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  1. GT: Arkovenent Map: Ragnarok Stats: Slightly Boosted Admin: Only one and I'm only there for admin and setting up events. Server: Welcome to Arkovenent, We have started to put together a server on Ragnarok and here are the details. Stats have been slightly boosted to allow for a smoother game play. Now this doesn't mean you can run like the flash or be a torpedo in the water, and one punch a Giga, this is not out goal. With this being said it takes a couple of days to reach 100 and tames take a reasonable time. ORP (Offline Raid Protection) has been turned off the goal for this is to make it where you and the people are wanting to join alliances with others and form a community. As raiding is allowed when a player is offline it is frowned upon and can on be a wipe. Only in and out with minimum damage. if they are online you may attack with full force without wiping the foundations. Stats: Stats have been slightly boosted to allow for a smooth game play, but with still having to make some sacrifice in stat choices and not being a jack of all trades. Stats are subjected to change if we find out they are allowing to many people to troll as well. Rules: Keeping it simple here. Don't be a Troll, Keep raiding Clean, No foundation wiping, and no killing passives ( Some cases are subject to be over looked.) IE: using Dung beetles as safes and other animals as walking vaults. (Screen shot everything to validate you claims If no evidence is to be shown Neither party will be at fault.) Punishments: Class X: In-siding Insta Ban Class one: This is, Foundation Wiping, Dino Wiping, Imprisoning People for long lengths of time ( Over 3 Days IRL Or past Raid Period Terms "RPT") Each time is one Strike First Offense 24 hour Suspension, Second Offense Week, Third Offense Community Choice of Week Ban or Perm Ban. Class two: Killing Passives, Killing a tame while it's being tamed (Once tamed Fair game) Takes two to make a Strike Class three: These are the "like really I Shouldn't have to put this here". Grand Thief Dino and Trolling (Grabbing peoples tames and taking them else where) Takes three to make a Strike
  2. Add Gamertag ScarleyWarley13 and message GABRIELSfist on Xbox One to be added and able to join. Server is on PGARK (Random islands preset) Seasonal admins, no admin abuse. Very little admin interference, just try to enjoy the game. Admin does help if major issues occur. Dino count is turned down to help with map performance. XP x5, Harvesting x4.5, Taming x3 Max difficulty, x4 baby maturation, x6 hatching, cuddle interval 5 to 7.5 hours. Other nicely boosted stats as well, enough to enjoy but not game breaking. Player stats set to 2.0 vs 1.0 Dino affinity, tamed level, add level, and wild dino stat level slightly increased. Even days and nights. Server is managed 24/7 (Freshly generated map, clean wipe) You will need to download map for first time user but after that you will load quickly. First load takes 20 to 35 minutes. That is just the way PGARK works, Xbox one X users load faster. Primitive Plus is the MOD so make sure you are on primitive plus before joining. Max tribe member count is 6. Contact GABRIELSfist on xbox one for any other questions.
  3. Near Reality Ark is recruiting players! Name: Near Reality Ark Map: Ragnarok Server Location: L.A. (US) Server Limit: Currently 20 but would love to expand. Clustered with Aberration named: Near Reality Ark Aberation Boosted but not too much, primarily weight and fortitude. Friendly banter is already a part of the server and always make a server more fun! One admin currently and that is the owner. Only one spawned tame and that is a Griffin used specifically for monitoring the server. Rules: PvE marked by white buildings and or white flags No raiding using glitches and no building using glitches or building in glitches! Wreck havoc and have fun! Taming Rate is x8 Gathering is x13 with dinos getting 26 (Yes ankylos will be useful for gathering metal!) Discord link is rVrBy8n Facebook page will be coming shortly! Server will last using some funding from myself and anyone who enjoys it enough to boost straight to Nitrado using the Nitrado boost code (no donations to run the server will ever touch my pocket) Hope to see some people come out and join! For any further questions message me on xbox @ XGNCorruptAngel
  4. **FRESHLY WIPED - 24/12/2017** 24/7 PvP Nitrado Cluster - 4 maps Center/Rag/Island/Aberration How to find us: 1)https://discord.gg/SrJttQf 2) Change search from Player Dedicated Servers to PC Unofficial Servers 3) Type 'thearklifexbox' into the search bar! 4) Choose your map! We are a fun friendly community of players Players who wish to join should join the discord now and chat to the players use the link below! https://discord.gg/SrJttQf Lvl 330 Wild Dinos Max player level 216 No tribe Limit No store no starters All round Boosted 10x gather 20x taming 30x mature Highly boosted Weight and Fortitude(all other stats close to official) Custom loot drops on all maps Crop Growth Boosted 6x white drops contain stone base + metal tools spino sails in purple drops on rag 24/7 PvP(No ORP) Full stats and rules @ thearklifexbox.co.uk Admin Logging Enabled Add GT of Host: theCorbinator No Admin Players Community gameplay encouraged SEE YOU SOON
  5. This server is small and looking for players, we change the map maybe once every 3 months or whenever a new one is available on xbox. The settings are mostly slightly boosted (Between 2-10 times normal) to give an easier time to players while also keeping the challenges that the game has in it. Please join our Discord which has the servers rules and is updated with info about the map when it's changed. (Player hubs, safe areas, etc) it's also set up to be used to find people to tribe with or just talk about server happenings or other games too if you'd like. One admin who's effectively a pacifist to avoid accusations of admin abuse. If you've got a problem with a player message the owner and it'll be viewed and taken care of accordingly. 24/7 PvP. Crossplay is On and always will be. Discord Link- https://discord.gg/n255ADp Welcome to the server we hope you enjoy To join the server Friend MikeFireDragonS on xbox Send any problems to @Mike in the discord or MikeFireDragon on xbox
  6. Arkanium Ragnarok - Island - Aberration Cluster Wiped 2/5/2018 Ragnarok server is live, Abberation server and Island will be unavailable for a few days for adjusting. Community Based, Player Enforced Ark Nitrado Server 24/7 PvP on Ragnarok and Aberration! Seasoned Server for those who want to be challenged! Please read below for important news about the server. 12/12 Aberration server launches! Join us as we delve into the forbidden Ark! Just search Arkanium Under Aberration. Server Rates: Gathering |3x| Exp |3x| Taming |4x| Growth Rate |5x| Egg Hatch |10x| Increased Maturation 15x Max Difficulty |Level 225 Wild Dinos Max| Slightly Increased Player/Dino Stats ❗️Do not kill passive tames exception under certain conditions. ❗️Let new players get settled before raiding them. ❗️Do not completely wipe bases. ❗️Don't ask for admin, The answers NO. ⚔Failure to follow these rules will result with A warning and in serious cases Ban. 2 Warning system before Ban. Players will gain control over Law Creating and Enforcement once the admins deem it ready to.⚔ Flyers have increased speed. Customized Engrams Quetz platform saddle lvl70 Raft lvl 10 Admin GTs ♿️Mhymel Or ♿️Stankfingered. Experienced, Adult Hosted and Managed! Only 2 Admins including the host who are only there to host events, Work the Shop, Or last resort enforcement. Strict No admin abuse policy, with limited intervention from admins. Community based, Player driven & enforced server! Admins will only intervene on rule breaking offenses as a last resort and only for the most serious of incidents. Players will police each other, and work together to create an exciting environment for everyone you play on. PvPvE Type server. This means you will not be limited to choose one, but have the freedom to work with other players/tribes or battle with them. Server Rules: Do not ask or beg for free items, Spawns, Dino's, etc from admins. We do not spawn anything outside of event rewards, and logging will be on once Nitrado fixes the bug. Killing/Raiding new players is frowned upon and skill-less. Use your common sense for judgement on who is new, and who isn’t, If you're constantly forcing new players to leave due to raiding/killing then expect retribution. Do not destroy, or disrupt the server trading post & Event Arena. This area is designed for the community to use as a safe spot to trade, or Events held in the arena. You will get caught, and an admin will punish accordingly. We want this server to be somewhere that everyone can enjoy, without the hassle of official rate grinding, or dealing with the harassment on official servers. If you come here only to be disruptive, or cause a toxic environment then please move along. We will never become a High boost easy-mode server, They are a dime a dozen. There will no admin recruitment, spawned items outside of events, favoritism or abuse on this server, And asking for an admin position or spawned items will only reward you with being blocked. This server is not meant to be an easy mode server, nor will it cater to those who suggest otherwise. You have to put in time and effort to become something here, and you will hit problems along the way. Host GT Mhymel Support GT Stankfingered In order to join the server you need to go into the games main menu, Join Game, bottom left drop-down menu (Unofficial PC Servers selected) Then in the search bar type Arkaidia. To avoid the joining server stuck bug please allow the server list to completely load before trying to join. Note for fourm mods: If I did not post this correctly please notify me of issues and I will promptly change them.
  7. Hi all, we are looking to populate a brand new server and need dedicated players so if your interested (dont join if your going to moan when raided/wiped, its part of th game 👍) Look for UK Boosted Pvp (Super Drops and 5x) in unofficial pc sessions, have fun and survive! x5experience x5 gather x10taming x10 maturation x10 mating x15incubating player and dino stats are boosted but not OP boosted drops
  8. Survivors! New Nitrado hosted PVP server running the Aberration map. We've been online for 2 weeks now. We love ARK and the community and decided that a Dedicated Server was the way to play. Our hope is to populate the server with dedicated players that want to play the game the right way and survive the ARK with us! We feel like PVP is part of the game but we want everyone to have fun so we won't put up with trolls or bullying. Currently set for 10 slots but I'm willing to open up more slots and in the future rent more servers and create a cluster to play across all maps. Settings are mostly double (like an evolution event on official). If that all sounds interesting send a message to my gamertag and we'll chat and get you the server name/pw. I'm online most evenings (EST) and will respond asap. Thanks for reading! Gamertag- Piranha81 1.5x XP 3x harvest 3x resource respawn 3x loot quality supply drops 3x taming egg hatch and maturation 3x imprint time and any tribe mate can imprint (Easier to raise babies) If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in game with the GT listed above. Happy surviving!
  9. Welcome survivors, Ark Is Life is a new Nitride hosted PvP server on Aberration that currently has little population. We are looking to populate the server and create a fun and competitive environment, so spread the word and bring your friends! When the server gets populated we plan on hosting events, for example, we will occasionally spawn in a Dino that you can't obtain on Aberration (No Flyers will be spawned in). There is a Community Center at fertile lakes 2 where you can collect a starter pack. Important stats: 6x Xp 6x Gathering 8x Taming Message ndGeoman9 if you have any questions about the server Unofficial PC hosted server name: Ark is life -Ark Is Life
  10. Survivors! I've launched a new Nitrado hosted PVP server running the Aberration map. We've been online for a week now. So far it's only friends and family. We'd like to open it up to mature players that would like to enjoy the game with us. We are family friendly, no trolls and no bullying. Currently set for 10 slots but I'm willing to open up more slots and in the future rent more servers and create a cluster to play across all maps. Settings are mostly double (like an evolution event on official). 1.5x XP, 2x harvest, 3x loot quality supply drops, 2x taming egg hatch and maturation, 3x imprint time and any tribe mate can imprint. Basically It's a little easier to raise babies. If that all sounds interesting send a message to my gamertag and we'll chat and get you the server name/pw. I'm online most evenings (EST) and will respond asap. Thanks for reading! Gamertag- Piranha81
  11. 12/23 BRAND NEW* Ark Ragnarok Server (Nitrado Hosted) Stats: 4x Collection Rate 7x Taming, Breeding is 10x with an decrease between mating delays. (other stats are boosted to increase the quality of gameplay nothing major.) Player Stats: 50 weight, other stats slightly boosted Dino Stats: 5x weight with a boost in stamina and in speed RULES: Oh wait…. There are none, this is a pure slightly boosted pvp server. There are no admins and the sole purpose is for pvp same as official just boosted stats. Play Hard Have Fun. LOCATION: Due to high demand the closest server to us is in London. As soon as more US servers are available the current server will be swapped to the East Coast. As of right now it is ran in London and for US players there is zero lag. Virtually no different than hosting in US. SERVER NAME: Ragnarok Pure PVP No Rules Feel Free To Message "Zay Feeds" for info or an invite to the server!
  12. Officialish Nitrado Cluster Server 32 Slots for Ragnarok and 20 for Aberration Server is about 2 weeks old with only 2-3 more established tribes all of whom are peaceful as we are trying to populate server! Our goal is finding the fine line between official and boosted without ruining the reward that comes from grinding. Admin use is for very rare circumstances so do not ask for it. There are no rules except have fun. Like I said the goal is to keep it official as possible. Search unofficial pc for “24/7 Ragnarok Slightly Boosted 18+.” And for Aberration “24/7 Ragnarok Slightly Boosted 18+.” You can also add bchain5 and message me on Xbox if you’d like. We have a Discord chat which I encourage you to join so you can stay in touch with server as well as voice any problems you have. The link for our chat is https://discord.gg/CAtphF We hand out a Ptera to new players and a Wyvern or Rock Drake to each new tribe of 3 or more and should you post an lfg or post here on Reddit and get people added you can be rewarded with a tame be it a Dire Bear, Rex, Anky, Quetz, or whatever we have extra eggs of. 6x XP 10x Harvesting 10x Taming 2.5x Supply Crate Loot Quality 3x Crop Growth .5 Food and Water drain 3x Player and Dino Harvesting Damage .1x Mating Multiplier 20x Egg Hatching 200x Maturation 1x Cave Damage We are really looking for more tribes to add to server and are more then happy to help you get started. Server is at 32 and 20 people at the moment but once that limit becomes an issue we will raise it. Goal is to get to 70/100 limit on each map!
  13. COMING ON ABERRATIONS LAUNCH DAY !!!!! Server recruitment has begun ahead of Aberrations launch date, we are looking for survivors of all kinds, solo or in a group to fill the ranks of our server. The server runs on a High Quality Network Speed! RARELY CRASHES! Host does weekly maintenance or when needed. This is THE JUNGLE BOOK 1.0 24/7 PvPvE ABERRATION server! brought to you by Tha Tofer Server Host Name: Mazultofer756 Server Admin Name: Tha Tofer Server Deputies: Epic isOver9000, BuckNorthWoods, o0o BIG C o0o XP Multiplier set at 2.1 with a slight increase in gains for killing, harvesting, crafting etc... Taming/Mature/Breed rates are greatly increased Harvest Amount slightly increased Wild Dinos reset at least once every day, unless requested otherwise (for taming purposes) Building into the environment is allowed! No longer will that skimpy little half a boulder stand in your way from completing your prideful fortress! Build without having to worry about placement! The server is set to give players some semblance of a challenge while not exactly hindering them through constant dying and grinding. YOU MUST add the server HOST as a friend, and join through his Gamertag to enter the server unchecked. Bring your friends, bring your tribe, start a new Ark story within a reliable server with fair admins. Admins will not be arbitrarily spawning in items, agreements have been made to play most of this map the way it was intended facing all challenges head on. Once a currency has been established, certain items MAY become available after the server has aged a bit. SERVER RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS:rules subject to change in light of the new Aberration map This is a PvP server, so raiding is allowed. Constant day to day raiding or trolling will not be tolerated by specific members of the server. No building near artifacts No blocking off of any important or rare resources Plant Seed X is BANNED No complaining to the admin, deputies will handle most issues. Come And Create Your Journey With Us! Play to have fun; we support fair players who just want to have a good time, make friends, and show off some stellar creations! Don't worry, PvP will also be a big part of the server creating friendships AND rivalries. GENERAL NOTE: The host is currently running an open, personal server in primitive mode awaiting the launch of Aberration. If you'd like to join in and wait with us you are more than welcome to. SERVER EVENTS ARE IN DEVELOPMENT from Raptor Boxing matches, to Equus Horse Racing... from Hunger Games style competition, to... Capture the Dodo? Let's see what we come up with. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE SURE TO JOIN THE JUNGE BOOK XBOX CLUB! If you are interested in joining this server, please add the GTs shown at the top of the page (specifically the server host and admin). Send a MESSAGE to server deputy Epic isOver9000 for your Jungle Book club invitation. Once you're in, you will officially be signed up for the launch of this brand new and beautiful Aberration map on a server set and ready to write its story. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Welcome to our 24/7 PvPvE Nitrado hosted server on Ragnarok! Opens on Nov. 6 @ 6:00pm EST (possibly sooner) ARKEOLOGY This will be a Nitrado run server with a 24/7 uptime, consisting of 3 admins. All players are welcome; in order to join you must join the discord and msg an admin with your GT. Once you have done that and acknowledge you understand the rules you will be given the server info / password to join. We want to build a strong community where people can coincide together and enjoy the 'pvp' raiding without feeling like you lost all of your hard work but instead had fun. We heavily encourage trading amongst other tribes and working together, but we also understand not everyone gets along which is perfectly fine, so we just ask; follow the rules. Discord: https://discord.gg/54vCSRQ Facebook: http://fb.me/arkeologyxbox Twitter: twitter.com/ArkeologyServer There will be no collision on so building will be much better. Enjoy mindwiping as many times as you'd like instead of once per level. Admin logging is ON. Offline Raiding Prevention will be OFF! With that said it is frowned upon to raid people while they are offline, this is a PvP server not PvBase. So, in order to counteract that we are taking the liberty of creating NPC bases throughout the map which will vary in difficulty / loot quality for you to raid. These will be fixed and or improve every time they are raided, so please message an admin to let us know which base you have successfully raided. We will be hosting plenty of server events. We have 3 admins who are very active and a ton of ideas to make things exciting and fun. We have yet to decide if we want to set specific dates and times each week that don't change or if we simply want to give a 48hours in advance notice. (Use discord for updates) There will be trading outposts located throughout the map as well which will be designated PvE zones. Dino wipes will be held on a schedule, everyday at 7:00pm EST Just like official servers host double EXP weekends, we will be promoting the same kind of events! Stats: XP: 2x Harvesting: 4x Crop Growth: 7.5x Egg Hatch Speed: 200x Baby Mature: 8x Taming Speed: 3x Consumption Speed: 1x Cave Damage: 2x Turret Damage: 1.3x Player Stats: Health: 1.5x Stamina: 2.5x Oxygen: 8.0x Food: 3.1x Water: 3.1x Weight: 50x Damage: 1.39x Speed: 2.5x Fortitude: 2.0x Dino Stats: Health: 0.4x Stamina: 2.0x Oxygen: 1.0x Food: 1.0x Water: 1.0x Weight: 50x Damage: 0.4x Speed: 2.0x _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: * Admin Base & Community Center(s) are PVE only and are located @ The Great Plataeu. * No foundation spam beyond walls/gates to block resources/spawns. * No building in or near artifact/loot drops. * No foundation wiping; get in and get out with as little damage as possible, take ONLY what you need. * No passive tame killing. (If a Dino is used block access to your base or for PVP, but whistled passive or on passive after the rider is killed, it is fair game) * Passive tames can be tranq'd and knocked out for loot/saddles * No griefing or trolling. this is zero tolerance and will result in an instant ban. * No popcorning. If you don't know what this is, ask. * Enemies can only be captured for a MAX. of 20mins, unless raiding.. in which the duration may be as long as the raid lasts. * Clean up after yourself; destroy all tame pens after the tame is complete & don't leave random structures out and about. * No war Quetz * No cussing in the global chat & keep the global chat trash talk to a minimum * Use common sense * This is a PvP server, meaning.. you can be killed anywhere (like the real world) so prepare yourself. If you are on or have a mounted creature and do not attack back with that tame, your tame must be left alone. * To be streamer-friendly, any confirmed "stream sniping" or "griefing" will result in an immediate ban. *To those being raided, remember this is a PvP server, so don’t complain unless rules are broken. So rebuild, work with other tribes, and fight back. If you are raided, and the raid rules were broken then we the admins will rectify the situation. * Reports to admin must be accompanied with video/photographic proof. Finally; last but not least: Have Fun, chill, compete, socialize! Enjoy The Arkeology Server! We hope to see you on the Ark
  15. Awkward Dino Ark Server is Going Primitive! Here are the stats, rules, and how to join the server! If you are interested in joining, please either message me or reply to this thread with your Xbox gamer tag. Server Stats: Environment: x4 Gathering X5 Taming x2 XP X40 Egg Hatch x16 Maturation -0.5 Food Drain -0.5 Water Drain Offline Raid Protection (ORP) is active Monday-Thursday and disabled Friday-Sunday. Dino Stats: x4 Carry Weight x2 Movement Speed +0.5% Health x2 Stamina Player Stats: x3 Carry Weight x2 Health x2 Stamina x2 Fortitude Rules of the Server: No Flyers (Except the Griffin) The reason for this rule- and actually a server restriction- is to increase the challenge of PVP and environment gameplay. Primitive Plus allows for more chances to have interactions with other players, especially with PVP as raiding bases is much easier. To help bases use good hiding spots, and to increase the challenge of the landscape, our current players have voted to only allow Griffins as flyers. Tame one and you can rule the skies! No Wyverns In Primitive plus, Wyverns can be very difficult to raise, but to over powered if done so. We ask people to place their time in other dinos and not bother with Wyverns on our server. We might use Wyvern eggs as a sort of currency perhaps, but we ask no one to raise one. No building at any Obelisks No Blocking/ Building/ or leaving tames at Artifact Caves No blocking/Building/ or leaving tames at valuable resource spawns Blocking resource spawns can be a bit tricky to notice. Use your best judgement. If you are building in an area filled with Obsidian, Crystal, or Rich Metal(iron) and there isn't another location for a ways, then this might be a bad place to settle. We suggest settle NEAR that location so you can use the resources but with enough space that they can then respawn. No Foundation wiping when raiding- Get in, Get the items, Get out This is meant as literal foundation wiping, but also don't be THAT GUY that destroys all of someone's farm, crafting equipment, and beds. Part of the fun is preparing for the eventual retaliation. No Passive tame killing (Video evidence is required) We take exception to this when the dinos are CLEARLY being used as defense. I mean if someone surrounds their base completely with dinos that are passive, then that is a violation on its own. No trolling/griefing of other players (Video evidence is required) No Bronto Taming. They cause too much lag when they harvest- whether it is intentional or not.- If you want a large platform dino we suggest the Parcer. Each tribe can have 2 bases MAX A Base is defined as a close set of structures, usually enclosed by a single wall in a small area. We ask only 2 bases because we want to allow for lots of open spots for new player/tribes to settle and explore. 2 Bases can be as far apart as you would like them to be. This will allow tribes to have an ocean front base for water tames, and an inland base. This does not include Rafts/Dingys No PVP at the Community Trading Post The community trading post is made to be a safe haven for peaceful trades. We wanted to give players an opportunity to meet other tribes without giving away their location and to have a secured spot where they can feel confident they won't be harassed. The location of the Community Trading Post will be announced upon completion More information: The server is located in Southern California so all times will be in Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is -8 GMT. The server runs 24/7 on a dedicated Xbox One, with 300 Mbps internet. The admins of the server are Kitamoto and Wyvernspirit. Admin logging will be active so the admins can play as regular players in addition to the occasional Dino Wipe. We, as admins, both have full-time jobs during the week and so we are not on as often as we would prefer- however, we encourage players to contact us via xbox message if you have any problems and we will help as soon as we can. How to join our server: We ask any prospective survivors to send an Xbox message to Kitamoto and/or Wyvernspirit for an invitation request. The server is GT: TheAwkwardDino but has restrictions on who can see its status. This is to control the influx of potential trolls. Once you have sent the invitation request, either of the Admins will log into the server GT and personally invite you to play the game, as well as add you as a friend so you can see the server. Please allow sometime for this process as both Admins work full time. We also have a forum where our players can discuss trades, bugs, breeding, etc. We ask that all our players register on our forum with their Xbox Gamertags as their usernames so it will be easier to communicate with everyone. You can find our forum at http://awkwarddinoarkserver.proboards.com/. We hope you join our server and enjoy it as much as we do! Sincerely, Spirit
  16. Welcome to The Lost ARK Server! Here we encourage all different play styles ranging from solo tribes to a group of friends that love playing the game together! We hope to offer the ARK an enjoyable casual rewarding grind that all players can achieve. We have our rates slightly boosted so that everyone can have the chance to build up and experience the game without trolls killing your tames that you spend hours on. We hope to see you in the ARK survivor! Our server has 20 slots but WILL BE UPGRADED IF NEEDED Xbox Club- The Lost Ark Server (Settings) Exp 7x Gathering 4x Taming 7x Maturation 10x Only Weight boosted Map Ragnarok PvP Optional starter Petra Comment or msg Lm A Stick Man for more info !!!Attention!!! !!!How to join!!! Open ark, go to join and use the “Unofficial PC Sessions” Use the search bar to look up our server “TheLostARK”. Our serverwill look like this in game “[US] TheLostARK ~/20 favorite that.
  17. I’m looking to populate my server and have a good time anyone who serious about joining please go ahead and join do not bother asking will do events and open shop after there enough people that frequently join add oblong planet 53 to join on Xbox one server no rules for the most part I don’t be a sausage That’s pretty much the only rule hope to see you on there’s only one admin that to me feel free to join looking to do bosses and acquire tech eventually looking for people who might want to do that as well but for the most part I’m looking to build a fun and friendly community OK good luck surviving out there
  18. Looking for a PVP server thats not overly boosted with friendly admins? We may be the server for you. We're looking to build up pur player numbers on our rented server. Stats are 4x taming 20x hatching 4x maturation 3x gather 3x XP. Player stats stamina and weight go up 100 per point, speed goes up slightly more than official as well. Dino stats only weight and stam are boosted but not by alot. No rules other than don't block artifacts. ORP is off. Events will be hosted as well. Starter pack will include: Prim flak Set of tools (pick,hatchet,pike, sickle) Crossbow + 50 arrows Dodo kibble + narcs Search 'Requiem Ragnarok' and join us.
  19. Been hosting a 24/7 server since August of 2016 on Xbox one. Looking for players who are willing to work for what they have with more a community driven play style. Rates have been raised and lowered to create a less grinding experience. This is not a boosted server so dont expect to reach end game in one day. Will not be making anyone admin either so please refrain from asking. add profile AvodbovA to ensure that you'll be able to rejoin. Any questions regarding this server please feel free to message the host profile or me either here or on Xbox. Thank you The purpose of this server is for players to come and enjoy all the game mechanics that ark provides without much worry of getting set back to zero by others while at the same time not demand you be on to the point you cant go enjoy other games. Its a tall task given the fact that most choose to play with a hostile nature but when pitted against a tightly knit cooperative community it can be done. Raiding is of course a part of the game but it doesn't have to be the only part and certainly not the most important aspect. I can only encourage survivors to play together and provide the appropriate atmosphere to do so. Granted it would be easier to just make it strictly pve but there are far too many workarounds from my experience.
  20. Taming is 25x Gather is 10x Xp is 15x Hatching and maturing is 15x Dino and player stats are also boosted slightly There will be a purge every weekend. There will be no purge the first weekend. Rules: DO NOT BE A TROLL DO NOT RAID THE SAME PERSON EVERY WEEKEND If you break one of these rules you could be banned If you are interested in this server Add Ark Server769
  21. Oxide Ark is a UK based server on Ragnarok. We are a fresh server, still under 500 days and we currently average 10 players a night. Host checks in daily to make sure server is running. There are no active admins, but the veterans keep the host informed on the server status. This also means that there are no rules, except for those that the in-game players wish to enforce.* Server settings are slightly boosted to give a little more of a challenge, yet it is still a lot faster than official. Settings can be found on the screenshots of the OxideArk account on xbox. Add OxideArk to join. *While we wont step in on raids or tribe wipes, if a genuine concern is brought to our attention, specifically in regards to alphas bullying little tribes etc. we will step in.
  22. The server will be back as soon as I am able. Thank you all for all the fun times and I look forward to the fun times to come! <3
  23. 29 year old experienced player and server hosting player in need of a Low Boosted Rag server. I can help populate the server I play on, and promote it to my followers. Below are the rates im looking for. Tame x2 lowest x7 higest Gather 2x or up to 4x. EXP no higher then 6x Player and dino stats slightly boosted Weight no higher then 4x default value. Adult hosted, and PvPvE. Egg hatch and maturity boosted. I also prefer Admin command logging to be on, especially if admins partake in pvp. Im looking for just one server to be able to grow with. I always advertise, and promote the server I play on to help with the playerbase. The server I helped run was shut down after My buddy and I took a break from the game, but now im back. Most of our old players will join your server as well. My GT:Stankfingered Please message me with rates of your server. Thanks everyone!
  24. Add GRINDxCarter44 to join If you get raided put up a white flag and you get to build back up for a day. If any complaints contact an admin in chat.
  25. Any one know of a 24/7 chilled slightly boosted pve island server with events etc? So frustrating finding a good one