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Found 26 results

  1. HellBoyRok95

    Reaper TLC

    Reaper TLC Can we have a 2 variants reaper? can we have distinctive abilities like the king swimming undewater by deploying his fins from his back and tail or the queen( tamed one is sterile) can dig underground like a basilik and does damaging on stone structure??? Reapers are my favorite creatures from aberration, but i would like to have at least a Queen tamed to feel rewarding and challenging to get. I'm getting tired to have the same variant for each attempt for impregnating.
  2. Morellatops Irrigation. I feel like farming on Scorched Earth is ridiculously hard (And it should be) but maybe a tad too much. Perhaps the Morellatops could gain the ability to spray water from either its mouth or jumps directly on crop beds to temporarily water them.
  3. My idea is to choose what Dinos to spawn on your pgmap. The dlc exclusives will be grayed out,unless you got the dlc.there will be icons for creatures and you can select and drag them to a certain part of the map.Also can you fix the pgark on xbox?
  4. TLC for creatures that really need it. Dont get me wrong i LOVE the Tlc we have gotten so far but i believe i have a list of creatures that would benefit greatly from a tlc my list goes from least needed to most needed in my opinion. stego,mammoth,megaloceros,dimorphodon,phiomia,dimetrodon,carno,paraceratherium i would like dimorphodon to get a tlc above all of the others but i do believe there are others who deserve it more. paraceratherium,phiomia,and megaloceros are all mammilian creatures that were in the game before decent fur was added so all of the tails are gross clumps of meat it it looks bad to be honest. These creatures i listed are not the only one in need of a little tender love and care but id say its a GREAT start.
  5. Wild Dinosaur Behavior Change: I know I love the rush of delving into the wyvern dens and stealing eggs witch we would then go and hatch into powerfull members of our tribes. What I envision is a low level tribe wandering through the forest when they stumble upon a small cave entrace. Naturally curious thay venture into the cave to find old bones and broken egg shells along with three baby raptors. The tribe imprints on these babys and begin to leave when they hear a low growl and find a pack of fully grown raptors ready to attack. I know I love the rush of delving into the wyvern dens and stealing eggs witch we would then go and hatch into powerfull members of our tribes. Somthing I think would make the game not only more realistic and provide a new challange would be to simple introduce wild spawning baby dinosaurs, fertilized eggs, nests/dens. (Note: I understand some of these ideas aren't for everyone, all these features would be toggleable). Wild baby dinosaurs: Wild baby dinosaurs will spawn along side at least one adult dinosaur of that same species. These wild baby dinosaurs can be imprinted upon but doing so would take at least 5-10 seconds and any adults of the species would become hostile around the player for a certin amount of time. If a baby is left in the wild for to long than the baby would fully mature into an adult of that species. New Pack Mentality: Some species of dinosaurs would group into herds (such as triceratops and velociraptors) allowing for huge packs of dinosaurs to be found roaming around the ark after days of play. This would create massive predator and hebivore battles wich could signiffigantly lower the population of a species and increase in others forit would allow for that species to continue breeding in that pack. The increases in population would lead to either huge taming sprees or huge hunting parties. New Combat Tactics: Dinosaurs will exhibit new tactics in combat while wild and in pack's, these behaviors could be trikes forming a shield wall around their young to protect them from preadators, to animals attempting to retreat much like when they are on the verge of getting knocked out. This could make battlle scared pacts of creatures waiting for revenge. Nests/Dens: The dinosaurs of the ark will of course need some place to lay their eggs and raise their young so in certin spots (much like drops) their will be a chance for either a den or nest to spawn (dependent on the region and species). Dens will be caves/ or broken trees, and nest will be the same as the wyvern nest found on mountains and in redwood trees (their should also be a den for aquatic life, maybe a mini coral reef/ nest and underwater dens/ moonpools? This could help to fill up the empty parts of the ocean) that male, females, and the babies of that species will live in and will frequently be found in and around these locations. Behaviors: Dinosaurs would have diffrent toggalable features such as sleep, (these features would make for a harder and more realistic). Firstly dinosaurs needing to sleep for a specific amount of time to function everyday, im not talking about using the same night, day sleep system that the megalosauras uses but a diffrent one where for every day of use a dinosaur will need a short amount of sleep. Battle Scars: Finally, when dinosaurs are injured bloddy claw marks appears on their skins, but eventually disapear when healed. Dinosaurs should somtimes retain these scars, this can show their expirience in battle and not to mention would look really cool. Bite marks, claw marks, maybe a lost eye or somthing?; these changes would be purly athstetics and maybe even a toggleable feature. Please leave any and all constructive feedback on this Idea.
  6. put the option to give points to the speed of the Flying Dinos and that some official servers pve are x4 the tame
  7. I know I'm kinda late in the game and this may have been suggested already. I propose that Tek armor gets a big update, adding new and improved features in the form of TEK UPGRADES. Tek upgrades are attachments that can be added to tek armor similar to how scopes are added to rifles and pistols. Each piece of tek armor receives 2 slots for attachments, enhancing the armors capabilities while also using up more element. The attachments can either be crafted via tek grams obtained by killing the extinction titans and or the king titan. You can also obtain pre upgraded tek armor which has 1 attachment that can't be removed while still having its original 2 slots for tek upgrades. Each upgrade has its own unique ability, whether its increasing the armor and durability on the normally crappy statistics, to adding all around new abilities to play around with throughout the arks! Investing in this would not only freshen up tek armor but really give players both new and old to obtain and try out every new attachment and while freshening up extinction! Let me know what you all think!!! Upgrade ideas: Helmet: Increased armor Increased Durability Build in Spy glass/ tek binoculars Heat vision Max Dino scan X-Ray vision Chest Piece: Increased Armor Increased Durability Increased Carrying Capacity invisibility cloak Radiation Protection Fire protection Leggings: Increased Armor Increased Durability Super Jump Increased Stamina Internal AC Boots: Increased Armor Increased Durability Anti gravity functionality* Power Kick Increased swimming speed Gloves: Increased Armor Increased Durability Climbing Capabilities* Increased Melee damage Built in wrist rockets * The ability to defy gravity and float down or walk on air without using your jet pack! * Basically a climbing pick on your hands!
  8. I think that ARK needs more useful shoulder pets and small unrideable dinos or at least TLCs to existing ones, some examples of ones I would like to see added are; Dwarf Elephant (it can gather wood when on wander), Iberomesornis (shoulder pet similar to Icthyornis, but smaller and specializes at killing bugs instead of fish), Bernissartia (shoulder day starts that packs a punch and specializes in fish killing) ,Nemicolopterus(shoulder pet like dimorph, but not as strong, specializes in meat gathering), Gasparinisaura (Gathers berries when on wander), Minmi(gathers flint and metal when on wander), Archicebus(shoulder pet that gathers berries when you walk by or when it is on wander), Leptocyon( smaller than hyaenadon, has backpack as saddle refrigerates meat and allows it to carry a lot of your items), and finally Hadrocodium ( it is a very small shoulder pet which is used to pick locks at a 54% success rate).
  9. 1. Oviraptors: make it so that while they are on wander they will target and pick up both Unfertilized Eggs and Fertilized Eggs. 2. Dung Beetles: make it so that they will target and pick up poop while on wander. 3. Beavers: while on wander near water they will make beaver dams. (I'm a bit iffy on this one) 4. make all or most arthropods breedable. 5. Araneos: give it the ability to climb around on walls and ceilings and like a toggle-able vibration vison so it can see in the dark. 6. Mantids: make it so it can pick up dinos in its claws if there's nothing equipped in them 7. Ants: have like a group sawn like normal but with an ant hill nearby that acts the same as a beehive but with ants and when you break it a queen spawns and you can tame it with rare mushrooms or maybe something else but once the queen is tamed you can turn it into a placeable ant hill that produces metal, obsidian, and clay (on RAG and SE) 8. Pulminoscorpius: split its one attack into two a pincher attack and stinger attack. the pincher attack is mainly damage and the stinger attack is mainly torpor can climb up walls freely but will fall off ceilings.
  10. Hi guys I think an underwater tlc is needed, I used to get nervous going underwater but now it feels empty and just not as exciting as it was, so here's a list of suggestions that I would like to see hope the community agrees 😊 Megaladons need a tlc (larger, fewer, bleed effect or melee boost after kill) Plesiosaur + Mosasaur (a new skin rework + animations) Underwater base building (a pump so metal bases don't flood but takes alot of resources to build cause tek is end game and not easily accessible, port hole frame and windows, only metal bases with water pump can prevent flooding stone wood ect will flood any way) Liopleurodon ( please make a permanent tame) New dinos (would be nice to see something new in the water something to get people back in there) Underwater balloon that boosts you to the surface or deflates to sink you to the bottom can attach to your base That's all I got hope people can add some suggestions thanks for taking the time to read this 😊
  11. WilliamMichell


    Add salmon and other river fish to the Ragnarok map and once that's done add fish eaters to the appropriate areas.
  12. I think they would fit in since opposums are old as heck and raccoons are damn right adorable. Opposum: Bugs are afraid of it or can't handle it's scent. (Dragonfly, Ant) Raccoon: anti-stealing: pegomastax and ichtyornis will Ignore you while you have him on your shoulder. *Edit* Diprotodon: A giant wombat that has a decent amount of health and weight. Has a pouch just like the Procoptodon. Has a sniff ability that helps you find rare flowers and mushrooms. TLC Dilophosaurus: Make it bigger so that you can ride it. As it's a early game mount (I have a stupid idea for itbut most of my ideas are stupid I'm here for the feedback) . It produces saliva that can be put on arrows which drain wild creatures stamina. Carno:I basically would like it to be just like in primal carnage. With a (baseball bat) head attack which knocks creatures out of it's way. A ramming ability but this is as much requested as the "Make megalodon bigger" thing so the Devs are probably working on it. Stego: An Impale attack would've been nice but the Kentro was introduced.So can it get an alpha buff while with Kentros? Mammoth: Bring the mobile app platform saddle to PC, Xbox and Ps4.And the ability to turn it's trunk into a water hose. So it can be your farmer buddy. Phiomia: The dossier says that it's a livestock animal so make it have the ability to get fat . The fat can be used as bait for carnivores and can be eaten to get insulated for 5 seconds Oviraptor: make it able to collect eggs (even fertilized) from your dinos. (How original am I right ?) Humans:ohhhh man I would love some new look for my character and maybe some new Hairstyles Pelagornis: Underwater dive bomb attack. And basically most of the flyers (except wyverns and quetz) should get the flying mechanic of the Griffin without the dive bomb attack. For the rest I'm still think... Oh yeah and make the liopleurodon a normal tame. And give the diplodocus an attack that does damge?
  13. I would love to get a update to our human character (like a TLC) make it so maybe we can be more unique from each other, like able to customize our faces and stuff so we look like other characters or just more unique then being a slightly different version of the same person. and along with this remade human player the outfits/armors can be touched up to be more fitting to the new models maybe even allowing for little customization to the armors we make (like ability to just change how it looks, like a alternate version of the armor so not adding new armors just giving the player a choice of style of the armors look.). Another thing to go with it is to maybe make better animations for the player as well, maybe even update the combat system along with it. More hair styles of all kinds of styles that maybe reference other games be cool too. these ideas are like my own as well and fit perfectly with the idea.
  14. Make each wyvern look more unique (example: have them different sizes) just basically make them not look like the same mannequin with different clothes. Also, give them new ability's like have the lighting wyvern be focused on quick one hit attacks give them a dive bomb like a griffin but the speed would build up their electricity and when it hits the ground it releases a big electric explosion that deals damage and shocks everything in an area like a bolt of lighting and maybe make it a bit faster and little smaller. And have the poison wyvern be focused on stealth make it half its size and give it the ability to secrete a huge green gas cloud that acts as a smoke bomb and dilo spit and increased stam. Have the fire wyvern be focused on being a tank give it the ability to light its whole body on fire dealing damage to anything near it increase its health make it a little bigger or keep it the same size. And the frost wyvern be focused on being a protector give it the ability to activate an ice aura that gives itself and dinos around it a temporary ice skin shield that increases defense and slows them This will make wyverns more interesting, useful, and unique and hopefully, make them more relevant
  15. I'm gonna be honest here, as much as I love this game, some of the creatures in the game look either really old or really stupid *cough cough* aquatics *cough cough* and certain areas of some of the maps are..... well..... sloppily done. Like how in certain areas of the map, you can throw an item on the ground and it will fall into the void, which is a major problem for when my friends and I play because we don't like having to use admin commands to have to go through the world to attempt to get our stuff back. I've also lost one of my best dinos in a cave due to the sloppy meshing (my Bary was in the Lava cave on the Island and when I hopped off to grab the artifact and he bolted into the lava and ran through the wall to search for fish. When I tried to get him back out, the walls would not allow me to get to him and he died from the lava damage). You could possibly re-mesh certain parts of the map like how you did with the Volcano's original look when you put the glowy ring around the area where the Volcano would open up and destroy bases. You could also use this to make the game seem more realistic, instead of having one area where you're dying of Hyperthermia then 3 steps away it's Hypothermia or use it to blend certain parts of the map to look like the biome is changing. I know that the Dino TLC is definitely a minor inconvenience to the game compared to the map design, but my friends and I always look forward to seeing new dinos in-game and TLC patches for old dinos to have new purposes. I really feel like it will be a great way to reignite some people's passions to play the game with these changes.
  16. TLC passes I feel should be more abundant or at the least Wildcard should do ALOT of changes, bug fixes and such if TLC passes would take time in between. We all know they're not Microsoft or other big name publishers and I am patient but here are some glaring issues that bother me both as a gamer and lover of prehistoric animals. Ideas: • Biggest one is obvious. Some of the models of the creatures look...dated to put in words nicely. Hideously stupid to put harshly. The older creatures clearly look dated and even out of place in a game like Ark. Pteradons to me are the biggest offenders on land. And then there is that one guy we all know but dont want to talk about...the Plesiosaur. If you ever seen such a vile model or yet to see one, look no further. Its face alone is just so damn goofy and unrealistic and even looks lazily put. I know Wildcard had thought their creatures to look great and some do after small updates but...yeah. it's just hideous. My list of creatures that seriously need a model update or even new textures are the following: • Pteradon • Megalodon • Ichyosaur • Spiders • Onyc • Wooly mammoth • Rhinos • Monkey. • That Plesiosaur! Animals that just need a slightly update skin look or body shape are IMO the piranhas, dragonflies, ants and mosasaur. Function wise they've fine. I can see piranhas having more natural coloration and look, dragonflies and ants can look more natural and thinner look IMO. Make them more insect built. The mosa's tail for some reason always looks like fur to me texture wise. Something similar to JW would be cool. Behaviors. You ever watch the ocean to just take it all in or to make a screenshot of an awesome sunrise and stare at awe at godrays and all of a sudden...an Ichy jumps out to high and dies. And is stuck. In mid air. And that megalodon is stuck there biting at air. Forever. Enjoy that screencapture dude. Now I'm no student in biology but I'm pretty sure that prehistoric reptiles could BREATH. AIR. A manta, a fish, jumping out and takes damage doing so makes since. But an air breathing reptile just jumping out and just instantly dying is also just silly (funny but sill). So here are some mechanics and new little tidbits I think players in Ark could enjoy playing with or even watch. • Megalodons should go down deep underneath a target then bolt straight up and grab something in their mouths just like real great whites. I know cinematic kill animations would require rewriting coding and make it too cinematic but who doesn't want to see a giant shark leap out the ocean? • All sea animals you can tame should have a "leap out of water" feature. Air breathing animals should always have their heads up above water when not moving in water. A nice detail like that usually catches the eye of some extremely observant people (my self included). • Ichys should have a passive ability to push players either above or out water if said player is drowning or sinking due to exhaustion. They could also have an echolocation like real dolphins and parasaurs in game. • Megalodon and Piranhas become faster and more aggressive if player is injured or enters the water hurt.
  17. A vast majority of creatures can use some form of tlc i thought of every creature how it can get boosted or better then what it currently is and how even know the Kibble rework/cryopod system made it so players would need less dinos and need less egg farms basicly and it was to counteract and improve game performance but now we got these and the fridges wich are mighty handy what about the rest of the dinos that could use a tlc boost to boot? so anyways i think majority if not almost all creatures could use some sort of tlc in a matter of speaking... Achatina- i think sweet cakes tameing them is good but i think the only thing this needs to be changed is the whole it only eats sweet cakes thing when tamed sure it makes the cakes very usefull and it would lower the need for sweet cakes but sweet cakes are still very helpfull for herbivores for healing damage so it wouldn't limit the cakes too much if the snails can instead eat berrys when tamed vs just only eating sweet cakes i still agree this thing can still be tamed with them something like the oviraptor but still the cake thing i feel kinda needs to be removed and replaced with berrys for tamed achatina's and the other possible but not rlly important thing it can use is being able to be breedable but thats not rlly important as much as what i feel about the berry thing. Allosaurus- i think the allo is fine where it is tbh.... Ammonite-same as allo except i think it would be cool if the bile can be used in medicine idk what kind of medicine maybe something that works on players and creatures as far as healing? anglerfish-tbh the boost it had to gather silca pearls i think was rlly helpfull for it so its fine with the allo Anklyosaurus-ah one of my favorite kinds of dinos and one i feel defintly needs a tlc modelwise perhaps and ablite i think it can look better then what it looks right now i dont say remove the spikes and all like some people would think i think its fine as it is but just a model quality boost i think it needs something at par like the rex and spino i also feel as far as ablites goes it should be able to counterattack the same way kentro's can deflect damage because in the dossier it kinda stats it another thing is being hit by that clubed tail and not give a debuff of broken legs atleast i think it should be able to do that cause inrl anklyo's had rlly dense tails sure ark's anklyo is combat lacking and that its main purpose is a miner but seriously i think it needs to be more combat improved cause ankys weren't pushovers and for a evolved anky or mutated anky ect: should of been defintly more harsher then a normal anky... also anky should be able to auto mine rocks like the doedicurus can... Araneo- I was thinking recently after reading its dossier again... and it mentions it spits poison like a spider and throws webbing like a bola spider thing is... i do agree it should be able to wall climb and i do think it should actualy spit venom perhaps "torpor venom" to knock out prey with weak damage and good torpor giveing at a some raidus similar to say its webb throwing like what the dossier mentions also it would be rlly nice if we could breed them. Archa-Well despite the dossier saying they dont do damage.... and arn't fighters and even if they arn't good fighters they actualy can fight.... they peck at players if u use rare flowers if ur in the redwoods but yet tamed ones can't.... so i disagree on the whole not being able to fight thing but thats about it inless u can make it so that it is a shoulder mount that u can use as a parachute like right now but also be able to have a insect killer ablite doing more damage to ants and dragonflys and i would say spiders and scorpions but i feel cause of how small it is compared to them it probably would be the meal and not the spiders/scorpions so at the very least a damage boost vs dragonflys and ants. Argent-Argent is love argent is fine~! ❤️ thanks wildcard~ Arthro-Centipede- pretty much already sitting nicely and firmly on the ground i feel as if they should be breedable because insects are underpowered in this game vs all the dinos/lizards and mammals ect that are breedable and i think little baby insects would be adorable just as everything else is. Bary-i feel the only thing this thing needs... is a claw attack tbh and i am fine he can get fryed by jellyfish as a weakness so thats about it for this guy i can say perhaps a wide range claw attack or that it hits 2 times but is weaker then the bite Basilo- is totaly fine nothing to say about them that needs improvements Beezel- i defintly wonder why if this thing is sooo good at getting cementing paste that it doesn't get boosted by melee damage?... another thing is why only ants and dragonflys when this creature could take on and eat spiders and scorpions and get paste from them and centipedes... and dungbeetles since they are insects as well perhaps it can also get a damage boost agasnt them. Bronto- all i can say is give it a double stomp like the titano and perhaps back kicks for behind attackers to help it out perhaps the stomp attack can damage stone structures very effectively carbonemys-in the dossier it stats it can withdrawl in its shell so make it happen so it can be more like doedi's more potected when low on health also a model boost would be nice Carno-i defintly think carno deserves a model boost and ablite boost for ablites i say give it a bleed effect since in the dossier it stats it can eviscerate larger prey even know other people feel they dont do that inrl this is a game and the carno needs to become more usefull not just for early to mid game it would put it near allos but allos have pack buff and carnos dont besides its headbutt attacks should do sliceing and i also feel it could make use of a charge attack like triceratops can for boosted damage maybe applying the bleed effect with the charge on impact? CastoridesBeavers-dont have anything to say for them as of right now... Chalico-curious as to why they dont collect fiber and megatheriums and therinzo's can? they do have claw/hands?... perhaps add to it Jellyfish-These are the bane and joy of everyone's existience.... perhaps if tameable and set to very high aggression then can be the bane of all other players existience similar to a liveing water mine as they are in the wild other then that no i dont think they need to be tameable and no i dont think they need any improvements i am quiet fine with it etheir way. Coel-its a fish....... thats it just a fish that i am gonna smack u with... Lol... again its fine. Compy- improved compy boost to about 30 compys so then the horde's power can truely shine.... other then that this creature ingame is very unremarkable perhaps the compy boost gives a speed and damage boost so they can actualy caught up to players that have 105% movement speed. Daeodon-i've used these before and quiet frankly the healing they do isn't much maybe the more hp the pig has the more hp it heals cause right now food stat i feels just makes it it can use the healing ablite longer so that way players would have to balence hp and food stat on this thing food stat for longer healing and hp for more hp healed depending on how much hp a pig has... Dilos- spitters are a bane on beginners existience and AFKers lol... i think for such a small and basicly pack hunter they can get a pack buff in a pack of 6 sorta like compys and raptors but more being weaker then raptors but stronger then compys so inbetween the both of them. stronger then compy with less of a pack while compy has a bigger pack with less damage and raptors being less of a pack then compys and same as a pack of dilos but stronger. Dimetrodon-if this thing was bigger then totaly rideable but knowing the way its head and sail are i am fine with it being as it is however i do suggest adding it to scorched earth expanison because inrl dimetrodon lived in a sandy hot climate anyways and scorched earth would be perfect for it especialy helpfull for incubateing eggs in the heat and not needing air conditioners. as much. Dimorphodons- could add them to scorched earth aswell near water sources diplocaulus-boosted damage vs Eryptids underneath the ocean? was thinking ammonites aswell and a weight debuff boost for the items it gathers from them? perhaps give it a armor rateing or a saddle slot Edit: I also think it should have rider weaponry cause it has low damage and the rider can more so take care of it with fireing a crossbow/harpoon gun Diplodocus-i can understand wild ones not defending themselfs by actualy doing damage but tamed ones... i feel that should be switched for it perhaps it can attack with its tail doing damage to tames and structures ect: but the tail/headbutt attack doesn't do any damage on players just tames to keep it with the dossier in what it says the thing needs to become more usefull then what i call it currently a giant truck to store resources in by just implying mostly weight stat on to it with lvups... also add diplodo to scorched earth? because jurrassic theme.... Direbear- i think it needs a varity of resources it can gather weight debuff would be nice on it even know it just had a tlc and the tlc did do it justice i feel maybe one more touch up would make it perfect as it stands. Direwolves- ado raptors got a pounce attack and these are literaly huge dogs i feel they could make use of a pounce attack aswell but i think that also would be op so...... i dont think it would be the best idea to give it one considering how powerfull and annoying they already are... Dodo-because of this kibble re-work the dodo has gotten more usefull then what it was before quiet frankly the only other thing i can think of for them is partner it up with the usual Squak as a warning call that there is a enemy that the parasaur picked up on and pinpoints where the intruder is in ur base if the dodo is next to the parasaur makeing both be improved by each other as a side by side benefit i think would be cool and usefull. Doedicurus-i think even know the dossier stats it can gather obsidan in the past and surposely crystal before they dont anymore and now anky does this yet this guy can gather stone effectly and reduce weight on it quiet well i am satisfied with this however i think the ablite to actualy controll the direction u roll with it in would be nice like a aggressive wheel rolling over u and tackleing into u would be cool also allow them to gather berrys so they can eat. Beetles- allow it while on wandering to pickup ur tames feces and place it in its own inventory automaticly would be very nice as a boost same for snail maybe make it breedable but thats not important the whole picking up poop thing now thats rlly nifty..... Dunkleo-give it a weight debuff on collected stone and metal and obsidan also did i mention it "can" harvest wood and thatch if tree logs ect: are in deep enough water where it can reach them give it a weight debuff on the wood so it can be the rock/tree miner of the ocean~! Eels- ehh i haven't rlly had the chance to tame these too much given the way u have to tame them perhaps feeding them makes them calmer and less likely to attack u as a passive but still dangerous tame so that way when u feed them the move more slower and less all over the place. Euryptids- honestly i am surprised these arn't tameable via fish basket given they were made to capture fish and triobites.... there relatives or cousins whatever still it be like fishing for lobsters lol as for what they can do when tamed i dont rlly know aside from knocking stuff out perhaps a gathering boost vs triobites and damageing boost. Equs-weight debuff on a vairty of resources? aside from that not much else to do then what its already good at. Galli-i dont think this needs a improvement at all.... Giant bee-ah bees we thought they'd be good for pestering and otherwise annoying players they do a better job in the wild then they are tamed make is so that they can actualy fight and not just make honey in there beehive form also make it so that the player only needs a ghille suit to open the tamed hives to get honey without being stinged then just a ghillie suit and bug repellant.... Giga- ado i think its cool and good players have atleast one rlly bad thing to fear from in the game i do partly feel that the nerfs for the giga kinda sucks but gameplay prospective and to prevent them being op like they are in the wild i am fine with the nerfs as is and dont have anything to say for them : P lol Bigfoot-They are amazing as they are thanks wildcard~! ❤️ Hyaenodon- tbh....... i dont rlly care about these other then killing them for sweet sweet exp... and revenge personally Seagulls- there use being tamed is pretty much unmatched.... given the prime fish meat mechanic currently ingame is broken as far as gathering it... Ichtyosaurus-they are still a good early water mount and are fine as is inless we can add the ablite for them to kill and eat jellyfish would be nice since inrl they hunted squids ect: perhaps electrocution immunity? as they are reptiles and not mammals. Iguanodon-These are fine as they are. Penguins- makeing them a water jet rideable in water? would be cool since they are very strong quick swimmers... Kapro- these are fine as they are~ kentro- ado i understand because there very tempermental... if they would be rideable i say add in something like the thorny dragons saddle next to the last plated spikes where the spikey spikes start to go down the back to the tail and allow it to be rideable but thats only if its tamed and if u wildcard would let them be tameable despite its dossier being tempermental aside from this they are fine as is and if they do become rideable allow them to gather berrys for themselfs leechs-perfectly fine the way they are Leeds- the arguement about it being a dumb big fish not being tameable i say thats invalid cause if fish weren't tameable... then megalodons dunkleo's and anglerfish ect would of been untameable and even know all fish have little brains i still feel leeds could be used as a boat destroyer for it being tamed as a use also maybe u could etheir give it a submarine saddle to have oxygen while rideing it or the ablite to ferry creatures on its bk above the surface since its like a giant Fish Battleship....... and could use these benefits it could even be used as a Cargo ship similar to elasmosaurus Liopleurodon-honestly the outcry about this guy i do feel myself to that this thing should of been a perma tame perhaps get rid of its treassure boost effect after the timer is gone so that way its nerfed when tamed and still can be kept? Lystro-tbh i thought of improved exp buff boost but idk anymore perhaps thats a bad idea... Mammoths- yeah a model tlc perhaps and plateform saddle? also ik the mammoth got on one of ark's verison on another system a water hoze attack so why not also add that on pc/console? i think that would be awsome Manta- allow for it to dynamicly swim directly down and up instead of just side to side like what they do in the wild? megalania- allow to infect not just humans but creatures with the rabies debuff that way its not op but dangerous for the status induceing effect given how small and not quick they move or lethal as actual damage induceing attacks but the status effect makes them dangerous... megaloceros- Give females a kick attack since female deer are not pfft when it comes to self defense even the male deer can get the kick attack aswell.... and a weight debuff on thatch and wood Megalodon- Give them a crippleing bleed attack and a model tlc boost about the same power as ravagers and allow them to keep it when tamed so sharks can be feared the way they are surpose to be alpha sharks dont have the bleed attack however..... Megalosaur-improved ai checking to see if target is pickable if not do regular bite for regular damage maybe even a oversleep boost so they can be useable dureing the day if overslept for 1 day cycle. dragonflys-they are fine inless a bug tameing net was added could be used to deploy very weak drone swarms to harass and make targets lose there stamina makeing them run away to a crawl.... can be used as with ants... megatherium-they are fine as is meso-fine as is microraptor- annoying little buzzards of fine as is Mosa- Immune to throwing player off of it while being electrocuted a tlc model boost perhaps? also a boost cause of its size makeing eels/jellyfish and anglerfish not aggro after it includeing mantas moschops-improvement in harvesting cause currently it can't harvest fish and allow it to get sap from redwood trees from the breakable trees Bats- fine as is other then maybe make them rideable? with a saddle otters-fine as is~ Oviraptor-allow it to grab eggs from tames not just wild creatures and not just from enemy player tames but ur own sheep-fine as is pachy-berry gather with a bite attack or something can be a early miner maybe not just a creature to assist with tameing others pachyrhinosaurus-fine as is~ paracer-back kick attack to deal with back attacks para-weight debuff on berrys? pego-fine as the little theifs they are pelagornis-weight debuff on organic polymer and can harvest prime fish meat? can do a dive attack similar to itchyornis that can damage decently with momentum. Phiomia-as of currently unremarkable given weak thatch collection and wood decent speed and weight but can't harvest berrys for itself it needs to feed itself.... piranha-pack boost like raptors Elasmosaurus- improved attack range allowing it to hit above targets and below it perhaps a turn inplace movement like tapejara flying also make it so elasmosaurus doesn't aggro onto players tames from megalodon to mosa/tuso inless provoked. kangaroo-weight debuff on mushrooms and rare flowers pteranodon-fine as is scorpion-Seperate claw attack from sting attack with there own buttons make them breedable purlovia-Make it rideable like kentro with a light weight saddle to provide armor and not stress the animal too much perhaps petting it will allow it to let u ride it for a time period intill petted again but unable to dig while being riden maintaining its burrow/stunpounce only when none ridden. makeing it only rideable when its not underground in burrow mod and when petted. Quetzal-speed boosting roar allowing it to temporaly boost its movement speed perhaps a weight debuff on a varity of resources put into its inventory not as high as argentavis's weight debuff but a weight debuff noneoftheless the speed boost can effect ally dino's. Raptors-fine as they are perfected now Rex-pretty much perfected as now sabertooth-pack boost like raptors and pounce ablite like raptors salmon-highly unremarkable and fine as is. sarco-fine as they are spino-same ^ stegosaurus-model tlc and a bite attack similar to anky tapejara-fine as is terror bird-pack boost like raptors and wolves can also use a kick attack to do knockback damage theirzino-fine as is Thyalceo- Claw attack? Titanoboa- Allow it to be rideable and breedable? ants-same thing as dragonflys annoying stamina draining swarms with said bug caughting net Titano-fine as it is Trike-Fine as is Trilobite=fine as it is unremarkable Troodon-fine as is Tuso-weight debuff on black pearls Rhino-fine as is Yuty-fine as is Scorched Earth---- Deathworm-Drops biotoxin as the only source u can get on scorched earth Jerboa- Makes crys depending on wether but improved will do this and show a forecast picture of the weather going to happen above its head like feeding trough icon and mateboost icons above creatures heads. oil Jug bug- when killed ur creature can harvest its corspe for the oil it generates Lymantria- allow it to gather berrys and allow rider weaponry so the rider can defend the moth from attack mantis-fine as is Morellatops-weight debuff on cactus sap Phoenix-fine as is Rock Elemental- can harvest same stuff from scorched earth on the other maps thorny Dragon-tail attack to hit foes behind it Vulture-can actualy whistle attack target to attack the target like desert bird dimorphodons wyverns-fine as is Ragnarok---------- Griffin-fine as is Abberation------- Basilisk-why was the smithy saddle capableablity removed? given it was the only creature on abber that had such ablite kinda liked it how it had it from the beginning lightpets-all are fine as is Karkinos-able to attack while falling/being pushed by chargeing enemys Ravagers-should be able to inflict bleed like the wild ones Seekers-make them tameable with light pet around on makeing them attracted to u feeding them while useing bug repellant or something along the lines like it Extinction-allow gasbags to gather berrys for itself
  18. I previously posted a suggestion for this prior to the suggestion sections getting a revamp and it seems my post was either deleted due to the revamp or intentionally removed. Ill repost regardless. I feel the artifact models when placed on a display pedestal needs a drastic graphics upgrade considering they are directly tied to game lore and end game progression and are often used to display feats of achievement in PVE tribes. Them looking the way the do shouldn't be the case. If the artifacts when displayed on pedestals looked the exact same as the inventory item image then I feel that'd be perfect.
  19. Disclaimer - These are my ideas. Nothing more. Nothing less. Amphibians Beelzebufo Bug to Paste - Allow Melee to effect the amount of paste harvested from insects Diplocaulus Jet Slip - An ability, much like the Pteradon's Drill Attack, that will allow a dash forward to allow escape from danger. Give it a 30 sec cool down and deals no damage. Shock Proof - No longer effected by Electrophorus or Cnidaria, but this does not protect its rider. Aqua Invertebrate Hunter - Change Trilobite Hunter ability to deal 5x damage to Ammonite, Cnidaria, Leech, Eurypterid, and Trilobite Birds Archaeopteryx Shoulder Chute - Change the Archaeopteryx to be a shoulder tame. To deploy (hold it within your hands) the Archaeopteryx as a "Glider", you must have no item in hand and hold Jump Hot-Key for 2 seconds (minimum) and the same to retract (place on your shoulder). Jet Glide - While gliding, toggling the Sprint Hot-Key will increase your forward motion at the cost of the Archaeopteryx's stamina. Increasing Archaeopteryx's speed stat will not change the gliding speed. Ichthyornis Hostile No More - Change it to be passive unless provoked or near dinos that effect its "hunt and retrieve" ability. Disarm - When riding a player it has a chance to disarm an attacking player Kairuku Mini Fridge - Increase spoil times of items within inventory. Can make Iced Canteen / Water Jar like the Refrigerator. Dinosaurs Diplodocus Tail Whip - Give alternative attack that deals damage Tek Saddle - Gives protection to all the riders from projectiles and elemental attacks (Wyvern Breath) Pachy Increase torpor damage Pachyrhinosaurus Raging essence - Rage Gas Acts more like Rare Flower Effect Parasaur Parasaur wont defect people wearing a full ghillie suit Pegomastax Disarm - While riding your shoulder, it has a chance to disarm attacking players Yutyrannus Courage Roar - Effects itself but buff is reduced to 10%, Allies still gain 25% buff. Savage Feathered Tyrant - Make is appear less like fur and more like feathers, much like the raptor Fantasy Unicorn Horn Attack - Normal attack gives small bleed effect Fish Fishing Basket Add that Ammonite can be tamed Invertebrates Achatina Food - increase eating from berries/crops trough at half food instead of 10% food Insect Paste - make it so it eats chitin to make paste on top of its normal 100 production Shell - major defense increase when in shell Araneo Spider Feet - Ability to climb walls Venomous - Bite attack has a chance to apply a debuff to stamina and DPS Giant Bee Honey Anti-Theft - If the hive is not locked then anyone can access it but enemy players not wearing proper armor will take double normal bee effect and bears and steal honey from even locked hives Lymantria Faster Flight - Slightly faster than argy Nocturnal - buff to speed and healing at night and debuff speed and stamina during day Butterfly - Add either a skin or variation Spores - Spores change to a 5 second stun then a 20 second speed rebuff Silk Factor - Its been stated by WC and the doisers that is does(or will) do it and many years later still doesn't. Make its poop count for like 100 silk or make it produce silk like the Achatina does paste in a 100 stack per hour Pulmonoscorpius Tranq - Make stinger attack deal less damage but more torpo like its water brother Nocturnal - buff to speed and healing at night and debuff speed and stamina during day Invertebrates Make all able to breed (besides bees, dung beetles, or Achatina) - Add an incubation items that breaks when they become adolescent and turn into small versions of the tames or just make them act like other dinosaur and make them just hatch tiny versions. Either way we are happy Mammals Megaloceros Female Bite - Give attack ability to deal very low damage and harvest berries Onychonycteris Bat Bite - Its attack has a low chance to infect a survivor with a variant of Swamp Fever. RollRat Miner - If left on wander it will have the chance to dig up stone, sand, clay, or gems Sabertooth Pack Buff Reptiles Liopleurodon Change limited tame time to act more like Titansaur with a low "non-upgradeable" food ThornyDragon Make needles do more torpor
  20. Don’t you think that the Therizinosaur should have a TLC? After all, it is commonly used in boss battles and it is an excellent harvesting dino. I think it should have a bleed attack and extra damage on flyers since it’s long claws could theoretically tear wing with dangerous ease.
  21. We know how griffins are fast ,can counter wyverns with ease amd shoot them with sniper. I feel the wyverns a to vulnerable against fast flyers. Would be cool if they change the turn radius and improve the breath imbox of those creatures? Or it should stay has supposed to be?
  22. I like Aberration and still enjoy it, because we have at least a maps that doesn't allow flyers (expect the desert titan, but it is intended to be a PVP meta) which i think these creatures are overused in pvp. I like the concept to build a base in a upward rock cliff to increase your chance to succed tour raid defense, BUT has we all know, there always something to fix or something missing in the third DLC, Here's what i've in mind to improve this content: 1) Gets 2 variants of Reaper: One is the king, which is the most agile variants: It could have a better aim acid spit accuracy and have its own fast (has a spino) swimming ability and animations underwater. Maybe a claw attack. An engineering( by tek) Reaper Queen could be the competitor to the giga: It can't have a saddle, but have radical ability that may overcome an undefensable raid. It has a roar that could Buff resistance immunation to the king counterpart against light radiation effect from Plant Z flash grenade,charge lantern light puppets (bulldogs, featherlight, glowtails and shinehorns) for for 30s. It could also dig underground by sneaking like the basilik, have a grab attack to smash mid-size dinos. But your oxygen is decreasing 3x than mouting a basilik to prevent unbalanced pvp. It could also spit acid that istead slowing down creatures, it could damage metal structure and flak armor has the anthropleura. It is 3x tankier than the king, so it could manage to soaking many heavy turrets bullets at once. For getting this variants, instead to put a percentage of chance to get a Queen variants, you have to cook a special gland : First, you need to find the alpha reaper king that give you alpha reaper king barb and the glands of the wild queen to be able have the right gland to consume before the baby reaper burst out of your chest. To imprint it, you have to sacrifice another baby aberrant dinos similar to the troodon taming method. 2) Give TLC Rock drake's turning radius while climbing to cliff/walls and maybe fast claw attack. It soo cringy and annoying to control it by a mouse that doesn't have a accuracy direction. W,A,S and D would be a better way to manage rock drake turning radius while been upside down climbing cliff and platform. 3) Karkinos TLC: up claw use. These should be able to protect mounted players from frontward. 4) Basilik TLC: able to be immune radiation effects from the red zone and Rock drake trench. Wilds are immune, but tamed one are not which it's illogical. Also Maybe add a whip attack in a purpose to the tide of it's tail and change the poison spit animation attack. Feels cheap by recycling the spit poison wyverns in a exclusif dino. 5) Seeker TLC: Make them tameable and allow them to spit a flashy substance to a enemy player by a whislte command. 6)Charge pillars should have the role like the crafting pillars in exctinction. It pissed soo many players off, because the motionless transfers pillars are only in the scorched surface and Radiation zone. we always depend on transmitter,loot crates and beacons... 7) Make the Rockwell boss rewarding. Unlocking only tek engrams and acsendant level is not enough to play back. It should have valuable loot and big amount of elements in the Alpha version. I know it seems soo demanding for a wishlist, but i think Aberration deserves some improvements like Scorched Earth does. We should not play Aberration to just benefited its feature and go back to the maps with many biomes after 2 months of grinding and Farming. We should play it to enjoy longer the content. I still try to play it often has possible, but many people are still first focusing on Ragnarok and the island has a main habitats for their bases.
  23. With Extinction DLC just around the corner (not really) I was wondering if I had missed out on any news regarding a Scorched TLC patch. I remember Wildcard talking about it a while ago as well as seeing some leaked Scorched TEK engrams such as a TEK wyvern saddle but haven't heard anything since then. Does anyone know if they are still working on this? Just kinda of feel like we're missing a chunk of the story as it is and a TEK TLC patch would add some welcome content to Scorched.
  24. Was there any confirmation since they did the TLC to the dinos to improve things on the Island? Like adding wood and thatch pickup nodes like on ragnarok etc.
  25. So we know the Reaper Queen is not acquirable, but i think it would be cool to get this variant Reaper for new pvp meta. Because i think the Giga is too much nerfed for what it is (until is getting it's own TLC). Getting a reaper king is like have a buffed natural armor Rex, but i feel we should have a new super predator to be well rewarded and have new way to play against imprinted pvp dinos and fighting against the wild giga (Which is insanely OP) for PvE. I don't know what do you think? Would you like to get a tameable Reaper Queen for pvp or it should stay has a mini-boss?
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