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  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the ability to clip through objects was a huge and amazing change that improved the building on Ark greatly. The system is great and I see no downside to it compared to the old system, so why is it not in place on official servers? I would personally love to play on official servers because of their large player count but I don't because of this specifically. As a solo player I find it very hard to create a hidden base, because building requires a large flat plain, and I can't put it in some out-of-the-way Corner because of this problem.
  2. IslaCalavera

    PVP-PVE days.

    New PVP-PVE timer be edited to include pvp and pvp days aswell. ex: PVE: Mon 00:00 - Fri 12:00 then PVP: Fri 12:00 - Sun 23:59 also could include options like: * Damage activated on players for PVE time. * Damage activated on Dinos for PVE time. * Damage activated on Structures for PVE time.
  3. We have all maps on a server cluster so you can play and enjoy the game and travel between servers. The servers are all long term (1 year leased). There's still space for more players, but it is limited in order to keep the gameplay fair. We are looking for decent players who just want to build, tame and have a good time in the game. The servers are slightly boosted so you don't have to wait for days to hatch tames. Server Names (search unofficial PC sessions): 0XPvPvEX0-Ragnarok (Boosted) 0XPvPvEX0-Scorched 0XPvPvEX0-Island 0XPvPvEX0-Aberration Those are zero's and not capital o's. Here's why you should join: New player friendly Admins (3) are friendly and helpful Resource re-spawn is rare (making the game slightly more focussed on actual survival) Game difficulty is at 5x Taming is at 3x Harvest is at 3x Egg incubation is 5x Maturation is 5x All maps available, but each map has it's own rules and admins It's PvP mode, but more like a mix of PvP and PvE Servers are available 24/7 Servers are prepaid for 1 year already so no need to worry about your work vanishing like many other dedicated servers You can invite any friends or other players, but space is limited and will stay limited We can assist you moving from other servers by giving you your exact same character levels, gear and dino's you previously had (see conditions below) New player resource center with free starter gear and resources (located: 19 69, see pic further down in thread) Server is public and open to anyone No base, map or wild dino purges We have a thunderdome style court system to settle disputes No admin abuse and admins really play using admin abilities You can simply play and enjoy the game without the stress that comes from playing on official servers You can play any style you want (PvP or PvE), entirely up to you as the server caters for both Some fun things we're going to be doing: Multi-tribe boss fights on server cluster Sharing resources and trading fertilized eggs Picking challenges Custom tournaments Base design awards Reward system for finding certain things Youtube/Twitch streaming Treasure hunts (there are custom treasures hidden around the map - 740% dmg sniper rifles, other good gear etc) Taming challenges Server Rules are: Don't kill low level players No griefing or killing passive tames No racial abuse etc Build nice bases Don't block off land unless you really are building there Abandoned bases (more than 4 weeks) are removed by admin unless requested otherwise Notes regarding transferring in from other servers outside the cluster or Official: Admins are more than keen to help you transfer and get started from any other Ark server. We don't mind spawning your items and dinos, but only under the following conditions: You send us screenshots of the tames and items you want spawned Your screenshots must include the "tamed by" or "raised by" attributes. Admins will not spawn dinos you force-tamed or spawned yourself on single player. Even better if you have done some imprinting. Admins won't spawn all your dinos at once. Most likely one or two to allow you to get going and build a base and then start giving you your other dinos. The reason is that spawning and helping you get set up takes up time and we will only do so knowing that you are invested in playing the game. Show some effort. The full extent of what admins give you is entirely up to them. They might decide to only spawn some of your top dinos and items. We will only give you your characters level if you can prove that the levels you have are not on single player. Cluster Admins PSN ID's are: SeanNieuwoudt [Rag / Island] kx_ryan [Rag / SE / Aberration] bigten55 [Island]
  4. Heya, we having an issues with downloading creatures on our cluster. Our Cluster have 3 Server ( Ragnarok, Ragnarok, TheCenter ) We are using Ark Server Manager for all those Servers. All of those 3 Servers are in the same cluster and traveling is possible without any problems. All Servers having the same config for Tribute up-/download: NoTributeDownloads=False PreventDownloadSurvivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False PreventUploadSurvivors=False PreventUploadItems=False PreventUploadDinos=False CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=True Example Situation: I'm uploading a basic Rex on TheCenter Server. After Upload I can download him. Now I do CrossTravel via an Obelisk to the Ragnarok Server. I go to an Obelisk and want to download this Rex. But I cant because he is grayed out: Now I travel back to TheCenter-Server but I now I also can't download him. Result: When I upload a creature I can download him if I don't switch Servers. If I do, the Dino ist lost. I hope anyone could help me with this issue. Appreciated for every response
  5. Metiras


    Hello i was wondring How to create a server That other player can join and play is That possible to create IF its How to create one ? thanks
  6. Hay guys!, So yea i am playing ark and everything is going awesome.... The only thing is that when ever i change a map i get this half hour spawn ban for no reason! I am the host of the server and i get banned? My friend have no problems yet i have to wait! So pleaseeee can someone help me with this? Because I even cleaned my entire house while i have to wait and there is nothing else to do.
  7. Greetings. My server used to run with "-ActiveEvent=Easter" and "-vday" both active, however, if I insert the "-ActiveEvent=Arkaeology" argument, the Arkaeology event doesn't activate. Only doing so if I erase the "easter" argument. Is there any way I can activate both? Thank you beforehand.
  8. TrickysArkServer


    🤗 AMAZING COMMUNITY ARK CHAT ROOM 😎 I've been in a fantastic Ark Discord for some time now and I wanted to let you all know about it! https://discord.gg/sXEcV8x It's the closest thing to an "Official" one I have found. Loads of active players, the ability to join servers and make new tribe mates. Text and Voice Channels Windows 10 Steam PlayStation and XBOX. Come and Chat! We all tend to try and play together on a Windows 10 / XBOX Server and the more the merrier! Copy into address bar to join: https://discord.gg/sXEcV8x It's been running for a couple years now and is always growing! Speak Soon!
  9. sploder12

    friends Non-dedicated server

    The current limit to people in a non-dedicated server is 4. This is not enough when you have lots of friends who want to play ark. If there is already a way to change the limit please make it more accessible. Also fix some bugs with non-dedicated such as one person crashing and the server needs to be restarted in order for the one person to join again. Thank you.
  10. This issue has only started since the Aberration DLC has been released. I have started my own non-dedicated game on Aberration and my friend wishes to be an admin so we can use Admin commands together. I make him an admin on the dedicated version then back out to the main menu. Now when I reload the non-dedicated version the game crashes before loading the Aberration completely. This happens every single time. I have tried to make him an Admin on other worlds too but the same thing happens, my ARK crashes before loading the game fully. One thing I have noticed is that when I make him an Admin and back out to the menu, I run the dedicated version again to see if he remains an Admin and he is, but when the non-dedicated version loads it removes him when it crashes. We have tried it the other way around where he tries to make me an Admin on his worlds and he also has the issue. I have deleted all game files including the game and DLC themselves this did not work. I have tried deleting all single player and dedicated world saves this did not work. All that is left to assume is that there is a major bug in the game where friends cannot be made Admins on non-dedicated worlds. I hope this is fixed soon, as Aberration is an amazing DLC!
  11. I struggled for 2 days to get -automanagedmods to work and finally found a solution. I tried everything from Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini settings to command line options and every time i ran with -automanagedmods option in the command line i would get a Segfault and what appeared to be a windows path error. I also ran the SteamCMDinstall.sh and tried manually installing different steamcmd versions in the /Engine/Binaries/SteamCMD/Linux (if i recall) folder to no avail. It appears that being in a certain folder when you launch the ShooterGame (weather in a bash script or systemctl service) is required. running it from /home/steam/arkserver/server_start.sh failed. running it as a service failed. BUT if i type "cd /home/steam/arkserver/ShooterGame/Saved/Logs" before launching, it doesn't crash, and it updates both the server and the mods... This is completely baffling to me and i dont understand what the difference is between being in a certain directory is when you launch the game but that's my solution. Works every time. Somebody please pass this on to the developers so they can narrow down the problem and patch it.
  12. One of the problems my tribe and I have encountered during the years we have been playing is the overpopulation of Tamed dinosaurs. This implies an overload on the server and in the latter case reaching the tamed dinosaur limit. The most common reason for this is to save all the dinosaurs that have been obtained over time on the server. To solve it, invoking creativity, imagine a TEK machine (no tek with high material and maintenance costs), called Cryogenizer, which allows you to store dinosaurs indefinitely leaving the slot in the server free. Characteristics: Storage would be by tribe. It will require a large amount of energy (more dinosaurs will require more energy). To extract the dinosaurs you will have to delay 1 day (per dinosaur). Minimum for construction level 85+ (for more accessibility). Gain additional experience and no cost of food and water (for an incentive to use the machine). Divagation mode off, thanks for reading. Remembering is just an innocent and speculative idea. STOP SPAM PYLONS!
  13. Dark350Light

    No Servers Found?!!!

    No Servers Found?!!! Hello, This is my first forum post and I have researched but there is no solution it seems as though it's up to the devs. So... I enter Ark after a week and press "Join Ark" but I see there are no Servers found so I restart. Still had the problem so I checked for update and guess what there's one. So I update and it's done so I enter Ark again and still see "No Sessions Found". Again I restart and it still doesn't work I've been sitting for an hour plus waiting for it to magically pop up but I'm impatient(why I decided to make a ark forum account). Please help me and solutions?!!! *Update: First fix didn't work the second time*
  14. We are a new RP server (The Center Map/Unofficial PC Server/Primitive Plus) themed around LOTR (Lord of the Rings). We are looking for new players to fill the realms. We have regular quests that are both fun and challenging. We have built an "events arena" in the Underworld. The events arena comprises a Grand Jousting Arena, Coliseum Arena, and an abandoned Lost Realm Arena (military training ghost town theme). We want to build a community of dedicated players who love ARK, are creative and enjoy a good challenge, and are willing to step-up to a leadership role potentially. Each realm has a listing of available jobs in the community that pay a salary to purchase things (like at the World Market in the Underworld Arena!) This is just a small taste of what we have built. Come over to the server and see what the Elven Realm, Half-Elven Realm, Dwarven Realm, Human Realm, and Orc realm have in store for you and choose which Realm you would like to align yourself with. Below is the link to our Discord Channel! We also have a Facebook page that can get you there if desired or have questions. Look for Realms of LOTR. Hope to see you there! https://discord.gg/zqc6bxg
  15. We wanted to make a custom "LevelExperienceRampOverrides" recently but it can take AGES. I mean... if I want lets say... make level 4000 cap. So we made a tool that generates the level ramp. Maybe, you just really hate MMO grinder - like playstyle? Well.. thats for you! Just adjust scaling to match your preferences . Player levels along with engrams and dino levels are all adjustable with multiple different styles and scaling options. WARNING! Newest version (v4) (as of 11.06.2017) may contain some bugs, that will be fixed as soon as you report them. Currently we know one issue that idk how to solve. It may affect very few, but still somebody. If you are having issues running the app and have ever installed QT framework on your computer, change name of QT directory if you have QT newer than 5.6.0 (for example from "C:\Qt\" to "C:\QtHidden\" features: -choose the number of levels you want to be created -set scaling (amount per level) -several styles including exponential, complex curve, static -in app tutorial/help -place for custom code -easy to follow UI DOWNLOAD http://dubba.pl/ark/ ------------------- current version change log: 4.6.101. iniial ------------------- version 4: -streamlined everything -maths re-worked -added real stock values and features like "real time preview table" -convenient wizard form! created by Dubba Thonny and myself. I have included a few screen shots.
  16. Mikethegod9

    Server Idea: For Small Tribes!

    Greetings Survivors! My Idea for a new Game-mode revolves around the smaller portion of Ark Players, The Lone Wolf : 1 Man Army Partners in Crime : 2 Player Tribes Specialist Team : 4 Player Tribes This Idea is based on PvP portion of Ark Survival Evolved, much like the recent ideas of having "No Tames" "Primitive+ " No Tek " "Cross Ark " "Hardcore" "100man server" (which are now just select servers) "offline Raid Protection" and combinations of these. These game-modes are ways to make the game slightly different and/or more difficult. However... These different game modes don't cover everyone's current needs or wants. This is where my Server Idea comes into play! Having Dedicated Official Servers for smaller tribes will make players happier and enjoy Ark Survival Evolved. Lets Face it, Playing on a Official PVP Server with a Active Alpha or Mega-Tribe is Frustrating, Struggling, Tiresome and for some, impossible. From personal experience, I have dominated a server with an iron fist! Then when Ark implemented Cross-Ark-Sadness. A TRUE STORY : on the Legacy server OfficialServer42 after the major update which required restart and download of the CrossArk patch. I was the FIRST player to enter my server, and the ONLY one originally from Server42, shortly after 68 players logged onto the server; Spoke in Chinese, and I watched my own tribe, (alpha-tribe) and everyone else's bases, dinos, items, be completely leveled, this group of 60 players spawned their dinos at Red obelisk, high-level tames and swept the entire map in a clockwise manner; I was powerless watching from the side on a Pteradon, as they destroyed players hours of progression in seconds.. killing 14 hour tames, leveling metal fortresses, dropping peoples gear, killing people in their sleep. (Note: No one could log on because they capped the server player limit) If you're a Legacy Player, you know well enough how hard it's to have the endurance to continue playing day after day of groups of 40 players server hopping and dominating an entire cluster, rather than just a single server! If you're a New player, who purchased Ark on Release this year, you may have already experienced that "Dominance persona " where the tribe with the bigger "club" makes you feel unwelcome. Recently playing on 12 different PvP servers Current Official; I've been thrown to the side; and wiped on all 12 servers; One Server my thatch hut was C4'd 3 minutes after building on the beach, that servers Megatribe continued to hunt down every new player who joined the server, while still having 8 players flying around with a Quetzal and Ankylo Farming Duo. ( 4 quetz , 8 ankylo' ) while the rest of the tribe and their secondary tribe ( alliance ) made sure you couldn't progress an inch. It's not the fact players are new, it's honestly dictated by size, on how well, and how much fun a player will have on PvP. I've played Ark for well over 2,000 hours, within those 2,000 hours I never had "fair combat", usually what happens is a skirmish breaks out, against 1 or 2 tribemates; and shortly after, my friend and I are facing two maxed tribes ( alliances ). because 2 players couldn't raid us, 20 came and dominated. despite knowing we were gonna lose, it was fun, because we were established and had a functional fort with active turrets. but now players are rebuilding, re-leveling; and the larger tribes are making players (who are only groups of 2, 3, 4 and the occasional solo player ) regret purchasing ark, because they're forced to play PvE or singleplayer / non-dedicated, or purchase/rent server .... It may be fun for the larger tribe, but the smaller tribe almost always suffers, because not only is the smaller tribe defenseless, they most likely wanted to avoid conflict, rather than engage it . SOLUTION: Make Select Servers which reduce Tribe limit from UNLIMITED to 2 members, No Alliance Current Settings are : Unlimited Players 5 alliances per tribe with 12 tribes per Alliance OfficialDuoServer#Rag OfficialDuoServer#Island OfficialDuoServer#SE OfficialDuoServer#Center Make Select Servers Which Reduce the Tribe Limit to 4 players with limited Alliances Reduce Alliances to 2 per tribe and 4 tribes per alliance ( total: 16 players ) Ark4Man Ragnarok Ark4Man Scorched Ark4Man Center Ark4Man PrimeIsand I understand extra servers is something WildCard can't express enough to say why having an abundance is a problem for them; as they do cost money for maintenance and IP addresses etc. But something should / needs to be done for the players with the small connection. As of Right now Tribes can have unlimited numbers of tribemates, and i've seen active tribes with 60 players running around, which is 90% of the server.. while the players who seek to enjoy the competition and player vs player combat who don't have the playerbase to keep 5 active members playing.. it's not fun for their side, yes it's PvP but, the game should be playable and enjoyable for everyone. Please leave comments, Suggestions, anything feedback about this idea; because something needs to be done for the little tribes. Summary: Introduction , Story , Personal Feedback, Solution: Make Servers for the Smaller tribes or limit Tribe members , Example , Closing, Feedback
  17. Yesterday was the launch of fresh servers. The South American community begs for the launch of SA servers in the new cluster. Please, we're asking this for months. Argentines, Chileans, Brazilians, Uruguayans ... we ask that the WC help us in this. We only have 4 SA servers ... two PVEs (504 and 505) and two PVPs (501 and 502) but these servers are Legacys. We want new servers. Please, help us.
  18. GrizzlyHalo3585


    My friend is running a dedicated ark server on another console but is having trouble here are some of our troubles pls help 1.stamina on a Dino how do you increase in tamed Dino’s add per lvl or tamed Dino’s per lvl? 2.same with health 3. How do you increase the amount of crafting speed per lvl up like I said earlier pls help!!!
  19. Telesto

    Friends Server

    My friends and I all bought this game to play together. It works fine most of the time, but sometimes some of us are unable to join his world. We get a connection error while my other friend is able to join. This is starting to happen more frequently now and it is honestly extremely annoying. We just want to continue playing the game and having fun, but we can't because of this. Please find a fix for it.
  20. Lemonbeast2111

    pve Dawn of Mcjokery

    We’ve got a 3 map cluster- Dawn of McJokery - rag and ab which are pve and the island which is pvp 🙂 so you can play how you like. Everything is boosted x10 except harvesting and experience which is x5 🙂 x2(20) on the weeks for that extra push. Drops are boosted also. We do events every now and then. We have a community area which is free for anyone to use and stocked with everything you’ll need with optional starter packs 🙂 everyone is super friendly and chilled so I’m sure you’ll get on with them 🙂 so if you wanna build, breed, and trade we’re for you. Why not give it a try? Search Mcjokery in non pc session all maps and types and you should find us 🙂 some for our FB group 🙂
  21. Want a relaxing PvE/PvP experience with increased harvest, experience, and taming rates? Well look no further than the new ARK: Survival Evolved server on Xbox One, “WolvesDen1039”. Taking place on the island with multiple available spots to build on (and many thatch huts to destroy) this server has 3 “Alpha” tribes with high level dinosaurs and sturdy bases. You can join one of these or create your own with friends! This server has NO ADMIN INFLUENCE which means items are never ever spawned in and cheats are only used when bugs occur. It’s on 24/7 with active players on every day. Come join the fun and... oh wait! There is PvP on the last Friday/Saturday of each month so if you get raided you have a whole month to either rebuild and plan your revenge or move away and bunker up. See you on the ARK!
  22. Hi everyone, just started a new nitrado cluster serber called "Beowulf Boosted" on xbox. The currently 2 server: island and aberration are heavily boosted, but equal. We will be adding another server, ragnarok, at the end of next month. If anyone has any questions or wants an invitation to join, just message me and I respond promptly. Lastly, there is a system in place to buy tames from an admin for metal ingots any time there is one on (quite frequently), if you are interested just ask I will give you a price list.
  23. So I've played on multiple servers where the Loot Drops are boosted slightly but they are relatively inexpensive (compared to official's rates) but I cannot seem to find a setting where I can change the expense of the blueprints. If anybody knows, please let me know. It would be truly appreciated.
  24. So I decided to switch servers using the transfer servers feature at the obelisks. I joined server 83 ragnorak and now I can't open anything up and the server ping stays at 255. Please fix this. I have my highest survivor on there and I really don't want to restart.
  25. 30xRagnarokBoostedDrops247/PVP. No admin playing. Custom drops, brand new server. Instant taming. Go join, check it out. 32 slot available. Possible center cluster coming soon.