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Found 14 results

  1. What is the mathematical formula for converting GPS coordinates into teleport coordinates? is based on a formula, does anyone know it?
  2. Teleporting/Warping Out of Cave

    I've built a base in the new cave in the new southwest section of the map on the edge of the Wyvern cove. From the pic, you can see the cave entrance to which I'm referring. When I go in the cave entrance and immediately to the right, I am consistently teleported immediately above the cave (in the air) just above the grassy area on top of the cave (upper right in the photo). Something goofy is going on there. It is 100% repeatable on my map/server. Was happening before I built anything here and continues to occur, even after a server restart.
  3. teleport to coordinates on pc i am aware it's possible to teleport to the boss arenas but is it possible on my dedicated server ? and if so what are the coordinates?
  4. Hyaenodon Wall Jump

    Haven't tested the tamed version yet, but wild Hyaenodons, when running into a wall that is less than three high, will sometimes teleport to the top of the wall and get past it. I was trying to tame one in a pen and it escaped a few times by doing this.
  5. Suddenly this happens: After restarting the client/reconnect everything is fine again. Yes the server is obviously modded. (Full mod list However in this case it shouldn't be the issue. It's no big deal to restart the client but it might be interesting for the devs. Edit: This also happens with stone/wood structures on a queztal sometimes.
  6. Cave Teleport - PC The Island

    Exploring the Upper South Cave, The Artifact of the Pack, and was teleported to the surface at the approximate half-way point...... twice. A similar experience in the lower south cave in the past was resolved. Previous other caves are working correctly.
  7. We have had now 11 different times 4 different people have been teleported above the barrior of the map It does not matter if on a mount or not Only happened so far to people in the new redwood biome standing on or near tree houses Everyone has tried to open a mount inventory, not happened so far when accessing crafting tables If not mounted you can drop back though the barrior to Wat would be death but we have jet pack mod sadly not every one has had one If mounted you can only reach the barrior and then your stopped only way to get a mount down is for an admin to teleport you to them while still mounted or it will get stuck if you dismount The only time so far we have been able to get a mount back with out a teleport is (only admin online no one to tp to) for admin to ghost while on said mount so it can pass the barrior sadly the admin got stuck in ghost but that's a different matter Yes it is a model server I hope this can be fixed we currently don't have 24 hour admin to save people they need to sleep sometimes
  8. After last nights patch (243.6) on Primitive Official Server 466 we started getting the lower south cave teleportation bug, at first it was only when sprinting to get out of the cave but now it's everytime we pass a certain spot we get teleported out of top of cave, was not doing that just before patch as we went up and down the cave multiple times (50+) that same night I know there's been many posts about this bug in the past, but I've searched extensively and haven't seen any answers as to when that bug would be fixed. It literally makes playing with that cave undoable, not sure what to do Tried pretty much every fix I found online, but none work, please help us wildcard! Thanks!
  9. Giga disappeared

    I was farming meat on my giga with Quetz with platform saddle with grill, from time to time the quetz would collide into the giga make it unable to move at all, how I usually fix it is jumping off giga and fly quetz on away from giga. But this made Giga float in a weird way, I usually fixed that by making giga follow and walk some distance. This time though, same thing happened but giga wouldnt walk it off as it usually did, it ended up just disappearing. Not dead on tribelog as of yet, not on 50/50, no sign of her anywhere. Where this occured was at 58-58
  10. Yesterday I was in the Lower South Cave and flew in with my ptera suddenly i was teleported out of the cave. I think it was just the same position but on the surface.
  11. sometimes when I log in our quetz platform is missing some building parts. Today I stepped onto a missing foundation piece. It causes the game to freeze. It says loading in the lower right corner. Once loaded it had teleported me to the missing pieces. They were high in the air and was in a fixed orientation, so if I was facing north with the platform and tried to step off of the exit, it might make me walk into the wall or even another invisible tile. Which in turn teleported me to the other platform pieces still on the quetz. It was like a bad game of hop scotch. I have recorded it on my xbox if you want to see it.
  12. PVE-OfficialServer333 I was getting ready to log out for the night. Just needed to collect enough chitin for 25 paste and a bit of organic polymer so I could replace the industrial cooker that was taken away. Took my high level spino that my tribemate and I hatched (along with it's twin) and leveled up from the first big iceberg coming up along the west coast to the next one over (to the north) as I often will do on my polymer runs. As im swimming along near the surface, though just a tad under (not holding spacebar), I reach the small ice flows that separate the larger bergs and the collision detection goes nuts. Suddenly the spino and I are teleported to the sea floor and it's struck with enough damage to instantly kill it. Mind you, before the nerf this spino had 12k hp and it was at full health when I was swimming. I'm uncertain of the exact coordinates of the bugged chunk of ice in question, but I know there's more than one in that area. I hope my rough estimate at least provided some help. A different chunk of ice did the same thing to it when it first reached adulthood (back when the snow biome was introduced) but it still had 1k hp left after that. I've lost sabers and doeds to the same bug involving rocks in the past as well. One other thing to note is to maybe allow mounts to drop their inventory as a cache if their body is consumed. I may be wrong, but I left something on the spino when I looted it (just before dying myself of starvation) and when I returned my body was there with all the stuff, but no bag below where the spino had been. Glad I grabbed it all, but I only knew to do that from past bad experiences. Not sure if that's intended or not, but figured I'd point it out too. No idea if an admin could recreate the spino from it's identical twin, or rather can/would, but if so I'd happily meet them anytime. Replacement industrial cooker, six beer barrels, and thirty or forty (i forget exactly) glasses of beer that went POOF the other day would be a great help to my herb island tiki bar too
  13. Tame Teleport

    Sometimes when I go out on an adventure I ride my raptor. I dismount it and set it to passive and disable follow when I go to collect materials or check out a new area. However, if I die my raptor is stranded somewhere! Then you have to go on an expedition to recover it and all the food you had stored in it but ultimately can't find it. If the tame would teleport to you after you respawn, similar to Minecraft, it would definitely be appreciated.