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  1. jameshadinata97

    titanosaur taming without saddle

    so, i've knocked out a titanosaur, and i cant build the saddle yet since i am only level 80, on a single player on ark mobile. but in the wiki, https://ark.gamepedia.com/Titanosaur#Preferred_Food said, Unless “?AllowRaidDinoFeeding=” toggled to true, the Titanosaur only needs the saddle to be tamed, and since patch 1.0.86 on ios, it says that titanosaur now can be fed on single player, so i should be able to tame the titanosaur via feeding it right? but i cant anyways... any help would be appreciated
  2. metapuns

    Tamed Dinosaur Revival

    I'm a huge fan of ARK but I'm one of the more quiet and casual players. I love the exploration and farming side of the game and spend most of my time building and taming dinos rather than raiding. I know a lot of other dedicated casual players who feel the game is a bit too harsh on us. We know this game is trying to appeal to the rougher survival side of games, but the option should be available. The game promotes players to tame armies of dinos and replacements, but for me its heart breaking to lose my dinos. Its hard to see something you spent an hour taming and days training die because you were attacked or even just crashed in a bad spot. It hurts to see them disintegrate as they get eaten. Please add an option to make dinos revivable. Make it an option that dinos faint when they lose health and we can use med packs, spawns, or interactions to revive them. Many thanks from a dedicated player ❤️
  3. I'm curious as to what everybody's favorite tame was, not strictly speaking for dinos of course, but any creature in ARK. I think that despite my love for the big overpowered creatures, my Rex Persephone back on the official I used to play on was my favorite. She was a perfect 120 Kibble tame that woke up with some really high stats, including Health, Stamina & Melee. Before her end (the tribe just stopped playing after we all got bored & raided) she had close to 14,000+ health, 430+ melee & 1,600 stamina. She was a beast of a Rex and saved my butt in many situations, partcipated in more than a few raids & was just an all around great dino. One of those rare ones you get almost emotionally attached to. She officially belonged to the tribe, but everyone knew, she was mine, and they admired her alot.
  4. I have had this issue since yesterday. It started with taming a Rex. It got to 100% but didnt wake up. I tried with another Rex and had this happen another two times with that rex. I tried to tame a direwolf and same issue. 100% but won't wake up. I waited by it to see if it worked when it woke up but it attacked me. Just tried a pachy and same thing. I can not tame anything!! Please help!! This is a gamebreaker. Can provide images if needed.
  5. Eggsboi

    Tames losing stats

    Hello im fairly new to the game and i only play on mobile. I have a concern about why my argy has lost stats the day after i imprinted it for 100% and i dont know why. It even lost all its mutations by a drastic amount like its food went from 10500 to 7000. Please help
  6. Kuro707

    Taming bug plz help

    This new bug wont let me tame anything. this started after the first time i ever requested a dino in ark mobile. so i was taming 3 argentavis and they all reached 100% on the taming bar but they didnt wake up, instead they stayed on the ground as if they needed to tame still. After that i went to tame a dodo to see if this was happening only to the argentavis but the same thing happened.
  7. thetomahawkman

    **Not Taming Dinos Bug**

    I have 50 slots for tamed dinos, and I have 40. But when I tried taming another dino, it just stops at 100% Does anyone have the same problem?
  8. I can’t tame anything! I get the taming process up to a 100%, and then the animal just keeps being unconscious and eating food and narcos. This issue has emerged since yesterday. I’ve tried feeding it favorite foods, and waiting for hours, but it’s still sleeping. With taming at 100%. What to do?!?
  9. Bakada

    Basilisk Taming

    Hey, so I know that the general taming method requires rockdrake eggs, but recently I’ve heard that you can substitute rockdrake eggs with wyvern eggs to tame the basilisk, which I suppose makes some sense since rockdrakes are just abberation wyverns and the eggs are very similar in how you acquire them and the way they work. Currently friends and I own a nitrado server and were able to add abberation creatures onto ragnarok. I wanted to know if there was any credibility to the wyvern eggs being usable for basilisk taming or if I have to try something else.
  10. PeterParkerPan

    ps4 I can't tame anything.

    I just got the game. Bought it digitally on PS4 marketplace for $59.99. Everything in this game works splendidly, except taming any dino. From dodos, to parasaurs, to diplos. I checked every setting. Every line of type in setting and prelaunch settings. I reset my settings to default just to be sure. Deleted my save. Uninstalled and reinstalled my game as well. I knock a dino unconscious, and place the required food in its inventory, and it says "Taming 0.0%" That's it. It never goes up. Ever. I backed out and cranked my taming speed to max to see if it was jst slow or something, but no. No matter what I do, no matter what dino it is, I can't tame it. It remains stuck on "Taming 0.0%" Someone please help me. This game was 60 bucks...
  11. Not sure what wrong with it, but on the Center map, a newly tamed level 197 Alpha Raptor is for some reason unable to harvest any kind of meat from any dino I've come across with it. Is it somehow connected to the strange permanent particle effect around it and it's unnatural speed boost? It seems it has a buff but I don't see anything on it's active effects. Saw someone else with this issue but I can't access the trade forums to even read the thread so.
  12. Nicolenr

    Taming Giga on mobile?

    Can you tame giga on the mobile version? I used like 500 tranq darts and it wouldn’t get knocked, so pls answer so i dont have to waste more time😂
  13. Qwertymine

    Are Tamable Deathworms an option now?

    As most of us know, right now Deathworms are not tamable. But with the release of the Basilisk, a tame who can travel underground, what would you think of tamable Deathworms? Maybe they could grant a buff that reduces oxygen usage, seeing as how they always travel underground, and their saddle could be unlocked at a relatively high level. They would probably have to spawn in at different levels so that the max isn't 72 on a tamed one, but their stats would probably only grow slightly worse than a Rexes, so that they aren't too powerful. What do you guys think?
  14. Ochakos

    Taming a 150 Giga

    So I'm in single player, trying to see if I can tame this 150 giga, and last night I was sitting there for at least an hour continuously shooting darts into it, and today I've been doing the same thing for just as long except with tranq arrows, because I've seen everyone say those work better than the darts for the giga. Maybe I'm just impatient (it is a 150 after all) but it's taking so long that I'm starting to wonder if I'm not doing this right. I looked up videos of people taming 145 gigas and another person taming a 150 and they both used way less ammo than I have; not only did they also use darts and not arrows, but they did it a lot quicker than I am too. I'm just getting a lot of mixed info because even though I read a few posts with people saying arrows are better, these videos show otherwise and so does Dododex, which showed that you use significantly LESS darts than arrows to knock a 150 giga out. Is there a "best place" to shoot it that I'm missing? Are arrows ACTUALLY better than darts for this thing or is that just a myth? I'm kind of ready to give up at this point after seeing people who used darts being able to knock it out within half an hour while I've been shooting and shooting with arrows and nothing is changing. I have no idea if I'm even close to knocking this thing and if I'm not, I would rather just give up and find one of a lower level. Chasing it around every time I get no more than six arrows into it is really annoying.
  15. First is a small thing, useless to most individuals except those that experiment with them..I'd like to have the option to grow specific mushrooms in crop plots like we are able to do with berries. Spores and a "dark room" for the counter green house effect. Being able to have a farm of the types of mushrooms would be beneficial to those that breed glow pets, use mushroom brew and have custom recipes that are focused on them. Sure, gathering them is easy enough, but nothing quite compares to walking over to your farm and just harvesting. Now for the big one. We've seen advances in Tek and narcotics such as the arrow,dart, gas grenade and so on..but one thing we haven't seen is a narcotic I.V. The concept is simple, make a one time use I.V that you fill with your chosen narcotic(berries, narcotics, bio-toxin, berries or mushrooms) and it connects to a knocked out creature that you're taming. This would allow the really fast torpor dropping creatures to be tamed in groups without having to sit and rotate in a circle like a mad man. Think Dimetrodons. Creating such a device could be costly and replicator only, or more available for lower tier tribes and made like the extractor.
  16. In the latest community crunch, they noted that the next evolution event would be 5/11...IE nothing this coming weekend. This is after another "week off" just prior, and with Maturation pretty much being erased from the evolution events altogether. I get that there are reasons to do so. New servers launching, steam sales on PC that floods new players in, etc make it rough as is, and making everything twice as easy makes it even worse. Breeding has been gone aside from holidays for a while because that especially "nuked" the PVE servers into capped status. However with that said, if we're going to get fewer and more limited evo events, could we please reexamine some of the more egregious timers, particularly when it comes to maturation and taming? Breeding a baby Giga, Basilo, Tuso, and others is a huge investment of real life time...and it's not even a fun investment, it's an alarm clock marathon to log on long enough to push a button. Takes no skill, just a sleep-murdering chore. I would strongly suggest that maturation times are shrunk to 3 days max, so people can start something on Friday and be done Monday. Making it whole week+ marathon is just aggravating, yes it can be done, I've done it, but it's no fun and it causes many people to have to wait for the rare Valentine's holiday or such to do these harder ones. I know there's concerns with overbreeding and further-capping already capped servers, I'd be fine with an extended maturation time on some of the currently "easy" ones as a compensation factor. (Moreover we really do need a cap solution in the shorter term, not longer term anyway; new servers are being capped constantly, often by people who just transfer in dinos to store on that server and log over once a week to feed...please give us a gamma tek item that takes genetic codes and pops out eggs from said codes when you throw in a bunch of raw meat or something).
  17. JetJaguar

    Queen Bee - Taming issues?

    I've managed to break out a Queen bee from a number of hives but only ONCE was I given an "E" option to actually feed her. Ive been right up their ass, on top of them, under them, next to them, etc. No "E" option. its frustrating as all hell. Has anyone else had this issue with trying to tame a Queen? Despite easily getting the hive open and the Queen out, I've yet to tame a single queen because of this. Yes using bug spray, and, yes using ghili suit.
  18. Gilrhia

    Perfect Tame Rock Elemental

    Hi survivors, i am new to this forum stuff and as a "early bird" i am startin my first topic ... We've tamed four 135+ rock elementals with only headshots (cannon balls) and started with around 90% taming effiency everytime. Is there anything else to regard? Thanking you in anticipation Gilrhia p.s.: any chance to get ranked up so i can access the trading area?
  19. Hi everyone, i have made a A-Calc taming calculator and companion app for Android devices, iOS devices and Windows Apps (Windows UWP / Windows Mobil). The Dino Taming Stats from last Ark Dev Kit are included. I hope that Tool can help you. Check it out A-Calc Taming Calculator Main Features at a Glance: • Taming calculator and guide for every tameable creature or dinosaur in ARK Survival Evolved, Ark: Scorched Earth and Ark: Aberration • Compatible with Ark Survival game for PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4 (PS4) • Dino taming and foodrate multipliers for unofficial ARK Survival Evolved servers - e.g. "0.5" / "2" / "5" / "0.25" • An all-in-one cross-platform Ark wiki guide & taming calculator • Always newest ARK Dev Kit data and personal testing data • Knockout details and calculations • Torpor timer and starve calculated timer for starve taming • Dino stats, dino trainee level calculation and Ark Wiki links • Overviews for dinos and creatures: carryable, dmg, stun and fits through • Admin commands (cheats), engrams, breeding times, 3rd party breeding calculator, recipes and dyes, patchnotes for PC, Xbox One and PS4 • Ark Maps (Custom maps for the survivor evolved game – created by A-Calc - ARK Community Taming Tools) • Available in different languages: English, Spain, French, Italian, Russian, Polish and German • Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface Die Hauptmerkmale des Zähmung Rechner auf einen Blick: • Taming Rechner und Guide für jede zähmbare Kreatur oder Dinosaurier in ARK Survival Evolved, Ark: Scorched Earth und Ark: Aberration • Kompatibel mit dem Ark Survival Spiel auf PC, Xbox One und Play Station 4 (PS4) • Zähmen Geschwindigkeit und Futterrate Multiplikatoren für individuelle ARK Survival Evolved Server - z.B. "0.5" / "2" / "5" / "0.25" • Ein All-in-One cross-platform Ark Wiki Guide und Taming Rechner der keine Wünsche übriglässt • immer das neuste ARK Dev Kit und persönliche Testdaten • Schläfrigkeit - Knockout Details und Berechnungen • Narkose Timer und Aushungern Zähmung Rechner Timer • Dino-Statistiken, Dino-Ausbildung Level Berechnung und Ark Wiki Verlinkung • Übersichten für Dinos und Kreaturen: tragbare Kreaturen, Schaden, Betäubung und Passt durch • Admin-Befehle (Cheats), Engramme (Skilltree), Brutzeiten, 3rd Party Brutrechner, Rezepte und Farben sowie Patchnotes für PC, Xbox One und PS4 • Ark-Karten (Benutzerdefinierte Karten für das Überleben Spiel – created by A-Calc - ARK Community Taming Tools) • In verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar (jederzeit umschaltbar): Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Russisch und Polnisch • Sauberes und ordentliches Design mit einer frischen und intuitiven Benutzeroberfläche Showcase & Changelog http://www.a-calc.de/showcase.html Downloads: www.a-calc.de Google Play Store Apple Store Fröhliches Zähmen alle
  20. Beastmaster1992

    Meat-Eating Turtles

    It always bothered me is the fact that Carbonemys (The Turtle) eat nothing but berries and veggies while the real world Side-Necked Turtles (Including the real Carbonemys) ate just about anything, be it Fruit, Veggies, Meat, or Fish. Is there anyway that someone put out a small mod to feed/tame the Carbonemys Meat and Fish in addition to berries and veggies?
  21. When taming I am not able to just give the unconscious animal the food it needs. I have use the transfer all compatible items button which for some reason transfers nearly everything including wood, thatch and stones. I hardly think a dodo want to eat those. To make matters worse it transfers narcotics as well which slows down the process. I dont know how much your programers and QA people are getting paid but it is too much for this sloppy work. If I handed in a program like this when I was in college it would be a miracle if I passed.
  22. Hello Fellow Survivors, I've started taming griffins and it's been a blast- especially the Easter ones! I've been using a primitive crossbow and by the time I knock out Griffins their health is a 25% I realize I should be using tranq darts and a longneck rifle. Here is my question: Should I be using a primitive longneck rifle to reduce output damage or a apprentice or journeyman longneck to induce more torpor damage? I am not sure if a higher quality longneck rifle, using tranq darts, increases physical damage or increased torpor induced? Any insights? Thank you everyone,
  23. SirPeter

    quetzal Quetzal Spawns/Locations

    So I have come across two quetzals on Ragnarok. I tamed one and killed the other. One was around LAT-25, LONG-45 ish. That valley between the volcanic area and the beaver sanctuary/mountain. I tamed that one. The other I do not remember specifically but believe it was in a different location. It was such a low of level I killed it. That was weeks ago and since then I haven't seen another quetz anywhere. Are they similar as on the island where once they spawn they all move to a certain point in the map? Anyone know of odd places they have found them or know popular places they can be found at? I can pretty much find EVERY creature but quetzals now. I even have a unicorn, but have only ever seen two quetzals. I am almost done making my kibble farm but am lacking a male quetz and my female lays eggs so slow, needs mateboost. With oviraptor only have had two eggs total since I got quetz two-three months ago.
  24. As the title says. which dinos have you either given up trying to tame, never had an interest in taming, or you just won't even waste your time on anymore? My list NO LONGER TAME or ONLY Tame because of Kibble Farming- Achatina, Araneo, Archaeopterx, , Compy, Dunkleosteus, Equus, Gallimimus, , Dolphins, Carnos, , Kentros, Megaloceros, Mesopithecus, Microraptor, Moschops, Pachy, Pegos, Procoptodon, Sarco, Purlovia, Wooly Rhino, NEVER TRIED TO TAME, no interest Chalicotherium Dimetrodon Diplodocus Eels Kairuku Liopleurodon Manta Mantis Hesperonis Pachyrhinosaurus Titanosaur TRIED TO TAME, But gave up Troodons (I wasted so much time trying to get them to eat my tames. Now I kill them on sight.) Megalania Onyc Phoenix (cant ever find one)
  25. Hello, I'm new to Ark, 150 hours, played it for the last week of my vacation. Also, I have only SinglePlayer experience, on PS4 PRO. In spite of that, most of my suggestions will be pragmatic instead of changes to the whole game. To other players: please, give this list a try and comment to raise its relevancy... I belive that everyone will like the suggestions. And beforehand: sorry my bad english... I will try to keep it simple. This post will have four major topics: 1. Floating Names 2. Tamed Creature Management 3. Leash: Simple solution to mating distance and other issues 4. Pheromones: Another solution to mating distance problem Let's start: Floating Names Need more options. Currently we have two options: "all on" pollutes the beautiful visuals WildCard so carefully created. Not to mention the performance impact. "all off" have negative impact on gameplay, since is hard ( maybe impossible ) to asset wild dino stats ( level, gender ) before engaging it. Update: Thanks WC for the new Name Toggle options in groups. Helps a lot, but improvement is still needed. Easy quick fix: We need, at least, to turn it partially on/off: - Floating Names On ( current ) - Floating Names Off ( current ) - Show Floating Names in Aim/Pointed only ( make to tame dinos like it is to wild dinos ) A little more elaborated fix: Option to change floating names behavior to different creature types: Legend: -Type --Option ( only one allowed ) -Tamed Creatures --Show All --Hide All --In Aim/Pointed Only --Tribe Only --Following Only ( helps when creatures get stuck ) --Whistle Group Only -Wild Creatures --Show All --Hide All --In Aim/Pointed Only --Engaged Only -Players --TODO ( I don't play MP ) Tamed Creature AI improvements In larger packs of tamed creatures, combat becomes more management and less participation of the player itself. Creatures should have more options. Suggestion that uses already implemented ingame creature AIs: Configurations of creature behavior in four health tiers ( creature health, not player health ): 0% ~ 25% 25% ~ 50% 50% ~ 75% 75% ~ 100% For each health tier, the player can configure the creature behavior: -- Neutral ( as already in game ) -- Agressive ( as already in game ) -- Passive ( as already in game ) -- Self Defense ( attack only the creature that attacked it ) -- Evade ( as already in game, but only for wild creatures ) The "Evade" option should not make the creature run forever ( unless its a first implementation ). The creature should run only while being chased, and when not, return to its previous activity ( following someone or standing somewhere ). Some creatures ingame already have this AI. So, for example, we could configure a Raptor to: When 0% ~ 25% health: Evade When 25% ~ 50% health: Self Defense When 50% ~ 75% health: Neutral When 75% ~ 100% health: Aggressive Update, Technical Issue: Darinth came up with the question of client side aspect of Whistle Groups. Currently, the creature probably already have one server side flag: state of agressive, passive or neutral. For this little more advanced AI they will need only to add 3 state slots ( one for eath health tier ). Configuration of behavior in Whiste Groups ( now Creature Groups ) can continue client side. The configurations should be pushed to the server ( creature ) only when: -Changing the configuration of the group ( update all creatures of the group ) -Adding a creature to that group ( update added creature ) -Whistle the new whistle "Group Behavior" ( update all creatures of the group ) Leash: Simple solution to mating distance and other issues The mating system is... not good ( came back in 2018 and still no improvement in this field ) I mean, the whole breeding system is great, but the part where the player need to cage creature together to keep them in mating distance... is bad... not fun, causes a lot of bugs ( visual and clipping ones too) and the cages built to keep the creatures close looks horrible due the attempt to make the creatures stay close together. The way it is done ( by players ) looks more like a glitch than a feature. And the spam "stay" is not a solution at all and unavaliable to console players. The issues of this single system alone made many friends of mine avoid the game =/ Quick fix without the need to redesign the whole system: A collar... like a real life dog collar with a leash. Leashes could be attached to a Pillar. When attached to a creature and a pillar, the creature can not walk away of the pillar more than the leash length. So Leashes could be creafted in various lengths Visually will be better since creature may roam semi-free out of ugly crafted/hard to manage improvised cages. Long leashes can also be used to create gate-less parks or use dinos as guardians of an area. An option to turn off the leashes visual could help in over crowded areas. Simple executions of this idea, to better integrate with current system: -Leashes can be creafted in various lengths -Leash tiers: stronger leashes to keep bigger creatures -High end leashes: dinamically configurable leash length Extensions of the idea: -Leashes could be attached directly to a creature. But also could be required the creature to have collars, harnesses or saddles. Allowing the other users ideas to add equips to the creatures other than saddles. -Smaller dinos could be leashed to larger dinos to create defense perimeter that avoid chasing off creature too far away Even easier alternative, without physical leashes: -Just add an option under creatures "max wandering distance" and "set origin" --Max Wandering Distance could be simple as Very Low, Low ... Very High. --Origin point is to set where is the origin of this "distance" value. Pheromones The mating system is... not good. I mean, the whole breeding system is great, but the part where the player need to cage creature together to keep them in mating distance... is bad... not fun, causes a lot of bugs ( visual and clipping ones too) and the cages built to keep the creatures close looks horrible due the attempt to make the creatures stay close together. The way it is done ( by players ) looks more like a glitch than a feature. And the spam "stay" is not a solution at all and unavaliable to console players. The issues of this single system alone made many friends of mine avoid the game =/ A simple solution would be: Add an option to "Enable/Disable Pheromones" on female creatures. With this option enabled, and wandering enabled, and is ready to mate, the female will start to emit pheromones. Males with this option enabled, and wandering enabled, will follow the closest female emiting pheromone of its species, allowing they to stay in the mating distance. This would look better and at sametime would greatly improve breeding gameplay. Thanks for reading!