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Found 23 results

  1. SneakyMcGee

    Love for Scorched Earth?

    Surely I am not the only one that wishes Scorched Earth could be given some love these days, right? I understand that it was shipped as a completed DLC and that it did receive the Phoenix fairly recently, but surely, there must be other ideas that never made it into the release, that could now be developed the add some more to it. I feel that there is much more than can be done with the desert environment, but again, I am no game designer. What do you we think? Could more be done, and do you think it may? Or am I just being too optimistic?
  2. Hello! I love ark and have been pretty obsessively playing it since I bought it. However I've had one major issue (and a few minor ones). Every time I log in my map has been cleared as if I never explored at all. All pins are missing. I always exit through the menu and even tried using the saveworld command as well. I deleted my first character and started another but it still happened. I switched to prim+ with a new character and it still happened. Recently I finally made it to scorched earth with a brand new survivor and it's happening there as well. Switching to abberation did not relieve the issue. Starting a new game on a new gamertag did not either. Could this be related to having xbox live gold? My husband has it but I do not and his map works fine. Of interesting note, my husband also plays singleplayer on his own gamertag but his map works fine, it saves his exploration progress and map pins. I've taken to marking areas of interest on a printed map that I keep with me while I play but having the real thing work properly would rock. Thanks for any advice!
  3. LsJade

    Ark Map Crashes

    So I was playing on Ragnarok and some time went by and I crashed, then I went to play on Scorched Earth and some time went by and I crashed again, I don't know If I'm doing something wrong or If anyone else Is having this problem, It has happened multiple times In the past and everything I've done was deleted. Its happening to my sister too, we were playing online on Ragnarok and we both kept on crashing. It seems like the only map that works Is The Island but I have yet to try The Center and Aberration. If others are having the same problem I would like to bring light to this issue and hope It gets fixed soon.
  4. Was just wondering if they are any mods that add the wyverns and other SE dinos to the The Center map and would be cool if there is desert biome to be added to the Center. Cheers.
  5. NewBloodwarrior

    Scorched Earth Server

    Add BloodyServer to join. Direct questions to myself or Not Rasha. Hosting Scorched Earth on weekdays with balanced settings. Settings include: low food/water drain, fast taming, and slightly better stats. NO TRANSFERS ALLOWED!
  6. PinkDragonTots

    TLC 3 Recommendation

    I am not sure if the decision to do a TLC 3 is a thing but may i recommend the Thorny Dragon as a candidate. The sounds are dorky, the movement speed and animation is wonky, And I think it would be cool if it shot blood from its eyes that blinded targets like the dilophosaurus spit. Thorny lizards do that in the wild to deter predators, would be cool to use this to protect starters from flying mounts. It would likely take a bit before you could use it again and may take a tiny bit of health when you use it but giving you an opportunity to get away would be nice. Just an idea, not sure what will be planned for the future but I feel if anyone is making plans to do things with Scorched Earth, the Thorny Dragon getting some TLC would be nice.
  7. Hello Ark, Since you have fixed the advance workbench issue, DLC engrams have disappeared, we had them during a week and after you fix the workbench, they have disappeared from the list but also on my character. I had learn all new Aberration engrams but I’m not able to create them anymore. Do we have a chance to have them back in the future? Because it’s so difficult to find them in the lights... Thanks in advance for your help, Silmarion from PS4 primitive+
  8. All server details including map IP's, rules, server settings, mod list, and the real-time player and tribe explorer can be found at: http://wwww.supremeark.com OVERVIEW Supreme Ark is a family of stable and long-standing Ark servers. Our goal is simply to provide a one-stop destination for Ark players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, and lack of player communities. Supreme Ark seeks to rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods. Whatever your play-style is, Supreme Ark offers two separate clusters: Long-term PVP and Long-term PVE. We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary. We don’t have many rules and as we allow room to allow players to express their own play styles. Don't take our word for it, join the Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. https://discord.gg/2uEa5xQ HARDWARE * Dedicated Machine * Overclocked 7700K * 64GB 2400MHz RAM * NVMe storage drive This hardware allows for the optimal Ark Experience providing a mostly-lag free (any server advertising 100% lag free either has zero players, low rates, or false advertising altogether) running server with the current Ark server software optimizations. We have solved the issue of harvesting lag, something which almost all boosted servers suffer from. This means that you can use a bronto to harvest all of the berries you want without inducing server lag. NOTE ABOUT THIS SETTING: Due to the setting we use that eliminates ALL resource harvesting lag, some resource quantities are skewed. I have no control over the weighting as the setting is a simple true/false option. Only WC has the power to control the weighting. What this means is that with our advertised rates, you'll notice stone for example not being the expected amount when collected by hand. However, other resources collect over the advertised rate. It's a trade off that we are willing to accept so that everyone has an enjoyable experience on the servers, else a single person could cause server-wide lag on a regular basis. FEATURES Long-term and stable server. Over 1 year and 9 months since inception and no end in sight. Community-driven with an active Discord and Forums Active admins Real-time player and tribe explorer which allows you to see player online status, map characters, and player-tribe membership. Helpful for finding out who's who on the server without having to ask people. Custom air, cave, and ocean loot crate table. This is not a mod. It is a completely unique drop table crafted from the group specifically for SupremeArk. Redefines what it means to go drop hunting LONG-TERM PVP SERVER CLUSTER Join **sprk-cluster-pvp** 5X gather, taming, maturing, xp, etc. No regular wipes. Great place to make progress without being subject to the tedious build-wipe cycle. PVP, with ORP2. Only a single ORP is allowed in a 10x10 area, which is impenetrable offline. Max player level 100 + ascension Completely unrestricted 2-way PVP transfers between: The Center Ragnarok Aberration Passive dino pen protection. Players are allowed to build one land and one water passive pen to house their most valuable dinos. Dinos inside are protected and cannot be touched by raiders. Anything not inside the passive pen is fair game in order to offer as an unrestricted pvp experience as possible. The point of the passive pen is to offer people that have been raided a fast track to the top again without having to start from ground zero with basic tames. Dinos are the core strength of the game and are often much more valuable than structures themselves. Safe Zones. Players that want to start in a protected environment can start in one of our starting zones. In these zones, PVP is server-side disabled which makes it a great place to collect resources without being wiped off the map before you stand a fighting chance. Note however, that players/tribes have a maximum limit of 2 days on these safe zones, after which an admin has the right to wipe/remove structures without prior notice. More details at: http://www.supremeark.com/rules/pvp#zones Please see full details on passive pens and their restrictions @ http://www.supremeark.com//rules/pvp Full server configuration: http://www.supremeark.com/rules/pvp#server-settings Full mod list found at http://www.supremeark.com/mods/pvp LONG-TERM PVE SERVER CLUSTER If instead you prefer PVE, we have you covered. Under the same community we host a total of 5 PVE servers with just as an active community. Faster rates cater to the PVE style for building, breeding, and resource hogging! All with some really friendly folk to make friends with and chat. Join **sprk-cluster-pve** No regular wipes. Great place to make progress without being subject to the tedious build-wipe cycle. 25X gather, taming, maturing, xp, etc. Max player level 350 Has some additional PVE decorative mods such as Castles, Keeps and Forts, and the steampunk mod. Completely unrestricted 3-way PVP transfers between: The Center Ragnarok The Island Aberration (vanilla transfer restrictions in place) Scorched Earth Full mod list found at http://www.supremeark.com/mods/pve Full server configuration found at http://www.supremeark.com/rules/pve#server-settings EVENTS We are always working to engage and unite the community in common server events. Every other weekend, SupremeArk runs Breeding Bonanza Weekends. On these weekends, players enjoy valentines day breeding buffs including: 3x gestation/hatching 3x maturation 3x breeding recovery 33% baby food consumption Shortened imprint intervals SERVER IP'S The best and fastest way to join a server is by going to http://www.supremeark.com and clicking the "Join Now" button on whatever map you want to play on. Your Ark client may freeze as it downloads the required mods. Please be patient at this point. If you need any assistance don't hesitate to join the server Discord (https://discord.gg/2uEa5xQ) and ask for help if you need it. If that doesn't work, you can add the server to your favorites by going into: >Steam --> View --> Servers --> Favorites And adding any of the following: 3/24 Aberration PVP --> pvp.supremeark.com:27015 3/24 The Center PVP --> pvp.supremeark.com:27017 3/24 Ragnarok PVP --> pvp.supremeark.com:27023 The Center PVE (25x ALL) --> pve.supremeark.com:27021 Ragnarok PVE (25x ALL) --> pve.supremeark.com:27025 The Island PVE (25x ALL) --> pve.supremeark.com:27021 Aberration PVE (25x ALL) --> pve.supremeark.com:27019 Scorched PVE (25x ALL) --> pve.supremeark.com:27017 Last resort method is by connecting through toparkservers https://toparkservers.com/1/search/?term=supremeark Hope to see you there!
  9. I play on the crossplay official cluster and I main scorched earth. I have several issues now that we’ve entered the end game content. We desperately need more man power! Especially on the cluster. Scortched earth is so vulnerable to the other maps because our alpha probably couldn’t even take on the 4th or 5 largest tribe on Rag for example. Not only did we start 1000+ days behind, but our server pop barely reaches 15 people. So I wanted to reach out with suggestions that I think would boost server pop while still maintaining a good degree of hardship that we enjoy. 1.) revamp the renewable energy aspect: I think the idea of windmills are great, and generator decay would be fine if windmills were a suitable alternative. However, Ultimately we have no means of 100% reliable power. Not even in the desert. So no cloning machines ever. And even if you want to use windmills they only kinda work on 30% of the map which sucks if you really liked a certain location. Finally, it’s incredibly silly that I’m trotting around on a Rex with lazerbeams on its head, but I’m still maintaining generators like I’m an NPC from Fallout. My solution is a couple new engrams for SE that would ultimately boost server pop, but primarily make sense of renewable energy in SE. First we need a downtime battery. We have those today, Elon Musk makes Huuuge downtime battery’s all the time. This will help eliminate generators altogether just like we actually want to do in real life. And secondly, a solar panel. We have lots of Sun in SE, let us use it! This would open up new areas of the map like green ob, which is nearly uninhabited on my server. 2.) unique Dino’s: you let Rag have all our good Dino’s. So there is no reason to be on SE when you can just go to rag. Aberration has awesome unique Dinos that they actually police, bogart, and sell cluster wide. Sure we have “better” access to RE and dragons, but not the only access. My primary request would be a substitute for a Quetz on SE. You gave Abberation the crab, but our only choice is to get Quetz’ from the island. In fact, I use a quetz for mining, a mammoth for gathering wood, and a bronto for gathering berries.... not to mention the kibble for both the Argy and the Paracer also have to be imported. Please make SE self sufficient with its Dino game and kibble tree. 3.) Make deathworms tamable. Just do it, everyone will love it.
  10. Hosted by Nitrado on Xbox One, this server is a freshly wiped Unofficial PC Scorched Earth. Survive in a dry wasteland and compete for Alpha! Server Name: Sierra Scorched Ark 12x Harvest/ Instatame/ InstaHatch
  11. Hello everyone, Dusty here presenting to you DUSTY'S BADLANDS ARK SERVER CLUSTER! If you would like to join just search "Dusty's Badlands" in the server browser in game, or add the gamertag Dusty Okarr and I'll also invite you to the xbox club page for the server. These servers were created with the idea of singleplayer tribes in mind or small tribes who don't have their entire lives to play Ark. So as a result I boosted the longer processes in the game like taming and breeding so that you can have more fun but also still have a bit of work so that everything isn't totally easy. So far this cluster consists of two crossplay enabled 50 slot servers for the maps Scorched Earth and the new map Aberration. Within the next month or so I shall be adding Ragnarok to this growing list. Ragnarok will be added on the 2nd of Feb. Now, a few details about this server; the max level for players is 330. The last 30 levels can be obtained through the boss fights. Wild dinos also spawn with levels of 300+ as I have the difficulty set to x10. I also set the turret limit to 200 in an area instead of only 100. The maps are slightly boosted with a nice 10x harvest and 10x taming, nothing too insane. I've boosted egghatch/incubation/mature times by 30 as well as decreased the time it takes for cuddles and how often until dinos can mate again. I have boosted the individual stats of the player character, nothing OP there either unless you love to dump points into oxygen, (Maybe I'll see some nice underwater builds on Aberration and future maps as a result?) and the only stats that I have effected on dinos are their stamina, speed, and carry weight. This is to help out with travel and to work with my flyer limitations. Now, the flyer limitations. So, I really enjoy the idea of no flyers and the style of play that Aberration has introduced, as such I am going to keep this trend across all of my servers. You can not craft or even obtain saddles for pelas, pteras, argies,lymantrias, or tapies. However, fantasy creatures, quetzals, and the tek saddle for the tapie can still be used. In order to make a Quetz saddle you need to be level 100 and spend substantial engram points for each saddle to use it (platform 70 and normal 50). If you happen to somehow obtain a saddle for a flier that I have not allowed, let me know and let me know how you obtained it so that I can patch it. It won't gain you anything to hide it because I will eventually find out and end up taking it from you and it could result in ban depending on the nature of how I found out, after a string of raids for example. My reasoning for keeping the ability to have wyverns, griffins, phoenixes, tek tapies, and quetzals is due to their immense difficulty in attaining them either through unlocking through a boss or through managing to attain an egg or tame a creature that is generally very difficult without the help of a bird. (As of right now Griffins and Quetzals are unavailable in my cluster due to not having a map/server that spawns them, but that will change within the next month or so or if I decide to sell them in the server/trade them.) Also, I will never allow flyers on Aberration or any dinos not found on Aberration on that map/server. Aside from this, the only rule I have and will maintain aside from my server settings is that there will be no PVP within zones labelled as No-PVP areas. This will more than likely be no more than one (possibly two depending on map size) per map and it will serve as a community area for chilling and safe trade between players. Engaging in acts of PVP within these areas will result in a ban, this is non-negotiable. In other words, if you want to be a raider tribe who camps the PVP safe area and picks off traders or demands items/robs them for entrance into or exit out of the town that is more than okay. The rule applies to acts committed only within the town. As an admin and any admins I may bring on shall play the game fairly, I will have admin command logging on to enforce this. For the first two weeks of the server being up I will have it disabled however as I will be actively testing my servers and using commands very frequently and this will more than likely cause a lot of annoyance in the chat window. Aside from this, admin powers will only be used to build community areas/maintain them and for possible use of giving out prizes or some such thing. No matter the reason, it will be announced to the server. TL;DR, only one rule, you'll see it on the message of the day upon log in. Also, no fliers. Just search "Dusty's Badlands Cluster" or "Dusty" for short and you'll see them pop up. Here's to seeing you all on the Ark!
  12. I have ark on the ps4, and I always play local by myself, and I often play with my boyfriend with him on a splitscreen. I have bugs that I’ve noticed, and it only happens when i’m playing with another person on the same ps4. These bugs happen to me and my boyfriend while playing any map. - the guns/attachments are glitched out, they’ll be floating and off centered - my torch flame will be off centered - every shoulder mount is invisible when picked up and put on shoulder, but re appear when dropped. I’m not sure what to do. The game is fully updated and several months ago, I had to re install the game to fix a different issue, and that hasn’t fixed the problems I have now.
  13. Sharpshot879


    The abberant skins don’t work on jerboas on scorched as this is both a abberation (kind of)and a scorched earth bug,I didn’t know where to put it so I put it here Xbox btw
  14. Nitrado Hosted 20 player per server limit Maps are Ragnarok Scorched and The Center. Still pretty new looking for more tribes to join. Search The Hive to find us.
  15. Ever since the end of the Halloween Event, the Scorched Earth Beacon drops are no longer customizable through Game.ini. I am running a Dedicated private (Unofficial) server on Linux. The Beacon customizations were confirmed as working pre-Halloween Event. I have made no changes to either of my INI files since the Beacons were confirmed as working. I have not changed any Mods the server is running. I am not seeing any error messages or warnings in the logs when restarting the server.
  16. i join on tribe of my friend, but i lost all my dinos and buildings ( i play on PVE server Eu 124) someone can help me ?
  17. Let's talk about that. Now, to be honest, I haven't played on scorched earth recently. But I have had a realization, since the recent flier nerf, how do people get wyvern eggs? I've been thinking about starting a new scorched and was just curious if people had any thoughts or strategies. Thanks!
  18. The owners of the Survivors Pack Edition will have a discount of the Seasson Pass? I asking this because i bought the survivors pack and now im seeing that the price is $44.99 dollars, and is unfair that we have to pay for scorched earth twice.
  19. First off id like to tell anybody reading this about how we do things on the server, it is an aggressive pvp server, we are looking to fill the ranks with dedicated server occupants, loyal to the server and looking for a constant challange, were looking for people who are afraid to get dirty, and wont run or leave after a fight or raid, if you join your in it for the long run, we arent looking for people who will join for 2 weeks get raided, and leave, ive personally always felt that is you get raided you hit back twice as hard, there is only one admin, me, i run the server as honest as possible, seeing as i was so done with admin abuse(s) i went out and spent 500$ on a second xbox , We will be switching to a Nitrado server mid September anyway, now for the meat and potatoes on any ark server post, TAMING: 35x BREEDING/HATCHING/MATURERATE: (in order) INSTANT COOLDOWN/40x/30x GATHER: 12x/20x (with dinos) CLIPPING ENABLED/WILL ALLOW CARRY OVER OF TAMES AND CHARACTERS IN TRANSITION TO RAG/ REGULAR EVENTS WITH PRIZES/ LOOKING TO MAKES SERVER MORE DIFFICULT, SURVIVAL WISE, WITHOUT A DRASTIC SETTINGS CHANGE, OPEN TO IDEAS/ NOT OFFERING ADMIN TO ANYBODY I CANT PERSONALLY KNOW IRL DINO STATS ARE BOOSTED AND TO COUNTER VERY HIGH HEALTH TAMES, TURRET DAMAGE HAS BEEN TWEAKED THE SERVER GAMERTAG IS BrinyApple62, IF I DONT IMMEDIATLY GET BACK TO YOU BE PATIENT, MY PERSONAL GT IS FangedCar2 There are a few rules 1. no killing passive tames 2. If raiding please try to keep collateral damage to a minimal, just break what you need to in order to get what you are after and leave. 3. complete destruction of a base requires a mutually agreed upon war. 4. Don't attack tribes way less advanced that you, we want people to be able to build up and compete, not be run off when they join. 5. Keep a sign post outside your base indicating the date you were last online, this will help us not clear people we think are inactive but who really are active. (Not mandatory but ignore this at own risk, old inactive bases will be cleared periodically) 6. ORP will be on for the first 2-4 week's and after that it will be off forever unless voted otherwise by the server as a group. 7. Each player will start with a free tame, it must produce small feces. Dino coloring for this tame will be available. 8. I'm considering a faction system, each faction would be an alliance of tribes represented by a dino that would be exclusive to that faction. (No other faction would be allowed to tame it) considering allowing each faction to choose their dino from any dino that produces medium feces and their faction colors. 9. Events will be held after the server has advanced a bit. 10. no admin commands will be used for personal gain. 11. Feel free to attack the admin, no commands will be used to punish. If you have any questions comments, concerns, or ideas, feel free to message me. I Don't know everything and am always willing to listen.
  20. Looking to get some people into this cool Pc hosted ps4 server, Stat boosts from 0.4 - 2.5 mostly In exp gain and breeding. Looking to get some more people online so host will boost size. Super cool concept of a Max of 4 tribes allowed in game with 3 slots currently open still. Search game in Pc servers on ps4. ~ Ariahs Boosted Dino Island PvP Ragnarok 4 Tribes. ~
  21. spoop

    Scorched What?

    Anyone alarmed by the amount of scorched content being tossed away for free now? Are we supposed to have payed 20$ for only the map itself? The engrams and already obtainable on Rag as well. currently some and soon all of the creatures will be obtainable once they release their desert area. The trench on rag makes egg stealing a lot easier than that on scorched and milk does not expire as fast there. So what exactly is the point of even playing scorched earth if almost everything can be obtained in an easier environment with less risks or thought to it?
  22. Just started fresh Ark Server on the Scorched Earth map and I am trying to populate it so if you wanna play on a decently boosted PVP server with 20x baby maturation (aka WYVERNS ) then this is the server for you ADD ChaoticArkEC XBOX ONE PVP DEDICATED
  23. Fresh scorched earth server. Started 2 April. Rates are below, no offline protection. Admins play and are pretty active. No admin abuse. Message and add GT doomknuckle2 Tame x4; harvest x2; xp x2; hatching/maturation x5