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Found 246 results

  1. Dear Wildcard, Thank you so very much for consistently letting down players whom have been with you since Arks inception, new and old customers alike which have payed heaps of money to a company which has delivered empty promises and glitchy content to those of us currently "trying" to play. Wildcard as a whole seems inept at fixing multiple known issues while trying to produce new content, how can a company expect to retain its customer base if you're selling cars with no motors? Having spent some years in the tech industry, I understand all to well that setbacks can and do occur when least wanted, however, Wildcards track record is spotless, if we were speaking in terms of unsatisfactory. I hoped and still hope that Wildcard can get it's act together before it goes full Titanic as Ark is a fantastic conecpt and enjoyable to play with friends, however your execution I can say with certainty is atrocious. Signed, Unsated paying customer
  2. Lost rex

    On day 2246 lost level 294 Rex named tiny he fell below the map could not get him then day 2247 log stated “Your Tiny - Lvl 294 Rex was killed” no other info was given how does this happen
  3. New Nitrado Server! Currently day 165 Server Name - "[US]Jacks Official PVP Boost weight 8x Gather No Rules" 50 Slots Hate those mega boosted servers? Sick of admins that cant handle getting raided? Love official pvp but hate the official grind? Join our server and get started. There are no admins. The server owner (me) plays on the server, but is not an admin. MAP. The Island PVP NO RULES We don't have any specific rules, but we ask that you be respectful. Please don't cage noobs on the beach lol. If you wipe someone, don't get mad if they wipe you back. No Starters. RATES/STATS. Rates are slightly boosted to take the edge off. Weight stat is boosted on players and dinos to help gather more efficiently. 8X Gather & Taming 4X Exp Weight - 100 Per lvl Boosted breeding/hatching. A Ptera will hatch, and fully grow in about 20 minutes Crop growth is almost instant. Stats are able to be slightly changed. We are open to suggestions. Message "A Vampire Pie" or "Cc Smoke cC" on xbox For more info. Tribes are beginning to build up! Come reserve your spot today!
  4. Dung Beetles

    Seven cave runs in a span of nearly 2 days, suffering through the masses of ebola-spreading harbingers, torpor-inducing ankle-biters, and endless webbing tirades, only to leave me with this all-important question. . . . . .Where the hell are all the dung beetles? They're supposed to be a 'common spawn' in Central cave, and yet...nothing. Seven runs, two days, not a single dung beetle. Just like the ever-elusive megalosaurus, are the spawns broken? Is anyone else having an issue finding dung beetles in Central cave? Or am I just the most unfortunate basket case on my server?
  5. Hi everyone, new to the forums but been playing Ark and looking at forum over a year now. Basically im advertising my Nitrado rented server if anyone is interested. I created the server with the stats based around Official as much as possible but also set for players who work a lot so of a weekend its always double stats on everything like XP/Egg hatch speed/Taming speed, etc. We have recently added the Island as a cluster server and if players request it can also add The Island. We have friendly admin, some who play at different times of the day so theres always someone at some point in the day to help out if needed. Starter pack included for all new players which is a flyer, armor and tools to get started. Server stats are below: The Matrix PVP Ragnarok Map with The Island as cluster XP x4.0 Harvest x2.5 Taming Speed x10 Breeding Speed x5 Egg Speed x4 Mature Speed x10 Dino weight boosted x10 Player weight boosted x10 Difficulty x5 (level 150 dinos) Longer days, shorter nights Boosted drops x5 Rules: No killing passives If you raid admin expect admin to raid back No blocking spawns or ORbs No duping No foundation wiping Search for The Matrix under unofficial PC servers or add PSN account ne0beatsm0rp98 for a invite
  6. The last patch is causing me a big problem.On The Island map ALL the land masses are gone.Even the obelisks.All I see around my base (now floating in the air) is an immense ocean where I can not swim because as soon as I enter it I sink until I die.Anyone else have the same problem? How to solve this? Playing in SP. ARK: Survival Evolved Uma captura de ARK: Survival Evolved Por: The Noob
  7. Fresh Aberration Server Now Active - thearklifexbox-aberration Max Player level 206 Max wild dino level 330 No Admins On Aberration - we just wanna play the game! I bring you our hosted Nitrado 24/7 PvP server! This server is straight up PvP and has no stupid rules. You can kill passives you can wipe Deal with it its PvP Why Join? Dedicated website with forum & events leaderboard(Here) 4 Map Cluster Starters and CC 24/7 PvP No ORP Community store + weekly challenges which earn points to redeem for high tier items in shop Dedicated Discord Weekly Events with chance to win unique dinos 7 friendly admins all 25+ Server is populated we currently have 102 members and are growing everyday How to connect: Server Name: Thearklifexbox Change filter to “unofficial PC sessions” Make sure filter is set to PvP type in “thearklifexbox” in the search bar find one of the servers below and join right in Servers: Ragnarok: thearklifexbox-ragnarok (difficulty = 6 ) Center: thearklifexbox-center (difficulty = 8) The Island: thearklifexbox-island(difficulty = 7) Aberration: thearklifexbox-aberration(difficulty = 11) You can transfer between all 4 by using an obelisk Every member that signs up to the website gets a 150 tame of their choice!! Any questions just ask we are always on discord Full server stats below:- Details and Stats SERVER FORMAT DAY/NIGHT CYCLE Total Day length – 120 minutes Night length – 30 minutes Daytime length – 90 minutes Gamma will be off so get ready for those night raids!!! GENERAL Aberration/Ragnarok/Center/Island 8 Tribe Limit(Make Alliances) Gather 5x XP 5x Taming 5x(kibble in drops) Player damage 1.15 Dino damage 1.15 Gamma change disabled Supply crate loot multiplier 2x Crop growth speed 8x All drains(food/water/stamina) 0.4 Difficulty is staggered across all 4 maps (High level dinos on others) Player level cap increased to 200(MMO Scaling - max level takes a long time to reach) PLAYER/DINO STATS ADD PER LEVEL Player Health 2x Stamina 2x Oxygen 5x Weight 30x Damage 2x Speed 3x Dinos Health 1.5x Stamina 2x Weight 30x Melee 1.5x Speed 2x BREEDING/HATCHING Mating interval 0.3 Egg hatch speed 15 Baby mature speed 20 Baby food consumption 0.4 wyverns dont need milk!
  8. Map: Ragnarok & Island Cluster The Center is coming soon And we will be adding Abberation as well. Platform: Xbox One Gamertag: None = PC Hosted Xbox Server Discord Invite Link. Facebook. Come join our server for a truly exhilarating experience! We host weekly events, we have an admin shop, player & dino boosted stats, starter packs and much more! Join our discord/facebook to learn more about our server! Feel free to come and ask questions so we can help you get started today! This is a PvP server. Come join us fill up our slots to have a great server. Lots of helpful tribes. Server Rates XP: 3x Gather: 6x Taming: 7.5 Maturation: 12x Hatch Rate: 12x Mention me for a referral & receive 10 BBS value in our shop to start: Hazd Canadian.
  9. If your looking for a moderately boosted Island server then this is the server for you! It is 24/7. Owner is very reliable and has been hosting servers for over 2 years now. The server does crash once in a blue moon but is always put back up right away. Only rule is don't keep pushing down one tribe. It's pvp so raiding is allowed but let that tribe build back up a little then you can raid them again if you like. Other then that you are free to do whatever you like. Only time admin is used is for Dino wipes and if the only rule is broken but later game he won't use admin for that because everyone will be built up more. Rates: Xp: 2 killing xp: 4x Taming: 4x Gather: 3.5x breeding/mature rate: 10x Health: 2x stamina: 2x oxygen: 10x food: 1x water: 1x weight: 2.5x melee: 2x movement speed: 2x fortitude: 5x Stamina on dinos are also boosted drop quality is 2x Add KAJARKSERVER on xbox if you wanna join. Hope to see you there!
  10. I posted the map reset bug earlier, but it's now affecting all maps. First off, I play on single player. Whenever I exit the game and come back on, my map progress and explorer note progress reset. They reset on all maps. I had read that switching the "show player location" option off and back on (or on and back off) would fix the map issue, but it has not. This is not exactly a game-breaking bug, but when you have multiple pins and bases around the map, especially on a map as big as Ragnarok, it gets very annoying to have to fly around and find your base and re-pin it, only to have it reset again. It's the same for the explorer notes. Before this bug hit, I only had a few notes to find before I had all of them. Several hours of running around, tracking down ruins and fighting off dinosaurs down the drain. Again, this bug isn't game breaking. But it's very disheartening to have almost all of the notes and have them suddenly vanish. These bugs are really putting me off from playing ARK. I absolutely adore this game, but my maps, pins and note progress just disappearing make it a bit less enjoyable. I've had several people across different Xboxes test these and they can confirm that it happens to them as well.
  11. Heat waves on the Island?

    Just the weirdest phenomenon happened to me while scouting out an Island server... The sky was a brilliant dusk-orange, but the heat indices were skyrocketing, according to my little indication warning me I was suffering from hyperthermia. I checked the in-game time...11am. No way in hell was it dawn, let alone was it about to turn dark. Ever perplexed, I checked the temperature... 112 Fahrenheit. What in the world? Have heat waves been implemented on Island maps? Or was that just an awry glitch?
  12. This is not a 24/7 server. The map is the Island No brontos No diplos No pteranodons Shop at South 1 If you want to be a PVE tribe you must have “PVE” in your tribe name and you must message Mydogdoesit or Vaultecboi If you want to be a PVP tribe you don’t have to do anything PVE at obs 4 wyvern in each tribe and 2 griffins in each tribe If you are a PVE tribe you are not aloud to switch a PVP tribe if you do you get banned and kicked If you get raided and you are a PVE tribe you must have proof for us to ban the people you raided you No human names no building at obs No blocking drops and no blocking cave artifacts and drops no cave building No trolling or wiping no passive killing You can raid admin if you want no admin abuse No blocking metal spawns 4 gigas per tribe No turrets for PVE tribes you are aloud Plant x STATS ARE difficulty level is max Xp multiplier is 20 13 tame harvest is 14 Mating 15 egg hatch 20 baby mature speed 10
  13. Hey guys, I am trying to populate our two 32 slots official stats Nitrado Cluster Server! This is a quality server, with absolutely zero admin spawning. Have you ever wanted to play official but been intimidated by all the duping and huge mega tribes? If so this is the server for you! Our two maps are Ragnarok and the Island. The population is quite low right now, but I assure you that it will not stay that way! We are working very hard to populate it and would love to have you on board! Before we go any further, let me explain one of the key features of our server. Monday-Friday structure resistance is increased making it hard to raid. Turret damage is at 1.5 and it takes 10c4 to blow up stone, 80 for metal walls. There is no rule against raiding, and no rules in general, so this setting is meant to help protect players who can’t play 24/7 because of work/ other obligations. Saturday and Sunday however (starting at midnight Fridays EST), turret damage and structure resistance are at x1. In addition to normal turret damage and structure resistance, during the weekends dino Maturation is increased to x9 (about 12 hrs for a wyvern), gather is increased to x4, and taming is increased to x5. This is all to promote weekend raiding and weekend play in general. Server details: -Tribe Limit 6 -Dino/ player health/melee are both x1 (no boost) -Gather is x2 -Taming is x3 (kibble helps, but dinos are still tamable without) -Maturation 4.5 -Egg hatch is x10 (30 minutes for wyvern egg) -Crop Growth is x2 (should be about 12hrs/ crop) -XP is 1.5X (Island explorer notes make it easy to get to levels 60+, youtube it) 😉 -Spoil time is 1.5 -30 minutes to get back to your backpack on death (x2) -Days are 1.5x longer, nights are x1 -Dino weight and stamina are increased (still tweaking to find a nice medium) -No Collide is on (build into structures) -No Damage Numbers -Yes Player Map Location Player stats: -30 weight/point -25 stamina/pt -50 oxygen/pt -25 food/pt (default drain) -25 water/ pt (75% drain) -8 fortitude/pt (Rag is cold) 😵 Some Nitrado Unique Settings: -Player spawn animation removed (no more waking up on the beach being mauled by raptors). -lockable structures (campfire, smithy, forges, turrets, mostly everything is automatically locked to players outside of your tribe when placed!) -Cluster, transfer between our two servers just like you would transfer things on official. -Flyer regain stamina while flying (I assume this is just for Quetz, but am not entirely sure yet). Our two server names are Survive All Ark 1 (Ragnarok), and Survive All Ark 2 (The Island). ________________________ Here is how to join, Load Ark Survival, and from the home menu: 1. Join Ark 2. Bottom left for “session filter” select Unofficial PC Sessions 3. Above Session Filter toggle the “Show Password Protected” box. If the password is enabled it will be “imaysurvive” 4. Top Middle under “Name Filter” search “Survive All” From there our two servers should appear (toggle password protect if not). Please join us on Facebook Our Xbox Club is Survive All Server My IGN is Omezin if you ever need help. We hope to see you on the Survive All Server!
  14. Otter Spawns

    I created this topic to help some players find an otter, since they are very small and the spawns not that well known yet (not like beavers who are known to nearly everyone). So please, if you have found a rather promising spawn post the rough coordinates here.
  15. NPC Human? HELP!

    So today I was looking for a allosaurus near the volcano and had to land my quetz to regain stamina. As I was sitting there a battle erupted between some Hyenas and another "dino". So I started taking some damage and decided to end the battle myself. Turns out I killed a level one HUMAN. I was too trigger happy and harvested the body on accident, looting meat, nerdy glasses skin, and the specimen artifact above. I was playing singleplayer, so nooone was trolling me. I have also searched patch notes and the forums for any other info and came up with nothing. PLEASE HELP! (I play the XBOX version if it matters)
  16. Sorry to bother you guys. But our server is lagging reaaally bad again two days in a row. Latency for everyone is 255 and its unplayable again. Whatever you guys did at customer support yesterday helped for a while but now it has started again about 2hours ago. Please help! Was really looking forward to taking advantage of the 2x event. @Jatheish anyway you could please help us here on the server? Would really appreciate it or even just an update as to what may be going on? Thankyou! <3
  17. Anyone else like North Zone 2. I mean its a hard place to live but there's resources everywhere . Also Death Island is great for taming high level dinos. I currently have a base on the beach across from the Hidden Lake and have already got lots of high level carnivores.
  18. hello, just thought i'd post a quick thing here. i just created a server, and am looking to have a small friendly community on there (10-20 people). so if you're active, and looking for a place to call home come check us out. the server name is everyone defecates (lol).
  19. I will be hosting a cluster server for ark with two maps when Nitrado servers come to Xbox. Ragnarok will be the main map. No rules pvp, mostly vanilla stats, Saturdays and Sundays harvest, taming, and breeding will be 2x the normal server rates. Monday-Friday structure damage will be turned down (your structures will not be destroyed as easily as normal). Passive killing is allowed, but don't be surprised if the favor is returned. No rules for pvp! I will be the only admin, and there will be absolutely no admin spawning for any reason ever. The game is meant to be challenging for everyone, and I believe in a level playing field. Dino wipes will occur twice a week or as needed. 3x harvest 3x tame 4.5x breeding 2x player XP Dino and player health/melee will be 100% vanilla. 3x fortitude (should be 6 per level) .3 food/water drain (eat 1/3 as often as on official.) 10x player weight (100 weight per level) Increased Stamina (TBD) 10x tamed dino weight and I will have wild dino weight turned up so that when you tame a dino it automatically starts with increased weight. Pteras will start with around 2k weight. 10x oxygen (100 per level, I can't stand the nerf to oxygen and this way you can at least put one point into oxygen and last under water for a good amount of time, or you can go nuts and become aqua man if you so choose!) Drop crate loot will be standard. Regular day and night cycles. Increased feces for phiomia usage. Damage numbers will not be displayed. Player map location will be enabled, as will corsshairs and third person. Non-collision will be enabled (you can build into cliff sides, on uneven ground, into other structures ect.) Tribe alliances - Yes Max Tribe Size - 5 Dino xp will probably be much higher than player xp. I havent determined the rate yet, but dinos die and I personally do not enjoy spending an hour on each new dino to get it to a decent level. Read my comment below if you would like to know more Make suggestions, but know that I will not be boosing stats. I hope to see you on my server! Feel free to suggest server names!
  20. Pretty sure you can still dupe with the motorboat method. Not going to say it as others will probably try, my tribe haven't tried it because well duping ruins the game.
  21. Sever name: Kings Landing 5x (search unofficial PC servers) Map: The Center clustered with The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok and Aberration. Slots: 26 Admins (PSN I.D.'s): Rjwhicker05, cballa1986, and Aurex98. Hi all, We are looking for players/tribes to join up and enjoy a permanent server. Tribes are currently recruiting on the server if you are looking for a tribe to join just ask in the game chat. We recently joined a cluster and now have 1 of each map (The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, and Ragnarok) that we can travel freely back and forth to. Rules: NOTE: These settings and rules only apply to Kings Landing 5x and do not apply to the other servers we are clustered with. * No racism or trolling. * No killing passive dinos (must provide proof dinos were not passive if you kill them). Neutral is not passive! (You are allowed to kill dinos that are set on neutral and attack when a player does damage to a structure). * Friendly fire is disabled . * Offline raid protection is disabled. We have switched this setting off and now we are implimenting the White Flag Rule. New Players/Tribes are eligible for the White Flag Rule. This means new Players/Tribes can place a white flag down around their base and be protected from raids for 1 week. During this week you may not raid or you will forfeit the raid protection and players may raid you back. Take advantage of this week and build up your base as much as you can. * Trading is allowed. If you make a deal honor it. Setting up players to get ambushed will NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban. * No land claiming with random pillars. If you put something down start building. Don't be a douche. * Cave building is allowed but you are not allowed to block artifacts or drops. If a player does block an artifact or drop, server admins will come and clear a way. * Players who kill passives or break the white flag rules we have set will have a choice to have a Trial by Combat in the Dino Arena or be banned from the server. If the player chooses Trial by Combat then the player will have to fight off wild dinos that the admin will spawn in (Raptor, Carno, Rex, etc). If the player loses the battle he will be forced to give up 5 dinos that the victim chooses. If the player refuses to give up the dinos, then the admins will do it for them. If the player survives, then the player has earned a pass and will be free to go. Server Settings: * Raised the max wild dino level to 230. Max Wyvern eggs levels on the S.E. and Ragnarok servers we are clustered with is 259. * Taming speed is set to 10x. * Mating/Mature settings are all set to 20x. * Imprinting is default. * All xp multipliers are set to 3x (except for generic which is 2x) * Loot Drops/Fishing quality is set to 1.5x * Itchthyornis and Troodon spawns are disabled! * Harvesting is set to 7x. * Player stats are also slightly boosted! * Structures Damage Resistance has been increased to make raids more challenging. We have weekend events with prizes such as, Dodo Arena, Dino Arena, Jousting Tournaments (coming soon), Capture the Admin, Scavenger Hunts, War events, Raid events and some other fun ideas that our community comes up with. Come join the fun! Players must add Rjwhicker05, Aurex98, and cballa1986 on psn when they join the server.
  22. This is not to complain at all, just want to know if everything I ran into yesterday was intended. I've run this before but it's been a month or so (I switched to the center and back). Everything now has a knock back - It used to be only the Yeti's knocked you back but now everything that hits you knocks you back 50 yards. Even the Purlovia's knock you back. Also they can hit you if you are on the side/behind them now. I can't tell if that's lag or their strike boxes have gotten bigger but before I could hear them, then move left/right and get to their side and hit them in the air on the first pass. Now even if I move they stun me, and if they are hitting someone else and I walk up beside them, their swipe will hit me and knock me across the cave. Snakes Can't Enter - Is this intended? I used Dilo's before and I thought it would be great to add a snake to the mix. However he won't go under the crawling part at the beginning. He goes up into the wall. Dino's not responding - Whistling any tames has a delay and if I send in a tame to attack two things happen. First there's a 10 second delay before they attack and the attacking dino will ignore them entirely and attack me. Even if I stay out of range and don't attack. There was other things also like the framerates seem to be worse then the last time I ran it (but I think that's overall after the last patch not cave specific). Just wanted to know if everyone is having these problems. Our server has stats turned up and this cave was super hard. Not sure how ppl on official servers even get started on this one. We used metal spiked walls and that was the key for us but I must have died 30+ times.
  23. Wright Kingdom

    Hi Guys Just want to introduce myself to the forums, never bothered with them before and ive played this game for over a year now lol. Im wrightwaygaming and i run a youtube twitter under that handle I have made a tribe on official the island server PVE 78 not sure if thats how its called haha, if anyone wants in just let me know open to most players and just want to make a friendly community! Im pretty experienced so know most tricks if anyone ever needs help just ask. Thats pretty much it see you around guys
  24. Thanks for checking out the Pheah Gaming Cluster!! We hope you will join us for some good ol ark fun! All servers have been wiped as of Aug 31st, absolutely no admin abuse here. PvP is encouraged but don't be crying if they come retaliate. This server cluster has always ran smoothly, always up to date and hosted on a google fiber connection. We are excited to host another round of dino taming, iron man running, and poop collecting fun!! Come join us!!! ----------------- Server Information: ----------------- 1-Pheah Cluster PvP 8/31 Wipe 4xT 1.5xH Fiber (The Island) 2-Pheah Cluster PvP 8/31 Wipe 4xT 1.5xH Fiber (Scorched Earth) 3-Pheah Cluster PvP 8/31 Wipe 4xT 1.5xH 1G Fiber (Ragnarok) (Most players are on this server) -ALLSERVERS ARE MIRRORED AND CLUSTERED TOGETHER, AND ALLOW TRANSFERS- The only changes made are: Taming x4 Harvesting x1.5 All serves have no addons running, this is an vanilla play through. Also join the Pheah Gaming discord!