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Found 8 results

  1. Oxide Ark is a UK based server on Ragnarok. We are a fresh server, still under 500 days and we currently average 10 players a night. Host checks in daily to make sure server is running. There are no active admins, but the veterans keep the host informed on the server status. This also means that there are no rules, except for those that the in-game players wish to enforce.* Server settings are slightly boosted to give a little more of a challenge, yet it is still a lot faster than official. Settings can be found on the screenshots of the OxideArk account on xbox. Add OxideArk to join. *While we wont step in on raids or tribe wipes, if a genuine concern is brought to our attention, specifically in regards to alphas bullying little tribes etc. we will step in.
  2. All right you Random Citizens, welcome back and in this video we're going to go in depth into a pvp build that has EVERYTHING you'll need including fabricators and cooking pots! It's a 3x3 base with a little area off to the side for technically it fits into the 3x4 footprint! as always, I hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  3. Yesterday my sun and moon were nice and big. But today when I start playing, i notice it that they were small and low quality. It looked like the ones from console. I go to my settings and my sky quality was all the way to the left. I put it all the way to the right and still nothing. Any advice? I dont have anything in my "launch options" so its not that.
  4. My tribe and I would like to know what order we should get tames, what tames we need and don't need and what kibble should we go for first
  5. Hello everyone! I have recently started making youtube videos, with the purpose of helping to improve the experience for solo players, currently I have 3 videos up, hidden base location videos for the center and the island, as well as a small compact 1x1 starter base design. This is the link to the most recent video, I tried to include unique, very sneaky locations for the center map that I use myself and haven't seen featured in other videos. Hope it can be of some use, especially for all my solo friends out there struggling to survive! any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. Okay! I just had an idea... I've seen the Devs mention multiple times in passing that they might implement Tribe Levels, and I am not 100% sure but I believe Tribe Perks may have been mentioned also? If not, hear me out, as they are my central concept... What if smaller tribes were able to even the playing field a little bit by acquiring perks that gave them a better chance to defend against offline raids by equal or larger tribes? For example, you could have a "Watchmen" Perk that informs you if your base is being attacked regardless of whether or not the enemy triggers an Alarm Trap? Or perhaps you could have a "Stand Your Ground" Perk that gives your Structures and Dinos a (25% ?) defense bonus against tribes with more members than your own? Larger tribes could also have perks that are useful to them but that don't grant them an even more overwhelming advantage, such as "Craftsmen" for faster workstation crafting? Or "Architectural Planning" that allows them to pick up placed structures within a certain period? The point is to provide various perks for Tribes that are useful specifically for them in regards to their size, play style, amount of time available to play, etc... So there is something that is genuinely useful to each individual tribe but nothing that will just make the already strong even more abusive. Please provide feedback and if you like this concept, help raise awareness about it. If you have any perk ideas, post them here! Thanks for reading! -CyanicEmber
  7. I figured it would be a good idea to have suggestions that only take up a couple of sentences occupy a single thread, rather than each having their standalone topic which in turn buries more in-depth proposals. To make sure that good ideas aren't lost in the void of thread pages, I'll put in a Top 10 or so suggestions of each month here, sorted by reputation. So I encourage you guys to do your part to help me put them on here! =) (I'll count this month's Small Suggestions as September's since the month is almost over)
  8. After Susan Claire posted this list of pictures that could be used for inspiration for more dossiers...Well she became my new favorite person. This list was phenomenal, and it is definitely something that will help me create more fan dossiers in the future. Because at this point, these dossiers are a passion of mine. Anyways, this gallery of creatures opened me up to so many new things that made me realize how unique and different each dinosaur was. Dracoraptor, Sciurumimus, and the many arthropods and fish that made the list. It was amazing.So thank you Susan, for giving me such a phenomenal list for me to get started down this long road of fan made dossiers . Anyways, as for the creature itself. This one definitely stood out to me, Sciurumimus. Yeah...The name is difficult to pronounce So here. SIGH-oor-uh-MIEM-us Hope that helps. I might change the common name to something else due to how hard it is to pronounce and remember. Anyways, the name means squirrel mimic, which was given to it based off of its unique tail.Though I can't find a reason for the tail to be bushy like this, as it does not function like a regular squirrels tail, as those tails are designed to balance a squirrel in the trees...But Sciurumimus wasn't arboreal judging by its feet and arms. Right now, I put a temporary picture of it to give an idea of what the actual creature looks like. It will be given some design changes to make it seem more arboreal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common name: Sciurumimus Species: Sciurumimus satus Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Omnivore(Eats meat, but also eats seeds and berries) Temperament: Skittish, defensive of trees. Wild: Amongst all the small creatures on the island, Sciurumimus satus happens to be the most peculiar of them all. About the size of a Compsognathus, it seems to take an especially liking towards trees, using their sharp claws as a means to scale the bark and their bushy tails to balance on branches. They also appear to bury the seeds they have collected in the ground. The reasoning for this is unknown, though if I were to speculate it may be a way of hiding their food from their competitors. Unfortunately, they never seem to come back for the seeds they bury, causing them to grow into a tree. In fact, it is quite possible that some of the forests on this island may have originated from the forgetfulness of Sciurumimus. Domesticated: Despite its small appearance and diminutive appearance, Sciurumimus happens to be a valued creature for many peaceful tribes. Many tribes have them run around their territory where they will not only forage for fruits, but also leave behind the seeds leftover from their meals. Many children also keep them around as pets due to their cute appearance. Unfortunately, because of their small size, Sciurumimus are unable to carry large quantities of items, and their quick feet makes them difficult to catch. Known Information: Despite being frightened by humans, they will not hesitate to attack if their arboreal homes are threatened. Many lumberjacks have come back injured after such attacks, with their equipment both damaged and missing. As a witness of Sciurumimus attack, I have managed to discover that Sciurumimus will leap onto their target and start biting and slashing as they scurry around their victims. Their cleverness definitely shows in these attacks as well, as they will target anything that glitters on their target. Due to this recent discovery in their savagery, many warring tribes seem to have taken an interest to their aggressive nature. If a tribe were to use such a creature for combat, it would devastate resource gathering tribes. Author's Note: Since I already had creature that utilized the negative parts about a squirrel, Incisivosaurus, I decided to make one that used the positive parts about squirrels, the fact that they accidentally plant trees. I decided to give it a sort of, ravenous feel to give them a PvP usage. I mean..They are carnivores... As for their seed planting ability: How this ability works is the Sciurumimus generates a field similar to the...Re-fertilizer? Is that what it was called? Anyways, as long as it has berry seeds, and it is on Enable wandering, then it will be able to generate this field. Furthermore, they will also auto gather berries as well. For trees well, if nuts were in the game, then it would work in the same fashion. For their Scurry ability: Their scurry attack starts out with a leap onto their target. Their target is stunned and blinded at random intervals (Because the creature will probably run over the target's face...At some point.)They will also receive damage at set intervals as well. Furthermore, the scurry attack is usually targeted at a dinosaurs riders, causing them be unable to use or get off the dinosaur. The scurry has a set amount of time, but can be sped up if the person tries to shake them off (By moving the camera around) and it can be canceled if a teamate attacks the Sciurumimus while it is scurrying.