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Found 349 results

  1. Ok. This idea came to me while watching a youtuber who had a problem. While he was building on the island he desided to add some adobe pillars to his building. The problem was that he had to go to the obelisk, go to scorched earth, gather resources from scorched earth, build the structures, transfer them and then come back. So my suggestion is: why don't you let us have SE resources on the island (please mind that i don't really remember if you can keep, mindwipe and learn more of the SE engrams learnt while on the island. If so they would only had to add SC resources. If not they should, so now i can continue my suggestion). If you have SE but you deside to go back to the island (and the center of course) you should be able to build there the SE buildings. For example, while on the island (of course you need SE) if you gather an oil vein from the icy biome you can then place an oil pump on it. Another example is to have randome water veins on the island and center where you can place water wells (mostly for decoration since you can find water everywhere). But to do all these amazing things you need SE's resources. So i suggest to add those on the island and center as: cactus sap= small cactus on swamps, plant speceis y and silk= small flowers placed randomly on the island and center, sulfur= small rocks in caves, sand= small rocks in beaches (only), raw salt= crystals and fossils in caves. Of course for players that don't have SE these resources can only be used for trading with player that have it, ONLY (so 98% useless). Thanks for reading my suggestion. Please tell me your opinion down bellow.
  2. Xbox one player dedicated server The Island. 24/7, PvP. As a side note. this server has been active since January 2017 with a low consistent population of regular players averaging around a dozen online at a time during primetime game play. 1st off it is worth noting the Island is the "only" map you can actually unlock all The Important Tek Tier and enjoy all aspects of the ascension endgame and rewards. The Host plays but doesn't engage in raiding or attacking other players unless provoked. Admin's base will be surrounded by turrets so be advised to stay clear of their base if you wish to not be shot at. The server is slightly boosted for resources. This means resources will never run dry. Mature players are encouraged to join the server but it is not a requirement to be an adult over 18 to join. The Host simply likes to keep a peaceful server running with very limited conflict between players and tribes. The host does not expect everyone to get along but the host encourages players to respect each other. In regards to raiding, take what you want if you can. Raiding other players or tribes and killing their Dinos is allowed but not recommended unprovoked unless you wish to be hated by all other players and tribes on the server. Stealing and killing other players and/or other players Dinos without warranted reason is very much frowned upon. If your intent is to just randomly kill players and steal from them completely unwarranted this is "NOT" a server for you!!! Everyone frowns on purposely killing "passive" tames. Unless you want to be the most hated player on the server it's best to leave other peoples "passive" tames alone. You can build almost anywhere but please do not block off Artifact caves, obelisks, and rich resource areas. Please be advised, without warning, the Admin will demolish tribe structures too close to Artifact caves and obelisks if they think they prevent other players from accessing these places safely. This server is designed to cater to players and tribes who wish to play for long term but without having to spend hours and hours just to accomplish simple tasks or tame a Dino that would normally take ages to tame. Difficulty level set at max Crosshair, map location, and third person enabled XP multiplier set at 8 Harvest Amount and harvest health slightly boosted Player water and food drain set at .6 (made more realistic where you don't drink and eat 100 times more than you actually do in real life) Spoiling time set at 70 (consumables at least taking a full day to spoil) ask Admin for narcs if you are a new player, till you can let your meat spoil. The best way to deal with this is to place meat in crates and unstack them one at a time. Once you acquired one carnivorous Dino it becomes pretty easy to get spoiled meat if you stack their inventory up with it. The main reason for such long spoiling time is to deter trolls from being able to quickly tame high level Dinos within their 1st day of playing for the only purpose of reeking havoc on the server. As well as spoiling time set high the same thing has been done with fuel consumption. It takes longer to create charcoal. The reason for this is the same reason spoiling time has been set high. This deters random uninvited Trolls from being able to create too much gunpowder on their 1st day of playing for creating explosives and ammo for the sole purpose to reek havoc on the server. (note: An Industrial forge still makes charcoal at the same rate as it should normally) Diseases disabled Player and Dino weight has been slightly boosted player stamina has been slightly boosted as well as tamed Dinos player speed has been slightly boosted Dino Breeding has been boosted and imprinting improved Taming speed boosted to 8 Game settings will be adjusted over time to better balance the world. Suggestions on how to improve the server settings welcome. Players and Tribe Dinos and Structures will be wiped off the server if the users are inactive for too long. This will be at the Admin's discretion. this is to make room for new players and tribes on the server and to keep the server running smooth. The Host is "ArkServer5438" send friend request to "Arkserver5438" in order to join (some time takes 24 hours to get a friends request back If you wish to instantly join just add the server as a friend and then instantly join game by joining game through your friends list). If you have questions send Arkserver5438 a message, will eventually reply back ASAP. The server is fairly peaceful and open place to almost completely fully explore without worry of trolls. But still advised to set up base defenses to hoard off trolls who may randomly visit the server which are very rare. For a limited time the Admin will be placing random crates around the map filled fulled with Element, Blackpearls, and other crafting materials. Only the Admin is allow to build inside Artifact Caves but this is to the players benefit on the server. The Admin has Built inside most Artifact caves to make it easier for players and tribes to access Artifacts without the need to fight through hoards of high level Dinos. This still means you might have to fight some Dinos to get to artifacts but atleast you won't be needing to go through sets of armor and countless amounts of ammo and weapons just to acquire one artifact. Admin is "willing" to help other players unlock their Tek engrams (This does not mean admin will do all the work for a player or tribe.) Admin will help players and tribes fight bosses in the boss arena "when and if the Admin is free to help". Players and tribes must 1st farm their own artifacts and spawn items for the boss arena for Admin to help them. This includes Players and tribes to use their own Dinos, items, and armor. As a note sometimes the Admin is willing to bring his own Dinos to help fight the bosses for the Broomother and the Megapithecus. Starting 10/10/2017 for a limited time Admin will be randomly spawning in Wild Griffins again on the map near mountain tops for players and tribes to tame. All new Players who join will receive a startup kit. This includes Tools up to Ascendant: Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, and Metal Sickle. They will also receive one GPS, one Spy glass, a Crossbow up to Ascendant , and a Pike up to Ascendant . This start up kit also comes with 6 stacks of Narcotics. To receive this startup kit send the Host a message on xbox live or request for a startup kit when the Admin is present on the server. Update: For a limited time there is one level 500 Alpha Wyvern spawned on the map at least once a week. If a player or tribe kills it they are rewarded with any items of their choice when they present the "Wyvern Talon" as proof to the Admin when they are online. The reward is any item they wish including Ascendant Tek Tier Saddles and Armor.
  3. Hello Survivors! We have a new pc hosted PvP cluster open, currently we run Ragnarok, The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth. Rates are: 3x harvesting and XP taming 6x Hatching 35x Maturing 20x Breeding is longer to offset the really short maturation times, however, you can still play with your dinos really fast this way. Player stats are 1.5 except for weight, that's at 10. Cave flyers are off, ORP is on, no building on resources or in loot caves. Loot drops have been upgraded a little. Ragnarok is the full PvP server, we want all the raids and everything to be focussed there. The Island is meant for small kibble farms and boss fights, open world pvp is allowed, but don't claim peoples farms and don't store loot there , the Island isn't visited often and shouldn't really be except for kibble runs and said boss fights. The Center and Scorched are PvP shards, do what you want there (within the limited rules we have ;)). Admin logs are enabled on all servers as well. On Ragnarok don't build in or around the big castle, its a cave entrance and we want to host events there in the future. We want a friendly but competitive server, plenty of pvp, but don't use only the dirty tricks, don't ORP ambush, don't overrun a small 2 player tribe with an armada, keep it somewhat balanced so that it stays competitive For further questions you can contact Funchy2 or TurbulentZeus or Ac1dpt on PSN. Or leave a message here, I'll try and answer one time per day. For communications we have a PS4 community and a Discord group ^_^. Cya soon! Regards, Funchy, TurbulentZeus_ and Ac1dPT. EDITS: text adjustments, updates as we go along with the server 25/09/2017: Added Discord.
  4. I played a ton of single player last year in beta and a little recently. Im a mature and friendly early 30s adult with a job. I really want to have a few friends to do caves with and explore and such. I have a good Mic, and good connection. Would be nice if map was slightly boosted for time saving but otherwards fairly close to actual storyline settings if that makes sense. I want to experience the story, levelling up, tel gear, ascension and all that jazz but get no enjoyment out of cheating with console commands. I will be helpful and am happy to be a follower/supporter
  5. Map: The Island Platform: Xbox One Host Account Gamertag: AffinitiveKuma Discord Invite Link: Our Website: For those who are looking for a 24/7 PvP dedicated server then add and send a message to AffinitiveKuma on Xbox and then join our Discord using the link: To join our Xbox Server you must be in the Discord. Once in the chat send a message tagging @Kuma and you'll be added to the host account's friend list so you can join off the account. Be sure you make your nickname in the Discord your Gamertag so I can find you on Xbox. Only those in the Discord will be allowed server access. Exceptions can be made if you have friends who cannot join the Discord. As long as at least one Tribe member is in the Discord, you will be responsible for their actions. Only those who are in the Discord will be added by the host account. Why You Should Join: 24/7 Dedicated Server Friendly and helpful community on the server, website, and in the Discord. Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome! Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things more fun. We don't like to give exact numbers but give it a try and see you if like it! For more information on Our Servers, see our website. Events! We host periodic events (our goal is weekly) that are available to anyone and have in-game rewards. Events are announced on our Forums and Discord. "Ascension Event!" To go along with our regular events, we also host a similar event to the official "Evolution Event". What's different? Once a month over a 3 day period, the harvest rate will be tripled it's current rate, an Admin will host and assist in a boss fight on one of the three days (the boss will be voted on by the community) as well as an Admin assisting players go through the Tek Cave (difficulty will be determined by the community as well). We have a Store! Our In-Server Store is integrated with our website and includes our own currency system - COTA Credits! Friendly Server Administration! The goal of the server Admins are to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to one of our Administrators. Structure damage is lowered during the week, Monday - Thursday, to promote building while on the weekend, Friday - Sunday, structure damage is set back to normal for full potential chaos! However, all raiding and PvP conduct is allowed at all times. This is a PvP server and isn't for the weak or feint-hearted. The settings are modified to make it a challenge. It is intended to be less of a grind yet at the same time give you the satisfaction of earning your items. The reason for Discord being mandatory for server access is because it creates a better community and a great overall experience for everyone. We hope you will like it and enjoy your time with us!
  6. Trying to get more out of your Ark gameplay? Are you tired of the unforgiving nature of a solid PVP server? Do you want to experience Ark in a different light? Are you looking for a fun and friendly community to roleplay with? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions this is the server for you. The ArkLifeRP server has been created for anyone looking for a creative way to enjoy Ark. You can be a postman, a rum runner, a bartender, a banker, a doctor, and yes even an ogre. Bring whatever creative idea and character you desire to this fun filled server. We have an experienced and fair group of admins. Our admins have been working together for over a year and hold each other accountable.Our admins have one goal and one goal only - to make a long lasting roleplay community! This is a community and we strive off of feedback from our community. Community Center: At the Comminuty Center we have a bank were you can purchase skins and items not typically found in ark. Also At the community center we hold auctions for items and dinos. Trades & Currency System: Our currency system is monitored by the admins and used server wide for purchases that your charcter needs. Trades are things like blacksmiths, hunters, tailors, tamers, and cultist. A trade does not have to be selected and you can use creativity in and out of the trade system. Sever Settings (time frame)The server is set in a Fantasy Land. We are on “Ragnarok” and using the Updated Vanilla Ark Handbook. You can be anyone or any type of creature from any time or from any realm. Just cause the server is going to be set in Fantasy Land does not mean that character has to be fantasy themed. If you can come up with a creative way to get your character to the server, set in a Fantasy Land, you are perfectly fine. Example If you met a dwarf or a hobbit and traveled to this realm you are fine! Just figure out a creative way for it to be done.
  7. Otter Spawns

    I created this topic to help some players find an otter, since they are very small and the spawns not that well known yet (not like beavers who are known to nearly everyone). So please, if you have found a rather promising spawn post the rough coordinates here.
  8. NPC Human? HELP!

    So today I was looking for a allosaurus near the volcano and had to land my quetz to regain stamina. As I was sitting there a battle erupted between some Hyenas and another "dino". So I started taking some damage and decided to end the battle myself. Turns out I killed a level one HUMAN. I was too trigger happy and harvested the body on accident, looting meat, nerdy glasses skin, and the specimen artifact above. I was playing singleplayer, so nooone was trolling me. I have also searched patch notes and the forums for any other info and came up with nothing. PLEASE HELP! (I play the XBOX version if it matters)
  9. Despite having the "No Dino Download" setting unchecked, transfers are not working at obelisks/drops/tek transmitters. Basically, everything works fine during the upload; dinos get uploaded, and any items I upload as well get uploaded. When it comes to downloading, however, I can get all the items i uploaded as well as my character. In fact, the option to download the dino from the other map is there. However, upon downloading, the name of the dino on the transfer menu disappears (implying the transfer happened), but there's no dino in sight.
  10. Sorry to bother you guys. But our server is lagging reaaally bad again two days in a row. Latency for everyone is 255 and its unplayable again. Whatever you guys did at customer support yesterday helped for a while but now it has started again about 2hours ago. Please help! Was really looking forward to taking advantage of the 2x event. @Jatheish anyway you could please help us here on the server? Would really appreciate it or even just an update as to what may be going on? Thankyou! <3
  11. Horizon PvP Cluster. We have the Island, Center, ScorchedEarth and Ragnarok. High performance servers, Admin-Logging Enabled. Pvp, boosts for taming, breeding and exp, with 18 slots each, we will be adding more player slots depending on volume and requests. Server Names: Horizon PvP Cluster Island, Horizon PvP Cluster Center, Horizon PvP Cluster Scorched This is a free reign pvp server anyone can claim Alpha on any of our four servers and there will be no spawning/summoning of any kind! However we will allow you the tek transmitter engram and one transmitter, along with a starter pack which includes a one 150 argie, ascended tools and hide armor, beyond that your on your own. Have fun Enjoy! Any questions just contact these PSNs: Herroick, jkc6r XP Multiplier: 4x Taming Speed Multiplier: 5x Harvesting Multiplier: 6x Resources health Multiplier: 4x Lay egg interval multiplier: 0.5x Mating Multiplier: 0.2x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: 5x Baby Mature Speed Multiplier: 8x Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 3.5x Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: 3x
  12. Anyone else like North Zone 2. I mean its a hard place to live but there's resources everywhere . Also Death Island is great for taming high level dinos. I currently have a base on the beach across from the Hidden Lake and have already got lots of high level carnivores.
  13. We're looking for more people to join our PVE cluster servers! The maps we are running is the Island(New on the 02/06/2017), the Center (New on the 02/06/2017), Scorced earth and Ragnarok. We want to create a close knit community of players that thrive together. We like to host different in-game games like dino races, treasure hunting events and other fun events where you can win out of season dino skins, resources, dinosaurs and other fun things. We also have weekend events with increased rates to spice things up! With our new cluster setup we’ve got a 5th server which we’ll use solely for events, so a lot more events will be hosted in the future! The way our servers are set up means that they pretty much run themselves with automatic updates for both ark and mod content, so the servers have very little down time! If you and your group of friends are migrating from another server/cluster and don't wish to lose progress then the admin team is more than happy to provide an XP boost for your characters in exchange for a screenshot proving that you've already made it so far in the game. If you're a large group of people then just send us a message and we'll have a chat and see what we can do for you. :) Our website: Our Steamgroup: Our facebook group: Mods: Small Resource Stacks AB Structures Plus Gatemod(Remake) Stackable Foundations Versatile Raft Mod Myvern Mating(Milk crafting disabled) Platform Plus SE Engrams Anywhere Stairs mod with Rounded walls The Volcano (Map) Ragnarok (Map) Complete mod list: Note that we wish to keep the overall feel of ark, so we will not implement mods which has a major impact on the way the game works. Our motto is vanilla, but better! Server settings: Max wild dinos level: 150 Harvesting x2 XP multiplier x1.5 Taming speed x2 Dino food consumption x1 Gestation speed x6 Breeding speed x4 Platform max structure x2 (also enabled turrets on platforms!) Baby cuddle interval x0.75 Human food and water consumption x0.5 Decay Multiplier x1.5 (24 day timer on metal) Dino Decay Multiplier x2.5 (20 days) Other settings: Raid dino feeding: enabled (Titan feeding) Quetz stamina regen in air is enabled Anyone can imprint on babies Crosshairs enabled Enabled wild dino/person carrying Disabled map location pin Increased engram points (you can learn everything as a solo player) Enabled travel and transfer between all 4 arks Beacons spawns on top of buildings Autodestroy is on Since we wish we keep our community friendly we’ve set a few community guidelines: -Don't use racist/sexist and highly offensive survivor and tribe names -No Pillar/Foundation spamming! -No griefing -No kiting or dropping wild animals into peoples bases -No building on large resource areas. -Clean up after yourself! Don't leave half your base if you move or loads of fences after taming. -Be respectful of one another, personal attacks are not allowed! -Be respectful when you build, how much land you take and be considerate and avoid building next to each other. AKA: Dont build a base 3 times the size of what you actually need. -No building that destroy beaver spawns. (The Island) -ARK is a survival game, therefore we ask that people do not give new players free dinos and equipment. -Do not give away wyverns and end game dinos, these should be earned. -When you loot a beaver dam, empty it completely. -If you take dinos and resources from an expired base, then you are responsible for tearing down the remaining buildings of that player. If you've made it this far and you're not scared yet, here's the server info: Please give us a vote if you like our little community! The Island: Scorched Earth: The Volcano: Ragnarok: Keep in mind that the admins of the server are only able to speak English and scandinavian, so speaking one of the 2 is essential if you were to find yourself in trouble and in need of admin help. Our admin team is Blaze, Navrika, Tivra(Trial admin) and Valkyrja. Contact one of the 4 if you're having any issues. We are also active on discord, so if you fancy a chat, or just want to get to know people better then use this link and join us now! Server announcements will also be posted here to make sure you’re up to speed on everything! Kind regards Valkyrja aka Hilde, and the rest of the admin team!
  14. hello, just thought i'd post a quick thing here. i just created a server, and am looking to have a small friendly community on there (10-20 people). so if you're active, and looking for a place to call home come check us out. the server name is everyone defecates (lol).
  15. I will be hosting a cluster server for ark with two maps when Nitrado servers come to Xbox. Ragnarok will be the main map. No rules pvp, mostly vanilla stats, Saturdays and Sundays harvest, taming, and breeding will be 2x the normal server rates. Monday-Friday structure damage will be turned down (your structures will not be destroyed as easily as normal). Passive killing is allowed, but don't be surprised if the favor is returned. No rules for pvp! I will be the only admin, and there will be absolutely no admin spawning for any reason ever. The game is meant to be challenging for everyone, and I believe in a level playing field. Dino wipes will occur twice a week or as needed. 3x harvest 3x tame 4.5x breeding 2x player XP Dino and player health/melee will be 100% vanilla. 3x fortitude (should be 6 per level) .3 food/water drain (eat 1/3 as often as on official.) 10x player weight (100 weight per level) Increased Stamina (TBD) 10x tamed dino weight and I will have wild dino weight turned up so that when you tame a dino it automatically starts with increased weight. Pteras will start with around 2k weight. 10x oxygen (100 per level, I can't stand the nerf to oxygen and this way you can at least put one point into oxygen and last under water for a good amount of time, or you can go nuts and become aqua man if you so choose!) Drop crate loot will be standard. Regular day and night cycles. Increased feces for phiomia usage. Damage numbers will not be displayed. Player map location will be enabled, as will corsshairs and third person. Non-collision will be enabled (you can build into cliff sides, on uneven ground, into other structures ect.) Tribe alliances - Yes Max Tribe Size - 5 Dino xp will probably be much higher than player xp. I havent determined the rate yet, but dinos die and I personally do not enjoy spending an hour on each new dino to get it to a decent level. Read my comment below if you would like to know more Make suggestions, but know that I will not be boosing stats. I hope to see you on my server! Feel free to suggest server names!
  16. Pretty sure you can still dupe with the motorboat method. Not going to say it as others will probably try, my tribe haven't tried it because well duping ruins the game.
  17. --- RAGNAROK WILL BE HOSTED HERE WHEN ARK SURVIVAL IS FULLY RELEASED --- Greetings Dear Survivor, Welcome to the #1 CROSS-ARK THE CENTER / THE ISLAND / SCORCHED EARTH PVP Server Season 1 !! We 've dedicated a lot of time and effort to accomodate you with the best Unofficial Dedicated Server possible DON'T MISS IT OUT !! What makes our server special? Admin logging enabled Adjustable max player cap which will be edited to Demand Stabile adult community registered on Discord App for communication, Looking for Group Section and much more ! We have all 3 maps RUNNING 24/7 in a Private Cross-Ark PVP Cluster ( Ragnarok will be added at Official Release August the 29th so far ! ) No crashes, stabile Dedicated PC host. We are a PvP server ! Protect yourself or stay low in the beginning. We make use of increased rates and events related to the Server progression. ** Join us on Discord for more info ** What are our settings? 3x XP 5x Taming Speed 10x Hatching Eggs 7x Majuration 3x Gather PvP Server 24/7 Gentlemen Agreement no Offline Raiding Although we are a PvP server we 'd like to build up a strong and active community for The Ultimate Ark Experience ! The Server is Free To Play although we rely on Donations , to become the best and biggest Cluster all around the net we need your Support ! ***PLEASE NOTE: RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE*** Hope to welcome you soon ! I want to join! Start ARK on your PS4 and click "Join " Set your filter to " Unofficial PC Servers " Search for " SevenSons " in the Search bar 3 Cross-Ark servers will appear , pick the one of your choice and join Session = SevenSons The Island = SevenSons The Center = SevenSons Scorched Earth We use the Discord Gaming Chat App for communication, server updates and rules: Join us now ! Personal invitation link: U can also join in on our Facebook group, to do so: Add us on Facebook ( Seven Sons Group) We do believe in democracy so everybody has a vote in server related changes.
  18. This is not to complain at all, just want to know if everything I ran into yesterday was intended. I've run this before but it's been a month or so (I switched to the center and back). Everything now has a knock back - It used to be only the Yeti's knocked you back but now everything that hits you knocks you back 50 yards. Even the Purlovia's knock you back. Also they can hit you if you are on the side/behind them now. I can't tell if that's lag or their strike boxes have gotten bigger but before I could hear them, then move left/right and get to their side and hit them in the air on the first pass. Now even if I move they stun me, and if they are hitting someone else and I walk up beside them, their swipe will hit me and knock me across the cave. Snakes Can't Enter - Is this intended? I used Dilo's before and I thought it would be great to add a snake to the mix. However he won't go under the crawling part at the beginning. He goes up into the wall. Dino's not responding - Whistling any tames has a delay and if I send in a tame to attack two things happen. First there's a 10 second delay before they attack and the attacking dino will ignore them entirely and attack me. Even if I stay out of range and don't attack. There was other things also like the framerates seem to be worse then the last time I ran it (but I think that's overall after the last patch not cave specific). Just wanted to know if everyone is having these problems. Our server has stats turned up and this cave was super hard. Not sure how ppl on official servers even get started on this one. We used metal spiked walls and that was the key for us but I must have died 30+ times.
  19. Wright Kingdom

    Hi Guys Just want to introduce myself to the forums, never bothered with them before and ive played this game for over a year now lol. Im wrightwaygaming and i run a youtube twitter under that handle I have made a tribe on official the island server PVE 78 not sure if thats how its called haha, if anyone wants in just let me know open to most players and just want to make a friendly community! Im pretty experienced so know most tricks if anyone ever needs help just ask. Thats pretty much it see you around guys
  20. Thanks for checking out the Pheah Gaming Cluster!! We hope you will join us for some good ol ark fun! All servers have been wiped as of Aug 31st, absolutely no admin abuse here. PvP is encouraged but don't be crying if they come retaliate. This server cluster has always ran smoothly, always up to date and hosted on a google fiber connection. We are excited to host another round of dino taming, iron man running, and poop collecting fun!! Come join us!!! ----------------- Server Information: ----------------- 1-Pheah Cluster PvP 8/31 Wipe 4xT 1.5xH Fiber (The Island) 2-Pheah Cluster PvP 8/31 Wipe 4xT 1.5xH Fiber (Scorched Earth) 3-Pheah Cluster PvP 8/31 Wipe 4xT 1.5xH 1G Fiber (Ragnarok) (Most players are on this server) -ALLSERVERS ARE MIRRORED AND CLUSTERED TOGETHER, AND ALLOW TRANSFERS- The only changes made are: Taming x4 Harvesting x1.5 All serves have no addons running, this is an vanilla play through. Also join the Pheah Gaming discord!
  21. Dawns Vigil AU – Ark survival evolved Server. Hey Guys & Gals, I’m currently looking for mature players looking for a new PC dedicated Australian based PS4 server for ARK. The server will be an ORP (Offline Raid Protected) PvPvE and if you’re feeling a little frisky, RP if you want to (RP is not mandatory by any player) server. Currently the map is undecided (Will be taking a poll from those who register interest, but currently leaning towards RAG) however if the support & Demand is there, I may look into opening additional clusters. a). Have a small community who can work together, fight against each other and still have good time. b). Rid ourselves of the offline raiding meta which is just resulting in dull and boring gameplay. I want to see larger battles, tames being put on the line. c). Avoid the mega-tribe abuse going on. Currently a dominant alpha/mega tribe will completely cull any signs of growth in official servers, bloat the maps with crap and ultimately spoil fun. d). Build a server which can have a nice balance of PvP and PvE players. Best of both worlds. More PvE related details to come. Now you have a little idea of the scope of what I’m looking to build here, there will be a small set of rules. Now I aim to keep this as rule free as possible, and let the server settings do most the work for me, but as always there will be exceptions which may require intervention. The Few rules I have will be measured by Severity. Of course regardless of severity, any repeated abuse after warnings can and will result in a ban; I will always aim to be fair and always provide a verbal warning before any action is taken. Low-Medium Severity – Verbal warning. Medium – High severity – Verbal Warning and/or Temp Ban. High Severity – Determined Case by case. The simple rules are as below: 1. **Severity – Determined Case by Case ** No griefing, abuse, exploiting or otherwise poopty behaviour. – **Disclaimer** Now this is where it will get a little dictator like. My idea if griefing is NOT being picked on by a single tribe. If you have stirred up beef, and you’re being slammed every time you’re online, this is not Griefing in my eyes. This is reaping what you have sowed. – My idea of Griefing is things such as camping a base with C4 stacked all over it and letting it loose as soon as someone comes online (A common set of abuse for ORP servers) 2. **Severity – Low-Medium** - No Map Bloating – By this I mean I will not Tolerate Tribes bloating an entire areas in pillars or other randomly place structures bloating the map and stopping others from building. Once every week or second week, I will be looking to clear pointless spikes/structures just to keep the map clean and lag free. 3. **Severity – High** - No killing in designated PvE HUB – So this will likely be the strangest/hardest rule to follow for some until you read further through the server details. There will be a single designated and pre-built PvE hub for any and all agreed trading to be carried out safely. ( Any trading done outside the hub is absolutely fine, but will not be policed so if you are robbed, this is free game don’t take to the chat to complain) 4. **Severity – High ** - Offline Raid Protection Abuse – Abuse of the offline raise protection system will be highly policed. I will not go into detail on the how or what’s that are considered abuse as I will not encourage the abuse. You should know if what you’re doing is right or wrong and I highly support anyone taking evidence of any abuse of the ORP as it will not be tolerated. Punishment for this will by far be the harshest – ranging from admin wiping of the base to perm ban. These are my simple rules. Basically all of these are just general quality of life rules. Moving onto the good stuff. Server details/settings: X2 Rates – The server will host a full time x2 Rates as vanilla is by far too slow, but any more than x2 will take away from the enjoyment. Breeding/maturation and imprinting rates may be reviewed and changed to reduce players developing a part time job just to get it right. PvPvE – As mentioned the server will support full PvP and PvE. ORP – The server will include full Offline-Raid-Protection. This will make PvP much more interesting as No Admin Abuse – I will keep myself being the only admin. In saying this I will be playing on 2 different PSN accounts/copies of ARK – One will be devoted as the “Admin” account and Tribe, which you will only see online when required (Weekly clutter clean ups, action required against player etc) – My second account will simply be my playing account with no admin access and I’ll remain anonymous on this account and just be an ordinary player! Moderators - I may look to recruit moderators who are just normal/active members of the server who I can trust to support the server fairly – They will not have Admin privileges nor any fancy titles. I will ask them to remain anonymous and simply put, be my eyes and ears when I’m not in game. (Do not request this position/Role as Once the server grows and requires moderation, I will approach those I would like to fill this position and I will only ever allow 1 Moderator per tribe to keep things fair) Keep in mind, to keep these things fair, a moderators word will not be “Law” for any accusations I will request proof (moderators just have the role of being entrusted to document these things and collect any evidence with as-much context as possible) PvE / Safe zone Hub – The server will include a full safe-zone hub in which players can be social and/or trade. This will be a small pre-built settlement that’s just part of the Admin tribe and will be made invulnerable to damage. This hub will hold multiple crafting stations/smelting furnaces. When using public stations please remember to take all your items from there and stay by the stations until you have finished using it, otherwise these items are free game – **Disclaimer** Stealing items from a player using the stations then and there will be treated as griefing – if there is no player standing at the station (within 5 feet of the station) and there are items – this is free game. Just don’t get caught or you might have a tribe breaking down your gates ;). Tribe size – To start off I will likely be setting tribe size roughly to 4-6. Depending on the growth of the server and how active the community is, I will considering increasing this – I want diversity in tribes and want to see multiple developed tribes, not 1 mega tribe who just bully’s their way through the game. Server Size – I will very likely be starting the server size at either 36players or 42 players. Depending on demand this may be increased. Server Events - I will try and cater the occasional server wide event, be it a 4/5x boost for a day or weekend. Or even an admin kill event with a small/fair reward to any wining tribes. Fight club events. So on and so forth. All events will go to a poll before any are finalized. I want to keep this server community driven and fair. Completely F2P – My server will require no mandatory payments/donations to play – While all donations and support to assist payment for the server will always be greatly appreciated, there is no required nor will any incentives be provided to do so. You will not receive in game rewards for donating and so on to ensure everything is fair, but keep in mind continued support will help keep a server online. Server Location – Currently I’m looking at having the server hosted through Nitrado (Great reviews, Great support and active with the Ark community and open to suggestion) – The Downside to this… Currently Nitrado currently do not offer AUS/OCE hosted servers – Best being LA – which currently is resulting in a ping of roughly 90-120. (which in reality isn’t far off ark official server ping and due to the stability of the server hosting group, there will be a lot less lag spikes still resulting in a better experience) – Should Nitrado open up an OCE server the server will be migrated from the LA server to the OCE based server. PvE – My goal is for PvE Players to be able to be as big a part of the community as those playing PvP. I would like to see PvE start networking early on in the server start – Build allies with PvP Tribes, Offer resources or tames for protection with the PvP Tribes. Of course the important thing is, this is your game, you play your way. Closing notes/Registering Interest So there’s my small sales pitch and run-down of the server. Currently I’m still in the process of setting up official channels for this server. I.E Facebook community group, PSN Community and so on. If you would like to register your interest feel free to DM me or even just reply to this. Although this will mainly be built around an Australian/New Zealand community don’t let this stop you from wanting to join in if you’re from anywhere else, but note this will be an English speaking server.
  22. Anyone else having this problem? Other admin commands seem to work fine I'm on Xbox, single player, the island. Thanks
  23. Tired of official servers? From the lag to the pillars and trolls and constant base wipes? Want a fair fun friendly PvP experience? Well look no further! Here at ZomBeast ARK we strive to maintain a friendly fun gaming atmosphere! We will be hosting the Scorched Earth until ragnarok is released and will then switch over but no worries every player and tribe members will be able to upload and transfer all there dinos so you wont lose any of your hard work. Why join? 24/7 Server ran on excellent internet speeds Boosted stats harvest rate 6, taming speed is 8, mature speed 60 dinos have boosted weight stats. As do players Starter care packages to all new players who join up and join our discord server Discord is an important app to have for updated rules and to keep in touch with admins and other players things like news and announcements faqs and suggestions & feedback! *Update* Starter care packages will be on hold until we move to ragnarok due to unstable dedicated server crashes were minimizing risk to have a crash and wipe because wildcard doesn't seem to be concerned with dedicated servers and we have had problems with crashesand having to wipe our server. However Starter care packages will include 1 max level argentavis, quality 3 saddle, full set of quality 2 tools, 1 chem bench, and 1 industrial forge. To join our growing server simply join our discord channel here then add Gamertag: ZomBeast ARK If you need admin support wgile on our server please contact Gamertag xRobx 906 on Xbox live or discord Rules for the server are as follows: 1. No killing in neutral admin zones. I.E red, grrleen, blue obelisk 2. No complete base wiping! Raids are fine this is a PvP server however you gain entry get what you need and get out! No one wants to see there hours and hours worth of work destroyed in minutes by a bully. 3. No Grieving/Harrassing/Trolling other players! We at Zombeast ARK strive to maintain a friendly gaming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 4. No building on or blocking Resource spawns I.E Volcano/Caves/Carno island etc.. 5. No killing passive tames. Each Tribe or player may build 1 passive taming pen which may consist of any building material and can only be 20x20 size wise, you MUST have your taming pen labeled clearly so every player can clearly see that its a "passive tame pen" tame pens can only consist of your passive tames and a feeding through/compost bins No storage for loot NO EXCEPTIONS! 6. No building in/on/near the red, green, and blue obelisk's these are admin neutral zones all players in these zones are protected from combat. 7. No placing random turrets or plant X around the map they are used strictly for base defense. 8. No storing any fighter dinos in your passive tame pens I.E Rex, Gigas, yutiryanous, Spinos, Wyverns, Rock Golems etc. 9. No Property defacing of other players/tribes such as, painting other peoples buildings or dinos or anything explicit on anyones property but your own. 10. Most important rule of all play fair and have fun! Let people build up work together and enjoy we will have special PvP events on weekends comming soon!
  24. PVP The Island 2x Gather 3x Tame 2.5X XP 1 Admin, no rules, no offline protection, no starter packs, no white flag, no whiners. PSN: Ambrose75
  25. This glitch only applies to "The island" map and does not occur on any other map. As you can see, the ground is invisible and you see right past it. This glitch effects BOTH multiplier and single player. There is supposed to be ground there, not just ocean... lol. No mods are being used.