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Found 59 results

  1. OtterlyRidiculous

    Corrupted dinos and turrets.....

    Okay so we all know how no one likes the corrupted taking 10% dmg from any turret. we also know dinos on aggressive dont equal a good base defense due to the ai getting stuck on practically anything. So why not make 2 new ini options for server owners and single players that dont want their teeth kicked in every time a corrupted dino deals any sort of dmg to their base. Ini options could be as simple as Corrupteddmgteirmultiplier =x the number goes 1-6 1 being thatch 2 being wood 3 being stone 4 being metal 5 being tek 6 being they dont deal any dmg to structures And the 2nd one being Corruptedturretdmg=x True = being they take normal dmg from turrets like every other dino false = being they take 10% or make it a slider so people who still want them to be a challenge but don't want them to be wild tanks that do stupid amounts of dmg to everything can put the dmg that turrets do to like 50% less dmg taken or something instead of 10% Id do something like this myself in a shape of a mod but my computer cant handle the damned modding program.
  2. Might I suggest that we please fix some of the game breaking bugs before we go on a happy hunting spree of adding new features? I am happy (sure, lets say I am) that we are taking a mod and adding it to the game. Great! Woo Hoo! But I am so tired of things like my baby dinos dying randomly when they HAVE FOOD in their extremely limited inventory. You know it is a bug, it has been around for a while now. So, until you decide to ficus on that bug, can't we at least patch a bastardized fix? Maybe give them a bigger health pool? Slow down their insatiable need to feed? Or let them hold MORE food? Let them eat from a trough if their get to zero food, and only as a way to NOT starve? Give us a warning they are starving? (Even though they shouldn't be_) I raise real baby animals, and they do NOT need to eat every 3 seconds. Sure, this is a game, and yes they are dinosaurs. But if they are going to eat berries, why do they NEED to eat every 3 seconds for hours? It is stupid. Extremely stupid. To watch them die just before they hit adolescence is irritating, especially after it has happened 4 times in a row during ONE play session. God it is irritating to read all this happy crap about adding things that should have been a "thing" at the beginning. I am happy as a pig in poop that we are working on the game still, even with the arrival of that "other" game that should have been a paid DLC... but I digress... I would just like my pigs to grow up so they CAN play in the poop. Instead of constantly dying to a bug. Shoot me, make fun of me, I don't care. Just fix it or patch it or give us a temp solution? I'll even say please.
  3. Sorkonx

    New DLC

    Hey just a random fan of the game with a suggestion for any planning teams, For 2019 you could release a DLC that would be free but requires SE AB and extinction, this DLC would be the reseed protocol in action. The map would be extinction plus aberration which would be destroyed a bit more and SE and the island all placed together in one super map that would require all dlc’s first but would give hardcore players a final reward for completing the reseed protocol
  4. With this list of suggestions about creatures, i didn't talked about dino's stats (maybe an exception or two), but about new features/mechanics/skills. Because this is not only with statistics that we can balance a game and makes every creatures usefull. I also had in mind to create more synergise between creatures. And to create more counters to some specific dinos, to break the meta, bring some diversity and balance. For me there are different groups of dinos : Combat, Support, Base Assistant, Producer, Transport, Farmer, Companion, Tank, Scout, Lure/Tame etc... From my point of view, to avoid to make an useless creature it has to be good in at least one group or to be polyvalent in some. In the actual game some beast are only "ok" in one category and are outclassed by others. Let's try to avoid that. Also, there could be some synergy betwen same species (chalico snow battle, megaloceros/trike/rhino male battle, dolphin swimming in pack and jumping at the surface etc...) I tried to review every water creatures, i think it should be good to make an huge TLC based only on water (why not on pair with a new extension map with a large focus on water) About water and flyer, i think a great addition would be wind and water stream that dinos could use to gain speed. There are also some creatures that really needs some love, but i don't have good ideas for them. As the plesio/paracer that just looks like mini mosa/bronto, galli, terror bird, megalania, equus, ptera, thylaco. * (my english isn't perfect sry) Wild Dominant Fight Some animals have to prove their strenght to their pair. If 2 wild male meets each other, they can sometimes fight (not to death), the winner will gain a temporary alpha boost, and will have a territorial behaviour (agressive on nearby creatures of other species) Carno, Dunkleosteus, Mammoth, Megaloceros, Pachy, Trike, Wooly Rhino Achatina - vomiting when eated Producer Not built for combat, but could benefit from a small digestive debuff when killed/eated. - If you eat an (uncooked ?) achatina your stomach will feel dizy, your dino will stop to vomit every +/- 30 second. Vomit : Reduce your food by 20% and don't allow you to eat for a period of time +/- 2min. Some creatures are immune to vomit like the frog, insects, megatherium, all swamp/poison creature and maybe french players 😄 Allosaurus - vengeance buff Combat A new feature that will boost them when an other allosaurus dies -> new strategy for bosses by sacrificing a dino to boost the others. - When an allosaurus dies, all other allosaurus in range will receive a vengeance buff for a short period of time (2min) Vengeance : the creature will deal extra damage and take less from the creature/player who has killed his friend 😥. Similar but smaller than the alpha pack buff Ammonite Anglerfish - produce anglergel, flash, 2nd light mode and colors Support, Scout Some more utility and a combat utility skill - Passively produce anglergel (add more craft/recipe that require anglergel) - Press C to change the light mode from omni light to directional light with even more range. Also highlight other creatures/players for a short moment (30sec-1min). (Need works on AI to make him lights in front of you when on follow) - Charge stamina (20-30%) to overcharge flash nearby creatures and gain a propulsion (like squid). Maybe makes this consume anglergel in it's inventory. - Useless but fun. allow him to change his light's color by forcefeed colors 😁 Ankylosaurus - reflect damage, break legs, wandering gathering, shell breaker Farmer, Combat Defense Makes him a good defensive dino vs large creatures. - Add reflect damage (less than Kentro) - Can break legs from large creature for a short moment -> new cripple CC Cripple : the creature can walk but not run, and when walking takes % health per step as damage (won't take damage if not moving) - Allow him to gather ressources in wandering (+ option to disable stone) - No reduced damage vs carbo, doed, golem, dunkleo, trike etc... Doesn't ignore saddle's armor Araneo - climb wall, cocoon small creature, shoot web string, grapples, root, poison, trap... Combat, Support, Utility Not really a combat mount but more of an utility/support mount, with 8 reasons to 8 them 😁 - Climb wall/ceilling - Once tamed you can choose 1 combat skill and 1 utility skill to learn out of 8. 1. Cocoon (utility) 2. Grapples/Zipline (utility) 3. Alarm trap (utility) 4. Shoot web strips (utility) 5. Venomous bite (combat) 6. Camouflage (combat) 7. Jump on prey (combat) 8. Web traps (combat) - Cocoon : Cocoon small creatures (creature have to be uncouncious if wild). You can take the cocoon in your inventory. If it's your tame inside, it act as a cryopod. If it's a wild, you can forcefeed it to creatures for a small buff (1min CC imunity ??) Or use it as passive tame for passive carnivore (dimetrodon, dimorphodon, pteranodon, kairuku, megatherium etc...) Act as handcuff if used on human - Grapples/Zipline : Shoot a string of web that you can use as grapples with balancing ability. If used a second time (on a surface) it makes a zipline (that last 5min). It can also grab small creatures and human. - Alarm trap : Place 2 point linked by a string, if a player/creature walk through it. The araneo will notice and alarm you. And they are marked, if araneo hit a marked enemy she deals extra poison damage over time. - Shoot webstrips : can shoot strips at a relatively high rate (slower than velano), deals low damage, but slow 2s the enemy. +15% slow per hit, at 100% the target will be rooted 4 sec (target will be immune to this attack for a short period of time after that). Larger the creature is, more hits will be needed. For human, fortitude reduce the amount of slow. - Venomous bite : charge a powerfull attack that deals extra poison damage over time and apply a random sickness (Stamina drain, vomiting, poooop, allucination, rabies, extreme water/food comssuption) - Camouflage : the araneo stop moving and after a short time start to be invisible (to simulate camo effect). Once an enemy comes nearby she will attack and deals extra poison damage over time. - Jump on prey : Charge a long jump (a bit like mantis), if target hit, deals extra poison damage over time and paralyse the target for a short time (3sec). - Web traps : Creatures that step on hit are rooted for 6sec. If the araneo hit the enemy before the root end, it will deal extra poison damage over time. Can also be placed between walls (to catch flyer) Archaeopteryx - gps position to send colis, shoulder Utility, Companion - Can select a pinned location on the map and send him like the baloon crates, but it's up to you to send him from a high spot - Can fit on your shoulder, or maybe in a backpack (like banjo&kazooie) (other creature could also fit inside, like dodo, kairuku, diplocaulus etc...) Argentavis - dive and hawkeye Transport, Combat Flyer without speed skill/access feels underpowered now with griffin/owl/rock drake - Allow him to dive but not gliding (the same dive with the crosshair than the Rock Drake) - Can see and target a creature from the sky, if he dive and hit the selected target, will deal extra damage Arthropluera - climb wall, improved turret mode Turret, Armor Shredder Baryonix Polyvalent, CC Basilisorus - oil into projectile Producer, Travel Safely Adding a synergised feature that use his special oil (also for tuso) for the chalico and catapult - Give him Hide and Sparkpowder and it will produce oil bags. Beelzebufo Farmer Brontosaurus - Weight reduced for platforms Combat, Transport, Platform Platforms on dinos are a bit weak right now, if you want to use them as mobile base/outpost as the dino will rapidly be uncombered. As he is the king of herbivore (not counting Titanosaur), couldn't he get some kind of aura that boost other herbivores around him ? - Reduce weight of stuff in storage on it's platform by 50-75%. (Not the weight of other dinos) - Small resistance buff to other nearby herbivores Carbonemys - Carbo in the shell, item on the shell, Faster in water Tank, Siege Makes Blastoise possible. - Can set in or outside (are not targeted by turrets when inside to not be broken). As golem, weak vs explosives. - Can place item on it's back but not structure (include firecamp, crop plot but also cannon, balista etc...) If not possible -> a small platform saddle only for items (we don't want boxed turtles in structures) Carnotosaurus - faster and a charge Combat/Scout, Farmer They are supposed to be faster than allosaurus.They could alos be used to farm meat more effectively than other carnivors - charge attack that will knock back enemies - collect prime meat from dinos bigger than phiomia. Castoroide - builds shelter for small dinos Farmer, Smithy, Utility This is more of an indirect buff for shoulders pet than for beaver. If your beaver is on wandering in a pound/water it will produce a small wood shelter that you can pick and place anywhere you want. You can assign small creatures (everything smaller than castoroides + beaver themselves) to it, they will be covered (can't be sniped). They can freely go outside if set on aggressive and comeback in. Gain a small heal and/or xp buff when inside. Chalicotherium - more projectiles type with better range/aiming, drink beer Ultimate Siege/Turret Makes him a true siege creature with some diversity. And rework his aiming to feel more accurate. Can drink beer Increase his throw firerates (it's not right to be outclassed that much by velano) Can now throw different type of projectiles from it's inventory produced by other creatures. Pooulder : Produced by dungle beetle. It's a boulder made of multiple poop. it'll create an aoe that will stay around 10-15sec. That will have the same effect than poop from wild chalico and mesopithecus. Higher range than rock throw Curved trajectory. Oil Bags : Produced by Basilo and Tuso by giving them sparkpowder and hide, that will act as oil jar but with larger aoe and automaticly set on fire on hit. Higher range than rock throw Curved trajectory. Targeted by turrets Reinforced Kentro Spikes : Craft them in fabricator by combining polymer, cementing and a kentro spike (that you can harvest on them). Deals high penetrating damage and can also slighty damage metal structures. Higher range than rock throw Direct trajectory. Add a quiver as saddle complement ? Projectiles effects scale with melee damage. Damage for rocks/spikes, aoe (with a limit) for pooulder/oil. Can easily imagine other projectiles, Lymantria gaz, Scorpion Venom bag etc... Cnidara Coel Compy - Attach to creatures Swarmer, Dot Damage Who said Pikmin ? - Can jump on creatures and attach to it for +/- 30sec and deals damage over time. - Also slow the enemy (1-2% per attached compy) They will fall if attacked by an other creature. You can also slowly make them fall (one by one) by running. Larger the creature more they can jump on. Can't jump again on the same creature before a moment. Daeodon - Gives porks meat Healer, Meat Daeodon could give porks when killed (as the phiomia). Pork : Refill more food, but not very good for taming. Could replace the kibble feeding to keep Daeodon filled on food. Dilo - Spit rework, Killer buff, Riddeable by mesopithecus Pride What i see when i look at a dilo is a beast that have pride and likes to shine. But not that easy to find feature about that. Maybe something like a killer buff. When he kills something will gain a buff (because he is proud of himself) and gain an heal (like hyeanodon) Also rework his spit too looks more like a spray than a bullet. (Shorter range but large cone = more precision) - larger but shorter spit - killer buff that is stronger with the size/level of the killed creature. (Imagine if he kills a titan ) Dimetrodon - mutation boost, passive heal, faster maturation Breeding Assistant This guy is a pacifist and fit perfectly the support role specialy in the breeding section. Specialy with his calm temperament - Increase mutation chance by 15% of nearby creatures. - Increase the maturation speed of nearby creatures - Passive heal (a lot weaker than daedon but can stack with them and don't consume food) Dimorphodon - group bonus, armor, riddeable by mesopithecus Swarm, Companio They feel too basic compared to other small flyer because they have nothing special. A group buff like kentro and compy should fit the swarm archetype. Or the ability to craft them an armor mades of Dunkleo chitin plates - Group buff - Chitin Armor (cause metal is too heavy for them) Diplocaulus - buff vs eurypterid, weight reduction Farmer, Utility He is pretty good to farm chitin, but he needs something else, allowing him to farm black pearls should be good for him. Same kind of buff vs Eurypterid and some weight reduction on chitin and black pearls could benefit him well. - Buff vs Eurypterid - Weight reduction for chitin and black pearls - Increased chance to collect black pearls on trilobite and eurypterid. - Can refill your empty SCUBA tank (can't refill more than 50%) Diplodocus - hold 10 shoulder creatures Transport, Aviary This dino is a bus for player, but why not also for small dinos too. This would make him a mobile aviary -> aircraft - Remodel of the saddle with a "cage/aviary" on top. Act the same way as shelter (see Castoroide section) but without the xp and heal buff. (Polar) Direbear - Different Bears type -> Dire, Polar, Cave Combat, Polyvalent Would be cool to rework the polar dire bear and to make a difference between them, and add a new one. DIre Bear : The actual one, polyvalent with great weight, nice speed, decent damage, bees immunity Polar Bear : Slower, Stronger, More Health, Less weight, Less Stamina, Good swimmer, Prefer Fish, Hypodermal insulation. Same kind of buff than the megatherium but on fish and pinguin instead of bugs. Cave Bear : Can hibernate, similare to megalosaur but with a different cycle instead of day/night, something like 2-3 ingame days. Can roar when in cave or inside bases to fear creatures. Direwolf - Veangence Pack Combat Same vengeance feature than allosaurus. Dodo - Hatchery Base assistant (eggs) Act a bit the same way as a nerfed hatchery from s+ Craft and assign a nest to a dodo. By placing a fertilized egg inside, the dodo will take care of it, will prevent it to hatch (keep it at 1%) and send a pop up message. (Dodo have bluetooth nowadays 😁) Only one egg at a time. Have to place the egg by hand. Still need an outside insulation source. Doesn't count into dino limit Doedicurus - Shell Breaker, Broken leg Farmer, Tank, Shell Breaker Could benefit from the same features than anky as it's is mammal cousin. - No reduced damage vs carbo, doed, golem, dunkleo, trike etc... - same broken leg feature than ankylosaurus Dungle Beetle - Produce Pooulder, Riddeable by mesopithecus Producer Produce pooulder for the chalico and catapult - Can set him to produce Fertilizer or Poolder - Produce Poolder with Phiomia's poop - When a Mesopithecus rides him, they will collect poop and place fertilizer in nearby crops plot Dunkleosteus - Charge, Reduced ressources weight Farmer, Tank, Combat (defense) Actually Dunkleosteus have great stat scaling, but need too much different stat to perform well, so he need a stamina buff and could also benefit from a combat skill that can also help him to travel faster. - reduced weight of all minerals. - a charge attack that can stun enemies - CC immunity, this guy is already slow enough and is a true bunker Electrophorus - Electric Net Base defense Could benefit more from their group bonus, with the ability to create electric barriers. With an option similar to turret mode. - Connect an Electrophorus to 2 others to create an electrified triangle. Enemies that goes trought are stunned for 10sec, and the triangle is disabled for 1min. Eurypterid Equus Galliminus GiantBee - XP, Turret mode Producer, Turret Don't know why they can't gain xp. Could be usefull when you use them outside of their hive as turret. And rework the bees spawn AI to fit with the queen. If the queen is aggressive, the other should always goes and attack enemies when they spawn. Right know it's random, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. - Gain Xp - Turret Mode + improved AI Giganosaurus Combat Gigantopithecus - Use Ballista Utility, Polyvalent Gigantopheticus and Mesopithecus are kind of intelligent and could benefit from some human skills. Learn him to use Ballista and Catapult for more diverse base defense method. When a Gigantopheticus is assigned to a balista/catapult, they count in the turret limit. Hesperornys - Oil Egg Projectile Producer Can sometimes drop golden eggs in the wild, when tamed drop them more often. And makes an other use of his oil eggs as projectile. - Can use his oily eggs with a slingshot, Hyaenodon - Laugh to debuff enemies, Rideable by mesopithecus, Vengeance Companion for Dungeon (ideal vs large number of small creatures) Demoralize your enemy by making fun of him - When in pack, will laugh at your enemy, he will then deals less damage to the Hyaenodon The size of the creature they can laugh is proportionnal to the number of hyaenodon in the pack. - Rideable by mesopithecus, he will pet the hyeanodon, throw poop and gain the rider imprint bonus. - Same veangence feature than allo Ichthyornis - Highlight rare ressources Prime Farmer, Utility (stealer and spotter) They like to steal, so they might like brillant stuff, make them spot rare ressources. - When on your shoulder, will highlight rare ressources on land. Ichthyosaurus - Sonar, jump, transponder Scout, Utility (transponder) Act as the Parasaur but in water. And a feature that fit his friendly temperament, no more lost water dinos. + they are very friendly, so it would be cool to be able to attach to wild dolphin to swim with them without saddle. - Sonar to spot enemies as the parasaur - Can jump at the surface (just for the show, like basilisorus) - Can spot friendly creatures in water from afar, will just show the direction. - Ability to swim with wild dolphin, you can grab and control a wild dolphin after petting him for a short moment (2min ?) Iguanodon Polyvalent Kairuku - Breed assistant Harvested, Assistant As they are family friendly ++, they fit well the role of nanny. - act the same as procoptodon about imprint , only for adolescent creature, has to be in wandering. Kaprosuchus Combat (Defense) Kentrosaurus - Spike Armor, Harvest spikes Combat (Defense), Harvested Don't let the hyaenodon the only beast who can access to armor. - Craft a special armor made of metal and polymer that will reinforce his spikes, and give armor. Will makes is reflect damage scale with melee damage. Or a tek armor that can shoot spikes (like the velano's alternative attack) Leech - same as achatina -> vomiting when eating Leedsichthys Liopleurodon -> need a real Liopleurodon Combat (hit and run) Can keep an unique magical liopleurodon that swim in rainbow, but we really needs normal ones. Play him as hit and run as we don't really have this kind of gameplay. And feel like it's a lonely creature, so why not gives him a special buff when there are no other allied creature near them (except maybe an other mate boosted liopleurodon) - Powerfull chomp attack that deal %health as damage, on the first attack when initiating combat and a bleeding, that will prevent the other creature to sprint for some second. Will then gain a speed boost for some seconds. (Dunkleo, Carbo and Doed are immune to the %damage). - Oxygen feature like the diplocaulus - Stat boost when alone Lystrosaurus Mammoth - Trunk Horn, Platform Saddle or War Saddle, Wild Male Dominant Fight Combat or Utility The mammoth is a true force of nature that could be played different style : Utility or War Beast. You could choose between 2 types of saddle. Platform Saddle or a War Reinforced Saddle Also make an use of his trunk as a boost to other herbivore or maybe to desorient enemies. - Use his trunk as a boost to other herbivore (doesn't stack with yutyrannus) - Choose between the Platform Saddle or War Saddle The platform saddle could have reduced weight for wood but also charcoal (and some other ressources), to make a charcoal refinery on it's back. The War Saddle, would turn the mammoth into a true war beast that could fight equally with larger dinos (spino, rex...). That will boost his damage and resistance. Could looks like war elephant, metal plates on it's sides, on his face and reinforced spiky tusk. Manta - Camo in sand + one use sting shot Scout, Tracker The manta could benefit from a camo skill that makes her invisible when she stays in the sand. Works well with her speed to work as a scoutting creature. + an other skill that will let her track target. - Goes invisible when standing in the sand. - After leaving stealth, for 15sec can deal a powerfull attack with her sting. The Cooldown reset when in stealth. - Can plant her sting in a target, she will then loose her sting. But can track the target everywhere for an hour. 1hour CD (she has to regenerate her sting), and you can't use the powerfull sting shot when on CD. Megalania Megaloceros - morale booster, bleed, weight reduction, mate boost range, juvenile raising, charm, wild male dominant fight Combat Support, Assistant Presence and Elegance : Male have a natural and strong presence that could boost the moral of other creature in combat. Also bring the bleed effect mentioned in dossier. Female have elegance and are gracious, that could be usefull for dinos raising, and to charm other creature to protect you in the wild. Male : - Boost the moral of nearby allies by giving them 50% reduction on CC effectiveness - Bleed effect on larger creature - Reduce weight of thatch and wood Female : - Double the range of mate boost bonus of nearby creatures. - Increase imprint like procoptodon, but for juvenile. - Will charm nearby wild creature when a predator attacks her. When together : - When in couple, they both gain CC immunity and their mate boost bonus is doubled. Megalodon - Highlight weak creatures, faster near them, Pack bonus Combat (good vs weak enemies) Megalodon should have interraction with blood (weak creatures) - Will highlight creatures bellow 50% health or bleeding from afar - Get a speed boost in direction of highlighted creatures. - Wild megalodon, swim in circle around the prey to wait the other - Pack bonus Megalosaurus Meganeura Megatherium Mesopithecus - Small base assistant, Ride small mount Companion, Assistant He could be your small assistant that will help you for some tasks in your base. Similar to some S+ features. And as Combat skill, allow him to mount some of the small creature. - Collect Achatina's paste and Phoenix's pearls. 2 or 3 foundations radius. - Have to pet him some times, or he will be mad and stop working to throw poop at you. - If he is on your shoulder when you claim a small creature's baby, the imprint will link the mesopithecus to that creature. Allow the imprint bonus to works when the monkey rides thoses creatures. - When to monkey rides thoses creatures, the pair will only count as one dino (if someone wants to bring them to boss fights, who knows). The mesopithecus will throw poop. Allowed creature to mount : Dilophosaurus, Dimorphodon, Dungle Beetle, Hyeanodon, Troodon Microraptor Mosasaur - Chomp, Eat living creatures (ally or enemy) Combat, Transport He should be able to use his big mouth to directly eat other creatures smaller than him. Could also works on ally to transport them. - makes him able to eat creature that has less than 20% health or less health than his damage output. Relatively long CD - can store an allied (land and sea) creature in it's belly. Similar feature than cryopod. Also works on enemies, but only for 10-15second - same weight resuction for the platform than bronto Moschops Onyc - Can hang to roof, Ultrasonic attack, Aggro on sound/light, Light weakness, Transponder, Shoulder Pet Companion Stronger than Dimo and Vulture but with weakness. - Can land on roof (no need to explain ) - Have an ultrasonic attack that will send a sonar wave. That will desorient enemies (makes the screen blurry) - They will aggro you only if you makes noise (fighting other creature, run, jump, or even just eat/drink), point light to them or just walk to close to them. - They will deals reduced damage and take more if exposed to light source, same debuff if there is an explosion near them (too much noise) - Can spot friendly creatures from afar, will just show the direction. (Like ichtyosaurus) - Can be put on your shoulder Otter Oviraptor - Riddeable by mesopithecus Assistant Similar to item collector from s+ but only for eggs - When a mesopithecus rides him and on wandering, they will collect dropped eggs in a short radius, and put them in an nearby assigned storage. Ovis - flee near other larger creature Harvested Make them a bit smarter by not staying in front a rex to say hello, but starting to run once in sight. - Same kind of AI than Tapejara but with every carnivore. Pachy - Damage reinforced door Siege Ram He could be a good dino to raid early game just by buffing his damage vs doors (stone tier). Makes him a battering ram dino. - Deals moderate damage vs stone with his charge. - Deals more damage on doors, traps, windows etc... Pachyrhinosaurus Paraceratherium - Platform weight reduction Same weight reduction than bronto platform. Parasaur Pegomastax Pelagornis - Reduced polymer weight Farmer Pelagornis needs something, but i don't have much idea for them, maybe a feature/buff around water. Phiomia - pork meat, poop slow mine, harvest seeds. Harvested As they are early tame, and that it's at this moment that you have to find seeds, he is the right guy to gather them with his small trunk. Also gives him more chance to survive when attacked. And finally more interest to hunt them. - Can give Prime Pork when harvested by certain dinos (carno). Or from baby phiomia. (See Daeodon) - When fleeing, he will lay poop-mine, other dinos/players that walks in will be slowed. - Gives his poop to the Dungle Beetle to let him produce Poolder Piranha Plesiosaur - Platform weight reduction Same weight reduction than Bronto platform Procoptodon Pteranodon Pulminoscorpius - venom gauge, mini alchemy kit saddle Combat support, alchemist The master of potions, there could be differrent types of scorpions (like gacha) that produce different potion. - a venom gauge that will refill slowly (faster when eating corpses). That you can use at any moment (even if not filled, but with lesss effect) to inflict a powerfull sting shot that will paralyse even larger creature, deals poison damage over time and makes your screen blurry (hallucinating) - Place an empty jar in it's inventory to crafdt a porion that will spoil over time. Can replace narcotics, stimulant, health potion or even suicide potion. Purlovia - Tunnel Combat Defense, Utility New feature that might fit better on a new mole dino (or maybe mole rat) - Can dig a short range tunnel. That player can use to go to the other side (act as a teleporter). Choose "Dig In" -> enable following -> choose "Dig Out". Will be shown as 2 piles of earth. Only one tunnel per purlovia at a time. Don't think it's too powerfull as the player have to already visit the area to create a tunnel (Might be similar to the tunnel skill for alien in Natural Selection 2) Quetzal - Platform weight reduction Transport Same weight reduction for the platform, than bronto Raptor Rex Sabertooth - Track prey Scout, Tracker Felin have great flair, if could profit the Sabertooth, with a new tracking mechanic. - If a sabertooth come close enough from an enemy dino/player to smell it, or by smelling a dropped stuff/poo. The saber will target the prey by showing to the player a small colored smoky tray that lead to the prey. Will also deals more damage to the prey Effect last 15-20min If it's a wild one, the sabertooth will track all the dino of the same species in the area. (Good if you are searching after a beelzebufo in the swamp for exemple.) Sabertooth Salmon Sarco Spinosaur Stegosaurus - fix his swipe not dealing damage/collecting, if spammed too fast Tapejara - Can stay on walls when dismounted Terror Bird Therizinosaur Thylacoleo Titanoboa - Constrictor Combat Might be a tons of work to animate, but would be really cool to see a Titanoboa hugging a bronto neck. Can be powerfull but as they have no saddle they are pretty squichy. - Can "jump" and enlace larger creature, could deals extra damage with time or reduce oxygen. Will fall after taking a certain amount of damage by other dinos/player or when out of stamina. Titanomyrma - Base assistant Assistant Introduction of queen ant. Similar taming than queen bee. Transform the queen into anthill that you could place in base. - Place an anthill near crop plots, and the ant will collect vegies and beries in the anthill (act as a fridge for vegetables) Titanosaur Trike - Wild Male Dominant Fight Farmer, Combat Trilobite Troodon Tusotheutys - oil into projectiles Combat, Utility Wooly Rhino - Wild Dominant Fight Combat (hit and run) Disable corpse hitbox to not getting blocked each time he kills a creature Yutyrannus
  5. Will creative mode be coming out for Ark mobile? It will be better and more fun! 😛
  6. Raptorgaming421

    When will decent mods be on xbox one?

    So, I play on Xbox and was wondering when Wildcard would create more mods for the Xbox One. Survival plus is getting slightly old and was thinking Wildcard could put in more mods, like Castles and Keeps architecture, and Structures Plus. Just a suggestion.
  7. ramflax92

    Enforcer Blueprints bug or design?

    So i have been testing things with the enforcer and i love what it could be. But I have ran into oddities that seem to make things less than appealing. To start with i found a level 32 enforcer primitive blueprint on one of my kills. Cool i get a level 32 with the cost of a level 1. I get him all the way to level 60 then he dies to a pack of raptors, no big deal I will just rebuild him but now hes a Journeyman blueprint with much higher cost. It says on the blueprint that he is still only level 32 though, so I build it and the Enforcer i get has the exact same stats as the primitive version but had the prices of a Journeyman. The same thing happens with enforcers that start at level 1 from the terminal. I kind of thought the Enforcer would be an endless progression creature where it would just eventually get too expensive to ever rebuild it if it died. For example you build a level 1 Enforcer get him to 60. It dies, then when you get the blueprint off the corpse it will be a level 60, with higher costs in rebuilding it but allows you to start leveling him again. The blueprints increasing cost seems to be factoring in the stats you put into the creature while it was leveling into the new blueprint. So it would just need to actually have those stats. TL;DR as of right now rebuilding an enforcer is highway robbery its stacking costs with no benefits. Possible improvement would be allow for endless recreation and leveling till the point it can no longer be built due to extreme costs.
  8. Ark data should have a download cooldown instead, the timer should have a set interval between 15 to 30 minutes ensuring enough time for a map save as well as a restart (optionally another 30 second timer for regret), thing is a download timer would feel a lot more acceptable as you wont be at risk of losing something you're trying to upload it as well as letting you plan ahead according to the set interval creating a more complete and secure feel for the game unlike the current one which resets at seemingly random, this does raise a problem with character transfers as you wouldn't want to wait for when transferring yourself to another server but the current method doesn't actually address this either instead id propose an automated method for uploading several items at once as well as a complete inventory and leaving character transfers as is (for now that is, as we unlike items do have a unique id leaving room for a future fix). As far as implementing this goes, anything in Ark data should be logged along with a date and server when downloaded as well as copied for backup when uploaded, on a map's rollback anything recently uploaded from the map according to the log relative to last map save should be removed from Ark data preventing duping and anything recently downloaded should be uploaded according to the separate backup preventing loss, with the download timer allowing enough time for a duped item to be removed safely. (think of the cooldown not as a cooldown but as a window for your item's upload to be canceled by the server, its essentially a saving phase which your item must pass keeping it from being duped). Anything im missing? cause i bet the devs already thought of this and suspect it's just more work, in which case may i ask please? help us out here make the game a little more complete.
  9. How about giving us a some weapon racks and armor stands? Would love to organize my armor and weapons better. The armor stand could only take its inventory from the armor equipped, individually or a take all button and equips when switched out. That way we could easily switch between full sets of armor.
  10. @WarDrumKeys Can we have an option that makes turrets only attack aggressive dinos? Sort of like 'Neutral' Aggression on tames? PC has some mods that do that. So it has big chance to be possible.
  11. GreensboroGuns

    Quetzal Bombs

    Heres an idea to make quetzals more useful pvp wise. Craftable bombs that the quetzal can pick up and drop on a group of enemies. Of course the bomb is shot down by turrets. The bomb does 1500 damage over a 10 foundation radius. A tribe may only have 1 bomb layed down for pick-up at a time, and there is a 15 minute cooldown for the tribe to lay another bomb for pick-up. Any enemies damaged by the bomb are slowed by 60% for 1 minute Cost to make: 2000 ingots 1500 crystal 5000 gunpowder 1000 polymer 3000 cementing paste 1000 electronics The idea is that there is a low damage support item to slow a big push. Helpful for bigger tribes to defend a base or assault a raid group in the open fields. Also helpful for smaller tribes to slow a push into their base so they can upload stuff before they are wiped. Or to turn the tide of a battle in their favor.
  12. leeman626

    Element Veins on Extinction

    my suggestion for extinction is to have the element veins spawn in specific spots so we know to avoid building too close to those spots instead of spawning in randomly.
  13. RomanPierce

    Make 2 suggestions

    First, I hope to feed Titan Dino in PVE.When you reach level 100, the game will become boring, especially now that most PVE servers cannot be placed in buildings. Taming the titan dino would be a good challenge, limiting a tribe to only allow taming a titan or making titan's feeding harder. Second, fishing is now very difficult, especially for 2X or higher fish. I'm sure there is no player fishing because the revenue is very low. Big fish are almost impossible to catch, and they are unhooked every time. So I recommend reducing the difficulty of catching big fish, or adding paid items, such as magical fishing rods, to make it easier to catch big fish. This also makes it easier for paying players to get what they want, and it gives players more things to do. That’s all.thank you.
  14. Lorgo044

    Kulindadromeus in Ark!!!

    We (I) need Kulindadromeus in Ark!!! Kulindadromeus was a tiny Jurassic herbivore that used to live in modern-day Russia. This little guy could make a very effective shoulder pet that could have insulating properties like the otter or some kind of passive gathering ability. A specialized placement would be nice in example: I could place him on the smithy and he would sit on the anvil or I could aet him in the bookshelf where he would lie down in the empty shelves. The fluff on the new Argent would be a good texture to use for the top of his head. C'mon Ark devs, look at this guy and tell me you don't want him in the game!!
  15. I believe it would bring a new breath of life and challenge to ARK - A Snow map! We already have a desert map, why not a frozen tundra? It would present new challenges such as efficiently managing heat, managing limited food resources (desert was managed water), constructing effective shelters to deal with the cold. New creatures could be added too, and many old favourites could make a return. For example Mammoths, Penguins, Direwolves, Sabercats, Hyenodons, Yutyrannus etc. and new critters such as seals and other mammals. Dinosaurs could take a lesser presence for once, and there is always room for a little fantasy like we saw in Scorched Earth. So, what do we think? Do you think its a good idea, have I missed something out? I'd love to hear some feedback.
  16. OdinXtremiz

    Raising Baby Gigan 24/7

    Hello Wardrum I notice that Raising a Baby Gigan is nearly Impossible since you need 24/7 taking care of. we had 2 Babies died from no health (Starving) i put 2 cuddle in there and we just leave it for about 20 minute and its died, its still 1.2% MP tho.. Since its a mobile edition which is not possible to run the game through mobile devices 24/7. It will burn my device and eyes in the next day.. It's not a PC while you can plug your power.. We Care the phone Health too.. Thank you.
  17. FelipeN

    teleport Teleportation

    Hello, theres any way to teleport on mobile? Can you add something like this? Ps: I know about the fast travel with bed , but this doesn't allow us to bring our resources and dinos together
  18. A Celebratory Emoji that can be used for RP purposes and for some Secret Code Language. This is only if you have the time WC, no pressure, I know it's not a priority right now but I just wanted to add something for the community to enjoy. 3 Types of Clap Ideas: 1 BIG LOUD CLAP S L O W C L A P APPLAUSE CLAP
  19. Mensana21

    Primal Pass in Amber shop ?

    Hello, Could you give us the option to buy a Primal Pass with Ambers ?
  20. I realize that you folks are rather busy with Extinction, and so it is understandable that there aren't a great deal of time and/or resources to commit to giving us a Halloween event. Rather than skip the entire thing completely, would it be possible to either push the previous event and/or the blueprints so that those of us who run servers can spawn in the Halloween characters to run our own events?
  21. Karathos

    Save Ark

    Well, it's sad to write here and complain. It's even more sad, that there are so many, perhaps even better posts then I will do about the same following thing. But the most sadness about it is, that, even if the problem does exist, it seems, no one of Wildcard cares. There are two options now. Ignore it and hope (or believe) or at least try something. I have chosen to try. First things first. I have only played Ark on PVE, that's what i like. My PVP experience was over in about one minute . I've also tested single-player, and i own a seasons pass, with about 1700h+. So i might know one thing or two, or at least I think I do. I have seen many things on this servers. It's perhaps the game i played and still playing the longest, due to the idea behind it. ARK is an amazing game, not only with the dinosaurs, also with the building, breeding, exploring, etc. Even the bossfights. But it lacks on serveral occations. But those are NOT the main problems. I am currently playing on the "newest" Ragnarok server (EU-Official-Ragnarok434)… who hit it's cap after 450 ingame days, and never changed since then. The aggression, and also greed of some players, 99% of them are chinese, are "destroying" the server, like they did to my old server (EU-Official-Island78), with the result of new players are getting pushed out of the server due to tame limit, and if a big base decays, you see the chinese then have a ton of rafts / motor boats next to their bases to increase their slots. Also, in combination with other servers, they have for example thatch houses, and 500 dinos around. They are not playing on the server, they are just using it as storage. I know, ARK is trying to implement a Cryostorage, but that still wont change a bit, it does not hit the problem, it just delays it. Because they do not have to use it, they have their slots, and they do not care about others. It's their greed who is the problem. And the whole pillar thing should also be mentioned here. This screenshot was made on the 13.9 / 4:50 One of those random, chinese bases. Ofc, right next to the obelisk, easy for them to up and download creatures. Well, first come first serve, ok. But lets go to the red lined spots. There are a total of 14 raft and motorboats around, excepted for 2 all blank. And as said, that is just random. Go to every see, coastline, river. There are rafts there. and not even just one. Now, lets switch to the green circles. 30 Wyvern, around 12 gigas, and at least 12 allos. No one, and i say really no one need that bulk of creatures simultaneously . Back on island78, I had everything I need, even more. The whole kibble farm, was breeding raptors and therizinos, snails, bees, whatever, i pretty much had it. But i was never over 140 tames. And ye, i had griffons and wyverns, uploaded from another server, those were allready counted. But I took care for others, i could had with ease 200+ due to breeding, but why? I wanted to get better stats, higher lvl as all the others too, but i didnt needed more then 12 of them at a time. If i have a good T2 couple, with merged stats, i don't need the t1 or the wild tames anymore. There are plenty of dinos around, also in this base, with the base-lvl of 40, or 120. And ofc, some of them are like 250+. But as a matter of fact, they wont remove the storage, as said above, it's their greed. So, as following the tale, there is only one conclusion to save ARK. ARK needs rules. some ideas are not new. Several other players have made that call allready. I don't wanna dig onto the forum, but the credit for those ideas shall go to the represent owners. Lets get started with the most called one: Region Lock i do not know why chinese people are playing on western europe's servers. They have a terrible ping, do not understand english, german, french, spanish, etc. and are only talking in their language. We know that chat as boxchatting. I know, i could implement their signs, but... as said, i am on a western europe server. Most of us do not talk chinese here. Personally i can understand 4 of the announced ones, but english is not my main. So in case there are mistakes, feel free to keep em. Sure thing, i also met people from america, and those were kind, friendly etc. Some of them also thought, they could have all the space on cost of new players (taming limit) but je, at least you could talk with them. And they tryed to help. As well, I am sure there are chinese players around who are friendly too… i just did not met a single one until now. To sum up, i would had to give up some friendships, that is sad. But on at least 7 servers that I know, taming caps, pillar problems, kiting gigas etc. would be solved immediatly. Even they agreed to what I am writing here, because they can understand it perfectly. And they shared most of the moral and ethic standards some have on the western world. Steam Account Dino Limit There is another approach. Everyone can have their taming limit. But its overall. If you are on 6 servers, several tribes and got over 2000 dinos, you may not like that idea. Because that wouldn't work. This is mainly against the dino storage server topic. You have to think, if you want to get a dino… well if you are playing like i did, you don't have to, since you never get close to 500 space. But in general, a limit of 200 would be more than enough. but je. Sure thing, serveral player will buying a second, third, or whatever how many accounts and copies of the game. This is rubbish in my eyes, but ok, at least Wildcard would like it, because it generates money without even implementing new things. Wouldn't that be nice? And ofc. a tool like the cyrogenic would be an important tool, but it would be possible for everyone to build and use. For example, if you have 200 active dinos, you can't tame anymore. Limited Dino tames and breeding We all have seen those "bases" with 60 dodos, 20 rafts, 40 lystros, and as said above, 12 gigas etc. This idea is simple as it is. You can have a maximum of 2 dodos, 2 lystros, etc. ofc, you can work out the numbres, but thats the idea behind it. There should be exceptions with dinos, you like to breed. Means, you can have up to 40 rexes, or even more. and you also like to breed paras (some might do it) you can also have up to 40 or whatever of them. But, you cannot breed any more species, and at a certain number, any more of those 2 chosen species you are breeding. That would be the idea, that you have to remove some you do not need, as said, with the idea on top. You do not need any t1 dinos, if you have a good t2 couple. And due the number you can have, you can replace em in time. But no excess would be made then, of 100 pteras or 200 rexes, as seen on island78, (herbivore Island) Downsize personal and tribe limit In my opinion, you do not need 500 places, definitly not alone. It could stack in a tribe. but differently. It's a matter of numbres. Personally i do like the idea, because it's one of the easiest. But as said, it need to be in addition to the steam account dino limit, because if you would do that on a server, then those chinese players would occupied 15 servers, instead of 7. Still, it is an idea Food consumption By far the worst idea, since it hits also those players who don't have much time. Change the food consumption. A rex do not need over 10k food. Ofc, if could be combinated. Meaning, if you have a high number of dinos you own, you need to give em more food, until to a certain lvl that its not anymore possible to do it. Sadly i am sure, chinese player would be able to handle it. But as said, in combination with the Steam account dino limit, even those wouldn't been able to handle it. GM Presence / Coloring If there is a problem, and as seen on the screenshot, there are, a GM should responce ingame quickly. As an example, on Valentins day on my old server, next to my spot, a thatch house was build. And 200 dinos appeared. The result, i wasnt able to breed anything, and use the multiplier, due to cap. At presence, due to the taming cap on Ragnarok434, i wasnt able to tame a single tek dino or a special colored dino. Makes sence? I doubt that. Better bring a menue, if you tame a black doedicurus, and white one. You breed em and then you can choose what color the baby have. Same if you tame a red, blue, purple, orange, whatever one. But you would have 3 dinos in your base, not 20. ofc, there are other ideas, those are just a few. And in my opinion, good ones. It's urgent, that something changes. Wildcard, you are taking down legacy servers due to low population. What do you think will happen, if you allow them to do what they are dooing allready? If you do not implement those urgent rules the game needs? The offical servers will turn into legacy as well at a certain time ofc. But what you could do is, delay it. And do it now, because this is important. Most of us don't need a pink dodo with yellow feathers. But if someone really would like it, then he should be able to tame it. But he cant. To other players. I know, you may disagree to ideas. That's natural, and also ok. But sadly, it does not work, if it stays the same as it is. I know, it's easier if you have a big base. You can kill one of your dodos and breed that yuti, or whatever you are currently dooing. But you are living on the cost of new players. And if no new players will come, the server will die. And then you are alone on the server with your base, and your limit. For that, you could soloplay from the start. But you didn't. You like the interaction, at least with some players. And new players could be your friends at a time. Don't forget that. (ok, they can be idiots too, but at least, there is a change of good ones) And the last thing. Help me to get this post keeping on top. It's important. Add more ideas, maybe you have better once. But then, write it down. Let them know. Because if you don't, it won't change a bit. Thanks for reading, your time and your understanding -Silence, Island78 / Ragnarok434
  22. ColonelHans

    Game idea: "Evolve Serum"

    My idea is simple Make a serum that once injected, gives the player stats, physical characteristics, or special abilities from the host dino. How it works: Players use a special extraction tool to get a sample of whatever dino they wish to create a serum from. Once the serum is made the player injects themselves and gains perks relative to the host dino. Example: lets say you sample a Megalania. The player could gain an immunity to megarabies, or even wall climbing. A dolphin could give faster swim speed or waterbresthing. Trex could give ability to eat raw meat and heal faster from it. Etc etc. The downside: This can be used only ONCE per character. Theres a 50% chance to gain physical characteristics of the host dino. For example, lets go back and say you used Megalania as the host. 50% chance your skin turns scaley and is colored in correlation to the host Megalania. The dolphin would make your nose long. The trex would shorten your arms. Maybe you grow a tail. Or a fin. Maybe a spino sail. Maybe you get lucky and grow griffon wings. Etc. Completely random trait associated with the host dino. This would add a whole new level to the end game, wouldn't be OP, and stays in line lore-wise with ARKs current direction.
  23. metapuns

    Tamed Dinosaur Revival

    I'm a huge fan of ARK but I'm one of the more quiet and casual players. I love the exploration and farming side of the game and spend most of my time building and taming dinos rather than raiding. I know a lot of other dedicated casual players who feel the game is a bit too harsh on us. We know this game is trying to appeal to the rougher survival side of games, but the option should be available. The game promotes players to tame armies of dinos and replacements, but for me its heart breaking to lose my dinos. Its hard to see something you spent an hour taming and days training die because you were attacked or even just crashed in a bad spot. It hurts to see them disintegrate as they get eaten. Please add an option to make dinos revivable. Make it an option that dinos faint when they lose health and we can use med packs, spawns, or interactions to revive them. Many thanks from a dedicated player ❤️
  24. XiaoSui

    Notice me admin please

    Is there way to add new feature like on minecraft that you can play with your friends via hotspot or Local Area Network ? i want to play with my friends but my internet is not that stable, so it's hard to play online even with pve/pvp I really really hope to consider this and applied to future updates
  25. TroyParry

    Painful administrative tasks

    Administrative tasks are very time consuming and painful in this game, who wants to spend 10% of their gaming time transferring items to and from chests and benches etc? Some of the smallest improvements to the game will be the most appreciated, here’s a few things I would kill to see implemented: 1. Sort button, group similar items. I would like to just tap 1 button to group all my raw meat together, and also merge smaller stacks together. When I have dozens of 7 raw meat and want to consolidate them into a few larger stacks, I have to transfer dozens of stacks to my inventory, then back again to storage. This is hell to do on mobile, double-tap, transfer, double-tap, transfer. Over and over and over... 2. Multi-select button. Tap 1 button, highlight all the stacks I want, then either transfer or drop. Once again this is a very tedious task hen transferring items to storage or to benches etc. 3. Why do I need to transfer 27 stacks wood/stone/thatch from my storage to my inventory, then again to the smithy, just to create 1 Behemoth Stone Gateway? And often one would have to clear space in the Smithy to fit all this. If I’m inside the smithy, and part of the items are in my inventory, it should take from my inventory too. These 3 pointers take up a large portion of my game time, wouldn’t you prefer us playing them game more instead of doing all these repetitive tiring tasks? i know these ideas wouldn’t take all that long to implement, and they would be immencly appreciated by everyone. I hope you can take these suggestions and have them implemented soon.