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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 173 results

  1. I am all for weather changes on a game BUT HOLY COW the rain and fog is WAY TOO MUCH on the map The Island. Once it starts, the game starts to lag and everything has to come to a stand still for you can not see ANYTHING!! Lights, torches and changing the gamma does NOTHING!! Can you please redo the programming and calm it down? The raining and the fog on here are way too much. Bad enough when itis even a clear night you can't see a thing.
  2. Greetings. As of the 279 update, I am no longer able to enter a passage inside the Upper South Cave (Artifact of the Pack) on The Island map. I had no issues at all until after this update. In the example video below at 2 minutes and 28 seconds the player enters the passage just fine with a Baryonyx. This is not the case now.
  3. [Elderdodo] Soft Role-play server: Welcome if you are reading this then you are probably interested in soft Role-play on ark if so then you have come to the right place. Elderdodo is a server run by the host and one admin. Along with a few players who take it upon themselves to help solve problems and ensure everyone has fun and follows the rules. The rates for the server are slightly increased. Gathering: 8x Taming: fairly fast Discord: https://discord.gg/C5Vydhw This server is a Xbox one server under unofficial pc. I am not an admin just really close to the admin of the server so if you need any help such as more details on what is going on in the server ask for Pippin in the discord chat. We hope that you have fun on our server and are able to meet new people and build up. Note: offline raiding is disabled and because of that alliances do not work. This Role-play aims for some realism and because of this there are no gigias or flyers allowed along with certain restrictions and engagement rules such as no kill on sight try to make interactions before raiding, must have a reason to raid and more. In game name: [Pippin] Gamertag: [OneRichMaster]
  4. The only PVP Prim+ The Island map seems to be no longer be listed. Is there a way I can load my character onto another server? And how can I submit a report when the server does not have a number which is REQUIRED to submit a server outage report. ------ The server is now up. Thank you
  5. So as the only way to transfer tames in singleplayer is using the obelisk, and you can't upload water tames via an obelisk, essentially any tames in the water from singleplayer are impossible to transfer between maps right? Can someone correct me on this?
  6. Hello all, If you're looking for a fun new PVP unofficial server to join then look no further Welcome to ARKADIA (FIND US BY SEARCHING: ARKADIA / MILD BOOST / NO ADMIN) With a Dino Shop located at the Green Obilisk you can purchase dinos using cementing paste or polymer (no organic) as currency. Based on the Ragnarok map. See you on the ARK.
  7. I apologize if there is a post already about this (I seriously did try to look) or if this belongs in another part of the forums. I've got an unofficial server going with The Island as the main map. At first I was only running The Island, until recently I've decided tried to take that and build it into a cluster and run Scorched Earth along with it. I've followed the guides out there trying to follow any examples I could to get it working. I have a machine running Ubuntu 16.04. Using system commands to run ARK as a service. The Island runs perfectly, but Scorched Earth doesn't seem to be running at all. On Steam's server's list it shows up with the SessionName, but no map and 0/0 players connected. When I try and connect anyways, it gives me a Network Error, Unable to Query for Invite. I am using a firewall, but as a test I completely brought down the firewall, with the same results. And yes where I've put <session> and <clustername> I fill in, that's not what I've actual put. And I've updated to the latest version of ARK 277. My Start for The Island Command to run Scorched Earth.
  8. Ark server name: No admin/pvp/5xresources/lightboost Lightly boosted settings nothing crazy. 5x resources Looking for opponents to build up for some raid fun
  9. Dedicated server

    It is pve might be switched over at a later date looking for more people to come play has boosted stats. if you have other questions or want join msg I smoke dubstep for questions or inv.
  10. Hi! I'm an avid fan of this game, and I'd appreciate if I could get back to playing. This past Saturday, when I logged in to play ARK, I tried loading up my single player world, which has about 135 hours of playtime (a majority of what I've spent playing altogether), and I was disheartened when I was greeted by a "Fatal Error! ShooterGame has stopped working and will close. This only started happening recently, and, judging by the research I've done, it's a problem that doesn't seem to be fixable as of late, and seems to be a problem that had been caused by a recent update. Do you know a fix or have a patch for this? I just want to be able to play again. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Screenshot of error message:
  11. air conditioner help

    ok so my problem is that I have made an air conditioner to help hatch the eggs that have been fertilised. but the problem is, is that it requires the batteries from aberration. so when I spawned 1 in it did but it spawned it uncharged. I could really use the air conditioner but I don't know what to do. any help would be welcome about how to get it running. thank you
  12. so i dont know if this is intentional or not but i just tried to join 198 PVE EU The Island server and the spawn point of map was full of level 1-2 characters that made my character stuck in there it was also inside a base... i think it was about time that u guys fixed these spawn point being inside a base not the mention that this was on top of like 30 offline characters in the same position. this particular base though belongs to a tribe named "Alpha Breeders United"... now i realize i can leave and play in another server but its the principle that needs to be fixed cuz this not the first time for me that this happens and im not the only obviously... heres some pictures>> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1272345514 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1272346498
  13. Hello Survivors! I'm apart of a gaming community, TGR, The Gamers Refuge. I currently run the Ark side of the community. We have just recently expanded into Ark and we're looking for a select few people to join our white-listed Ark server. By this time you may be asking what does PVE/PVP mean. This means the main aspect of the server is PVE but PvP is enabled. This meaning that with the agreement of the entire other clan/player you can have a war/battle. The server is running pure vanilla with no extra buffs making it a bit of a challenge on the PVE side. What are we looking for? We're looking for someone who is very laid back while still being active. We are not interested in toxic behavior. We're accepting everyone from pros to newbies. Server info: Hosted: Germany Map: The Island Slots: 5 - On high demand we shall expand this. How do I join? Fill out this form https://goo.gl/forms/4vOoBfBo2xwpGQb42
  14. [EU] PvE - Shrouded Ark w/ Aberration Dinos 32 Slots - 3 Months Paid - New Server so hoping to build a community. The slots may go up or down depending on interest. 4x XP, 5x Tame, 4x Gather, 15x Breeding, Admin Logging, Crosshair Enabled. Gamertag - Dodzwardo Yellow and Purple drops modified to include SE/ Aberration taming items/ saddles. Additional Dinos added: Bulbdog - Beach Shinehorn - Beach Jerboa - Beach Morellatops - Beach Raveger - Carno Island Karkinos - Carno Island Basilisk - Carno Island Featherlight - Redwood Rollrat - Redwood Glowtail - Swamp Vulture - Swamp + Snow Lymantria - Mountains Thorny Dragon - Mountains Griffin - Mountains Rock Elemental - Mountains Mantis - Snow
  15. The Island map expansion

    The Island is my favourite map in ark, and I know it's way smaller than a lot of mod maps such as Ragnarok, Valhalla, The Crystal Isles... But it is designed so well it beats by far some other maps. So the idea I had was to create a map in which you could import The Island and add lands all around it's coasts. To me there are three biomes that would be awesome to include in The Island : - a Prehistoric biome, which could introduce a lot of new plants, fruits, that could be used for recipes, new fishes, new insects. There would be only dinosaurs living in this biome, and also species that lived during the permian and carboniferous eras such as diplocaulus, meganeura, arthropleura,... In this biome ther could be transitions with other biomes, for example a transition a swampy part of the biome and a more savannah part The rest of the biome would be forests and water points - The second biome would be the savannah, with open plains, some hills some mountains with caves with rock paintings, it would be a dangerous place to live in, filled with a lot of predators such as megalanias, hyaenodons, daeodons, smilodons, maybe even sarcosuchus, and filled with other animals that would fit in the plains like equus, paraceratharium, megatherium. Also there would be some mud across the savannah that if you fell into you would get stuck except if someone could get extirpate you out of it. It would be cool to trap a dino or other animal in it so you could tame it more easily A lot of new trees would be present such as baobabs that would be useful to use redwoods plateforms because there won't be harvestable, dragonblood trees There would also be anthills, big ones where the ant queens would be hidings and ants all around protecting their habitat, megatherium would be helpful in this situation -And last but not least, another jungle biome but a different style. It would be an old and thick jungle, a mountainous region where you'd have to get on the high tops of the jungle to survive to predators such as raptors, megalosaurus, troodons, spiders, titanoboas, t rex, all the insects in game but also a lot of herbivores. If you watch the movie King Kong 2005, it's basically the same style of trees, with big roots going all around the territory, ruins of ancient civilizations with traps in them along with treasures, steep cliffs on all coasts with forests directly next to the sea. Also big beautiful waterfalls and a lot of new flowers, plants and even a big pit in the lands like the one in King Kong full of dangerous creatures lurking in the darkness. This part of the island would be a land of dangers, of treasures and knowledge from explorers notes explaining how to make new weapons, of little beautiful spots where you could build a little home for yourself hiding from your enemies in the jungle and enjoy the sight of the horizon. Big non-harvestables trees would be there too so you could build on high trees to be safe from the predators on the ground. You would even find mesopithecus living in groups in the trees (it would have to be a new mechanic though), and if you tame them they would find rare fruits on trees and plants with a better efficiency than yourself. Of course this place would be as I said a lot of mountains, caves (deep down or on the mountains tops), pits, swamps, nests from animals, long rivers, cliffs. It won't be an easy place to build a big base. also I think it would be awesome to have underwater villages, that would have sinked. That along with other ruins in the island's surrounding waters would be explorable. And that would be the last idea for a new and even better island - Oceans, with a lot of new underwater flora There would be big coral reefs, a lot of sea life and an underwater obelisk for an underwater boss. That's it for now, what do you think of it ?
  16. Welcome to KEB Gaming ARK Cluster! Join Server: Search KEB Gaming under Unofficial PC Hosted (NO Password) Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq Visit our Website: kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming With our Cluster we have something for every kind of ARK player! We have a PvE Ragnarok 32 slot server and a PvE Aberration 10 slot server for those who love to PvE and explore and we have a PvP 20 slot server on The Island (We offer a GREAT PvP Starter package. Check Discord for info) for the players that just want to PvP and blow stuff up! You can play on all servers, the only thing is once you transfer Items or Dinos over to The Island server they will be there to stay! You can transfer your character back and forth just not Dinos and Items. So play on all or play on one and trade with PvE or PvP tribes! Our server rewards players with a credit system, we call our credits "Kebits". These Kebits are tracked using Discord chat app. Admins will award players "Kebits" which can be used for many things from Admin services such as painting dinos, buying materials, buying BP's, and used to trade with other players. Kebits can be earned a few ways: (Donations go towards running server) Kebits are our way of thanking you. Join us and instantly earn 1,500 Kebits to get started!! (1) Become a Patreon and support the server and community, you will receive a monthly Kebit payment each month. (2) Make a one time donation thru PayPal, $1.00= 1,000 Kebits. (3) Be active and helpful on our Discord server. (4) Complete in game contests or scavenger hunts. (5) Be the winner of the FREE weekly lottery. Server settings (Keeping it simple) ORP will be used with a 15min timer on the Island server. Engram points earned are Double per level (6280 total) Gather=2x (10x on Island map) Player Points=2x (4x on Island map) Dino Weight=3x (6x on Island map) Dino Stamina=2x Taming Breeding and Maturing=4x XP= 1.5x (Dino Killing= 3x) Crop Grow= 30x Platform/Raft Build limit= 3x Custom Loot Drops (Not on Aberration) EVERYTHING ELSE= Default Admins and Events: We have a group of Admins that are available a few times a week to help out where needed. We will also be building community builds and events. (Coliseum, Crafting Post/Trading center, Community Garden, Ragna & Rock Cafe (consumables), Kibble Farm and The ARK ZOO ( We will build a ZOO and you can place your dinos on display here to show off your Mutations and Tames). As things progress we will be more than happy to allow players to take over management of any of the above listed areas...or create their own thing. We just recently added a Master ARK Builder to our server. He will be building amazing structures for us to enjoy How to Join: If you would like to join we recommend that you join our Discord Server. https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq (This is the ONLY way Kebits can be saved and spent) You can join by messaging here, messaging me directly or you can join by visiting our website and filling out the Join Server Form under the Events page. kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming We all look forward to building a great community with you and having a blast doing so!
  17. PvE Server Names: Team6ixGaming.com (TheIsland PvE) 20 Slots Team6ixGaming.com (Ragnarok PvE) 20 Slots Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List MORE PvE Servers will be added soon! NOTE: Offline Raid Protection is ENABLED Rates: 8x Taming 8x Gathering 8x Maturation 8x Hatch Speed 3x Experience Gain Other Information: Survivor Weight increases by 600 per point spent on Weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 60 per point spent on Oxygen Survivor Speed increases 1.5x normal rate Survivor Stamina Increased x2 Survivor Fortitude increases by 6 per point spent on Fortitude Slightly boosted Dinosaur stamina Boosted Dinosaur Weight Crop growth speed x4 Supply crate loot quality increased x2 Fishing loot quality increased by x2 Rules: Absolutely ZERO tolerance for harassment of any kind! (Repeatedly attacking the same person/tribe over and over again, verbal abuse, etc.) Obviously refrain from building too close to resource rich spawns FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our community site at http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. However, nothing outside of Official Server realm. No level 1000 tames. We grind the game just like everyone else! The admin tribe will NEVER raid your tribe. I want YOU to raid us! We purchased these servers with the full intent to play and operate it as if they were official servers minus your normal official server rates. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game everyday of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVER! Join our AMAZING community today!
  18. Constant client crashes

    Getting this error... I am playing on PC, using a Nitrado server. Never has it crashed so often. I am on The Island. I can log right back in, but the whole game just closes. Here is the error: Fatal error! VERSION: 276.4 UnknownModule!UnknownFunction (0x000001d0f08d0256) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] UnknownModule!UnknownFunction (0x000001d000000019) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] UnknownModule!UnknownFunction (0x000001d029513de0) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] UnknownModule!UnknownFunction (0x0000000400000001) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] UnknownModule!UnknownFunction (0x0000000400000001) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0]
  19. Hey everybody, We run our own pvp server cluster, currently the maps Ragnarok and the island event server with aboration also will come soon. Our rates are, X10 havesting X20 breeding And instatame Max dino level is 300 and also boosted drops and fishingloot. Turret limit is also not in the game, u can place much as you want. Admins are friendly and helpfull with problems. Serach for our server at the unnoficial pc seassions. !Ark boosted pvp No turret limit Have a nice day and keep surviveing :-)
  20. ive just started up a island server which is boosted.i will list the stats below gather 25 points per level 5 for dinos and player modded drops/red drops give 5 element and artifacts boss fights give wayyy more baby imprint anyone can imprint very fast breeding for all stats 25 tame rate and lots more server name is: ARKAJYOUTUBE make sure you use caps or it will not show up i will be doing a cluster with other servers so we can hav griffins wyverns and also ab creatures. also will be doing drop partys and fun games along with big raids for youtube.be sure to check out my channel for more details link is below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQnPx4ZH4ndjFJJ5tXZblqg?view_as=subscriber
  21. Some Issues

    So, I bought Ark and all of the content for it during the Steam Winter Sale on Sunday. I didn't get around to playing til Monday, the 25th, but since then, I've loved it, except... bugs. So many bugs. Some information before we begin: I am playing singleplayer on the Island map. I live at this location (circled in red): 1. Fertilized eggs falling through the map. Googling this, I've found many people having issues with this. Sometimes, I throw the eggs down trying to hatch them, they're fine. Other times, they disappear under the map, and god forbid I try using any cheats to get them back, because THAT just opens up a whole other set of problems (btw, never do admincheat ghost. You're just asking for an entire boatload of trouble, apparently). I placed a campfire sort of on a slope on the southern shoreline of my islet, dropped a few fertilized dodo eggs (experimenting with breeding mechanics). I threw four in rapid succession (spamming O key). 2 fell below the map while two stayed where they were thrown down. A few days ago, before I really was trying to experiment, I did the same with another fertilized dodo egg (just wanted to see a baby dodo...wasn't really paying much attention to its health ) and while it was fine for a while, when I picked it up again and dropped it again, the sand ate it. 2. Okay, so this isn't so much of a bug, as it is a... why the hell is there only a teleport command to teleport you to the center of the island? It'd be quite helpful when trying to repair a singleplayer world after a gamebreaking glitch (more on that next bullet) to not have to spawn in 8 different flying mounts, manage to forcetame them before they fly off, and fly back where the glitch occurred. So what happened was, I read somewhere to use ghost to try to get items from under a map. So I did that, then I couldn't reverse the effects of ghost, so I used teleport, thinking if there's a teleport command, surely there's a way to direct where it teleports you to. Nope... spawned over 50,50, fell, died, all of my stuff was at the center of the island while I respawned on my islet. Anyway, the takeaway from this is: Why the hell does teleport only work to take you to the center of the island? And if it works other ways, someone please let me know, because all I've seen and from my testing, that's all it does. 3. Data file corruptions...? I've noticed that when loading new areas on the map (filling them out on the map that can be brought up with M) for the first time, my game crashed. A lot. To the point where I started saving backups of the Saved folder maniacally every 30 minutes to an hour. The second or so time this crash happened however, and I didn't know how to backup the folder yet, I used the anti-corruption file in the saved folder because my current singleplayer world seemed to be rendered unplayable (it wanted me to start a new survivor, nothing of mine was still there, etc). Only issue was, it was from 2 days prior. I obviously can't pinpoint what exactly caused the crashes. But I would love it if maybe there was an in-game guide on how to backup singleplayer saves or something, seeing as I've had dozens of crashes since I bought the game, many of which corrupted/sent me back in time in my world until I manually inserted a previously backed up save. I do not mean to come off as rude or indignant at all. Just, after fighting with commands to fix my world for the past 3 hours with what started as a bug with some eggs falling through the world, I'm very frustrated. That said, I love that commands are an option - it let me fix my world instead of being sent back an actual 12-18 hours back in my gameplay. And I do also like how they have multiple .ark files for you to choose from in case something like this happens. It seems multiples of mine were messed up and that's why I got sent back so far, but I am grateful for that. I do, however, recommend giving PC-users an in-game warning, perhaps the first time they load up the game, that they must verify they've read over the saving issues... Looking back on the Steam page, it says early access, and while that gives users a warning that there may be bugs, telling users how to backup their worlds in the event of gamebreaking issues just seems like a good idea. Even with those issues, now knowing how to backup the saves and rollback if need be, I'm having a much more manageable time on the Ark and still love the game. Best game I've played in a while.
  22. Server names: D00MLAND, D00MNAROK, D00MISLAND (zeros in d00m) •NITRADO SERVER CLUSTER, Aberration 10 slot, The Island 32 slot and Ragnarok 32 slot. Will increase/decrease slot size according to population. These are rented servers that vary in price according to slot count and length of time. They're usually paid 3 months each time I renew. I dont ask for donations but if its something you want to do feel free to ask. •24/7 PvP/Structure damage off Mon-Thurs •100x taming •Custom leveling system •20x harvest •Baby maturity 20/ Egg hatch 50 •100% Imprint on most tames •Crop growth 10 •Wild dino level cap 300 •Player lvl cap 125, tames can gain 100 lvls instead of the normal 71. •Tek engrams auto unlock at max lvl •Custom drops, element and tek in red, player/dino consumables, raw mats and cosmetics in green and starter kits are in white. •Faster resource respawn •Longer days, slightly shorter nights •Food drain and water drain at 40% of normal •Boosted character and tame stats to adjust for higher dino difficulty. •Old school platforms, allows turrets •Multi floors on platforms, x10 platform building •Don't "Shock and Awe" raid the little guys. If you're far more advanced leave them be and let them build unless they do something that warrants action but this is anything goes pvp as well. I ask you to play smart and not kill the servers. •PvP is 24/7, structure damage is off during the week to prevent raiding until the Purge. Purge begins on Friday and ends on Sunday. During purge structures take 50% damage. • Your friends are welcome to join. Any advertisement of the cluster via forums or Facebook will be rewarded with free gear or tames but nothing game breaking. •Not password protected, to join search d00m in the top filter for all maps, pvp and the bottom left filter set to unofficial pc sessions. Zeros in d00m About the admin: I've been hosting since ark came to console during pre release on a second xbox and recently made the switch to nitrado rentable servers. So I'm very familiar with the game and how to host one with balance. These servers are going to run for a long time and will not disappear overnight or map switch without warning. These maps are a place to call home, to establish a community, to build on and tame without fear of being gone the next day. I've had a few groups of guys follow me religiously through the hard times and game breaking bugs and crashes and unexpected map wipes because they know I'll take care of them and make things right. I'm not always interfering or putting my nose where it doesn't belong but I do take care of people who become residents on my servers. That being said, it is a pvp environment and things do happen that I won't be able to fix without breaking the balance but instead of quitting or leaving, hang around, luck may find you.
  23. I play on 2 official PVE servers. The first on The Island & the second on Aberration. I tried to transfer a bulldog to test since Aberration but when I connect to The Island he was not in the list of creatures. I have never been able to transfer anything from Ragnarok to The Island either, but from Scorched Earth to The Island it still works. Transfer is not possible off Scorched Earth?
  24. Obelisk destroyed my pteranodon

    So I was preparing to go get a wyvern egg in singleplayer, I uploaded my pteranodon into the blue obi on Ark got on scorched and downloaded it on the green obi when It didn't appear. I left without saving and on both maps my bird still wasn't there despite I didn't save. I want to know if others have encountered this issue.
  25. Before we get started, this title is not clickbait, and I will elaborate as time goes on. However, some things need to be addressed before I get to that point. For starters, I must say that, with whatever I am about to say about this game, there are some positive aspects about it that I should point out. This game, fundamentally speaking is phenomenal. This game is one of the few times in gaming history (perhaps the first to do it pretty well?) where you can explore a world of extinct or mythical creatures, tame them, and survive a very fascinating world. It started out on a map called The Island, where dinosaurs roam the world and you can choose to tame them to help you survive, craft items and structures to better improve your survivability or simply just explore, and let me tell you, exploration is the end game in this game, assuming of course you haven't looked up any videos about Ark. However, this premise is assaulted by so many different issues that I may skip over a few simply because there are far more dangerous issues that exist in this game. Let's start with a few of the less malign ones. For starters, the PvP and PvE modes are balanced together and not seperately; a warlord vrying for "alpha" status or "mega" status on a server (or servers) that are labelled as PvP, and a person who simply wants to tame creatures, wander around, or fight bosses in PvE are given the same buffs and nerfs when they are applied. Remember the grand flyer nerf? For PvP, it was, arguably, necessary to prevent the flyer spam in raids or when killing players. However for PvE, all it did was serve as an annoyance as loved flyers like the Argentavis and the mighty Quetzal became very frustrating to use. Then there's the frustrating building system. Although, again, this issue isn't a massive problem in PvP, where the most concerning things about building is whether or not something vital is sticking out. In PvE, there's the massive issue of pillars jutting out of ceilings (unless you build in a specific way), walls with the "inner" portion of the wall facing out (unless you build in a specific way), awkward electrical wire and pipe placements (again, unless you build in a specific way), and so much more. Let's not forget the issue with pillar spam in official PvE servers as well! There's so many issues of this type, that I could end up writing an essay for a doctorate if I really wanted to, but the ones above are the ones that came to mind and they are the only ones I will list. Because now, I must get to my point. Simply put, there are three things that are extremely dangerous in this game that have yet to be addressed. Three things that make the previous issues pale in comparison, and if left unchecked, can spell doom for Wildcard. The first issue primarily revolves around consoles, but I have also seen this issue pop up and get reported by PC players as well. This issue is the terrible optimization and lag that still exists in this game today. If you're lucky, one day you can get through a session on Ark without any technical issues. However, for many players, and especially console players (regardless of if they have the more powerful version or not), what ends up happening is, if you're playing on a server, you suffer immense amounts of lag, rubberbanding and rollbacks as the server chugs along trying to keep up with whatever god awful coding and invisible technical issues that have yet to be addressed. However, lag is not the only issue! Should you be playing on a server or playing on singleplayer, you will seem to always suffer a crash, regardless of console. And these crashes in particular are what I consider dangerous, because when they occur (at least in the case of the ps4) you typically are forced to hold the power button, effectively forcing the console to shut off. I think everyone at this day and age understand the danger of doing that repeatedly. In fact, I have already seen forum and reddit posts stating that their console is struggling to do normal things now because of the sheer amount of times they have had to force their console to shut down. This is one reason why I am uninstalling this game, because this happens a lot in singleplayer. I can be on a world with two tames and barely any structures, and if the game wants to load something or save some data to the console, there's a chance that the console will crash in the way described above. Then there's the second issue, which revolves around unhealthy gameplay. You may have already read or heard about this, but timer heavy aspects of the game like taming and (especially) imprinting are downright unhealthy for players. Should you be brave (or unfortunate) enough to tame a high level, high quality dino with the lowest quality food, expect your ENTIRE DAY to get consumed by watching over it (on official servers). If you're imprinting a medium quality dino or higher, expect not only your entire day to get chopped up into 3 hour 30 minute bits where you need to return to the baby to imprint on it, but expect YOUR SLEEP TO BE AFFECTED. While I'd rather not bring medical science into this post, I will at least say that when your sleep gets chopped up into bits as you get on and imprint a tame, your performance gets affected later on in the day and it's safe to say that we have all experienced this at some point in our lives. This personally made me shift to playing single player, where I set really rapid rates for everything, and boy oh boy is imprinting hectic now. With 45 seconds between imprints and only a few minutes until full maturation, if you get the "walk" request, you better be sprinting with that dino on follow Unfortunately, as you may have already seen, I no longer play singleplayer because of the crashing and the danger it poses to my console. Even if it turns out that your sleep getting affected does not have any adverse effects on you, it is still absurd that a game that we had to PAY FOR was designed to require more attention from us than free-to-play games, which are known to consume more of your time if you choose not to spend money on it than most other paid games. And sure, these rates can easily be changed to satisfy a player's desires in custom worlds. However again, the fact that the game was balanced so that it requires an immensive amount of time to do anything throws off a lot of players, including myself. Also, I think it's safe to say that the "fun" factor that exists in taming, breeding, and imprinting really only exists in the exhilirating knock-down process of taming, but even that gets old after a while. The fact that the taming, breeding, and imprinting systems have yet to be overhauled is beyond me, which leads me to my final point. Struggling Developers I personally do not like bashing on people who put a lot of time and effort into something, so I will do my best to watch my terminology, but it's going to be really hard considering some of the things Wildcard still struggles with to this day. For starters, let's begin with feedback. Should staff read a post like mine or honestly anything that could be utilized to better the game, there's typically no response, which is understandable. However, when there is a response, it's typically a response like "we're taking this into consideration" or it's an excuse from a developer because of the short-sights in development. I think all console players remember the tether distance dilemma, where we were allowed to adjust our tether distances in local games. However the devs quickly removed it, stating that the setting could have adverse effects on the console, and sure, there should be concern for that. However, the irony in that is even without the tether distance, or even split-screen in general, a player's console is at risk from just playing the game, as blue screens still plague this game to this very day! Then there's the obvious lack of desire to improve the techinical and funamental aspects of the game that truly need help, but instead a desire to promote DLC and additional content, as if Wildcard thinks the playerbase is stupid enough to forget the issues that still plague this game. And yet, the DLCs themselves even have issues surrounding them. The first two we received were already plagued with issues. Scorched Earth was released while the game was in early access (the morality of this is still controversial), but then proved to be a nearly useless DLC as it contained very little content, received little additional attention, and some of the content can now be accessed for free on Ragnorok. Then there's the terribly planned DLC known as Abberation, the first DLC after the game was released, that was planned to be released in October, but ended up getting delayed for two months! Honestly, I feel bad for some of the devs at Wildcard, because whoever is in charge of priorities, deadlines, and projects obviously has no clue as to not only what their consumers want, but what their employees can accomplish. And until they change, or until they get replaced, this game will continue to be plagued by numerous issues. Not just the ones discussed, but many others as well. This will continue to shrink the playerbase, until there's not enough money going to Wildcard to support the game. And THAT is the final reason why I quit playing. Why should I continue to put my console at risk to play this game if the devs will never fix the issue? This game has been around for years, and yet no one has thought that the game has been optimized correctly? Has anyone tried looking at the code of the game? Who thought it would be a brilliant idea to make a game as ambitious as this with a pre-made engine? Epic Games got it right with Fortnite: a game as big as that needs its own engine and it operates as smooth as butter. And even if the technical issues FINALLY get sorted out, there's still so many issues that need attention from these devs that unless their wallets are being put at risk, they will never change anything. Thankfully, the playerbase is much more critical to these devs than other playerbases in other games, where they will literally wait until the game is nothing more than a donation box before they start critiquing the game. And that is the only hope that still remains for me about this game. Unfortunately, the playerbase doesn't seem to be at the forefront of Wildcard's decision making, so the hope is miniscule, and not enough for me to continue to support this game. I already held back on buying Abberation and now it is time for me to delete the game. Maybe in the future I will come back and see that the developers are as passionate as their original vision once was. Maybe in the future I will actually be excited about the upcoming DLC rather than suspicious or frustrated. Until then, I need to remove this very addicting game from my console, because the more it pulls me back in, the closer my console gets to an early death.