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  1. A New Voting System The voting system right now is not good. It is dare say bad. It is unpolished and needs to be worked on. Here are a few suggestions. The Front Page I propose we start off with the front page. I've noticed that all or most of the suggestions on the front page right now have been there since the beginning of the voting systems implementation. The same suggestions have just stuck up there at the top. This is why I request that a moderator (ehh possibly a bot) wipe the votes for all of the suggestions every few months (maybe 2 months?). By the way, not the suggestions, the votes. The reason I suggested this be done is because right now suggestions with the most votes appear on the front page, unlike before the voting system when the most recently updated posts appeared on the front page. I arguably like the old system better with the front page, as the new one basically doesn't let anyone get there pages to the front as of now, and I can see these pages right now probably staying up there for months to come. Users also barely switch from most votes over to recently updated in the suggestion forum, and this makes the new posts harder to get to the front. Thus the votes be wiped every few months. Upvote and Downvoting I believe the current voting system is far from accurate. Users are not able to downvote a suggestion, being only able to upvote. This simply means players who dont agree with the suggestion have to deal with it. With the inclusion of downvoting, the votes for suggestions could become far more accurate as users who do not agree with the suggestion are able to simply downvote it. On the counter-argument that downvoting allows users to create tons of throwaway accounts to downvote with, users can, and have, been doing that with the upvoting system as well. Early Birds Can't Vote I believe users with the rank "Early Bird" should not be allowed to vote on suggestions, up or down. This would stop users from creating throwaway accounts to mess up voting. Putting a simple addition like this in place would help a ton to stop votes from being messed with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I believe simple features like this would make the voting more accurate, more user friendly and make posts more easily accessible. If a moderator of the forums sees this post, I hope you take this into consideration if you ever decide to change the voting. Sincerely, jamescoolcrafter15
  2. F key should open inventory when not on dinosaur We can all get behind this one! (those of us on the PC version or those on console that use a keyboard) The F-Key should open the Inventory (I key menu) when the player is off of the Dino and not facing it... seems like a logical thing to do when I find myself instinctively reaching for and pressing the f key to open the inventory to have it do nothing! Don't know about you but I find it quite frustrating especially when being attacked and you need to make a quick change! Vote this up if you agree and lets make a lasting change that will help to make this game that much more playable Have a great day all
  3. Hi I've seen videos on YouTube about the castles keeps and forts mod is this a PC sponsored mod and if it is would this mod make it's way to PS4 and Xbox one because I've been building Hyrule Castle from breath of the wild out of wooden stone walls ceilings floors pillars and whatnot and it doesn't look like it much but the castles keeps and forts would what does anyone think of the Hyrule Castle idea?
  4. Valgueros Pros and Cons First of i like to say that i do not hate Valguero,i actually like it,but i noticed some problems or shortcomings i would like to point out. Im going to go over the pros first though. Pros Good Water to Land ratio (alot of people dislike the ocean due to it being sort of a resource depot instead a full fleshed out biome) Heaps of metal,this map has alot of metal nodes,not as much as Ragnarok,but alot. Sap Stumps provide early game sap Heaps of pearls,this map has alot of silica pearls,the underground ocean also provides easy black pearls Oil veins,Oil pumps are always great Beavers,Beavers,Beavers,theres alot of beaver nest Cool ruins Plenty of small water sources,anywhere you build on this map you will have a water source nearby Underground Ocean,this provides a cool take on the ocean (some people where hoping for something like this in Extinction) Boreal Forest is a great biome providing redwood resources with jungle threats Flat areas,this provides alot of great building areas Small caves (not refering to actual caves) these provide base areas and cool environments! New Dino Cons Allosaurus Apocalypse,there are way too many allo spawns not enough crystal spreads,there is alot of crystal on this map,however it is only in a few areas on the surface making crystal one of the more annoying resources on this map Bugs? Bug creatures are harder to farm due to them only spawning in higher threat areas BroodMother,dont bother with her,she doesnt give tek engrams and only gives low tier to no loot. Caves? There are very little caves in this map and the ones that are really underwhelming,only 2 of the caves have enemies in them. Ice golem and Chalk golems being reskins,they could have made these alternate versions of the rock golems example making ice golems rock throw freeze or slow enemies but they are weak to fire,chalk golems rock throw being several small rocks for more aoe but less damage. No Chargenodes,batteries are impossible to charge on this map NOW FOR THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM The Abberation area is extremely lacking content,no vines,no rockdrakes,nameless,reapers,baslisk,shinehorns,featherlights,no liquid element,only contains 2 of the abberation biomes making it very boring(surface obviously cant be added) and not really worth,Wildcard has stated that this is for that way abberation doesn't become useless and not generate sales for abberation (abberation has probably sold 99% percent of what its going to sell ever),HOWEVER Abberation has been out for 18 months.To put this in perspective,Ragnarok came out only 10 months after Scorched earth released with all of its content being added to Ragnarok (phoenix came after ragnaroks release),this has caused scorched earth to become very pointless to ragnarok. This is most likely why abberation creatures are missing from valguero. Wildcard most likely doesn't want Valguero to become a replacement to abberation. However wildcard has to realize that hype and interest are two different things. Hype can create interest (Valguero Announcement trailer for example),However hype cannot sustain interest unless the content is interesting itself. Hopefully wildcard will stop being stubborn and give the players what we want,but this is how they responded to the whole Valguero Abberation thing.
  5. Reorganize Suggestion Forums The suggestion forums as a fantastic idea, but it's becoming apparent that there needs to be some structural changes to people can actually find suggestions they are interested in. My suggestion would be to split the forum into the following categories and subcategories: Settings and Mechanics (general game settings and mechanics) Creatures Additions Changes Maps Additions Changes Unofficial Hosting (most useful for console, given the tools PC players have access to, but I believe this warrants its own category) Incorporated Tools (admin listing, player listing, stat tracking, and so on) Configuration Options (stats, overrides, and so on) People have short attention spans and aren't likely to sort through more than 60 pages of suggestions to find what they are interested in. Additionally, there are a number of repeat suggestions that are crowding out original suggestions. I believe if the suggestion forum is broken down in a similar fashion to the above, it will make things much easier to find. Additionally, it will break things down into more specific suggestions which will allow a more accurate read on community desires. I get that this makes the suggestion forum more complex, but I think that complexity is going to give you folks a better overall read and ultimately simplify the data collection process on your end. Additionally, it would be useful if you folks would sort the forums according to what you will and what you won't consider. We're all aware there are some things that aren't technically possible or even worth the effort, and some things that defeat your vision of the game. Creating something like a public rejection bin to host the suggestions that aren't going to happen will help people navigate this forum section.
  6. Orangutan in ARK So far in the game theres only the megapithecus, gigantopithecus and mesopithecus, how about a new creature that you can ride and can climb and swing through trees rocks and mountains, i suggest an orangutan for ARK.
  7. Specific dinos in the dungeons Alright, so how could it possibly be fair to us single players to not get specific dinos from the dungeons? I mean, it’s be nice if we could be included in those too, you know? It’s especially not fair due to the fact that you kinda have to pay for buffs in the dungeons to even get past the bosses and traps, so if you don’t have any money, then you’re kinda out of luck. I don’t mind not having eerie creatures, because those are just cool mutations I could try to get myself if I really wanted to, but now that they’re adding creatures that you can only get from the dungeons, and no where else, is bogus. Not to mention that you’ve got a time limit to even do it in the first place. I’d love to have a daeodon in my little colony, but I guess not. If they add wyverns like this, then I’d honestly stop playing. Not that that means a whole lot, but it really would take the fun out of it. If they could have it for after the dungeon events are over, and they add the dinos you didn’t get to the actual world, I’d be fine with that. But, it’s probably not going to happen .
  8. Custom Mutations! Add a new TEK structure that allows you to change a mutation for example from Oxygen to Melee at the expense of element and time, similar to the cloning chamber. Edit: BUT LIKE A LOT OF ELEMENT! (To keep it balanced...)
  9. Just a list of things i'd like to see in Ark If you dont mind reading, here's some things that i'd like to see in ark. Some of these I'm sure might be almost impossible with the current game's coding and how janky the mechanics would be, but I just think these are some things i'd like to see and my opinions on certain changes and whatnot. To start off, i personally like the old rex model before the TLC better. I don't know why but I guess the face looks more appealing to me. I don't know if anyone else has the same opinion. There are also some things i' d like to see that might add some more realism into the game. For example, -Being very close to some types of ally dinos would provide warmth, even in hot places. -taking off with a flyer may need a small run up animation, to catch air instead of just taking off (though this may not be all that helpful for situations like trapping or pvp) -wild dinos make more ambient noises as you come closer, especially herbivores as they would become more anxious/on guard -STARVING OR DYING OF DEHYDRATION DOES NOT CAUSE YOUR LEG TO BREAK -more dino calls, like threatening or forecalling and dino crouching, or laying down to regain stamina faster (though this may be hard to implement on console, but it could have some button shortcuts, or use d-pad) one i'd especially like to see is a sarco hiss -like I've stated before, the egg gender ratios with certain frogs and crocodilian dinos -more realistic behavior in the AI, which would include the different calls and pack hunting -higher horse jumping! Because horses jump higher than they do in ark. Do be honest the height of an equus jump is just depressing. Atleast have like deinonychus jump height -wyvern gliding and please give some flyers at least a nerfed Griffin ability -a scent ability on some carnivores that could track wild creatures (shown by a line on the ground or footprints), and footprints in general -some dino resistance if you're about to jump or walk off a cliff, such as a split second slow in walking. This could save alot of lives -feathered dinos that use feathers for flying or gliding would have to wait for their feathers to dry after being in rain or water (this could be just a few seconds or could be changed in settings) or a shaking animation could come in to dry off faster. I really like this idea, and since birds can't go into the water (like argies) in rain they would get wet and couldn't fly as well. You might see alot of players not flying in the rain or just standing around waiting for their birds to dry after a rainstorm -wet feathers and fur - your dino automatically swims to the surface if it is in deep water, because real animals aren't just going to sit there until they drown because you didn't tell them to swim -small blood trails if a dino is injured badly -.....why can you ride a phoenix..... -in constant extreme conditions your fortitude slowly raises due to becoming used to those temperatures, and when exposed to the opposite it immediately starts to go down -all dino eyes reflect light in the dark, while troodons and other dinos who's eyes glow in the dark just glow, somehow there could be a difference you could see -being able to pet all of your dinos! I'm sure there's more that I just haven't thought about at the moment. Now don't get me started on S+. I honestly just really want S+ features to be in vanilla ark, especially for us console players who don't have access to it. Ark building can be really frustrating and really hard. There are also some building materials that aren't available on regular ark that would work so much better. I hope you agree with me on some of these and feel free to add on or argue with them.
  10. Add a roar button for reaper kings on console please. It's a classic thing in ark that when two people meet on dinos that can roar will do so to greet and to show dominance, but for reaper kings thats only possible on pc, as I'm guessing it wasn't added to console due to limited buttons on the controller. But now is the time to fix that, just simply code it to where the king roars if you hold down the right thumbstick button instead of just pressing it once which does the spin attack. I mean it's not unheard of the giganotopithicus does something similar where if you press the thumbstick once it picks up fiber but holding makes it pick up a shoulder pet if there is one in front of it. But yeah doing this will make a lot of reaper lovers happy. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  11. Ashaka

    Dino Suggestion

    Dino Suggestion Hey there I would like to offer a suggestion of a glowy fox to be added for abberation/valagro similar in nature to the shinehorn and to the otter I think having a small wearable creature that could emit light and protect against radiation would be a great idea and I would love if it spawned in (naturally it's normal color) pink and white
  12. Increased harvesting/breeding rates on CROSSARK Hello, It has been mentiond multiple times before, but let's go through this topic again. Crossark's are fun, but for crossark to be x1 harvesting is kinda toxic. A lot more people would play crossarks if there would be atleast x2 harvesting, non the less make them like smalltribes and remove the evolution event on weekends. Servers are losing players due the amount of time spend on farming, and they are going on unofficial or smalltribes where are rates actually decent. Let's see how much people would like to see this happen. http://chng.it/249WCLdK Best regards.
  13. Command to issue an engram to another player Sorry for my English, I write with the help of an interpreter... In our favorite game already has such a GiveTekEngramTo So, here is my request to enter the command GiveEngramTo to be able to give an engram to a person.
  14. Jug Bug usefulness Okay so I'm here to talk about something that's not to important but I wanted to say something. The "Jug Bugs" in Ark are absolutely useless even the dossier says so but I'm her to pitch an idea that would make The Jug Bug one the most fun and useful tames in Ark. So right now they have no use other than Exp, water, and oil but here is an idea, The Oil Jug Bug will be a raiding weapon. Now I know that sounds like a joke but seriously, have it be the more combative of the variants and be a living oil jar. My idea is to make to where you can whistle attack target on an animal or a base's walls and it will empty its sack of oil on to it creating the same thing the oil jar does which is a slick of oil that decrease movement speed and can be lit on fire so basically if you don't feel like learning the oil jar engram or just want to see a bug crap oil on someone then this variant would be for you. Now the Water Jug Bug. The Water Jug bug would be useful as a tame for irrigating plants. Basically a dung beetle's assistant. Just set on wander via the behavior tab and it will irrigate crops and also be able to put out fire. Now don't say this would be unfair and pointless because its a DLC creature because it not exclusive to Scorched Earth it spawns on Ragnarok and can be transferred over via the obelisk. So that was my suggestion thanks for taking your time to read it.
  15. New wyvern Types We have a frost wyvern and that’s amazing. But what about a swamp wyvern, a desert wyvern, a forest wyvern and a sea/water wyvern??? the Desert Wyvern- looks like the thorny lizard short and stocky could spit sand storm that would steal stamina and damage enemies. Like a normal sandstorm and have the same effects. the swamp wyvern- zombie like decaying with Spanish moss it would breathes purple fog that would Poison and blind some one like the Dilophosaurs the forest wyvern- have antlers and look like Leafs for scales it’s breath would like like tornado of branches from it’s mouth like debris from a tornado. The effect would slow movement also. The sea water wyvern- would look fishlike may or may not be able to fly. Would shoot water out in jets that would damage and drown some one. Having a frost wyvern being the only wyvern that spawns out side a dragon trench is not fair. I love the mechanic and just feel there should be a few more environmental Wyverns based on their respective biomes
  16. Wyvern Ideas? So, as a person who has played ARK for a while, it's bugs are of course very noticeable and should be treated before any updates in Dinos, or before any new additions (as some think). But, let's forget about the bug issues for a second. Personally, I would love to have new dinosaurs like the Gorgonopsid, or a Majungasaurus added to the game, but above all...I feel Wyverns need a new look. I have loved how theyve looked for a while, but recently, I feel they could look more intimidating instead of some fairytale "save the princess" look. The Fire Wyvern for example, of course it is a big, scary, FIRE BREATHING flying fantasy Lizard, so its intimidating anyway. However, when you see them up close... they dont look the part to scare enemies from their nests...I feel the Wyverns should be a bit bigger, and have more color variations out of events first before any new model looks, but again... I just felt they never looked up to their name "Wyvern" if their face looks adorable to ages 6 below... That's not all though, I would LOVE to see size mutations or differences amongst the dragons. Logically, I feel the Lightning should be slimmer, faster, and smaller than the others, with Fire being the biggest, Ice the 2nd biggest, and Poison the 3rd. But if that'd ever happen, I'd love to see more tricks on the Wyverns end. Like the Pteranadon for example, if you hit the right joystick it does a spin attack or fast maneuver whilst taking up a chunk of stamina. I would appreciate seeing a Wyvern glide maneuver, so while facing walls you could glide down and attach to them, MUCH like the Tapejara and Rock Drake in Aberration. I just would like to think Wyverns had a new trick up their sleeves instead of landing in lava all the time... they could now spawn attached to walls and etc, or climbing down from them... Lastly, new Wyverns. It's a bit late to say this, but I havent heard any news about anything about the update so IDK if stuff like this would come for Wyverns so early or at all, but I just wanted to make this post/discussion. Anyway, new wyverns. It would be amazing to see a Leviathan Wyvern (or Sea/Ocean/Water Wyvern) to accompany on Ragnarok, and maybe The Center. Imagine, swimming through the Oceans of Ragnarok with your high level Sarco or preferred Ocean mount, and you see ruins under the water... intimidated yet curious, you launch yourself into the depths at the mouth of a tiny ruined castle, and you see floating eggs on little shelves and etc. You take one, not knowing if this is a joke, when suddenly a Momma Wyverns head is in the entrance, trapping you and your Sarco in the ruins. You've made grave mistake! A Sea Wyverns head (or whatever youd like to call it) would be slim and sharp, like a mix between Lightning and Poison, their bodies would be incredibly slim and snake like, and their wings would resemble more of giant fins, but they could still launch out of the water to attack you on the shore (As well as sitting on the shore like a Walrus, lol). I dont have any attack ideas at the moment, but if I do I'd edit the post. Now maybe Rock/Earth Wyverns? Much like the "Forest Wyvern" in Extinction, the Earthy Wyverns would be dull/bright colors (depending on their territory), small, but built like a beast. Traveling through Redwoods when suddenly, a Maroonish Wyvern unhooks its wicked wings from one of the trees only to tangle you in vines or etc eit its breath. I feel like such a thing would be a slim little quick dragon for the brighter environments, and for the dull, more of a rock shape much like the Rock Elemental in Ragnarok and so on. Actually coming alive from rocky areas as it attaches armor to itself from the rocks around it. Anywho, this was just a fun little post. Comment your ideas?
  17. I think that ARK needs more useful shoulder pets and small unrideable dinos or at least TLCs to existing ones, some examples of ones I would like to see added are; Dwarf Elephant (it can gather wood when on wander), Iberomesornis (shoulder pet similar to Icthyornis, but smaller and specializes at killing bugs instead of fish), Bernissartia (shoulder day starts that packs a punch and specializes in fish killing) ,Nemicolopterus(shoulder pet like dimorph, but not as strong, specializes in meat gathering), Gasparinisaura (Gathers berries when on wander), Minmi(gathers flint and metal when on wander), Archicebus(shoulder pet that gathers berries when you walk by or when it is on wander), Leptocyon( smaller than hyaenadon, has backpack as saddle refrigerates meat and allows it to carry a lot of your items), and finally Hadrocodium ( it is a very small shoulder pet which is used to pick locks at a 54% success rate).
  18. The implementation of the Turret cap has been frustrating and confusing. As it stands there is an indicator on turrets when you hit 100 but from there on out you are left alone to the wolves to figure out where you can place your next set of turrets. I propose an indicator much like the tek generator “show range” ability. This would make placing turrets less stressful, time consuming and bothersome. or... removing the cap all together would also help.
  19. I'm going to suggest something controversial here; mainly because the end result is going to slow down the update cycle a bit for console. I think it would be a good idea to implement a PTR for consoles. While I understand you folks tend to use PC as your test-bed, there seems to be a tendency for things to sneak through into the console version of the game. Having a PTR would both expand your testing base and increase the potential for finding bugs that in some instances have broken large chunks of the game. If you have thousands of us trying to break your updates; well, you're more likely to find that which shouldn't be pushed through. Yes, this is going to widen the gap between console and PC updates. Yes, people are going to get huffy because 'ugh, why do I have to wait so long?'. These are the same people who are going to complain when something breaks following an update, because they don't understand you have a small team and not thousands of people. At the end of the day, the fallout is likely to be less severe than if you push something that breaks drops, kibble, or any other major game element. This idea isn't unprecedented, as it was done for Battlefield 4; I still have the PTR on my external. Control access to the PTR via code, or don't control it at all, and give us two weeks with any candidate. We'll mash the buttons and find what's broken. You fix it, and you guys send a working build out into the wild. Maybe this is a suggestion a bit too late in coming for Ark, but given the magnitude of this game I think it would be a wise move for any other similar games you develop; you know, like Ark 2.
  20. A much wanted idea is a Map maker, similar to the tools given to us (and very much recently broken) in the PGArk system. Imagine being able to craft your own worlds, generate the map and smooth it out, create elaborate dungeons for a roleplay server. Creating vast an beautiful planes on a whim. Controlling the weather system for it, adding radiation zones, adding nest spawns for drakes and wyverns, etc. The sky would then, literally, be the limit. Is this new map your friend made awesome? Will it rain meteors? Will the caves be soaked in radiation as you near the center of the Ark? Who knows? But I know I'd buy it.
  21. Hello im reporting a exploit using a motorboat. Simply craft a motorboat and place it on any water then put a foundation then use a ceiling to extend it then put a bed on the ceiling after that you will lay on the bed and tell your friend to ride the boat into any under wall then if the spot is perfect your friend who is riding the boat must demolish the motorboat then you will get into the mesh like Cryopod exploit which a lot of people abuse it hope you guys do something about it. Its not that public and not anyone much know about it and i can record it if u guys want on youtube. edit/ although I know a lot of Cryopod glitch got fix but some people who know this glitch is abusing too much and it’s bad.
  22. (Skip to 4th paragraph to skip the TLDR-worthy backstory) I've always loved Ark's ocean. Back as a young one, with only 50 hours in Ark, the depths of even The Island terrified me, and I always needed my friend to join me on even a miniscule silica or oil run. Fast forward around 400 hours of experience. I can handle parts of the ocean but I had not yet played Ragnarok or The Center so I didn't know their oceans. I thought up one day, "It would be awesome to have a map that was based on an ocean!" That idea was swept aside into my subconscious and hid for a long time. Fast forward about 300-ish more Ark experience hours. I decided that Ark would become a game I play frequently and continued to buy the Season Pass. I was immediately scratching the surface of Scorched Earth and the newly-released Aberration, but alas, no ocean. This upset me so much, I immediately switched to Ragnarok with some of my friends. Getting bored of Ragnarok about 50 hours of experience later, I start to play The Center, something I only regret not doing earlier. The ocean on The Center filled me with such joy, it quickly became my favorite map. I loved the beautiful rock spires in the flat ocean shallows, the magical underwater air-pocket-domes, and we can't forget the trenches. To this day, if anyone asked me my favorite location in the entirety of Ark, I'd say in a heartbeat- "Southeastern Trench on The Center." But looking back a couple hundred hours from now, I noticed- the Deep Ocean on The Center was quite empty. Yes, it's beautiful. Yes, it gives me chills. And yes, I am going to explore it a 400th time after writing this. But it lacks... action, adventure... overall, we needed a more descriptive ocean with PLENTY more wildlife. I remembered my previously-mentioned idea of an ocean map, and thought about how long ago that was. Cue the "nostalgia_trip.jpeg". After that deal, I immediately started thinking of what cool creatures and environments I could integrate into an ocean map. I came up with SO MANY IDEAS! From a Tek explorer pod like Subnautica's "Cyclops" to a grasshopper that runs on top of water, from an amphibious monkey pet that holds oxygen to a ginormous Cancer Borealis crab the size of a Titan. I had all the ideas in the world. What did I do? If you said nothing, you'd be dead wrong. I got my notebook and raced to my computer to download the dev kit and start building this map of mine. This was probably one of the happiest times I remember. When I load in the dev kit though... it crashed. I brushed it off, and started the dev kit again. Same crash. No pop-up or anything, the application just closed. I searched for around 2 months for a fix, and no, that is not an exaggeration to the slightest. Not a single fix worked, and to this day I still can't get it to work. I asked my friend if he could try the devkit and he seems to have it working. I decided if I would work with him, a team of people might be essential. And that's why I'm writing this thread! If you're like me and want to create this ocean-based map before WildCard does, regardless of what expense that might cost us, I urge you- come join my friend and I in our Agualaha Project! If it sounds intriguing but you still aren't sure, perhaps some of me and my friend's concepts might win you over. Here's a couple ideas, and who came up with them, Me=me, NGJ=my friend. Map Features: -Ocean Sections: Me and NGJ's idea for the ocean being split into quadrants. The 2 quadrants on the southern side of the map would be freshwater oceans, the same as normal oceans. The northern side would be saline waters, water would drain faster unless under the effect of a scuba tank, drinking would dehydrate the player. The eastern quadrants would be tropical/warm oceans, which would have warmer temperatures and have more small creatures like coelecanth, megapiranha, aquiticus, etc. The western quadrants would be cold oceans, with bigger creatures spawning at higher frequencies than the warm oceans. -Trench Types: Trenches would be broken into 2 categories; linear and divot. Linear trenches were a crack-like shape and are elongated, while divot trenches were circular and went deeper. -Drenched Creatures: Variants of creatures found in the deepest depths of trenches and oceans, similar to Corrupted Creatures, however they have the strength of 2 of that creature most of the time, with certain exceptions for obvious reasons. They would be able to break up to metal, but not tek. Their appearance would frighten the daylights out of anyone not expecting it, as they are translucent white with bright aqua, pink, and yellow accents. Somewhat similar to Subnautica's "Ghost Leviathan" in a way. Creatures with this variant would include, to name a few; Megalodon, Plesiosaur, Mosasaur, Tusoteuthis, Leedsitchthys, Dakosaurus, Helicoprion, and Megapiranha are the significant ones. These creatures are rare, only slightly more common than Alphas, and are untamable. -Spawn Regions: The map would consist of all spawn points on the south side of the map, where there are 2 main islands with small islets surrounding. They include a swamp, forest, small mountain, tropical forest, small tundra, and PLENTY of beach. But fear not- we'll be having NO ICHTHYORNIS. You can rest easy. The north would have 2 floating islands, and not floating like on Crystal Isles or Amissa, floating as in, they float at the top of the water. -Combat Expectation: We expect the most popular of all-round combat mounts from the existing roster to be the Spinosaurus or Baryonyx. We are adding others that will be amphibious land-and-water creatures that will be better at that specific job, but those will be the ones most transferred (we assume.) -No Flyers: The map will not naturally spawn any rideable flying creatures! Sorry guys, but it is one of the easiest ways to balance gameplay. We plan to allow other map dinos to transfer, unlike Aberration, but will limit it and disable flyer transferring. Dinos: -Aquiticus: My idea for an amphibious monkey that holds oxygen in a pouch/tank like tail. Would be able to shoulder mount. -Levyatan: My idea for a sperm whale that is slightly bigger than a bronto, stays just shy of the water's surface and eats up rafts, motorboats, and small creatures (including players) in a single bite. Used to encourage deep sea exploration rather than skimming the surface. Tamable and has a platform saddle. -NGJ's unnamed idea for a cockroach creature (roughly between Galli and Mantis in size) that is able to move at extreme speed on top of water while being very weak and vulnerable in water. Tamable with a single seat saddle and one that holds 3 other passengers. -Borealis: My idea for a giant crab roughly the size of Extinction's titans. Used as a raid dino and lasts for (not exact yet) 12-24 hours after taming with no saddle, but its back is so flat that it can be built on without the need of a platform. Can only survive out of water for 30 minutes as it begins to dry up and die. -Dakosaurus (or Dako): Me and NGJ's idea for a reliable underwater mount. Basically the egg creature of Agualaha, one would need to venture to a specific trench and collect an egg with a handling tool and bring it back to their settlement, raise it, and feed the offspring Dako Salt from knocking out male Dakos. Male dakos will also guarantee a Dako Salt Gland trophy upon death. Rideable with a saddle and tek saddle. It also would get a very large MS increase (~75%) when moving in a single direction and sprinting, can be maintained if turning steady and slow enough. Engrams / Items: -Handler: My idea for a tool used to hold a single aquatic egg and move it or save for later. Learn at lvl 74. -Torpedo: My idea for a rocket launcher ammunition fireable underwater, dealing decent damage to dinos/players but immense damage to structures, able to damage Tek slightly on a direct hit. Learn at lvl 89. -Heat Seeking Torpedo: NGJ's idea for a variant that targets a dino or player and locks onto them, moving towards the target. Turns extremely slowly. Will lock onto a new target if another is closer, cannot lock onto user or tribemates but CAN hit tribe-owned dinos. Learn at lvl 94. -Tiered Vacuum Compartments: Me and NGJ's idea for Wood, Stone, and Metal variants of the Vacuum Compartment that are powered by Spongy Fungus, a chemical substance made at the Mortar and Pestle as well as the Chemistry Bench. It will take 1 Rare Mushroom and 3 Oil or Gas Balls. It will craft 5 fungus per craft. The fungus will stack to 200. Each fungus will power the Wood and Stone tiers for 1 hour (place in inventory, compartments have 5 slots) and the Metal tier for 30 minutes. However, the Metal Tier can also be run on Electricity and will only consume fungus if there is no electricity source. Wood unlocked at lvl 31, stone at lvl 59, and metal at lvl 86. -Sonar Panel: My idea for a device that can double as a radio and a dino scanner. Scans for dinos within a 40-foundation radius and the detected creatures (including players and the user) are given a white outline through terrain and structures for 8 seconds. Ability has a cooldown of 22 seconds that starts when the outline effect ends. Learn at lvl 60. So yeah. There's some ideas for Agualaha. It's not all the ideas we have, but its's a small chunk of them. Again, if you want to work with us, contact me on Discord (User is "! kazt#8832") or Steam (User is "Kazt [SSS]"), or join or Discord Network, DCG - https://discord.gg/s9qVhc3 <<<<< with that link. We welcome anyone who can contribute even the smallest amount to our project. If you want to design things in the dev kit, great! If you want to design ideas that get implemented, great! And if you want to advertise our project further, great! We'll need all the help we can get! Happy hunting, Survivors!
  23. So i have been testing things with the enforcer and i love what it could be. But I have ran into oddities that seem to make things less than appealing. To start with i found a level 32 enforcer primitive blueprint on one of my kills. Cool i get a level 32 with the cost of a level 1. I get him all the way to level 60 then he dies to a pack of raptors, no big deal I will just rebuild him but now hes a Journeyman blueprint with much higher cost. It says on the blueprint that he is still only level 32 though, so I build it and the Enforcer i get has the exact same stats as the primitive version but had the prices of a Journeyman. The same thing happens with enforcers that start at level 1 from the terminal. I kind of thought the Enforcer would be an endless progression creature where it would just eventually get too expensive to ever rebuild it if it died. For example you build a level 1 Enforcer get him to 60. It dies, then when you get the blueprint off the corpse it will be a level 60, with higher costs in rebuilding it but allows you to start leveling him again. The blueprints increasing cost seems to be factoring in the stats you put into the creature while it was leveling into the new blueprint. So it would just need to actually have those stats. TL;DR as of right now rebuilding an enforcer is highway robbery its stacking costs with no benefits. Possible improvement would be allow for endless recreation and leveling till the point it can no longer be built due to extreme costs.
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