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Found 14 results

  1. Dgunn892


    How does the game run on an original PS4 with the most optimised settings? I’m not a “huge gamer” but ark has peaked my interest. I was wondering how the game runs on the original PS4, if it’s playable. All online posts I have found are no help as they are from 2016/start2017, has the game been optimised since then? Thanks in advance
  2. So, the devs had said that an option to undo the fliers nerf for single player and unofficial servers would be coming in TLC pass, as stated in this Q&A here: Link: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/mysterious-mysteries-introducing-ark-digest-51-community-crunch-107-r581/ Well, the phase 2 of TLC is already here, but still no option. So, has anyone heard any word about this lately? There's still more TLC stuff coming, right? Does it have an ETA?
  3. Please unlock the Skill "Movement-Speed" for flying Dinos on PVE and give Server-Admins the ability to unlock these Skill on inofficial servers! I've red, that the Movement-Speed was decreased and blocked, because of balancing PVP: Okay soundy reasonable to me. But: I often Play on my own Servers with friends and all our spent Skills in speed are now useless and our Dinos are now toooo slow: Thats very very annoying. So please give us the possibility to play the game as we want (at least on inofficial servers and Single Player).
  4. Is it just me or does the glider now feel like a lateral parachute? Pick one or the other. Increasing the durability damage to the armor AND making the person a completely helpless aerial target just means that the glider suit is essentially worthless for PvP now. A person gliding without the speed nerf was already unbelievably easy to shoot out of the sky. Now that you do MORE damage to the target, you don't even have to try. It's just free kills at that point. I already thought a glider suit was slow compared to some of the dinos you have to fight while using it. I was barely even able to handle a confrontation with a Griffin last night (pre-nerf) and most of that was because of my tame control (called my drake to go where I landed and flew into it/mounted after getting picked over and over and over) Essentially they're allowing griefers to just spam pick you so you can't activate the glider again. Were that the case my Rock Drake would be dead right now and all my gear lost. Anyone know if they fixed that Griffin grapple bug where you take infinite fall damage when you try to grapple a Griffin? That is the ONLY counter left that you could possibly use and it's broken/bugged last I checked.
  5. I have a 300% speed manta(not even close to fully leveled), that just swim insanely fast for deep sea loots (Cant Find Any but worth the fun outrunning alpha squid BIG TIME) And ive got a full speed bronto, its footsteps are too fast to distinguish each step. ( Have a few ppl complain why I would keep this useless dino Im on PvE) Not ready for a max speed thyla for cave running but I will expect great results on the Center map. And I lost the manta when I park it outside of underwater bubble for taming a mosa. 2 Plesi spawn once every half minute making me hard to take care of everything.
  6. alright, so the idea is simple, give other fliers the ability to swoop like the griffin, but instead of being a carbon copy, give them there own special effects Pteradon: Swooping with the pteradon will MASSIVLY increase your speed, and will also increase the power of your spin, making it go farther, do more damage, and reduce the stamina penalty by around 75%, but spinning will cancel out most of your momentum Argent: swooping with the argent will increase your speed, and pressing RMB will replace the grab with a kick, this will doo a large amount of damage to small dinos (Direwolf size and down) will deal knowckback to anything smaller than a trike, and anything the size of a trike or larger will be grappled onto similarly to the thyla. the main difference being that A. it effects large predators, and B. grappled enemies aren't incapacitated (though it you land in the right spot that won't be able to hit you). Quetz: swooping won't do much special for you, and will only increase your speed by about 2-3x, but you will conserve your momentum for considerably longer compared to other fliers. Peligornis: being water foul, the swoop isn't good for much on land, but in the water swooping can perform a dive similar to the icthyornis Tapehara: swooping with the Tape jar will make you go EXTREAMLY fast for a short period of time, controls while swooping are also extremely tight compared to other fliers Lymantria: swooping with the lymantria will leave behind a trail of spores and running into something will cause a much larger spore cloud than just dropping them. Wyvern: a relatively weak swoop, they already have there breath. Thoughts?
  7. Ihmislehma

    Taming Speed Additions

    Taming dinos is hard work, but when the taming process becomes that of "wait and hope the taming bar progresses" for over an hour, it gets utterly boring. Or tedious, if you're in an area that has a lot of things trying to eat you/the thing you're taming. Now this isn't as much of a problem on unnofficials or single player, since you can tweak the settings. But at that point you run into another problem: when you finally dina a setting that works for those incredibly long taming processes, smaller and faster tames become instantaneous. That takes all the work out of it, too. So how about this: along with the global taming speed setting, we could also set individual taming speeds. For example: A global taming speed of 5 for everything, except specified dinos. The indivual ones would be specified by their species, so if you wanted to change, say, a paracer and a kentrosaurus taming speeds, you'd have to specify those two by code.
  8. BloodyFighter

    Water Bug

    In my non dedicated session whenever i go into the water with my raptor (while im on him) it launches me really fast when i move in it. it doesnt do the swimming animation it just acts like im walking but really fast. Any Fixes?
  9. Hornedfrog85

    Bird breeding

    I haven't played ark since February ready for the launch, gotta say i mostly like the flyer adjusting BUT my only suggestion is why can't imprinting improve speed along with random mutations? Itd give a greater depth to breeding and more insentive to do it. I realise people will moan and say what about the people who cant get 100% bla bla bla but i cant myself and accept it its reality someone is always better at it than you and have more time do it. if i could get 5% more speed id be happy with it. Anyone els had this idea put out there? What are your thoughts?
  10. Esquire1980


    Is there a way (code/mod) to cap NPC/Player speed on a unofficial server, for everything? We're getting some speeds so fast that vid cards can not keep up, dinos hardly ever touch ground, and they are more than uncontrollable. Have had dinos at 3000 speed.
  11. From what I have seen crafting speed is kind of useless making items faster doesn't really benefit us to much to waste points into it. The improvement to recipe making is just kind of meh as well, I was thinking why not change it to crafting skill instead. You still craft faster and get the recipe bonus but you also make equipment and gear better. For example, have it so at 160% crafting skill items you make are ramshackle quality and have each point in crafting skill give a 5% increase. This way the trait is kind of like being a blacksmith, I feel like this would give even more dynamic to choosing your talent and a specialization.
  12. BetterOne

    More Host Options

    Me and some friends are hyped for ragnarok(Console) and the upcoming release on august 8th(going to rent a server) but there were some things that I wanted to change but couldn't because of the lack of an easy game.ini that the PC has, here are my suggestions: Boss Health Modifier: Directly multiplies how much health a boss has(.5=half health), would make bosses more balanced for more boosted servers(or solo tribe servers) Element Yield: How much element a boss drops when it dies(3.0 means 21 element for Easy BM) Arena Time Limit: How much time a player can spend in the boss arena(4.0=1 hour in easy BM) Flier Stamina Usage: How much stamina fliers consume(Undo nerf for unofficial if wanted) Allow Flier Speed Points: Whether or not to allow leveling speed onto fliers Imprint Gain: The % that is imprinted(not the effectiveness) so we can get 100% without waking up or leaving work every 3-4 hours Any others that you think should be in the game, are these absurd or useless, what do you all think?
  13. They fixed the buff and are making us pay back? New rates are 8x faster than before they buffed it, 33 minutes for 1k food... Gonna loose my 5 raise xb1 SE PvE Edit: Lost the 4 baby wyverns.
  14. I have a rex I use often to get meat quickly to feed my babies, I noticed this morning it's speed went from 290% to 121%!!!! That is a HUGE nerf!! so what happens to all those points wasted in the speed? what happens to the parents that were bred for speed? this dino has good hp/melee stats with 290% speed, or should I say IT HAD 290% SPEED!! I guess I better take my rex out back seeing as how useless it is to me now with its bigest attribute almost to a 0% why this silent nerf?!?!?