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Found 199 results

  1. Does anyone have a clue when 2x starts this weekend?????????
  2. The aberrant otters won't accept aberrant salmon when you attempt to feed and tame them. Bringing an ab salmon to the otter just yields the "Drag a fish to feed" message despite the fish being in hand. Is there a line of code somewhere that maybe has aberrant otters eating regular salmon and not aberrant salmon? It would be nice to get full efficiency on these guys! Thanks! Edited to clarify: This isn't a taming cap issue. Aberrant Otters will gladly accept Aberrant Coelacanths and Aberrant Piranha, just not Aberrant Salmon. The second a salmon is brought to it, you get the "drag a fish" dialogue as if you were empty handed.
  3. So it takes ages to tame herbivores without kibble, so why not implement that the herbivores can be tamed on veggie cake the same way raw mutton does carnivores. just a thought Wildcard...
  4. My trike has not been able to collect berries all day. The resource gather option is enable and i have no idea what to do.
  5. How do I tame a roll rat?

    I know you have to use honey, but how do you tame them? I also don't think that you need to knock them out, but I might be wrong.
  6. Otters aren't breeding, how can I fix this?????

    Hi, I'm playing the abberation update on Xbox One and for the past 20 mins I have been trying to breed two Otters. I have them in a 1x1 thatch house and both on wander. But they keep on walking away and stop mating and then have to restart. I have gotten them up to 97 percent but never had babys. Is there a way I can get them to breed as they currenttly aren't? Thank's for any help in advance.
  7. Featherlight egg kibble

    Title. How the hell do you make featherlight egg kibble, i've been putting tons of stuff in the cooker to no avail. HALP
  8. Brand new cluster looking for players! NewAge Cluster 10x No Admin Long Term, prepaid for a full year. Currently have Ragnarok and Aberration maps, will be adding Island and Scorched Earth soon. Fresh start on both maps! 10x Taming, XP, Gather, Hatching 20x Maturing Player stats x2, weight x10 Loot x3 Food/Water drain .5 Zero Admin Abuse. No ORP. Rules are simple, don't be a sausagehead griefer. No blocking obelisks/artifavts. Otherwise, have fun! It's PVP! For any info, PSN message Eternal_Flux or Penny-Omega. To join search "NewAge" NewAge Aberation No Admin 10x Cluster Long Term NewAge Ragnarok No Admin 10x Cluster Long Term
  9. I have spent several days and reached out through different locations and am trying to find the answer to my question... I'm currently hosting a personal PS4 server for my friends and myself and we were wondering.. on the PS4 dedicated server of ark what is the server limit for tamed dinos? All my research points to the pc version being 5,500, but that's the pc.
  10. After server restart Bulbdog's wont be tamed. Gave them one mushroom after the server restart, now it wont have any more then the one mushroom I gave it after the restart.
  11. UPDATE Messed up TAMING?!

    I don’t know what changed but I tried to tame a 150 dire bear yesterday and 25 honey only got it to 78 percent!? I thought x2 was taking effect which should have brought it down to 12 l honey req. what happened?
  12. You see when you play ark it takes alot of time. Also you have to miss alot of sleep time it can really effect your life in many different ways. The time for taming on the Therinosaurus is just ridiculous 25hrs?(that what I've heard, don't quote me on it.) For raising a baby it takes like 2-3 days to raise a baby wyvern it's ridiculous(once again) and I have missed alot of sleep because of this so if you could please change it or take out the host barrier that would be amazing if you see this and if you do change it thanks (P.S DONT FLAME ME THANKS)
  13. Taming tips

    I have a dedicated server for my brother and I, we are trying to complete the game on the Island. I'm currently trying to find high level dinos to tame. We have maximum difficulty checked in the server settings, the highest wild dino lvl is 150 i think. I live in smugglers pass, because it has a lot of spawns around it and its near resources. I'm trying to tame some lvl 125 or higher rexes to breed. I've gone around on my spino killing any low level rexes to spawn more. I've only seen one rex higher then lvl 100, I tamed but it died a bit later from an alpha carno. Is there any tricks to find high level rexes on the island map? Also I'm looking to tame a high level Yutyrannus. Whenever I find a high level one I can't get close to it. It's carno buddys swarm me. I'm thinking about to make a taming pen on a raft, but the high level ones spawn in the deep winter. Any tips to tame a Yuty? Is there any good places to farm for good loot? I tried a cave but my lvl 170 saber and I got destroyed instantly. Thanks all
  14. SlimPhoenix Ark Tutorial/Let's Play

    Hello fellow Survivors, I am getting my YouTube channel started back up again with an Ark tutorial/let's play. Come check out my content and don't forget to view, like, and subscribe! Shooting for 10,000 views. Come join the fun! Channel link below. Thanks in advance! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHpp4R5Jr50ABpYvSZ_kkQg
  15. Boss Battles

    Just wondering if any1 can tell me roughly what kind of stats my rex's need for easy/medium boss's on rag. I'm a solo player so I'm also looking for some people to do the fights with
  16. Hello all! Hopefully someone can help. I am on the ragnarok map on Ark and I tamed a high level wild Therizinosaurus. I did do a berry tame After tame I jumped on my new beast and it seems his torpor rises like crazy. This was four hours after taming him. When i get off of him his torpor will drop to 3 and then raise sometimes to 16. I will say I did ride him at night. Any suggestions on how to fix this or is it a bug?
  17. Giga question

    Please give info recently been taming gigas. On official. Tamed a 95 male and 140 male. Do all gigas wake up with the same melee? I know the health gets nerfed but if that’s the case how do you ever get to 250 melee gigas? Do you have to breed 1,000 times to get there or can you get decent melee gigas through taming?
  18. Hiya Anyone has a list of upcoming events like every weekend ? e.g Dates and buffs x2 or x3
  19. Hey Devs, I'd like you to reconsider the taming mechanism for Troodons. While I don't mind sacrificing Tames in general, the Value you need to sacrifice to tame an even low level troodon is (sorry to say) outrageous in comparison to what you recieve for it. I just don't see why I should feed this critter hours upon hours of taming work to recieve a dilo sized raptor, that is stronger during nights and weaker during days. Yes, its special ability is neat, but outweighed by far by the effort you have to put in to get the critter. If you'd tone that down to say one level 50 Dodo per Troodon level (and of cause equivalently less for other, more powerful sacrifices) I'd say "okay, that's worth the effort", but the way it is now - nah, thanks. Thanks for considering!
  20. Taming issue

    I was taming a level 110 male mosasaur on ark official pvp (not legacy) on Xbox, the server crashed along with many other servers and by the time I could get back on around 2-3 hours later the mosa was gone along with over 1 thousand narcotics my friend who was with my had died and lost all of his gear now we don't have a mosa and high level ones are very hard to find on the island map.
  21. Server 45 the island official 255 ping.

    Thank you for the failed support of the couple of months we have been posting for server (45) issues, we still have it in good amount of 155 pings, rollback disconnects, almost unplayable weekends (x2? what is that we cannot even breed or tame without lagging out). The server is running worse then a legacy server and the server is not even crowded, this is a new server one that is added last it is unbelievable that there is not a solution for this. (and no this is not caused by turrets)
  22. Not sure which section to put this, but I tried taming a wild 150 phoenix with another phoenix (as pretty much all their attacks do fire damage) in singleplayer to test the efficiency of a tamed one vs a fire wyvern. Turns out, they're not bad at all. The dash attack (spacebar) sets targets on fire by grazing them and can outrun the wild phoenix, but there is a problem. Contrary to what the wiki says, where they will never lose taming efficiency no matter what, the wild phoenix lost efficiency pretty much proportional to the taming progress, meaning that it would have ended in 0 efficiency. Not only that, but the bite attack I believe actually reduced taming progress (6,2->5,2), which, again, should not happen. Fireball doesn't do anything from what I can gather. This might be an oversight, but I think actually having a phoenix should make all subsequent tamings easier to deal with (sort of like it's kibble!) as it's already excrutiatingly long to tame even a low level one, they can't be cloned or bred. But it appears that won't work, as their fire attacks make the target lose efficiency or progress even depending on the attack. Thanks for listening.
  23. Hello! Me and my friend have made an ark server. we are making this server for making ark a better place. everyone is welcome to join. we are going to have events and other things on the server to make it as fun as possible. server name: Nostrum Server US/EU 5X rates. The map is Ragnarok and we are trying to get people to join the server right it's about 3-5 active players. Help us get more. you can find the server on unofficial as well. Any questions add me on steam: korren3
  24. Deathworm taming (SE)

    I think having a tamed deathworm would be awesome, so I came up with a way to do it: first, you would need to craft a special "deathworm trap" (two types: primitive: made out of wood and fiber, one-time use, and advanced: reusable, made of metal). Then you place this on the ground in the dessert, along with some bait (honey or a live insect), and wait for a deathworm to spawn near it and get trapped. once it's trapped, you will need to feed it live insects to tame it. The easiest way to do this is to tame a bunch of low-level insects and bring them to the deathworm, who will eat them and start taming. The coolest insect to use for this is a giant bee, because you can just park it right outside the deathworm's range and have it send in drones to feed it. Drones are much less effective than regular insects, however. You can use wild insects as well, but it will be much harder to get them near enough to the deathworm. The only way to do it would be to pick them up with a flyer and drop them right next to the deathworm. Once it is tamed, the deathworm is an incredible creature to have at your side. You can ride it, however there are many challenges to doing so. You will need to make a saddle to ride it, and once you have a saddle, you will also need to wear desert cloth armor, because if you do not you will get an effect similar to a sandstorm when you dive underground, completely obscuring your vision and reducing your stamina (not the deathworm's) to 0. This problem can also be solved by going very near the surface, so that the player character sticks out. This lowers the speed and, obviously, makes you more visible, but you don't need desert cloth armor. You would also take damage fairly quickly when underground. All of these challenges do have a payoff, however: you can dive underground, go under walls of enemy bases, and sneak up on enemies/prey. Being under the sand also gives you considerable protection from the intense heat of the desert. If you are an advanced survivor who has reached tek tier, you can craft two new items: a deathworm control pod and a deathworm control chip. You can insert the control chip into the deathworm's head. This allows you to see from its perspective and control it when you are inside the control chip. This eliminates most of the challenges to riding them. These items will be very expensive, with the control chip requiring an implant to craft. in addition to the various powers of riding it, it is also a powerful uncounted creature. Every now and then, you can harvest deathworm horns from its inventory. You can also park it underground and set it to "turret mode" (working name), where it will pop out and attack any wild Dino or enemy player/tame. this is clearly one of the most difficult tames, but it is also one of the most powerful creatures in the game. credit to TheSnives for suggesting taking damage when underground and having it as a trapping creature. Credit to wrath435 for inspiration for the tek tier riding solution. Credit to RowletAlex for inspiration for the "head sticks out of the ground" riding alternative. Any feedback or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated, and if you have any suggestions please comment them below.