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  1. Hi everyone I play on PS4 and they very little amounts of alphas that spawn Ragnarok it is pretty poor. I feel like there should be more spawn points or even quicker spawn points. New alphas would also be pretty cool especially alpha giga, you would literally have to get a squad to take that down and would make it more of a challenge and fun or even a alpha titan, would be really cool. because right now I can solo kill wild gigas and titans with my giga its no fun. What does everyone else think ?
  2. Hey there, I've been trying to lower mod dinos' spawn rates (Dragontail) through an override line and I'm not having any luck... I've used plenty of Adds/Subtracts and SpawnWeights in the past, but this is my first time entering an Override and I'm not sure what's different to keep it from working. It currently is having zero effect. Here's an example of one of the lines I'm using now: ConfigOverrideNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesGrassland_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="EarthDragonGrassland",EntryWeight=0.0001,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("EarthDragon_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="EarthDragon_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.001))) I've tried with and without the "_C" after SpawnEntries to no avail. The mod doesn't provide DinoNameTags, and there's no way to test what they could be besides manually editing the ini as I go.. so I couldn't just use a simple SpawnWeight line for each dino... Any help would be appreciated! Just trying to reduce spawns without a DinoNameTag and this is the best solution I could come up with so far, but I can't figure out why it's not working.
  3. Ark is an amazing game filled with tons of strange and unique dinos. After playing for a long time I've noticed the map seems a bit cluttered with all sorts of dinos and mammals. My one problem with this is that sometimes I wasn't that big on some of the added dinos and wanted to play the game a different way. If you play ark, you will know that if you leave the beaches on foot, you will most likely die from all the wild dinos. I've always wanted to be able to walk around the map without the fear of dozens of dinos attacking me. After taming large carnivores, most dinos become useless. I would prefer to have a feature where I can disable lots of dinos so I can play a different way. I could explore the map on foot. Having the ability to disable whatever dinos you don't want from spawning would make for some interesting gameplay. More on foot combat, smaller dinos remaining useful, or simple disabling gigas or titans. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a way for console users to do this. Hopefully it can be implemented just like disabling engrams. There are endless possibilities to where this could lead. Private servers could invent mammals only servers, no gigas/titans, no flyers? Some may say that you can just ignore the dinos you don't want or disable the saddle engrams, but I believe having the ability to remove them completely would increase immersion, allow for new strategies, and give the game a cool new feeling.
  4. Egg use to spawn frequently and now there is only one egg spawn on the whole map that works. I noticed that the egg spawns were getting worse and worse over time. Now the one egg that spawns is always a low level egg. This is a problem on other servers as well. We have tribe mates that dont have a drake and it sucks to tell them i had no luck in the drake nest. This issue needs to be fixed.
  5. I've had Ark for a little over a year, yet I haven't permanently moved location at all from where I originally started (The Footpaw). I was wandering if anyone had any suggestions for large-ish, flat places to build, roughly in the mid to southern latitudes would be great as I'm not ready for the north just yet. Also, pictures of the spots and/or the bases you have there are welcome for getting a sense of the scale and building room. Thank you everyone in advance.
  6. demonateher

    Everything about Aberration A-Z.

    *To be continued* Welcome to the Aberration Omega Index ~ Thanks to DemonAteHer or mostly known as "Mickey" on official servers. Let me start this by saying.. This is not a map to start up on, as i will explain the one too many dangerous things/zones to be aware of. I will briefly explain what i will include. The best ways to "Don't be too critical as these are my opinions and what i see best" harvest/collect the following: Resources through tames, tames, kibbles, imprints, Drake eggs, zones and how to encounter them safely, loot crates, and how to critically transfer TEK engrams/replicator for using the engrams attained by defeating Rock Well. "Don't quote me on this, but i still believe you need the replicator to make the engrams achieved by defeating Rock Well. As I'm working towards going Alpha Rock Well on a one time boss fight for all the engrams." As most people know once you have gotten yourself a Reaper, Drake and a Basiliskos. "Won't include Karkinsos, because i personally hate them but you need them". There is not much to do but chain breed and build an omega base. So I'll start this by enlisting the best ways of attaining resources. Resources "Stone" Stone is much easier when using a Doedicurus & Karkinsos for transport. A couple ravagers on follow would help boost the amount of stones collected pet run, also note that ravagers half down the weight of anything but ingots. "Wood" Wood is best harvested with a Roll Rat & a couple of ravagers on follow. "Thatch" Ah.. Most people have a problem here but fear no more. Use the wood achieved with the help of the Roll Rat to convert it to thatch. You could also use a Karkinos to transport an Ankylo for thatch harvesting. If none of the above is available use a ravager and do not dismount whilst hatching down those trees with a pick. "Oil & Black Pearls" I left these two together because i believe the best method for oil has the black pearls around the oil nodes. Oil can be collected at "The Surface" or "The Island located at the bottom of the spine around the purple river". The surface has three entrances of which all include oil but not as much as the island. The surface is a dangerous zone with reaper spawns and close to no time for mining enough oil before the scorching sun gets you. The island located at the bottom of the spinal cords has the most oil and the only black pearl source as i have seen. Another alternative which you should always have is the classical "Dung Beetle" method. That never gets old.. They wander around at Blue Zone. "Silica Pearls" I will start this by saying get an Angler Fish as it's worth the tame. Now you might wander how do i transfer this Angler to other areas with a lot of pears? Ah.. Now you see ARK added a new fish basket, once tamed set it on follow or move it towards the basket and press E on the basket. Then move towards the location you want to unleash the Angler Fish and release that pearl wrecking machine. Alternative is hand picking which i do not suggest unless it's x2 and if you're too lazy on the Angler. "Obsidian & Polymer" Right so you need a lot of polymer i see? Get yourself a strong tame a Megalo/Spino/Reaper/Drake/Ravager. Bare in mind if you have a ravager make sure you're under the Karkinsos and that you're attacking it fast enough for it not to be able to dismount you. There you have it a ton of organic polymer. You could also get a lot of Achatina's down at Blue Zone and you won't get as much polymer as paste "not worth the polymer. Obsidian spawns in Blue Zone, The Island and the Surface. It's not worth as you could just attain the polymer through crabbo with no grabbos." "Cementing Paste" Dont we all just love collecting chitin? Hah, thought so.. Get a bunch of snails folks and you have 60 pastes an hour at each Achatina "Snail", keep in mind they store up to 100 paste only. For instance 10 of them would produce 1000 paste in an hour 40 mins. Then just repeat or get a bunch of chitin use the stone methods enlisted and there you go a bunch of cementing paste. "Crystals" "Element Ore" "Gems" "Gas Veins" *To be continued*
  7. Havocace

    Behemoth gates

    Do behemoth gates block metal spawns and if so how far and is there ways around it I've seen people say they do and don't can anyone ever help answer this question for sure
  8. Recently on my private server my friends and I built a base near the lighthouse in the highlands on ragnarok. At first there were Gigas spawning like normal in the area, but recently we have stopped seeing them and we've even searched their other spawns pretty thoroughly. Have they stopped spawning because of our base near their spawn in the highlands? And if so, is there a way for us to increase the number of gigas that spawn?
  9. Recently on my private server my friends and I built a base near the lighthouse in the highlands on ragnarok. At first there were Gigas spawning like normal in the area, but recently we have stopped seeing them and we've even searched their other spawns pretty thoroughly. Have they stopped spawning because of our base near their spawn in the highlands? And if so, is there a way for us to increase the number of gigas that spawn?
  10. Btuna6

    Ragnarok spino spawns

    On Ragnarok it says the Spino is very rare to spawn. In order to summon the boss fights you need spino sails. My question is, can you get the sail if you hatch one and raise it, then unclaim it and kill it?
  11. Synistermissy

    Spino Spawn overkill !

    Hey So after the new update we've just logged to finding out River full of about 100 maybe more Spinos spawned, not only that ! they're spawning in our base as well, they've killed a few dragons and we've tried killing them only for the to start re-spawning ! this is a massive issue here atm can be get someone to look at this cause we cant keep culling the Spinos. they're tearing the River a new scene hahah. Not sure how many other Rag servers this is effect, ours is Rag 70 OC Many thanks!
  12. People, it's time to fix everyone's favorite trolling structure: the pillar. When used benevolently, it's a great way to stop new people from blocking resource spawns. But, all too often they are being used by a server's "alpha tribe" to lock out new players from building on official servers. Why these people do not rent a server if they want to control an entire map, I don't know. But, I have to build in the most awkward of spots just to have access to the ocean for water mounts, and it's just getting old. Plus, it's just bad business for the game, when newcomers have to do a death/respawn run inland to build a base large enough to have a pen. If it was this bad when I started playing, I sure as hell would not have bought SE dlc, nor any future content. It was a nice idea to be able to set a structure down that doesn't block resources, but that functionality has become one of the most abused items and is ruining the game. Devs, please recode the pillars to block spawns; players and tribes can just learn a little diplomacy. And before a bunch of people start in on why they pillar, I get it for precious spawns, but beaches being pillared all the way around, that is just trolling; there's no reasonable excuse.
  13. nautic13

    rag giga spawns wierd

    i know that they added a spawn at green obby but has anyone else gone a week with out seeing a giga some times the only time i see good spawns is after a dino wipe and then there is almost always 3 on the map i have killed the low lv ones to try to get high lv ones to spawn but it fells like a waste because even then it can take days for another one to spawn i fell like there should always be at least one wild giga on rag it is alittle disheartening to wait days for one to spawn and it be lv 40.
  14. so here am i summit ticket weekly now same as most of my server a guy as block of the passway from green to red with bridge for no reason it blocks rex golems ankys spawns an even building an now he wiped killed 3 wyverns 3 pacers and most my friends base these bridge lead to no were he wipe my friend twice now he but 3 rock golems in my friend base and we notified support but they don't seem to care than ark we moved to new server for help but turns out they don't seem to care I'm sorry but all those mantis he kills along with ice wyvern he killed but still doesn't get noticed
  15. Hello, I have been on twitter and the forums trying to find an answer to this. I am on a primitive plus server on xbox. It is a Crossark server (I think thats what they are called) and PVE. This problem seems to be exclusive to our server as the PVP server, non cross arks, and other platforms seem to not have this problem. Ever since the invisible wyvern patch we haven't had any ice wyverns. They simply don't spawn. I have lived on their spawns since that fix and have not seen a single one or a nest or any evidence of them on the server. No one seems to have one either except for one guy that claims to have an egg (which doesn't matter because he picked it up before the invisible fix). Further, we have no otters. Granted some spawns have been killed by bases there are several others that have not. My tribunate has lived on those spawns and has driven the fish to extinction trying to force the otters to spawn and nothing. I can't seem to get any recognition on this from any of the Devs on twitter or here on the forums.
  16. DrTurtok

    Otter Spawns

    I created this topic to help some players find an otter, since they are very small and the spawns not that well known yet (not like beavers who are known to nearly everyone). So please, if you have found a rather promising spawn post the rough coordinates here.
  17. RobotSubject762

    Ragnarok: Xbox Bugs

    All of these bugs I've only seen on Xbox, as I don't own the PC and PS4 versions. 1. Level maximum is 150: I've put about 75 hours into Ragnarok already, and unlike the PC version as I've seen, the highest level spawning animal (with the exception of the tower, caves, and wyverns) is level 150. This is frustrating because I was expecting a level 180 parasaur or trike like it is on PC, but the highest level of almost every animal I've seen is level 150. 2. Ice Wyvern Spawns: I've been to every ice biome in the map, and none of them have Ice Wyvern spawns. This may be because they are extremely rare, but in places where the rest of the wyverns spawn, the original 3 flavors are there and plentiful. There are also no ice wyvern eggs anywhere, which means I can't tame ice wyverns. 3. Iguanadon spawns: Just like the ice wyvern, I went everywhere on the map where they could spawn, and there are no iguanadons anywhere. Again maybe they are just extremely rare, but unlike the ice wyvern iguanadons are extremely common on every map (Island, Scorched Earth, The Center) 4. Wyvern/Wyvern egg Cave Spawns: I went into the wyvern canyon (at the dormant volcano) with a maxed out Griffin, and killed 3 or 4 wyverns in there, then I took an egg and left. When I came back to the cave, no Wyverns were there. Not only that, no Wyvern eggs were there at all, besides ones I've already seen and decided I didn't want. Is it a bug that wyverns don't re-spawn in their canyon, or is this intentional? 5. Griffin Spawns: There is a mountain where I saw 2 Griffins. I tamed the first one, and then killed the second one. My question is why haven't any spawned there ever again? If I find anymore bugs, I will report them in here
  18. functionmaster

    Giant Bees

    So the wiki says that Giant Bees do spawn on SE. However, I cant find one even looked on single player speeding around with cheats. On The Island hives have fixed spawn positions, so I assume it to be the same on SE. Does anyone have cords for some hives?
  19. Haleymosher

    Lack of wild dinos

    I am using official server 327 (the Center) and ever since the update I have seen very few wild dino's, significantly less than before. It used to be I couldn't leave my base without seeing a Rex or a Raptor. I haven't seen either of these creatures after the update. Anyone know why? Thanks!
  20. Has anyone else noticed the sheer lack of Basilo spawns on the island? On my server rarely do I ever see one, and if I do it is only one. Before apex items for bosses I did not really care about this because I would just go to the center to tame them, where there are a lot of spawns for them. Now with the apex items I see just how bad the Basilo spawn on the island is. My tribe is in the water every day trying to find a good Tame and on the past week or two we have seen 2 Basilo, one we killed for blubber, one we tamed. We have every apex item and artifact to do every boss fight except for Basilo blubber. It is getting tiring taking 20 minutes or so to swim around the entire map and not see one. Anyone else think Basilo spawns should be increased on the island? Or even better, all Dino's that drop apex items should have increased spawns.
  21. ZeroSeconds

    Rebalancing Scorched Earth

    Hey everyone. Since my SE server is down I thought why not make a post to adress some issues (in my opinion) regarding to the SE map. Scorched Earth is an Expansion map that costs €19,99 extra. Scorched Earth takes ARK players to an entirely new land, composed of six unique, desert themed biomes – dunes, high desert, mountains, canyons, badlands and oasis – each with their own aesthetic and ecosystem. Littered with ruins, geysers, and intricate ancient cave systems, survivors will find a whole new frontier to explore and master. As the community sees it Scorched Earth is the 'hardcore' map which is harder to survive and breed on than the center or island. Before the FREE map Ragnarok was released it was actually worth it to get Scorched Earth because you could raise wyverns and cross trade those to other Ark players to have that content for everyone, rewarding the ones that actually purchased the Expansion map. Currently that has been wiped away by the release of Ragnarok which also has a scar filled with wyvern eggs, and from my own experience Ragnarok has mostly high level (150+) wyvern eggs. Whilst in Scorched Earth I get about 3-5 150+ eggs (regarding to luck) per hour, forcespawning method. This is the first thing that might be profitable to rebalance that the system gets turned around (mainly 10-50 wyverns to Ragnarok and 150+ to SE, swapping their inventory's). This does not only count for the wyvern eggs but mainly for every single dino spawn in SE. If you compare Center to SE (which I both play so speaking of personal experience) Center map has way more high level spawns compared to SE. To find a 150 in SE is actually rare and will instantly be tamed. Center has so many 150's walking around people aren't even bothered anymore looking at them. How can the 'hardcore' map have low tier level spawns, is does the hardcore part only apply to weather and spoil timers? Than there is the famous end game Tek tier. Currently tek tier in SE (end game of tek tier) is useless. Why do I say that it is useless? An electric storm shuts down the Tek Generator which is operating everything of Tek tier. So if you have an unlucky night with 4 tek troughs filled with meat, they will all be empty by the morning due to spoilage and you can kiss your baby's goodbye. But shoudn't tek troughs get the spoil timer of normal troughs when they are unpowered, because come on... they are troughs..? I agree, but this is currently not the case. What about the cloning machine than? The cloning tek thingy can NOT be used in SE because of this. Well... I suppose you could waste your element on it but 1 electric storm and you lose all your progress on the cloning + element. You'd think that something like the tek generator woudn't be affected by an electric storm, since its actually end game content. Unfortunatly it still is and I can't find an awnser from dev's/GM's regarding this issue whether this is intended or not. I've sent in tickets on the release of the tek gen and trough since I had them quite fast, but unfortunatly no awnser. Hope I can get some awnsers this way to actually decide whether SE is worth it to play after 8th of august (when all the current maps will go to legacy and new servers will be opened clean). The way I see it now is main (breeding) base in center/island and a base in ragnarok for the wyverns. Would be a shame to see a €19,99 Expansion be rated as 'obsolete'. Thank you for reading and sorry for the amount of text