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Found 11 results

  1. TrustAura

    Ark Trading Discord

    Have YOU been looking for a trading discord that is reliable and deals with scammers in the right way? Well if so, Here you are! We are a brand new trading discord, trying to get in the ranks. All you need to do is, join the discord, comply with the rules, and trade! If you are caught scamming, action will be taken if there is proof! https://discord.gg/5HgamXH
  2. Snap turrets onto structures Would love to see an update to official servers of mod where you could snap turrets onto hatchframese or other structures. For example, they snap onto the corners and in between the middle of them Or even add a lock to how you rotate them once placed, make it like every 45° angle "snaps" I know this is not a gamechanging thing, it's more a quality of life thing but I'm pretty sure many players would be happy to see this happen Ofcourse add an option in the game settings to turn on/off "Turret snapping" Remote keypad for turrets Every turret with the same pincode, you can change it's settings from that keypad. So you could easily adjust the the range, targets, etc. All at once from 1 single keypad Because as of today, the remote keypad isn't used that much at all in official pvp servers besides drawbridges, this would give this item some new life If I could code and make ARK mod's I would already made this but unfortunately I can't, if someone who can and is interested in this Let me know and I'd love to work togethere on something ? Greetings, Fourthree discord: Fourthree#4447
  3. Minimic2002

    turrets Structures

    When Turrets Were Upgraded, It is Now A Joke To Raid Anyone. The Turrets Take No Time To Turn Around They Just Instantly Aim And Shoot Taking chunks of Health With Absolute Accuracy. Never-mind That, The Heavy Turret Has Got 20k health And With Cannons Costing A fortune and dealing a very small amount of damage per cannon ball, The Cheapest Option Is Just To Run At It With C4 Where You Most likely will die due to the ridiculous turret damage on servers. Not Only that but 1 bullet costing 2 metal and 1 gunpowder will shoot down a rocket which costs vastly more to make 1 shot. What Needs To Change: Make it so the turret actually has to turn to look rather than just instantly shooting at you. Or Make it so they have to shoot a rocket more than once to make it blow up. Not to mention the tek turret. Its Ridiculously expensive on its own, given that its ammunition is element shards which requires a boss fight to be completed, a replicator to be crafted, a active tek generator and crafting materials for the turret itself. Not the easiest of items to obtain especially with officials absolute aids harvesting. Whats Better Yet, You Pay all this and the bullets can be dodged, they don't even stop rockets from hitting your base. So all these extra resources and your time are wasted crafting something easily dodged and easily taken out. Fix: Add A electromagnetic pulse that can stop rockets Cannons Cost a fortune, enough to build yourself a small base out of metal. I understand it cannot be shot by turrets, but to actually line up a cannon without destroying it multiple times is inevitable. If the ball shoots too high, just lower it they say, The increments on the cannon are not changeable so without demolishing this super expensive cannon and placing another you cannot hit the target. Tek is your only defence against this, its all great apart from the fact that most servers have artefact caves blocked by bases. Not to mention the ever so amazing long range weapon, the catapult. Just kidding this thing is so bad, why did you even bother adding it. Making the catapult is a reasonable cost and the boulders are fairly priced given their low damage. But the range on them is so bad, the only way to actually use this requires a quetzal. Otherwise you can have to look in the air and fire, even then it don't go that far. So Putting it on the ground or trying to find any realistic use is out of the question.
  4. . if you're a pvp player, you know the grind of gathering turret ammo. it's tedious, it's time consuming, and the output is far less than the input of materials. I don't know of anyone who enjoys "bullet days" when you spend the majority of your time filling up turrets. so what is your method for farming bullets? what works best for you? i'm on a dedicated ragnarok server. the first thing i will do is metal runs. first i will farm all of the metal around the base, then i will grab it on a weight-spec'd wyvern and take it to three other locations. after about 50 stacks of metal, i head back to base. there is a door directly next to the indy forge so i will drop the anky to a location where i can stand in one spot and transfer 1.8k at a time between the anky and the forge. if there is any spare room in the forge, i will fill it with wood. next, i'll hop on the griffin and fly to the volcano to harvest charcoal. i stay mounted on it and harvest burnt trees while flying from tree to tree. occasionally i will dump excess wood. when the griffin is almost encumbered and getting slightly slower, i will head back and dump the charcoal into a vault. next is for the sparkpowder. i gather the stone myself with a mastercraft hatchet because there is enough stone around the base to do me (and i haven't put aside the time to tame a doedic yet). i take the anky out to get the flint, i always double the amount of flint compared to stone. shove it all in the chemistry bench and make sparkpowder. afterwards, i fill the chem bench up half with sparkpowder and the other half with charcoal to start making gun powder. i usually continue this step and the last step up until a vault is about 3/4 or more full of gunpowder. now is the big step: the bullets. for every 100 ingots in the fab i will have 900 gunpowder, so every stack of metal is paired with 18 stacks on gunpowder (the recipe for advanced rifle bullets is 1 ingot and 9 gp). i will fill up 3 fabs with this ratio and keep pumping them full of gunpowder and ingots until i have the bullets i need. then i repeat the entire process. it's not fun. but it's necessary to keep my base protected. i will soon have a second forge and chem bench to keep up with my demand for bullets. what are your procedures? i'm curious as to how other people do it.
  5. Electrical circuits in this game are bad. I've had many problems trying to connect two generators to each other and getting them to snap and also turbines. I've Google searched this and found people have been having these problems since the beginning and they have been posting about it and it still hasn't been fixed. At the moment I have been testing building on single player and I built another floor and tried to build another generator above because the turrets I have placed and the extra lights don't work which I think is because a generator can only supply a certain amount of power. Will the electrical circuits and snap points be fixed in this game? It's been over 3 years or more that people have been posting about these problems.
  6. ScuroAzrael

    Pearls on ragnerok scorched

    Why not have pearls on the ragnerok scorched like the regular scorched, because who would rather tame a angler than fly around and whip up a few thousand pearls? Not only would this help smaller tribes that couldn't survive on the actual scorched but it would also take a bit of grind out for medium to large tribes by not having to transfer.
  7. I'm trying to add to my cluster the ability to place turrets on platform saddles. Cluster is from Nitrado and before it's asked, yes that one option box is clicked. But still doesnt allow auto turrets on them. So I was looking through some posts and im not 100% sure but I add this string of code to enable it right? OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=True And in the Engine section on Nitrado settings it should in where i have a screen shot correct? Another question is, if this code also goes in that same area and if it is done correctly to add Griffin spawn at a 30% rate in the snow mountains near green ob? ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntries SnowyMountain_Spawn_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Griffin",EntryWeight=0.30,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Griffin_Character_BP_C")),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Griffin_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.06))) Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. ArkIsMyLife18

    Turret Update

    I’m playing on the new 6 man small tribe servers and was wondering if the turret update has actually been put in place yet?
  9. raptornugget

    ark needs to fix its poop

    so its no secret the devs are too raptoring stupid to fix the dozens of bugs in their game. its been 3 years, yet d-sync with projectile based weapons exists still DILO, dinos glitching under the map, increased host tether distance on locally hosted servers causing players and dinos to have massively increased swim speed, glitching inside dinos. the list goes on and on. so, its clear the devs are so raptoring retarded to fix bugs, so how about we do something about the balance? i started a petition on change.org but that only got 2 signatures XD. i thought id share it here so people can see it and it may get some recognition. (the following is a copy+paste from the poll i made, link here if you would like to sign----> https://www.change.org/p/wildcard-studios-make-ark-great-again) so, I’ve been playing ark for over two years. I’ve been a big PVP player, but i quit the game altogether in December. why? the game is broken and unbalanced that’s why. i have a friend who has been playing official (who has recently quit too) and we have been discussing what could be done to save this game. of course, official servers need desperate help, but someone under the name BAM has already started a petition for this. if you haven’t already, support the petition this guy is a raptoring legend (link at bottom of page). no i am not here to talk about official servers, i am here to discuss the balance of the game. in fact, it’s the main reason i quit. so many features make this game unfun and it shocks me that people still play PVP. i will list my proposed changes down below, each with my reasoning as to why they should be implemented. Proposed change 1: removing flyer picking, removing whips and nerfing bolas stop defending flyers. they’re OP. One thing that i will mention a lot in this essay is stun mechanics. ark has way too many of them. in a PVE atmosphere, being able to stun a creature your trying to tame using a bola or pick up a dino with your flyer makes complete sense. however, transition this to PVP, and you have the most boring and painful game mechanics known to mankind. Being able to pick a player off their mount, fly them into the sky and drop them isn’t fun. for those who don’t understand what I’m on about, let me explain. I will refer to this list here throughout, as it is a good way of explaining what is wrong with ark . Two players see each other flyer around on their pteras . the two players will then proceed to have the most drawn out and painful dogfight known in human history. this will continue until one is either picked or a ptera has run out of stamina. . once picked, the player will use their whip or bola to release themselves from the pteras claws, dismounting the rider in the process. . both players will parachute to the safety of the ground . instead of shooting each other, they will throw bolas at each other and one will begin hitting the other with a whip. .the other person is stunned and their items are being taken from their hot bar, they can’t shoot the other person because his player model is set to the smallest size possible, their speed levelled to 130+ and infected with swamp fever, they are a tick on steroids. they have no choice other than to retaliate with their own whip. . both players stunned, they will then proceed to hit each other for about a minute or two, until one is completely disarmed. . the unarmed player will have no choice but to run away. he is pretty raptoring hard to kill though, as he has extremely high tier Armor and can tank nearly a dozen sniper shots at point blanc. .this ends two ways. one eventually dies, or they both run away like little bitches losing their items and maybe their bird in the process. really think about it for a minute. how many times have encountered players like this? countless times presumably. how can we fix this? well that brings me back to my original solution. by removing the ability to pick players off their mounts, we can eliminate this problem. NOTE that I said players, there is no issue with picking up wild Dinos. furthermore, flyers are too overused which makes the other 100 or so creatures irrelevant. think about aberration. PVP in aberration is so fun because the gameplay is so diverse. you can use a Megalosaurus, a Spinosaurus, a Ravager, a basilisk, a drake or whatever you want, there isn’t a feature in place that makes one of these creatures OP and the rest irrelevant. it makes the game different, it allows for diversity and SKILL. the ability to pick someone using your flyer is so OP and has no counter, making it the only Meta people use. The ability to stun people with a bola should only be effective against wild dinosaurs, the same with Whips. furthermore, whips should not be able to steal items out a player’s inventory. i understand many people will hate this, but this is for the greater good Proposed change number 2: Armor/weapon nerfs as I mentioned before, players with high tier flak/riot Armor (master craft, ascendant, ect ect) are nearly unkillable. the same goes with dino saddles. i like the idea of finding better gear in supply drops, but 1000+ protection riot Armor are you raptoring serious??????? again, I want Armor to be nerfed, but to keep it fair I suggest we reduce the base amount of protection on flak and riot by 25% (flak has 75 per piece, riot would have 95-ish). Also, I believe a limit should be placed on how much you can level up crafting effectiveness (it should be capped at around 120%). This would make it so that you can now actually kill people without having to unload enough bullets to make up the world’s population. again, many people will object to this, but have a long think about it. Proposed change 3: limit on player speed/removal of swamp fever speed bonus This is simple enough. Players shouldn’t be able to run around at 100mph and players should avoid becoming sick with swamp fever. Yet for some reason they are rewarded for it by getting a speed boost. Add a cap on movement speed so that it cannot be increased above 125% and remove the speed buff from swamp fever. Simple enough. Proposed change 4: turret limit I know what you’re thinking, “first he wants to nerf the flyers again and NOW HE WANTS TO NERF THE TURRETS? WHAT DREAMS OF CRUELTY AND PAIN CAN SOMEBODY LIKE THAT SUSTAIN?!?!” Put the pitch forks and torches down for a second, let me explain. I do not agree with the 100 turret limit the devs suggested a while back simply because 100 turrets is not enough to defend a large base. However, 300 is. Raiding a base with hundreds upon thousands of turrets isn’t fun, after all it is what’s causing the official servers to have 200+ ping. A limit needs to be added of course. 300 turrets is enough to defend a large base without having the enemy being forced to use a giant armada of Stegosaurs to drain the ammo. That’s it. With these features in place, the meta of ark will change for the better. The gameplay will become less repetitive and broken, instead show diversity and SKILL. I would appreciate if this poll could get some traction, it might save this game’s dying player base. Also a side note, the ark devs need to wipe all the official servers and remove cross transfer, with the exception of a handle full of servers (this is explained is BAM’S poll) BAMS POLL BELOW INCASE YOU HAVENT SIGNED https://www.change.org/p/studio-wildcard-ark-survival-evolved-official-servers-w-small-tribes-smaller-alliances?recruiter=877183516&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_abi_share_button_ordering_1.abi_featured_fb
  10. AWildMorgan

    Choose Turret dino targets

    I think it would be a good Idea to be able to choose which dinos turrets shoot at because my base is a giga spawn and I have turrets set up but i don’t want the bullets to be wasted on stupid dimorphodons or pelagornis being able to choose to target alphas or gigas or titans if they get kited in would make PVE life better since I shouldn’t have to work on defences having all my dinos on neutral is a good idea because then I can get on one day and they all be stuck in a massive group
  11. Hello ARK community. I would like to start this thread off by saying that I'm not trying to harm the reputation of ARK or Wild Card, nor do I try to place the blame on any one person in Wild Card Studios. As we all know, the update that limits the amount of turrets you can have on your base is here. They have added in the HUD that shows your Turrets in Range count, and soon it will hard limit the turrets to where they won't work if more than 100 turrets, plant X, heavy turrets, or Tek turrets are in range. 100 TURRETS IS NOT ENOUGH Now anyone and everyone who has ever gotten to the point where they have more than 100 turrets on their base (which is the vast majority of the players in the community) knows that 100 turrets is not enough to defend against ANY attack at all. The one's who have had thousands of turrets on their base AND have still been raided and wiped know more than anyone that 100 turrets simply is NOT enough. As if it were not hard enough to defend your base when you are online when there is a server player cap and you can't get your tribe mates online to defend against 50+ attackers out of a 70 player limit, I know for a fact that Wild Card didn't take in to account the offline raids. Now, before I go any further, I am part of a decent sized alpha tribe on official PVP servers for Xbox One. With that being said, we have times were the may only be 1-2 members online, sometimes none. Our base has 100s of turrets and Plant X, much of which is 100% necessary to cover all of our dinos and buildings. Also having been in tribes that are my size AND larger, I have been on many raids, trolls, and server wipes. I know what it takes and requires to do these things, and I know what it takes to defend from these things as well. I have to use repetition here 100 turrets is not enough. A BEACH BOB THAT JUST DOWNLOADED THE GAME CAN TAKE OUT AN ALPHA SIZED BASE. I mentioned earlier that I truly believe that the Ark developers have not taken into consideration offline raiding. Why do I think this, and why does it matter you may ask? I also mentioned that I've been on countless raids, wipes, etc. and from experience I can say that it takes ONLY one stego to get in a base with 300+ turrets on it, take out the generator, and kill every dino there with a rex or giga and all you need is C4, a good set of flak, a high hp stego with a decent saddle, and a decent rex or giga. I've done it countless times, I have watched YouTube videos of other people doing it, my friends do it, my enemies do it, EVERYONE does it. While this method is far easier while offline, it can be achieved while the defending tribe is online as well, especially if there is only 1-2 defenders against 3-5 attackers (most troll parties consists of 3-5 players). How can someone who just started playing take out thousands of hours of work put into a base by several other players even up to 100-200 players? Starting out from level one, it takes an average day-to-day player minimal time to get to level 65 which is the level that you unlock C4 and the C4 detonator. During that time from level 1-65, they can tame stegos and make stego saddles, which is all you need to tank turrets. So they can raid any small base with just a stego, some grenades and a pike. A little more leveling doing this and they hit level 74, which unlocks the Primitive Rex Saddle, which they could already have several rexs tamed up by the time they unlock the saddle. Then all it takes from there, is just grinding up a bunch of C4, which doesn't require metal at all, so it's a pretty straight forward and easy grind for C4. Then they take there stegos and they blow pillboxs on a medium-large sized base, they blow the main base, and if the have enough c4, they can blow into the vaults and take or despawn the contents. Then after they get the turret boxs and towers down with their stegos, they can proceed to eat the tames with their tamed rex(s). And the next day, that tribe of 20 people who have put collectively 1000+ hours into making that base, get online to find that within a few hours of them being offline their entire base was broken into and all of their tames were killed. So why do these tribes have 1000s of turrets on their bases and why does it matter if there's a limit? Do you really have to ask? It all comes down to DPS or damage per second. It is a heavy factor in not just ARK, but a large variety of games that we play and enjoy. It's not just about killing the tames and players that are attacking your base, it's about killing them quickly enough so as to minimize the amount of damage they can cause to your base and tames. 100 turrets cannot achieve this goal, whether the defending tribe is online OR offline. Some might say, "Well, just nerf the stegos." In theory, that's a good idea, but what about building in caves? Cave's take 6x damage, but can still be among the hardest thing to raid, given that you can't fit your traditional soaker tames like the Bronto or Paraceratherium in the majority of caves. So you would NEED a smaller dino such as the stego to make raiding these caves even possible. Which is just another flaw of the 100 turret update, that makes some caves nearly, if not completely, unraidable. This is called imbalance. With all of this being said, while we know that the ARK developers are trying to reduce server lag with this 100 turret limiting in a 10,000 unit diameter, will it actually reduce lag? My theory says no. SPAM IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT Just like we have seen tribes spam foundations, pillars, and more structures to prevent spawns of creatures or to prevent people from building near their base, with a 100 turret limit they could spam turrets towers. Now I know this sounds crazy, but imagine this. A very well built up tribe will have a large access to oil which is needed to make gas. While generators, ridiculously, use 800 gas in 8 days (whereas it was 800/16 days, and even more before the last time it was unnecessarily nerfed), tribes who have access to lots of oil can make very large amounts of gas. So what's to stop these tribes from making turret towers outside their base for 50,000 units in every direction, using exactly 100 turrets on each tower, and each tower spaced properly to allow the full 100 turret cap on each one. Guess what? That's still the same amount of turrets that were on their server, just spread out! Therefore, no server lag is eliminated, which makes the turret limit update a shag! Absolutely pointless! And what if that same tribe decides, "Hmmm....that's not enough!" And then decides they'll spam these towers ANOTHER 50,000 units in every direction. So, if they have 100 turrets on say an 8x8 metal box. Then 10,000 units North, South, East, and West, they have towers with 100 turrets, and then another 10,000 units out from there, they have more towers with 100 turrets, and on and on and on, guess what? That easily hits 1000 turrets without even breaking a sweat for medium to large size tribes and at the end of the day, it's the same amount of turrets, just spread out. So by the developers logic, which is on a basic level, 'more turrets = more lag', then that means that these servers will still have the same amount of turrets, and guess what? The server will have the same amount of lag. That's kinda funny isn't it? Speaking of "lag", I have another point to make. ALSO, they have proceeded to announce that they will be making the Tek turret deal 2x as much damage, as well as adding in the new Heavy Auto Turret and increasing the amount of inventory slots the turrets have and increasing the turret damage by 2.2x. This all sounds cool, but here's some very major issues that are not and have not been addressed. Tek Turrets require a Tek generator to run, and uses element shards as ammo. One element creates 100 shards, now this isn't a bad trade off except when you look at the requirements for boss fights, especially in the Spino Sails department. What's so hard about Spino Sails? The Spino spawns (which have been promised to be fixed, and have yet to be fixed). On a profitable level for the amount of tames and equipment such as armor, weapons, saddles, etc. to do a boss fight, you don't get that much element. Take the Island boss fights for example. The hardest fight by margin is the Broodmother, but for how stupid hard this boss is to defeat, the amount of element you get for your hard work and potentially lost gear and dinos is a measly 7 element for easy, and a horrible 74 for Hard. THIS NEEDS ADDRESSING. The Alpha Megapithicus is relatively easy, and has a good payout of 110 element, but requires 10 spino sails to initiate the fight. I can guarantee that you will not find more than 1 spino spawned in at a time, and it sometimes takes days for me and my tribe to find enough spino sails to do a fight. This is imbalanced, and needs addressing before the Tek turret even becomes relevant. Heavy Turrets. They sound cool, doing a staggering 4x the amount of damage of our regular auto turret and holding 96 slots of bullets versus the traditional 24, but then you look at the cost of these turrets, and the optimism fades rather quickly. It not only costs the materials to make your regular auto turret, but it also takes an additional 200 electronics, 150 Cementing paste, 400 metal ingots, and 50 polymer. These are not cost effective. Not to mention that they shoot FOUR bullets at a time. This means they drain 4x as fast as the regular turrets and therefore make them obsolete for most players to make, whether they are in a large tribe, or a small tribe. And if that isn't enough to make you want to jam your hands into a toaster, they require a staggering 100 engram points to learn, and even worse require a level 100 character to make. RIDICULOUS. THE NEW GENERATION (AND PC) Up until this turret update was announced, lag and disconnection was a big complaint among the ARK community, but these complaints come more frequently and more specifically from console players. As you can probably imagine, a game that was built and optimized for PC is not going to run as well on an Xbox One or a PS4 system due to their already out-of-date and, relative to the game's requirements, sub-par specifications. For PC, I can safely say that I haven't even had frame rate lag. I have a custom built PC, and yes it was more expensive than I sometimes like to admit (although I don't regret it). However, some people simply don't have the money to buy a pre-built or DIY a computer or they simply can't justify spending that much. Which is where a console comes in. As everyone and their parents and grandparents know, the Xbox One X was released not too long ago, and one of the blockbuster titles for the Xbox One X was ARK: Survival Evolved. Microsoft isn't lying when they claim the Xbox One X to be "the most powerful console to have ever been created." Because it is. It has the GPU equivalency to the nVidia GTX 1070 (which is the GPU I have in my PC) and a hefty Octo-core(8) CPU for the well known price of $499.99. I just happen to have the Xbox One X and play ARK on it. When I play ARK in my base with 600+ turrets of any kind, along with over 400+ dinos, my frame rate barely even drops. I don't lag on any server except Ragnarok servers, which is already an issue addressed by Wild Card and has nothing to do with the console or servers except for the map itself not being optimized at all. That's a development problem, not a console problem, and not a server problem. I have been in bases on the Island, Center, and Scorched that have 1000s of turrets and just as many dinos and while my frame rate did drop, I did not lag or disconnect at any point. Frame rate is a console/system factor, not a server factor. Also, I have seen the specs of the servers by Nitrado that are used to host the ARK official servers, and they are top of the line servers. Unfortunately, I could not find where I had seen the specs at (one of the ARK devs tweeted some of the specs not too long ago, but I'm not scrolling through hundreds of tweets to find it). Here's the point I'm trying to make here. If I don't lag in my base of over 600+ turrets and 400+ dinos, not even frame rate lag on the Xbox One X, that means that the turrets are not a problem. It's the console that's the problem. We, including the developers and players, have to accept the fact that consoles are just not designed to play a game of this scale. They can, but at a cost of performance. Can you see the pattern though? I don't have any issues, frame rate, lag, disconnecting, or otherwise when I play ARK on a PC or Xbox One X, but I do on the regular Xbox One and PS4. That makes it a system problem, not a server problem. So with all due respect, this turret nerf will be game-breaking on an irreversible and unplayable scale, and on behalf of the vast majority of your player community (PvP) have to insist that the ARK developers do NOT go through with this update and I among others will not stop voicing our opinion of this game-breaking nerf until it is either scrapped or released and cannot guarantee that I will continue playing ARK: Survival Evolved if the update is released. POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES TO THE 100 TURRET LIMIT A big counter to many arguments when it comes to a player complaining about the way a developer goes about making their game and its updates, is "How would you do it?" So I'm going to give only a few easy and in theory, very possible alternatives. The ARK devs stated that there are many things that cause the turrets to generate lag, including the red lights on them and the flash of turret fire. Naturally, there is two alternatives to make the turrets less laggy. Take the red light off the turret, as it creates lag and serves no purpose. Program the turrets to not show the fire flash if a certain number of turrets are being fired. Logically, nobody is going to be looking at the detail of their turrets going off when they're being raided. That's a fact, Jack. If the lag comes from the sheer amount of turrets going off at once, then perhaps limit the amount of turrets you can place on one structure. Say, you can only have 1 auto turret per ceiling, or only 2 turrets per large metal hatch frame. This would be much more effective, while not leaving every base in the game vulnerable to two trolls with stegos. This isn't even everything that I could come up with for this post, some of it has slipped my mind, and other bits I've just not mentioned because if this isn't enough then there's no amount that can change anything. Thanks for reading and all hopes for the best, Zyrah