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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 35 results

  1. So duping continues on the game. Even after the server change of 40 minute transfer wait period to transfer dinos and items. Dedicated official oceanic 927 Ragnarok keeps crashing as if someone was duping. This server has been doing this all day. Our tribe has twice transported dinos to our base only to be rolled back.
  2. This is getting to a comical level on Xbox ragnarok. We’re recording 10+ full server crashes an hour with insane amounts of lag the entire time between. Using eggs and raising tames as a way of measuring time lost it is actually, not an exaggeration, double the time. That means for every 30 minutes you spend on the server 15 minutes of time elapses where things run. If you lay an egg down and it’s an hour until hatch you have 2 hours until it hatches. Is there any ACTUAL plan to get this game to run for Xbox?
  3. @Jatheish @Jen Can anyone help with this error? It kicks a handful of people at a time from my server and we can't narrow down the problem. The frequency is intermittent and cant be reproduced at the moment. Attempts to clean all local files including mods and dlc maps on my end have not resolved the issue. We currently run these mods: Extinction Core Dino Tracker Kibble Table Minor Stacks Structures Plus Omnicular Fisters All Fog Remover Randomly Colored Dinos Utilities Plus I've also tweeted @ark, Jat, Jen, and Jeremy and have had this up on the steam forums as well. Its been happening over the course of several ark patches and still hasn't been fixed. Here is a paste bin of the crashes that have been happening. https://pastebin.com/Le16U0rk Any help on this? Thanks http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/9/1634111706733712594/
  4. Hi. Im new to the game and enjoy the game with my brother and friends. we playing on asia the island 513, Im very curious that is every server has this problem or just 513? constantly crash and rollbacks, is it a known issue that everyone aware of or just everybody being patience?
  5. Aberration Nitrado Servers

    Hello Guys. What is going on with aberration nitrado servers? The server im on is crashing constantly and ping goes up to 255 with 5 people. Any one experiencing random crashes or lag on their servers? Everyday it crashes 1 to 3 times.
  6. I just got random server crashes but when I was troubleshooting it with the player base after doing following (but nothing helped) Reinstall the server Roll back several hours Used backup from external backup storage Used anti-corruption backup Roll back from 267.13 to 267.12 Restored patch 267.13 Restored original world save So there is nothing wrong with the files (nothing is corrupt). We decided to go back to the original save and ask everyone to record whatever they were doing. And one player was Breading Reaper King and as soon it hatches and they imprinted it (the first claim imprint) the server crashed. So next time we instead of claiming it we killed it and so far the server has been running for 1 hours (as I am writing this). Before the server would crash within minutes. What information is the need for this to be a good example of bug reporting? Uploading: Screenshot, 12.27-02.01.35.crashstack Dump-94331504.dmp ShooterGame-backup-2017.12.27-02.02.00.log Server Mods: 731604991 719928795 746388215 Server Crash Report:
  7. Good morning, After downloading the new build Microsoft put out last night for abberation, my server lost everything except for character builds. I figured this was because of the new patch and cut my losses. But now, after waking up and turning my player dedicated server off to tweak some settings, I booted it up to be met with the same issue. All progress made, from tamed creatures to structures built, are gone again. It makes the game pretty unplayable and hard to enjoy. Not a type of hardcore content I wish to play.
  8. Hello, Everytime I try to open a loot drop or go into a obolisk inventory my game freezes for a few seconds and then boots me from whatever server I am on, returning me to the main menu. This has been happening for almost a year now and neither gams updates or deleting my saves will fix it. Any solution would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I play on OC-PVE-TheIsland97 and earlier this morning my character was deleted as a result of what i think to be a server crash? Server annouces there will be a restart soon, not for a patch? just an un-announced restart (typical of wildcard). After the server came back up, it lasted about 15-30 mins before it crashed. when it finally came back up from the crash i logged in. and the game was frozen and i could tell by dino raising timers it had rolled back 30mins-1hour. The server then immediaetely crashed again. Upon coming back online AGAIN i found my character to be deleted and the server has rolled back even further, somewhere between 3-4 hours this time... But my character is still laying asleep on the floor to all my tribemates, but not with the correct items in the inventory, which havent drastically changed for the past 2 days. I want to know why this is continuing to happen on a product that has progressed through to release AND if/when my character is restored i expect it to be done correctly. ie. all the dinos with the CORRECT Stats, levels, mutations and imprints. to which i can provide screenshots of all. Also the matter of lost game time/imprints during a x2 event where your game removed/deleted?? access to my character. among which was a very good giga on its final % and imprints, a wyvern and a host of other stuff being raised by my character, that i have now lost all progress on.... Losing two weeks effort of raising and imprinting a giga because of a FATAL flaw in the game is not what i would call acceptable and i am hoping all will be restored correctly
  10. The server is crashing and rolling back - every day, at least 3 to 4 times.
  11. EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok34 server crash triggered ?
  12. While I began to build up in ark on server 291 ragnorok , there was an update a few days ago and ever since then I have had the hardest of time logging in, it will either time me out or when on the load screen it will freeze up (being the load bar in the bottom left of the screen ) when it hits the next music like you're about to join .. after the bar continues it freezes again for a minute then continues but then my game fully crashes , it only happens with this server but I have my character I have worked hours on , can anyone help?
  13. My Island server is now crashing over and over. No idea why. I have restarted the server multiple times as well as reinstalled it.
  14. I have upgraded my server (Linux) to build ID 2048138. Every time a player tries to connect, the server crashes. I ask you to fix this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no crash logs with Linux as with Windows.
  15. Not sure what happened, wondering if any other server got this or maybe somebody is dupping? About an HR ago the server crashed and rolled back 1hr and all of us in my tribe have disconnected a lot since then. Last time a similar thing happened our server was down for over a week so just wondering if any other servers have had this issue or maybe an explanation from the devs/mods
  16. I am the server admin, and one server i own and manage is crashing during the mantis's attack animation. When it attacks and it begins to jump in the air, the animation will stop as the server crashes. We are using LogicServers, Ragnarock is the map. server version is 264.3 and we can reproduce the crash.
  17. The dreaded evolution weekend has reigned its terror yet again. Every weekend I get so excited to play Ark because there is so much to get done while 2x is active--so many babies to raise, materials to collect, and dinos to tame. But seldom am I able to enjoy an Evolution Event due to the ridiculous amount of lag that it brings to my server. And before anyone says it's me, I promise you the entire server feels the effects of the lag. Not only are we resting at 255 Ping, but there are 5-10 minute spans where we are only able to move our character--no attacking, interacting with items, and you can forget about opening a door/gate. This issue only seems to ramp up as the weekends progress until the server finally crashes..I'm on PVE-OfficialServer39. This issue is making the game completely unplayable...please look into this soon. @Jat
  18. Server has been an absolute mess with ddos and Dupers running wild and causing the server to drop and roll back every 30 seconds. Started taming a Quetz Aug 5th 5:30pm and on August 7th 12:50am it is only 24.2% done...breeding and getting anything done is completely impossible. Any help would be great..
  19. It seems 39 has gone down about 5 minutes ago. I was prompted back to the server list, not to see it on my favorites, or in the search bar. Not sure if it's just an update or not, but it's a bit ridiculous considering there was no warning and a lot of us will likely lose babies because of this... Edit: To be more specific, the server is still down after the 100 MB update
  20. I'm sure that a lot of users here may be aware of this already, but if you are a new or returning player please be warned: Ragnarok servers are TERRIBLE. Unplayable terrible. They are *truly* unplayable most days and are down due to frequent crashes. Every 10-15 minutes "frequent." (And if you do decide to play there - don't be lulled into a false sense of security if it's been online for an hour or more. It will probably still crash without a recent save point to rollback to.) lol I hope to save you the struggle and fun-ruining nightmare that is being trapped in Ragnarok server's endless crash and rollback loop. Please note this trouble as far as I know is specific to Ragnarok NA servers 13, 14, and 15. But play Ragnarok at your own risk, though. The crashing may extend to other servers that I do not know about. At this point, it feels like Ragnarok should not have been released at all. This crashing issue has been ongoing for several weeks now without a fix in sight... until mid-August (supposedly.) Most people who moved to these servers don't even play there anymore. They only log in to feed their dinos and re-up timers, which is pretty sad for a server that's only been out for a little over a month.
  21. tried to join 2 different servers with both having different mods. a little bit into the server, game crashes. then anytime i try to join back, i cant as it will continue to crash. this has not been fixed yet
  22. When flying into the fog (approaching wild quetz on argy) on dedicated The Center over South Jungle island (no wild dino mods installed) server connection times out and requires manual reboot (still shows in panel as running). Server: 262.12 client:262.1 World does not save when this happens so assuming it's server side. Fog seems very heavy at 15:50 while not raining. Staying out of dense fog for now seems to be stable, will reply if disconnect happens again while not in fog.
  23. Server NA-PVP-RagnarokPrimitivePlus24 continues to crash over and over again after a few minutes. When server is not down it lags constantly with rubber banding making the server unplayable. Everyone who was on the server said in global chat they had the same issues. Issue has been happening for multiple days.
  24. Server NATheCenter 580 Dead PC

    We have had major server issues on 580. For the last 48+ hours the server has been down for 10 to 12 hours at a time then when it finally comes back up you can log in for about 3 minutes then the server crashes and rolls back to where you started. Is anyone else experiencing these issues on their servers and when are these problems going to be fixed it seems like this happens every few weeks. You would think with the release in less than a month that these issues would have already been addressed. Almost every time there is a XP Multiplier weekend this happens directly after it has ended, and now it happens regularly throughout the month. Any ideas or responses on when this will be fixed.