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Found 854 results

  1. so i searched the ark for any forums relating to a quicker way to update servers or even automatically updating it. i use steam. if anyone knows a way that's more convenient please let me know. HUNT ON!
  2. Few servers then before

    There are allot of legacy servers that has so few palyers hoping one day they can transfer their dino stats to new servers. Almost 80% of all PVE servers are at dino cap... can we get more servers not just for old players but for new players also they dont stand a chance. Thx you
  3. Whenever I choose to play Ark on Xbox, I select any game type or mode and begin loading the map. Without fail, once it begins to load the assets(landscape, sublevel, sky etc...) it kicks me to home without an error. Any help? Reinstalling this game would take me 3 hours and I'd rather not do that.
  4. Server 45 the island official 255 ping.

    Thank you for the failed support of the couple of months we have been posting for server (45) issues, we still have it in good amount of 155 pings, rollback disconnects, almost unplayable weekends (x2? what is that we cannot even breed or tame without lagging out). The server is running worse then a legacy server and the server is not even crowded, this is a new server one that is added last it is unbelievable that there is not a solution for this. (and no this is not caused by turrets)
  5. Join my server that is ran by the site Nitrado. The server name is: 24/7 PVP server. Admin GT— Goatalicious. Xbox one. My GT is Goatalicious if you have any questions. First come first serve on spots!!
  6. I recently started this server and players are needed. No admin abuse. No player captivity, no griefing. Breeding, taming, harvesting, Xp, boosted. Currently10 slots but will increase according to traffic. Structures take reduced/ No damage with the acception of 7+ day decay timers. Stamina Regen for flyers, Structures on platforms Increased, mating and hatching boosted. Build up without a worry of it being gone when you return! Fight on the field or in an arena the way it should be! Anyone interested in becoming admin must contribute to keeping the server up. Events coming soon...
  7. I recently started renting a dedicated pc server from G-Portal. I'm truly enjoying playing around with settings to get the perfect server for everyone to enjoy. I like to play with some realism such- A level 50 character vs a lvl 200 carno, should lose EVERY TIME without the correct strategy. Max character lvl is 186, and will take most likely 20-30 hrs to obtain max lvl. The stats are all boosted in a very decent way to match up with the changed wild dino stats. 1 hitting a mox level dino using a tamed ptera, is possible, but your going to have to go for a very good level tame. I started a new character to check on the progression from 1-80, and while its very difficult at times, its do-able. Again, dinos will 1 hit you without the right armour. Max dino level is at 600 as I've always been looking for a server with higher than normal dinos. They are very well balanced with the tames. A tamed dino doesn't gain much hp or melee dam per level. But you will most definitely notice a difference. Drops are modded using Beacon. I've included metal building structures, and primitive-legendary items in higher end drops. I've even seen an artifact in a tribemates inventory. Not too sure how to get rid of that. But I don't see the harm honestly. The server is currently on The Center, but I've got backed up games on Ragnarok. I have a few loyal players who really enjoy the server, and they have been giving me input on their ideas. Many of which I've run with. I'm creating this post to try to fill my server. Max players atm is at 32, but i'd expand it up to wherever it needs to be to allow all who wish to join. Swing by and check it out. Never know, it could be the server we've all been looking for. Server name- Boosted-H.T,B.SuperDrops.Imprinting.No Abuse Friendly Admin name-rebelforlyfe Add me on psn if you've got any questions. (I didn't create my own server to be all time Alpha, I just wanted to play with my own settings. I'm 24 yrs old, and don't have a power trip. Talk $%&( to me if you'd like, lol. I don't spawn in anything. I like the grind of ARK.)
  8. Server Rules Help

    Hey all, this is probably a stupid questions but what are the most basic rules you should have on your server? My server is: Ragnarok/ PvPvE / 15x / Mods My server rules: No form of phishing or advertisement in our server. No Hacking or Exploiting glitches, we want a fair environment for our users. If someone is built in a ''OP'' spot then band together to flush the enemy out. Unless it's a cave with more than 8 turrets guarding the entrance. No Spamming in Global. If someone infiltrates your Tribe and ruins you from within, that is your fault. Be more careful when allowing members into your circle. You can use whatever language you like, just do not be repetitive. We believe in freedom of speech and not censoring every little action like most servers, but do not abuse this since it is a two way street. We will mute people who become a drag. No base camping of any kind. Try to get video evidence if you think you are being camped. This really helps your case. Only 8 people per tribe so we do not get the cancerous overpowering alpha tribes coming into our server and ruling over the map. If a utility is open then do NOT destroy it, just take the items and leave it. Remaking chemistry benches can be very tedious. Any more that need to be added or tweaked?
  9. I have rented a server through Nitrado and want to let any one in. This is a PvP with increase taming and XP. We do encourage Tribes and some Pvp, as that is what makes the game fun, and want any one who wants to join. There are NO admin cheats used so we are completely fair in that aspect. Come join!!! Server name is Gatorade is Better.
  10. Xp: insta 100 tame speed: insta tame weight: infinite gather: x20 longer days shorter nights better wild dino lvls boosted drops super fast incubation boosted raising speed This is a new server that is super easy to build up on. ONLY 1 rule please no taming brontos they will crash the server no matter how good of wifi the host has. Their are 6 Admins 1 is almost always on to help. Other than that have fun ADD: THATASIAN69 to join Message: THATASIAN3000 for complaints
  11. Just did a 192mb update to my Ark game on my dedicated server console and now the server will not stay up for more than 20 monutes. Game simply crashes to dashboard. Unbelievable, 4 crashes back to back. What is going on here? Is anyone else running a dedi server having the same issues atm?
  12. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  13. ok so iv been trying for like a week now to fix this dam server I got.. and I cant seem to do it. Iv looked up stuff and its just not working.. Im trying to set up a 100X pvp server on the center map, I cant get the stats to go up. light weight and I want to give everyone more engram points. I was able to up the structure limit but I lost the ability to clip into the terrain. can someone please help me?
  14. Hello everyone! This is a brand new Ragnarok Server with boosted settings. I'm advertising this server because it needs players and everyone is welcome. The map is Ragnarok. Below is gonna be some settings that have been modified. To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Changed stats for players Health 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Stamina 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Oxygen 5.0x -- -- +80 Per Point Food 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Water 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Weight -- -- Infinite Melee -- -- +15 Per Point Movement -- -- +4 Per Point Fortitude -- -- +30 Per Point Server Settings 20x Taming 10x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 72.5x Egg Hatch Speed 15x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop Quality 2x Fishing drop quality 0.25x Mating interval 0.5 Food/Water/Stamina Drain. Rules No Passive Tame Killing. PVP. Don't build in unfair locations. Such as glitched locations. Don't Grief, Such as blocking building locations or just being a troll. When you create a character, don't keep the default name. You'll have up too thirty minutes to change your characters name or you will be kicked on your first offense. Don't raid a thatch house if you have stone. (This stops their motivation to continue playing, and isn't beneficial to anyone involved.) Tribe Dinos are currently unrestricted as too what you can have. This may change if seen fit. A System of Punishment. Bans will be lead on a strike system. It goes as follows: 1st Strike will be a warning. 2nd Strike: Will be a warning + punishment. 3rd Strike: Will result in a kick, and if necessary, a ban. Instant Termination Rules Griefing. (Griefing and raiding are too different things.) Passive Killing Glitch Spot building. (Can Be Negotiated) A failure to change name from the default, which is "Human" Extra Server Info. (Uptime and Events) Server will be up whenever possible. Possible downtime may happen due to crashes or settings changes. Events are possible when the time seems right. They will be announced. Explanations/Reasons Passive Tame killing is very strict. As such, a tame that may not be passive, but not used in combat shall not be killed. If it's not used in combat, Don't kill it. Accidents are possible. If a problem occurs during a raid, please have some form of recording or record. Otherwise no action can be taken against any possible violators. Disclaimer: There is no start packs. Help may be provided by an admin, under specific circumstances only. ----- Admin raiding ---- surely it'll be a brought up issue and the answer is simple. Don't attack the admins and the chances are, they won't attack you. Admins exist to moderate, protect, and provide a great experience while on the server. Shop: A shop was previously existent at the start of the server. It has been abused, and now has been removed. Dino's can still be bought in ways, along with items. Ask the admins if interested. Additional Is there admin abuse? No, nor will there ever be. If an admin is using commands against another player, the reason is probably valid. Such as rule breaking. Can you change this stat? Probably, always open to suggestions about the server. Community Center? Not at the moment. Population of the server needs to be suitable. Can I be in the admin tribe? Probably not. Requires extreme trust if even a chance is possible. Can you spawn me and item or dino? Long answer: Yes. Short answer: No. Can I build here? Depends, if it's not a glitch spot, you probably have the green light. Can you paint my dino? Painting dinos will be a gift or reward. Depending on the current situation of the server, we just might come paint your dino. Can I be admin? No. Why is the server down? Temporary maintenance or Crash How often are you online? Almost all the time. Any admins can be reached at the Gamertags of: XxMCrocker199xX ---- LHateGamertags/CircularInk6028 ---- NavySeals2112 ---- xxxArk247xx ---- To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Credit to Crimson Eclipze or Equinox for the Post Style and a few other things. - Join his server as well @ the Gamertag of Boosted247x
  15. Fatal Error

    It's happend a few times to us now, we keep getting a fatal error but i'm unable to figure out a pattern. This is the error report, our modlist is Since ark did a update a few months ago we've had so many issues with the server, first it would crash every time we put the server up, figured out the problem was S+ and it was a 'small storage box' we found this out by deleting mods 1 by 1 until it booted, then went into the MISC folder and deleted the files one by one again till booting, after that it would just have the occasional crash and character corruption. I did make a post on the Steam Forums sometime ago but got nothing back. This is the post: We don't get that crash anymore but it seems like theres one problem after another. I've hosted these servers on our lockerbox via ASM since the start of the year and haven't had any problems until about a month or two ago.
  16. Will this ever happen? My whole tribe have left to play other games until these servers launch. @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz @Chris
  17. How to re-start server?

    I've recently depleted the iron ore on SE and so I returned to the island for a while and there is a few things off.(these were off before I left actually) Rarely any Rexes spawn(only one on Death Island, and there isn't even always one), the only common apex predators are Carnos and Yutas. I haven't seen a Spino in ages. I've seen a giga ONCE. But since I changed the sever difficulty it's been gone. I'm gunna get some low level Quetzals then I need to reset the server to get the predators to spawn again. I play on Local and I'd like to keep my dinos and buildings, is there a way to reset only dinos and metal ore? I appreciate any advice given.
  18. I got a pvp ragnarok nitrado server up and running 24/7 for ps4. I wanna find someone with a island server with simular rates to start a server cluster with. My server settings: farming x5 xp x8 taming x5 breeding/hatching x3 pre-nerf oxy stat and generator gas use x2 platform structures friendly fire disabled
  19. I’m trying to change the search settings to find legacy servers and it pulls up the same thing ever single time. On top of that when I try to load a server it says “joining sever” in the middle of the screen for like 10 minutes and and the says “joining failed” and I didn’t even get a loading bar I haven’t been able to get on my sever for like two weeks and the only reason my base hasn’t decayed is because I have a tribe member who logs on regularly to feed. Any help would be sooooooooo appreciated.
  20. Hi im New, sorry. Can someone pls point me in the right direction on How To set up a PC Dedicated Ark Server for PS4? I hear that that is a thing now and my friend and I would like to set one up.
  21. New Xbox PC server. Difficulty offset: 5 Override official difficulty:6 structure damage: 1 XP Multiply: 6 Taming speed: 15 Harvesting Multiplier: 6 Egg hatch speed: 20. Stats are still being tweaked. Tribe limit of 3. Looking for players that want to stick around for a while and develop a good community. For more info visit . Server name cretaceousark79 any questions message SNO BillyB on xbox live
  22. 4 Man group, official server, ragnarok map, killed the ice worm queen, got 1 artifact and thats it, it didnt respawn afterwards even though i've been waiting for more than 30 minutes in the cave, however. It is spawning, as we got 3 artifacts, 1 was already there, the second one took around 5 minutes, the third took 25, and it seems to be scaling or capping at 3 artifacts per run. If you guys could make it respawn instantly or with a solid respawn time like 2 minutes, that would be great and save a lot of time.
  23. if you are looking for a server that is boosted but not too boosted feel free to join my new server, there really isnt anyone on the server yet but i am working on the advertising. when i ran my old server off the xbox it was favored by a lot but i was unable to keep the server running 24/7 without it crashing. but now its back up being hosted off the pc server. all the information you need is in the link....
  24. Hi, i have just just set up a new server with some friends and we are looking for players to come and get involved. we are aiming to have a very active server, full of community activities and public spaces such as stadiums, shops, villages, towns etc where people can take on different roles eg government, policing, farming etc we want to have active events in our built stadiums such as boxing matches, Dino fights, sword fights, painting competitions etc We would like to fill and grow this server and let you become kings or farmers or whatever you wish to become. We would like to have weekly town hall/server council meetings where we can discuss how to improve the server or recommend events. Server info: Xbox One Unofficial PC Sessions Name: The Ark Society Current boost: 8X map: Ragnarok PVP please feel free to add me on Xbox my get is iNeckle hope to see you soon!
  25. Been stuck at the top of the server listings for the past few days, and have received nothing but hostile players who send out vulgar and violent messages. They aren't here to build, they just want to cause trouble for those already on the server. As well as it is hard to join the server when it's constantly at Max capacity. We would like to be removed from top of the server listings so we can go back to our daily way of life.