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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 229 results

  1. Some of my tribe mates decided to start up a tribe on SE90. They've been putting together a base and getting things set up. This evening they were threatened by another player who said they were going to kite over a golem and destroy their base. The tribemate took screenshots of the conversation with the threats. A very short time later the player kited over a rock golem and demolished their base, destroying many of the animals they had there. Can they get this player banned if they have the screenshots of the threats and the attack? I should add this as a PVE server
  2. Do we have any news about the ending of Scorched Earth ? You know, the Ascension to Aberration ! I really hope that the cutscene will come out before the third DLC (Extinction) because we wan’t to know what is the endboss of Scorched Earth and defeat him before reaching the end of the story ! It would be a pity...
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure to check out the attached image. During an electrical storm on scorched earth there were a whole lot of black triangles in the sky around the area. This was in singleplayer on an original xbox one, on the latest patch available at the time (5:04:37pm on 1/3/2018 AEST).
  4. So me and some mates were gonna go to OC and get some dinos, to our dismay ive seen that the only 2 OC Scorched Earth legacy servers are BOTH getting deleted!!!. It makes sence too remove one but leaving OC without a Legacy SE server is just ridiculous as were now forced to go to an NA server at such a high ping. At least one of all DLC maps should be available to legacy players. Killing off players ability to enjoy their experience in their region is just bad planning. Thoughts everyone? Who else agrees at least one of the servers should stay?
  5. I've been playing singleplayer on Scorched Earth a lot recently, but now suddenly I can't find the map, it's missing. How can I get it back?
  6. Hello all, If you're looking for a fun new PVP unofficial server to join then look no further Welcome to ARKADIA (FIND US BY SEARCHING: ARKADIA / MILD BOOST / NO ADMIN) With a Dino Shop located at the Green Obilisk you can purchase dinos using cementing paste or polymer (no organic) as currency. Based on the Ragnarok map. See you on the ARK.
  7. The bug is if you block a deep sea crate spawn with a foundation (metal in my case) the game will not load on single player. It will stall at "SE Seasonal". I know this is the trigger because my current SE single player game will not load and when I load a save from yesterday (before I blocked any deep sea crates) it loads fine. If I use that older save game (when I had no blocked deep sea crates) to get it to load, teleport directly to a deep sea crate position and put a foundation down and then save it will not load but also be stuck at "SE Seasonal". When stuck in "SE Seasonal" it continually uses more and more memory. I have let it get as high as 10gb before stopping it. Without putting down that one foundation it loads very quickly with memory usage at about 4gb which is historically what it normally runs at when I normally start the game. I don't really want to go over my computer's specs or settings as that can get nasty with this crowd. Just know this, I play with no mods, and no launch commands and I play in 4k at 30-40 fps with most things on epic. If someone with different specs and settings could test this on their machine and see if it is repeatable. That would be really great. If you can't repeat it then I will just not block the spawn point in SE for deep sea crates and use my old save.
  8. Scorched Earth needs some TLC love.

    Scorched Earth hasn't had much love in the past. The last thing that was added was the Phoenix. In my opinion, if aberration has an ascension, so should Scorched Earth. Now that everyone knows about aberration and that there's nothing to hide about it anymore, this is now fine to do. As well as that, Scorched Earth needs it's own tekgrams, just like aberration. And if the SE tekgrams are added, please give us a tek wyvern saddle.
  9. Long story short, I play on an official PVP Aberration Server. A tribe mate and I raided some punks that killed some of our Ravagers. They had BP's for Scorched Earth Items in their Bookshelf. There was also a Crafted Whip, An Oil Jar and Some Flame Arrows. Did WC open up item transfers? How did these guys get this stuff on AB? We now have those BP's but cannot craft any of the items without Silk (From SC). Can someone shed some light on this?
  10. Hey all! So we have a dedicated server on our home PC running the Windows 10 copy of Ark. The server account (PC) only has the basic ark game, where as myself has the complete dlc collection too. I noticed last night that I couldn't build a windmill which is a SC Engram. Does this mean that I'd have to buy it on the server account to enable this? And in doing so would it prevent my girlfriend from joining & playing as she also only has the basic game? Any info would be great as it's Friday and a weekend of gaming is what the doctor called for!!
  11. Mantis and Clubs

    How exactly does, if it even does, the item damage affect the efficiency of Mantis using Wooden Clubs? I can say that it cuts through stuff with both of my crafting skill boosted swords (hitting 450 and 550 with 200% and 277% swords), but as far I can tell, my 164% Wooden Clubs deal the same amount of around 76 damage and 290 torpor than primitive ones. Yes, the melee damage of the mantis does seem to increase the damage and torpor dealt, but the weapon damage does not. So, what's the deal: Torpor cap? Clubs can't give more than 76 damage? Bug with crafting skill boosted items? The Mantis simply does not take Club damage into account? Edit: After further testing, I figured out that the weapon damage indeed does increase the damage (and torpor) dealt, but the bonus amount is exactly the extra damage you would have as a 100% melee player on foot (around 2 damage), which is pretty ridiculous. So... bug?
  12. I apologize if there is a post already about this (I seriously did try to look) or if this belongs in another part of the forums. I've got an unofficial server going with The Island as the main map. At first I was only running The Island, until recently I've decided tried to take that and build it into a cluster and run Scorched Earth along with it. I've followed the guides out there trying to follow any examples I could to get it working. I have a machine running Ubuntu 16.04. Using system commands to run ARK as a service. The Island runs perfectly, but Scorched Earth doesn't seem to be running at all. On Steam's server's list it shows up with the SessionName, but no map and 0/0 players connected. When I try and connect anyways, it gives me a Network Error, Unable to Query for Invite. I am using a firewall, but as a test I completely brought down the firewall, with the same results. And yes where I've put <session> and <clustername> I fill in, that's not what I've actual put. And I've updated to the latest version of ARK 277. My Start for The Island Command to run Scorched Earth.
  13. ARK: SE - Connection problem

    Hi. I play with my bro ark and for some reason, I am gettin for like half month connection error, which says:" Connection to host lost ". I dunno how to translate correctly. What helps everytime is reinstall the game, but its not even possbile to do everytime when I turn off pc. The checkin integrity on steam doesnt work anymore. Help me please.
  14. pve Hosting

    I have two new servers both pve primitivie plus its on unofficial pc sessions Dark water(ragnarok) rising Death (scorched earth). Dark water is semi boosted due to high level wild dinos so tame and breeding is quicker, dino eating is slower so you don't have to shove food in a baby mouth constantly and they grow up quick. We have contest and a trading center for people to build on to trade their stuff. You are allowed to download dinos but keep it at 750 level. Though it is a primitive plus map we give out prizes that are non tek and tek items. We have a cod arena where people sign up for guild wars but its just people vs people just like black ops your given three sleeping bags, grenades, machine guns, snipers and last one standing wins a prize. Then we have an arena black ops again but you can bring one dino due to the fact its in a swamp so you will be fighting both people and dangerous creatures. Only small dinos no rex, gigas or flying creatures they can't fit through some of the things. Carno, raptors, wolves, thylos, saber and possible allo if I can think of more it will be posted but remember dinos can die as well. That arena is tough. We do have a boss arena someone was in charge of where you get to fight the boss with whatever. Many more acitivities will go on. We need more people to joing and have fun. This is all done in dark water. Plus you get a starter kit of armor, tools, materials and two dinos of choice. I would like this to be a friendly server and fun. On scorched it is run by my other half there is no boosting and its the same as playing regular ark though some dinos are a little bit higher so if you like boosted you have one map if you like the same that its always been which is some peoples favorites you have scorched earth. We will be cross arking them soon. Pc players are allowed to join on the dark water map. https://www.facebook.com/DarkWaterServer/ This has all the stats of the game on it so you will know. We are not a fake server.
  15. I'm trying to gather some info from all of you in the Ark community. I want to figure out what is the most popular maps, rates, and things that make you join a server. I run a few servers and i'm curious on peoples thought processes when selecting a server to play on. Lets have a discussion about this. I'll give you a brief intro: I've been playing Ark extensively for about a year. I have played on all maps, sometimes super boosted, others close to official rates. I played on official no tame servers and on PS4 dedicated servers before the PC hosted ones. When PC hosted ones came about I instantly jumped on board and bought my own servers. They have had their ups and downs all the way through, it's been a great ride. I have advertised my servers as long term player servers and as boosted PvP servers. I'm just trying to get into the heads of the Ark community and see what people want to find in a server. Hopefully I get some responses on this post. What maps do you typically search for? (Island, Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, or Aberration) What type of rates do you look for? (1x - 10x - 20x - 50x - etc) Does the title of the server influence you? Would you rather have a server title that is unique or one that is generic that shows the rates? Does having a good community matter to you? Do you look for a server you can stay long term or just a server to play around short term? Does having a cluster of maps interest you?
  16. Basically im advertising my Nitrado rented server if anyone is interested. I created the server with the stats based around Official as much as possible but also set for players who work a lot so of a weekend its always double stats on everything like XP/Egg hatch speed/Taming speed, etc. Maps are: Ragnarok 20 slots PVP Ragnarok 10 slots Prim+ PVP Scorched Earth 10 slots PVP Aberration 20 slots PVP We have friendly admin, some who play at different times of the day so theres always someone at some point in the day to help out if needed. Starter pack included for all new players which is a flyer, armor and tools to get started. Server stats are below: XP x4.0 Harvest x2.5 Taming Speed x10 Breeding Speed x5 Egg Speed x4 Mature Speed x25 Imprint x0.5 Dino weight boosted x10 Player weight boosted x10 Difficulty x5 (level 150 dinos) Longer days, shorter nights Boosted drops x5 Rules: No killing passives If you raid admin expect admin to raid back No blocking spawns or ORbs No duping No foundation wiping Search for The Matrix under unofficial PC servers. Or we have a facebook page with up to date details on maps, events, rates etc here: Facebook Page
  17. I was wondering if there is anyone who owns a Nitrado server and would be willing to link servers to create a giant cluster. This will bring intense PvP server wars making ark way way more intense than ever before. Let me know if you guys would be interested in doing something like this in the future.
  18. I play on 2 official PVE servers. The first on The Island & the second on Aberration. I tried to transfer a bulldog to test since Aberration but when I connect to The Island he was not in the list of creatures. I have never been able to transfer anything from Ragnarok to The Island either, but from Scorched Earth to The Island it still works. Transfer is not possible off Scorched Earth?
  19. Obelisk destroyed my pteranodon

    So I was preparing to go get a wyvern egg in singleplayer, I uploaded my pteranodon into the blue obi on Ark got on scorched and downloaded it on the green obi when It didn't appear. I left without saving and on both maps my bird still wasn't there despite I didn't save. I want to know if others have encountered this issue.
  20. Before we get started, this title is not clickbait, and I will elaborate as time goes on. However, some things need to be addressed before I get to that point. For starters, I must say that, with whatever I am about to say about this game, there are some positive aspects about it that I should point out. This game, fundamentally speaking is phenomenal. This game is one of the few times in gaming history (perhaps the first to do it pretty well?) where you can explore a world of extinct or mythical creatures, tame them, and survive a very fascinating world. It started out on a map called The Island, where dinosaurs roam the world and you can choose to tame them to help you survive, craft items and structures to better improve your survivability or simply just explore, and let me tell you, exploration is the end game in this game, assuming of course you haven't looked up any videos about Ark. However, this premise is assaulted by so many different issues that I may skip over a few simply because there are far more dangerous issues that exist in this game. Let's start with a few of the less malign ones. For starters, the PvP and PvE modes are balanced together and not seperately; a warlord vrying for "alpha" status or "mega" status on a server (or servers) that are labelled as PvP, and a person who simply wants to tame creatures, wander around, or fight bosses in PvE are given the same buffs and nerfs when they are applied. Remember the grand flyer nerf? For PvP, it was, arguably, necessary to prevent the flyer spam in raids or when killing players. However for PvE, all it did was serve as an annoyance as loved flyers like the Argentavis and the mighty Quetzal became very frustrating to use. Then there's the frustrating building system. Although, again, this issue isn't a massive problem in PvP, where the most concerning things about building is whether or not something vital is sticking out. In PvE, there's the massive issue of pillars jutting out of ceilings (unless you build in a specific way), walls with the "inner" portion of the wall facing out (unless you build in a specific way), awkward electrical wire and pipe placements (again, unless you build in a specific way), and so much more. Let's not forget the issue with pillar spam in official PvE servers as well! There's so many issues of this type, that I could end up writing an essay for a doctorate if I really wanted to, but the ones above are the ones that came to mind and they are the only ones I will list. Because now, I must get to my point. Simply put, there are three things that are extremely dangerous in this game that have yet to be addressed. Three things that make the previous issues pale in comparison, and if left unchecked, can spell doom for Wildcard. The first issue primarily revolves around consoles, but I have also seen this issue pop up and get reported by PC players as well. This issue is the terrible optimization and lag that still exists in this game today. If you're lucky, one day you can get through a session on Ark without any technical issues. However, for many players, and especially console players (regardless of if they have the more powerful version or not), what ends up happening is, if you're playing on a server, you suffer immense amounts of lag, rubberbanding and rollbacks as the server chugs along trying to keep up with whatever god awful coding and invisible technical issues that have yet to be addressed. However, lag is not the only issue! Should you be playing on a server or playing on singleplayer, you will seem to always suffer a crash, regardless of console. And these crashes in particular are what I consider dangerous, because when they occur (at least in the case of the ps4) you typically are forced to hold the power button, effectively forcing the console to shut off. I think everyone at this day and age understand the danger of doing that repeatedly. In fact, I have already seen forum and reddit posts stating that their console is struggling to do normal things now because of the sheer amount of times they have had to force their console to shut down. This is one reason why I am uninstalling this game, because this happens a lot in singleplayer. I can be on a world with two tames and barely any structures, and if the game wants to load something or save some data to the console, there's a chance that the console will crash in the way described above. Then there's the second issue, which revolves around unhealthy gameplay. You may have already read or heard about this, but timer heavy aspects of the game like taming and (especially) imprinting are downright unhealthy for players. Should you be brave (or unfortunate) enough to tame a high level, high quality dino with the lowest quality food, expect your ENTIRE DAY to get consumed by watching over it (on official servers). If you're imprinting a medium quality dino or higher, expect not only your entire day to get chopped up into 3 hour 30 minute bits where you need to return to the baby to imprint on it, but expect YOUR SLEEP TO BE AFFECTED. While I'd rather not bring medical science into this post, I will at least say that when your sleep gets chopped up into bits as you get on and imprint a tame, your performance gets affected later on in the day and it's safe to say that we have all experienced this at some point in our lives. This personally made me shift to playing single player, where I set really rapid rates for everything, and boy oh boy is imprinting hectic now. With 45 seconds between imprints and only a few minutes until full maturation, if you get the "walk" request, you better be sprinting with that dino on follow Unfortunately, as you may have already seen, I no longer play singleplayer because of the crashing and the danger it poses to my console. Even if it turns out that your sleep getting affected does not have any adverse effects on you, it is still absurd that a game that we had to PAY FOR was designed to require more attention from us than free-to-play games, which are known to consume more of your time if you choose not to spend money on it than most other paid games. And sure, these rates can easily be changed to satisfy a player's desires in custom worlds. However again, the fact that the game was balanced so that it requires an immensive amount of time to do anything throws off a lot of players, including myself. Also, I think it's safe to say that the "fun" factor that exists in taming, breeding, and imprinting really only exists in the exhilirating knock-down process of taming, but even that gets old after a while. The fact that the taming, breeding, and imprinting systems have yet to be overhauled is beyond me, which leads me to my final point. Struggling Developers I personally do not like bashing on people who put a lot of time and effort into something, so I will do my best to watch my terminology, but it's going to be really hard considering some of the things Wildcard still struggles with to this day. For starters, let's begin with feedback. Should staff read a post like mine or honestly anything that could be utilized to better the game, there's typically no response, which is understandable. However, when there is a response, it's typically a response like "we're taking this into consideration" or it's an excuse from a developer because of the short-sights in development. I think all console players remember the tether distance dilemma, where we were allowed to adjust our tether distances in local games. However the devs quickly removed it, stating that the setting could have adverse effects on the console, and sure, there should be concern for that. However, the irony in that is even without the tether distance, or even split-screen in general, a player's console is at risk from just playing the game, as blue screens still plague this game to this very day! Then there's the obvious lack of desire to improve the techinical and funamental aspects of the game that truly need help, but instead a desire to promote DLC and additional content, as if Wildcard thinks the playerbase is stupid enough to forget the issues that still plague this game. And yet, the DLCs themselves even have issues surrounding them. The first two we received were already plagued with issues. Scorched Earth was released while the game was in early access (the morality of this is still controversial), but then proved to be a nearly useless DLC as it contained very little content, received little additional attention, and some of the content can now be accessed for free on Ragnorok. Then there's the terribly planned DLC known as Abberation, the first DLC after the game was released, that was planned to be released in October, but ended up getting delayed for two months! Honestly, I feel bad for some of the devs at Wildcard, because whoever is in charge of priorities, deadlines, and projects obviously has no clue as to not only what their consumers want, but what their employees can accomplish. And until they change, or until they get replaced, this game will continue to be plagued by numerous issues. Not just the ones discussed, but many others as well. This will continue to shrink the playerbase, until there's not enough money going to Wildcard to support the game. And THAT is the final reason why I quit playing. Why should I continue to put my console at risk to play this game if the devs will never fix the issue? This game has been around for years, and yet no one has thought that the game has been optimized correctly? Has anyone tried looking at the code of the game? Who thought it would be a brilliant idea to make a game as ambitious as this with a pre-made engine? Epic Games got it right with Fortnite: a game as big as that needs its own engine and it operates as smooth as butter. And even if the technical issues FINALLY get sorted out, there's still so many issues that need attention from these devs that unless their wallets are being put at risk, they will never change anything. Thankfully, the playerbase is much more critical to these devs than other playerbases in other games, where they will literally wait until the game is nothing more than a donation box before they start critiquing the game. And that is the only hope that still remains for me about this game. Unfortunately, the playerbase doesn't seem to be at the forefront of Wildcard's decision making, so the hope is miniscule, and not enough for me to continue to support this game. I already held back on buying Abberation and now it is time for me to delete the game. Maybe in the future I will come back and see that the developers are as passionate as their original vision once was. Maybe in the future I will actually be excited about the upcoming DLC rather than suspicious or frustrated. Until then, I need to remove this very addicting game from my console, because the more it pulls me back in, the closer my console gets to an early death.
  21. DLC crashed my Xbox

    So, on top of having the extreme annoyance of multiple survivors being erased on my new Scorched Earth DLC, I've had A TON of crashing issues since the last game update. And I ONLY PLAY LOCAL. And now as of this morning, while trying to load in, MY XBOX ONE POWERED OFF and I haven't bee able to power it on for a good five minute or so. As for Scorched Earth, I've played maybe an hour by trying to find work around to even get it to load, I now feel like I wasted money and have also damaged my system because of this DLC. I'd like to point out that nobody else uses my Xbox, and legit, 99% of what I use it for is ARK. Anyone else having these issues?
  22. Lightly\Medium Boosted - PvPvE XBOX One and PC Play Anywhere Server Cluster All Maps - Live anywhere, be Everywhere Dedicated Discord, YouTube Channel & Website Running since March 2016 Custom Loot Drop system, weekly events. Full Details at WesterosRising.com or visit our YouTube Channel Difficulty level 1 Override Official Difficulty 7 (level 210 wild animals) Friendly fire is on (you cannot hurt your own tribe/tames/structures and allies) Map location on All downloads are active within our cluster only (30 minute cycle for dinosaurs) Structure Resistance 0.55 (harder to destroy your enemy) XP Multiplier: The Westernlands =2.2 XP Multiplier: The Riverlands = 2.2 XP Multiplier: The Dorne = 2.0 XP Multiplier: The Reach = 1.8 XP Multiplier: The Stormlands = 2.2 Taming x15 Dino Food Drain 1.2 Turret Damage x3.5 Harvest Amount amounts vary by resource - the rarer they are the more you gather! Player water\food consumption x0.6 Player Health recovery x1.3 Dino Health Recovery x2.6 Cave flying is not allowed Crops grow x6.0 Egg Hatching is x60 Baby Mature Rate is x20 Bronto and Diplo Saddle Engrams disabled Bronto and Diplo Creatures cannot be tamed at game level Third Person camera is activated We look forward to welcoming you to our cluster - we are Game of Thrones themed, but not a role play server. We have slots available and are happy to accommodate new players and tribe of up to 6 members. Our cluster is prepaid and is not going anywhere. We are community based, community owned - if you want you can assist with shaping our future! Be more than you can be! Our 6th no rules, no admin realm has now launched - check our video here: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=vuRCT5qZ8KU&feature=share The Realms of Westeros Admin Team. www.westerosrising.com
  23. In comparison to respawns for The Island, respawning in Scorched Earth in single player seems very unbalanced against the player (I am level 76 and die very frequently due to this), as I frequently get respawned within attack range of a predator/s (mostly Terror Birds and Raptors, so running isn't exactly an option when they get the jump on you by attacking you as you respawn), not to mention their senses seem a little too sharp, somehow I can be roughly 10-15 feet away from a predator to their due south and they still somehow know I'm there. I'd be fine with this if it happened infrequently, but with it happening roughly every 2nd respawn, sometimes even happening in consecutive respawns, it makes progressing in Scorched Earth's single player mode quite infuriating. Before people chime in with "Why not make a base with a bed?", I would if the game would give me a chance to do so, but with the dying occurring almost as soon as I enter Scorched Earth, gathering resources and even finding a remotely decent spot for a camp is extremely slow going.
  24. - 24/7 Nitrado Hosted Crossplay Ark Servers Search "The Hive" on the public server listing - Up to level 255 Dinos - Command Logging Enabled - Optional Roleplay - Currency System + Shop - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes . - 6x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 200, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed - Double loot - Double fishing - Double crafting - 1x Cave Damage - No trolling - No Pillar Spamming - No Artifact, High resource or Cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. Join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehiveserver Follow The Hive on other social media: https://www.facebook.com/thehivehq https://www.facebook.com/groups/geek.buy.sell.trade/ https://www.twitter.com/thehivehq https://www.instagram.com/thehivehq . Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/nNgmxer Server Donations Link: https://www.patreon.com/thehivehq (rewards for Patreon donators) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. Welcome to the #1 PS4 server in Ark as voted by our members Here WE HAVE JUST STARTED SEASON 2 of our Private Server so it is a fantastic time for any players looking for a new Private server to jump on and start fresh with the rest of the server! Could you and your tribe be the next Alpha tribe on SevenSons? ** Join us on Discord for more info ** What makes our server special? No Admin Free 2 Play Strong active international community Adjustable max player cap which will be edited to Demand LONG-TERM Server Stabile adult community registered on Discord App for communication, Looking for Group Section and much more ! We have all 5 maps RUNNING 24/7 in a Private Cross-Ark PVP Cluster. No crashes, stabile Dedicated PC host. We are a PvP server without grace period! Protect yourself or stay low in the beginning. Tribe Limit of 10 ! Max. 2 tribes on the attacking team when doing Raids, 2 tribes max. for defense aswell. Tribes are Welcome. Purge Weekends !! PVP Events * Hunger Games/Battle Royale/PUBG Event * PVP Arena with various Events Golden Dodo event for prizes We make use of increased rates and events related to the Server progression. ** Join us on Discord for more info ** I want to join! Start ARK on your PS4 and click "Join " Set your filter to " Unofficial PC Servers " Search for " SevenSons " in the Search bar 5 Cross-Ark servers will appear , pick the one of your choice and join Session = SevenSons The Island = SevenSons The Center = SevenSons Scorched Earth = SevenSons Aberrarion = SevenSons Ragnarok