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Found 65 results

  1. I recently set up a player dedicated server a few months ago, but no one seems to join, and the only way someone can join is through the host account “join game.” not through the server lists, or even searching for the server. Any help would be appreciated, as I would really like to have people playing on my server.
  2. Hola, quiero reportar a un usuario de servidores dedicados cuyo cometido a sido, aceptar dinero a cambio de wipear bases, aceptar dinero a cambio de dejar a otros usuarios usar bugs y glicht para raidear, aceptar dinero a cambio de hacer crecer a amigos, aceptar dinero a cambio de banear tribus jugadores etc, auto-meterse en tribus y apropiarse del lider y muchos abusos mas El usuario (ID ADMIN) es ROZAY-_-SNAPZ Sus servidores son UNREAL S7 dedicados de pc en PS4 Hello, I want to report a user of dedicated servers whose role has been, accepting money in exchange for wiper bases, accepting money in exchange for letting other users use bugs and Glicht to Raidear, accepting money in exchange for growing friends, accepting money to Change to ban tribes players etc, self-meddling in tribes and appropriating the leader and many more abuses the user (ID ADMIN) is Rozay-_-SNAPZ their servers are unreal S7 dedicated PC on PS4
  3. TauntingElf87

    servers No transfer servers

    They should make some new servers that have no dino or survivor transferring so they people that have been playing for a long time and have tons if strong high level dinosaurs like wyverns can't just win the servers instantly this way it would give newer players or players that just haven't been successful and have a ton of strong dinosaur ready to transfer over a chance to play the game. But when people can just transfer over survivor dinosaur s and stuff if you don't or can't you don't really have a chance to do anything with out getting raided the next day.
  4. RazorFire390

    Official Server Wipes

    Hello survivors and devs, I've played alongside a massive amount of players and communities within Ark for its past lifetime on PS4 and console. Playing alongside PC players and mega tribes such as Space Cowboys, UC, Dothraki, etc, I've come with some suggestions that have been agreed upon with majority of the ark player base. I no longer play game, due to the decisions and changes that have been implemented by the developers over time. Ark has been served with quite progression that has brought good, however, they always bring their own individual problems along with it. I believe, that these suggestions are a massive help to game balance and stability SERVER WIPES Consoles, such as the PS4, aren't built well enough for games such as Ark, and due to the game being in early access, the game faces a lot of lag, graphical issues, bugs, stutter, and a lot more to list. However, the game isn't majorly responsible for all of this, I feel that tribes have gotten so developed, that they give no chance to new coming players and cause a massive unbalance in the game. My own tribe, being a sub divison of a mega tribe, are holding alpha on a majority of servers and containing a huge amount of players (around 1000 not including allies), game content (wyverns, gigas, etc) and don't give new players the opportunity to actually attempt to enjoy and build up. The *changes by the developers such as turret reduction, tame limit, and a lot more DO NOT HELP OPTIMIZATION. Tribes are continuing to just ally themselves with second tribes bumping up the tame limit, creating 40x40 bases that cause HUGE framerate lag. Turret changes ARE NOT balancing the game when you have dinos like stegos and trikes that drains bullets more than a bronto* Ark is a game where players are supposed to socially interact with a hierarchy such as beta, omega, alpha, and survive, correct? December of 2016 had this kind of gameplay which is no longer seen, as the game is dominated by mega tribes and I repeat, do not give the game an objective. Server wipes will allow a stability to the game, you no longer need to make turret reductions, nerf dinos, and decrease the game content when these changes will stabilize how much a big tribe can actually have. Try and follow what other survival games such as RUST do. *Server wipes should be every season* BUFFS/NERFS/FLYERS Dear devs, I feel with the changes you have accommodated to the game, some things, such as the flyer nerf, should have never been so dramatically changed, you should give the players the opportunity to have flyers with enough speed that turrets are able to lock on and shoot, especially with all the unnecessary buffs that have been made for land dinos and a lot more. If the server wipe method, ever comes to thought, then turrets should be back to the way they were, and maybe make them harder to get? Wyverns need to be buffed, they are supposed to be the lead of flyers yet can't go over small distances without running out of stamina Server Transferring, Duping, and Exploiting A better way to put a decline to server duping, is to maybe script something that ties a code with the item you have, if the same item is duped, then it would have the same code and will be removed from your inventory. A fifteen to thirty minute timer on your items in order to transfer is ridiculous when you need to have tasks done on other servers, such as transferring milk and such Ddosing has RUINED the game, do a change about this, you rarely ever see ddosing on games like rust, dayZ, h1z1 Ark currently has the most players of survival games, but yet we have the most insecure servers? Item tiers Adding nerfs to player health, levelling, and such would be a much better addition to the game, rather than having short players and tall players running around the map with tiny hitboxes that are always almost out of render due to ps4's horrible optimization and arks combat controls on ps4. Allow on foot pvp to be much better, by giving all players the same health, and getting rid of item tiers, and just buffing them to a certain extent, for example, a fab sniper shouldn't have to take more than 30 clips into a person with mastercraft flak just to kill them? Like DILO? this is a somewhat a game issue, doesn't really matter though. Undermapping Glitching under the map has also caused a huge amount of players to lose their progression with no retrieval from ark support due to no proof or evidence being there. Also a factor and bug of the game that has been discussed for several years now, and still hasn't seen the day of light to change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCGJhs5uJsc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyyorGXRBg <<<< Raising There has been debate on reddit with staff from Wildcard about how long raising takes and how unhealthy it is for the human body. Having to be awake in the middle of the night for several hours in order to be able to raise certain dinos and for imprint is quite irresponsible of the direction that the game has taken. This was being debated for a long time, and still has yet to see actual improvement. It is also the cause to the player decline on PC for the past months (spartans quitting). http://steamcharts.com/app/346110 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhW2f5n0u5Q Traps The addition of traps to the game rather than just turret variations and plants, would be a new way to counter attackers and add a new set of gameplay I know that there are a lot of players that would be returning to this game if it had just some sort of change like this, I do not expect a change, but I do hope the developers read this and take some sort of thought on this Thank you
  5. I host a non-dedicated server and people would just join my game randomly, but for about the past month now can’t get a single person to join and i’m Wanting to get a tribe going but no one will join, I looked at the settings and everything seems correct, my cousin looked on the session list and my game isn’t there how is this not possible since I’m online?
  6. I just updated my game which is the windows 10 version of ark, none of the servers are showing up. I can refresh it and it ends up searching for 2 seconds and shows 0/0 servers. I've tried restarting pc, idk what else to do.
  7. MasterOfDone

    New pvp servers?

    I'm not sure if I'm seeing new servers up? Everywhere I look it becomes difficult to tell if there is anything new or upcoming for pvp including discord. It'd be nice to have a fair equal chance to build up with a tribe in a new server.
  8. RussianSpy

    Mobile servers

    How do we (the players) add our own servers to Ark Mobile
  9. Darlingfreaks

    servers New Server Clusters

    I would like to see new server clusters like you guys used to do on legacy. Thatd be cool
  10. So I recently got a PC to play Ark on but I don't have many people to play with so I don't want to play against massive tribes. Do cluster small tribe servers exist? Are there any limits besides tribe size? Are there any generally new servers that have only been out for a few weeks or months or so?
  11. tomsuddy14

    New Servers

    I’ll be honest with you, ark is a very good game with lots of potential. However, at this moment in time me and many friends of mine on PlayStation are not enjoying the game. The reason for this being that no new servers are available, me and many others are slowly losing patience for the game as we are wanting to start on a fresh server, but nothing seems to be happening. we keep going from server to server to try find the most suitable one to play on until you finally decide to add more servers, I mean who doesn’t love to join a server where you get raided the day you join, sounds pretty fun if you ask me, come on wildcard! you have so much potential but it feels like you are not bothered in keeping the community happy with the game. Literally just add one or two servers every couple of weeks and take down some of the old legacy servers that no one plays on and the game will be so much better in my perspective. I'm scrolling down the server list and I’m seeing 1-2 people on a server, it’s silly how you still keep them on. All I’m requesting is that you make some new servers more frequently, because me and many others Are sick of joining servers that you get raided on the day you join by the alpha. Like I said, you have so much potential wildcard but you not doing the simple things like this is killing the game.
  12. FixYourBugsArk

    ark server PC to PS4 hosted servers

    Inorder for PC to host PS4 unofficial servers, Sony needs to enable the crossplay thing right? If so (this might is kinda out of context) how can fortnite pc players play with ps4?
  13. duckyduckyduckduck

    SmallTribe Server Rules

    What are the rules for these servers? I've been wiped not because someone wanted to loot, but because they were worried about being banned for us building too close. Can I be friendly with people or will I get banned? I have no interest in killing everyone I see, not everyone is developed enough to have anything worth taking. Can I sell my beaver because after taming it realized chainsaws are better, or is that some form of teaming? We need actual rules to follow.
  14. FunSmiley

    Servers down

    Why are servers going down or can't be found?
  15. In games like RUST, when a server is full, instead of spamming refresh and join server they have queue systems that allows for easier joining of full servers. Also manually joining a server that is constantly full or close to full can be very glitchy. This could possibly help eliminate that with the game manually putting you in one at a time.
  16. Andrej

    ORP servers

    ORP SERVERS As all of us can see orp servers are dieing probably because of low rates and the orp fact that you cant raid while someone is offline,i think that can change like before to be around 40-50 players if WildCard can make structure decay smaller like to cut it in half or even quarter there are a lot of abadoned bases that take space also it would be nice to make them at least 2x or 3x premanently i think it would motivate players to play more on these servers.
  17. IslaCalavera

    PVP-PVE days.

    New PVP-PVE timer be edited to include pvp and pvp days aswell. ex: PVE: Mon 00:00 - Fri 12:00 then PVP: Fri 12:00 - Sun 23:59 also could include options like: * Damage activated on players for PVE time. * Damage activated on Dinos for PVE time. * Damage activated on Structures for PVE time.
  18. Hello, I do not have access to the multiplayer mode of Ark on mobile, Ipad 2017. I can see the list of the servers but each time I try to connect to a server, after a few moment of waiting, no connection is established and I receive a message « Connection timeout ». I receive this message for any server. I have purchased the premium subscription but there is no difference. I don’t have connection issue with other games. Coild you indicate to me how to solve this problem? Thank you, edit: I have restarted the device and the problem has disapeared.
  19. Dark350Light

    No Servers Found?!!!

    No Servers Found?!!! Hello, This is my first forum post and I have researched but there is no solution it seems as though it's up to the devs. So... I enter Ark after a week and press "Join Ark" but I see there are no Servers found so I restart. Still had the problem so I checked for update and guess what there's one. So I update and it's done so I enter Ark again and still see "No Sessions Found". Again I restart and it still doesn't work I've been sitting for an hour plus waiting for it to magically pop up but I'm impatient(why I decided to make a ark forum account). Please help me and solutions?!!! *Update: First fix didn't work the second time*
  20. OGGavv

    Booted From Server

    I live in America, so naturally I play on the NA servers. I am on a low population, NA, abberation server. 2 Times in a row now after spending the entire day hunting reaper queens, getting pregnant and than attempting to level up by killing more reapers I have been booted from the server whilst fighting a reaper queen. I run games on my PC simultaneously whilst playing ark on my xbox and have absolutely no issue with my connection. My internet is flawless, yet I get booted from the servers repeatedly (connection on PC, phone, etc remains perfect). This time, My level 135 reaper queen was aborted due to radiation and I lost my Max tame male breeding shinehorn. I am a long time Ark player and take the game very seriously, however, I am very inclined to quit the game because by no fault of my own, and due to how poor your servers run, EVEN ON LOW POP NA, I can lose everything on my person and whatever tame I have simply because you cannot run functioning servers. So, I will be awaiting a reply to fix this, and I can assure you if this is not addressed, then you will lose someone who once loved this game.
  21. Hi everyone, just started a new nitrado cluster serber called "Beowulf Boosted" on xbox. The currently 2 server: island and aberration are heavily boosted, but equal. We will be adding another server, ragnarok, at the end of next month. If anyone has any questions or wants an invitation to join, just message me and I respond promptly. Lastly, there is a system in place to buy tames from an admin for metal ingots any time there is one on (quite frequently), if you are interested just ask I will give you a price list.
  22. Jayjohn1224

    Server issues

    Ive tried to atart playing ark online with other players but i havent been able to because it spawns me in other players territory or spawns me right next to a predator and i die instantly. I tried yesterday for 4 hours trying to find a spot to set up a base and wasnt able to because other players would place pillars all over so im not able to put a base anywhere , also i picked spawn south and it spawned me in the ocean as far north as possible, ive tried other servers that werent as full and still no luck, someone please help me find a solution 🙁
  23. Just saw the email about the iOS being released in Canada and after downloading the app I simply can’t join any servers. As a beta player I had no problems joining a server but now I simply can’t, it just hangs.
  24. DarkRaptor13

    How to fix servers...

    Hi ! As we know, many good parts of ark don't work enough good online and some new contents/gameplay can't be put in the game because of servers limits... Problem with pillars everywhere Huge tribe wiping new players So much tames because of industrial breeding that servers are full... and many other problems I probably forgot. I just find a solution thanks to a movie. You know, that one with the Purple-guy and his jewelry. Why not reducing the max number of players by servers ? like half of the actual limit ? This way servers will have less players, tames and structures and could work better. Looking for quality instead of quantity... Maybe put some NPC humans that won't tame 36'000 tames and build pillars everywhere, they could be substitute to real players, without creating as much problems as real ones... I know. Member of huge tribes will complain... But the others, what do you think ??
  25. About 1 month ago, on Community Crunch 125, dated April 2nd, it was announced that PC legacy servers backup was made, and available to download from the support area. As of today, the most recent server backup file you get from this list is dated November 10th (clearly visible in the image), on most of the servers listed. Around Jan 8th, PVE OfficialServer36, which is the one displayed on the image, suffered a hardware malfunction, causing all players on this server major losses, including tames, breeds, and materials gathered. I would hate to know that the date it shows as modified is really the last date a backup was made, since a lot of work and hours has been invested on this server, and it was assured that a most recent backup was already available. And its not the only server with a major hardware malfunction since then, and that's what makes me wonder about the really old dates on this saves files. Is there a way to ask for a most recent backup via support? What is the IT staff really doing down there?