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Found 390 results

  1. Angler Taming

    Alrighty, so here's the situation. I've gotten into the business of breeding anglers which are actually pretty good, but about 2 weeks ago there was a bug/glitch where my adult male and the 5 juvys all starved to death, which shouldn't have happened because i had just refilled the troughs an hour before. Already submitted a ticket, but in the meantime I have been trying to go out and tame a 135+ male. Level isn't the issue since I'm on ragnarok, but so far I've made 5 unsuccessful attempts, 3 with the harpoon gun and 2 with crossbows. I've killed 4 of them and the 5th was while we were under tame cap. Is there an easier way to tame these guys? I've heard that having them aggro to your mount and then tranqing them is a good way to go, but I can't get them to stick. I'd swim after them but the ocean floor isn't the place for just you and your flippers. Was wondering if there's another strategy to taming them that could be less stressful? I'm on PvE so I can't grab with my tuso unfortunately. Thanks!
  2. What to feed Tamed Snake

    Thinking about taming a Titanoboa someday because they look bad-ass and deal torpor when biting. Already know you tame them by dropping fertilized eggs and letting him/her devour them. My only question is this... Once tamed, do they ONLY eat Fertilized Eggs or do they also eat meat?
  3. Tuso taming bug

    So i tried tame tusos today and got 6 time this msg
  4. I'm back again , and I have another question for you vet survivors here on the forums. So I was wondering if the taming habits of other players or whole servers in general have an effect on the wild dino spawns on a server. What I mean is me and my tribe have a very hard time finding certain dinos at high levels in the wild. An example is the megatherium. We have looked for almost two weeks now and have not found one above 95. Now there are a lot of ppl on my server who tend to tame low. Meaning they tame par level fifty or lower. I was wondering if the fact that most tamed dinos on our server are indeed well below level cap for wild means even after me and my tribe "wipe" said spawn points that indeed the dinos will still spawn par the "average" tame of the server even thou we like to tame high? I just wonder as I have played on 2 other officials and this seems to have some coalition as one of the other official we played on was a low tame server and we would spend 4-5 hours a day wiping spawns just to get one par level 100. The other server shared in our affinity for high lvl tames and after about 3 weeks of that server being open nothing spawned below 75. Even the dinky stuff like dodos on that server spawned in at 125 plus. I was just wondering is there indeed a relation to the way a server tames versus the way or level dinos will spawn? If anyone knows or has any insight I would greatly appreciate it. I may be looking into the issue to much as in we just have bad luck or timing but all in all I would like to know if there is that relationship there so I can plan accordingly. Thanks for any helpful answers in advance.
  5. Taming Speed Additions

    Taming dinos is hard work, but when the taming process becomes that of "wait and hope the taming bar progresses" for over an hour, it gets utterly boring. Or tedious, if you're in an area that has a lot of things trying to eat you/the thing you're taming. Now this isn't as much of a problem on unnofficials or single player, since you can tweak the settings. But at that point you run into another problem: when you finally dina a setting that works for those incredibly long taming processes, smaller and faster tames become instantaneous. That takes all the work out of it, too. So how about this: along with the global taming speed setting, we could also set individual taming speeds. For example: A global taming speed of 5 for everything, except specified dinos. The indivual ones would be specified by their species, so if you wanted to change, say, a paracer and a kentrosaurus taming speeds, you'd have to specify those two by code.
  6. Hi survivors, i am new to this forum stuff and as a "early bird" i am startin my first topic ... We've tamed four 135+ rock elementals with only headshots (cannon balls) and started with around 90% taming effiency everytime. Is there anything else to regard? Thanking you in anticipation Gilrhia p.s.: any chance to get ranked up so i can access the trading area?
  7. I would love to see an admin command or craftable item that would allow you to recover a single lost or dead tamed mob. I recently lost my L64 Argie and the loss is pretty painful. I would love to be able to have the admin of our private server bring him back or perhaps even be able to craft a special item to bring him back. Thanks for considering my feedback. It's a sad day.
  8. We decided to open our dedicated up to all, come join us guys! We have a 8x Harvest, 10x Taming PVP Ragnarok server here with upcoming events... Mating, egg laying, etc are all boosted. There are community forges at all the Obs as well as a community center by Green Ob which is a PVP free zone. Admins police for trolling and abuse, wipes and bans will be issued. Plan to do events for the server as we get a community going. (ie. ptera tunnel races, coliseum for prize based matches, etc) RULES: -Trolling is against the rules, -Do not pvp at the Obs or at the community center, -Do not kill passive tames. Otherwise, build up and have fun! Xbox One GT: ARK247DEDICATED
  9. Rock Elemental Advice

    I'm playing on my local single player. I've gotten me some Wyverns and stuff but I've wanted to get myself a Rock Elemental. So far I've Killed like four elemental while trying to tame them and the others have despawned. Is there a good area where the terrain hinders them from moving, and general tips on how to aim. I want to use a Rocket Launcher as the cannon is very expensive and I have no tribe to back me up. And if I were to fail I fear I might be unable to move the cannon to another area. Basically I need advice on this: 1. Good areas where to trap Golems, preferable areas that don't rely on rocks, as I tend to blow those up. 2. Any tips on how to aim because it seems that no matter where I hit it it doesn't do the Torpor animation, not even once. 3. Any other tips in General about rock Elementals are appreciated, but please don't just type "Just use a cannon those are faster", because that's not helpful to my situation.
  10. Otter Spawns

    I created this topic to help some players find an otter, since they are very small and the spawns not that well known yet (not like beavers who are known to nearly everyone). So please, if you have found a rather promising spawn post the rough coordinates here.
  11. Trying to tame a Phoenix

    I’m running a cluster server on GTX featuring Ragnarok and Scorched Earth for our clan Raw-Recruits. My observations so far: I don’t think they spawn in Ragnarok until the South East is opened. On Scorched Earth they seemed to have added a reddish sky during a heat wave that wasn’t there before the Phoenix. Make up some Calien Soup for hyperthermal insulation during the heat wave. Very easy to spot because they fly quite high and erratic making it difficult to keep a flame thrower trained on the Phoenix. I brought my Griffin from Ragnarok because it’s a flyer that allows a weapon to be used by the main rider but I could not keep Phoenix in range because of its erratic flight. I don’t think a Fire Wyvern will do much better. Since all of the videos I have seen are using cheat spawns, I’d like to know if anyone has been successful without cheating and how it was done.
  12. Dragons in Ark

    Are dragons able to be found/tamed on The Island map? Or is it only a certain map that they can be found on? If they can only be found on a certain map, can you use a cheat to get them on the island or trade them or anything like that?
  13. So I managed to knock out a lvl 56 Tapejara on my SP Island save, and when it finished taming it was level 87. I'd never tamed one before, so that's a goal I have now met. Overall, they're nice. You don't need one that's super high level for it to be useful. They can carry quite a lot more than a Pteranodon, and the extra mobility is a good QoL thing. Whilst I don't particularly care for being able to go up, down, backwards, left, and right more easily than any other flyer, if that's something you want, the Tapejara's a good tame. With the somewhat recent tame to Rare Flowers it's a piece of cake. How I Tamed Mine: My taming cage is on the western side of the swamp near West 1, as the swamp contains all sorts of nifty creatures. As you travel west there's the Redwoods, I nice big mountain, and the best of all, a river where you can find many species of the ARK. Every now and then I go up and down this river killing stuff and looking around. Occasionally I see a Tapejara or two, so I decided to tame one. My wooden taming cage wasn't too far away, and my 188 Pteranodon has a good bit of stamina. So, I grabbed my stash of Rare Flowers and went out searching on my Pteranodon. I found a good candidate, at least for my first one. I didn't want to get one that was too high level, as I didn't want it to cost a million narcotics or to take three hours. I am so grateful that Tapejaras aggro when you eat a rare flower. Not only that, but they'll attack you for quite a while even after the effect ends. I just ate a Rare Flower, flew up to it, checked that it was chasing me, turned, and flew. These things are fast, maybe just a touch faster than Pteras. If it ever stopped chasing/attacking, I just ate another Rare Flower before it got too far. Within a few minutes we were at near my taming cage. It was too fast to fly through the cage and close the gate behind me, so after realizing this, I concocted a plan. I'd fly up to it, eat a Rare Flower, fly close to my cage, hop off of my Ptera, have the Tapejara chase me into the cage, close the gate behind it, and escape through one of the smaller side doors. It attacked the cage, doing a whole 12 damage per hit. I was worried it'd break through before long, so time was of the essence. I zoomed back to base, grabbed some food for it, a crossbow, tranq arrows, and narcotics, then zoomed right back. By the time I got back it was trying to escape just by flying around. Within less than a minute the thing was on the ground, ready to tame. So I just flew around getting prime meat from Diplos and Paracers with my Argentavis and keeping it's torpor topped up. When the taming process was nearly complete I flew back to base yet again again to craft a saddle, flew back, gave it some more prime meat, and when I came back from my last hunting mission, it was tamed. HYPE! Pros: 1. They're about the same speed as Pteranodons. 2. They can carry quite a bit more than a Pteranodon and still fly just as fast. 3. Extra maneuverability is a good QoL addition. 4. Latching onto walls is cool. 5. Carrying other people sounds fun. Cons: 1. They're stamina gain is horrific when latched onto a wall, about 5 per second compared to standing still on the ground's 30. 2. When I first knocked mine out, it had around 580 Weight. When it finished taming, it had around 330. WHY??? 3. Tapejaras are rather noisy creatures. They make a whole lot of strange sounds, even in their sleep. So how come it doesn't have some sort of trumpeting call? How To Fix These: 1. Increase they're stamina gain on walls to 15 or 20. Shouldn't be too OP. 2. Decrease the amount of the Weight statistic removed after taming. If it went from 580 to 400-450, I wouldn't be all that disappointed, but 330? GG WildCard. 3. Add a trumpeting call. On a PvP Server, I'd rate these 9/10, having tribemates ride with you is pretty neat, and the fact that their Weight stat isn't horrific is cool too. For PvE, 8/10, see PvP. And for SP, 7/10. The reason I rate it this low is because I don't see it being very useful currently, but it is cool to mess around with. Would probably recommend for exploration and light cargo transport, however
  14. So when i joined my Official The Island EU Server yesterday, i was greeted by a Giga near my base, so i decided to Tame it (Lvl 100 Male). Dropping it was very easy but then a Problem arised, no matter how much Narcotics i would give him, his Torpor rose at normal speed, but then dropped by 500ish points in between the rising ticks, so after about half an hour and 3000 Narcotics (Dododex suggested 400) he woke up and proceded to drown himself in the ocean. Is this intentional? Because normally the torpor does not drain while a narcotic is in effect. The Server is a bit laggy since it's always at 70/70 but with other tames this didn't happen. So Wildcard, please Fix (or explain)
  15. Server is 24/7 and is pretty new. No super alpha tribes. Great settings.
  16. ARK FEVER PS4 RAGNAROK Server PC HOSTED (Nitrado) - Will upgrade server size whenever it is needed, up the 100 slot max Owner PSN- DandierChalice4 Admin Logging Enabled- 1 Admin per server Mature Ran Server / Friendly PVP NO GRIEFING NEW PLAYERS ORP on during weekdays, with purge events on weekends with ORP off Search ARK FEVER to join server 7 Person Tribe Limit Server Settings 10X Gathering 20X Taming 20X XP 2X Egg Laying 50X Egg Hatching Long Days, Short Nights Cave Flyers ON 2X Supply Drop Loot No Clip Building (DO NOT EXPLOIT THIS) Stats Increased Per Level Player And Dinos Melee, Health, Stamina 1.5x Speed 1.5x Oxygen 10x Weight 500x Fortitude 10x There is a community area with an arena and a shop in progress. Community forges available at all obbys Upcoming Events Survival Of The Fittest Dino/ATV Races Sink My Battleship Search ARK FEVER to join server
  17. Past few days I've had issues with dinos not eating the food I put in their inventory. At first I thought lag, but I let a turtles food go down 200 points while mejoberries were in the inventory and I went and did things you cant do during lag (switch weapons, harvest things, craft, etc etc). After Id take the berries in and out of the inventory a few times and it starts eating again. It seems entirely random, sometimes I have no issues, sometimes it's non-stop. So Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so does anyone know why or a good fix aside from watching the food to see if I have to take it out and put it back. Taming takes time so I like to knock em out, fill em up, and leave em be while I go do other things, but with this recent issue Ive had to return to babysitting potential tames again. Sorry if theres already a thread on this. Search on this site is broken on mobile. I went back a few pages and saw nothing.
  18. Something that's bothered me for a while is that moschops are available tames on SE, yet you can't harvest prime fish meat on that map. I thought this would be fixed when they changed what they ask for when taming, but sadly it wasn't. Obviously not a very major issue, just something that seems overlooked.
  19. Ive heard theyve halfed all the grinding aspects is this true?.
  20. I saw a pegomastax lvl 145 and I took him to my taming cage (4x4 place). I watched some pegomastax taming videos on internet and repeated the same proces as they did. Different stacks of 20 mejoberries in the inventories, and priorizating slot 0 every time that the pego steals the mejos again. So whenever he stole 1 stack (of 20 mejos) he gets like 6% of taming but it quickly drops to 0, so when he steals again the mejos it's already in 0% taming. So it's imposible to tame it. I do not know if I'm doing something wrong or it's just that it's not working. Does anybody had the same problem as me? (official server Platform: PC) PD: I did a quick search, and some people say that they tamed it, and some others not..... so I still do not know what is really happening with this.
  21. Taming boss rexes

    Hello survivors Posting in here because i have been unsuccessful in finding any updated information on the bosses and requirements. I basically would love some tips about boss rex stats. We're taming rexes for boss fights as we speak, and we'd love to know what kind of stats are required for the newest iteration of the bosses. How many points in Melee or Health before they're worth breeding? Minimum? Setups and requirements for the different bosses / difficulties? Tactics for 2-3 people? Any updated information is highly appreciated, as i can't find any stats or info about boss fights that isn't outdated as heck. Thank you for your time!
  22. Auto-injector

    Auto-Injector Its a device that is used to inject stimulants and drug into both dinosaurs and characters. Its appears as a metal brace with a tube that changes color based on what is in it: - Green - Stamina - Red - Healing - Purple - Narcotic/Narcoberrys/Bio-toxin Construction: Fabricator - Level 70 - 15 Engram points: - 15 Electronics - 5 Metal INgots - 25 Crystal - 30 Polymer Functionality: It will be used about 100-200 times until it brakes and can store 150 knock out substances. Healing items are limited to fill a complete slot and aren't stacked. Its purpose is for people who can't spend all day and night taming creatures can use one of these to inject knock out substances autonomously without the need to be online day in and day out or go do other things while the dino is being tamed. Players can equip it to their offhand slot and will inject healing or stamina rechargers for a tactical advantage in combat when their health gets low. However it cannot be filled with Narcotics when equipped onto another player as something like this would be very abused in PvP.
  23. Taming A Saber

    So my friends and I are on a dedicated PvE server and we’ve spotted a few 125-150 sabers after losing ours. Every time we try to down it, it dies instead of going unconscious. I counted 4-5 seconds between each shot and a bola as well. Once they get free or are close to death, they run off. I’ve chased them down to shoot them with more tranqs and they just die. I’ve tried this with a Journeymen crossbow and regular crossbow. We’ve also noticed that if we just let them run off bloodied and tranq’d, they run like mad men everywhere and pick fights with Dino’s that will kill them. Anyone else having this issue? UPDATE: We’ve tried both darts and arrows and NOTHING is working. They just run around or die!
  24. A better tranq weapon

    So far tranqing Dino's in the game is pretty time consuming right now considering Dino's like brontos take like a hundred shots to take down. Also, there are very little options to choose from for taming gear. I would suggest a tek tier tranq weapon, probably another ammo type for the tek rifle. Would be great to see this in the game
  25. pve Join My Friendly Server

    Join my cross ark server going for steam achievements defeating bosses and all that jazz server profile