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Found 206 results

  1. looking for tribe mates

    so right now its just me and my brother. im trying to get my friend on but he works a lot. we need more than 2 people, add me on xbox my gt is: hiddenxxturtle send me a message and ill send you a party invite whenever im on every day. must have a mic and not mind grinding a little, we're pretty laid back. look foreward to playing with new people. im 17 my brother is 15
  2. missing coordinates in log

    I really miss in tribe log coordinates of actions example if you have more than one base and see just something died, and you dont know where, or structure decayed or destroyed... very annoying sometimes it may be big problem, example if giga destroy wall a you need to find where is this hole.... Please, add this missing feature
  3. My tribe on official PVE the island13 on Xbox1 is searching for new members. We just got totally wrecked by an alpha carno level 115 & pretty much all our Dino’s are dead. Therefor we’re looking for members who would be willing to do lots of taming. It’s a pretty small tribe, we’re just 3 people but we’re on everyday grinding. No mic required nobody else rly uses one. If interested let me know I’ll give you more info!
  4. Instead of picking up a tribe mates death bag and having all the contents mixed in with your own, it should detect that there is an ID chip and make a folder with the content in your inventory. It would make it way easier to give your buddies stuff back. If it could detect that it as from your death bag and not make a folder, that would be good. If it could detect it by the ID chip and make a folder for all death bags, I would be cool with that. If it could detect that the ID chip/name is not from someone in your tribe so no need to make a folder for it, even better. Edit: [Here]( is my suggestions mega post if you want moar. I forgot this one was in there too.
  5. Tribe Function

    Hi, so I've thought about this a lot, and because of all of the character loss/wipes that have taken place, I think ti would be a really good idea to set up a function that the tribe leader can replace dino ownership back to a member that has been wiped. I have only had issues with getting GMs to help me out and just can't even move half of my dinos around or to another server. I think it would save a lot of time, effort and money for WC, if they were to create a feature like this. Only the Tribe leader could do it. That's just my two cents.
  6. Power gap ready to be seized

    I am currently starting a tribe on an official Ark Server in which the alpha tribe was recently wiped and most of the members left. I am looking for people interested in Joining me in my quest to dominate and fill this power gap while I can. Some requirements are as follows. A Discord Account, The game, Ark: Survival Evolved. A basic understanding of English. All levels of skill are welcome. basic rules of privacy and rankings are set up and Will be taken seriously If interested be sure to DM me and i'll send you steam/Discord Information
  7. New Xbox PC server. Difficulty offset: 5 Override official difficulty:6 structure damage: 1 XP Multiply: 6 Taming speed: 15 Harvesting Multiplier: 6 Egg hatch speed: 20. Stats are still being tweaked. Tribe limit of 3. Looking for players that want to stick around for a while and develop a good community. For more info visit . Server name cretaceousark79 any questions message SNO BillyB on xbox live
  8. Tribe alliances

    (Xbox) Ever since Ark went full release, it it not possible to form tribe alliances. I have reported this to Wildcard many times, but of course i hear nothing back. Is there any explanation as to why this isn't working or when it may be fixed???
  9. Alpha Tribe System

    There needs to be a way to control or nerf the “alpha” tribe. It’s ruining the game for a lot of people because the bigger tribes do what they want and almost all people can’t stop them. Maybe a tier system for when you unlock certain engrams then it puts you in that tier. Let’s say you unlock the turret. And another smaller tribe hasn’ want be able to damage their structures because you both aren’t in the same tier. Same thing with Dino’s. They all should be in different classes. Most of my bases can be wiped with one wyvern, so I should be placed in a lower tier so I don’t have to put up with being wiped because it makes the game uninteresting and they are losing a lot of players because of this. Ark will not survive if this keeps up.
  10. Tribe

    With newest updates active I can't find tribe settings it's very irritating can someone please tell me where the tribe settings are
  11. Tribe Log Details Needed!

    So, ever feel that annoying wonder about WHAT HAPPENED to your structures' when it gets destroyed? I certainly do. In fact the provided file attached shows my own log to wonder... What happened? So heres' an improvement suggestion for ARK; the tribe log NEEDS to be detailed just a little more. What destroyed my bed? Who? How can I plan revenge if I don't know what tribe? But wait! The second provided file shows a tribe log of me dying to another player! That certainly is quite detailed telling me what dino name and what tribe from... Hrm... So! My thought... Is it not possible to include player/dino plus tribe name of what has destroyed structures? It's only fair... And it takes away the mystery of who did what. Even If it was an Alpha Carno or some other wild Dino the log could say: Day 435, 23:58:08: Your 'Bed' was destroyed by a Alpha Carnotaurus - Level 45! OR Day 435, 23:58:08: Your 'Bed' was destroyed by Korvi - Lvl 66 (Guardian Dragons)! There. Easy fix solution to tell me who and what happened and when by the time stamp. Little details like that would be invaluable to monitoring and keeping a track at who is grieving/raiding and targeting you which takes away some of the 'protection' of remaining unknown to other players for taking out structure. The main point is this purely is to fix in the blank shown in the provided file of a destroyed structure and not meant purely for PvP but also PvE reasons. If it does show a player destroying an object thats' great however in case it doesn't it would be good to know just who is sneaking around damaging and breaking things. Any thoughts, opinions or criticism to this please share!
  12. Crafting Tribe Log

    So this idea I had for a little while and thought it would be useful... Imagine you have a large tribe or even just a few friends; and you have gathered metal and resources saved for something planned... But you come back later to realize that the metal you needed for that one BP is gone! Where did it go? Who used it and for what?! Asking people to be honest can sometimes be a pain... But what if... The secrecy was no longer there? To often do even new recruits to a tribe like to get away with spending recklessly valuable resources used and hardly contribute which can make it harder on admins to have to monitor both player and activities. Setting ranks do help to some degree but is frustrating on its own terms. You still don't know who did what! So while there is a tribe log on structures demolished and dying, what about either a separate tab or integrated into the current tribe log a "Crafting log". I would recommend a separate tab for it due to the possible large volume of logs however the value of it would prove useful. An example generated based on how current tribe log structures are: Day 401, 22:30:29: Korvia crafted Wooden Foundation x1 Day 401, 22:30:36: Korvia crafted Wooden walls x3 Day 401, 22:31:06: Korvia crafted Wooden door x1 Day 401, 22:36:50: Nina crafted Shotgun x1 Day 401, 22:37:22: Nina crafted Simple Shotgun ammo x30 _____________________ The point shown here would show 3 primary functions: Player name, What item, and how many in that "Queue" was completed. IF the queue quanity is too complex, then just the time stamp, player name and item. Let it flood the log a bit but at least it shows who is doing what. That would show players that in some regard someone is making something wither they shouldn't or should. This basic idea can be extended possibly but the core value of having a "Crafting Log" for your tribe would prove invaluable espcially when strategy planning for bases is involved and required amounts are needed. Perhaps the crafting log could include how much resources it used and what items? Or just purely simplified so admins can monitor the 'creations' of what players are building in all locations wither it is a Smithy, Engram inventory, Fabricator, etc. Or better yet possibly? Why not on say a smithy / fabricator / structures that craft, have a "Crafting log" to see who did what? From Repairs, to crafts and even possibly withdraw/deposits? I hope the value of this idea concept is heard and looked into, because I as a tribe leader with a group of friends MIXED with random new players trying to keep resources managed find it a pain in my rear that me and a friend gather # of metal only to find an hour later.. ITS GONE and oh look; a logged out tribe mate has full flak and a shotgun? Granted that gives away who did what, but what if he wasn't there? It'd be nice to know what happened and who did what. Thoughts? Opinions? Criticism? Please do share!
  13. Needing a tribe

    I am in need of a tribe that has experienced members, that work and cooperate as a team, and that has great leaders such as active admins and a resourceful leader.😊
  14. I spawned to play some and my char simply woke up without the tribe command, like it had just been created in the server. My base is still there, but it isn't mine anymore. Any dev to help? - I Play on NA OFFICIAL THE ISLAND 22
  15. 1 base or many?

    Me and a few friends have been playing on the new servers since release. We have started to build a new base that requires a lot of time and materials. I was wondering if it is more effective to build 1 big base with most of your loot and a lot of defenses or should we build multiple smaller bases with loot scattered around the map and less defenses. keep in mind we only have about 2 or three people on at a time.
  16. I had my only flying mounts stuck on skull island and in order for someone to give me a lift I had to create a tribe, and get an alliance with them: done. the problem is that once we got to my flying mounts I needed to end the alliance with the person. And since the only reason I created a tribe was for the alliance anyways I left that to......ya now everything is locked to "tribe of royalthemaster".....THATS ME!!!! this is all taking place on server: na-pve-official-thecenter86
  17. Hey guys, So I've spent a pretty extensive amount of time in single player getting to know the game and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on it. The issue I keep running into is it's just no fun to play alone and none of my friends have this game. So I'd like to find some people to play with, either pvp or pve, won't really care which. My PSN is thatartistguy23 , you can message me there or leave comments here. Thanks for your time.
  18. Its not a matter of trust...

    So, seeing as how everyone in our tribe prefers to keep their cabinets private. I understand that with using tribe admin settings I am able to enable privately owned structures within a tribe (cabinets etc). It would be great if with each structure you were able to choose to "allow tribe access" which would function as if the privacy was not activated instead of having to either set as either private, completely unlocked or pass code. Makes it very monotonous when our resource cabinets are all pass code protected.
  19. Tribes

    How do I add a tribe to the tribes list on here?
  20. Dear Survivors, *New Ragnarok Dedicated Server 24/7 PVP/PVE Hybrid* Limited Invites. 2XP/ 3X Tame/ 2X Harvest (*3X on Weekends for XP/Harvest) Gamertag : DediArk247 Add to Join. Even though its PVP, Offline raiding is not permitted. If you wish to raid a tribe, you must request for permission from that tribe. Our goal is to keep the server as a PVP/PVE Hybrid, allowing you to tame/build, along with limited raiding options. If you are tired of getting raided on official servers and looking for a place to build up and have a peaceful environment, you are encouraged to join. No Trolls, No Admin Abuse. Immediate Ban for breaking any rules. Current Stats: 7 Tribes 15 Players Mixed from USA/UK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Update 11/4 20 New members joined and intend on staying. We have a few more slots open. If you wish to join, please add DediArk247 and send a message to confirm your stay. Thanks for Reading! DediArk24/7
  21. Here is a run down on whats going on and what we want to do. We are a two man tribe. I am the admin and the other guy is the owner/founder of the tribe. What we want to do is give everything to me. Because he doesn't play as often as i can and i do mostly everything. We want to make me the owner/founder. We want to give me full control over everything like as if I had always been the leader. We would also like to Change the tribes name. If any one can give me a breakdown on how to accomplish this. Or if its even possible. Thank you.
  22. I know there a "TakeAllStructure" But is there a GiveAllStructure of x tribe to z tribe That a private admin can do without x or z being online?
  23. So i have been thinking about the pillar issue and how to solve it. Right now as we all know the pillar issue is still a problem caused by this "mega tribes". There is no other way if you are a small tribe or single player but to build in a small crappy area....and that is how it is to this day. So here is how i think they can solve this problem.... but before speaking about the solution lets talk what enables players to do this kind of greedy thing. For one.... this big megatribe are not a tribe...they have multiple single player constructing their personal bases all over the map. So even though there is a nice dino tame limit the structure limit is still a problem. What can you claim with the structure limit allowed by ark on official? let me give you a fact.... my old tribe claimed on the island map on official the entire south spawn 1. yes....that is at least 1/4 the map. I ended up leaving the tribe because of that. I think any decent human being would feel bad for new players who cant build because one tribe can claim an entire region of the map...and still not be close to the structure limit. So it is clear that the structure cap is part of the problem. So... here is the solution..... have a different structure cap system per tribe member amount. apparently the structure is 6k structures....that is enough to cover an entire region of the map... so how about this proposition... 1 person....1k structures limit. 2 person. 1.5k structures limit. 3 people. 2k structure limit. 4. people. 2.5 structure limit. 5 people 3k structure limit. 6 people 3.5 structure limit. 7 people 4k. structure limit. 8 people 4.5 structure limit. 9 people 5k structure limit. 10 people 5.5 structure limit. (if it was up to me... structure limit for a 10 person tribe would be interesting to be tested at 3k....maybe that would force people to stick together and not have mega bases...all over the map) In my opinion tribe should not be bigger than 10 in official... causes land hogging and many other problems. Here is how maps in official look at the moment: So what is your opinion on this?
  24. Hello Fellow Survivors, I was looking at John Olivers Last week Tonight and he had a piece he was doing on Oligarchies. I did a little bit more research and I noticed that there were some parallels between Oligarchies and Mega Tribes. What is an Oligarchy? Oligarchy A small group of people having control of a country, organization or institution What are some examples of Oligarchies? Luxottica They are the owners of most (if not all) major eye wear brands and stores. Fact Checked Air Line industry The group of airlines have shown trends in colluding with each other By Bloomberg and Suspicion by The Economist Cable Companies I'm sure you've experienced Some of this before Can Mega Tribes be considered an Oligarchy? Lets look at the actions of Mega Tribes on PVE and PVP Will put pillars and gates everywhere they can to keep others not in the alliance from building. Will Monopolize resources so that only they have access to it. On PvP Mega tribes will often wipe out any smaller independent tribes, forcing you to join them or leave. Sometimes the Mega tribes will even block Obelisk Access and allow only those who are part of the Alliance. Is this a bad thing? Well that depends on your perspective, if you are happy with one tribe to rule them all then it's a non-issue to you. I think it speaks volumes that in the real world such things are regulated for a reason. With the Official servers slowly succumbing to the One monolithic mega Tribe, it feels as though ARK (on official) will soon become a game where you log on to official and You have a choice.(GoT Spoliers) Thoughts? I've talked about this for a bit and this will most likely be my last post on the matter (unless it's a suggestion for improvement). Do you see the parallels or am I just grasping at straws?
  25. Joining another tribe can be a devastating thing if not done correctly. A Lot of people don't understand that leaving a one man tribe for another will cause you to lose your existing property to a tribe with 0 people in it if you don't transfer your property to yourself first. How about a pop-up alert when you are about to lose control of property to confirm that they realize this? Or better yet ask them then if they want to transfer the property as well