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Found 296 results

  1. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good servers to play on. (Im on Mac) I prefer servers with more players, but I like unofficial servers. I don't really enjoy when the gathering/exp levels are too high, but I like it when they are on around x2-x5. I don't enjoy servers that are only made for PvP, with kits and such, but I like it when PvP is still enabled and a few mods are there, like S+. So if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them. My steam username is xBlackhawK by the way. Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just need a good server to play on. Peace. <3
  2. More Ragnarok Servers

    Does anyone know if all the Ragnarok pve serves are still full I haven checked recently and I’m trying to transfer any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have tried literally everything. Clearing storage, deleting local data, rebuilding database. Everything except a complete system wipe. (Which I refuse to do for a single game.) The turning off and on my connection only works if it's the first time I have booted up the game. When I try to load a Ragnarok server, the game loads 'Ragnarok' (in the lower left corner) for about 3 minutes, before continuing as normal, until it reaches the 'Snapshot_16' part, where it loads for about 2 minutes, before booting me to the title screen saying that I timed out. Every other server on every other map works perfectly fine, just not Ragnarok. Trying to load the map in single player causes me to wait +10 minutes for it to load. When it finally does, any change in the menu's interface will freeze the game for about 2 minutes. (Opening the inventory, highlighting an item. It also does this when it saves) I have also found that merely having the game installed seems to hinder my Ps4 massively. As in, I need to rebuild the database everytime I turn it on, double the load times on button presses, etc. Again, this only happens while Ark is installed. I delete it, and my Ps4 works like new. I have submitted a ticket on this topic, and the email said to report it here as well. Please fix quickly if possible, as I have no clue how long my new Wyv will last without food. (Save my child)
  4. Hey! I apologize if my grammar is bad i will try and do my best, so you can understand this. So i have been playing ark for awhile and now when me and my m8s are gona go to another server and try wiping it. I can't find that server. When i refresh my "official list" i can only see about 51-60 servers. My m8s can see over 600+. What i have tried: Turning off my firewall completely Going onto my router and then add all the ports needed, so that i should be able to see the servers if the router was blocking it. Deinstalling steam and all my games, removing all files and redownloaded everything All of the above did not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. How do i buy a server

    Would help me on buying a server? I am having such a difficult time trying to buy one for my nephew and me
  6. Click Here to learn how to enter! (Enjin account needed) Looking for a freshly wiped server? The Merry Band of Misfits™ would love to invite you to our new ARK servers. We put our community first, with proactive admins and moderators around 24/7. We have a strict aversion to abuse and work hard to ensure all our players have fun, fair and rewarding experiences on our servers! We’re taking your suggestions to make your experience engaging, in the future we hope to host a plethora of weekly activities and events and even give out prizes from our overflowing pool of games! Interested? Check out our Website and join our Discord for more information! Website: Discord: Steam Group: Joining our servers is simple! Steam > View > Servers > “Add a server” > Enter our IP(s) > “Add this address to favorites” General Rules We put our community first, it's everyone's duty to to keep it fun & civil. 1. Respect everyone. 2. No discriminatory language. No racism, sexism, etc. 3. No mic spam. Short clips are fine, but if you are asked to stop, then you must comply. This includes screaming, singing or otherwise making annoying sounds into the mic for long extended times. Level of annoyance is NOT determined by the creator of the sounds. 4. No being a♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This includes disregarding admin requests, circumventing rules, rejoining to get around a mute, griefing other players (blocking snipers views, real world insults, killing passive dinos in PvP, Building to actively troll players etc) 5. No hacking, cheating or exploiting in any way not intended by the map creators or Valve. This also extends to third party programs that enhance your ability to play beyond normal levels (i.e. aimbot, wall hacks) ----------------------------------------------------- [MBM] PvE Island (mid-rates 12mods) Cluster IP: Map: TheIsland [MBM] PvE Ragnarok (mid-rates 12mods) Cluster IP: Map: Ragnarock [MBM] PvE SE (mid-rates 11mods) Cluster IP: Map: Scorched Earth 40 slots / 20 slots Max Wild Dino Level: 200 Max Player Level: 200 Player Location Enabled Tribute Downloads: Cluster Only (20kmin experation / 1min upload) Gamma Disabled Crosshair Enabled Offline Raid Protection Enabled (Structure decay + Dino decay Enabled to fight pesky structures) Taming Speed: 5x Harvest: 3x Players Crafting 10x + Weight buffs 10x Dinos Weight x10 Flyer Carry Enabled No breeding time – 45x faster maturation + hatching Perma-tamed Titanosaurs! Subscribe to the PvE Mod Collection here: – Come and play with us!
  7. Lagging Ark Servers

    This is not a discussion thing but rather a request for Wildcard to get better Servers or decrease the players allowed on Servers, because they are (despite Wildcard selling Dlc in early access and the rather high price of the game) really bad. So please, Wildcard, get some better Servers because it's not just inconvenient as having a few ping spikes, but it really breaks the game, for example taming an otter on a laggy server is nearly impossible because of it teleporting in a ~10 foundations high triangle. Also Torpor mechanics dont work properly on laggy servers, like some gigas, whose torpor drops despite being under the effect of narcotics. I think solving all lag related bugs would use waaayy mor resources than just getting some better servers, at least for crowded arks.
  8. New Servers List

    Is there going to be a list of new servers and respective names associated with them, or are they just going to be the kill list renamed what they were?
  9. is there any new xbox one ragnarok official servers and if so how do you find out when there is
  10. can we get a b on one of them pls.
  11. Has there been any more news of the software for hosting ps4 servers on PC's being released? (E.g. running a server for PS4 Clients on a PC.) I think it is great we can have nitrado servers and all, but I love having the ability to shop around, and was just curious if there had been any updates on the status of this. Apologies if this has been already answered.
  12. I logged on about 3 hours ago, logged off for a break, logged back on again right now, and poof! My server that I play on pvp189 Ragnarok is gone! Please help!
  13. No Servers Found?!!!

    No Servers Found?!!! Hello, This is my first forum post and I have researched but there is no solution it seems as though it's up to the devs. So... I enter Ark after a week and press "Join Ark" but I see there are no Servers found so I restart. Still had the problem so I checked for update and guess what there's one. So I update and it's done so I enter Ark again and still see "No Sessions Found". Again I restart and it still doesn't work I've been sitting for an hour plus waiting for it to magically pop up but I'm impatient(why I decided to make a ark forum account). Please help me and solutions?!!! *Update: First fix didn't work the second time*
  14. Ragnarok 70 (PC, PvE) was crashing constantly last week, due to someone clearly duping. It just happened again today, causing us to lose 94 hard earned Allo kibble. We made it on the Island map, and uploaded it to the obelisk to transfer over to Rag 70 in order to tame some Griffins. Out of nowhere, server crashes. ONLY that server. Clearly someone is duping. The server rolled back, causing all of our kibble to disappear with it. We don't know who is doing it, but it's obvious someone is. I'm just hoping WC sees this and restores the kibble for us.
  15. More PS4 PVE Ragnarok Servers

    So, you want a suggestion?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT MORE PS4 PVE RAGNAROK SERVERS?!?!?!!? This is ridiculous!!! Every single day, to TRY TO PLAY is a pain!!! I spend 1, 2, 3h JUST ON THE SERVER LIST TO TRY TO CONNECT!!! Imagine then if I try to TRANSFER to any other server to do ANYTHING!?!?!??!
  16. i just loaded up my ark and when i go to search for a server it says no servers found. i have checked all my filters restared my pc and game plenty of times and nothing changed i have the lastes update V271. i can find non dedicated servers but no online or unofficial (what i play on) please help asp
  17. Hosting Legacy servers

    Hello Guys, Could anyone explain too me how i am able too host a copy of the old official servers on my Nitrado server? Many thanks in advance!
  18. Hi, first of all sorry if i created topic in wrong section. I downloaded my deleted legacy server file from this site and dont know what to do with it. Can anyone tell me how can i play on my deleted server with the help .zip file i downloaded ? I tried host it from ''Ark Dedicated Server'' and ''Nitrado'' but neither worked well because i dont know where to put that .zip content...
  19. Server Issues

    Quick question guys. I've been playing ARK since last December on the PS4 so I feel as if I have gotten a good amount of experience in ARK. To everyone who's been grinding longer than me or around the same time frame as me, does it make sense for Wildcard to release a DLC when their servers are still having issues? I mean sure it is nice to see that their adding content in such as dinos, items, etc. but what's the point if the servers are going to constantly crash and or not even pop up in the new server browser. This is not a bashing topic, I truly love ARK and what it has given to the players but I wanted to see if other players have been thinking the same idea as myself. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, RadRussian364
  20. New RPG server on prim plus called PleasureIsland247 You can be whatever you want only 4 rules. 1) You must be over 18 2 )You must name your Character 3)Your tribe name must correspond with your roll. 4) you gotta biuld something cool. Now go and make your own destiny and welcome to pleasure island.
  21. just put up a 24/7 unofficial pc sever for ark survival evolved for ps4 come check it out !! no passwords high resources a little bit easier level but not to easy still have to make the game worth playing... will upgrade the server if it does well please email me at [email protected] if you have any request to make the server better I am available 24/7 as well thank you and enjoy my ark !!
  22. Everywhere I look on forums there is answers, but a lot of people are unsure of if it is the actual truth. What is the ultimate end goal for legacy servers? Honestly it feels like they just plan on re-purposing "ghost town" servers until legacy literally no longer exist. If that's the case they should just rip the band-aid off and wipe them all. Yeah some people will be pissed off, but they will be a lot more pissed off wasting another couple months on a server that's gonna be wiped into non-exsitance. I think a final decision and statement needs to be made again, to everyone. Before everyone is like oh they already talked about this, how much stuff has changed since they talked about this? Only 10% turned into 33% of servers. All fixes will apply to legacy as well. First patch after that made no builds zones on PvE for important areas, ( I know a lot of PvE players have been wanting this) but only implemented for non-legacy. Customer support removed from legacy. Just seems like they are trying to kill them off indirectly so they don't get called liars when they said a long time ago they would not wipe the servers, but this path seems a lot worse at this point.
  23. I just counted the ragnarok servers here on console. We only have 27 PvE servers but nearly 200 PvP servers. Why? Can't it just be an equal amount of servers?
  24. On one of the new official Ragnarok servers, they didn't seem to be lagging at all until the first, er second, large update. I was just wondering if everyone else is experiencing this or if it may just be my server, really seems like it just started as soon as a patch had come out, and hasn't really stopped since then.