from organised dino fights and jousting to an ever increasing maze and obstacle courses. We have a true community which supports each other. Max level wild dinos level 180 and all Tek engrams auto unlock at level 85. We're paid up with Nitrado until September 2018 and don't plan to stop there, we've had a server online 24/7 since Feb 2016 and now with our Nitrado server cluster it's even better. Check out our website for details on how to join us. http://www.ukarkserver.com Watch our server trailer https://youtu.be/46gGj30yekM
  6. Advertising on behalf of a friend: New 24/7 Ragnarok Player Dedicated server, hosted in the UK. Servers GT is: L IGHTSIDEUK 8 Man (or Woman) tribe limit, no allies. Fairly boosted: Egg Hatch speed 30x, Baby Mature speed 20x, Taming speed 50x, XP Multiplier 100x, Player harvest rate increased to 25x (with Dino harvesting reduced massively in a bid to reduce lag) Dino speed is also modified so as to make flyers a little more bearable, a Pteras movement speed is 177. There are no starters technically but ask an admin nicely you may get some goodies. Other than that which has already been stated, there are no rules. All the host asks is no griefing - so if you raid/wipe someone give them a chance to build back up. We also hold events now aswell. All who take part get an underwater drop and winners get other prizes.
  7. Welcome to ArkiTekt. For those of you who just want to get to know the server settings quickly, I have listed the most frequently asked about below: Map: Ragnarok Current Slots:16 (more added incrementally - paid until September 2018) XP: x5 (See event updates below for current rates) Taming: x10 Maturation: x10 Mating: x0.1 (Mating interval is reduced tenfold) Harvesting: x5 Difficulty: x6 (max wild dino level is 180) Feel free to ask if you want to know any other settings. Rules 1. Obey the admin. 2. No offline raiding. Offline raid protection is disabled so that tribes may form alliances. There will be consequences if you raid someone whilst they are offline. 3. When raiding; operate a "Destroy only what you need to" attitude. Don't kill passive tames or completely wipe someone's base. 4. Open doors are fair game anytime. Keep doors shut and locked otherwise you can be raided - even when offline. The only exception is rule 5. 5. Raiding is not permitted for 24hours after an update. This is to protect those who could not make it back to their base before the update became available. Events I like to host various events around the map that you can join and win prizes. The events range from archery contests to castle sieges. I've listed a few below for your perusal: TameHunt - I will spawn in two high level Dinos and colour them uniquely. I will then notify you of an area to search. I offer ingot rewards to those who bring me a carcass, or if it's too cute to kill...you can always tame it. The decision is up to you, but remember the Dino is your prize. BreakTheBank - For this event I will build a structure with defences and introduce an infestation of wild dinos (some annoying). Somewhere inside the building will be storage containing the loot. Get to the loot and out of the building without dying and the loot is yours! Expect surprises. DinoRace - This one's pretty self explanatory but for the sake of professionalism...I will set a course and choose a type of Dino. You will be notified in advance so that you may prepare. You will then race against other players around the set course. First place will win ingots and a high quality saddle for their prize winning stead! I have many more events planned but that should act as a taster for now. Boat & Building Sales I am now pleased to offer the ability to transfer ownership of rafts and buildings! For a relative (in game) fee, I will transfer ownership of: Restored ancient ruins, woodland cabins and tree houses, underwater bases (player ascension required), grand stone castles and anything else you can think of! As an avid boat builder I like to create various water vessels from fishing rafts to full blown naval destroyers. Whether you just want something to get around, live on or just say "Hi" to a neighbour, I can accommodate. I'm also happy to provide bare motorboats or motorboats just with lowered foundations to help you create your own boat-build! Government Funding To those who can demonstrate (unaided) that they have a passion for building and an eye for design, I am offering the supply of building materials for you to show off your building finesse. The only catch is that the materials provided are used to create public areas. This can be anything from a fishing spot to canyon crossing bridges. Pitch me your idea and we'all go from there. That about covers it I believe if you have any questions message me here, helps others out that way too. Want to join? Feel free, just search "ArkiTekt" in unofficial PC sessions. Hope to see you there! Use Twitter? -For event notifications and server updates follow: @ArkiTekt_Server
  8. Oxide Ark is a UK based server on Ragnarok. We are a fresh server, still under 500 days and we currently average 10 players a night. Host checks in daily to make sure server is running. There are no active admins, but the veterans keep the host informed on the server status. This also means that there are no rules, except for those that the in-game players wish to enforce.* Server settings are slightly boosted to give a little more of a challenge, yet it is still a lot faster than official. Settings can be found on the screenshots of the OxideArk account on xbox. Add OxideArk to join. *While we wont step in on raids or tribe wipes, if a genuine concern is brought to our attention, specifically in regards to alphas bullying little tribes etc. we will step in.
  9. Hey,A friend of mine has set up a new PC hosted PVP ARK server called 20xBoostedPVPUK (No Admins) Fresh Wipe. The server has a maximum of 32 slots and will hopefully be hosted long-term. The map for this server is Ragnarok and no admins are on the server.We are looking for players to come and join the server, and join the experience!Rates such as Taming, Breeding, Mating, Harvesting are all 20x.All player stats such as weight have been changed individually to what we think produces a fun experience. For example, weight goes up 1000 at a time.We are always looking for ways to improve the server, so if you do join feel free to let us know anything you believe could be changed to improve the server!We hope to see some new faces on the server soon!Thank you,A friendly ARK player.
  10. Server Name & Gamertag: EnragedGiga Please add gamertag EnragedGiga and click join game to come and play. Hello everyone we have a brand new server hosting the new ragnarok map. We have boosted tameing time so no waiting over an hour to take something so you can just PVP and have fun. We also have boosted player and dino stats. The server Is hosted in the UK and there is 0 lag and low ping. The server itself is up 24/7 so it's always playable. We have around 40+ people on at all times and a nice fun community. Server Info: - English & Hosted in the UK with low ping & no lag always up 24/7 - Boosted player & Dino stats - Boosted taming, Breeding & Hatching speed. - Hosted on the new Xbox ragnarok map - Brand new and fresh with a large community that is friendly and helps. - We also host events Please come and join us we are new and a huge community looking for new players to join the server Just add Xbox gamertag EnragedGiga to join. Thanks
  11. Hello, Haven't played in a while but looking for a server to play all the new goodies!! 3 man tribe, looking for a UK Ragnarok server. PvP or PvE. All adults with full time jobs, so would prefer a server not full of kids and orp. Thanks
  12. FRESH WIPE !!!!!! 5TH SEPTEMBER 2017 PVP Ragnarok server. FRESH WIPE!!!!! Brilliant PING for all users, WE NEED NEW & BIG TRIBES FOR GOOD PVP Only 1 simple rule which is no blocking artifact caves but open for discussion if we feel more rules would make it more enjoyable. Full PVP 24/7 Gather : 6X stone pick up Tame : 6x Xp : 6X baby mature : 6X Egg hatching : 6X ONLY PLAYER & DINO BOOST IS small boost in WEIGHT and a small bit of fort. Server GT : Adarkarkserver Add the host to join, The account does not need to add you back. ORP IS ON WITH A TIMER OF 1 HOUR TO STOP COMBAT LOGGING, ONCE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE BUILT UP WE WILL DO A POLL ON WETHER WE KEEP THE ORP OR NOT. ADMIN COMMAND LOGGING ENABLED (only two admins and we promise there is no cheating)
  13. UK Collectors Edition.

    Is any one else waiting on information for the UK collectors edition? Mine hasn't arrived and my local store is telling me they have no date for the collectors edition release and believe it may have been postponed! Any info appreciated!
  14. Welcome to CretaceousArk Website: www.cretaceousark.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/SgZD4NJ Map 1: Ragnarok Map 2: The Island Map 3: Aberration Fresh Wiped: 26th Jan 2018 Welcome to CretaceousArk Keep up-to-date with all the latest server news, join our community and donate! This is CretaceousArk a Xbox One PvP Server where the players decide everything. Discord is our main point of contact for all the players on the server to trade, raid and communicate. Join using the "Click Here To Join Cretaceous Ark" button below. The server is Described as, official at a accelerated rate. See the "Server Settings" for more info. We are a Cluster Server where we have multiple servers but only one character, you can transfer them to and from maps using the Obelisk/Beacons/Tek Transmitter.(Dinos and items included) Sever 1 map is Ragnarok and is the main server with 32 player slots available at one time. Server 2 map is The Island and has 10 player slots available at one time. Server 3 map is Aberration and has 20 slots available at one time. All three of these servers are live and linked together so you can travel to and build on what ever server you wish. Expansion plans Our servers are hosted by Nitrado and can be changed with a simple click of a button. If the servers are busy or near the slot cap, we will increase the total amount of players we can hold at one time. So no need to worry about not getting on. Server 1: Ragnarok Server 2: The Island Server 3: Aberration We host weekend events that can be double breeding, gather, XP or Taming. If you would like to see another event just suggest it in Discord Our Website is way for us to further engage with our players, on there you will find detailed server stats, rules. We also have a player of the month and a tribe of the month. Server Stats Taming: 6 Gather: 10 XP: 5 Structure Resistance 0.5 PvP Zone Structure Damage: 2x (official is 6x) Mating Interval: 0.2 Egg Hatch: 30 Maturation: 15 Loot Drops and Fishing Boosted Dino Weight Boosted Character Stats fair and balanced Platform Saddles can hold 4x the structure limit ALL SERVER STATS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE GIVING ENOUGH PLAYER WANT IT TO TO MAKE CHANGES TO SERVER STATS/RULES YOU CAN POST IT IN THE SUGGESTIONS SECTION ON OUR DISCORD CHANNEL If you have read all the way to this part you must be wondering how to join? Simply join our discord channel.
  15. My friend is starting a new Ark server soon on the Xbox one. We're looking to get around 20 regular players (mainly from the UK to avoid time zone differences) to create a good experience for all. We're thinking of doing many different events and trying different things out to keep the server fun and fresh. Open to suggestions. Message me if you're interested!
  16. As of right now there are no admins however one may be added later strictly for Dino wipes. The rates are as follows XP-3x Gather-8x Tame 4.5x Maturation 8x Egg Hatch 8x Slight boost to Dino and player skills typically 1.5-2 Difficulty 5.0 (for higher Dino's) resources resplendent in half the time. This server is basically a boosted official server in the hopes of having little oversight PVP events could be added later if wanted by the majority of the population. Message arkkpvpserver for questions or add Arkkpvpserver to join.
  17. Hello! I'm a survivor from the UK and I had a question concerning the Collectors Edition of ARK. I'm really interested in buying it, like I assume many others would as well. But how are we supposed to pay for it? Will it be impossible for us? Will we have to search on sites like Ebay for it to be able to get our hands on it? Or will we be able to purchase it like everyone else but with international shipping? I'm wondering about my options because I'd feel very disappointed if I'm not able to purchase this.
  18. UKARKSERVER The server has been online and running 247 for well over a year now. Always looking for new UK based friendly community focused PVE players. Regular events and mutual PVP allowed during 8-10pm GMT every evening but it's purely mutual and mainly used for events, do not join thinking you'll have lots of PVP, you won't. Its a great friendly community who get along very well. Rules, server details and settings are all on the website: ukarkserver.com and check @UKARKSERVER on Twitter for status updates and heads up on events. There is one admin and he's fair but firm with the rules, give them a read and follow them and you'll have lots of fun on the server. The gamertag is UKARKSERVER, and it appears offline until you are friended back, it is up 247. If you're a UK player send the server gamertag a message to say that you've seen this post. We'll add you back so you can join via the friends list and time you like. UK ONLY PLAYERS
  19. Welcome to SurvivorEvolved, Thank you for your interest in our servers. We have a Ragnarok PvP with Offline Raid Protection(ORP) timer of approximately 30mins. Alongside that we have an Aberration PvE server. Both servers are slightly boosted but not too much. We like the way ARK is designed aside for the huge grind of official stats. Cross play with Windows 10 is enabled on both servers so everyone is welcome. More information on the servers can be found at the following links respectively: Aberration PvE: Server settings such as rates: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkftY4lqVf3PgRhyl-fGAlOtwhiA Per Level stats for dino and players: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkftY4lqVf3PgRdu-qsh-3q4jKjc General Rules: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AkftY4lqVf3PgRqUYsNjhinAgnza Ragnarok PvP with ORP: Server settings such as rates: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkftY4lqVf3PgRnRer4lPvq7iN5K Per Level stats for dino and players: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkftY4lqVf3PgRbXiox0hfojBWqC General Rules: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AkftY4lqVf3PgRs4qW4Cuj2Rg-m9 The server cluster is setup so only Items and Dinos can be transferred to the Ragnarok PvP server, Aberration was designed to not have fliers so you are unable to transfer anything from Ragnarok to Aberration. Each server has a separate character, so you can spec them for PvP or PvE. Dino stats on both servers are similar with the exception of Aberration Dinos having more weight. If you decide to join either server and stick around why not join our discord, Just send a message to either, SurvivorEvolved#7114 or Rocksta#6776 requesting to join. It really helps to keep up to date with the server and community. We also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SurvivorEvolved A Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SurvivorEvolved We look forward to hearing from you, any questions feel free to reach out to any of the above locations. Have Fun & Survive Survivors!
  20. Hi everyone, My Tribe have recently bought a ps4 to host our own server. We are currently looking for players to join us for a bit of friendly pvp. We plan to host various events and have already built the community structures. These include: Dino colloseum Jousting and horse racing Gauntlet runs No one in the Tribe has admin privileges so you will not be abused. (We did spawn materials in to build the community structures though) Map: The Center Rates: XP x5 Harvesting x5 Taming x10 Breeding x10 Player stats x1.7 We are looking for serious players only, to build a community and have some fun. Pvp is allowed, in fact we encourage it. If your interested send a psn friend request to: keensteedserver
  21. Server Name: AdminiArk Uk Friendly PVE Hi all My Brother has set up an ark server max players 30. As we are new we are open to server suggestions and joining the server will allow you to be invited to the server group on steam where you can post your thoughts. Some minor setting changes may be made in future but otherwise they will stay as I have put them here as we have done all the tweeking. The server has 3 admins Kayway (owner), Rheba and Obsidian. Server settings: Xp multiplier 1.7x Player health recovery 2.5x All player stats 3x All per level player stats 2x Harvesting damage 7x Taming speed 7.5x Harvest amount 7x Day time 1 hour Night time half an hour Poop interval 0.5 (don't ask... -_-) Player max level 150 Wild dino max level 500 Mods: Structures Plus Platform Plus Light Controller Dragons and Enhanced Creatures Castles, Keeps and Medieval Structures Bridge Ultra Stacks The only rules we have are: No building on metal spawns No building on/too close to beaver dams and to empty beaver dams of wood No Griefing Keep it friendly anyway hope you check it out and even if you don't end up liking it your suggestions would still be welcome AdminiArk Steam Group
  22. Hi, just recently got the game on XBox, been playing on official servers for the last week. I have to say official servers suck, buildings everywhere - lots of griefing - not managed to get a foothold in the game yet. I would like to find a PVP Server with a decent EU player base, as close to vanilla as possible as I want to enjoy the grind without having my first play overly boosted. I have all content but would prefer the vanilla map, this however is not a deal breaker if I can find a decent bunch of guys. let me know if I am a good fit for you. Thanks Bone
  23. 24/7 the Center server looking for people. offline raiding protection is on no raiding new player give them Chance to grow no building on skull island or high rss areas or blocking of caves artefacts tek build item i.e. Walls gates doors anything that don't need to be unlocked is available to buy dinos have a 12day claim counter on so if you don't come on for 12 days Dinis and base will be removed screen shots of all stats of server are on server profile Breaking rules gets you and your tribe banned you get 1 warning admins have been added as we are adding events prizes for events will be element and high lvl breeded Dinos The rates are as follows XP-3x Gather-8x Tame 4.5x Maturation 8x Egg Hatch 8x Slight boost to Dino and player skills typically 2-2.5 Difficulty 5.0 (for higher Dino's) some how I've boosted flyer speed to 177% going to look into it see if can get it higher with out messing with other Dinos speed max will be 200% think this is needed for the center tbh player downloads are on so if you have a player from anther dedicated server with all tek and everything unlocked more than welcome to bring them over as tek still doesn't all unlock atm resources resplendent in half the time. This server is basically a boosted official server in the hopes of having little oversight PVP Events so far we have a fighting arena more are being added evey few days there under the redwoods bridge Message arkkpvpserver for questions or add Arkkpvpserver to join.
  24. Hi everyone just letting everyone know I recently setup a dedicated server UK based /w Center map and looking to run 24/7. Only reason for downtime would be Game updates or quick change of settings. Prefer more mature players but open to all types of players Link to my twitter post about server incl screenshots of settings 2 slight changes to pictured settings is offline pvp disabled to allow alliances and egg hatch speed is 10.
  25. ARKPVE18 24/7 Dedicated PVE Island Server (UK Based) Recently opened 24/7 Ark Survival PVE dedicated server, looking for new community members to join our server and show us what you can do. We want people to join our server and let there imagination take over, we award prizes for players/tribes bases/buildings/mutation that show effort or have that "wow" factor. We dont want players who are going to build a 2x2 hut and then surround it with 200 dino gates, this is a server for building so please build. SERVER SETTINGS Structure Damage - OFF XP - x3 but different multipliers for gathering, killing, crafting etc Taming - 150x Gather - 3x (With Ark's mechanics 6x) Water Drain - 0.75 Food Drain - 0.75 Day Cycle - 1.0 Day Speed - 0.5 Night Speed - 2 Spoilage - 2 Crop Growth - 15x Lay Egg - 0.5 Mating - 0 (Infinite Mating) Egg Hatch - x500 Baby Mature - x1000 Baby Consumption - x2.5 Dino & Player Stats are all x5 or higher Infinite Weight Crosshair - On Map Location - On Friendly Fire - On Downloads - OFF We are currently rebuilding after a reset so there is plenty of space for new people, we will also be building a server store for players to buy Scorched Earth Dino's/Items/ Skins / Dye Packs / Rare Foods And Also Mutations Bred By The Admin Team, Server currency is black pearls when trading in store, players are welcome to use their own currency when trading with each other. There are 2 admins on the server who are just like normal players they build the same way as the rest of the server and only use admin powers to deal with admin issues or dino wipe. If you would be interested in joining please add ARKPVE18 as a friend on Xbox and message the host so we can add you back.