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Found 98 results

  1. The Midgard Tribunal Welcome to The Midgard Tribunal, the official Ark server for TICGN. Our goal with our servers to bring the gaming community together through games. Here you will be able to play alongside members of our podcasts, stream teams and writers from the website; engage in gaming where we hope to have fun interacting together. We propose this server as an alternative to Official servers with a slight boost to the grind. The Midgard Tribunal features the following: Adjusted Stats: - Taming 4x - Breeding 4x - Harvest Gathering 2.5x - Crafting Boosts 1.5x - Fishing/Loot Crate Reward Qualities 1.5x - Official Difficulty (Level 150 Wild) - No adjustments for XP Role-Playing[Lite]: RP-Lite will be used to help bring the server community alive. We want you to play your style. Want to be a server renowned farmer? Become one. Want to start your own tavern? Become a barkeep! Want to just play the game? You can do just that. For the RPers, events will be held to enable you to enjoy your experience on the server. *Currently exploring the concept of removing blueprints to emphasize a focus on character building with the crafting skills. This will not remove the possibility of receiving greater quality items in fishing and loot crates. PvPvE[Lite]: PvP is a major part of Ark: Survival Evolved. However, we all know that it can also be a mess with a lot of downside when you log out of the game. In effort to ensure that we keep the server community driven, we will be employing some tactics to help ensure friendly/agreed-upon PvP battles. - Offline Raid Protection - "White Flag" protocol; Wars instead of raids where tribes can surrender and negotiate peace terms. - Hosted PvP events including Gladiator battles, Purge-like events, etc. - Community feedback to adjust PvP tactics when necessary Events: Events are a major part of any community. With this we plan to push forward community driven events and contests. Some events will include rewards such as improved quality items and even rare tames not accessible in Ragnarok. - Market Day to sell/trade your goods to others on the server - PvP Events TBA - Server Wide RP/Story-Building Events TBA - Server-Wide Contests Community Driven: One of the biggest concerns of any dedicated server is whether or not there will be any admin abuse? This is a fair question because it is all too common. In effort to ensure that you KNOW who the admins are, all admin gamer tags and contact info will be shared to the community. We will be holding all of our admins to the highest standard and integrity to do the right thing. Any proven case of abuse of any kind will not be permitted. Another question is how will trolls be handled? Again, another fair question. For the simple part, trolls attempting to cause intentional harm to the community will be removed and permanently banned. Since this is an RP/PvP-lite server, we have to take each action into account of whether it is someone acting in character as a bandit or pirate, or someone who is literally trying to have fun by ruining the server we wish to build. Donate: We want to run a fun community of servers that we can continue to build upon and deliver to the community of TiCGN. While we will not be charging the community to play on these servers, we will leave options of ways to donate to help keep the servers running. In time, we will be looking to the community for feedback on increasing server populations as well as opening up new servers to create a TiCGN cluster. Patreon/Donation links TBA Join Us: To keep updated on what is going on with our servers and anything TiCGN related, join us on the TiCGN Discord Channel. TICGN -
  2. The server is called Laurasia - the server is PVPVE for now unless there is drama- it is base on Ragnorak- I bought this server Mainly so i could build and others be able to enjoy the builds there will be area marked as neutral zone and they should be respected as they are my builds for the whole community to use ! The idea behind Laurasia is similar to Pangea- and is medieval! Unlike other Roleplay servers you can be a Jack of all trades. I will not limit which engrams you can learn you dont have to wait for a builder or a stablehand ... just play Admin GT - ShroudedDravyn 24/7 Nitrado Server 20 slots a adequate amount to keep lag down I will Also be doing Events PVE and PVP which could earn you some wild crazy free Dinos. [US] Laurasia RP - Boosted TamingSpeedMultiplier=8.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=10.0 XPMultiplier=5.0 Are Currently the Main settings there are other which are also up Please remember the Laurasia is a ROLEPLAY first before raid ever There is a Discord channel coming soon where all players should resister their character with name, specimen ID# and your intended profession ( jack of all trades?, Farmer Merchant ETC ) Stay Tuned for more updates Until then here is the facebook group
  3. Raganarok map. Boosted. Fast tame. Fast breeding and maturation. SEMI-RP. Must choose a role, and you can claim territory and own and defend it. There is an arena, cc, and market. PVP is limited to defending territory and looting. Absolutely cannot wipe people's bases. I want serious players only. Role players. No raiders. Message pandapanties327 or gentle hate for more details and an invite.
  4. Fun 24/7 Boosted But Balanced Experience Map: Ragnorok 4x Gather 5x XP 5x Taming 8x Egg Hatching 7x Baby Maturation 2.5x Crop Growth Speed ORP : Enabled ORP Cooldown Timer : 1h Raiding Allowed During That Hour Exiting New Non-Strict & Chill Roleplay Ideas & Concepts Small and Welcoming Community Already Have Server Donators Be PVP or PVE Rules and Roleplay: -All Tribes Are PVP By Default -PM "o o GXDZ o o" on Xbox or Discord To Be PVE -All PVE Tribes Have 1 Week To Build Up Before Having To Pay Tax To The "Government" -If You Do Not Pay Your Taxes For: 1 Week : Debt Doubles For Previous Week 2 Weeks : Debt Doubles For Previous Week 3 Weeks : Loose PVE Status (Become Raidable) Raid The PVE Tribes and I Will Ban You In Seconds Without Warning All PVE Tribes Must Have {PVE} at The Beginning Or End Of Their Tribe Name -PVE Players Are Preffered To Have Clear White Flags Around Their Base To Shorten Exuses -All Profits Made From The "Governement" Will Go Into An Admin Spawned In Raidable Bank -When Raiding The Bank You MUST Say In Chat Something Along The Lines Of "BANK RAID!!!" In Chat And Everyone Is Allowed To Come and Help Defend. -Even PVE Players Are Allowed To Come and Help -Clip What You Did To Help And Put It In The Club/Discord/Message It Me For Some Goodies -Events Will Happen Almost Daily With Lots Of Exiting Ideas -Viking Bay Waterfall Is A Strict Admin Build Only Area With Community Areas Containing Things To Help New Players To The Game And Server -You Can Change From PVE -> PVP With A Lower Price -You Can Change From PVP -> PVE With A Very High Price -Viking Bay Is A Strictly RP Zone Where All Structures Built There Are Either Shops To Provide Goods Or A Service Or Admin Server Events -There Are 2 Admins To Help Run The Server : Me and My Best Bud -There Will Be An Admin Shop Where You Can Buy Pheonix's, Good Blueprints & Items, High Level Wyverns Eggs (Especially Frost) Rewards: Join The Discord - 1 Ingame Currency Used For The Admin Shop/Trade etc... Or A Quality 3 Crossbow with 50 Flame Arrows, 50 Tranqs and 100 Narcotics Join The Xbox Club - 1 Ingame Currency Used For The Admin Shop/Trade etc... Or A Perfect 150 Ptera With A Basic Primitive Saddle Play For 1 Month With Out Breaking A Singe Rule - 20 Ingame Currency Per Tribe and 1 Per Person How To Join: 1) Load Up Ark -> Join Ark 2) Filter In The Bottom Left - Unofficial PC Hosted Sessions 3) Search - "TheEuArkHub" 4) Add To Favourites (So It Will Show At The Top Of The List Next Time To Avoid Step 2 & 3) 5) Join Game Please Note Due To Buggy Ark You Usually Try Having To Join The Server Twice Before Getting In Good Luck And I Hope To See You All On The Server P.S PM "o o GXDZ o o" on Discord Or Xbox If You Having Any Troubles Thanks For Reading
  5. rp Medival Viking Rp

    Looking for people to join our RP server on Xbox one very friendly look for Medieval viking RP in the rented list. we will set you up in one of the 8 regions around the map and we will also add you into our discord so you can be given your very own starter pack!!. Hope to see you soon!!!.
  6. (Xbox Server) Genesis

    Hey ARK players! Ever get frustrated that ARK is not at all friendly to people that work a full time job? Look no further! MY xbox server "Genesis" has gone through multiple renditions of server settings until the perfect balance has been met. Extremely time consuming activities in other servers can be accomplished in less than an hour on mine, providing time to enjoy the game for the working class. The rate of leveling is only slightly boosted, so there is always something to work towards. The server also has a central town that can sell players dinos, food, items, skins, and wyvern eggs/milk! The host profile is "GenesisOverseer". More information on the server can be found at the facebook group "Genesis: Ark Server"
  7. Group of friends and I have started a role play (RP) Xbox server through Nitrado!! We are trying to get a few more people in and would love for anyone to join ❤️ Server is set for PvP but there are rules restricting killing of other players. Slightly boosted settings with PvP events. Message me me on Xbox if your interested 😉 gamertag is LadyVixenGT. See you you on the Ark
  8. register to join server party interview required
  9. Hello, We're starting an RP Server based on GoT and we need players! There will be dozens of jobs and roles available. We need House Leaders, (Lannister, Stark, Wildlings, and Dothraki). The Server will be run in primitive +. The house alliances will be as follows: Lannister are at war with Targaryen (My house) and Stark. Stark and Targaryen are allied and are at war with everyone else. Stark can optionally ally with Wildlings, but this will be a precarious alliance and may be betrayed by either side. Wildlings are at war with everyone. Targaryen and Dothraki are allied. There will be a currency system, (black pearls) an allowance will be given out by the Iron Bank to the leaders of each village for them to distribute to their citizens. It is down to them whether or not they distribute fairly! Certain Engrams will be disabled to encourage trading between the villages, with each village specialising in an industry, (fishing, farming, etc), with quotas to fill for their allowance to be earned. Dino count will be lowered, (and taming disabled) as we are only allowing certain dinosaurs (equus, dire wolves, hyaenadons, dodo, hesperornis, ovis, phiomia, wyverns) which will be available for purchase. Starting Bonuses House Targaryen will start with one wyvern House Stark will start with 5 wolves Dothraki will start with one horse for every player and a weapon, probably a machete Wildlings will start with 3 yeti's, (to represent giants), fur armour and bows and arrows Lannister will start with larger income and bonus equipment (weapons etc) Some rules to consider: You are not allowed to attack members of your own faction, nor are you allowed to attack members of an allied faction. Starks cannot attack Targaryens for example. Each Faction will have their own keep, this will serve as a faction community base and defence point, you are allowed to have your own house in your factions land. The keep will be built by the faction, materials will be provided by the iron bank as a goodwill gesture. Kill on Sight is not allowed, this rule does not apply to wildlings, who may attack on sight if they wish. If you are attacked by a wildling, you are of course able to defend yourself. The server will be closed except for people who have applied and been accepted. The Server will be open from around 6am - 12am every day. It is not 24 hours. If you would like to join please respond, answering the following questions. Age: Desired House: Desired Role (House leader, Village Leader, Farmer, Fisherman, Soldier, blacksmith, general goods trader, etc): Watch Game of Thrones?: If you chose leader as your desired role, what would make you a good leader, and what is your secondary role if not chosen as leader: Experience with RP games?: Experience with Ark?: The server will only be opening if we receive enough interest. We hope to hear from you.
  10. Ragnarok 247 PVP server Hosted by Bud Oniy SUPER BOOSTED, Insta tame, Max weight & oxygen SHOP & CC Weekly events to win prizes!! Discord chat with all stats & shop prices coming soon!! Fun community with over 40 active daily players!! ADD BUD ONiY now!!
  11. Looking to build up a server with survivors age 17 plus. This is a light rp server and is faction based on the show 100. Some factions also have a pve portion of there tribe that can be attacked. We are moving to the pc server soon as available and will be doing cool events so people can win things for the switch over. Check out the Facebook and hopefully we will see you there. Also we are taking polls to see what needs to be changed and what we want changed when it switches so join now and get your input it.
  12. We are adding custom content, events, and quests that should bring something fresh for all players regardless of previous experiences.Custom features on our server: Quality over quantity: we maintain a high-performance server that enjoys a positive and friendly environment. Service is provided by Nitrado. Player vs. Environment experience with OPTIONAL PvP arena-based combat. Weekly quests with rewards. Other methods of obtaining dinos besides wild taming. A functioning economy that changes with supply and demand. Content that rewards ALL play styles. Less "bullet-sponge" combat, more dangerous dinos and human weapons. Secret locations to find, explore, and unlock. Better rewards for reaching ascension. GM/player-controlled epic creatures to hunt and claim as trophies. A persistent and ongoing roleplaying experience! A player-driven story that expands upon the vanilla lore! The freedom to do whatever you want! (Code of Conduct rules still apply) Speaking of lore... By will or by chance i cannot say; How the guardians reached us one day. Three they were then of fire, wind, and earth; Far from this island the place of their birth. Strong and wise they were. Helped man, they tried, Until we betrayed and now they hide. Some hope they return and help again, But such fools forget the sins of men. From valley deeps to the mountain peaks, Only search for them if death you seek. ABOUT THE SKJALDBORG The Skjaldborg is a multi-gaming community committed to providing a friendly and non-demanding gaming environment that is open to people of all backgrounds. Some would describe us as a "casual" group, but that's not really accurate. More accurately, we are a group that respects the importance of finding a healthy balance between online gaming and real life responsibilities. We believe in providing an engaging environment, but with enough space for players to find their own level of enjoyment. CONTACT US AT OUR WEBSITE FOR INVITATION -or- PM me or post here for details.
  13. New RPG server on prim plus called PleasureIsland247 You can be whatever you want only 4 rules. 1) You must be over 18 2 )You must name your Character 3)Your tribe name must correspond with your roll. 4) you gotta biuld something cool. Now go and make your own destiny and welcome to pleasure island.
  14. Welcome to Ark Infinity Rp. Im going to be blunt about this, this server was founded over the existence of role playing on ark, PVP is not welcome. Brontos and Diplos have been banned because when they are used for harvesting they create server crashing lag. the rates are fair and raised so people can spend less time grinding and more time roleplaying. Taming is 50 Harvest is x4 with 0.55 harvest health Xp is 50 Wishing to join the comunity join the discord start by going to the start here tab
  15. L4 Rp Server

    Looking for a 24/7 rp server on Ragnarok preferably but am open to other maps hmu on Xbox if you know any servers Xbox GT- Cable An Chill
  16. Hey everyone I am InfamousCass13 and I run The Infamous Ark a 5X Boosted RP Friendly PVP Server. I am searching for a small group of Rivals for PVP in a RP Setting. Please Contact me on PSN at InfamousCass13 for the particulars.
  17. Welcome to a world where nations have risen and crumbled. A land where myths and fact mingle. A place where every step you take can change history. Welcome to the Ruptured Realm The Ruptured Realm holds many secrets to uncover and a rich history to learn. Here, you will be able to make friends and encounter enemies. In a place where you can become anything you desire, will you give in to the darkness within you or will you strive for righteousness? Will you become the hunter or the hunted? Discover a continent that has survived through three eras of civilization before travelers were able to find this lands. Explore the relics and ruins of these civilizations and learn about their untold riches, unsurpassed power, and unparalleled art. However, one must remember, where there is beauty and peace there is always something dangerous just below the surface... We are a recently revamped server with a growing population. We welcome many play styles and characters that come to us. Do not be afraid to test the waters if you are new! The players are friendly and welcome all newcomers. Streamers are more than welcome! Speak to an admin to get your title! Our website is currently under (re)construction but should be up in the coming week. Until then we offer players an application to fill out with this link: Join us on discord to meet the current players and learn more about the community! Discord: MODS We employ 20 mods to further add to player's experience on this server. These mods include: -World Turtle -Castles and Keeps -Structures Plus -Capitalism -Eco treeslite and gardening -Reusable plus -Hidden caves The list can be downloaded here: Settings Harvest/Tame/EXP: x5 Consumption: x2.5 Max player level: 200 Max Dino level: 170 (plus 72 after tame) Increased decomposition timer
  18. Hey there! Are you interested in joining a small community that's looking to build up? Do you enjoy roleplay and discovering individual talents? Then please keep reading! Over at our server, we each have a specific job that we do, like barkeeping or taming or blacksmithing. These jobs allow our server to come together more often and become tight. We have "characters" in a way, but really, we are just ourselves having fun playing these roles. Basic Info There is admins in the discord, but none on the server. If we need an admin powers on the server to handle a situation then we will do so. There is 3 admins: Bre (Myself), Lady, BarrelBob. Until the host gets a third Xbox, the server hours are as followed: 3:30pm-12am EST most days of the week (only exception is when the Xbox's owner is home and wants to play) Although it's PvP, the first week or so of the server will be peaceful. NO RAIDING. But, you can still PvP if needed. Rules 18+ strictly enforced. Only players who are under 18 are those who played before the rule was enacted. Must have mic access Must join the server Discord Once the town is built, no role stealing, once you have built a shop you may have 1-2 tames that are small stay at the shop. No building on obs or spawn points Raiding rules are described in the Discord. To Join Post here letting us know that you are submitting an application. Include your gamertag. Submit an application at If accepted, a party interview will be conducted. After that, just join the discord, and we'll add you with the server account. The server is very friendly, and we are looking for people who will fit in with our community. If you have any questions, message me or post in here. We look forward to hearing from you!
  19. I'm looking for any RP server or prim plus or pve server to join hit me up on xbox if u have a server or message me on here my GT is plantrick
  20. Recruiting for New Ark Rivals Pirate-esque Role play server! We are a RP server with slightly boosted rates. Enough to make things go quickly but not take the fun out of the game. Must be 18+ to join and willing to be friended on Facebook to receive information and make sure age requirement is met. We want everyone to feel welcome & enjoy the actual game without fear of trolls ruining it. It is heavy on PvE, with limitations on PvP to prevent just that. We will be hosting events such as treasure hunts, gladiator battles, chariot races, and more to keep things fun! Season starting soon. First week will be an extra boost to harvesting to help get you and your town up and going. PvPvE Ragnarok 4x Taming 5x Experience 6x Harvesting Check out our Facebook group Ark Rivals or head over to our website for full details of rules, lore behind our server, and much more!
  21. Divine Sands is a long standing roleplay server with a laid back community. We have slightly boosted rates and several quality of life and RP mods including S+, castles and keeps, EcoMods (full list can be found on our subreddit We have active admins and a moderator team that was recently put into place to make sure that we are as available as possible for any issues that may arise. We have a kingdom based faction structure and professions to encourage interaction between characters implemented now. Flyers are unridable. We are community based and all new mod additions or changes to the server are put up to a vote for the community. For any questions please see our reddit or ask us directly on our discord We hope to see new faces to help us build the brand new kingdoms!
  22. & are accepting applications for Lead-Admin to initiate a new RP server! We currently host DNL PvP, PvE, and a complete ark cluster on our dedicated server. We are seeking individuals who will coordinate a RP experience for new players. You get to chose many features of the server we provide (Rates/Rules/Theme and more). If you have experience in RP and server administration, please register at our website and fill out an application.
  23. I'm looking for a pve server to join with decent rates so it's not too much of a grind ROLEPLAY would be dope to try with PVP under circumstances so u can't just slaughter for no reason if u have a server and what a loyal player add me gt PLANTRICK
  24. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting so forgive me if i posted in the wrong area by accident. I'm here to advertise a fairly old but just now starting back up Ark Role play server we are calling Land of Europa. This server is strictly an RP server and has certain rules that must be followed to join in on it. We are currently in a lighter phase of the RP at the moment since we are waiting for the new Ragnarok Map to release on Xbox One, once that happens we are switching from the island to Ragnarok, as The Island is currently just a placeholder until the new map releases. If there's more you'd like to know about the server such as rules, stats, concepts, etc, or if you're already interested in joining send me a message to my Xbox Gamertag: CrabCakes4Sale.
  25. Working man Prim + server Hello Marine here, I have just started a new server. it is PVP but will allow PvE. stats are decently boosted. we will be selling SE dinosaurs to use on the island map that we will be playing on. GT SurvivalTeamOne host account, message me on BoggsUSMC3531MT to get information, also so I know you applied for the server. The server will not be 24/7 due to the fact that I work and have kids, don't have time to keep up with the server all the time. it will be on almost every night after 5-6 pm eastern NA, It will also be on most of the weekend. thanks have a good day. Please, note this is not a 24/7. Immaturity is not allowed prefer 17 and up. PVP in RP situations Do not raid offline players No Titan No Bronto No Gigas Flyers PVE only Do not lock in cage for more the 24hr game time More rules to come as RP is more inforced if you prefer pve add it to your tribe name same to be said for pvp players Rules subject to change will be broadcasted in server upon change. I will make a website in the future to involve more RP. we will be switching to Rag once it drops. as of now two admin, we will recruit in the future as needed. Admin are based off Herb Island and its for admin only.