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Found 141 results

  1. 1) The island versions of bosses aren’t summoning to Rag (Works according to PC players using long spawn code) This is the only one that works but it's gamma: admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_C. This does nothing: admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C. Neither does this or any version of it: Gorilla_Character_BP_C 2) Rag hard bosses do not unlock all the TEK engrams. They only unlock these engrams. IMAGE
  2. Me and a friend were playing Ark together when we made a Tek Replicator. He gave it to me and i go to place it when i get this message: (it's in the attached file)
  3. So i just build a vacuum base on singleplayer and there is one big issue: If the vacuum base looses power the tek teleporter stops working. Sooo can we please fix that issue? its a rather big one since you know tek teleporters arent cheap. And before anyone recommends a mod to fix that situation: no thanks. i would like the devs to fix that i like it non modded.

    Hello! We worked really hard and now we have just set up tek generator and tek troughs on our SE server. We were so happy and looking forward to breed more easy now because 1 raw meat spoils in 5h! So 1 stack of raw meat should last about 100h! But! Allways need to be but.. Lightning storm effects tek generator like any other electrical structure and that means no power. No power means unpowered tek troughs. And unpowered tek troughs for some reason dont have same spoil timer as normal troughs - they have same timers as players inventory or unpowered fridges.. So I did some "testing" and came to these points: a) When lightning storm is going on you loose 1 raw meat in stack per 3 min. b) You loose aprox 3 raw meat during 8-9 minutes while there is lightning storm. c) Storm timers are a bit random and lowest time that was between two storms is 24 minutes. d) There is optimal 20 raw meat in 1 stack. e) To spoil all 20 meat in stack is needed aprox 6-7 lightnings storm. f) Shortest storm inverval is aprox 35 min. g) Whole stack can spoil in like 4-5h. h) In normal trough 1 raw meat spoils in 12 min, thats 4h for 1 stack. So. If you are unlucky and there comes 6-7 straight lightnings storms your babys could all starve just because you trusted high end game tier. So. If you want to keep your babys 100% alive you need to wake up every 4h, same as with normal trough. So. What is the point of makeing tek trough if you cant sleep all night in peace? Now my "game suggestion": Please use logic and treat tek trough as trough and not as fridge. Make spoil timers when there is no power for tek trough same as normal trough. This would longer the spoil time of full stack of raw meat by 7-8h and with this we could have a bit more of well needed sleep. Thank you for reading. Constuctor
  5. I am currently attempting to set up a Public Teleporter system on my Ragnarok Server, but i am unable to find the Enable Public Transport option on the teleporters, or anything dealing with it for a Game.ini.
  6. New way to imprint

    I think, its about time ark brings a Tek item for imprinting. People, like me, have lives outside of ark and I find that it isn't reasonable to stay raise a giga in 11 days. I believe they should add an item to gain an immediate 100% imprint but the way its incorporated should make it so that the person still has to work equivalent to how long it takes. The way I can see this happening is that you need to grind to get the item. 2 Hard Dragon fights of element but that's only half the grind. The other half is dependent on which Dino you want to imprint. When you put this on a baby Rex 200 vs when you put it on a baby Rex 220 there should be a different cost in element shards. This won't disadvantage the way imprinting is currently being done but it will allow a equivalent that takes probably longer but isn't immediate forcing players to imprint in every four hours, forcing the player to wait so they don't miss the imprint. If this is too easy then how about the fact that you can only use this item once per "Tek impinter" so it isn't a Tek item that is being used infinitely. This is probably one of the best ways to balance ark honestly.
  7. Tek ATVs

    I gotta know is the ATV suppose to just kinda slide around on it's own and make loud crash noises when it finally hits something? Cause idk seems kinda silly that the motor shakes the ATV so badly that it vibrates all over the map...
  8. Prim plus currently does not allow ALL Tek and modern engrams. If the engram is added, placing something like a Tek replicator doesn't work. The player 'consumes' it instead of placing it. This should be a server option, not locked out completely. The engram for many modern engrams also do not get added.(eg scuba tank, electric generator, elevator parts, tranq darts) 1. I should have the freedom to mix both if I want especially if I am the admin and the one paying for the server. I understand that P+ is not meant to have modern engrams or Tek but if I want to add the engrams for a Tek replicator I should be allowed to. It's the way I want to play on my server. 2. There is zero incentive to beat the bosses. 3. No Scorched Earth engrams work using P+. This clashes with the Ragnarok map which allows whips and has resources from SE. Spawning a Tek replicator doesn't work either. Video of me 'consuming' it... video Admins should have full control and power over a server they are paying for.
  9. Item suggestions

    There are some of ideas I would like to suggest: Upgrade of spyglass - Tek binoculars (item is in dev kit). We do have full tek gear but one of "must have" tools is spyglass made of bamboo. I cant imagine not having in on my hot bar. Functions I can appreciate of binoculars to see more than tiny spot in middle of my screen. Just this small detail will make me replace bamboo one. Additionally it may show up wild and tamed dinos stats (super useful for breading and pvp). If you consider it too op then at least incorporate function of magnifying glass into tek binoculars. Upgrade of pickaxe - pneumatic drill With scorched earth we got chainsaw as upgrade of hatched and its great. So why not to upgrade pickaxe into with same math to harvest stone, obsidian, sand, sulfur, salt and metal. Upgrade of torch - petrol lamp its irritating when having riot gear and pull out wooden torch with sad durability. Really acceptable upgrade of this item can be petrol lamp. Same light cone as torch but with significantly bigger durability and powered up by gas. It maybe a bit unnecessary with abrration light creatures if we will be able to move charge into other maps. But anyway. Metal storage Same size as large storage box (with same way to compactly stack it) and with more slots. Vaults are nice but sometimes we need sort items like personal gear or have storage in way smaller room. Its kinda weird when we have full metal bases with ugly wooden storages against walls. Obsidian trophy wall-mount, metal chair and table Lets eradicate wood from metal and tek bases. Please give grinder and fabricator color areas.
  10. New Tek Idea - Fossil Generator

    Had this idea for a while now but never really been bothered to mention it until now. The basic premise of the idea is to collect hard to find fossil shards across the maps using a fossil excavation tool. Each map could have it' own unique dino attached to the fossils in order to some variety. Once enough fossil shards have been collected they can be put into a fossil incubator or chamber where the shards are slowly formed together until the dino is complete. The chamber would have to be powered by a tek generator and also the amount off fossil shards collected will depend on overall level of the complete dino and also how long the fusion process takes. I have no idea on what dinos there could be but they'd Have to be something pretty special and beast in order to make it a worth while process to go through, maybe even have a land, air and sea dino and each once connected to one of the maps. Just an idea and looking for peoples opinions or if anyone else has any good ideas they'd like too share.
  11. Tek Raptor Sadlle

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I miss that raptor. I have him on the back burner while I use my Rex with Laser Beams on that Tek Raid. This got me thinking what if we brought a Tek Raptor but instead of lasers, it gets a tek Run. This will create more variety in raiding and bring a new use to the beginner's dino in late game. This also allows you to get around the map a lot quicker since a raptor is a fast meaning there is a reason to tame a raptor for late game. Pls make it happen.
  12. Ever Since Tek came out. I've always experience this visual glitch when it comes to using the tek helmet in the game. I kinda just ignored it up until now but now its just plain annoying. does anyone else experience this? and how do you Fix it? this is on ps4 and my tv is TCL if that matters.
  13. So Lets Talk About TEK I've logged 2500 hours in Ark, been playing since Day 1. I've been in Mega Tribes, Alphas, Betas, Small Groups, Primitive Groups, Unofficial Tribes. I have now retired to Official PVE to save my poor aging heart. A majority of patches spanning the last 6 months or so has literally *screamed* about a new TEK Item. I can tell you that I've never fired a TEK rifle, or used a TEK trough, Powered my base with a TEK generator or used a TEK saddle. Why? because I now play SOLO PVE and I've never been able to do a boss, not technically true, I play on Official with a very casual friend. More telling is the last 3 servers I've been on, nobody uses TEK, Nobody. Even the last few Mega tribes on PVE not a single soul uses TEK items, simply because it's simpler not to. The risk/reward far outweighs it's usefulness. Sure a TEK generator would be useful but farming and breeding for an extended period of time to potentially bug out or simply lose the medium monkey or easy manticore fight, whereas I can spend a half hour farming oil and fill up my generators to last for weeks. Currently on my server there isn't one teleporter, generator, redundant tek saddle, no one uses the armor and weapons because they are completely superfluous, totally unnecessary. Not only that the sheer amount of planning and breeding is unobtainable for the small-ish tribes and SOLO players that make up the majority of my server. You have alienated a hugh % of your playerbase with an artificially 200ft tall gameplay blocking wall. Wouldn't you want your complete player base to see your hard work? You must have realised by now (although it's not apparent by your consistent focus on this useless TEK) that most of your players don't/can't use it? The only people that seem to be excited about TEK is You Wildcard. Some of the main issues; - How do small tribes and SOLO tribes function and obtain gear on Official especially, although not exclusively on PVE? * We trade items, or we farm a great deal and pay the price for wanting an item we can't get by other means. * Issue: Element Cannot be traded as it cannot be transferred, TEK items can be transferred but can't be built without the engrams. - So we can trade for some of the more useful tek prebuilt items (eg: the transmitter)? * We can't even use this without knowing the engram, and we can't get the engram. So a trade wont work and maybe one of your tribe members has completed the bosses so he can use this but you can't, it's ridiculous. So how do we solve the Issue? A couple of options present themselves. Making the items unuseable without the engrams is an obvious and ever present tactic used by Wildcard as an attempt at blocking off content unless you grind and grind for weeks thus pushing up playtime, but WC it's hurting you more than us. - Let the engrams be learnable as the regular engrams are, maybe at higher cost. Obviously they still require element to build or maintain which keeps boss battles a necessity but doesn't put up a huge wall to content. You don't have to be able to transfer element (which could be a bad idea) but at least then the traded items could be used. This is probably the easiest solution that makes the most sense. - option 2, scale the bosses. IE: really scale them based on the amount of players that enter. So you could enter an arena SOLO and it would scale accordingly, the fight is still challenging but not impossible for a solo player. I'd like to hear your reply @Jatheish @Jen or any other WC dudes. Epilogue: The Game is released now, no more EA, as it stands the hard dragon (now it can ghost through your tames) is just impossible. This is not fun. Remember that concept "fun" back when this was a dinosaur taming game? not a sci fi alien laser beam shooting t-rex game with "mixed" reviews. Cheers Limmy.
  14. New TEK Idea

    I have nothing to say except they need to have a EMP in ark. It would shut down all TEK and other things the use electricity such as generators, turrets, lights so on and so forth it would be a neat concept and if it is implemented well it might be one of the most useful items in raids. I really hope Wild Card might put this in to consideration maybe to help raid alpha tribes. I don't know it just sounds cool. -Dinodev
  15. I've only used the tek teleporter maybe only 2 or 3 times but I've been trying to move my tames from my old base to my new one. The few times I've used the teleporter its been laggy as hell due to loading in the area but now it just made me crash and it no longer wants to work. The only option its giving me is to demolish it..
  16. The fix for SE we all want

    So a well discussed issue by the community is the thunderstorms on SE and the lose of power during these. I haven't seen (unfortunatly) a reply from the devs yet regarding this whether they think about doing something to improve it or don't want to do it at all. Here's a solution that works out for everybody in my opinion. - Have manticore Hard unlock the Tek Lightning Rod. Or Tek cooler. This item can be attached to the electricity network which will prevent shutdown during thunder storms. The same for the Tek cooler that can be an add-on to the normal or tek generator which will prevent it from degrading. For PvP have a 1/25 chance during that either of these items will break and degrade to dust, for PvE have them permanent without degradation. Let me know what you guys think
  17. So we're running on a poopty CPU and can't possibly run 4 maps just for the players to get tekgrams. Is it possible to change the tekgram unlocks on bosses like with DinoDropInventoryComponent that we use to change boss-loot (increased element)? Open to all and any suggestions on how to give players the possibility to unlock all tek engrams without me being an active admin.
  18. Having an alliance on a PVE server has too little benefits, basicly only chat and building close. Here some suggestions; Make tek teleporter usable by other players (alliance) Unlike other structures the teleporter has no menu to lock/unlock or set a pincode for anyone else to use. For the teleporter it would be awesome to cross travel from ur own teleporter to alliance ones. Unlocking other structures (doors, tek doors, any crafting structures) for alliance members or for certain players. The current way of using pin codes is bugged, have to retype pin up to 10 times sometimes eventho its correct. Alliance dino sharing, riding / taming etc.
  19. Just thought it'd be awesome to have a tek Paracer saddle, that covers the user, so you can tank bullets, and allows you to fire projectiles at tek turrets/enemies. As for the tek cannon, it'd be a great addition to platform saddles for raiding, and or taming titanosaurs/rock golems.
  20. Sooo...Tek Katana?~

    Been wanting a different weapon for melee fighters forever now. Im a brawler at heart. I like being hands on with my melee weapons, but sadly the swords arent that strong. I want something with more punching power so i can run down alpha rexs all by my self lmao. Even though i put alot into melee i wanna fight them bear handed lmao
  21. New Tek and metal age ideas!

    Here's some of my ideas for new Tek items! I may put the ideas from commenters on this thread (I will add name) If I completely mess up any Dino names, do tell! saddles: (Note, these are to sound like dossiers, do not take them as overpowered as they sound!) ----------------flyers------------ pterodactyl Tek saddle: two high-rate of fire plasma emiters allowing your tribe to doiminate the sky's! With the added benefit of plasma accelerators, acting as an afterburner speeding up your mount! Adds extra armor. pterodactyl jet saddle: Two chain guns allowing your tribe to engage in intense dogfighting, along with after burners and increased arnor and manuverbility. argentavis Tek saddle: two plasma pods, firing powerful plasma blasts causing small explosions effective against large groups of small Dino's. Along with wing mounted anti-gravity lifts, increasing weight and lowering stamina drain. argentavis attack saddle: two rocket pods, causing decent damage. Adds armor. (yes I know, there already is a tapejara saddle) tapejara Tek saddle: add a plasma chain gun to the back for secondary gunner, making the tapejara a force to be reckoned with. tapejara attack saddle: adds a mount machine gun onto the back of the tapejara, for rear passengers use. quetzal Tek saddle: this saddle farther cements the quetzals place in tribe warfare by adding a high power plasma bombardment bay, these powerful blasts of plasma will decimate structures. Quetzal bomber saddle: This saddle adds a bomb bay, this inaccurate but powerful weapon may kill more than the enemy, be careful! dimorphodon Tek saddle: this saddle completely changes the use of the dimorphodon, equipping it with a camera, and a advanced technology that connects the survivor and the dimorphodon, giving the player control! With the added bonus of the ability to be mounted with explosives! This will give your tribe the ability to take out targets with extreme stealth! -----------------herbivores--------------- bronto saddle: a large ion cannon, stunning Dino's and electrictronics in an area. trike saddle: This saddle adds powerful ion accelerators and a hard energy sheild to the front of of the trike, alowing the trike to accelerate and charge at massive, dealing massive damage. Unfortunately, this boost costs much (what's the Tek fuel again?) and may land your trike in a dangerous location. doedicurus saddle: this powerful saddle will increase attack damage of the doedicurus to stone, while increasing carrying capacity. carbonemys saddle: This useful saddle activates a small bubble sheild around the turtle whenever it is in its shell. It has limited hit points however. Stegosaurus saddle: thought the stegosaurus was useless? Not anymore. This saddle increases the attack damage of the stego with powerful plasma blades in its tail. It also adds, increased speed, weight, unlimited stamina and alows the stego to survive underwater. The stego will be your trusty, everywhere and everything you need mount. Parasaur saddle: you will never laugh at a parasaur running into battle again. This powerful saddle adds a powerful plasma spray gun. (Tek anti air) this weapon will deter all air by draining stamina and dealing small damage. This parasaurs small size and fast speed will allow it to stealthy keep to sky's clear for your tribe! diplocaulus saddle: Are the other tribes of the ark still not avoiding the air after your parasaur saddle? Well fear not! This saddle adds an powerful plasma AA battery, with heat seeking plasma burst and high rate of fire plasma emitters. Dodo: do you think you've ever feared the dodo? Now you will. This powerful plasma shotgun mounted in the back of our trusty egg laying friend will decemate small Dino's and players. Added bonus of jump boost, increased movement speed and health. ankylosaurus saddle: This powerful saddle transforms your trusty metal farming mount into a devastating siege weapon, causing increased damage to structures and adds the ability to damage Metal and Tek structures! Adds extra health. chalicotherium saddle: adds a powerful plasma mortar, firing large slow plasma balls at slow rates of fire to damage high targets, exact coordinates are needed for this powerful gun to fire. gallimimus saddle: This saddle adds a massive speed boost to the galli, with a high rate of fire plasma emitter allowing for a passenger to deal with threats while on the run. gigantopithecus "armor": this gives your trusty ape a set of its own tek armor, allowing it to do everything you can, but better! A mind control device can be implanted to give you the ability to control the superior armor and plasma rifle! -------------------Carnivores--------------- terror bird saddle: this useful saddle launchs the terror Bird into the air with a burst from its Plasma accelerators, can only be used while terror bird in on the ground. Add benefit of increased stanima, damage and health. Raptor saddle: A cloaking device, allowing the Raptor to sneekly attack targets with ease. Adds speed bonus. plumoscorpious saddle: A bubble sheild, protecting the scorpion from attack and A Tek stun ray, a powerful beam which knocks out Dino's! With the added passive bonus of wall climbing! allosaurus saddle: plasma emitting tears sheaths, causing massive melee damage. carnotaurus saddle: Tek nano bot dispenser, this weapon raises torpor, lowers health, stamina and attack power. Cementing the Carlos reputation of being ugly and dangerous. spinosaurus saddle: Ion water acceleration jets, these powerful engines increase the spinos swims speed. Plasma cannon, this slow firing cannon may not be as powerful as the ones mounted on the rex or giga, but it can still to decent damage if you have the surprise advantage! sarco saddle: Ion water acceleration jets, these powerful engines increase the sarcos swims speed. i am still working on this post, suggestions will help. I will add the water Dino's soon! please add suggestions below! -A lowly console peasant.
  22. Can you get Tek armor in Ragnagrok

    I play on a private Ragnagrok server and we want to know if we can get Tek armor and other Tek things without having to go to another map.
  23. Tek Mutator

    Something alot of people (myself included) wanted since Tek tier was even ever announced was a device to create hybrids of your dinos. Although i never could see this happening because they'd have to make dino models for every possible combination of creatures, which would be hundreds. I was thinking instead, there's a tek device that mutates an egg or baby with element, creating a mutated version with different attributes. Maybe something typically too small to ride is now much bigger. Maybe a Rex could now breathe fire, like a wyvern. This way, they'd only have to make another model for each creature rather than dozens. This obviously would need some work a good bit after all the main issues and content has been taken care of. Thoughts?
  24. Pheonix & New Tek gear

    So WC's launch announcement from tuesday stated that later this week the pheonix as well as new tek gear would be coming. It's saturday, week's almost over and i haven't seen anyone say anything about it, does anyone have any info on the release date as well as what this new tek gear is? Wyvern armor or? Thanks. P.s. if your just gonna whine about WC being late or that your unhappy, don't bother posting. Don't need your BS here, thank you very much.
  25. Overuse of TEK in marketing

    I have noticed with the release of the Official Launch trailer especially there appears to be an overemphasis on TEK gear. While I know the update trailers have featured TEK a lot recently which is expected since that is what's new and coming out. However with the release of the Official Launch trailer which contained about 70 percent TEK related gameplay. You have to wonder what kind of game Studio Wildcard is trying to sell to people, a survival game or a sci - fi power armour FPS. This is just a thought I had and felt like I had to share.