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Found 165 results

  1. Demand not met

    So I don't see a single server and somehow the full servers don't show up, i only knew they were full when i automatically added the ip at the steam server level. uhm, are you going to get new ones asap is this happening now so you retain your audience or do people retract transactions>? I gave you all a chance i wasn't going to get this dlc, but since i felt the need to be nice cause of the holiday i am getting burned already. I want to be positive and you all make it really hard to remain that way, 10 servers doesn't seem like enough, who thought that was enough and it seems everyone is on NA servers which you should be restricting..
  2. Hello everyone , I've played on Legacy Server PvE since the game was released mainly do to people pillaring off big areas of the map on Official Servers. I've wondered for sometime are the devs going to wipe Legacy Servers when Aberration comes out and if not will it be on Legacy? Some of this wondering has come from people on my server talking about how the devs will look at the server population and wipe the ones with low population but I can't find this. So can someone help me out?
  3. Hi all, we have a new unofficial server that we are looking to add about 21 new players to, it is an unofficial pc session server for Xbox one, settings are basically like official but has some boosted stats like breeding, imprinting, hatching, raising, we also have slightly boosted harvesting, we are looking for anyone age 16 or over to join and have fun, plenty of places to build, we do ask you don’t build on spawn points and be respectful, if you don’t want to play pvp please put sign outside base as pve only, we also have party chats everyday for anyone who plays so put a message in global chat for a party invite if you want, do not ask to be admin as we have those already and are not looking for more, server name is arkbeast you have to look under unofficial pc servers to find us, have a great day
  4. 24/7 Ragnarock, PvPvE, boosted server looking for players and tribes of all sizes! Weekly events at our arena, and a server store where you can buy colored dinos and resources (See FB page and visit The Community Center for details). All our servers are run through our FB page, so check out for server info, stats, news, updates and to contact admin. Only contact admin tribe through the Facebook page. To join, search (Ark Is Lyfe) under the Unofficial PC Sessions. Make sure Ragnarock and PvP are checked. Starting area under Blue Ob with crafting tables, rules and a hatching center. The PvE area is under Green Ob (Map of PvE on FB page) -ALL NEW PLAYER MUST HEAD TO BLUE OB TO READ OUR RULES IN DEPTH BEFORE PLAYING- Server rules - No killing passive tames, no harassing players, no brontos or steggs, no left over structures, Mercy raid rule (Details at Blue Ob), No PvP in neutral zones (PvE area under Green Ob and the Community Center under Blue Ob), no raiding during server events. (READ ALL RULES AT BLUE OB) PASSIVE PvE RULE - The designated area under Green Ob (Map of PvE area on FB page) is a passive PvE area! Anyone who decides they want to play PvE on the server is welcome to build at the peaceful area. Players who are a PvE tribe are not to be raided or harassed in any way! PvE tribes may also not raid or harass anybody else. This is for players who are trying to build and tame. White flags must be up on all PvE bases in the peaceful zone at all times! There is no switching back and forth, you are either PvE built in the peaceful zone, or PvP built everywhere else. (If anybody breaks this rule they will be banned and wiped!) PvE players need to let admin know the location of the base on the Facebook page. Only one base per tribe in the peaceful zone. If caught building or moving anywhere else, you will be wiped.
  5. I have been wondering this for a long time, and so I thought I'd get some feedback from the rest of you. I seems like the majority of Ark users who play online multiplayer choose to use official servers, rather than unofficial. I'm sure the reasons for this are many and varied, and I'd like to know what some of them are. If a company came out with a professional, very high speed Ark server network with multiple maps, cross server transfers, proper customer service etc, would people actually use it? Or is this something that makes people always stay with Official? All thoughts appreciated.
  6. Hello, so I've mostly been a single player gamer, but in recent weeks, I've been playing on a pve official server. And I've noticed some major issues. Currently, these are the bugs I am suffering from on the Xbox. 1. Rubber banding. This is more of an annoyance than game breaking, walking for 15-20 seconds and doing stuff within that time window, just to go back in time as if I didn't do anything in that time frame. Like I said, this is more of an annoyance, but annoy someone enough and they stop playing, and as far as I can tell, this has been going on for a while. When will this issue be fixed? Are there any plans of a fix? Or is this going to go down in history as one of those notorious bugs that there are just no intentions of fixing, like I see many developers doing with their games and certain bugs. 2. Structures not placing where they say they will. Side note, the construction in this game needs an entire overhaul. It works, but it's lacking important features, like the ability to place down an object and preview it by walking around it without it turning with me or moving, and then lock it in place. But aside from that, there is a major bug, that I do think is borderline game breaking. And that's when i try to place a ceiling, pillar, fence foundations, mostly anything, more than half the time, it places somewhere else than it says it would. Example: trying to place a fence foundation, straight line. I place one, then go to place the other, it's shining green and snapped where it would be going straight with the other one, but then when I click to place, it goes angled and I'm forced to destroy it, wasting resources. This is really bad with things like walls and pillars. I will build some pillars going from a ceiling down to the ground, and when I get to needing one more to connect the pillar tower to the floor, it'll be green, I click the button to place it, and suddenly it's sticking out of the ground, 2 feet away from where it says it would place. I say this is borderline game breaking because I created a platform that consisted of 364 ceilings. A quarter of which would be connected to pillars, and then the rest not, because they would have the support from the ones connected to the pillars. Out of 364, I lost 40 because they kept snapping to the pillars in a way they weren't showing they would in the preview and I would be forced to destroy them. That's a lot of wasted resources and was very irritating. I have not heard anyone talking about this issue, but I know this is an issue affecting everyone I play with. Is this another bug that will be swept under the rug? 3. Won't load Primalgamedata_BP, stuck at Joining Sessions. This one I have kind of heard talks about. I've heard you guys talking about issues with connecting to the servers, but you're not describing the issue that me and 3 others are suffering from on Xbox. And that's when I click to join a server, it tries to load primalgamedata_bp, then when it gets to the end, it goes to Joining Session, and just stays there til it times out. I've figured out a fix for this, while it says Joining session, go to setting, go offline for about 5 seconds, reconnect, go back to game, and it's already loading The Island. Just sucks have to do this every single time. Only started happening after the Halloween event. I've tried with different accounts, uninstalling, reinstalling, I've even tried different console's, since I just got the new Xbox One X. Still has the issue. You recently sent out a 200mb patch, that I thought was suppose to fix this issue, but as far as I can tell, it's as if an update was never handed out. I have submitted a ticket for this about a week ago, and have not heard any reaponse. Time frame on fix? These are the 3 bigger issue bugs currently on Xbox I have personally suffered from. There are other, more minor ones, like how I try to roll away from a sabertooth on a doedicerus, but suddenly the sabertooth becomes hollow, goes into my doedicerus, then becomes solid again, and we are basically stuck together and I cant move. Not sure if things like these are actual bugs though or just the way the game is designed and will always be an issue. But the rest need addressed. And when I ask for more transparency, that's all we want as a community. To us, right now it seems like 99% of you are working on making this new doc, when your current thing is broken and you have one person, working one hour a day on the bugs. That's just what it feels like to us, because all we see is you pushing for people to buy this dlc, but aren't acknowledging how your base game should actually still be in early access, with the bugs it has. A few examples. You showed off the 4k features of ark on the X but that's NOTHING how it looks like in real life. When you go up in the clouds, you can't see ANYTHING. Everything is pure white. Not only that, when it rains or is foggy, I get like 1x1inch pixels outlining things like trees, Dino's, and structures that become very visible and just look like they're trying to show what they are suppose to, and also trying to show me what's behind the item at the same time. It's hard to explain. But you don't see these issues in your demo. It's as if you super tweaked just that version, or it was rendered on a super duty computer, not an actual Xbox. And that to me, seems like false advertising, and again, an example of just not caring about the current issues. Another example, your CEO, Dave Kennedy, recently had an interview with PC Gamer. And the whole interview just feels detached from reality. He talks about the mixed reviews on steam, and blames it on people getting the game in early access and and expecting a polished game. Nobody gets a game in early access, and expects it to be polished. But also, nobody gets a game in early access, and expects to be sold DLC for it while it's in early access. And when your team got heat from that during the time of Scorched Earth, you excused it by bringing up how many free updates you give us. But it was in EARLY ACCESS. We already prepaid for a complete game, and those free updates were you fulfilling your promise of completing the game. Also, he brings up how he wishes there would be a way to show all time ratings and ratings after launch, but we are so far out of launch that, there is a way. The most recent reviews, are also mixed, because this game is still broken. To say this is currently a polished game would be a joke. So again, the CEO in that interview doesn't even once mention that it's still buggy, and acts as if it is now polished and should be getting 5 star reviews. Here is a quote from him about the future of Ark "“We’re very concerned about quality, experience, and making sure we’re not just tossing stuff out there.”, but that's what it feels like. Because the base game feels like it was tossed out so you could rush out Aberration. The interview makes him sound like he is selling this game as a complete and polished game, when it isn't. And because of that, sounds like the CEO of your company just lied to your entire player base (at least on the Xbox, since I don't know how the PC/PS4 experience is). We need more transparency, we need these bugs addressed so we KNOW we are being heard. Saying "We are listening", doesn't mean anything. Actions speak louder than words. Address the bugs. Don't sweep them under a rug like you don't care about the people who have already given you their hard earned money.
  7. Still can't join servers

    What did today's almost 200 MB patch do? I still can't join servers and haven't seen anything different in the title screen. What was the patch? And when can we expect a fix for the issues joining servers?
  8. AHODIN Network would like to invite you to our Ark Survival Evolved Ragnarok server! Boosted Harvesting, taming and loot! We offer starters for those who ask in the form of: LvL 50 Pteradon Metal Pike Metal Pickaxe Metal Hatchet and some bonuses depending on the admin, but beware: each admin has a purpose. Survive the mischief, the dino spawns, the arena and the PvP paradise that is: Available on PC dedicated servers in your server filter on Xbox one, Rules are simple: No Bronto taming to avoid lag issues Viking Bay is PvE for Thatch buildings only, within it you will find our arena for future events. Team of admins are: All are welcomed. KCCO folks! ...and NO I will not make you an admin Please donate to give the server life!
  9. This was an idea originally thought of by a player named @Pic1. All credit goes to him and here is his original thread: I have thought long and hard about this and believe his idea is a fantastic one. His focus though was more for pve servers. And so I have thought long and hard how his brilliant idea could be changed to fit the needs of PvP servers. Pic1's original concept was to make it possible to buy servers and privately own them and allow them to be on the official server network thus enabling transfers of players, items, and dinos. The caveat is that the owner is not allowed to be an admin. The list of criteria from his post was as follows: Pic1: The one part of his idea that would have issues with pvp servers is where the owner could password protect the server thus making an un-attackable base to spring forth and attack other servers. My contribution to his idea that would make it good for PvP servers would be remove the ability to place password protection. And here is lies the problem. Why would anyone buy with their own money a server and gain no benefit from it. My suggestion is to offer 1/7th of total slots are "reserved slots" for the owner. These slots would require a password to utilize and would ensure that the tribe that lives on that server could never be blocked from joining and defending their home from a mega tribe invasion. The second benefit would be that once you bring the server up your tribe would have a head start being you could bring the server online for the first time when you and your tribe mates are ready to transfer over and establish themselves. What is the benefit of this idea that Pic1 came up with? Official network cluster has a constant issue with not having enough servers for its player base. And being it is common knowledge that the number of unofficial servers far out numbers official ones it could turn the game play 'space' from hundreds of servers to thousands or even tens of thousands. Our game would become truly massive.
  10. Hey so like the title says im having issues switching my renterd server map. Im using the server company nitrado and i cant seem to get my map to switch from the island to Ragnorok. Ive gone into settings already and changed them and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Hey guys, My first real time posting on a forumn but I have to as this issue is frustrating me. My brother and I have been playing on a legacy server since the games final release as there were/still are only one server per map-per game mode. Why is the oceanic region only limited to so little servers? There's simply no-where near enough servers to meet demand. Has anyone heard if WC is going to add more servers to play on? If not, what's the state of the servers and choice of servers on PC?
  12. I have moved my dinos and entire base 3 times only to once I have the land I want secured, dinos moved over and a base of decent size built, the server hits dino cap and i can't even play the game how i want it. I'm a huge breeder and right now there is no way for me to play the game as I can't afford spending a week of play time building another base, moving everything i own through the almighty AFK obi to move items every 30 mins. So I have a few questions. 1. Are the Devs really not aware of servers hitting cap within 3 weeks of release? 2. What is being done to prevent tribes from using servers as a storage site for crappy dinos they don't want to kill. 3. Are there any plans to limit how many tribes can be on a certain server? (Ex: If server limit is 5000 dinos then limiting that server to 10 tribes of 500 dinos) 4. Are we going to be able to get new servers? 5. For those of us that have invested huge amounts of time getting tek already what happens to us vs the people who use the servers as dump sights? Hopefully one of the devs will read this. Lets try to get the their attention!!
  13. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good servers to play on. (Im on Mac) I prefer servers with more players, but I like unofficial servers. I don't really enjoy when the gathering/exp levels are too high, but I like it when they are on around x2-x5. I don't enjoy servers that are only made for PvP, with kits and such, but I like it when PvP is still enabled and a few mods are there, like S+. So if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them. My steam username is xBlackhawK by the way. Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just need a good server to play on. Peace. <3
  14. More Ragnarok Servers

    Does anyone know if all the Ragnarok pve serves are still full I haven checked recently and I’m trying to transfer any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey! I apologize if my grammar is bad i will try and do my best, so you can understand this. So i have been playing ark for awhile and now when me and my m8s are gona go to another server and try wiping it. I can't find that server. When i refresh my "official list" i can only see about 51-60 servers. My m8s can see over 600+. What i have tried: Turning off my firewall completely Going onto my router and then add all the ports needed, so that i should be able to see the servers if the router was blocking it. Deinstalling steam and all my games, removing all files and redownloaded everything All of the above did not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. I have tried literally everything. Clearing storage, deleting local data, rebuilding database. Everything except a complete system wipe. (Which I refuse to do for a single game.) The turning off and on my connection only works if it's the first time I have booted up the game. When I try to load a Ragnarok server, the game loads 'Ragnarok' (in the lower left corner) for about 3 minutes, before continuing as normal, until it reaches the 'Snapshot_16' part, where it loads for about 2 minutes, before booting me to the title screen saying that I timed out. Every other server on every other map works perfectly fine, just not Ragnarok. Trying to load the map in single player causes me to wait +10 minutes for it to load. When it finally does, any change in the menu's interface will freeze the game for about 2 minutes. (Opening the inventory, highlighting an item. It also does this when it saves) I have also found that merely having the game installed seems to hinder my Ps4 massively. As in, I need to rebuild the database everytime I turn it on, double the load times on button presses, etc. Again, this only happens while Ark is installed. I delete it, and my Ps4 works like new. I have submitted a ticket on this topic, and the email said to report it here as well. Please fix quickly if possible, as I have no clue how long my new Wyv will last without food. (Save my child)
  17. Lagging Ark Servers

    This is not a discussion thing but rather a request for Wildcard to get better Servers or decrease the players allowed on Servers, because they are (despite Wildcard selling Dlc in early access and the rather high price of the game) really bad. So please, Wildcard, get some better Servers because it's not just inconvenient as having a few ping spikes, but it really breaks the game, for example taming an otter on a laggy server is nearly impossible because of it teleporting in a ~10 foundations high triangle. Also Torpor mechanics dont work properly on laggy servers, like some gigas, whose torpor drops despite being under the effect of narcotics. I think solving all lag related bugs would use waaayy mor resources than just getting some better servers, at least for crowded arks.
  18. How do i buy a server

    Would help me on buying a server? I am having such a difficult time trying to buy one for my nephew and me
  19. is there any new xbox one ragnarok official servers and if so how do you find out when there is
  20. Has there been any more news of the software for hosting ps4 servers on PC's being released? (E.g. running a server for PS4 Clients on a PC.) I think it is great we can have nitrado servers and all, but I love having the ability to shop around, and was just curious if there had been any updates on the status of this. Apologies if this has been already answered.
  21. I logged on about 3 hours ago, logged off for a break, logged back on again right now, and poof! My server that I play on pvp189 Ragnarok is gone! Please help!
  22. Ragnarok 70 (PC, PvE) was crashing constantly last week, due to someone clearly duping. It just happened again today, causing us to lose 94 hard earned Allo kibble. We made it on the Island map, and uploaded it to the obelisk to transfer over to Rag 70 in order to tame some Griffins. Out of nowhere, server crashes. ONLY that server. Clearly someone is duping. The server rolled back, causing all of our kibble to disappear with it. We don't know who is doing it, but it's obvious someone is. I'm just hoping WC sees this and restores the kibble for us.
  23. i just loaded up my ark and when i go to search for a server it says no servers found. i have checked all my filters restared my pc and game plenty of times and nothing changed i have the lastes update V271. i can find non dedicated servers but no online or unofficial (what i play on) please help asp
  24. Hosting Legacy servers

    Hello Guys, Could anyone explain too me how i am able too host a copy of the old official servers on my Nitrado server? Many thanks in advance!