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Found 134 results

  1. I've only used the tek teleporter maybe only 2 or 3 times but I've been trying to move my tames from my old base to my new one. The few times I've used the teleporter its been laggy as hell due to loading in the area but now it just made me crash and it no longer wants to work. The only option its giving me is to demolish it..
  2. The fix for SE we all want

    So a well discussed issue by the community is the thunderstorms on SE and the lose of power during these. I haven't seen (unfortunatly) a reply from the devs yet regarding this whether they think about doing something to improve it or don't want to do it at all. Here's a solution that works out for everybody in my opinion. - Have manticore Hard unlock the Tek Lightning Rod. Or Tek cooler. This item can be attached to the electricity network which will prevent shutdown during thunder storms. The same for the Tek cooler that can be an add-on to the normal or tek generator which will prevent it from degrading. For PvP have a 1/25 chance during that either of these items will break and degrade to dust, for PvE have them permanent without degradation. Let me know what you guys think
  3. So we're running on a poopty CPU and can't possibly run 4 maps just for the players to get tekgrams. Is it possible to change the tekgram unlocks on bosses like with DinoDropInventoryComponent that we use to change boss-loot (increased element)? Open to all and any suggestions on how to give players the possibility to unlock all tek engrams without me being an active admin.
  4. Having an alliance on a PVE server has too little benefits, basicly only chat and building close. Here some suggestions; Make tek teleporter usable by other players (alliance) Unlike other structures the teleporter has no menu to lock/unlock or set a pincode for anyone else to use. For the teleporter it would be awesome to cross travel from ur own teleporter to alliance ones. Unlocking other structures (doors, tek doors, any crafting structures) for alliance members or for certain players. The current way of using pin codes is bugged, have to retype pin up to 10 times sometimes eventho its correct. Alliance dino sharing, riding / taming etc.
  5. Sooo...Tek Katana?~

    Been wanting a different weapon for melee fighters forever now. Im a brawler at heart. I like being hands on with my melee weapons, but sadly the swords arent that strong. I want something with more punching power so i can run down alpha rexs all by my self lmao. Even though i put alot into melee i wanna fight them bear handed lmao
  6. Just thought it'd be awesome to have a tek Paracer saddle, that covers the user, so you can tank bullets, and allows you to fire projectiles at tek turrets/enemies. As for the tek cannon, it'd be a great addition to platform saddles for raiding, and or taming titanosaurs/rock golems.
  7. I am unable to craft replicator in obi or on another replicator. Any suggestions?
  8. Can you get Tek armor in Ragnagrok

    I play on a private Ragnagrok server and we want to know if we can get Tek armor and other Tek things without having to go to another map.
  9. Tek Mutator

    Something alot of people (myself included) wanted since Tek tier was even ever announced was a device to create hybrids of your dinos. Although i never could see this happening because they'd have to make dino models for every possible combination of creatures, which would be hundreds. I was thinking instead, there's a tek device that mutates an egg or baby with element, creating a mutated version with different attributes. Maybe something typically too small to ride is now much bigger. Maybe a Rex could now breathe fire, like a wyvern. This way, they'd only have to make another model for each creature rather than dozens. This obviously would need some work a good bit after all the main issues and content has been taken care of. Thoughts?
  10. New Tek and metal age ideas!

    Here's some of my ideas for new Tek items! I may put the ideas from commenters on this thread (I will add name) If I completely mess up any Dino names, do tell! saddles: (Note, these are to sound like dossiers, do not take them as overpowered as they sound!) ----------------flyers------------ pterodactyl Tek saddle: two high-rate of fire plasma emiters allowing your tribe to doiminate the sky's! With the added benefit of plasma accelerators, acting as an afterburner speeding up your mount! Adds extra armor. pterodactyl jet saddle: Two chain guns allowing your tribe to engage in intense dogfighting, along with after burners and increased arnor and manuverbility. argentavis Tek saddle: two plasma pods, firing powerful plasma blasts causing small explosions effective against large groups of small Dino's. Along with wing mounted anti-gravity lifts, increasing weight and lowering stamina drain. argentavis attack saddle: two rocket pods, causing decent damage. Adds armor. (yes I know, there already is a tapejara saddle) tapejara Tek saddle: add a plasma chain gun to the back for secondary gunner, making the tapejara a force to be reckoned with. tapejara attack saddle: adds a mount machine gun onto the back of the tapejara, for rear passengers use. quetzal Tek saddle: this saddle farther cements the quetzals place in tribe warfare by adding a high power plasma bombardment bay, these powerful blasts of plasma will decimate structures. Quetzal bomber saddle: This saddle adds a bomb bay, this inaccurate but powerful weapon may kill more than the enemy, be careful! dimorphodon Tek saddle: this saddle completely changes the use of the dimorphodon, equipping it with a camera, and a advanced technology that connects the survivor and the dimorphodon, giving the player control! With the added bonus of the ability to be mounted with explosives! This will give your tribe the ability to take out targets with extreme stealth! -----------------herbivores--------------- bronto saddle: a large ion cannon, stunning Dino's and electrictronics in an area. trike saddle: This saddle adds powerful ion accelerators and a hard energy sheild to the front of of the trike, alowing the trike to accelerate and charge at massive, dealing massive damage. Unfortunately, this boost costs much (what's the Tek fuel again?) and may land your trike in a dangerous location. doedicurus saddle: this powerful saddle will increase attack damage of the doedicurus to stone, while increasing carrying capacity. carbonemys saddle: This useful saddle activates a small bubble sheild around the turtle whenever it is in its shell. It has limited hit points however. Stegosaurus saddle: thought the stegosaurus was useless? Not anymore. This saddle increases the attack damage of the stego with powerful plasma blades in its tail. It also adds, increased speed, weight, unlimited stamina and alows the stego to survive underwater. The stego will be your trusty, everywhere and everything you need mount. Parasaur saddle: you will never laugh at a parasaur running into battle again. This powerful saddle adds a powerful plasma spray gun. (Tek anti air) this weapon will deter all air by draining stamina and dealing small damage. This parasaurs small size and fast speed will allow it to stealthy keep to sky's clear for your tribe! diplocaulus saddle: Are the other tribes of the ark still not avoiding the air after your parasaur saddle? Well fear not! This saddle adds an powerful plasma AA battery, with heat seeking plasma burst and high rate of fire plasma emitters. Dodo: do you think you've ever feared the dodo? Now you will. This powerful plasma shotgun mounted in the back of our trusty egg laying friend will decemate small Dino's and players. Added bonus of jump boost, increased movement speed and health. ankylosaurus saddle: This powerful saddle transforms your trusty metal farming mount into a devastating siege weapon, causing increased damage to structures and adds the ability to damage Metal and Tek structures! Adds extra health. chalicotherium saddle: adds a powerful plasma mortar, firing large slow plasma balls at slow rates of fire to damage high targets, exact coordinates are needed for this powerful gun to fire. gallimimus saddle: This saddle adds a massive speed boost to the galli, with a high rate of fire plasma emitter allowing for a passenger to deal with threats while on the run. gigantopithecus "armor": this gives your trusty ape a set of its own tek armor, allowing it to do everything you can, but better! A mind control device can be implanted to give you the ability to control the superior armor and plasma rifle! -------------------Carnivores--------------- terror bird saddle: this useful saddle launchs the terror Bird into the air with a burst from its Plasma accelerators, can only be used while terror bird in on the ground. Add benefit of increased stanima, damage and health. Raptor saddle: A cloaking device, allowing the Raptor to sneekly attack targets with ease. Adds speed bonus. plumoscorpious saddle: A bubble sheild, protecting the scorpion from attack and A Tek stun ray, a powerful beam which knocks out Dino's! With the added passive bonus of wall climbing! allosaurus saddle: plasma emitting tears sheaths, causing massive melee damage. carnotaurus saddle: Tek nano bot dispenser, this weapon raises torpor, lowers health, stamina and attack power. Cementing the Carlos reputation of being ugly and dangerous. spinosaurus saddle: Ion water acceleration jets, these powerful engines increase the spinos swims speed. Plasma cannon, this slow firing cannon may not be as powerful as the ones mounted on the rex or giga, but it can still to decent damage if you have the surprise advantage! sarco saddle: Ion water acceleration jets, these powerful engines increase the sarcos swims speed. i am still working on this post, suggestions will help. I will add the water Dino's soon! please add suggestions below! -A lowly console peasant.
  11. Pheonix & New Tek gear

    So WC's launch announcement from tuesday stated that later this week the pheonix as well as new tek gear would be coming. It's saturday, week's almost over and i haven't seen anyone say anything about it, does anyone have any info on the release date as well as what this new tek gear is? Wyvern armor or? Thanks. P.s. if your just gonna whine about WC being late or that your unhappy, don't bother posting. Don't need your BS here, thank you very much.
  12. Overuse of TEK in marketing

    I have noticed with the release of the Official Launch trailer especially there appears to be an overemphasis on TEK gear. While I know the update trailers have featured TEK a lot recently which is expected since that is what's new and coming out. However with the release of the Official Launch trailer which contained about 70 percent TEK related gameplay. You have to wonder what kind of game Studio Wildcard is trying to sell to people, a survival game or a sci - fi power armour FPS. This is just a thought I had and felt like I had to share.
  13. TEK Glass Structures

    Simple game idea and request. Could wildcard add TEK Glass Structures? It would maybe be slightly less hitpoints but offer the same benefit as Green house structures? TEK Glass of version should need slightly less metal but should require more crystal and possible more cementing paste. As being TEK teir they would much better for greenhouse in (PVP) alpha tribes and be very usefull in base builds to look outside from inside, and for (PVE) it would have a longer structure time than the current glass teir which only last as long as thatch, and would be better against both players and dinos. Please comment if you like or dislike this idea, any better recommendation of cost requirements, and suggest which boss this could come from. Few suggests boss wise is meduim broodmother for walls and cellings and medium megapithicus for sloped cellings and sloped walls. TEK Glass Structures list- TEK Glass Wall TEK Glass Ceiling TEK Glass Doorway (no Tek Glass door, Tek normal door will do) TEK Sloped Glass Ceiling TEK Sloped Glass Wall (both Left and Right)
  14. hey all, I feel the cost 1:1 element for most of the Tek structures needs to be changed. The matts to craft are reasonable but to invest 1 element per wall/ceiling/foundation, etc is a little ridiculous. Instead, break up the cost into element shards at a fraction of the cost. It would make building in Tek more practical. If shards are not possible, similar to Tek Doors craft x4, why not make other crafts x2 or x3 to justify the use of a whole element. Instead of 1 wall, get 2 or 3 per craft. Thoughts?
  15. I painted my tek saddle so that the lights would be red and the body would be all black, but when it's underwater the lights are blue and the saddle body appears much lighter, as if it wasn't painted at all. Pictures here: The red shows properly when part of the dino is above water, but when it's fully submerged it doesnt show. Perhaps this is intentional, and everything underwater is supposed to look blue and stuff, but the lights should at least stay red even if the paint doesnt show well
  16. So I just went to the cave of lost faith. When openeing loot crates I see engram for tek replicator. Never seen that before. Any1 else??
  17. Climbing tier

    Grappling hooks, parachutes, and the Tek jetpacks won't be the only way to scale a mountain without a Dino's aid! If you would like to be able to scale a mountain or wall please say yes, and if you would oppose this you're welcome to say no.
  18. So I have done some research and am coming up empty handed. Like many others, I have tried to simulate a boss fight in single player mode to gain the experience of the fight before we try live on an official server. What I have come to find out what it was super easy, too easy. I started asking around about it and turns out there is a health reduction for single player bosses, and it's nearly impossible to replicate an official server boss fight. The question I have now is, what is the dragon boss hp on official servers easy and med? What are the mob levels for an easy and med dragon? Has anyone found a way to take this beast down other than a tank and spank? So far my method for successful completion easy is 18- 20k hp rexs with 1000 melee and two yuty. Battle cry until the aura is maxed out and knock him out during the first landing. This seems to work for an easy and med dragon with 432k and 864k hp.
  19. Bionic Raptor evidence

    Playing around, went to, and there in the background is a Bionic Raptor. So far we have Bionic Rex and Giganotosaurus, but I did not consider they would do more. I am pretty stoked about this more-than-likely possibility. Anyone else? I have not heard of this before so I thought I would tell everyone about it.
  20. At first, the Description from isn’t right. The normal stack size of Element Shards is 100 and the Inventory size of the Cloning Chamber is 48, for me it’s 4800 Shards The cost for cloning is Completely exaggerated. You can't clone a dino with a level 100 In view of the fact that one must bring already 1000 hours in order to be able to afford it. Is this just a bad joke. Dedicated Servers with a Max Level over 120 can completely forget this. A server configuration parameter is therefore indispensable here
  21. TEK GENERATOR - Enquiry

    Does anyone happen to know how much element you need to run a Tek trough? - Knowledge on element per hour or how long per element would be extremely beneficial. Could do with knowing how much element it eats on each setting if said knowledge is known. Thanks
  22. "Using" Tek when you don't have the tekgram, question Before I start amassing a billion varied resources I wonder something about Tek tier. I know you have to have the tekgram in order to wear/use tek armor and to use the replicator. The other things, however, I'm unsure about. The wiki doesn't specify for all of them and my game legit won't run singleplayer, so here I ask. Do you need to have the tekgram to: equip and fire the tek rifle equip the rex saddle and fires its laser activate the tek forcefield place tek structures use tek doors and gateways and have the auto-open/close options use the transmitter, both transferring in and out (could have sworn wiki said you didn't need the tekgram, don't see it now)
  23. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You spend what seems like a lifetime breeding or taming a dino with epic stats or colors. That dino dies, whether in PVP or PVE. You cry over a bucket of ice cream as you remember how many hours of hard work you put into getting that dino (not everyone gets this upset but still). Tears aside, what if there was a way to "reserect" your fallen companion? Introducing the tek DNA Replicator! Unlike the Tek cloner already in the game this piece of equipment doesn't replicate a live dino to make a dinosaur with better stats. Instead, it takes DNA from a long dead dino and inserts it into an unfertilized dino egg to clone your deceased companion (a lot like they did in Jurassic Park). If your beloved Giga dies, simply collect a tissue sample (might need to introduce a specialized piece of equipment to harvest such a sample from the corpse) and put it into the Replicator with an unfertilized Giga egg and some element and presto! You have a fertilized Giga egg that will hatch into a copy of your deceased companion. Be advised however that tissue samples can spoil (albeit very slowly) so do everything you can to preserve it. What do you guys think? Any changes or additions you would make? Put any commentary you have below and thank you for your time!
  24. how do you beat the dragon boss with ark's current patch? i have seen videos on how to kill it but they mostly used exploits like pin the dragon so it cant move. with bosses have been patched now i dont really know if u can actually pin the dragon again or at least use any more exploits to kill it. is there any of u guys who have beaten this boss in official? if so, how do you do it? any tips would be appreciated,especially the stats requirement for the rexes, thanks!
  25. Me and my alliances 5 players in total prepared for weeks for dragon. They've done it before, i have not. We had fully imprinted dinos with boss stats. When the boss was summoned, 2 out of 5 of us were teleported inside the arena. Me, my 2 friends got a loading screen for a second, it froze and we ended up staying at green ob. Our dinos went in. Yes we were close enough. It's a shame that this close to release there are bugs this severe. Thats weeks of work raising dinos and gathering trophies and gear. All to be lost because of a glitch. I'm very upset. Wait no. Not upset. I'm so used to all of this i've become numb. PVE-NA-85 I saved videos of the event.