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Found 129 results

  1. IslaCalavera

    PVP-PVE days.

    New PVP-PVE timer be edited to include pvp and pvp days aswell. ex: PVE: Mon 00:00 - Fri 12:00 then PVP: Fri 12:00 - Sun 23:59 also could include options like: * Damage activated on players for PVE time. * Damage activated on Dinos for PVE time. * Damage activated on Structures for PVE time.
  2. Hello, I do not have access to the multiplayer mode of Ark on mobile, Ipad 2017. I can see the list of the servers but each time I try to connect to a server, after a few moment of waiting, no connection is established and I receive a message « Connection timeout ». I receive this message for any server. I have purchased the premium subscription but there is no difference. I don’t have connection issue with other games. Coild you indicate to me how to solve this problem? Thank you, edit: I have restarted the device and the problem has disapeared.
  3. Heya Guys can we please get some Help on RAG OC 70!.... the server has been stuck at 255 ping virtually unplayable, and broke AS hell Right now, people are losing Tames and raises due to the Lag be doing so bad, its been like this last 2 days now and really needs attention so we can Continue Playing. Its constantly crashing as well and coming back up with the existing 255 Ping. It Really needs some attention, or at least can we get someone to tell us what happening with it and if its currently being looked into ? @[email protected] @Jatheish we have Filled out Multiply reports and complaints i spoke to a Gm about it yesterday who came in to help with a tribe issue. Any Help or even some communication would be Appreciated Thank you !
  4. Dark350Light

    No Servers Found?!!!

    No Servers Found?!!! Hello, This is my first forum post and I have researched but there is no solution it seems as though it's up to the devs. So... I enter Ark after a week and press "Join Ark" but I see there are no Servers found so I restart. Still had the problem so I checked for update and guess what there's one. So I update and it's done so I enter Ark again and still see "No Sessions Found". Again I restart and it still doesn't work I've been sitting for an hour plus waiting for it to magically pop up but I'm impatient(why I decided to make a ark forum account). Please help me and solutions?!!! *Update: First fix didn't work the second time*
  5. OGGavv

    Booted From Server

    I live in America, so naturally I play on the NA servers. I am on a low population, NA, abberation server. 2 Times in a row now after spending the entire day hunting reaper queens, getting pregnant and than attempting to level up by killing more reapers I have been booted from the server whilst fighting a reaper queen. I run games on my PC simultaneously whilst playing ark on my xbox and have absolutely no issue with my connection. My internet is flawless, yet I get booted from the servers repeatedly (connection on PC, phone, etc remains perfect). This time, My level 135 reaper queen was aborted due to radiation and I lost my Max tame male breeding shinehorn. I am a long time Ark player and take the game very seriously, however, I am very inclined to quit the game because by no fault of my own, and due to how poor your servers run, EVEN ON LOW POP NA, I can lose everything on my person and whatever tame I have simply because you cannot run functioning servers. So, I will be awaiting a reply to fix this, and I can assure you if this is not addressed, then you will lose someone who once loved this game.
  6. Hi everyone, just started a new nitrado cluster serber called "Beowulf Boosted" on xbox. The currently 2 server: island and aberration are heavily boosted, but equal. We will be adding another server, ragnarok, at the end of next month. If anyone has any questions or wants an invitation to join, just message me and I respond promptly. Lastly, there is a system in place to buy tames from an admin for metal ingots any time there is one on (quite frequently), if you are interested just ask I will give you a price list.
  7. Jayjohn1224

    Server issues

    Ive tried to atart playing ark online with other players but i havent been able to because it spawns me in other players territory or spawns me right next to a predator and i die instantly. I tried yesterday for 4 hours trying to find a spot to set up a base and wasnt able to because other players would place pillars all over so im not able to put a base anywhere , also i picked spawn south and it spawned me in the ocean as far north as possible, ive tried other servers that werent as full and still no luck, someone please help me find a solution 🙁
  8. Just saw the email about the iOS being released in Canada and after downloading the app I simply can’t join any servers. As a beta player I had no problems joining a server but now I simply can’t, it just hangs.
  9. DarkRaptor13

    How to fix servers...

    Hi ! As we know, many good parts of ark don't work enough good online and some new contents/gameplay can't be put in the game because of servers limits... Problem with pillars everywhere Huge tribe wiping new players So much tames because of industrial breeding that servers are full... and many other problems I probably forgot. I just find a solution thanks to a movie. You know, that one with the Purple-guy and his jewelry. Why not reducing the max number of players by servers ? like half of the actual limit ? This way servers will have less players, tames and structures and could work better. Looking for quality instead of quantity... Maybe put some NPC humans that won't tame 36'000 tames and build pillars everywhere, they could be substitute to real players, without creating as much problems as real ones... I know. Member of huge tribes will complain... But the others, what do you think ??
  10. About 1 month ago, on Community Crunch 125, dated April 2nd, it was announced that PC legacy servers backup was made, and available to download from the support area. As of today, the most recent server backup file you get from this list is dated November 10th (clearly visible in the image), on most of the servers listed. Around Jan 8th, PVE OfficialServer36, which is the one displayed on the image, suffered a hardware malfunction, causing all players on this server major losses, including tames, breeds, and materials gathered. I would hate to know that the date it shows as modified is really the last date a backup was made, since a lot of work and hours has been invested on this server, and it was assured that a most recent backup was already available. And its not the only server with a major hardware malfunction since then, and that's what makes me wonder about the really old dates on this saves files. Is there a way to ask for a most recent backup via support? What is the IT staff really doing down there?
  11. I currently have 972 hours in the game, I haven't played for a while, but upon coming back to the game and trying to replay old maps like The Island & Ragnarok I found that every official server I entered was tame capped and littered with broken bases and just a general mess everywhere. I don't know about anyone else but trying to start a game knowing you cannot tame anything until Someones tame dies is extremely off putting to the point that I no longer felt like playing. Then I thought of how this would affect newcomers and I realized that they aren't going to experience the game like I did. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I personally would like to see an extinction event like before with the mother on a yearly or every 2 year basis totally wiping the official servers or at least the PVE one and if the tame cap could be raised at all that would be great too. Let me know how you guys feel about this and hopefully someone will pay attention.
  12. When looking for a Server to join and i use the Filter to change between official, inofficial and Favorite Servers. After I change the selected Item in the list the serverbrowser won't show any Servers anymore. I'm still confident it does find Servers since it does take much longer to refresh when looking for inffocial servers than when I look for favorites. OT: The whole Serverbrowser could use a rework since there are a lot more criteria one can look for, than there are shown.
  13. Hi. I have an idea for a mod to help tribes organise and function as a micro-society, mostly for RP purposes, but also some functionality (like assigning engrams and blueprints to specific players). It'd be a modular mod that would feature ways to control all sections of societal division: professions, religion, birth status (e.g. noble, commoner, royalty, etc.), political ranks, among others. Of course, I have a lot planned already, just need someone to discuss my ideas with and who's able to implement them into the game. I don't have any knowledge (or interest) in programming, which is why I'm not willing to do it myself, but it's an idea that's worth making into fruition. If there's anyone who'd like to take a shot at this and has the time and good will, please let me know =)
  14. I've noticed a new server setting for tamed creature starvation. Anyone tried it out? I assume the higher the number the faster the food drain?
  15. AmericanHobo40

    Lost Servers

    I haven't been on XBOX ONE Ark in a while but where tf is server 680 (The Center) and Server 711 (The Center) Those two servers had my two level 80 characters on them. lol pls help
  16. okay so i just wanted to come back to ark and take a look at what the game has become, however that was not possible as the game crashed every single time i tried to join a server. I just validated my files from steam but still doesnt work... I have attached the crash report and information about my rig as people tend to ask about that stuff. ( I am using Windows 10 Home ) Hope someone can help -NEX
  17. XxV0LtAgeXx123

    New servers

    I have been hearing about some new servers is this correct?
  18. Hello! I am running a dedicated server with 13 mods, the server is on the map Ragnarok. Here is the mod list in loading order 839162288 Primal Fear 899987403 Primal Fear Boss 731604991 S+ Mod 575017270 Joan's Sentries 870709781 Dino Pick Up 700624475 Resource Crops 764792033 Armor + 812639416 Weapons + 761535755 Ultra Stacks 1156355959 EZ Ace Unlock 778345456 Boosted Fab 2.0 889745138 Awesome Teleporters 821530042 Upgrade Station I have been able to successfully launch the server with BattlEye and with the latest update as of march 29 5:30PM PST Yet I seem to not be able to place any structures besides the generic/vanilla structures. Any help is appreciated or any guidance to someone who can help is also. Thanks! EvilDuk
  19. AngelTG01


    Ive been playing in Asia server 484 on ps4 and lately theres been plenty of lag and crashes all day. Ive been trying to raise my babies but it's difficult when the server lags then crashes for hours.
  20. Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can help. Me and my friend frequently go on an Ark official Ragnarok Primitive + server on Xbox. I was hoping after downloading ARK to my PC through the Xbox play anywhere capability that I would be able to join this server from my PC, but when I search for servers I get 0 results for any primitive plus maps.
  21. Rootbeer441

    No care for Primitive plus?

    Do the devs not like Prim+? They only have like 1 server per map unlike regular survival evolved where there are hundreds upon hundreds of servers. Also I noticed the recent update that only added like one simple thing (laying in beds) wasn't even added to Prim+. Wildcard if you're reading this please show some love to primitive plus.
  22. Hi there, I've been playing on cross ark 11 EU on Xbox for a while now, but we have never been able to transfer items from one ark to another. Initially we thought "this is due to aberration", although after weeks of waiting it is still disabled. We began making theories why we could only move dinos and not items, but after talking to more people who had created their own theories we started to wonder why this was. So i searched google and found Babadook's problem which was very similar to ours. I too would like to know why this is and if this also was unintentionally disabled. lilpanda Babadook™ invincibleqc
  23. Hey there, I've recently started to play on the crossark clusters, specifically CrossArk10. I started on rag but when it came time to move over to the Center, I couldn't transfer items. Item Transfer Disabled On This Server, however I could transfer dino's? At first i thought it was cause the release of Aberration, but after talking to some other people on the server, they have said that it has been disabled for much longer than that. I'd love a response to this as "CrossArk" you would think you'd be able to transfer items as well @[email protected] @TheRightHand
  24. Chronosphere

    server upgrade feel any difference?

    Hey , am just downloading 18 gig from the 12 gig that was announced, anyways anyone feel any difference in performance when new servers? thanks