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Found 86 results

  1. ‎Join me on “Ark Souls Cluster” Nitrado server!! Long time host (2yrs Plus) back from a break trying to repopulate my server. (Feel free to message Me Feltcreature56) Cluster server Ragnarock & Aberration & Scorched Earth Adult Opperated Server thats here to stay!! No set rules as of now except dont be a douche! (base/dino wiping active tribe, blocking spawns etc) Starters in white drops! No admin funny business Auto unlocking of Engrams per level Tek unlocks at lvl 101 Custom drops being added (starters, kibble drops, artifacts for boss fights, hazmat for ab) Rag has a community center at Blue and PvP arena in works. Easter event on for colored Dino’s. Boosted stats and settings but not crazy boosted. Fast leveling 300 max Dino’s 15x harvest 20x taming 25x egg hatch 20x maturation 15x experience Infinite weight 20x boosted drops Cave building and flyers allowed Player location and corpse locator Plus more! No Orp, white flag up for 5 days to build safely when joining or after wipe. Always taking suggestions to accommodate the players as best as I can. FB group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1723127421134664
  2. Idontknowanymore

    Aberration Tek Suit Questions

    So, the Tek Suit of Armor. It's fun to use, even though I haven't made the helmet yet. A question about the suit for Aberration: Does it still not give protection from radiation? You can recharge it in the liquid element, yet you aren't immune to radiation. Why??? Is this a bug? I do not think so, but it may be. Is this just something they screwed up and removed the immunity? I don't know. Did they remove this altogether and I am just late on the update train? Maybe. Thanks, Idontknowanymore (RainbowTacoTurtle)
  3. So I haven't really seen anything about anyone beating dragon yet, We have beat it on easy but I really wanna try for hard here, since Tek teleporters are pretty essential for abbeartion lol, so I was wondering has anyone got any stats for beating Dragon hard on new cluster official?
  4. MetalstormHaze

    No Sessions Found OC 629

    So. My tribe leader and his main character are stuck on a server that's down. Just looking for information as to why the Xbox OC629 (THE ONLY SE FOR OC) isn't showing up on any list no matter the filter. "No sessions found" and absolutely NO response to reports. I'm watching a good PvP player and friend consider giving up all the effort he's put in since day one on Xbox early access. Just a tiny piece of info as to why it's down and/or when we can get him back to do his imprints... Drake imprints, you know how annoying it is to see anything but 100% on a drake? I don't want my tribe mate and tribe owner to quit, leaving me with a tribe no one owns and a damn good grinder out the door. I get stuck with everything, and this is official PvP, we need all hands on deck, especially the owner. Get back to me, he's the one that got me into ark and this may be a reason to quit, given the circumstances, regardless of any fancy teal toys we have or element that was wasted on the transmitter that despawned in the ob because of this. Thankyou. End rant!
  5. 50reppa

    Tek Vacuum?

    How about a Tek Vacuum that you carry around to pick up eggs/feces quicker easier. It would have a carrying capacity and get weight bonus to eggs/feces as well, and cost element to run.
  6. Ever Since Tek came out. I've always experience this visual glitch when it comes to using the tek helmet in the game. I kinda just ignored it up until now but now its just plain annoying. does anyone else experience this? and how do you Fix it? this is on ps4 and my tv is TCL if that matters.
  7. sharkish

    tek TEK item ideas

    [EXCUSE MY SPELLING] Tek glider- kind of like the seaglide from subnatica, I think it fits in will with TEK's emphasis on underwater living, powered with element shards. Tek flamethrower- fires blue fire that tears through almost anything, powered with element shards. Tek EMP gun- behaves like a railgun and shoots a pulse that disables electricity, long-range power with element at one element per clip Tek matter scrambler- reshuffles any harvestable resource int something else, so if i shoot a rock i could get a tree, but it's a one-use so you need to craft a new one after you use it. Tek expanding shield- behaves like rineheart's shield from overwatch, the ultament raid tool.
  8. I wish there was a way to apply a birthday suit skin to gloves, or a way to make items invisible in game. I want the cool effects of the tek glove, but I dont want to show the gloves on my hand.
  9. Devs for the love of god please take a look at the tek engrams you gave us for defeating Rockwell in Aberration. You completely forgot to include the Tek Replicator to allow us to craft the items we receive. *All* other bosses give the Tek Replicator except for Rockwell. It's common sense you provide us the means to craft the cool items we just unlocked. If we go to the island every single encounter gives us the replicator. If we go to Ragnarok the only encounter there gives us the replicator. If we go to Scorched Earth again... replicator. I really hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears and that you guys adjust this. Thanks
  10. Jaymei

    Tek Dino Storage

    Hi All, Was hoping to gather some feedback on an idea that has been floated around the community however I cannot find the origin. As the title states, it's about a Tek storage area similar to an Obelisk where you would keep all your dinos rather than having a huge barn for them all and the game having to render the dinos and buildings. It would be Tek tier (maybe defeat 3 main bosses to unlock) and run from a Tek gen. If the gen became unpowered then a dino auto-decay feature would start a countdown timer of 8 hr or so. It could hold up to 500 dinos and you would still have to feed them (very reduced rate). This would allow the structure to be endgame and allow tribes (or solo) to continue playing the game without having to spend over an hour feeding a bunch of egg layers every day. The structure itself could be similar in size to the Ind Forge and as its Tek, have more durability than metal. Obviously, this would become the most fortified area of a base as if this gets destroyed, the dinos inside are gone forever. This introduces an element of risk/reward to using this Tek item especially in PvP but allows players to reduce the footprint they have on a server (think remote/hidden locations). To sum this up; Smaller impact on server performance as less to render Smaller bases being built as no need for huge barns More enjoyable gameplay - can do more than feed dinos now Provides a target to beat Brood, Dragon and Mega (all alpha) Can technically be implemented (similar to obelisk) just need to think of food Most of the player base would welcome such a move if it improves long-term gameplay I understand there are probably thousands of ideas like this and maybe this one has been pitched before but I struggle to see a downside to this? @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz
  11. Livs 30x Boosted for PS4. Unofficial rented server.
  12. Hi, I've been trying to place a tek teleporter on one of our bases and seem to have run in to an issue.. I've done quite a bit of building with tek but this is the first time I've place a teleporter on something besides foundations. I have a 10x10 area of ceilings on pillars (I know I only need an 8x8) and nothing appears to be obstructing the placement (no walls or rocks nearby). Is there a special trick to complete this? I know it is possible, I have a friend do it on his official server just earlier this year. To be fair, the ceilings are on pillars but part of the pillars peak through. Could this be the cause of the issue? Any tips and tricks are welcome, thanks!
  13. zombieslayer237

    tek Tek Compressor Idea

    Hi everyone, I have an idea that would make a pretty good addition to tek tier in Ark. This idea is a Tek Compressor, it would work as a forge but would cook at least 10 metal a second, and also because it uses pressure and element to cook this metal, it wouldn't waste metal like a normal forge would and will cook metal at a 1:1 ratio. Finally, since this is tek it will run on element or element shards with 1 element lasting 10 minutes.
  14. First, sorry for my bad english. Can Someone Share how look Ur design With Tek generator include tek feeding, telepot and clone chamber ( if possible radius 1-4 for cheaper) or just teleport and cloning.. i find some video.. but not got design about that.( i mean them turn on the tek generator with large radius.) or any idea to make it cheaper. ? Thanks guysss.. EDIT: After Searching ,try and some helpfull comment This my Best i think For PVE and Cheaper element . hehe if u get more best,, can share please.. thanks - minus = need make ramp to fill the feeding through / elevator need make ramp/ Fly / elevator to teleport and clone chamber 1 X radius Tek generator. (try at single player) https://imgur.com/a/EMvuBd4
  15. Extinction DLC Dino Discussion I believe they will have the same basic dinos as always but just like scorched and aberration there will be new creatures unique to the dlc my theory is since this is earth and you can clearly see a massive city made from tek that the new creatures will be ai tek based high probability of a tek flyer or glider like the drake or the wyvern from scorched and aberration and also I think there's a good chance we'll get a big tek fighter like the reaper king on aberration just my two cents what are your thoughts
  16. Why don't TEK gens work during thunderstorms when everything else is up and running? Fridges are on, lights are on, I can use my chem bench, even the normal generator, but the "superior alien technology" dies to a little thunder and lightning on the opposite side of the map. Depending on the region of the thunderstorm, the TEK gen should work just like any other power source and if at all only shut down when turbines and regular gens do as well. And there we come to part 2, TEK troughs on SE. As soon as the gen shuts down, they should at least preserve the food inside like a regular trough does. I just had (just once again) a full trough's worth of meat spoil within the few minutes a thunderstorm lasts, because it makes no difference whether I put it in an unpowered through or just throw it on the floor. There is just no sense to it. Life on SE is hard enough with spoil times and rough weather, TEK troughs help A LOT, but they should keep meat and berries/crops fresh just as long as any regular trough does without the TEK gen running. Show a little love for the desert people!
  17. Before I submit a bug report, I want to know if anyone else has experienced this issue. As the title suggests, I have encountered on two different occasions tek structures, that are fueled by element or shards, consuming them every half second. The first structure I noticed this happen to was the tek forcefield so I shut it off completely. I logged in just earlier to find one of my tek generators doing the same thing but with element shards instead, except this time, I turned it off and back on, and now it seems to be working again. I’ve been testing the consumption rates on different radius’s so I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on them, however this issue has only occurred once I’m in render distance, because the initial check of consumption seemed to be around the correct mark then it immediately starts burning through them. I’ve been running with tek generators for the past 3 weeks on my private servers, and this last week has only been an issue. Added info: Nitrado PC unofficial with fuel consumption interval multiplier set to 4x (as its an interval multiplier, increasing the amount prolongs the time in between intervals).
  18. seikatsukira

    Tek Karkinos saddle.

    I would like to see a tek saddle for the crab that allows the rider to command held dinos to attack. Spicifically so I can carry an anky and tell it to mine resrouce nodes with out putting it down. As is the AB boss fight has very little reward and I think it would be nice to up the reward by adding the above mentioned saddle. Oh, and A tek quetz saddle with rocket boosters! Quetz are soo slow, and with the argie TLC have very little use anymore. Lets slap some rocket boosters on those suckers and make people want to use them again.
  19. BlazerRare

    Tek Armor

    So I was woundering how strong is Tek armor is against Turrets of all kind and how strong is it against none tek equipment like guns turrets explosives dinos stuff like that. I have a feeling ima get raided soon and i want to know the best way to defend myself thank you?!?!?!?!?!
  20. seikatsukira

    Possible Tek items

    I would like to see a new tek item, that allows players to upload dinos with no timer on them. These dinos would not be able to be removed from storage at any place besides where they were uploaded. Dinos in storage do not eat, level or lay eggs. Dinos in storage would not count toward server or tribe tame caps, however they can only be removed from storage following these rules. For example if a player stores a dino and the server his the dino limit, that player would not be able to take the dino out of storage until the server was no longer at tame cap. There would be an element cost to upload and download dinos. The new tek item would not require constant power, only the element cost mentioned above. Dinos in the new item would only be lost if the tek item got destroyed.
  21. Hi there, PC platform, PVE does anyone else have the feeling that the element consumption in tek generators was increased in the last week? Usually 1 element in a generator with lowest range lasted up to 26 hours. That would be at least 5 days for a generator. I did a boss fight on last friday evening and filled up the generators. Although only 4 days are gone, 5 element are already used up. Anyone with similar experiences?
  22. The tek helmet's pulse vision is not properly outlining creatures, instead it's ranging from no outlines to pixelated outlines at best. It seems to depends from what angle you're looking at. The railgun has the same issue with it's heat/x-ray vision and making it pretty much unusable. Both on PS4 and PS4 Pro. I found one post with no answers so, is this an acknowledged issue or are there any news for a fix?
  23. @Jatheish @Jen Hi Guys, Do you know if the end game Tek Armour is supposed to protect you from radiation, plant spores and gas balls? Seems like a huge waste of time making these things if it cant do something that the cheaper suits do? Is this something that you are planning on implementing or is it not going to happen. Just to see if I need to dedicate some time to obtaining the full suit for rad protection or can just use the helmet to stop the spores affecting me.
  24. One of my favorite things to do in Ark is creative building. Just to have created an architecturally interesting building, and made it work with Ark’s building physics is a great feeling. I would really love to use Tek tiles more often, when going for a real science-fiction vibe. There’s one big thing that really keeps me from doing so - the colored lights on said tiles. theres nothing wrong with the lights as they are; my only frustration is I will generally change the color of the lights depending the theme I’m going for. But if you’re making a BIG build it’s incredibly tedious even to spray paint the entire thing. And if one of the tiles is accidentally demolished you need to color the newly placed tile again. I’d like to request that once you place a Tek tile, and color it, any new connected Tek tiles adopt the same color - just in their lights. This would would retroactively too - if you build an entire building, and then change the color of the lights on one tile, all connected Tek tiles should reflect that change. i don’t think this should work for any other building tier, or even any other color regions on the Tek tiles. And if you want to restrict it even more, maybe it only works if the new creative mode is activated. But it would really streamline the process of building in the tek tier. i hope this idea makes sense 🙂 thank you for your time!
  25. Wazzamaniac

    Tek rebalance suggestions

    Hello everyone, since the arrival of tek items, I and others have thought most of these items underpowered or falling short of much lower tier items, making them obsolete/gimmicky. Here are a few suggestions, I feel, which would make it worth our time to do bosses. Tek saddles Make tek saddles an armor attachment, like saddle torches, zipline motor or wingsuit. It would then take on the armor of that saddle but have the functionality of the tek version. That way, it would be a much better saddle (45 armor is really weak for the cost) but not be a cheaper alternative to the arguably more costly really high end armors such as for the mosa. I often found myself swimming around on my mosa in the tek saddle, only to switch to ascendant once any threat shows up. Upcoming wyvern tek saddle could stay a standalone item as there is no alternative. Tek armor Currently, a set of apprentice flak armor can beat tek in terms of armor. These items can be found in your standard airdrops, and do not require hundreds of hours of rex breeding. Furthermore, 300 durability lasts ok but requires a replicator to repair, and much more than just ingots. Suggestion: At least double both the armor and durability. Then it would be in line with much more reasonable high tier armors. Tek helmet should act as a gas mask and a scuba mask, and a whole set should give radiation immunity at the same time as the insulation buff. Tek rifle Increase the durability, or make it not losing loads of it when hitting rocks. Currently one burst aimed at the wrong direction breaks it in a few seconds. The recoil needs to be massively reduced, and the shot travel speed increased as well. Damage can remain the same as it is powerful. Tek railgun This new gun from the aberration dlc sounds awesome... But the range is dreadful, I suppose for pvp balance. Suggestion: the range could be tied with the xray. You would be able to toggle "overcharge", which limits the range, turns xray on and enables shooting through walls. When turned off, range should be useable as a sniper rifle and shooting through walls disabled. Tek cloning chamber This structure is often overlooked for the sheer cost of running it, which has been reduced by 40% in the upcoming update. However, most creatures can be bred: this gives them imprinting, costs nothing, and is overall much, much cheaper. unbreedable creatures, like reapers, wyverns and drakes, do not benefit from this because you cannot imprint. The only things I can see that are worth this is an amazing crab, golem of basilisk. My suggestion: when relevant, allow imprint on dinos being cloned. And please, make the phoenix clonable, currently as it doesnt land the cloner does not detect it. Tek vacuum chamber While these seem cool, you need a really high generator range to power the whole thing, making it not that cost efficient. Suggestion: make them act as power conduits, meaning only one vacuum chamber needs to be powered to activate the whole thing, up until a reasonable rangefrom the generator. (Equivalent to a 4-5x generator at the cost of powering a 1x genny? Tek teleporter I really think this should be enabled on aberration. The map is already easy to traverse, it doesnt make it more challening, just inconvenient, and the teleporter would allow for creatively placed bases. Tek shield I personally am never going to use this thing. The durability is minuscule, the 2k or so you get does not compare to the 10+k you get from a strong riot shield. I think it should also activate a mini forcefield that offers some protection from multiple angles, an active ability that could have a cooldown. Or more simply, just buff the durability. Tek transmitter A toggleable "enable bossfights" option. Tek grenade I dont pvp so I dont have experience there, but the tek grenade currently can be outdamaged and outranged by 3 shots with a tek rifle. The grenade costs way more to make than those 3 shots.