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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 31 results

  1. Hosted by Nitrado on Xbox One, this server is a freshly wiped Unofficial PC Scorched Earth. Survive in a dry wasteland and compete for Alpha! Server Name: Sierra Scorched Ark 12x Harvest/ Instatame/ InstaHatch
  2. Hello everyone, Dusty here presenting to you DUSTY'S BADLANDS ARK SERVER CLUSTER! If you would like to join just search "Dusty's Badlands" in the server browser in game, or add the gamertag Dusty Okarr and I'll also invite you to the xbox club page for the server. These servers were created with the idea of singleplayer tribes in mind or small tribes who don't have their entire lives to play Ark. So as a result I boosted the longer processes in the game like taming and breeding so that you can have more fun but also still have a bit of work so that everything isn't totally easy. So far this cluster consists of two crossplay enabled 50 slot servers for the maps Scorched Earth and the new map Aberration. Within the next month or so I shall be adding Ragnarok to this growing list. Ragnarok will be added on the 2nd of Feb. Now, a few details about this server; the max level for players is 330. The last 30 levels can be obtained through the boss fights. Wild dinos also spawn with levels of 300+ as I have the difficulty set to x10. I also set the turret limit to 200 in an area instead of only 100. The maps are slightly boosted with a nice 10x harvest and 10x taming, nothing too insane. I've boosted egghatch/incubation/mature times by 30 as well as decreased the time it takes for cuddles and how often until dinos can mate again. I have boosted the individual stats of the player character, nothing OP there either unless you love to dump points into oxygen, (Maybe I'll see some nice underwater builds on Aberration and future maps as a result?) and the only stats that I have effected on dinos are their stamina, speed, and carry weight. This is to help out with travel and to work with my flyer limitations. Now, the flyer limitations. So, I really enjoy the idea of no flyers and the style of play that Aberration has introduced, as such I am going to keep this trend across all of my servers. You can not craft or even obtain saddles for pelas, pteras, argies,lymantrias, or tapies. However, fantasy creatures, quetzals, and the tek saddle for the tapie can still be used. In order to make a Quetz saddle you need to be level 100 and spend substantial engram points for each saddle to use it (platform 70 and normal 50). If you happen to somehow obtain a saddle for a flier that I have not allowed, let me know and let me know how you obtained it so that I can patch it. It won't gain you anything to hide it because I will eventually find out and end up taking it from you and it could result in ban depending on the nature of how I found out, after a string of raids for example. My reasoning for keeping the ability to have wyverns, griffins, phoenixes, tek tapies, and quetzals is due to their immense difficulty in attaining them either through unlocking through a boss or through managing to attain an egg or tame a creature that is generally very difficult without the help of a bird. (As of right now Griffins and Quetzals are unavailable in my cluster due to not having a map/server that spawns them, but that will change within the next month or so or if I decide to sell them in the server/trade them.) Also, I will never allow flyers on Aberration or any dinos not found on Aberration on that map/server. Aside from this, the only rule I have and will maintain aside from my server settings is that there will be no PVP within zones labelled as No-PVP areas. This will more than likely be no more than one (possibly two depending on map size) per map and it will serve as a community area for chilling and safe trade between players. Engaging in acts of PVP within these areas will result in a ban, this is non-negotiable. In other words, if you want to be a raider tribe who camps the PVP safe area and picks off traders or demands items/robs them for entrance into or exit out of the town that is more than okay. The rule applies to acts committed only within the town. As an admin and any admins I may bring on shall play the game fairly, I will have admin command logging on to enforce this. For the first two weeks of the server being up I will have it disabled however as I will be actively testing my servers and using commands very frequently and this will more than likely cause a lot of annoyance in the chat window. Aside from this, admin powers will only be used to build community areas/maintain them and for possible use of giving out prizes or some such thing. No matter the reason, it will be announced to the server. TL;DR, only one rule, you'll see it on the message of the day upon log in. Also, no fliers. Just search "Dusty's Badlands Cluster" or "Dusty" for short and you'll see them pop up. Here's to seeing you all on the Ark!
  3. I have ark on the ps4, and I always play local by myself, and I often play with my boyfriend with him on a splitscreen. I have bugs that I’ve noticed, and it only happens when i’m playing with another person on the same ps4. These bugs happen to me and my boyfriend while playing any map. - the guns/attachments are glitched out, they’ll be floating and off centered - my torch flame will be off centered - every shoulder mount is invisible when picked up and put on shoulder, but re appear when dropped. I’m not sure what to do. The game is fully updated and several months ago, I had to re install the game to fix a different issue, and that hasn’t fixed the problems I have now.
  4. Jerboa

    The abberant skins don’t work on jerboas on scorched as this is both a abberation (kind of)and a scorched earth bug,I didn’t know where to put it so I put it here Xbox btw
  5. Nitrado Hosted 20 player per server limit Maps are Ragnarok Scorched and The Center. Still pretty new looking for more tribes to join. Search The Hive to find us.
  6. Ever since the end of the Halloween Event, the Scorched Earth Beacon drops are no longer customizable through Game.ini. I am running a Dedicated private (Unofficial) server on Linux. The Beacon customizations were confirmed as working pre-Halloween Event. I have made no changes to either of my INI files since the Beacons were confirmed as working. I have not changed any Mods the server is running. I am not seeing any error messages or warnings in the logs when restarting the server.
  7. Hello Survivor and welcome to ukevolved, thank you for taking the time to look at our community server. If you are looking for an alternative to official servers, then we are the Server for you. We are a x1 PvE server with active admins. The server was founded on 17th June 2015. Here at ukevolved we currently have a well-balanced server with a good rule-set so everyone can enjoy their adventures while playing here. To see our rules visit: http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/rules By logging onto our server, you are expected to have read and agreed to follow all rules listed. ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE The Island ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE ScorchedEarth ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE Ragnarok ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE Aberration Server settings: x1 multipliers on everything.(ie XP, breeding & Taming etc) Evolution Events take place as Officials. No Mods. Slight decrease in food consumption Tribe shared Imprinting on baby’s. Flyer carry allowed for PvE, will only work on own tribe, not wilds or alliance. Gamma control enabled. Structure placement collision disabled. 4 servers linked by Cluster-portal (The Island, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth & Aberration). You will NOT be able to upload any data from single player or other servers outside of our cluster. For further questions about this feel free to ask here or on our website. http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/ The server is up 24/7 only down for updates, restarts. Currently a 99-100% uptime! The server wiped on August 29th 2017, there are no future wipes planned. Activities: Evolution Events as per official servers. The admins hold a minimum of 1 event a week, sometimes more. http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/events Events vary from PvP arenas, Mazes, and spear dodgeball to the classic dodo tossing! Store: We have a store on the website where you can purchase in-game items with Loyalty points. Loyalty points can be obtained through various ways such as: Participating in events Voting for the server on ark-servers.net Donating & subscribing to the server. You are welcome to join our Discord server any time, all info can be found on the home page. http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/ Thank you for taking the time to read about our server. Now it’s time to decide if you like what you see and want to be a part of our community, come and join a great helpful friendly server with nice tribes and players, where we are all out to have a good time.
  8. i join on tribe of my friend, but i lost all my dinos and buildings ( i play on PVE server Eu 124) someone can help me ?
  9. The owners of the Survivors Pack Edition will have a discount of the Seasson Pass? I asking this because i bought the survivors pack and now im seeing that the price is $44.99 dollars, and is unfair that we have to pay for scorched earth twice.
  10. Looking to get some people into this cool Pc hosted ps4 server, Stat boosts from 0.4 - 2.5 mostly In exp gain and breeding. Looking to get some more people online so host will boost size. Super cool concept of a Max of 4 tribes allowed in game with 3 slots currently open still. Search game in Pc servers on ps4. ~ Ariahs Boosted Dino Island PvP Ragnarok 4 Tribes. ~
  11. Scorched What?

    Anyone alarmed by the amount of scorched content being tossed away for free now? Are we supposed to have payed 20$ for only the map itself? The engrams and already obtainable on Rag as well. currently some and soon all of the creatures will be obtainable once they release their desert area. The trench on rag makes egg stealing a lot easier than that on scorched and milk does not expire as fast there. So what exactly is the point of even playing scorched earth if almost everything can be obtained in an easier environment with less risks or thought to it?
  12. Just started fresh Ark Server on the Scorched Earth map and I am trying to populate it so if you wanna play on a decently boosted PVP server with 20x baby maturation (aka WYVERNS ) then this is the server for you ADD ChaoticArkEC XBOX ONE PVP DEDICATED
  13. First off id like to tell anybody reading this about how we do things on the server, it is an aggressive pvp server, we are looking to fill the ranks with dedicated server occupants, loyal to the server and looking for a constant challange, were looking for people who are afraid to get dirty, and wont run or leave after a fight or raid, if you join your in it for the long run, we arent looking for people who will join for 2 weeks get raided, and leave, ive personally always felt that is you get raided you hit back twice as hard, there is only one admin, me, i run the server as honest as possible, seeing as i was so done with admin abuse(s) i went out and spent 500$ on a second xbox , We will be switching to a Nitrado server mid September anyway, now for the meat and potatoes on any ark server post, TAMING: 35x BREEDING/HATCHING/MATURERATE: (in order) INSTANT COOLDOWN/40x/30x GATHER: 12x/20x (with dinos) CLIPPING ENABLED/WILL ALLOW CARRY OVER OF TAMES AND CHARACTERS IN TRANSITION TO RAG/ REGULAR EVENTS WITH PRIZES/ LOOKING TO MAKES SERVER MORE DIFFICULT, SURVIVAL WISE, WITHOUT A DRASTIC SETTINGS CHANGE, OPEN TO IDEAS/ NOT OFFERING ADMIN TO ANYBODY I CANT PERSONALLY KNOW IRL DINO STATS ARE BOOSTED AND TO COUNTER VERY HIGH HEALTH TAMES, TURRET DAMAGE HAS BEEN TWEAKED THE SERVER GAMERTAG IS BrinyApple62, IF I DONT IMMEDIATLY GET BACK TO YOU BE PATIENT, MY PERSONAL GT IS FangedCar2 There are a few rules 1. no killing passive tames 2. If raiding please try to keep collateral damage to a minimal, just break what you need to in order to get what you are after and leave. 3. complete destruction of a base requires a mutually agreed upon war. 4. Don't attack tribes way less advanced that you, we want people to be able to build up and compete, not be run off when they join. 5. Keep a sign post outside your base indicating the date you were last online, this will help us not clear people we think are inactive but who really are active. (Not mandatory but ignore this at own risk, old inactive bases will be cleared periodically) 6. ORP will be on for the first 2-4 week's and after that it will be off forever unless voted otherwise by the server as a group. 7. Each player will start with a free tame, it must produce small feces. Dino coloring for this tame will be available. 8. I'm considering a faction system, each faction would be an alliance of tribes represented by a dino that would be exclusive to that faction. (No other faction would be allowed to tame it) considering allowing each faction to choose their dino from any dino that produces medium feces and their faction colors. 9. Events will be held after the server has advanced a bit. 10. no admin commands will be used for personal gain. 11. Feel free to attack the admin, no commands will be used to punish. If you have any questions comments, concerns, or ideas, feel free to message me. I Don't know everything and am always willing to listen.
  14. Let's talk about that. Now, to be honest, I haven't played on scorched earth recently. But I have had a realization, since the recent flier nerf, how do people get wyvern eggs? I've been thinking about starting a new scorched and was just curious if people had any thoughts or strategies. Thanks!
  15. Ark The Athens Boosted Offline Raid Protection Scorched Server! Add RattyBaton68768 To Join Server uptime 1 Month 24/7 - Scorched Earth BOOSTED ONLINE 24/7 Scorched Earth PvE & BOOSTED Xboxone Offline Raid Protection Off On Weekends Free Hospitality Free To Build and Relax Server Competitions For JM Blueprints & Rex Skins Bring TWO Friends And Get Yourself PROTECTED! Currently we are new have 5+ players during the evenings and everyone is very helpful! One Admin No Admin Abuse!Contact -> TheDarkDanta for Invite to the club.We have admins on around the clock. They always clean the server from old structures, dinowipes, stop cheaters, griefers, and keep the server in order & running smooth. They WILL NOT SPAWN YOU ANYTHING. If you ask to be an admin you will be removed from the server we don't have the time for little kids and annoying people. The host works all day and does the best he possibly can to maintain the server and keep it online so don't stress him out. RULES: Offline protection, No raiding using wild dinos, No greifing, No passive tame killing (record/capture proof), No crying, No blocking caves or resources, No Harassment, No over-use of doedic/anky/bronto etc creates lag, No asking to change server rates, No little kid BS be a man!, If you get wiped for no reason it will be looked into and you may be compensated because we want you to play on our server we're all having a good time. REMEMBER Ark is Cruel! BUT have some fun! Contact Host OR Admin: TheDarkDanta for info etc. Admins will not spawn anything lose due to crashes, glitches in the game, if you don't speak up before a dinowipe for any other reason you will lose a dino!! P.S. If you come looking for trouble or cause any problems you will be banned from the server and will not be allowed back. any type of glitch abuse or cheating will get you banned. if you know of a glitch that has not been blocked by the admins please tell us so we can block people from exploiting it. See you guys in there!
  16. I'm a currently SE player most of the time, and with the arrival of tek trough, breeding carnivores became viabale (before with the spoil timers was almost impossible). Everything looks great, spoil timers are fine on tek trough almost 5h but there's a HUGE problem with tek generator's on SE they shut down on Storms! and when they shut down the spoil timer on tek trough is like your inventory not even like a normal trough that need to change (With power 5h without power 5 minutes). Also the atmospheric climate changes are pretty random so you can take like 3 electric storms in a row and all your meat spoil very fast, not to mention everytime tek generator shuts down, another element is necessary to run again.
  17. I've posted this issue on the steam bug-Reporting forums, under the title of: ARK Specific PORT issues: Server not showing properly in unofficial lists, but working feel free to drop in and read it, but for the simplicity now i will paste the final post i made which sums up the majority of the problem i'm having. Originally posted by Juksefantomet: Final post and update, i'm reaching the end of even bothering with this anymore.New router, complete checkup of my fiber from my ISP with an actual technician arriving and doing a checkup after finding CRC errors on my connection.No CRC, same router model, brand new.NO changes in issues with the Server but, my servers did no longer pop up in the unofficial, so again back to the drawing board and i assumed i messed up on something on my server.This is what is working/not working:Out of game in steam:1. When checking public internet servers, filtered for ARK, the only games that pop up are games listed with version (v178.8), without filter, i find every server and with recent versions including my own.2. when adding to favorites, both my servers are listed with correct IP/ports, no problems what so ever.3. They do not show up in LAN (correct as they are now listed with the correct external IP).4. My friend, when given my IP can add the server by searching my external ip and add both my TheIsland and ScorchedEarth servers.In Game:1. I see both servers in the unofficial listing, and both are showing in the favorites menu after adding the ip outside of game in step .4.2. i can join my TheIsland and use the teleporters and teleport between clusters.3. My friend cannot find it in the unofficial list and cannot teleport between cluster, but have both servers listed in favorites after following steam step .4.Server info:Now running both on standard ports provided by ARK's wiki.these are my start.sh scripts on my linux ubuntu_server box./ShooterGameServer TheIsland?listen?MultiHome= -server -log -usecache -noantispeedhack -ForceAllowCaveFlyers -NoTransferFromFiltering -ClusterDirOverride=/home/cheatphantom/steamservers/arkcluster -clusterid=myhiddenclustername./ShooterGameServer ScorchedEarth_P?listen?MultiHome= -server -log -usecache -noantispeedhack -ForceAllowCaveFlyers -NoTransferFromFiltering -ClusterDirOverride=/home/cheatphantom/steamservers/arkcluster -clusterid=myhiddenclusternameThis is what was causing some my "instabilities" in my servers popping up on the unofficial lists and the reason why it took me awhile to figure out why.1. Flushed all firewall / port forwarding rules on my box, and only provided the UDP ports required for ARK.1.1 The reason why i did not do this earlier is because i was running valve/steam games in which uses some of the ports ARK are using but the TCP varieties, so when the ARK servers where not up i was running a CSGO or TF2 server on those respective ports only the TCP versions. NOW when flushing these and only adding UDP, this worked.1.2 in the start script if the order of appearance on ?MultiHome was not post ?Listen and pre ?Port it would not work as intended.1.3 When i did infact get everything up and running i actually found a ghost connection of my old server in my favorites menu, which means there is no actual way ARK flushes the steam favorites list, i've been manually removing servers from my favorites menu which has eventually made server pop up properly for me. Still giving me a duplicate result with a previously added server.1.4 steam cache, downloads, profiles and other "stored" information flushed and reaquired.1.4.1 fixed, but i'm guessing this would've been fixed over time..?--So recap, the server is online and before. always listed in the unofficial for me, my friend can see what i see except the unofficial listing and cannot use the server cluster.Both servers are listed in favorites and can be manually joined.Server clusters are pulled from the unofficial listings to provide a server hop so that joint connection is on ARK devs, as both my servers can be connected too and we can play on both i have to now assume that everything is working on my end, and i have spent weeks in total over 1 year trying to fix this and troubleshoot.
  18. Grave of the Tyrants Cave Load Fatal Crash

    Player name: Aya Tribe name: The Ashlànders Server name: PVE-EU-XBOX-SCORCHEDEARTH879 XBOX Version: 757.0 / Server Version: 757.1 Problem: Grave of the Tyrants fatal crash Time of issue: 7:00PM CST On the specified server, one of my friends and tribemates, Casca, tried to enter the Grave of the Tryants cave around the coordinates 35, 30. His game crashed when it tried to load, and upon relogging, he was unable to log in. As soon as the Mountainside map (cave map) tried to load, the game crashed. When reloading the game, he started suffering graphical issues and the text for the game was messed up--including other XBOX games. Another friend and tribemate, kay, tried to enter the cave as well. As soon as it tried to load right at the entrance of the cave, she suffered the same issue. I was informed and logged on to try to collect our wyverns and dinos from the cave. I succeeded in retrieving the dinos, grappled kay's body, but when I tried to enter, I suffered the issue right as it tried to load. I tried relogging and was able to get in with a black screen and the over-heated symbol at the bottom right; the game locked up right after that. Upon loading the Mountainside map in the loading screen, it crashed. I tried to start the game back up with graphical flickering and messed up text. I was able to screenshot the black loading screen with alien-type lettering before closing the game. I have uploaded this file. Anyways, I was able to log into my second account and have kay help me retrieve my first account's body. I am able to log in and everything seems fine, but it is still scary to have experienced this. My friend, Casca, has requested me to ask for a 3-4 hour rollback on this server so that he may be able to avoid entering the cave again. I will be submitting this as a request as well in the support, so please... if you could do something about this, please do so. I worry about him trying to be able to log back in or what this issue may cause for our consoles. P.S. Any ideas what this is? It seems like a malicious code affecting the game. Thanks in advance, PaladinianCecil
  19. 24/7 Fresh Scorched Earth server, moderately boosted, events, store and more. PvE with PvP as part of the events. Server made for those who have busy lives but want to enjoy all perks of ARK when they can, although everyone is welcome! We have a club made up for events and server communication! Moderate stat boosts along with 25X taming, 6x mating and baby maturation. Server name is "For The Working Peeps" and host GT is ArkKing93. There are 3 admins for the server that will also play in the server as average joes so we can enjoy this server too! Feel free to add host as a friend and join whenever you like! The admins are open to suggestions for stats and events you would like to see happen. Competition type events (such as an obstacle course) would have prizes for winners. We plan to host PvP intervals (for hours or a day at a time) for those who wish to engage, this is something we are open to discuss with the server as to how you would like to see this handled, if at all. Some of the events, we will provide all weapons and dinos needed, other events you would bring the best you have. The store will include blueprints, pre-made items, dinos, etc. Dino wipes will be done as needed(typically 2-3 times a week) and we will also periodically spawn Non-SE dinos to be tamed if you come across them in the wild. Some of those include Gigas, quetzals, pteras, etc. Server was brand new as of 2PM EST on 6/4/17, new tribes have joined daily! ADD ARKKING93 TO JOIN
  20. Hallöchen,würde gerne unsere drei Ark Server vorstellen. Sie laufen mit den gleichen Einstellungen/Mods, und sind als Cluster verbunden. Somit ist es möglich, beliebig zwischen den Maps TheIsland, TheCenter und ScorchedEarth hin- und her zu wechseln. Es gibt beim übertragen von Items/Dinos keine Einschränkungen.So ist es dann z. B. möglich, Dinos/Kreaturen auf Scorched Earth zu zähmen und diese mit auf TheIsland zu bringen (z. B. die Wyvern). Webseite: www.crazy-dodo.de Teamspeak: ts.crazy-dodo.deLink auf toparkservers: https://toparkservers.com/server/ Eath) https://toparkservers.com/server/ (TheCenter) https://toparkservers.com/server/ (TheIsland)Einstellungen: 5x Exp / 5x Harvest / 5x Tame / 5x Maturing - Damit sehr Anfänger-/Soloplayer freundlich Crosshair aktiviert Map-Marker aktiviert Third Person aktiviert Difficulty 7 (damit Max-Dino Level in der Wildnis 210) Max Player Level 102 Offline Raid Protection (sobald alle Tribemitglieder ausgeloggt sind, geht ein Timer an und eure Base/Dinos können nicht beschädigt werden) Höherer Element-Drop bei Bossen (Broodmother = 72 / 291 / 733, ...) Praktische Mods: UltraStacks (z. B. bis zu 5000 Holz in einem Inventory Slot transportieren. Gewicht ist entsprechend reduziert) GlasMetal (um noch hübschere Bases zu bauen ) Stargate Atlantis (um schnell von A nach B zu kommen ) Make your Ark easier (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=734416452&searchtext=) Upgrade Station Dino Aid (Items zum heilen von verletzten Dinos, sehr praktisch) Super Spyglass Bridge Small Gates Regeln: Offline Raids sind nicht erlaubt Allianzen sind erlaubt Wir freuen uns also sehr über neue Mitspieler, wer neu anfängt kann sich gern im Chat melden wenn er Starthilfe braucht (ein warmes Bett, etwas zu essen )Bis bald
  21. T-Zero Gaming PvP Cluster Server [The Island + Scorched Earth] I have just started an awesome cluster server and I'm looking to populate it. there are a lot of mods but that's because I am bored of vanilla. The rates are pretty good Taming 20 Xp 20 Gather 7, but with other sliders its more I would like to have a friendly community on this server. so if your going to raid, don't be a D**k and destroy everything just do what is needed to get in. Also too if you raid someone don't keep coming back after them, give them some time to build back up. The server IPs are The Island------------ Scorched Earth----- The Server Discord https://discord.gg/PHpzVSH If there are any other mods that you would like put into the server just let me know and ill check into it Structures Plus Super Spyglass Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator Meat Spoiler Pillars Plus AllSkins - Chest Kibble Vending Machine Ammo Pool Backpack Reusable Grappling Hook Mini Industrial Forge Capitalism Currency Capitalism NPC Trader Capitalism Props Table Capitalism Player Trader Capitalism Admin Table Light Controller MoreSeeds Capitalism Bounty Hunter Armour Stand Capitalism Research Table Pub Mod Ultra Stacks Multi-Tool Mod v1.11 Cute Hair (v6.1) Perfect Hair Forever LC Lawnchairs Death Helper
  22. Hello everyone! So i have been hosting a ark pvp server for a couple of months till now and have decided to start recruting people who are willing to stay on the server not just join and leave!Server is going to be wiped today I dont have a actual player count i would like to hop on board but a number arround 20 would be nice So i've been thinking about the stats and here they are: 30xXP(XP rate is high so new players can get lvls fast so everyone is arround the same lvl) 5xHarvest(Trying to keep it low as possible so lag is reduced!) 30xTame(Dont waste hours taming dinos) 40xBreeding(Get the babies up and running) Offline raid protection is off so there can be alliances(Am willing to change this depending on the community) Map is The island and i am concidering if you choose the island or the center to enable transfers once per month so you can get some scorched tames and vice versa if you choose scorched as main map! There will be no admin tribe nor admin players!If there are any issues an admin will be asigned to solve your problem and unadmined afterwards!This way we will reduce the specualtions of admin abuse Admin logging will probably be on!The reason why im saying probably on is chat gets bugged by it so we might turn it off so things go smooth like butter(Pun intended) Hosts GT is:JurassicArkEU,if you are interested in joining please add him and msg you are from this post so we know who you are Server is up! If you have any more questions the comment section is yours and i will try to answer as soon as possible! Starter packs were considered but was decided to not be given(Trying to keep things as primitive as possible) The rules are: No base wipes-Go take what you need and leave,dont be that guy Passive tame killing is allowed-Reason is that people could keep their valuables in a passive parasaur and raiding gets useless Alliances are allowed and alliance wars are of up to 2 tribes max! Please let new people build up,don't go and raid everyone in a wooden house or thatch building(It talks bad for you) White flag rule-24 Hrs grace period!If you were raided you get a 24 Hrs grace period to rebuild* Hope i have answered to all your questions in this post,if you have any more feel free to ask down in the comment section in this post! *Please message the host with a picture of the white flag being placed outside of your base with a date and time!That way we can keep up who is under protection and get to the truth if a tribe that claims to have had a white flag up and was raided durning their grace period but the raiders lie that there was no white flag!
  23. Greetings survivors. I'm hosting a 24/7 PvPvE player dedicated server on the Scorched Earth map. The server currently has moderate player activity. I've initiated a few boosts, but nothing excessive. Everyone is invited to join. The Xbox profile that is hosting the server is "WOS Ark Server". You may friend this profile if you wish in order to make it easier to join. I will add you back ASAP. My profile that I play on is "WitcherOfShadow". If anyone wishes to contact me, message "WitcherOfShadow". Messages and party invites to "WOS Ark Server" will likely not be responded to, as the only purpose of that profile is to host the server. There is one rule on my server, and it is no killing of Admin players, dinos, and no raiding Admin bases. Unless of course, a tribe war is agreed upon by both sides. All else is fair game. Have no fear, as the Admins do not use commands or cheats. The only reason that I have admins is to manage the server while I am offline. Thanks for checking my server out, and happy hunting!
  24. I'm looking for a safe scorched earth server to build up on, but it seems that every server I go to the Alphas want to control the server. Or they have abandoned bases everywhere because of the trolls. If anyone has any ideas or tips please let me know.
  25. Fresh scorched earth server. Started 2 April. Rates are below, no offline protection. Admins play and are pretty active. No admin abuse. Message and add GT doomknuckle2 Tame x4; harvest x2; xp x2; hatching/maturation x5