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Found 141 results

  1. Singleplayer World Wiped

    So, there's one thing I've noticed about ARK single-player (for me, at least, as idk if this happens to anyone else). If I don't go into a save for around a week and a big update occurs, say 1 or 2 GB, the Island (and only the Island, weirdly) completely resets itself to Day 1. My character's level and appearance remains the same, but all of the survivor notes/inventory etc have disappeared, as have the structures I built and the Dinos I tamed. Now, this isn't the first time this has happened, and, usually, it's easily solved by using one of the back-up saves found in the folder alongside the usable save. However, in this instance, the most recent automatic back-up is from June. I've done quite a bit since June and would rather not do it all again (writing this 15th Oct). The current TheIsland.ark save is around 73MB in size, which is roughly how large it was before being wiped, if that helps. Any ideas as to how I can miraculously take my save back in time to before it was totally reset? (Using Windows 10's Restore Previous Versions didn't work). Or am I going to have to try and remember what I've done and cheat it all in? Cheers
  2. No beacon portals?

    Ive been playing SP for some time now and im almost ready to test myself against the bosses. However i now noticed the drops dont have the portal generation anymore. As mentioned i play singleplayer. only S+ is active as a mod. Is there a setting which disable the portals on drops? If not maybe its the new transfer system from S+? I would be thankfull for any help. *update, i can still acces the portals at each individual obelisk? green for BM blue for monkey, havent checked red yet.
  3. Hello, I just completed the northwest cave on my single player world and the artifact was not in its original location. Can any others confirm the missing artifact? Or any other missing artifacts? Hopefully this is just me, but it's potentially game breaking if not fixed. *Comfirmed, others have had this issue as well*
  4. I would like to run some simulations in singleplayer on bosses and from what i remember, bosses on singleplayer and non dedicated server are 67% easier. So, is there anyway to scale the boss to be the exact same as those in official servers?
  5. livestream Come join us!

    Hey guys, I'm a new streamer and I do play Ark among others with my boyfriend and some other friends. Currently I'm working on getting my tel equipment installed, killing Manticores on So Scorched Earth. Stop by and say hi sometime. If you're interested in other games check out my videos on YouTube as the content grows! Typically on around 10pm Eastern. Hope to see ya there! -Ret
  6. So I play on single player things are getting really hard. I try to tame simple things and I get slaughtered. I try to build and it take hours to get a few foundations. I try to explore and I simply can't without dying. I'm nearly level 40 and the best thing I have is a level 20 trike. I would love to have someone helping me but I always get overwhelmed by all the people on servers. I also don't have any friends that play ark. What do I do!? I love playing this game but it's too hard in my own! Please help! Thank you! (I play on the island)
  7. The issue of resource nodes not re-spawning in single player has returned with a vengeance. Stones, trees, metal, crystal, obsidian, even ground plants, do not return after being harvested in single player. The issue seems to have a specific trigger, 6 harvests and it stops spawning. I have been playing on The Center, built my base on an island, and using the surrounding islands for resources. Resources re-spawned just fine until patch 270.0 rolled out. At that point, every time I harvest a resource, for the 6th time after it re-spawns, it completely vanishes. Refertilizer does not work, changing the re-spawn rate does not work, and reverting the map does not work(the resource just vanishes after being harvested and never re-spawns). The node just disappears. The issue can be recreated quite easily, on both The Center, and The Island, by doing the following. 1: turn down the re-spawn rate, so it doesn't take so long to test it, it still happens with vanilla re-spawn rates but takes longer to test. 2: start a new map 3: spawn in a tamed doedicurous and park it next to a stone node. 4: move back far enough for the stone node to be able to re-spawn and wait. 5: once the doedicurous harvests the stone node around 6 times, the node will no longer re-spawn and nothing, short of starting a new map, will bring it back. Note: Harvesting the node with a pick/axe does the same thing, but requires moving around a lot more to allow it to respawn. Using the doedicurous gives you a lot more consistency for testing. In multiplayer, if you place the doedicurous next to the stone node, there is no limit to how many times it can harvest the same node. I have never seen a node vanish due to being harvested in multiplayer.
  8. So i was playing normally one day and the next day i come back and my setting have been reset. So i put them back to normal and join my singleplayer world and my player and dinos are completely gone. I could cheat to get it back but id rather not so if anyone could help me i would be very appreciative.
  9. So i was playing normally one day and the next day i come back and my setting have been reset. So i put them back to normal and join my singleplayer world and my player and dinos are completely gone. I could cheat to get it back but id rather not so if anyone could help me i would be very appreciative.
  10. After reading around and experiencing this myself, it seems that metal, obsidian, crystal, and some tree patches will fail to respawn indefinitely if you log out/close the game before they have a chance to respawned while you were in the world. I can confirm this happening on several locations and biomes around The Island, and have given spots well over 100 real-time hours to regrow, and nothing. Changing the respawn .ini timers and the structure/player radius settings have no effect, once they are gone they're gone. This is an ancient bug, why is it still present after release? If you mine in area out, particularly of crystal, you simply can't progress anymore.
  11. A common issue, that i find in multiplayer, and that i am unable to reproduce due to the nature of the game and the circumstances, is for me annoying to say the least. For a start, i'll tell about the random crashes, that certainly everyone or anyone has had the patience to actually make a proper review and explained the circumstances of the "why" and "how" it happens and their consequences in-game, as well as the logs that can be provided, which in my end, my game doesn't generate since the nature of my crashes is related to my old GPU, that barely runs Ark in Medium settings, but certainly can run it in low settings - thus there is a relation towards the optimization of the game. In this topic, the crashes are the issue though they are so varied and random that it is pointless to explain, be it the GPU or the game itself. So i am going to focus their consequences in a single player world, and what needs to be changed. Whenever a crash happens (whatever the source, or issue), the crash messes up the single player world greatly, i believe ever single player out there knows this unless they play in a unofficial server dedicated solely for only a single player, in this environment i don't know how the game behaves. Any way, on the long run of a single player game, or after a crash (in-game time doesn't apply to the crashes it seems) you will notice that the majority of the creatures spawns will become empty and none will re-spawn, leaving quite literally an empty environment. It can be fixed with a command line [DestroyWildDinos], though i am opposed to using commands while playing the game. Further more, the game has been officially released. So the point of using the commands, now, should be only considered to be has a last-minute resource to bring back balance and refresh the world with new creatures, it shouldn't be mandatory to know them or use them. Nowadays, games that possess various entities like Ark, have in their core, mechanics that are a "automatic version of the essential commands". Which forces, consistently the refreshment of the world with new creatures, not allowing the world to be empty at all. The exception would be the long running servers, where they need to restart for not only about those reasons, but for maintenance as well. These mechanics, are a must in FPS oriented games, i am sure of it. Where you face off tons of enemies, so for a single player, what would happen if they where gone for ever? The game would become dull, boring and undesirable. This is what happens, with me, in the majority of single player worlds that i have created in any map on the Ark, at a certain point in time the creatures just disappear out of existence, and don't come back unless i personally force them. - This needs to change, in the near future: The game play in Single player needs to have a fair share of challenges, but also environments where anyone could develop and progress, a mechanic needs to be implemented where: - - 1st: Forces the re-spawns of new creatures no matter what and without the need to use commands. Consistently, Persistently and Randomly. - -2nd: Bring balance to the world in-game. The mechanic should spawn carnivores if the world gets to stale with herbivores, or herbivores if the world gets to aggressive with carnivores. In the end this mechanic should bring out the balance correctly, and not so randomly, has the current game is. Another topic at hand is the resources themselves. Like the fair share, of Creatures disappearing and never spawning back, the same happens with the resources in-game. The most notable of the resources are the Crystal, Obsidian and Metal nodes for their long re-spawn times. I am aware, that every time you harvest a node, that you activate their "Re-spawn Timer" - I've read it in multiple threads in this forum, as well as in Reddit. The Re-spawn timer is subjected to the multiplier that you can customize in the main menu. So what this means? The lower the multiplier the faster the resources re-spawns, simple to understand. Now the problem in single player though is worse when compared to a long running server. If you have experienced a crash, or even log off, after harvesting a resource in game. The "Resource Timer" of the resources, specially the one harvested, will reset. This means that the resource will take a longer period of time to re-spawn. Now, the incredible issue in single player is due to the "Resource timer" bugging out and not actually working properly, this probably correlates to the timer not timing the time correctly or become stagnant, which conducts and leaves a world, or most commonly a area, to not have any kind of resources. In the custom maps: The Center and Ragnarok, the issue is not visible nor even noticeable. Since the maps are huge have lots of resources nodes there are always alternatives in the case where a resource will take longer to re-spawn, though it will re-spawn back. However in The Island Map, and perhaps Scorched Earth (which i don't have much experience on), the issue is prevalent and noticeable. It is extremely noticeable with the crystals either on top of the mountain or underground. In which sometimes the world at a certain point in time does not generate any Crystals. To prevent this, the game should have a mechanic, in which - again - should reinforce and force the resource spawns. Furthermore the "Resource Re-spawn timer" should be either removed or improved to be more constant and persistent. Since every time you log off, or even crashes, make the Timer to "reset" or to bug out. Then this only gives more problems than actually solves them. In conclusion, all of these problems in single player mode, could be fixed quite easily with a unique yet similar mechanic that the game now lacks. -This is within my understanding, elaborating this is easy. In the other end, manipulating and fixing code is another story i am aware of that -
  12. Does anyone else have an issue with some greenhouse structure not appearing transparent but rather... foggy? I built an elevator with a lot of greenhouse walls and some of them are transparent--the desired effect--while some of them are not. I've tried rotating snap points, flipping the walls, and looking at them from different angles to no avail. Walls that are clear remain clear while ones that aren't, well, aren't. I even tried deleting the foggy walls, hoping that connecting them to the clear walls would continue the pattern with no such luck. It seems that once a greenhouse wall is placed, it is either clear or foggy and no amount of demolishing and replacing it will change that fact.
  13. Every time I try to cross large sections of the Island map, I get a crash error. Flying or on foot, amidst my dinosaurs or by myself, the game crashes. I can't tell if this is due to mods I've added, if my processor or graphics card just can't handle the population of everything quickly, or what it is. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated as it is completely ruining my enjoyment of the game.
  14. On singleplayer when I go to an obelisk and upload the character it immediately changes to a screen to download my character back to the same map. When I hit "cancel" on the survivor download screen it then takes me back to the character creation screen. Hitting "esc" does not take me back to the main menu like it used to do in the past, where I could have then selected a different map to download my character. Now I am forced to alt-tab out of the game and use task manager to terminate the "shootergame" process, restart the game, and then select the different map to download my character to. If you do not use a cheat to save your game world prior to uploading your character, you may have duplicate dinos/items left behind on the original map upon return, since you had to forcefully terminate "shootergame." This is a very sloppy way of transferring a character on singleplayer, but the only one that works at the moment. Could you please fix this so that we can once again "escape" back to the main menu after uploading a character on singleplayer, and subsequently download them properly to a different map?
  15. Drops in the ground

    I've been having issues with drops just phasing into the ground. I've had like 6 red drops just waste away because they are either stuck under the map or stuck in a rock i can't break. It wasnt like this too badly on the island map, got worse on the center, but ragnarok is everyother drop is useless.
  16. It seems Daeodon are once again affected by an old bug that was fixed not long after they were released. The symptoms match this thread, the pigs only heal a single dino at a time and drain their food almost immediately with 19 other dinos nearby (boss party), they don't even heal that one dino by very much either.
  17. I was so excited for Ragnarok to finally come out for console, and I've put in a decent amount of time since its release. Starting off, I had no real issues save the occasional textural glitches. However, I recently knocked out a low level mammoth around Blizzard Peak. Just to be safe, I set up some wooden spike walls. Even though everything goes into hibernation mode when out of render range in singleplayer, I've returned to downed dinos before to find new hungry baddies spawned nearby despite having cleared the area beforehand. Anyway, I left to return to my starter base in Viking Bay. When I returned to the mammoth around 10 minutes later, it was nowhere to be found. None of the spike walls had taken any damage. I repeated the process and downed another mammoth, built spike walls to create a perimeter, shoved some berries in his inventory, and went on about my business. Returning 20 minutes later to check on him, I once again found the mammoth had disappeared. Needless to say, I was starting to wonder what was going on. I proceeded to knock out another mammoth, this one spawned in on one of the elevated platforms located along the edge of the Blizzard Peak area. I don't have time to sit around for hours waiting for something to tame, and at the same time I don't want to play with ridiculously boosted rates. In other words, I can't sit around babysitting a mammoth so I left to continue working elsewhere. When I returned, the mammoth was, yet again, gone. This time I decided to use the ghost command to check under the world and sure enough the mammoth had fallen through to the ground below. I checked back in the two other areas for the mammoths I had knocked out earlier but, as the area under Blizzard Peak is water, I assume they fell through and drowned. I understand that Ragnarok may not be 100% finished just yet, but these kind of issues are detrimental to a player such as myself. I would hate to put the time and effort into downing a griffin somewhere later on only to return and find it vanished. I would appreciate it if someone could look into this when they get the time. Thank you in advance.
  18. Every time I try to load up my server for either Single player or Non-Dedicated my game plays the music but then suddenly stops loading and I'm stuck at a black screen. I've Been reseting my xbox but it is not seeming to work. Been searching for answer everywhere but haven't found anything. I don't know if I'm missing something or what. Please Respond?
  19. After trying out Single Player (with the "Use Singleplayer Settings" check box enabled) and doing a bit of testing I've realized that there's some discrepancies between this mode's alleged “overrides” and the in-game actualities. It should behave as Jat stated in the post below; checking the “Use Singleplayer Settings” overriding the listed ini settings with those below: However, most of these settings fail to work as advertised, with some of them causing game-breaking accelerated speeds. I will refer to the "Use Singleplayer Settings" checkbox as USS from now on. On to what I’ve found as of v265.5 08/24/2017: Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini under [ServerSettings] DifficultyOffset=0.200000 - Is NOT forced to 0.200000 if USS is checked, can be edited using the .ini or slider to your desired difficulty. Independent of USS setting, not working as advertised. Set to whatever you’d like. XPMultiplier=2.000000 - If using the default 1.0 Ark value, USS will NOT force this to 2.0. If you want the 2x XP from USS you must change this manually via the slider or ini. Tested crafting Cloth Hats and comparing XP values (1.2 XP per craft with USS enabled at 1.0 XP Multiplier, 2.4 XP with USS enabled and XP Multiplier changed to 2.0). Not working as advertised, manually set to 2.0 TamingSpeedMultiplier=2.50000 - This setting works as advertised, and Ark's default 1.0 (in the menu, I'm aware it's adjusted for the global 2x speed) taming will be forced to 2.5 when USS is checked. Do NOT increase this value manually with USS enabled or your taming speeds will skyrocket. I believe if you set this to 2.5 and check USS it results in some multiplicative or additive bonus. The taming speed was so high/near instant that I couldn’t properly test, though it’s clear it wasn’t 2.5x speed. Tested values at 1.0 Taming Speed Multiplier and USS enabled using the Dododex and a variety of dinos, they were all correct. Working as advertised, leave at 1.0 ServerCrosshair=True - USS will NOT force this one, must enable manually via menu checkbox or ini. ShowMapPlayerLocation=True - USS will NOT force this one, must enable manually via menu checkbox or ini. EnablePvPGamma=True - USS properly forces this by default. Typing “gamma <x>” into the console with EnablePvPGamma=False will still work. USS override working as advertised, forces to True in-game regardless of setting. Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Game.ini under [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[0]=0.450000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[8]=0.415000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[0]=0.550000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[8]=0.550000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[0]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[8]=1.000000 -> These work as intended, leave at their default values and USS will override them in-game. Like Taming Speed Multiplier, do NOT manually alter or you will have weird multiplicative/additive bonus and tames will have insane Health/Melee Damage values. Should be left at the default values of: -> PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[0]=0.200000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[8]=0.170000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[0]=0.140000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[8]=0.140000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[0]=0.440000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[8]=0.440000 MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.125000 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=10.000000 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=36.799000 -> These work as intended, leave at their default values and USS will override them in-game. Like Taming Speed Multiplier, do NOT manually alter or your breeding will be near instant. Confirmed with Dododex breeding timers adjusted to the above settings, left in-game values at 1.0 and enabled USS. If you manually changed to the above values, a Dodo will be ready to re-mate in 20 minutes and will both hatch and mature in seconds. Leave at 1.0 defaults and enable USS! BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.167000 - Properly forced/does not multiply/add manually set values. I had mine manually set to a 0.167000 multiplier and it worked, then changed to the default 1.0 setting and left USS enabled, time between imprints remained the same. Time between imprints should range between 28-39ish minutes with this setting. Leave at 1.0 or manually change to a more favorable value. -> Note that like all custom cuddle intervals, some dinos are impossible to imprint to 100% (typically smaller dinos; Dodos, Microraptors, etc.), and to my knowledge there is no magic number to be able to 100% imprint all dinos with sped up settings. There’s a great excel chart out there detailing this, and highlights a major flaw in Ark’s already lackluster breeding system. bAllowCustomRecipes=True - Properly forces to True with USS. bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos=True - Does NOT properly force to True with USS enabled. Enable manually or it will not work, tested using both Wooden and Metal Spiked walls. MaxDifficulty=False - Properly forces to False with USS enabled. This config normally allows for level 150 dinos on The Island and Scorched Earth if set to true, unfortunately there is no way to “force” this to True if using USS; you’re stuck with level 120 Dinos at 1.0 DifficultyOffset. Works as intended, would be nice if we could force to True though. Setting to True will have no effect! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR: “Use Singleplayer Settings” does not work 100% as advertised and can cause drastically accelerated (unintended) taming + breeding speeds, as well as not provide the advertised 2x XP bonus. Certain values must be left at their defaults or manually changed in the menus/ini to get the full/accurate “Use Singleplayer Settings” experience outlined in Jat’s v259 patch post linked above.
  20. save files

    give us acces to our character, items dino's even structure so that we can move them to single player aswel.
  21. Hi, so i have a few questions. Everything is related to the singleplayer game mode. I am going straight for the point, since i a just want to talk about it because i am kinda of annoyed by this. I am going to start with this question and doubt: Everytime any of you start a brand, and fresh save, with new configuration, anyone notices the dinos present on your area, where you do spawn? For example, if you have a trike at level 10, or a parasaur level 110... anything and everything that you can recall. If so, then let me ask you, that if you ever do delete the save files of that map - The Saved folder, without using the ingame option - for whatever reason it doesn't matter for the topic, and do a restart of the game. Afterwards you start a new save in the same map, and in the same spawn location, do you notice if the creatures are literally the same? If the same trike at level 10, or the parasaur level 110 is in the same location? For me this has happening since i ever started playing the game. These spawns only change when the game is updated, otherwise they remain the same no matter how many times I install, clear configurations, restart my PC or game. The only exception in which these creatures might "change" - meaning there is a true random spawn at the start - is if i delete the Saved folder, while the game is running in the main menu (after exiting an already generated save). Has any singleplayer ever experienced this? My main issue with this, is that my saves are always the same and terribly unfair. I have always spawned on South2 and started working my way up to the North, However right now it has not been a good experience for me everytime i start. The reason is this: Everytime I start i encounter 2 Sarcos at levels 140 and 145, and i have the best luck for them to be mate boosted. I can outrun them but even then i can only go so far before eventually die. Then to my surprise I have literally 2 Alpha raptors on the left coast side. One is at level 10, another at 150. Just great. These past days, since the update i have been fightning to actually being able to do SOMETHING, yet i can't. So my last question is, is there any way to clear these spawns? Besides using the ingame destroywilddinos command? Is there a registry, a save file, something that i could delete it, to sparkle a new save without resorting to using that command? Please share it, thank you.
  22. Egg hatch speed

    Okay, so I play single player across all 3 maps and i try to be as legit as I possibly can (I use little to no admin commands) and I have my server settings set up to as close to official as I can, the only things I have boosted are my taming (2.5) harvesting (2.0) and I want to increase my breeding egg hatch etc double to what it is on official. (Basically as if there's always a 2x breeding event), so what I did was I made my egg hatch speed x2 and baby mature speed x2 and left everything the same but it went by crazy fast and the timers didn't match what dododex says 2x would be on my wyvren eggs. so I lowered it back down too 1.0 on both where the setting are normally set and my wyvren eggs are still incubating crazy fast (about 1 percent every 2 maybe 3 seconds) and when they hatch it tells me they want care in 34 min instead of the normal 3/4 hours.. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? The only settings I messed with were egg hatch and baby mature speed nothing else and I reset them back to normal and yet it's still too fast. Is the 1.0 normal setting already a boosted setting? If so how much do I have to lower it to make be a reasonable X2 so it'll match with dododex timers. PS: I'm hatching my wyvren eggs on scorched earth with about 25 air cons Pps: i wasn't sure if this could be a bug or not so thats why I posted it here.
  23. Hello Everyone! So on my Ragnarok singleplayer map, none of my dinos lay eggs anymore. Not even my 5 mateboosted Dodos that used to lay eggs like crazy! I also have Oviraptors on wander and they all get the oviraptor buff. I have the s+ item collector and even after idling for an hour, not a single egg. (And yes, it's set up to collect eggs) I've tried messing with the egg laying multiplier, but even at 40000, not a single egg. The poop multiplier also did not help. I've seen other people say that they have the same problem, but I have not found a solution yet. Is there a fix or am I going to have to wait for a Ragnarok update? This happened after the last major Ark update, btw., before it was fine. Thanks in advance for any tipps... Mi
  24. Single player still crashes on save rather it be exiting the game or typing in the force save command does it on my center server more then my island, now scorched earth is crashing and I never had a problem with it crashing befor the update......*sigh* still can't play untill crash is fixed..... I guess I'll go back to skyrim untill then.
  25. I'm not a fan of crowded servers so i mostly play singleplayer. I've messed with a few setting cause I don't want to spend hours taming and gathering rescources by myself but I've tried to keep most things vanilla, especially combat. The thing is though everything feels easy, I killed a level 40 alpha raptor with my own level 150ish raptor specced for health, speed and melee damage and it barely took him down a third. Then I checked the stats and nearly all my Dinos have things like melee damage over 1000% percent. Is this right, it feels too high. The wiki and google tell me all about different stats but nowhere is giving me the vanilla levels and if I've accidentally messed with something I shouldn't have. For reference, I recently tamed a Paracer at level 120 (after taming bonus), pumped around 4-5 levels into melee damage to help it defend itself and it's already at 1110%, I'm getting around 150% per increase. Is that right or is it too high? I've checked my server settings and all tamed dino stats per level are at 1.0. I'm on Xbox if that makes a difference. Edit: Dilema solved, I had singleplayer settings on, turned them off and everything looks much better