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  1. Server Hopping Can anyone explain the best possible way to server hop between the island and scorched earth? I really want to get a wyvern. But I've been going crazy about how to attempt it, also I'm just scared that I'll mess up and lose a dino I cant replace. Any advice would be helpful as to what kind of flying mount, items, tames, etc to utilize while server hopping to capture/steal eggs.
  2. Despite having the "No Dino Download" setting unchecked, transfers are not working at obelisks/drops/tek transmitters. Basically, everything works fine during the upload; dinos get uploaded, and any items I upload as well get uploaded. When it comes to downloading, however, I can get all the items i uploaded as well as my character. In fact, the option to download the dino from the other map is there. However, upon downloading, the name of the dino on the transfer menu disappears (implying the transfer happened), but there's no dino in sight.
  3. Any updates or dlc on the Nintendo switch? Hi i have a somehow. Complicated question to ask if there are any of the above dlc such as abberation and the like as well as updates on the Nintendo switch in the future or there are none due to the switch having a low graphics of it's processors and latent load times?
  4. Seeking A RP Server So I have been playing ark for about a year I switched from an xbox to a playstation 4. I had a really good roleplay server on their and would really like to get back into it. If anyone knows any good roleplay servers please let me know. I am also looking for new people to play with my discrod is QueenOctavia#6749 if you have any questions for me message my discord.
  5. Prim+ scorched earth is crashing I play arc on the PS4 my favorite map is scorched earth but it’s now crashing with primitive plus is there a fix????
  6. SE bugs since genesis/update last night Private dedicated Xbox playing scorched earth. Since the update finished late last night, loot drops came back. Yay. Until I went to one and it instantly makes the server Xbox close ark, which then kicks everyone off. Accessing obelisks and two transmitter does the same thing. anyone else having this issue? single player on SE did not have that issue when I tried a few minutes ago.
  7. Update Broke Entire Game!!! The Island Now Raining Bosses, Scorched Earth Nuked! Since the 1/10/2020 Update Here are the issues I'm having so far. On The Island whenever I use an obelisk to fight a Guardian I now get teleported...…..NOT to the Guardians Arena but...… IN THE SKY WITH MY DINO'S!!!!!! Literally Teleports My Dino's, Me, and the Boss to the very center of The Island, Coordinates 50 Lat. 50 Lon. where we all freefall from the SKY until we hit the ground. In most cases it's instant death for my character and my T-Rex survives with the boss landing on our heads. Sometimes the boss even Vanishes into thin air after landing. Not sure what's going on here but The Island is now raining down Players, Dino's, and Guardians when you activate an obelisk. Oh, and that's not all! I moved over to Scorched Earth only to find that I was instantly killed along with ALL MY TAMED DINOS, and ALL MY STRUCTURES WERE COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!!!!!!!! All that was left were inventory bags where my structures USED to be. Is anyone having these problems? If so is there any way to fix them? Any help is appreciated BC my game is unplayable ATM.
  8. The Island is the only map that gets supply drops and I can’t get to manticore Okay this is my first post so sorry if I’m doing anything wrong, but I’ve noticed everybody saying that they get OSD on the other maps and not just The Island, but I only get them on Island. As for the bosses, I’ve tried going to the manticore arena after having beaten all the bosses on Island on Gamma, but whenever I try to use the Obelisk it does the count down as normal but then it loads me fifty feet above the ground in the middle of the map so I fall to my death. Am I doing something wrong? I haven’t tried the other bosses on the other maps yet, but I wanted to do them in order. I’ve tried to find anybody else with those two problems, but I’m finding nothing. Does anybody know what’s going on with my supply drops and manticore boss?
  9. Dracodine

    Wetter unsichtbar

    Wetter unsichtbar Hallo liebes Forum, mein Freund und ich spielen seit Januar auf der Scorched Earth Map am PC. Leider hören wir zwar das Wetter und wir bekommen auch die dazugehörigen Effecte, aber das Wetter ist völlig unsichtbar. Also man sieht keinen regen, keinen Sandsturm etc. Den Bug gab es wohl schonmal 2015. Ich habe auch auf den offiziellen Ark-Servern geschaut, da sieht das Wetter genauso aus. Nur in meinem Single-Player Spiel sieht das Wetter bei scorched earth normal aus. Ich habe, zum testen, auch einmal theisland geladen auf dem Server, dort funktioniert das Wetter auch ohne Probleme. Kennt Jemand das Problem? Liegt es an einer Einstellung? Kann ich etwas daran verbessern? Oder liegt es an Ark selbst? Da es ebenfalls auf den offiziellen-Servern so ist, glaube ich, es liegt an der Ark-Version :/ Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Ich hoffe ein Dev/Admin sieht das und kann es weiterleiten, ist schon schade, dass das coole Wetter nicht zu sehen ist :D Mit freundlichen Grüßen Dracodine
  10. Taggless, Levelless, Baby Dino Following Me Hi there! So I just came back from taming a couple of Equus, to see this, what looks like to be a T-rex baby, following me. There is no name, level, baby/juvenile/adolescent tag, nothing. It can't be mine, because I don't have Rexes yet. I can't Imprint, damage or get rid of it, it's to fast. Has anybody experienced something like this too? Because I can't find anything anywhere.
  11. Missing rain on SE The rain on scorched Earth isn't showing an animation. You can hear the sounds and your water/crops refill but water resivours and morellatops do not replenish water.. anyone else having this problem?
  12. Hey, my name is Zack. I was just wondering, What dlc is the best in your opinion
  13. NO WYVERNS, NO EGGS, NO SUPPLY DROPS. SP BROKEN Here's the deal I've been playing ark for months now, and it had become my favorite game, i know this is not the point, but i haven't had any problems with the game till there. First, i play on single player, love to have the map and dinos for me. So the first frustating bug started when, near the red woods i closed the game, and when i got back my character just died, i never found his body neither my pteranodon who desapeared as well, lost a really good ascendant gear. Tried to go under the map and above to the limit, still no sucsess. I know somethimes bugs happens and besides the desapointing i decided to move on to ragnarok. After hours of gameplay i went to where the wyverns live and.... where are the wyverns? there were not a single one, i tried everything i could guys, cleaned the cache, reinstalled the game, tried in other profiles, used the "destroywilddinos" command several times and still no wyverns. Again i acepted my fate and moved to scorched earth, again, several hours of gameplay and then i realized, no supply drops, neither in the desert nor in the center of the map, and when i went to the wyverns nest, well there were wyverns there, but after thousands of runs i noticed that eggs where not spawning. Whatever i did was useless to fix this problems, for what i've seached many people had problem with the wyverns and eggs, but very few with the supply drops. I wanted to know if anyone had the same issues and for God's sake, if someone from the suport or whatever is reading this, please, fix this game, fix this problems, it's been hours of frustation and tring to fix things that you shoud be aware of. And i really what to keep playing single player, no intention of going to pve or pvp online. Somethimes it looks like the SP is there for nothing besides make your day worse. It is frustrating, to buy a game, that catches you, that makes you wanna play more and more, but suddently it just starts to stop working as it should and you just can't find a solution, If theres not suport for the SP, then the game shouldn't have it. I really apologize for the text (and maybe useless details), it's been a really bad experience, i just had to say it.
  14. No Deep Sea Loot Crates or Supply Drops Just started playing SE on Xbox One. I’ve been to all 18 sets of coords for the deep sea loot crates yet have found none. Also have not seen one supply crate drop. Additionally, have been playing a couple days now and have not seen any wyvern nests in the scar
  15. *NEW* Cluster 6man SmallTribes with 10xXP/Gathering 15x Taming/Maturation FnP Cluster 6man SmallTribes with 10x XP/Gathering 15x Taming/Maturation FnP is a fresh new PvP cluster with a slight boost in rates to excel your tribes growth. If you find at any point this doesn't cover enough information for you then feel free to join the current discord listed at the bottom. We feature a fairly boosted set of multipliers to ease the lives of your tribe mates. As well as some slightly buffed beacon drops and future admin events for special rewards! We DO NOT HAVE; very pay to win packs, ORP, or Blue allies. There Will NOT BE; Golems in week 1 of the wipe, Golem BPs, teaming or ORP. There Will Be; Chibis in drops, a 1 week wait time on dono packs, Active admin tickets. Max Dino Levels: 150 wild, 224 perfect tame, 340 max after taming. The server will launch it's first ever season on January 17th this Friday! . With the multiple maps on our cluster and new community there will be lots of base locations to choose from and room for community growth! Player Stat Per Level; 10 Health, 20 Stam, Weight 200, Fortitude 10, Default movement/melee. If you're also looking for a slowly growing community outside of official servers or absurd multipliers servers, try the FnP 6man Cluster! For those interested in what we plan to offer join our discord below! For our patch notes, server polls, custom events, and more please check out our discord:https://discord.gg/hucSPmr To join the server directly, search ''unofficial pc sessions'' for FnP Currently Planned Maps: Ragnarok, The Center, The Island, Abberation, Scorched Earth, Extinction, and eventually genesis. ATTENTION: The first season for FnP has not released yet but is planned to soon upon release of genesis or sooner.
  16. aribe


    Question So me and my friend are on a crossplay scorched earth server and we found this little cave near the red obelisk but someone told us our structures take 5x more damage in caves, in the case that is true I don’t think ours counts as an actual cave because it doesn’t have a loading screen or freeze when you go in. Anyone know about this? Thank you
  17. Scorched Earth tribute transfer Because of Genesis being released in January, me and a friend are working our way through the storyline Arks (starting from the Island, then scorched earth, etc). The only problem with this is that we are running our own dedicated server and are unable to upload our characters without ascension. I was wondering if there was any way to upload our characters from scorched earth as we know you can ascend from the other 3 maps. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Edit: may have posted this twice, apologies
  18. What's your favorite Expansion Pack? Since genesis part 1 is coming out early next year I'm curious to see what everyone's favorite Expansion Pack was and why and if your excited about genesis Personally for me my favorite is Extinction because I grew up on Godzilla movies so there was no better way to end Ark than with a Kaiju Expansion Pack and the fact you can tame the titans and make Meks only made me want it more Unfortunately because of Atlas it's not all it could have been but we got Genesis out of it so it makes up for it As for Genesis part 1 I think it's probably going to be my second favorite Expansion Pack only behind Extinction (unless part 2 is somehow even more impressive looking) If I had to put them in order (disincluding genesis part 2) it would be: 1.Extinction (giant epic kaijus, massive map, zombie like creatures in the form of corrupted, meks, cool robots, decent creatures and probably mixed in with personal bias). 2.Genesis part 1 (water focused gameplay, beautiful and massive looking environments, some of the best creatures I've seen in any expansion pack, and etc). 3.Aberration (it's very cool but just not as cool as Genesis Part 1 and Extinction in my opinion). 4.Scorched Earth (ruined by ragnarok and is in major need of a remake giving it new items, creatures, mini bosses, and locations plus that ending everyone is wanting but until it gets that it's the worst Expansion Pack because wildcard don't care about it). I've made a Scorched Earth Remake suggestion page if anyone is interested in how they could do it btw and I'll link it below
  19. Rip off !! Prove to me that Scorched Earth works on MAC otherwise , I label both the developers of ARK and owners of Steam as thieves. how can my refund be denied and how did i clock 19 hours on a DLC that does not work on my OS Ive been ripped off and you will be next !
  20. Reduce Lag on Official Servers Title says it all, for the love of all that is holy, please improve hardware of official servers. I don't know what the best way to tackle it is. Maybe Premium official servers, charge $5/mo subscription for access, and these have the fun events, vanilla moderation, but much much less lag. I'm inclined to assume this title has made WC studios a butt tonne of money, maybe this upgrade can be on the house. Anyways, upvote for less official server lag! Disclaimer, not a networking guy, not a server guy, just a guy. A guy who would buy Genesis DLC even quicker if all it said was "Significantly improved server lag"
  21. Scorched Earth Remake Creature updates: there are 7 creatures that I think deserve some new things and while some people may not agree with these I think it'll be helpful to keep them unique with the brand new creatures in the remake and these are in order of most important to least important. 1.The Phoenix should have improved stats since it's so hard to get and could use abit of a remodel maybe with the ability to land. 2.Lymantria attacks should have a torpor effect so that they could be fantastic for helping knock out creatures or on raids by carpet bombing your enemies with torpor gas, maybe abit of a remodel would be good as well to make them abit more thin with more detailed faces and wings. 3.Deathworms could use abit of a new model update like it getting a mouth like in the Scorched Earth cover art and it could always be visible with it occasionally roaring and maybe a Electricity AoE ability that damages unless you either get out of the electricity field, are flying, or jump onto something like a rock and the alpha deathworm would have the largest electricity AoE radius, they should have a fear roar ability where they can cause creatures to flee (they could cause all but the strongest creatures to flee in fear) and the Alpha Deathworm would scare away all tames but the Giganotosaurus, Reaper King, Titanosaur, Sandworms, Minotaurs and the 3 Titans. 4.Lightning Wyverns should gain a buff when theres electricity storms it gains a stronger larger breath attack and goes into a supercharged state with electricity surging around it, it should also have a tek variation instead of the Fire and Poison Wyverns and shock darts/stun rods should heal them slightly. 5.Poison Wyverns should be resistant to torpor damage and have a buff where overtime poison will build up and when it does the push back with its wings it'll push out poison gas that'll deal torpor for a short time before evaporating. 6.Fire Wyverns should be partially immune to all fire damage not just other wyverns but fire weapons and the Phoenix as well and the Alphas should be immune entirely. 7.The Manticore boss should have afew quality of life design improvements to better match its boss hologram maybe abit of a stat boost too since the Manticore is so frail compared to the other bosses before it despite looking the most intimidating (at least 1/3rd stronger). New Creatures: There are a total of 5 new creatures and 4 new variations that I think could be added that fit into the general theme of the expansion and be exclusive to scorched earth and I picked them based on the general theme and what felt like would fit into the expansion without being out of place, ontop of that 3 of the creatures are mini bosses similarly to the Iceworm Queen, Lava Golem and Spirit Animals on Ragnarok. 1.The Minotaur would be the Giga of Scorched Earth and give Scorched Earth a creature that can compete with the Giga and Reapers and lore wise just to show it, it could "battle" a Deathworm but it rips it out of the ground and bashes it to death, stat wise it could battle a wild Giga it would be weaker but it would definitely put up a fight and it wouldn't really rely on any buffs like the gigas bleed damage or the Reapers defense buff it would just be insanely strong physically and tough and hit like a freight train completely ignoring armor buffs including saddles and break armor quicker, it would have a body somewhat like a werewolf with no form of cloths or ability to speak like a steryotypical Minotaur and no weapons like battle axes like the Pixark version it would just punch, stomp and charge things to death, it would charge getting on all fours similarly to the Dragon boss and charges destroying any natural obstacle in it's way like rocks and damaging creatures/structures and it would pick up speed the longer it charges, it should definitely be capable of destroying metal but maybe not tek, size wise the normal one would be slightly smaller than a Mek, it would also have a special mini boss variation that would be the dungeon boss of a updated Ruins of Nosti cave called the Ancient Minotaur that would be slightly larger than a Mek but smaller than the Hydra. This variation lore wise is battle damaged from fighting the characters within scorched earth's story as it constantly hunted them down throughout and battled other creatures native to scorched earth so its scarred and damaged looking, stronger, and larger than a normal Minotaur (basically a Alpha Minotaur) and due to the base Minotaur already being very powerful it wouldn't have any minions during the fight, it could also have a trophy head like the Deathworm and Wyverns. 2.The Hydra would be the second new mini boss which would appear in a brand new dungeon I've called the Catacomb of Serpents that begins from the hole in the Coliseum city that in the remake would be open. Its lair would be a area in the dungeon filled with alot of water and it would have 3 attacks, the first is a basic bite attack that deals torpor damage, second would be a spread poison breath attack having the spread damage of a Fire/Ice Wyvern but does torpor damage like a Poison Wyvern, and the final is a attack where all of its heads do the spread poison breath attack making a massive cloud of poison infront of it that would tear through health, it could also summon Titanoboa as minions maybe too or not, size wise it would be the tallest and the longest of the 3 mini bosses, It also could have a trophy like the Minotaur where it's the base of the necks with all the heads sticking out. 3.Cockatrice would be a new creature that when ridden would reduce the heat by one heat level, so let's say your in super heat when riding it, it would reduce it to heat or heat to warm and etc so it would definitely be a creature your going to want to tame eventually. 4.Gargoyles would be a creature that will roam around the map at night Similarly to troodon but you can find them in caves often, they could fly and walk around and maybe be a passive tame where you'd have to tame it with cementing paste, size wise they would be as tall as a Gigantopithecus with the wingspan of a Pteranodon and long tail and have a weaker version of the reduced physical damage buff that the Rock Elementals have so basically weaker and smaller but easier to get rock elementals that can fly. 5.Scarabs will ALWAYS be found in dungeons especially the old tunnels and will be one of if not the smallest creatures in ark, they will be extremely frail however they come in large packs and deal alot of damage so using a weapon like a flamethrower would be extremely useful against them, they cannot be tamed and they have the third and final miniboss for the expansion remake, a Scarab Queen that's extremely tough, can fly, and summon her legion of Scarabs to attack you, you can fight her in the revamped Old Tunnels cave, size wise she is the smallest of the mini bosses being 1/3rd smaller than the Broodmother in height but noticeably longer maybe around a Broodmother and a half long. Like the other mini bosses it could also have a trophy. 6.Sandworms could be a special Deathworm variant that instead of burrow under the ground could slither around and attack (basically a Iceworm Male reskin but slithers around now and could have a similar model and animations to the Basilisk model with afew differences like the mouth animations, afew idle animations, and attack animations, they could be tamable unlike the normal deathworms.), they would obviously be weaker, smaller and easier to kill but would definitely be cool since in the cover art I linked to this page shows a deathworm doing that, as well as that the AoE electricity ability would also be nice on them (bite attack, Electric Field attack and a Roar ability) the Roar ability would debuff creatures up to things like Rex's and brontos however it wouldn't make them run in fear like the yutyrannus, the Deathworms, Alpha Deathworms, and the Iceworm Queen. 8.Alpha Mantis because I feel like the Mantis is one of the more memorable creatures from Scorched Earth and deserves a Alpha alongside the Wyverns and Deathworms. Map: the map could use abit of a TLC and could use afew brand new/updated locations in the list below 1.Remade old tunnels cave 2.Remade Ruins of Nosti cave 3.Remade Manticore City/Coliseum 4.The Catacomb of Serpents (Coliseum/manticore city dungeon) And add afew other areas if you think they need anymore in a comment below Items: I think they could add something along the lines of maybe eight a Tek land vehicle (think immortal engines if you've seen that movie) that could act similarly to the raft where you can build on it, quite afew people want a tek wyvern saddle, tek water irrigation, tek forge and etc. And I think with the remake they should add the ascension everyone's been wanting, personally how I would execute it is after beating the manticore the player would start to ascend but since you'd be ascending to a broken ark obviously it wouldn't work so well so instead of being like the island the survivor starts seeing flashes showing areas of aberration like the radiation zone, the teleportation device in the entrance of aberration, a ground view of the broken obelisk from the surface and afew other things before cutting to black instead of showing the survivor on aberration. Also when you beat the manticore you should gain plus 5 levels like in the island map and aberration. Realistically people wouldn't suddenly just take breaks they would keep training and getting stronger plus it'll allow players to get more things from the expansions instead of being limited, same with extinction. Finally I touched up on it abit in the deathworm/sandworm descriptions but I want to talk about the Iceworms abit. They should still burrow unlike the sandworms and be untamable still however they can still inflict the roar debuff and instead of the Electricity AoE they could do a Nitrogen Mist AoE which slows down tames/players and damages them. The Iceworm Queen however will have that but with the ability to freeze players and tames similarly to the Ice Titan and it would have the normal fear roar ability to scare away creatures and not just the debuff ability. For creatures I think the list is pretty strong but if you feel like there's anything that should be in there for items, revamped/new areas, and creatures then add it into a comment below.
  22. Scorched Earth Ideas and Concepts In my opinion, Scorched Earth was the best DLC we have gotten over the years. Maybe it's blind nostalgia, but I remember crying out-loud when I saw the release trailer. There was something so absolutely wonderful about this new world Wildcard had created. Sure, Aberration and Extinction have made huge leaps in expanding the vision of Ark, but it's my belief none of them would exist without Scorched. Wyverns, Rock Elementals, and Deathworms paved the way for Drakes, Managarmr, and Titans. However, Scorched has recently been stripped of its unique qualities. The only unique things to Scorched are some skins and the Phoenix. This is kinda disheartening to see, as I really think Scorched deserves its own content. So, my idea is a few new high-tier creatures to compete with the likes of Reapers, Drakes, Managarmr, and maybe even Titans. Chupacabra: The Chupacabra is a Rex sized nocturnal predator that closely resembles the Nameless from Aberration, with notably larger claws, eyes, and sharp spines running down their back. These creatures will burrow underground during the day to avoid the sun, but can be lured out using Ovis carcasses. At night, they will emerge and begin to slaughter any and all creatures in sight. When they eat an Ovis at night, Chupacabras will enter the "Frenzy" state, and ignore damage reducers(Armor, Yuty Courage, Megatherium Superstate). Chupacabras can jump like Reapers, however not quite as high. You tame Chupacabras by KOing them during the day(Requires you to lure them out of the ground) and feeding them mutton. Keep in mind that torpor will decrease faster at night. When tamed, Chupacabras have a standard bite attack, a grab/maul, jump, and digging ability. The grab lets the Chupa hold small/medium creatures in its claws and damage them. It can move while doing this. The digging attack lets the Chupa burrow under the ground, and reduces the survivors Oxygen at 1/10 the normal rate. All lifeforms within a twenty foot radius will be illuminated in red. The Chupacabra can be ridden during the day with no penalty, but at night will grant night-vision to its rider and receive a 15% damage buff. Chupas can be bred, however babies will require lots of food at night. Mammoth Beetle: The Mammoth Beetle is a large species related to the Hercules Beetle. However, these critters have attained sizes akin to that of Paracers. They use their large horns for defense and food gathering. Mammoth Beetles eat wood, and harvest it with extreme proficiency. Using their large wings, Mammoth Beetles can quickly charge opponents and skewer them on their horn, causing bleed and holding the creature there for six seconds. Beetles will seek out wooden structures and eat them with a prejudice. To tame these beasts, you need to use Cannons to KO them, and then shovel in as much wood and wooden structures as you can. Dinosaur gateframes and Large Wood Walls work best. When tamed, Mammoth Beetles are amazing wood gatherers and offensive creatures. Their thick shell makes them good tanks, and they are no stranger to carrying lots of weight. Be careful not to let opponents behind you though, as the Beetle will have no way of defending itself. Thunderbird: A legendary eagle who appears during lightning storms. Much like the Phoenix, it will disappear after the storm has subsided. These birds are slightly larger than Wyverns, and boast an impressive speed for their size. Can only be tamed with Lightning Wyvern breath and Shocking Tranq Darts. Thunderbirds can collect and eat crystal. When tamed, Thunderbirds have a standard claw attack, defensive shield, and "Storm-bringer". Defensive barrier coats the Thunderbird in electricity, and reduces all damage by 50% while also dealing damage back to anyone using physical attacks. This lasts thirty seconds and has a three minute cooldown. Storm-bringer is a large AOE which summons random bolts of lightning around the Thunderbird for two minutes. Clouds will appear above and the sky will darken slightly. These deal a lot of damage, but will hurt allied dinos. Does slight damage to stone, adobe, and metal structures, but deals a lot to wood and thatch. Freyr's Beast: Freyr's Beast is a large boar similar in size to a Mammoth. It only appears during the rare rainstorms on Scorched. These creatures are territorial, and any survivor who gets too close will be attacked without mercy. Freyr's Beast is a generally tanky and strong creature, and beats even the toughest of Rexes. It stores water similar to the Morellatops, but also passively regenerates water while eating berries(5 per berry). The base amount of water is 1000 units. Freyr's Beast can use its stores of water to activate three different moves. For 200 units of water, Freyr's Beast can fire a beam of water that behaves similarly to Lightning Wyvern breath, but inflicts the Soaked effect, which makes the target take more damage from water based attacks. The second move can be activated for 500 water, and sends out a singular wave of water which pushes away foes and deals damage once every second the target is in the wave. The third attack costs 700 water, and is a massive tidal wave which hits everything in front of Frey'rs Beast. It can damage all structures except Tek, and will stun any player or creature hit by it for five seconds. Set's Servants: These are two large snakes wrapped around each other, acting as one creature. Set's Servants are found out in the desert dunes, and are highly aggressive. They will attack any creature, wild or tamed, and are often seen brawling. The first snake resembles a rattlesnake, while the second looks more like a cobra. When performing their primary attack, the first will bite while the second will spit out a poisonous projectile. If either attack hits, the opponent will take Poison damage(fifty dps) over the course of fifteen seconds. Set's Servants have a large turning radius, but can roll over to either the left or right, dealing damage to any opponents it hits and knocking them back. Both will roar in unison. Set's Servants are a normal KO tame, but be careful of their ranged attacks and surprising speed. They will eat meat, but Artifacts act as their kibble. When tamed, Set's Servants are powerful tames, and are very suitable for combat. Riders will be seated on the first head. Pangolith: This is a pangolin. A pangolin on three tons of steroids. Pangoliths are solitary insectivores who stand as tall and long as a Spinosaurus. They spend most of their time wandering around looking for bugs to eat. Pangoliths have large claws for attacking, as well as a long tail for sweeping attacks and an equally long tongue for drawing prey closer. When threatened, Pangoliths will usually fight back, but can also curl up, protecting themselves with their tough scaled armor. You can tame your own Pangolith by making it try to lick you. Wild Pangoliths will use their tongue to grab faster opponents. If it misses, it takes the Pangolith a little bit of time to retract its tongue entirely. During this time, you can interact with the tongue to slather narcotics on it. Doing this enough will eventually knock it out, at which point you can feed the Pangolith any kind of meat to tame it. When tamed, the Pangolith has a standard attack, a tail-sweep to cover attacks from behind, and a twenty-five foot tongue grab which pulls targets in and slows them down for three seconds. Bejeweled Iguana: When a sandstorm occurs, survivors tell tales of a mysterious creature shimmering in the distance. This is the Bejeweled Igunana, a large reptile with gems and crystals covering its scales like an armor. Bejeweled Igunas are generally passive, but will act in defense using swipes of the forelimbs and tail. The armor on their scales reduces damage from most ranged damage, but explosions do increased damage. When attempting to tame one of these, there's two methods. You can use explosives to break their armor, making them weak to torpor weapons, or passive tame them with Crystal/Wyvern Eggs. When you have one, Bejeweled Iguanas will passively generate Iguana Gems, which acts as a substitute to Crystal, Green gems, Blue gems, and Red gems in crafting recipes. They make for decent tanks, but have a hard time traveling long distances due to their weight. Their move set remains largely the same, but tamed Iguanas can be fed Crystal to promote passive healing, as well as increase damage and movement speed. Carcharodontosaurus: Among all the powerful and fearsome creatures of the desert, Carcharodontosaurus sticks out like a sore thumb. It's a normal dinosaur, unlike the other powerhouses wandering around. These large therapods rival Tyrannosaurus in size, and dominate the food chain almost anywhere they can be found. Their raw power alone already exceeds most creatures, but their incredible stamina, speed, and combat utility gives them the edge. Carchars are designed for traveling long distances quickly, and thus has slow stamina drain and a faster than normal movement speed. Their bite inflicts a slowing effect, making escape even harder for unfortunate prey. Carchars will usually take the time to bite smaller prey before using their maul attack. The Carchar will knock prey over before standing on them and repeatedly biting, causing lots of damage and small amounts of bleed. Carchars are not your normal KO tame. They are only vulnerable to tranqs while pinning something, meaning you must either sacrifice your own creatures, or lure it to wild creatures and KO it as it goes along(Wild creatures cannot attack for five seconds after being let go, meaning you are less likely to lose taming effectiveness). When tamed, Carchars retain their bite, maul, and gain a fear inducing roar, which frightens all but the largest of predators and prey. Amphiptere: Close cousins of the Wyvern, Amphiptere are long snake-like creatures with feathered wings like that of a bird. They can rarely be seen stalking the sky and swooping onto prey from above, injecting a deadly venom with their fangs and waiting for their victim to die. Amphiptere measure out about as long as Wyverns, but have almost no bulk to their body. Amphiptere aren't as fast as their cousins, but do possess a stronger bite, smaller turn radius, and an immunity to all Wyvern breath attacks. To tame your own Amphiptere, you only need to knock it out. This is most easily accomplished with a Chain Bola, but if you want a challenge, then go ahead and try to hit its skinny body as it circles above. Once you've knocked it out, feed it some meat and wait for it to tame up. Amphiptere can be ridden, and make for good Wyvern Egg collectors. They can land like other flyers, but cannot move around when doing so. Their bite inflicts a minute long DoT effect which can be cured using lesser antidote if needed. Amphiptere are good long distance flyers, and excellent for combat, but lack in weight or the ability to gather any resources. Tameable Deathworms: With the power of tranqs, you can KO Deathworms and feed them Wyvern eggs to tame them. Useful for base defense. Can be ridden. Carnimole: Out in the dunes of Scorched, Deathworms reign as the top predator. That is if you don't count the Carnimole, a large species of mole who specialize in hunting Deathworms. Carnimoles will actively seek out Deathworms as a main food source. They use their large claws to burrow underground at high speeds with little stamina loss. It is unknown just how massive these creatures truly are, as the only part of them that ever comes out of the ground is their forelimbs, head, and part of their torso. This alone is as tall as a Rex, meaning in all they are extremely large and heavy. Taming a Carnimole is no small feet. You must lure them out with a tamed Deathworm, or Rare Flowers. Then prepare to play the ultimate game of whack-a-mole. Carnimoles constantly burrow and reposition while fighting, meaning they won't stay put for long. They can also bury under structures, meaning you can't trap it. By dealing damage to a wild Carnimole's nose with ranged weapons, you can stun it. During this time you need to run up and feed it a Deathworm horn. Rinse and repeat until it finally gives up and becomes tamed. When tamed, Carnimoles can be ridden like any other creature. They possess two attacks, a standard slash with their claws, and a spin that deals only a little damage but a good amount of knockback. Their slash attack can damage stone and adobe structures, and they can burrow under any structure. Carnimoles cannot pop out of the ground when under a structure, and cannot move onto structures like ramps and foundations. They are essentially glued to the ground. They can however, burrow up cliffs, onto natural ceilings(Caves, overhangs) and underwater, and pop out of the ground when doing so, making them a very useful traversal creature. Nothing short of the largest predators dare attack Carnimoles. Carnimoles can collect wood, stone, flint, and sand with surprising ease, but cannot collect finer materials like metal, obsidian, and crystal. Duglideosaurus: Better known as "Dune Gliders", Duglideosaurus resemble sea turtles in overall body design. These beasts hover over the dunes, occasionally stopping and swallowing large amounts of sand before taking off again. Their heads are triangular, and possess both a large chin and nose horn. Their shells are covered in triangular spikes, but the most striking feature of these beasts are their large flippers. Each has a large hole in it's center. These holes, through some seemingly impossible process, exude the sand that the Duglideo swallows at high enough speeds to lift it into the air. This creates powerful sand columns under the Duglideo which can damage structures and creatures. When hovering, Duglideo is extremely fast, and approaches speeds comparable to the fastest creatures around. Their physical attack isn't very dangerous, but Duglideosaurus can easily overwhelm creatures caught in its sand. These creatures aren't readily tameable to most survivors. They will defend themselves fiercely, and will punish those who are unprepared for their assault. You can knock these creatures out of the sky using chain bolas, making them vulnerable to cannon fire to the head. A cannon ball will temporarily stun the Duglideo, causing them to open their mouths. Quickly shove sand in its mouth. Keep doing this until it is tamed. Tamed Duglideos are fast platform creatures used by tribes for safe and efficient travel. They work off a sand meter like the Gasbag's Gas, which can be refilled by using the alternate attack when grounded. Sand Capacity can be increased with an increase in the weight stat. Duglideo can also passively gain sand over time by eating sand and stone. Sand accounts for 10 food points, while Stone is 50. Their sand attacks will deal damage to Wooden and Thatch structures. Sabulpistris: Sabulpistris are seemingly related to the common Megalodon, but their existence is puzzling. They closely resemble their relatives, but have much tougher skin and hard spikes running their length. The most stark difference is that while Megalodon swim in water like any other fish, Sabulpistris swims through sand with just as much grace and speed. They are quite literally sand sharks. Sabulpistris don't hunt in packs like their cousin, as their heavy defenses makes them more adept at combat. They often swim halfway exposed in the water, allowing their bodies to expel more heat. Sabulpistris is a traditional KO tame, with the standard meat diet. It should be noted that Sabulpistris have a higher metabolism than their cousins, and wake up fairly quickly. Once tamed, you can ride a Sabulpistris with or without a saddle, though the saddle gives a bonus to oxygen retention. Sabulpistris can be commanded to swim under the earth, making them almost undetectable. This will drain the player's oxygen and prevent Sabulpistris from regenerating stamina until they surface again. When "submerged" Sabulpistris can perform a sneak attack which deals a five second stun and deals a fair bit more damage than the standard bite, though it can only be used once every 20 seconds. Submerged Sabulpistris can swim up natural walls, ceilings, but cannot swim under structures. Sabulpistris can swim in water with the same efficiency as any Megalodon. Aracylla: Aracylla are an incredibly large species of spider lurking in the caves of Scorched Earth. Most survivors easily mistake it for a Broodmother due to its size and structure, but Aracylla is much different in terms of behavior. Aracylla have no special relationship with Araneo, and often eat them without thought. They are solitary, and will fight to the death over territory and prey. Aracylla create large webs that must be destroyed to walk past, and often catch wild creatures in these webs. Finding a Aracylla isn't very tough given their size, but taming one is. By feeding it tamed creatures(Like a Troodon) you can raise the taming bar, but keep in mind that most other bugs are of no interest to the Aracylla. Their most preferred prey is large predators like Tyrannosaurus and Megalosaurus, but getting these into caves is usually not possible. You can however, lead Aracylla out of the caves. When Aracylla can't reach prey due to ceilings or small corridors, they will burrow underground and follow until they can surface again. They do so with the large shovel-like ends to their legs. When tamed, Aracylla retain the ability to dig, though it drains stamina quickly when moving. They can perform an ambush attack when burrowed. They can also place down web traps, with a two trap limit per Aracylla. These act like bear traps, but "leash" a creature in place. The creature can move five meters away from the trap in any direction, and can be freed by destroying it. Aracylla's physical attacks are fairly strong and deal a DoT venom, but their lack of speed is a major disadvantage when faced with a threat they cannot beat. Draconiciosa: Draconiciosa(Meaning Dragon's Bane) is fittingly the sworn enemy of Wyverns. They are large reptilians, muscular in build. Draconiciosa grow to be as long and tall as a Diplodocus. Curiously, the Draconiciosa wear the skeleton of other Draconiciosa, chiefly their skull and rib-cage, like a crude armor. These creatures largely resemble Megalania in shape, but their tails and jaws are crocodilian in nature. Attached to their muscular arms are five fingers covered in hook shaped claws. These allow them to climb walls and ceilings with ease. Draconiciosa are naturally immune to both wild and tamed Wyvern breath attacks. Draconiciosa do not use flight to chase down their airborne adversaries. Instead, they fire streams of sticky saliva from their mouths(Like Managarmr breath) which slow targets and prevent flight. They will then finish the job with incredibly strong bites and claw attacks. Thanks to the hooked shape of their claws, any swipes will inflict bleed on the target. To tame a Draconiciosa, you need to kill a female. Unlike Wyverns, female Draconiciosa will carry their eggs within themselves to keep them safe from predators. If one is killed, the eggs can be raised as your own. This also earns you a Draconiciosa Skeleton, which acts as a saddle. Wild Draconiciosa are similar in strength to Wild Gigas, so obtaining eggs and skeletons shouldn't be take lightly. When you have obtained a baby and skeleton, the baby will eat Wyvern Eggs for food. When fully grown, you can equip the skeleton to ride them. Draconiciosa are weaker than their wild counterparts, but not by much. They retain their powerful bite and bleed inducing claw attacks, as well as the ability to climb walls and spit saliva. Draconiciosa melee attacks have a boost in damage to Wyverns. They themselves, as well as their riders, are immune to all Wyvern breath attacks and their effects. You cannot breed Draconiciosa, but killing wild ones will grant Skeletons with varying levels of armor. Drakion: The dunes of Scorched are never safe with the various bugs and reptiles that stalk around, but if the two were combined, would anything be safe? Drakion are hideous dragons which have grown to resemble scorpions. They possess six limbs for locomotion and two pincer arms with serrated edges. Their tail is long, and ends in a stinger capable of puncturing the hardest of armor. The heads of Drakion are very drakonic, but have six eyes, and like the rest of their body, are covered in thick chitinous shelling. Thanks to their incredible bulk, Drakion do not need ranged weaponry. The heavy armor of Drakion reduces all incoming ranged/explosive damage. They will quickly rush down prey Hati and Skoll: Hati and Skoll are two seperate creatures, but resemble and act in much the same way. Both are Tyrannosaur-sized wolves, however Hati comes in colors like red, orange, and yellow with blazing eyes and a fiery glow, while Skoll is generally blue or white, and gives off a more calm and clear light. Hati chases the moon, and thus only appears at night. Skoll chases the sun, and can only be found during the day. Hati are always male, and Skoll are always female. Both are territorial, and will attack if you invade their personal space. They are extremely strong, and should be avoided at all costs. Hati and Skoll are tameable, and act as opposites of each other. To tame these two, you will need either Sundrops or Moonshards. Sundrops are obtained by killing Hati, Moonshards from Skoll. When you have these, find the wolf opposite of the one you just killed and engage in combat. When fighting, Hati and Skoll will occasionally do a large explosion of either fire(Hati) or ice(Skoll) energy, after which they will pause to recover. During this time, run up and feed the shard to your wolf, and rinse and repeat until you've tamed it. After being tamed, Hati and Skoll can be ridden using the celestial saddle, a combination of crystal, silica pearls, and celestial hide(From Hati and Skoll). When ridden, they have a standard(Inflicts fire or freezing), a beam attack(Also inflicts fire or freezing) and their elemental explosion, which has a two minute cooldown. They can damage stone with their bites, and metal with their explosion. They are quite fast, and rank as some of the strongest creatures around. You can breed Hati and Skoll together, however this won't give twins, and the offspring will randomly be one of the two. Trailblazers: Trailblazers are roadrunner birds if they were the size of ostriches. They are extremely fast mounts which grant their rider heat resistance for riding through the desert. Solar Storm and the Solorboros: The solar storm is a weather event like the meteor showers from Extinction, where stray energy from the sun rains down upon the dunes. This deals damage to players and tames, as well as increases heatstroke every time you are hit, but doesn't destroy structures, and can be blocked by them. Anything outside the dunes experiences a massive increase in heat and aggression from wild creatures. As this occurs, the strongest tame in all of Scorched Earth finally rears its head. This is the Solorboros, a snake-like dragon measuring longer than a Titanosaur. This dragon has a mane of feathers around its head, stylized to resemble the sun. It isn't a generally aggressive creature, and thus can normally be found floating stationary in the sky, curled into the infinity symbol with its tail in its mouth. When disturbed, Solorboros will lash out and begin to assault its attackers with searing hot bites, beams of sun energy, and rapid-fire fireballs that cause explosion damage. As you fight, Solorboros will drop Sunscales, an ingredient needed for the crafting of Sunpiercers, an ammo type used in crossbows. Sunpiercers are a combination of crystal, stone arrows, Sunscales, and metal ingots. When you have some Sunpiercers, use them on the Solorboros to weaken its sun energy, making it vulnerable to explosive damage and siege weapons(Cannons, Catapults). These forms of damage will eventually render the creature unconscious, after which it can be tamed by strapping on a Solorboros saddle, crafted from precious materials and sunscales. The saddle can have up to twenty riders. The Solorboros is an extremely powerful tame. Its bite attacks can damage Tek and Metal structures, as can its explosive blasts. The sunbeam attack easily chews through wooden and thatch structures. Solorboros is no speed demon, but it's size makes everything seem to pass by fast. Due to its's size, and the fact that it will assume the infinity symbol when not ridden, hiding and protecting a Solorboros is near impossible. Survivors will likely be able to see its brilliant glow before they see the creature. There is also a limit of one Solorboros per tribe. Solorboros can be transferred to other maps(Not Aberration), but cannot swim in water or enter caves. When it approaches five percent health, the rider of the Solorboros can chose to activate its self-destruct, a devastating explosion which destroys all friendly and enemy structures in a 100 meter radius and deals 20K damage to all friendly and enemy creatures/players. The Solorboros will be forever lost, as will anything in its inventory and its saddle. The attack goes through a thirty second animation to signal the impending doom above, ample time for most creatures to escape. Scorched Creatures: Much like how normal creatures in Aberration became aberrant, normal creatures on Scorched Earth become scorched. This puts patches of sand all over their bodies, and Scorched creatures have 5% more stamina and weight than their normal counterparts. New Bosses: Empress Deathworm Multi-Element Wyvern(Kinda like the Dodowyvern) Rock Beast(Based off Rock Elementals) Sphinx Ascension: Scorched really is missing some kind of Ascension or flashy ending animation, which kinda sucks. I know the devs have expressed why this isn't a thing, but I still feel like it would make Scorched as a whole so much better if there was a proper end.
  23. QOL Escorched Earth Adding the option of auto power off in generators in scorched earth as you already have the option of auto ignition, would be an excellent improvement of quality of life on that map.
  24. cant find wyvern eggs in wyvern trench SE OK so i was in SE with my argentavis and went in i searched all pockets in the walls were you would find them but there were none. i was in single player. don't want to use cheats unless absolutely necessary. if you can help please do.
  25. Dungeon Loot Suggestion Hello all, I have noticed that there seems to be widespread demand for DLCs on Mobile. Simultaneously, dungeon loot is so low quality that there isn't much point in going to any crates that give normal loot as opposed to premium items, TEK, keys or saddles. To decrease the number of essentially useless crates, I have an idea: DLC Crates. Rather than having to deal with issues regarding adding entire new maps to Mobile, DLC-exclusive items and/or their blueprints could instead be added to the current normal crate loot table or a new crate type(s). They could even be on a rotation, Mobile TEK style. Things like flamethrowers, chainsaws, cluster grenades, oil jars etc. (items) could have blueprint drops, while exclusive mined resources such as salt and sulfur or perhaps even crafted resources such as propellant can be given as straight-up items. Special ammunition could be given either way. Alternatively, items and special ammunition could both be in blueprint form and have their recipes altered to use base resources instead of DLC ones. This could also apply to DLCs other than Scorched Earth, e.g. glider suits, ziplines, gems etc. from Aberration. Which things are added and how quickly is up to WarDrum, so useless things like radiation suits can be left out. Note: please do not add climbing picks, they are useless on the Island and cause meshing issues on PC and Console which would likely carry over to Mobile if they were added. You may be wondering why I tagged wyverns and rock drakes. This is because the eggs for these creatures could also be added with a very low probability (as in Noctis-level low probability) to appear in DLC crates/modified standard crates. This would prevent those capable of running dungeons on PVP from gaining an army of wyverns or drakes in no time, but would still satisfy the player base demand for them. Since the low probability is a PVP/PVX/PVXC consideration, PVE or single player could have higher probabilities for wyvern/drake egg drops. To offset the low probabilities on PVP/PVX, the eggs on those modes could be set to drop only as certain level ranges to prevent frustration due to getting a super-low level after a lot of hard work. As I am aware that WarDrum is a relatively small studio and needs the income from ARK:Mobile, I even have an idea for how money can unobtrusively be earned from such an implementation. Amber-purchased items (name suggestion: Accelerators) can be added to the store which function similarly to pheromones, but for drop rate of items from different DLCs rather than mutations on different categories of creatures. For example, the more OP DLC items will of course have a lower drop rate, but this rate can be boosted in this way, which works for both the 'modified standard crate' and 'individual crate type for each DLC' variants of this concept: Scorched Earth Accelerator: Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Scorched Earth drops SE-Specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Scorched Earth drops Aberration Accelerator: Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Aberration drops AB-Specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Aberration drops Extinction Accelerator (maybe, Extinction might be a tad too OP) Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Extinction drops EX-specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Extinction drops And that concludes my ideas for now. Sincerely, ScienceFire
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