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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 155 results

  1. @Jatheish @Jen Hi Guys, Do you know if the end game Tek Armour is supposed to protect you from radiation, plant spores and gas balls? Seems like a huge waste of time making these things if it cant do something that the cheaper suits do? Is this something that you are planning on implementing or is it not going to happen. Just to see if I need to dedicate some time to obtaining the full suit for rad protection or can just use the helmet to stop the spores affecting me.
  2. Just discovered after farming the Element for a set of Tek Teleporters and the Generators to run at each location, trying to teleport tames from the mainland into an underwater bubble results in them jumping directly to the surface. Complete waste of Element. Kind of a pricey learning experience...any chance this will be looked into?
  3. One of my favorite things to do in Ark is creative building. Just to have created an architecturally interesting building, and made it work with Ark’s building physics is a great feeling. I would really love to use Tek tiles more often, when going for a real science-fiction vibe. There’s one big thing that really keeps me from doing so - the colored lights on said tiles. theres nothing wrong with the lights as they are; my only frustration is I will generally change the color of the lights depending the theme I’m going for. But if you’re making a BIG build it’s incredibly tedious even to spray paint the entire thing. And if one of the tiles is accidentally demolished you need to color the newly placed tile again. I’d like to request that once you place a Tek tile, and color it, any new connected Tek tiles adopt the same color - just in their lights. This would would retroactively too - if you build an entire building, and then change the color of the lights on one tile, all connected Tek tiles should reflect that change. i don’t think this should work for any other building tier, or even any other color regions on the Tek tiles. And if you want to restrict it even more, maybe it only works if the new creative mode is activated. But it would really streamline the process of building in the tek tier. i hope this idea makes sense 🙂 thank you for your time!
  4. Tek rebalance suggestions

    Hello everyone, since the arrival of tek items, I and others have thought most of these items underpowered or falling short of much lower tier items, making them obsolete/gimmicky. Here are a few suggestions, I feel, which would make it worth our time to do bosses. Tek saddles Make tek saddles an armor attachment, like saddle torches, zipline motor or wingsuit. It would then take on the armor of that saddle but have the functionality of the tek version. That way, it would be a much better saddle (45 armor is really weak for the cost) but not be a cheaper alternative to the arguably more costly really high end armors such as for the mosa. I often found myself swimming around on my mosa in the tek saddle, only to switch to ascendant once any threat shows up. Upcoming wyvern tek saddle could stay a standalone item as there is no alternative. Tek armor Currently, a set of apprentice flak armor can beat tek in terms of armor. These items can be found in your standard airdrops, and do not require hundreds of hours of rex breeding. Furthermore, 300 durability lasts ok but requires a replicator to repair, and much more than just ingots. Suggestion: At least double both the armor and durability. Then it would be in line with much more reasonable high tier armors. Tek helmet should act as a gas mask and a scuba mask, and a whole set should give radiation immunity at the same time as the insulation buff. Tek rifle Increase the durability, or make it not losing loads of it when hitting rocks. Currently one burst aimed at the wrong direction breaks it in a few seconds. The recoil needs to be massively reduced, and the shot travel speed increased as well. Damage can remain the same as it is powerful. Tek railgun This new gun from the aberration dlc sounds awesome... But the range is dreadful, I suppose for pvp balance. Suggestion: the range could be tied with the xray. You would be able to toggle "overcharge", which limits the range, turns xray on and enables shooting through walls. When turned off, range should be useable as a sniper rifle and shooting through walls disabled. Tek cloning chamber This structure is often overlooked for the sheer cost of running it, which has been reduced by 40% in the upcoming update. However, most creatures can be bred: this gives them imprinting, costs nothing, and is overall much, much cheaper. unbreedable creatures, like reapers, wyverns and drakes, do not benefit from this because you cannot imprint. The only things I can see that are worth this is an amazing crab, golem of basilisk. My suggestion: when relevant, allow imprint on dinos being cloned. And please, make the phoenix clonable, currently as it doesnt land the cloner does not detect it. Tek vacuum chamber While these seem cool, you need a really high generator range to power the whole thing, making it not that cost efficient. Suggestion: make them act as power conduits, meaning only one vacuum chamber needs to be powered to activate the whole thing, up until a reasonable rangefrom the generator. (Equivalent to a 4-5x generator at the cost of powering a 1x genny? Tek teleporter I really think this should be enabled on aberration. The map is already easy to traverse, it doesnt make it more challening, just inconvenient, and the teleporter would allow for creatively placed bases. Tek shield I personally am never going to use this thing. The durability is minuscule, the 2k or so you get does not compare to the 10+k you get from a strong riot shield. I think it should also activate a mini forcefield that offers some protection from multiple angles, an active ability that could have a cooldown. Or more simply, just buff the durability. Tek transmitter A toggleable "enable bossfights" option. Tek grenade I dont pvp so I dont have experience there, but the tek grenade currently can be outdamaged and outranged by 3 shots with a tek rifle. The grenade costs way more to make than those 3 shots.
  5. Right here!!! Check us out! WAR ZONE PVP CLUSTER!! We keep it bloody in the WZ,we want your tribe big,well defended and agressive! We host daily events and allow you to choose your prizes so as to provide you what you need to be competitive We put an emphasis on organized and scheduled PvP so you can expect to enjoy all your hard work.Offline raid protection through the week, We remove O.R.P. for the "bloody weekend" 4 servers in the cluster with plenty of places to build! Server names: WAR ZONE (RAGNAROK) WAR ZONE ISL (The Island) WAR ZONE CENTER (The Center) WAR ZONE ABERRATION FEATURING:Daily Events Indoor PvP arena Outdoor PvP arena Death Maze FREE ADMIN HOSTED BOSS FIGHTS Naval warfare arena Fishing Dock Server store & currency THIS is an adult 18+ community with a zero tolerance policy on whining Password protected so no random trolls Lots of tribes recruiting in server There are not many rules in the WZ,but the community has a unique way of dealing with folks who demonstrate a lack of class and or sportsmanship.pick on small tribes and fresh spawns you expect to be hunted to extinction. Don't get me wrong,We have some extremely talented PVP players in server and most of us are downright bloodthirsty savages,I'm simply saying you will have the chance to build up and we all believe in online PVP. You can expect to be REWARDED HEAVILY for being a loyal WZ player or recruiting new players and tribemembers. WZ will NOT CHANGE OR WIPE.The servers are prepaid and will not shut down prematurely For admission and more details check out our FB community. YOU MUST SIGN PINNED POST FOR THE PW https://www.facebook.com/groups/303448136721892/ In closing.....That's what I'm offering,a community! This is more than just a cluster of servers,we are attempting to break the mold of ark's "salty pvp" and give folks a chance to have fun for an extended period of time. JOIN US!
  6. Improving Tek helmet

    Hello, Actually Tek helmet is very good, but it has some fews things to improve to be "logic" with his actual abilities : - underwater vision should be the same than Scuba mask : even i've full tek gear, i still prefer to get underwater with scuba due to the bad vision of tek gear underwater - should act like a gas mask. The tek helmet already protecting against dilo's venom, disease leech, so why in swamp cave we still get hurt? No sense. - should act like sand glass.
  7. Tek Vacuum?

    How about a Tek Vacuum that you carry around to pick up eggs/feces quicker easier. It would have a carrying capacity and get weight bonus to eggs/feces as well, and cost element to run.
  8. Tek Sword Bug

    Everytime I restart my non-dedicated server, my Tek sword turns into a 'Primitive Sword.' I cant use the dash and the charge percentage goes into the thousands. Any fixes or is this just another one of the many unfixed bugs.
  9. Rock drake tek saddle re-work

    In my opinion, the tek saddle for the rock drake should have more than just lasers, or something different than just lasers. My idea was that the tek saddle "boosts" the rock drake during flight, virtually allowing it to fly instead of gliding (however, this will burn up element over time). And as well as that, to go in conjunction with that the saddle will also allow the drake to jump to a wall/ceiling from a much further distance. I just kinda feels right for this to be included in the saddle in my opinion.
  10. So i play on ps4 and we have a lot less "keys" to press so the tek helmet modes toggles on triangle.... On triangle you RIDE, Access inventory and Light fire. So when i want to Hold the triangle on a turret to change the settings THE HELMET TOGGLES And cancels my "Hold triangle for more". Please ARK add a Diffrent key to toggle OR just have a button in the settings to REMOVE the function!
  11. I’m playing on the island, and my friend transferred from a different server and gave me a basilisk. I buried it in the ground and now I can’t unbury it!!! I believe the only way I am now able to get it out, is with the help of ARK support or if I could somehow transfer it into the ARK data by using a term transmitter. Since it is not able to move, take damage, or get knocked out, I am seeking someone out there to please help a guy out or have any advice on how to get it usable again.
  12. Unraidable Base

    Does anybody know how to raid a base That covers herbivore island? Its a full Tek base and its Got 100s of tek turrets and It is classified as unraidable, But does anybody have any idea on how it can be raided?
  13. Brand new server! Be the first to build up, no established tribe yet!!! Horseman's Sanctuary Boosted taming, gather, breeding, and xp. It is boosted to a point where you will easily be able to farm and level and breed but it's not insta-everything. Tek engrams unlock as you level up! Element can be found in red drops. And speaking of drops, ALL other color drops are custom with a pool of 80+ items dropped at random color-tier quality with random quantity. Aberration dinos are coded into this Ragnarok map: light pets and crabs along the beaches roll rats and glow bugs in redwoods, and a few other surprises in the swamps! Admin team provides a minimum of 3 events weekly. Please join the discord for your starter pack, event schedule, rules, and to connect with us. I intend to add more maps (center, island, and aberration) to the cluster in the next few weeks, once the population grows. discord.gg/nCCMeEA Note: this is a PVP server but the admin team provides protection for PVE members... Only ask that the PVE tribes donate time to assist with server events and maintenance. This server is ran by a professional team with combined over 3000 hours in Ark between the three admins.
  14. Everything about Aberration A-Z.

    *To be continued* Welcome to the Aberration Omega Index ~ Thanks to DemonAteHer or mostly known as "Mickey" on official servers. Let me start this by saying.. This is not a map to start up on, as i will explain the one too many dangerous things/zones to be aware of. I will briefly explain what i will include. The best ways to "Don't be too critical as these are my opinions and what i see best" harvest/collect the following: Resources through tames, tames, kibbles, imprints, Drake eggs, zones and how to encounter them safely, loot crates, and how to critically transfer TEK engrams/replicator for using the engrams attained by defeating Rock Well. "Don't quote me on this, but i still believe you need the replicator to make the engrams achieved by defeating Rock Well. As I'm working towards going Alpha Rock Well on a one time boss fight for all the engrams." As most people know once you have gotten yourself a Reaper, Drake and a Basiliskos. "Won't include Karkinsos, because i personally hate them but you need them". There is not much to do but chain breed and build an omega base. So I'll start this by enlisting the best ways of attaining resources. Resources "Stone" Stone is much easier when using a Doedicurus & Karkinsos for transport. A couple ravagers on follow would help boost the amount of stones collected pet run, also note that ravagers half down the weight of anything but ingots. "Wood" Wood is best harvested with a Roll Rat & a couple of ravagers on follow. "Thatch" Ah.. Most people have a problem here but fear no more. Use the wood achieved with the help of the Roll Rat to convert it to thatch. You could also use a Karkinos to transport an Ankylo for thatch harvesting. If none of the above is available use a ravager and do not dismount whilst hatching down those trees with a pick. "Oil & Black Pearls" I left these two together because i believe the best method for oil has the black pearls around the oil nodes. Oil can be collected at "The Surface" or "The Island located at the bottom of the spine around the purple river". The surface has three entrances of which all include oil but not as much as the island. The surface is a dangerous zone with reaper spawns and close to no time for mining enough oil before the scorching sun gets you. The island located at the bottom of the spinal cords has the most oil and the only black pearl source as i have seen. Another alternative which you should always have is the classical "Dung Beetle" method. That never gets old.. They wander around at Blue Zone. "Silica Pearls" I will start this by saying get an Angler Fish as it's worth the tame. Now you might wander how do i transfer this Angler to other areas with a lot of pears? Ah.. Now you see ARK added a new fish basket, once tamed set it on follow or move it towards the basket and press E on the basket. Then move towards the location you want to unleash the Angler Fish and release that pearl wrecking machine. Alternative is hand picking which i do not suggest unless it's x2 and if you're too lazy on the Angler. "Obsidian & Polymer" Right so you need a lot of polymer i see? Get yourself a strong tame a Megalo/Spino/Reaper/Drake/Ravager. Bare in mind if you have a ravager make sure you're under the Karkinsos and that you're attacking it fast enough for it not to be able to dismount you. There you have it a ton of organic polymer. You could also get a lot of Achatina's down at Blue Zone and you won't get as much polymer as paste "not worth the polymer. Obsidian spawns in Blue Zone, The Island and the Surface. It's not worth as you could just attain the polymer through crabbo with no grabbos." "Cementing Paste" Dont we all just love collecting chitin? Hah, thought so.. Get a bunch of snails folks and you have 60 pastes an hour at each Achatina "Snail", keep in mind they store up to 100 paste only. For instance 10 of them would produce 1000 paste in an hour 40 mins. Then just repeat or get a bunch of chitin use the stone methods enlisted and there you go a bunch of cementing paste. "Crystals" "Element Ore" "Gems" "Gas Veins" *To be continued*
  15. I have been thinking about the painting of dinos and I don't understand why the option to paint regions, or be able to select regions is unavailable. I think one of the reasons servers are overpopulated is because people like to collect their favorite color in most of the cases. I mean, part of the overpopulated servers are just people having HUGE bases with all the colors of dinos they cant use and only keep for the color. I mean, the current paint your dino on official is pretty bad...a brush that paints squareish, inaccurate placement, and some colors dont stick... I vote for a petition to make the painting better! what are your thoughts my fellow arkadians
  16. I think it would be cool. If it's not possible, maybe a Tek Rad Suit compatible with gliders? Don't judge me please, I'm just a dreamer!
  17. Tek Rex Saddle Damage

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how the damage works on a tek rex saddle. Like me and my tribe play on a boosted server and during a raid, we noticed the enemy tek saddle was doing way more damage than ours. How do we increase this damage. We had the same problem with tapejara's actually too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Tek Doors/Gates Access

    Tek is the pinnacle of what humanity can accomplish, why is it unable to distinguish between allies and foes? Add an option to Tek Doors and Gates to 'allow allies', or give us an option to set a list of trusted players on gates. PINs for automatic doors just feel clunky. If a dinosaur can figure out it is allowed to eat from a specific trough owned by an ally, and turrets can be programmed to ignore allies, I don't see the disconnect. The gates already say 'Allow Authorized Players', so there's no reason not to allow authorization to be given. Perhaps set an option for tribe-only, authorized players or allies (the former for a list that must be maintained, the latter linked to the alliance system), and all players (for those generous enough to create noob shelters on PvE.). Thanks for your time.
  19. Tek Rail Gun

    Anybody know if the tek rail gun deals damage to generators, I have no other way to test without showing the server I own one
  20. So I haven't really seen anything about anyone beating dragon yet, We have beat it on easy but I really wanna try for hard here, since Tek teleporters are pretty essential for abbeartion lol, so I was wondering has anyone got any stats for beating Dragon hard on new cluster official?
  21. I run a private dedicated server for myself and two friends. We like to start fresh on each new map we play on, because the leveling journey is part of the fun. I literally run one map at a time. So now I run into a problem. I currently have an Aberration server. None of the characters has any of the tek grams. I would like to do the boss for said tek grams because it would be a really cool reward. Rockwell, however, only gives a couple of tek engrams. How do I make it so that the rest of the tek engrams unlock upon boss kill? Or is there another way to do this? I tried unlocking other engrams using the formula, and that didn't work, so I'm not confident at all at unlocking the engrams for everyone. Does spawning in the bosses actually count towards unlocking the engrams? UPDATE: I just tried spawning in a broodmother into a single player game, and the thing immediately disappears. Any ideas or help on this matter would be appreciated.
  22. Hey there is it possible to add in the options that the tribe and allianz can use the teleporter? Becouse the public options is to dangerous for to use on pvp server. Greetings
  23. If you go outside the render area the game crashes with the following message. LowLevelFatalError [File:C:\SVN_Ark\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\Obj.cpp] [Line: 98] Renaming an object (TekLightEmitter_C /Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/TheIsland.TheIsland:PersistentLevel.TekLightEmitter_C_5) on top of an existing object (TekLightEmitter_C /Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/TheIsland.TheIsland:PersistentLevel.DESTROYED_TekLightEmitter_C_CHILDACTOR_8) is not allowed After removal you have to restart the system so that the shader cache is reseted. 01.01-20.25.20.crashstack Dump1532885136.dmp
  24. Enhanced Magnifying Glass

    It would be cool to have an advanced magnifying glass thats either fabricated/advanced tier or tek tier. It would be nice if it allowed us from a range to see health, torpor, oxygen and maybe other stats too, i just think that as long as the magnifying glass has been in the game it should have gotten an advanced version by now because let me tell ya, getting face to face with a reaper/giga is not a very "survival" based tactic...all in favor?
  25. Aberration Tek Idea

    This post may have already been made so sorry if it has been, but I feel it needs to be addressed: WC really in my view dropped the ball on how tek could have been used on Aberration and I know there are plenty of people who agree and before I get jumped on, yes I know you can use a tek Suit and swim in the Element water to regain your suits power. Im going to do an idea tree here with pros and cons on what each tek item would be useful for (PRO) And then what it would take to Maintain or the negatives (Cons). Heres how I think it should have be utilized on this map: Tek ForceField: Its a forcefield it should do forcefield type things lol Pros: Can Be placed on the Surface for Protection against the Sun. Prevents Structure and player/Dino Dmg when under it. Cons: Constantly takes Dmg over time. Requires a full new Forcefield to replace Every time the other is destroyed. Constant Element needed to feed the Focefield as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tek Vacuum Compartment: Disclaimer-I have never seen in my 3k plus hours of playing official PVP in an Alpha tribe anyone use these so its time to give them a use. Pros: Protects against all BioHazards and Airborne Contaminates Allows for being "Suit Free" while inside Cons: Requires a Tek Generator with a constant source of Element to keep turned on. Like the Forcefield over a long period of time the structures take dmg from the Radiation and need to be fixed. Reaper Queen (If in the Area) Can Dmg the structures as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tek Suit (Full): Although fun to use and make in official Its extremely rare to ever see someone in a tek suit on the battlefield let alone going out to use it for fun. Pros: Can be over charged in the Element pools * Upgraded and final version of the BioHazard suit (Its an oxygen mask in the regular servers so not to far of a stretch.) Cons: Requires Element to make the suit (Obviously lol) When in radiation zones just like using the suit regularly, it takes more element to power the suit to keep you alive on top of the element it takes just to run the suit. *Suit over charge in Element pools should give a suit energy buff to the suit where no element drains for a set period time, at the cost of a heavy hit to the durability of the suit ,so to many dips equals a broken suit. Tek is supposed to be end game material in which you use because its better than everything else. And while the structures like walls and foundations and turrets are used a lot of the other stuff goes by the wayside as more of a novelty rather than a utilized tool for endgame work. Im trying to give ideas on what they could be used for in Aberration. There are other Tek items that could be changed as well, but Ill add that later when I come up with better ways to implement them, Id like to keep this a civil and interesting discussion and if you agree with my view by all means say so, if you don't tell me what you think should change, or if you have your own ideas please add them to this thread so hopefully it can be heard.