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  1. Today I have spent alot of my morning grinding metal and transferring items to my Scorched server. (NA-PVE-868). Within the last hour I transferred to my Island Base and uploaded 12 Rex's for pickup on Scorched Earth. I transferred back to Scorched after uploading and flew to Green Ob where I downloaded them all and parkd them to the side. Then I flew back to my base and logged off in order to go to my Ragnarok server and upload some saddles for those Rex's. I was gone for about 30 minutes after returning back to Scorched I did not spawn in my base, instead I got the screen to pick a spawn. The thing is I was not dead and my beds are not appearing anywhere. WHY am I not appearing inside my base like i logged off from. What could have caused such an occurrence. I have at least 4 beds if I were dead to choose from but none are appearing. I should be able to join and be at my base.
  2. So I bought the season pass for Ark, 45 bucks down the drain. It's supposed to include Scorched Earth, along with two of the next DLC's. I thought this would have been a steal, but it WONT DOWNLOAD Scorched Earth!! It keeps sending me back to the store to purchase SE for 20 bucks. Anyone got a fix for me? Help would be greatly appreciated
  3. My turbines have been running %100 until now, for some reason I'm only getting %20 wind in the desert. I'm on PVP PS4 SE APOCALYPSE 3. Does anyone know why? I can't find any other post with this problem. Also turbines aren't snapping to existing power grids. Crop plots aren't working in the desert even though I'm beside a oasis, I get a message saying there isn't enough sun, in the desert... I've posted a support ticket about it but I have got no reply.
  4. Sanoj

    ARK 2

    Hey everyone. Now that Extinction is revealed, i think we could talk about the rumours about ARK 2. At first, i really hope its not named ''ARK: Survival Evolved 2'' but maybe something like ''ARK: Survival Developed'' or ''Advanced'' after what they want to go for. ''ARK: Survival Evolved 2'' just doesntnt fit in any way imo. Personally, i think Developed would be good, because they could make a kind of storymode, where you could be either Helena or Rockwell, and live on the diffrent ARK's, and progress through the Explorer Notes, like Helena would make objectives, where she could investigate diffrent animals, and Rockwell could find recepies for Rockwell Recipies. Then they could duel the bosses, and ascend to SE, and continue the story. Maybe in Developed we could see and intro to the storymode where the Homo Deus create the ARK's and sending the crew (Helena, Rockwell and the japanese/chinese which name i dont remeber) down there. Also, it could be this primitive gameplay, with no metal structures, no turrets, no tek, just the primitive gameplay you see in the old trailers with wood and stone structures, smithies (maybe fabricators) and no futuristic things. Advanced could be for more advanced (funny enough) gameplay, with more robots and future ARK's to explore, and the technolog we see in Aberration (if you know some lore, they create a bomb and they hack the overseers and build the ascending-portal, and also the fluid Element in Radioactive-zone) and Extinction Trailer. Some cool gameplay and new mechanics with vehicles and more. Last thing i think could be cool, was if its just named ''ARK: Survival Continues'' or something similar to just go on with the story about Helena and the others (minus Rockwell ;)), but this may be tough to make, becuase maybe the others diesdd on Earth or something, maybe they are the bosses. But we will see. Hope you will come up with some ideas too, post them, i am intersted in what you think, becuase there is a lot of potential
  5. Despite having the "No Dino Download" setting unchecked, transfers are not working at obelisks/drops/tek transmitters. Basically, everything works fine during the upload; dinos get uploaded, and any items I upload as well get uploaded. When it comes to downloading, however, I can get all the items i uploaded as well as my character. In fact, the option to download the dino from the other map is there. However, upon downloading, the name of the dino on the transfer menu disappears (implying the transfer happened), but there's no dino in sight.
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure to check out the attached image. During an electrical storm on scorched earth there were a whole lot of black triangles in the sky around the area. This was in singleplayer on an original xbox one, on the latest patch available at the time (5:04:37pm on 1/3/2018 AEST).
  7. Rainmakre

    Solo SE Titanoboa Egg Farming..

    So I am playing single player. I have tamed about 20 titanoboas and have them in the sand dunes in a 3 wall high cage and fed with eggs in a feeding trough... None are laying any eggs. What am I doing wrong?
  8. @lilpanda Asia-PVP-PS4Official-ScorchedEarth507 is been at 255 ping for the past week. Any chance you could fix that? We have already lost tames to it.
  9. Cluster Servers - Connect Here: [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[The Island] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[The Center] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[Scorched Earth] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[Aberration] x2 Taming [GB]-[Cluster]-jkARK-[Ragnarok] x2 Taming Server Details: Server Founded: July 20th, 2017 Updates: May 18th, 2018 Added Ragnarok to Cluster Added Aberration to Cluster May 17th, 2018 All maps reset Mods updated July 20th, 2017 Introduced the new jkARK cluster Added TheCenter Map Added Scorched Earth Map Comment here if you have issues. Active Mods: 520879363 - Stairs Mod 708257555 - Colourblind Beacons 731604991 - Structures + jkARK Offers: Dedicated Server Clustered Storage Minimum lag High performance Default Interval Local Backups Daily Offsite Backups Server Config: Yearly Wipes Active Server Admin The Island/The Center/Scorched/Ragnarok/Aberration Maps Official Server Defaults Constant Evolution Event (x2 Taming, Harvest and XP) Egg Hatching x2 Maturation x10 Imprinting Every 22 Minutes Tribute Uploads and Cross ARK Travel Please feel free to donate. Notices: None yet. Plans/Future Updates: To add New Maps (Ragnarok) - Done Utility Addons to enhance Gameplay Rules: No Cheating, no hacking, no glitching or exploiting! Chat abuse! Don’t irritate and harass other players. No Racism/Sexism/Discrimination in anyway. This will result in perm ban! We will not restore any Dino’s or Items lost due to raiding or carelessness Locking players in any sort of jail or structure for extended periods of time will not be tolerated. No Blocking of caves. Limited building on primary resource areas or obelisks. (Excessive constructions may be removed by admins without warning!) Some players have complained about others picking up their tames and placing them elsewhere, this is not acceptable behaviour. That said we recommend that players concerned about this should keep their tames in a shelter to completely prevent such action.
  10. Do we have any news about the ending of Scorched Earth ? You know, the Ascension to Aberration ! I really hope that the cutscene will come out before the third DLC (Extinction) because we wan’t to know what is the endboss of Scorched Earth and defeat him before reaching the end of the story ! It would be a pity...
  11. Z0mbie

    Scorched Earth TLC patch?

    Does anyone know if WC is planning on ever doing a TLC pass on SE? There are still some long standing less critical bugs that would be nice if they were addressed.
  12. So I like scorched earth, and I've reached out to the devs three times now with no response. I'm sure other people like scorched earth and think some other creatures should be added with the ascension that has been promised. I know that some other people think scorched is just DLC with no real purpose than to suck money out of your wallet, but hey everyone has their own opinions. I think they should add an Alpha Poison and an Alpha Lightning wyvern and allow the wyvern alphas to lay eggs. The chance of an Alpha Wyvern to pop out of the egg should be 25% and if two alphas mate then 50%. The Alpha wyverns would hunt you down until they die or they kill you. If you die they could then take the egg off your body and bring it back to the trench. Another idea that I have for Scorched Earth is a Deinonychus, Being taller than the Raptor they would be very territorial and if you came across their turf they'd hunt you back to your base and kill your dinosaurs and then you. They would be hard to tame but not to the point where you have to preform a sacrifice to tame one. If you knock out the pack leader the others wouldn't know what to do and would leave you alone. What are your ideas for dinosaurs and how could Scorched Earth be that much more challenging?
  13. sachamos

    New MASSIVE bug after patch

    Hello.after new version 1.67 aberration and scorched engrams disparated on primitive plus( you've added them in last update-fix for walls). Please give it back. Thank you. P.S. We don't have climbing Pick(so we can't climb) and Hazard suit(so we can't tame aberration creatures). Fix it. Thank you.
  14. Whitemoss

    Easter Wyverns?

    Title basically says it all: Can we hatch special colored Wyverns during the Easter event?
  15. Flivius

    Scorched Earth and Spinos

    So... As far as I know, spinos lived in desert-like areas. Why not adding them to Scorched Earth' rivers and stuff?
  16. Orcling

    Scorched Earth?

    Why is there no scorched earth Prim+ Server? The excuse that its not "compatible" doesn't really work, since Ragnarok is just as compatible, and it has the Scorched Earth Engrams. I'd love to know. I paid for the raptoring dlc so naturally I'd want to play it. raptor Ragnarok.
  17. Some of my tribe mates decided to start up a tribe on SE90. They've been putting together a base and getting things set up. This evening they were threatened by another player who said they were going to kite over a golem and destroy their base. The tribemate took screenshots of the conversation with the threats. A very short time later the player kited over a rock golem and demolished their base, destroying many of the animals they had there. Can they get this player banned if they have the screenshots of the threats and the attack? I should add this as a PVE server
  18. JR runs it's game servers on dedicated servers in the EU so you get the best possible experience with a small ping and we try our best to make sure we have no lag. ---------------------------- Server specification ================ Intel i7 6700k @4.4Ghz 64GB DDR4 RAM 480 GB SSD 1GBIT NIC ---------------------------- You can join our (clustered) serverlist on our website here: https://jrnetwork.net/servers/ * Join our discord too! https://discord.gg/ZABkBWV * Follow this link to view and download our modpack! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400 ------------------------ Our server rates ============== Taming speed: 2.0 (we also have the taming sedative and stronger narcotics mods) XP multiplier: 2.0 Harvest multiplier: 5.0 Plus the max player level is set to 265 (After Acension) To see the full list of rates please go to https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/ark/server-rates-r6/ ----------------------- For more information about our servers please follow this link https://arkhub.jrnetwork.net/
  19. Please fix this, Can't access this crate at all. Tried using a grappling hook, thylacoleo, and megalania. Couldn't find anywhere close enough to land to access the crate, there is an invisible wall right there that stops me from getting any closer. I found a post from Dec 2016 about this. Really? Over half a year and official release and this is still a thing? Ooooh and a video from Sep 2016 Queue that up to 3:50 and listen for a few seconds. As I main SE on our official cluster, this is a huge disappointment to find after starting my cave runs.
  20. Our server is a cluster and one tribe has a male unicorn and wants to breed them, but doesn't have SE like I do and I think it'd be funny to have a unicorn myself anyway so figured I'd try looking through the desert since I heard there can only be one wild or tamed on a server which means looking on the Island is pointless since he has one already (unless anyone on a server with no mods can testify otherwise about the one unicorn limit). After a full day though nothing but normal horses and white direwolves faking me out
  21. So me and some mates were gonna go to OC and get some dinos, to our dismay ive seen that the only 2 OC Scorched Earth legacy servers are BOTH getting deleted!!!. It makes sence too remove one but leaving OC without a Legacy SE server is just ridiculous as were now forced to go to an NA server at such a high ping. At least one of all DLC maps should be available to legacy players. Killing off players ability to enjoy their experience in their region is just bad planning. Thoughts everyone? Who else agrees at least one of the servers should stay?
  22. Long story short, I play on an official PVP Aberration Server. A tribe mate and I raided some punks that killed some of our Ravagers. They had BP's for Scorched Earth Items in their Bookshelf. There was also a Crafted Whip, An Oil Jar and Some Flame Arrows. Did WC open up item transfers? How did these guys get this stuff on AB? We now have those BP's but cannot craft any of the items without Silk (From SC). Can someone shed some light on this?
  23. I apologize if there is a post already about this (I seriously did try to look) or if this belongs in another part of the forums. I've got an unofficial server going with The Island as the main map. At first I was only running The Island, until recently I've decided tried to take that and build it into a cluster and run Scorched Earth along with it. I've followed the guides out there trying to follow any examples I could to get it working. I have a machine running Ubuntu 16.04. Using system commands to run ARK as a service. The Island runs perfectly, but Scorched Earth doesn't seem to be running at all. On Steam's server's list it shows up with the SessionName, but no map and 0/0 players connected. When I try and connect anyways, it gives me a Network Error, Unable to Query for Invite. I am using a firewall, but as a test I completely brought down the firewall, with the same results. And yes where I've put <session> and <clustername> I fill in, that's not what I've actual put. And I've updated to the latest version of ARK 277. My Start for The Island Command to run Scorched Earth.
  24. Hello all, If you're looking for a fun new PVP unofficial server to join then look no further Welcome to ARKADIA (FIND US BY SEARCHING: ARKADIA / MILD BOOST / NO ADMIN) With a Dino Shop located at the Green Obilisk you can purchase dinos using cementing paste or polymer (no organic) as currency. Based on the Ragnarok map. See you on the ARK.
  25. GangstaGandalph

    Scorched Earth needs some TLC love.

    Scorched Earth hasn't had much love in the past. The last thing that was added was the Phoenix. In my opinion, if aberration has an ascension, so should Scorched Earth. Now that everyone knows about aberration and that there's nothing to hide about it anymore, this is now fine to do. As well as that, Scorched Earth needs it's own tekgrams, just like aberration. And if the SE tekgrams are added, please give us a tek wyvern saddle.