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Found 150 results

  1. Meat-Eating Turtles

    It always bothered me is the fact that Carbonemys (The Turtle) eat nothing but berries and veggies while the real world Side-Necked Turtles (Including the real Carbonemys) ate just about anything, be it Fruit, Veggies, Meat, or Fish. Is there anyway that someone put out a small mod to feed/tame the Carbonemys Meat and Fish in addition to berries and veggies?
  2. When taming I am not able to just give the unconscious animal the food it needs. I have use the transfer all compatible items button which for some reason transfers nearly everything including wood, thatch and stones. I hardly think a dodo want to eat those. To make matters worse it transfers narcotics as well which slows down the process. I dont know how much your programers and QA people are getting paid but it is too much for this sloppy work. If I handed in a program like this when I was in college it would be a miracle if I passed.
  3. Hello Fellow Survivors, I've started taming griffins and it's been a blast- especially the Easter ones! I've been using a primitive crossbow and by the time I knock out Griffins their health is a 25% I realize I should be using tranq darts and a longneck rifle. Here is my question: Should I be using a primitive longneck rifle to reduce output damage or a apprentice or journeyman longneck to induce more torpor damage? I am not sure if a higher quality longneck rifle, using tranq darts, increases physical damage or increased torpor induced? Any insights? Thank you everyone,
  4. P+ Taming issues

    Hello fellow Survivors, i'm the admin of a small Server and we're currently playing Primitive Plus on the Center. The server is quite heavily modded, but no Mods directly affect the problem we're having. Some of my players can't tame some dinos. Sedating them works fine and when they're out cold, putting taming food in their Inventory works as well and the Taming bar starts rising, once they eat, but when it reaches 100% the Dino doesn't wake up, the taming percentage just continues to rise (see attached Screenshot). This happened to two players while trying to tame different Ankylos one was some Level 90-99 Anky and one in the 30s. And it also happened to one of them trying to tame a Doedecurius. I personally did not experience the problem, I even tried to reproduce it in the same area, with a similarily leveled Anky an mine just woke up tamed as it should. The only mod we have that has an influence on taming is an item, when remote fed to a sleeping dino, it fills up their health and drains all their food, to make them eat faster and therefor the taming quicker. Does anyone have had similar experiences or maybe even found a way to resolve this? Any help is appreciated. Cheers and thanks, WarChicken
  5. Hello, We have an issue where the Reaper counter get's stuck on 0.00 and then nothing happens. I would like to know if other people are having this issue or if it's is my server settings that are at fault here? If it's an issure with the current patch then please lead me know to :-) /Shepard
  6. As the title says. which dinos have you either given up trying to tame, never had an interest in taming, or you just won't even waste your time on anymore? My list NO LONGER TAME or ONLY Tame because of Kibble Farming- Achatina, Araneo, Archaeopterx, , Compy, Dunkleosteus, Equus, Gallimimus, , Dolphins, Carnos, , Kentros, Megaloceros, Mesopithecus, Microraptor, Moschops, Pachy, Pegos, Procoptodon, Sarco, Purlovia, Wooly Rhino, NEVER TRIED TO TAME, no interest Chalicotherium Dimetrodon Diplodocus Eels Kairuku Liopleurodon Manta Mantis Hesperonis Pachyrhinosaurus Titanosaur TRIED TO TAME, But gave up Troodons (I wasted so much time trying to get them to eat my tames. Now I kill them on sight.) Megalania Onyc Phoenix (cant ever find one)
  7. quetzal Quetzal Spawns/Locations

    So I have come across two quetzals on Ragnarok. I tamed one and killed the other. One was around LAT-25, LONG-45 ish. That valley between the volcanic area and the beaver sanctuary/mountain. I tamed that one. The other I do not remember specifically but believe it was in a different location. It was such a low of level I killed it. That was weeks ago and since then I haven't seen another quetz anywhere. Are they similar as on the island where once they spawn they all move to a certain point in the map? Anyone know of odd places they have found them or know popular places they can be found at? I can pretty much find EVERY creature but quetzals now. I even have a unicorn, but have only ever seen two quetzals. I am almost done making my kibble farm but am lacking a male quetz and my female lays eggs so slow, needs mateboost. With oviraptor only have had two eggs total since I got quetz two-three months ago.
  8. Heyo, so I'm trying to find and tame a Phoenix. Might just trap it if I can find one and wait till another x2 weekend, but the goal is still the same. So far, I have went through 5 heat waves and haven't seen a single Phoenix, so the rarity sure is there. However, these are only things I've heard from other players and have seen in videos. - The Phoenix spawns 3 per server instead of the original 1 - They fly just about as high as the Tapijara, but can fly as low as the trees/cacti - Often spawn near the obilisks, but are also known to pawn mid map and will travel long distances - Turn to ashes outside of heat waves and will spawn above their ashes the next heat wave - They're a living forge, camp fire, and silica pearl farm If you know anything by certain that you know I have either missed or am wrong about, please correct me and help those like me that are seeking to tame this legendary and evasive creature. Anything will help ranging from co-ords, to photos.
  9. Ever since tlc 2 came out taming is not working for me, anything I knock out (tike, dilo, parasaur, etc.) I cannot access the inventory and after a while it says they can only be tamed while awake, and passive tames like a lystro do not even give me the option to feed them even when I have the correct food in the last slot of my hotbar, google is not helping me at all and I really just want to play the game but I cannot tame anything without cheats on my single player world... Plus sarcos still have the old model and none of the new abilities... For some reason the new primary attack animation shows but nothing else... I really have no idea why all these issues are happening. If you know any way to fix this please please please tell me...
  10. bees Bugged Bees (Pun unintended)

    I don't know if they're bugged/glitched, but I can't tame bees anymore. I've tried ghillie suits, bug repellent, different foods, and would even stand away from the bee for a few minutes too and for some reason I just will not get an option to feed the queen bee. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this a legitimate bug with the Queen Bees? I have tamed on Aberration, which brings me to my next concern. I can easily mutton tame a direbear so I'm not worried about the honey, but I can't transfer the bee to any other server, wether its in bee or nest form. Is this also a glitch or are you just not able to transfer bees?
  11. I'm having an awful time getting the settings just right on my dedicated (PC) server. My goal is super fast taming - max for anything being 30 minutes maybe an hour. I've managed to get taming to go sort of quickly with 50 taming speed and .25 dino food drain (so net 12.5 taming speed). However, the unconscious level of the dino goes down super quick. There's no way to get a perfect tame it drops so fast. I have no idea what to tweak anymore. Could anyone please offer some advice?
  12. Been playing arkpocalypse on Xbox one since it was recently revamped. Many tribes are noticing though that we were told the taming would be set to 3x and it is actually only at 1.5x Maybe the dododex is finally wrong but this is the same for any tame, dododex is set to 3x and it takes 2x as long as what dododex says. Also takes 2x the amount of kibble and narcos as what dododex 3x says. (Point Im making is that the server is 1.5x not 3x like advertised)
  13. As the title sez, we demand an option that shows how many tames are in a tribe (as of maxpersonallyownedtames option (or whatever it was called)). - While you're at it, implement a display that shows the current structures in rage (as of option NewMaxStructuresInRange) so you know you're reaching the limit soon... It is quite bad that we only can see the limit, once we've reached it. Maybe there is an admin command that reports the amount of tames and structures per tribe, possibly? I highly doubt some official Studio Wildcard employee would ever read this or let alone even forward this to the dev-board, but I'll give it a try here.
  14. Let's compare the taming of Carnivores and Herbivores. the Average carnivore has about 11 different foods they can tame with, 6 if you don't count cooked meats. Each of these have different taming values, and make a good alternative pre-kibble. now look at herbivores. there are 4 different taming foods for them. Generic berries, Mejo berries, Vegetables, and Kibble. the issue is that there's a MASSIVE difference between Kibble and the next best thing, Veggies (though technically Veggies and Mejoberries have the same taming speed, they just give more levels). just asan example, a 150 bronto takes 1:08:25 to tame with 1x rates using kibble on official rates, and you will get 74 levels post-tame. but with berries? that bronto will take 8:30:15 and only give 41 levels post-tame. now obviously brontos are a bit late-game, But Gigas, which are the pretty much the latest-game tame, only has a difference between 2:13:11 and +70 levels post tame with kibble and 2:55:31 and 59 post-tame levels with mutton. This issue is especially apparent in the DLCs. In both DLCs, Dilos don't spawn, so Ankys and Doedics, 2 of the most important tames in ARK, have to be berry tamed, meaning you have to wait several hours only to get a sub-par tame. So what can be done? obviously, give them more food options. as for what those options are, first i would say rare flowers/mushrooms. Obviously these are rare, but i feel they would be to easy to stockpile. So, i think that the best choice would be honey as a mutton variant for Herbivores. obviously honey is concentrated flower nectar, so herbivores would eat it, but i think it has a lot of parallels with Mutton that makes it a viable candidate. First, it can be found in the wild, but is difficult to farm (Ovis need cake to tame, Beehives need a constant stream of flowers). and second, it's hard to stockpile, both don't stack and have a somewhat quick spoil time. So yeah, honey as a mutton equivalent for Herbivores to bridge the gap of veggie and kibble
  15. Need verification

    Ok, tamed a Tapejara lvl 75, dodo dex referred to allosaurus kibble for tame so, tamed event color tapejara, only ended up with 13.5% effectiveness and only 4 levels, was allosaurus kibble wrong? was the information wrong? would very much appreciate some help.
  16. Hi im powtreeman in xbox one and I kinda suck at this game right now so I just tame dodos and collect their eggs. Im on eu 84 It seems like theriz really hate my guts because they kill me and my dodos every time they spawn Even when I made a stone building a theriz somehow managed to spawn inside and murder everything. But here I am still....farming dodos
  17. Can we get an option that displays the levels a dino had after taming but before being leveled up? At the moment it's theoretically possible due to the way stats grow differently between wild and tamed levels, but it's super inconvenient to try to do this for every stat for even one dino. This feature would help quite a bit when verifying the stats of a purchased dino or trying to breed dinos.
  18. Hi, all. New to the forums. For breeding Dinos, do the original pre-tame Stats get passed down, or do the post-tame Stats get passed down?
  19. Hello, so after creating a tribe with one of my friends, she left and now it is only me playing a single player game. But my tamed Triceratops and Brontosaurus are in red lettering and i can't access them. is there anything that can be done about that?
  20. Looking for players that wantto have fun
  21. Mantis Problem?

    SO, iv been attempting to tame a 150 Mantis on Official PVE. I have it trapped right now, and I have been feeding it for 15-20 mins. But as the taming bar was near finished it decided to aggro on me (I have used bug repellant, and mastercraft ghillie). I tried flying out of render distance for 10 mins and it is still aggro. How do you un-aggro these pieces of work!
  22. Does anyone have a clue when 2x starts this weekend?????????
  23. The aberrant otters won't accept aberrant salmon when you attempt to feed and tame them. Bringing an ab salmon to the otter just yields the "Drag a fish to feed" message despite the fish being in hand. Is there a line of code somewhere that maybe has aberrant otters eating regular salmon and not aberrant salmon? It would be nice to get full efficiency on these guys! Thanks! Edited to clarify: This isn't a taming cap issue. Aberrant Otters will gladly accept Aberrant Coelacanths and Aberrant Piranha, just not Aberrant Salmon. The second a salmon is brought to it, you get the "drag a fish" dialogue as if you were empty handed.
  24. So it takes ages to tame herbivores without kibble, so why not implement that the herbivores can be tamed on veggie cake the same way raw mutton does carnivores. just a thought Wildcard...
  25. My trike has not been able to collect berries all day. The resource gather option is enable and i have no idea what to do.