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Found 10 results

  1. Hey so I've tried to see if there were any other posts about this, but I just got done doing a Tek Cave run, and most of my dinos didn't get teleported to the boss arena after the cave portion. We brought 11 thylacoleos, 1 rex, a jerboa mother (from a mod), and a yutyrannus. Only the rex, jerboa mother, and yutyrannus got teleported to the spaceship after the cave portion. Luckily we were still able to beat the boss (just extremely slowly), but at the end of it all, it only teleported the dinos in the boss arena back out to the entrance of the cave. TLDR - Some of my dinos got left inside of the tek cave, and didnt get teleported out afterwards (and the tribe manager hasnt said that theyve died). Would going back into the cave kill my thylacoleos that got left inside? Is this a known bug where thylacoleos are not teleporting into the boss arena? Anyone have a clue? I'm scared to try to go back in to get them because of the chance that it kills them while regenerating the cave. (this also happens with boss arenas if you get stuck down there and someone starts up a new boss) Thanks! Edit: Before anyone mentions it, yes they were all gathered around the teleporter and inside of the "bubble" it makes when counting down to teleport
  2. Non-Dedicated Player Tether Glitch

    So, my friend and I have been playing Ark non-dedicated servers for a while now, and we recently decided to check out ark. We found a really gorgeous place to build and started to set up, just to discover that my friend apparently can't explore anywhere. he can explore wherever I happen to be, or if he's in an area where I was before I moved out of it, but on some sections of the map, he gets randomly, abruptly teleported to me- even if I can SEE where he is- usually no more than 100m away. I had the tether distance set to maximum (300), and when that failed, I turned it all the way up to 12,000 to try and eliminate the problem. That failed too. Please help, as this more or less makes the map unplayable for he and I if we both have to constantly be in the same place at the same time to do anything. We like to explore and do work on our own sometimes, and we dont always want to be in the same location. Normally, we can play on The Island at distances something like from the southern coast all the way up past the snow zones on the north without ANY teleportation issues whatsoever.
  3. void creature

    hello, a wyvern went close to my base and my one fought with it mine would easily kill it but both had the same turning radius and started flying to the barrier, i suppose my wyvern passed the barrier because a mod i have says it is not despawned like many other things when cross the barrier i am really desperate because i love this wyvern help
  4. Hi there, I have been in the Ragnarok desert cave twice and so far everyone (including myself) has gotten stuck in one specific wall in a corner. I brought a friend into it cause he said he likes puzzles and once again, stuck in the wall. I am an admin on the server but I can't even teleport him out. Whenever I try his body jutters like it's been teleported but he doesn't actually go anywhere. I don't know how to get him out of there. This corner really needs to be sorted because it's getting ridiculous.
  5. When hosting a non-dedicated server with friend, every time we try to Glidesuit off the edge together they continuously get teleported to me / the ground way below me even though we were right next to each other. They've also been getting teleported to me a lot randomly even if we're really close. We're on the river near the edge and I, the host, stood still and the other player walked backwards towards the edge (not off) and every time the player would get ONLY 30-40m away they kept teleporting back to me like they were too far Seems like a host teleporting bug near the edge?
  6. Hey, I tried to teleport a player to me on my innoficial pc server for ps4. cheat TeleportPlayerIdToMe and cheat TeleportPlayerNameToMe seems to be not working. Can you fix these both commands? I miss the cheat managment on the right side in ShowMyAdminManager like in the pc version. Can you add the cheat management for ps4 too?
  7. What is the mathematical formula for converting GPS coordinates into teleport coordinates? is based on a formula, does anyone know it?
  8. Teleporting/Warping Out of Cave

    I've built a base in the new cave in the new southwest section of the map on the edge of the Wyvern cove. From the pic, you can see the cave entrance to which I'm referring. When I go in the cave entrance and immediately to the right, I am consistently teleported immediately above the cave (in the air) just above the grassy area on top of the cave (upper right in the photo). Something goofy is going on there. It is 100% repeatable on my map/server. Was happening before I built anything here and continues to occur, even after a server restart.
  9. Hyaenodon Wall Jump

    Haven't tested the tamed version yet, but wild Hyaenodons, when running into a wall that is less than three high, will sometimes teleport to the top of the wall and get past it. I was trying to tame one in a pen and it escaped a few times by doing this.
  10. teleport to coordinates on pc i am aware it's possible to teleport to the boss arenas but is it possible on my dedicated server ? and if so what are the coordinates?