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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 9 results

  1. I have a 300% speed manta(not even close to fully leveled), that just swim insanely fast for deep sea loots (Cant Find Any but worth the fun outrunning alpha squid BIG TIME) And ive got a full speed bronto, its footsteps are too fast to distinguish each step. ( Have a few ppl complain why I would keep this useless dino Im on PvE) Not ready for a max speed thyla for cave running but I will expect great results on the Center map. And I lost the manta when I park it outside of underwater bubble for taming a mosa. 2 Plesi spawn once every half minute making me hard to take care of everything.
  2. video Thylacoleo Spotlight

    Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, today we are going to take a closer look at the Thylacoleo The Thylacoleo is a powerful ambush predator that is also known as the marsupial lion. They have sharp claws and the most powerful jaws of all land mammals. Their appearance somewhat resembles the sabertooth however they are not related. The Thylacoleo can only be found in The islands Redwoods, where they often hide high in the redwood trees, faced down ready to ambush their prey. Even though they are supposed to be hidden they are fairly easy to spot while hanging on the side of a tree. As soon as the Thyla spots a small or medium seized creature it will leap from it's tree on to it's victim, locking it in their jaws and tearing it open with its sharp claws. While within a tree it is possible for the Thylacoleo to dismount the rider and pin them to the ground regardless of their mount. Small and medium seized creatures are unable to fight back when grabbed by a Thylacoleo, however players can use their melee attack to break free from it's grip and escape. Creatures too large to be grabbed will not be affected by the attack. Wild Thylacoleos are not particularly great at predicting movement and will often miss relative fast targets such as flyers. A wild Thylacoleo only spawns on large redwood trees, once they leap down they are unable to climb back to their ambush position and remain on the ground where they can be killed with ranged weapons or a strong enough mount. When killed the Thylacoleo can be harvested for hide, meat and keratin. It's inventory will also contain a Thylacoleo hook claw which is needed to summon the Megapithecus boss on beta and aplha difficulty. A Thylacoleo can be stopped in it's tracks by small and large bear trap or a chain bola. They can be also be picked up by a Quetzal and dropped in a taming pen on a location of choice. It is not advised to try to grab a Thyla from a tree with a Quetzal due to the fact that the Thyla can dismount and kill a survivor fairly easy. It is also possible to knock out a Thylacoleo from a high enough cliff with tranquilizer arrows, darts and shocking tranquilizer darts. When unconscious the Thylacoleo prefers Titanboa kibble, cooked lamb chop, cooked prime meat or cooked prime fish meat to be tamed. Since Titanboa eggs are not easy to find, survivors will have to come prepared with enough narcoberries, narcotics or bio toxin to keep the Thylacoleo's torpor up. A saddle to ride the Thylacoleo can be crafted in the smithy when a survivor reaches level 51. A tamed Thylacoleo can climb vertical surfaces such as walls or Redwood trees by jumping at them and holding the A button on your controller. They will climb straight up until they encounter an obstacle, such as an overhang on a cliff or when they successfully reach the top and jump over. If the A button is released while it is climbing, it will cling to the wall. The Thylacoleo will stay attached even when it's rider dismounts. Rotating the camera with the right joystick on your controller while mounted and attached to the wall will make the Thylacoleo turn around. ready to perform it's pounce attack. Line up the crosshairs with your target and press the right trigger on your controller to leap on to your victim. If the pounce attack hits a small or medium sized creature or even an enemy survivor, the Thylacoleo will grab hold of them and will use it's claws until their death You can stop the Thylacoleo by pressing the left trigger on your controller. Players can not use weapons while mounted on a Thylacoleo that is hanging from a vertical surface. The Thylacoleo can also roar by pressing the right joystick on your controller however this does not inflict any damage on to your enemies In my opinion The Thylacoleo is a decent mount for all-round players, it has good combat capabilities, low stamina drain and a high speed even while swimming. Its capability to climb vertical surfaces can be very useful to reach locations that are otherwise hard to reach without a flyer. Performing a pounce attack while mounted on a Thylacoleo can be somewhat difficult due to the movement of other creatures and it's targeting range. Practicing this attack on peaceful creatures can be very helpful to determine the placement of your crosshairs before using it on enemy survivors and dangerous animals. The Thylacoleo can be very useful as a base defence as they can be parked on the walls of your base where no one will expect them, to protect it from unwanted visitors. Survivors riding the Thylacoleo wil have to keep in mind that climbing a wall to fast will result in jumping over it. Depending on the height of the jump, the Thylacoleo can take fall damage when leaping from it's ambush position. That concludes our spotlight on the Thylacoleo don't forget to comment, leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and we will see you in the next episode where we will take a closer look at the Basilosaurus.
  3. v259.0 - Fixed Thylacoleo from getting into a state where it would walk forward without player input. --- It.. didn't get fixed. It's still happening. It literally happened right after reading the note. I mounted my Thyla and it started walking forward and wouldn't stop. I had to jump off to make it stop. It wouldn't even run while doing this as I tried hitting Shift. I play on Prim+ and have never played on a normal server, so figured I'd report it here under Prim+. Maybe it's fixed on normal? I don't know. Just know it's still happening with my Thyla, so figured I'd give a heads up.
  4. Thylacoleo Bug / Glitch

    Is anyone having the same issue as I do? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948723719 Every time I ride a thyla to position him correctly and then i fly out Render Range they just change their position by themselves, they just turn backwards and I noticed this 2 weeks ago, and I still have problems with it, in the SS I show half of them in the wrong direction, when I putted 1 by 1 in the same position for a beautifull Screenshot, i just went to feed my babies and when i comeback they are all messed up -.-
  5. This only seems to occur with Thylacoleos. I stop but they continue to walk. I have to dismount for them to stop. Other times, I dismount and the thylacoleo goes off anyway with me chasing it and whistling for it to follow me instead.
  6. Erhm yeah... Another DILO moment. I was standing on the giant adobe trapdoor of our mantis pen, riding my thyla. I opened the trapdoor and expected to be lifted or pushed to the side, did it with argents so many times. Instead, I fell in, got stuck above a mantis, and tried to jump off of it. But I was also stuck under the trapdoor. The thyla got halfway out, the camera and thyla started jiggling and it just died. It did not lose any HP or stamina slowly, it just immediately died. I also have a video but I don't know where to upload it yet. worst thing was my tribemate joking about the thyla never getting out alive and getting randomly killed, seconds later it happened.
  7. Thylacoleo bug?

    Does anyone else have a bug where their thylacoleo can't harvest meat from dead bodies? Mines been happening for a while and I thought it'd just go away or something but apparently not. Wishful thinking I suppose aha.
  8. Rasta Cat

    Been working to mix a few colours up in time for 20th April to have some fun with on the 420 server. This is the new "Rasta Cat" line,,,, what ya think?
  9. Imploding/frozen tames

    Ok this is a post regarding some serious bugs with tames that, well involves them kinda imploding. It's now struck down two of my tames the first being a level 200argent that I was flying with through the redwoods but grew careless and didn't check where I was flying. I was knocked off by a thylacoleo which I quickly killed but afterwards my argent remained frozen in place with its head facing one direction. I whistled changed its aggression but nothing happened then suddenly as o was waiting for help the body of my argent went flying sideways and stretched out (also dying obviously) well it wasn't a tame that killed it and I had about 200or so meat on it at the time so it didn't starve. There was no way of finding the body as it glitches under the map. Then the next time I was on a raptor and was knocked off by a kapro afterwards my raptor froze in spot in a jumping position. I couldn't access the inventory, nothing happened when it was on following and it eventually drowned. Oh yeah and the ghilly armour engram doesnt show up with the required ones to unlock it.