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Found 21 results

  1. Ok, so I'm new to,the game but have been really getting into it. I'm on a pve primitive server but with everything that was just released I plan on starting over on a new server. I play solo, which on PvE isn't an issue. I kinda want to try PvP and get the full experience, but I'm afraid as a solo casual player I would be wiped out constantly. Just wondering if anyone else has attempted this? From the looks of it, I need to either stick to PvE, or join a large tribe if I want to try PvP. I don't know why, but it won't let me reply on this thread anymore. Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and advice. I'm currently getting a little more practice in PvE, but plan on watching a few videos and starting a PvP character this weekend. Thanks again
  2. PuckeredRecbum

    New player Xbox

    Hey everyone, I'm new to ark and gotten the basics down however I'm looking to see if any one has suggestions on tribes and where to find forums on such
  3. duckyduckyduckduck

    SmallTribe Server Rules

    What are the rules for these servers? I've been wiped not because someone wanted to loot, but because they were worried about being banned for us building too close. Can I be friendly with people or will I get banned? I have no interest in killing everyone I see, not everyone is developed enough to have anything worth taking. Can I sell my beaver because after taming it realized chainsaws are better, or is that some form of teaming? We need actual rules to follow.
  4. RSG is now taking applications to join the tribe. you must be 18+ have a facebook account older than 2 years. PVP experience preferred but not required if you are a PVE grinder/breeder there is a place for you too. PM ooStuStu on Xbox live to set up a live interview. We have tribes on all maps so you must own all DLC maps.
  5. Hello everyone, i've seen previous threads on this matter but they have been ignored, or they are months old, so i really would like to stress the matter a little more. HOW ABOUT A BETTER RANKING SYSTEM FOR TRIBES? Seriously, this is long overdue, we need better settings to allow or deny group whistles in particular, this will help big or medium pvp and pve tribes, and it's a much needed QOL improvement. Thoughts?
  6. CoDroStyle


    Hi Guys, I was super excited to see the specialty servers being trialed as i used to play unofficial servers back in 2016 with the exact same multipliers however, to my dismay when i logged on to give it a go there were no OC small tribe servers. Can you please add at least 1 so we can give it a go. I don't really want to play on 200+ ping (preferably Ragnarok) as this map in my opinion is the best. KK ty
  7. I created new tribe on rag. 162 server 'Run Forest Run' and left no one else in tribe nd I can't access my 4 dinos i transferred over from my tribe the 'outcasts'tribe on server island 211. I created same tribe name twice and you help me get my dinos back please. I am SloanTOPdog23 gamer tag. My dinos are Sausage (tapajara), ButterBall( argy), Buddy and fifi (pterdon) all are in 1 of two Run Forest Run tribes with no one in tribe because i left the tribes. Fist time transferring dinos to rag. From island. I wanted to start and try taming wyverns.two dinos around 44 75 and one is at blue obleske. Please help I am in the 'outcasts' tribe one island server 211
  8. How to access the Trading Forums and ARK Tribes: How to enable Trip Wire and Baby Notifications: How to make a Procedurally Generated map:
  9. Simubaya

    Combining the servers

    Is there any plans to maybe combine the Legacy and Retail servers at one point after a year or two? I know that the servers were divided up originally to make it so that new players wouldn't have to deal with alpha tribes immediately taking over the entire retail game, but after a year or two, there should be well established tribes in both clusters. Instead of gradually closing all of the Legacy servers, leave the ones with the most people, and combine the server clusters. That way some people still can keep their stuff, and you won't have to punish your most dedicated players. It will be an even playing field, and will make a lot of people, and open up more servers. Just a thought. What are the odds of that happening?
  10. Johan93arif

    Looking for Tribe to Join

    Is there a page on forum in which you can ask to join a tribe ? new player here
  11. HaplessAlarm308

    Alpha Tribes

    So I just started playing ark a couple weeks ago and I think it’s a great game that I will continue to play. There is only one problem I have with the games online pvp servers and that’s the alpha tribes. I was playing on The Center on server 99, with a couple friends and we were getting a nice base with behemoth gates set up in the cave on the east side of the map. But every time we were caught out in the open by the alphas they would burn us down with wyverns. This continued until they eventually found us and tore our gates down with a giga. So we moved and yet again we were found, and then again so if any of you big tribes are looking for a difficult raid go to server 99 on The Center.
  12. Hello, so after creating a tribe with one of my friends, she left and now it is only me playing a single player game. But my tamed Triceratops and Brontosaurus are in red lettering and i can't access them. is there anything that can be done about that?
  13. CeCeBear95

    Weird Love Story?

    Before I start, I just wanted to say I'm a female (just so theres no confusion). So when the new servers came out, i joined one of my friends tribes on a ragnarok map i met on a legacy server. From the beginning I had the feeling we weren't going to last, but I thought, "what the heck! if we get wiped, im done." So a week past by and the mega tribes in the server were just starting to build bigger. I was a grinder for my tribe since day 1. We were a 3 man tribe (since half the tribe wouldn't even get on). I made a deal with a guy from a mega tribe for 6 werewolf skins. My tribe at the time thought they were cool with them. So eventually we moved to a secluded spot on the map. At this point in time, I was given ownership over the tribe. One of my tribe mates was accused of scouting one of the mega tribes bases. I talked to the leader and he was calm, said we didnt have any worries just because i took the time to talk to him. Eventually I gave up my tribe not listening to me and i transferred ownership to the original owner and went to the alpha tribe since they offered. They have told me multiple times they wanted to raid my tribe so bad, but they didnt because of me. I spent about 2-3 weeks in the alpha tribe and got to know some amazing people. I ended up really like this one guy i did the trade with in the beginning. We both decided to leave the tribe for different reasons the same day and we are now building up as alphas on an island map. We have been on this server not even a 2 full days and we are already bigger than the current alphas. I could honestly say, I never felt this way about a guy before. Thank you, Ark!
  14. Monica9692


    What's it like joining a tribe? Better than playing single player? Have been thinking about joining online I'm just not sure how it works and what it's like? Opinions?
  15. Hey all, Reaching out to my fellow survivors out there mainly on the PVE side, but this could also apply to our PVP brethren. Just looking to get different perspectives of what you all do in your tribes and how they function. Is your tribe more organized and structured, or more laid back and go with the flow? Does your tribe have a rewards system in place to motivate your members and give back for hard work, loyalty and dedication? Do you have a Tribe Event Calendar to stay on track toward certain goals? (monday, Weds are caving/tribute farming days, Saturday is Boss Day. etc) Do your tribe mates have certain roles or individual responsibilities? (hunter/gatherer, Miner, Gardener. Etc) Is your tribe part of a big alliance that helps eachother out with breeding and sharing stats on dinos for the betterment and progression of your fellow players? Basically, what makes your tribe tick and if you have any creative ideas, or what you enjoy about how your tribe functions, feel free to share!
  16. I have private cluster of 2 servers, one running Ragnarok and the other running The Island The setup is rather weird tbh: The Island server is a restored save game that i started on private server 1 year ago and it has my character/tribe/things from that time. Then i stopped playing Ark completely and copied the backup of the save game for later use and closed the server. Then couple months ago I came back to Ark and took a completely new private server with Ragnarok and started new character. I realized that i want to visit the caves on The Island and I still have the save game from the last time with some nice things. So i took another new private server and restored The Island there and everything was like i left it with my tribe, tribe members and buildings dinos etc. Now i want to transfer between the two Arks but i have a character on both, so my questions are: What happens to my character on The Island server if i transfer there from Ragnarok What happens to my tribe ownership and dinos on The Island if i transfer from Ragnarok What happens to my tribe ownership on Ragnarok if I transfer away from Ragnarok to The Island and then back to Ragnarok at some point I'm scared of losing stuff so i have been playing with both characters separately and transferring only items between the Arks, but now i want to transfer the whole character. I know that with admin commands i can most likely take over tribe and things but I'm interested in how this all works out.
  17. CrunkD1018

    Server 492 is broken.

    Im on ragnarok server 492. We recently recieved hardware updates and the server has been crashing ever since. All players are being booted, we are losing tames, dead babies due to server kicking players on end. Nonstop lag and high ping. Most players o. Server are inaboe to reconnect slyet server is still active so time is passing game with no one to actually play. Fix this now. Tired of your fail updates and losing high level tames and babies to these server crashes.
  18. i join on tribe of my friend, but i lost all my dinos and buildings ( i play on PVE server Eu 124) someone can help me ?
  19. So i have been thinking about the pillar issue and how to solve it. Right now as we all know the pillar issue is still a problem caused by this "mega tribes". There is no other way if you are a small tribe or single player but to build in a small crappy area....and that is how it is to this day. So here is how i think they can solve this problem.... but before speaking about the solution lets talk what enables players to do this kind of greedy thing. For one.... this big megatribe are not a tribe...they have multiple single player constructing their personal bases all over the map. So even though there is a nice dino tame limit the structure limit is still a problem. What can you claim with the structure limit allowed by ark on official? let me give you a fact.... my old tribe claimed on the island map on official the entire south spawn 1. yes....that is at least 1/4 the map. I ended up leaving the tribe because of that. I think any decent human being would feel bad for new players who cant build because one tribe can claim an entire region of the map...and still not be close to the structure limit. So it is clear that the structure cap is part of the problem. So... here is the solution..... have a different structure cap system per tribe member amount. apparently the structure is 6k structures....that is enough to cover an entire region of the map... so how about this proposition... 1 person....1k structures limit. 2 person. 1.5k structures limit. 3 people. 2k structure limit. 4. people. 2.5 structure limit. 5 people 3k structure limit. 6 people 3.5 structure limit. 7 people 4k. structure limit. 8 people 4.5 structure limit. 9 people 5k structure limit. 10 people 5.5 structure limit. (if it was up to me... structure limit for a 10 person tribe would be interesting to be tested at 3k....maybe that would force people to stick together and not have mega bases...all over the map) In my opinion tribe should not be bigger than 10 in official... causes land hogging and many other problems. Here is how maps in official look at the moment: So what is your opinion on this?
  20. FadedMudkip

    Your ARK Tribe Websites/Apps?

    I was curious on what your tribe uses as its main form of communication. I've used things like Discord and Band, but I guess I want something that is/has: Easy to use/operate/download Custom nicknames, ranks, and can make sub groups or chats Can be used on phones the same as a computer (we're on Xbox) Can make files or spreadsheets, and has picture sharing Right now we're on Facebook Messenger lol, but this doesn't help me because it's virtually impossible to keep track of important stuff. We all used to have Band, and that was pretty great, but still was missing features that I need. I'm almost thinking of just making a website, but as I said, we're all on our phones. I've been in gaming clans with websites and it's usually just a pain. One of the main things I'd want to do easily is have our own sheets/docs to view and edit different tribe things, but also have access to a chat on our phones in one convenient place. I think the thing holding my tribe back is our lack of communication and order. I want all my information centralized. What's everyone's method on this?
  21. Looking to get some people into this cool Pc hosted ps4 server, Stat boosts from 0.4 - 2.5 mostly In exp gain and breeding. Looking to get some more people online so host will boost size. Super cool concept of a Max of 4 tribes allowed in game with 3 slots currently open still. Search game in Pc servers on ps4. ~ Ariahs Boosted Dino Island PvP Ragnarok 4 Tribes. ~