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  1. Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our community. We are a roleplay community and are hoping to build our ranks with some new rpers and experienced ones alike. Come join our server and breath some life into your character. Also, we're aware of the above image being out of date lol. We need to make one for Ragnarok here soon. Server location: Colorado Server IP: Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/K3ypzpq Server Founded: 1/16/2016 The Future of Rise of Nations Now that the server has been out for as long as it has, I can honestly say it's blossomed into a great and super communicative community. I and others have bled tons of hours into the systems we have in place to ensure everyone interacts and has a great time. However there is much more room to grow and alot more things yet to be discovered that will only continue to enhance the player experience on our servers. Going forward we will remain intune with the player base with tons of feedback posts on our forums so we can guage if something we are doing is good or bad, and what we can do to improve. Come join our community and help us grow to be the ideal community for you :). If you'd like to join right away, place this below into your browser searchbar, copy and paste the IP from above after the / and hit enter. steam://connect/ Quality Roleplay! However not everyones super good at roleplaying sometimes, so please leave elitist attitudes at the door. It's a learning experience for some. Server updates as soon as they deploy. Balanced Custom Supply Crates/Cave Crates (Visit the spreadsheet below to see the drop tables) With the addition of the custom supply crates, we are hard at work customizing them and putting them in the config as we finish them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W1TUmF3nZR3KOMGoAXeJqplyJL9Z6z3ZRxYKB_BY9Wo/edit#gid=1216759294 Random events. - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) This includes story events with lots of juicy rewards for those who participate. Active admins. I myself as well as other moderators will always be available to the player base to resolve issues. Admins are extremely nuetral. Admins dont get involved with fights or pick sides. We remain unbiased on all matters. No one person has a buddy buddy relationship with any admin. If you have an issue with an admin or you believe an admin has done something wrong, please report it to the owner. They are viewed as players as well and are not immune to the rules. The Black Forge The Black Forge is a building placed on the side of the volcano as a public building for people to go into and smelt metal, use exclusive stations, trade, meet other islanders and so much more. The Black Summit - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) What is The Black Summit you might ask? It is our facility for 100% assured roleplay and conflict resolutions as well as. A place where each tribe can air their grievances before the other tribes and the rest of the island can decide whethere or not they wish to play a hand in this resolution. (Think of it like the UN, but actually fun and actually gets stuff done :P). Regional Sheriff Elections - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) Regional Sheriffs are individuals that will work out of The Black Summit to assist in conflict resolutions within those particular regions. These individuals are charged with the safety of that region. These individuals are also elected within those regions to assure trust and rapport within their own regions. Black Summit Scribes - (Suspended temporarily until server population rises) The Black Summit Scribes is an order of intellectuals charged with the collection of information and the keeping of island history. Essentially like the Sheriffs, they help out the community. Boosted Tame/Player Carry Weight (Per Stat Increase) As you level up your tames or yourself, you will find you get much more carry weight per increase. We personally felt like the player and dino carry weight should be much higher than it actually is. The whole 'Smack 1 rock and return' grind wears you down quite a bit. Not here :). Boosted Harvest Experience At earlier levels, this will help out those gathering up to build their homes, and in later game will make gathering less useless for both the player, and the creature thats gathering. NEW! Rebalanced Carnivore Loot Tables. We have found a way to edit the inventory of defeated carnivores in the wild. Meaning they will drop better rewards and items for those who kill them. Here is a rough list of those creatures. http://i.imgur.com/9b940WG.png NEW! Immersive Currency Mods & Trading Tables We have mods that allow you to sell dinos and items to other players as well as trade kiosks with the benches so that players can more easily acquire this currency to trade with others. Updated: 4/10/2017 Rules, Guidelines & Features for Nations General As a note, as of right now the server population isn't high enough to fully enable this system, so Nation Wars will have to wait until things pick up a bit more. There are only 2 Nations on the server. You cannot create a new nation. Nations will be Alliance-based. We may add more in the future. A tribe is required to have atleast 1 person to be level 70 to be able to join a Nation. Anyone not of that level cannot participate in Nation activities. A tribe within a Nation must have that nations trophy place outside their home and must be clearly visible. A tribe must be within the proper alliance for that Nation to technically be considered a part of that Nation. A tribe can choose to not be a part of a Nation. These people are called Sovereign Citizens. However few will be given this privelidge to avoid it being a popular choice. Nations will be balanced in a way that leaders will converse with one another OOC to ensure both Nations are having fun and things dont get too toxic and ruin the roleplay experience. Both nations will have Capital Cities wherein people can build small houses. Capital Cities are constructed by those nations respective leading tribes. Nations will be given special perks. Like teleporters, Redwood Trees, and access to special benches that have cheaper materials. Nations will have stories and lore. This will not just be a red vs blue type system. There will be reasons for these raids and battles. Nations will be lead by people who will work with admins to make sure it is always fair, balanced. That way people wont just create super teams of highly skilled players to constantly stomp the other Nation. Nations will have to recruit people to join their side in the battles to come. Those who have joined a Nation (And thus enabled pvp) will have to place some colored trophies around their base to signify their allegiance. Nations are not given special permissions to raid anyone. The only raiding on our server will be the raiding of Nations Keeps and Fortifications. Wartime Raiding War Time Raiding will ONLY enable raiding on the Nations Capital City. You will not be allowed to raid anyone but the opposing factions Keeps and Capital cities during this time. Not players homes or compounds. All out war will happen on a biweekly basis. 1 week of raiding, 1 week of no raiding and recooping. All creatures within a Capital City or are near it are forfeit and are up to the discretion of the opposing Nation. Non-Wartime Raiding As an initial disclaimer, Keeps and Fortifications are map edited in assets that are made with the specific intent to be captured and raided. These are not player made, or at any time a players base. Non-Wartime Raiding refers to the raiding of the opposing factions Keeps and Fortifications across the map. During a non-wartime raid you are only allowed to raid Keeps and Fortifications, never their Capital City, or any players homes. Keeps and Fortifications can be raided at any time and at the opposing factions discretion. (These arent player bases) Animals left behind inside of keeps are forfeit and are free to be considered pvpable. Even if they're not a part of any faction. Noone outside of a faction should be near these. Sovereign Citizens Sovereign Citizens are people or a group of people who do not wish to become a part of a nation because they have a roleplay that requires them to be a neutral party. These are players who wish to be a part of the server but aren't the biggest fans of pvp and raiding keeps. Sovereign Citizens however will have to pay an RP tax (Something small like 200 wood) to their neighboring Nation for protection. They are also subject to a bit of negative interaction from the opposing nation, however constant harassment is not allowed. If a Sovereign Citizen is caught between two nations, the nation with the most assets close to that citizen will have reign over that citizen. I will reiterate however. Harassment is not allowed. Respect the player OOC, pushing someone to the point where there about to leave the server isnt okay. Here are some rules for these citizens. - They cannot raid or participate in raiding Keeps and Capital Cities at all. No exceptions. - If a Sovereign Citizen is caught within the opposing nations region RP can be initiated to question this person, and institute an RP fine (Something small like 200 wood). But harassment is not allowed. - If a Sovereign Citizen is caught killing people from any nation, they can be held subject to that Nations justice system. - A nation cannot protect or subvert the rules above by protecting a Sovereign Citizen or anything that may interfere with chosen actions by another nation. - A Sovereign Citizen cannot have turrets that are aggressive towards players or tames in their perimeter. However it is fine if they are inside of an enclosed base with a ceiling and walls. - Sovereign Citizens are not allowed to purchase things from the special perk benches of Nations. These are exclusive to Nations and nations only. You may not subvert this by purchasing things for someone and selling them at a similar price to a citizen. (More to come as we flesh this sytem out) General Rules General Chat is considered Out of Character (OOC). Local chat can be used to roleplay. Or radio. However someone can pose a roleplay announcment from their character in General Chat, so long as it's properly displayed as a roleplay post. No KOS. (Kill on Sight) Exceptions to this rule: KOS is allowed at Supply Drops. However there are conditions for this: - Combat at a supply drop is anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge. - If you plan on contesting the drop. You must stand your ground and combat the person around the supply crate. However if the fight is too much, you can flee. - You may shoot at the person as they fly away/flee. But you must fire from the area of where the supply crate is, or once was. - You may not give chase to the individuals looting the drop. If you want to combat them, you'll have to do so from the area of the supply crate or where it once was. - You may not combat someone you THINK looted a supply crate, you have to be within visibility range to see the crate before it's destruction to engage the people around it. - You may not camp a supply drop. You may only go to them with the intention of immediately looting them. - You may not snipe down at a supply crate from some nearby area, or from atop a quetzal way in the sky. - You may not pick people up with birds and try and kill them by dropping them far away or high in the sky. - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense. KOS is also allowed in Caves. However there are conditions for this: - Combat in Caves are anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge. (If we feel as though this gets out of hand, we will add reprocussions) - You may not camp the entrances of caves.However placing IED's and traps is totally fine. - You may not engage in pvp in Caves with fliers in ANY fashion. Not even for if it's just for transport to jump off and engage on foot. If you do, that person can freely KOS you or your bird to defend themselves, but you cannot KOS them. - You may not give chase to the individuals that flee outside of a cave. Once they make it outside, they are free from pursuit. - If you have a base that is within 100 feet from a cave entrance and you constantly use it as a launching pad to attack people in the caves, it may be raided - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense. - You may not engage people outside the caves, or shoot into the caves. Combat must only occur within the confines of the caves. Please do not complain about KOS in chat. Simply take a screenshot and send me a message with the screenshot here. I take all reports seriously and make sure they are all handled as fairly as possible. Please limit meta-gaming when it involves PvP or Raiding. As in, do not mix information you know of out of character into information your character knows. (Name plates) This is a lax rule when it comes to certain scenarios. But when it involves combat, and potential out of character drama, do not drag it ingame please, it can ruin it for everyone. Examples of metagaming would be utelising nameplates of creatures for gain, nameplates of players, nameplates of structures and so on. Roleplay is a requirement. However the roleplay doesn't have to be SUPER serious, it can be goofy and odd. Raiding Keeps and Capitals while not in one of the 2 main Nations is not allowed. Creating your own group and calling it a Nation is not a way of getting around this rule. It must be one of the two Nations within the server rules. Saddle picking with fliers is not allowed. We feel as if this is a cheap and unbalanced feature and is never allowed to be used in any combat situation. Carrying an ally around is perfectly fine. Robbery is allowed, so long as whats taken is within reason. Dont take everything. Make it roleplay friendly. Theft of objects from open containers (Not pinned) is allowed. So long as you dont have to destroy anything to get at the objects, or kill any dinosaurs to do it. If your doors are left open and containers unlocked, your things are free for the taking. Only 1 Large Tribe Base Is Allowed. - A tribe can claim a large territory with structures and build within it, however only that territory is protected. Built bases that are away from your main compound are exempt from this protection. Example Image: http://i.imgur.com/scHBSRE.jpg - Tribes with more than 1-2 bases that refuse to remove one base can have the last base built destroyed. - Building large bases close to one another is perfectly fine. ( Mainly referring to those who have bases all over the map.) - This rule is to prevent big tribes from deterring new players from building on the server. Violating this rule wont get you banned, however these structures can be removed by an admin. Exceptions to this rule: - If the structure is an official Point of Interest or a Nations Capital. - A tribe of any size may have 1 mining base of a modest size. (No perimeter walls, etc) Wyverns, Rock Elementals. and Gigas are not allowed to be used in PvP or Raiding. They are not to be left on neutral either for self defense against other players. You are not allowed to use these creatures to safely loot supply crates either. No blocking or extensive building within caves and underwater caverns We would like to have events like treasure hunts that will use the caves (Building to the point of blocking both supply drops and spawns. Essentially anything beyond 2 foundations is excessive) We have one exception to this rule of course, so long as they do not build in underwater caves that are near supply drops. Your roleplay has to be centered around underwater life/culture. Simply wanting a cave to be a tryhard to use it as a pvp advantage or a good place to hide your loot will not be tolerated. Behemoth/Dino Gate Wall Spam should only be a temporary solution, and not a permanent one. Bases with outer walls that are just dinosaur gates or behemoth gates should replace them with walls as soon as possible. It's an uncreative and ugly design, as well as a tryhard attempt at protection. Any bases with these long term will have their walls destroyed. No blatantly disrespectful/racist/trollish character names. Names have to be RP oriented. However names can be humorous, so long as it's still classy. Think Monty Python :). DifficultyOffset=1 (Lvl 150 Dinos) 2x Experience 3x Gather 4x Tame 2x HarvestEXPMultiplier 0.8 Egg Laying Interval (Less=More Edible Eggs) 2x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7] (+20 To Player Carry Weight From Default) 8x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[7] (8x More Carry Weight on Dinos) 2.5 MatingIntervalMultiplier 5.0 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier (If you step away for a bit, you wont lose already made progress for quite some time.) 20x EggHatchSpeedMultiplier 20x BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier 1.3x Baby Imprinting Stats Multiplier 0.1 Cuddle Interval (With the faster breeding, this helps) PvPDecay=1.5 PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.5 PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.5 AutoSavePeriodMinutes=60 ShowFloatingDamageText=True AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=True HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers= Raw Meat x2, Raw Fish Meat x3, Wood x1.5, Stone x1.6, Thatch x1.5 Collection With All Mods Issues joining? Q: When I try to join for the first time, it keeps giving me 'Connection Timed Out" error. A: This typically means you haven't pre-installed all the mods that are on the server. Click through all of the mods listed above and click Subscribe when logged into your steam account. This will enable them for download through your steam client. Give it time, there are alot of them. However sometimes this means the mods have failed to install properly. I will offer up a detailed walkthrough (Or link one) of how to fix this in the near future. Q: I cant join, it's saying "Make sure your server is up to date on mods" A: If you see this, please PM me asap so I can restart the server to install the mod updates. Q: I cant see the server in my list. A: This could mean the server is either restarting, or the server isn't up to date on it's mods. You can confirm this by joining via the IP, or off of a friend who's on the server. Check the Updates & Info section below for up to date information. Server related changes & updates will be posted over at our website RiseOfNations.shivtr.com
  2. I am looking for people join our server. We are running a Primitive Plus Kingdom RP on Ragnarok. We have Five more Kingdoms available and being a leader entitles you to: 10,000 in server currency A king/Queen wyvern lvl. 350 (admin colored) Getting to run your land however you please. We only have two admins and there will be no admin abuse. We want to cluster once we get a larger player base. The server has: -Admin shop -Server Currency -Banking system. -We have offline raiding turned off during the week and it is full blown PVP during the weekend. Come check us out at: Facebook: Dodo's Tata's RP Band: https://band.us/n/aea2Y4UbLcG5H To see a more in depth list of server rules, boosts, and server territory map.
  3. A FORSAKEN LAND - RP Ark Primitive Plus PS4 Unofficial Dedicated PC Server Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: A Forsaken Land - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: A Forsaken Land - RP https://discord.gg/vRnVYRT Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: A Forsaken Land - RP We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark Experience! - Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out - Custom day/night cycles - Custom auto PvP/PvE cycles: to match the day/night cycle - Team of Moderators committed to enhancing the experience, not cheapening it! - Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback Once you're in game, there's progression to be made! - A "starter" pack as reward for surviving the tumultuous seas called the Sentinels' Blessing! One or more of the Six Sentinels will visit you and roleplay this exchange. - You can get your friends together and build a City-State, Town, Village, or Homestead! To learn more about our server, the rules, City-States, and the Sentinels, please join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/vRnVYRT
  4. A Celebratory Emoji that can be used for RP purposes and for some Secret Code Language. This is only if you have the time WC, no pressure, I know it's not a priority right now but I just wanted to add something for the community to enjoy. 3 Types of Clap Ideas: 1 BIG LOUD CLAP S L O W C L A P APPLAUSE CLAP
  5. The Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playarkservers/comments/9eambx/ark_upcoming_rp_server_staff_recruitment/ Please see yourself to the information above provided in a reddit post, the reason it is not copy and pasted right above and straight away was to keep links, bolds and italics in-tact. A short summary will instead be posted below! Enjoy. Hi, Later on this year I will hopefully be launching a white listed RP server that removes the elements of natural gameplay and instead invests the removed content into party systems, faction systems and planned gameplay. The idea is to remove resource collection and grinding to have the best equipment, and instead, replace this with a tree system that rewards RP and achieving goals. Most servers that take an aim in order to do this will jack the resource collection to levels of insanity, thus, making the veteran player able to compete with the nooby. I didn't feel as though this was fair nor was it productive for resources to become worthless; a feeling of satisfaction and competition is an important element for all parties to experience. How this will be accomplished will be explained further on the reddit.
  6. Hi everybody ! I need help creating a process-generated map (PGM) on PS4. With a small team, we created a RPG and decided to use PGM for an immersive world. This season will have the Wild West theme. We also know that the desert does not exist on PS4, so the map has so many plains, a small forest of red wood, and mountains or mountains of snow. It is also a great map, there are some rivers and lakes. So the problem is that we created a lot of PGM, our code is now wrong and we do not find the error (see below). I ask someone to help us with this, or to have the courage to create the perfect map, we and we would be grateful (we are ready to give some money for this heros )🙂 Thank you in advance and I hope you answer us soon 🙂 map's code:
  7. We are a new RP server (The Center Map/Unofficial PC Server/Primitive Plus) themed around LOTR (Lord of the Rings). We are looking for new players to fill the realms. We have regular quests that are both fun and challenging. We have built an "events arena" in the Underworld. The events arena comprises a Grand Jousting Arena, Coliseum Arena, and an abandoned Lost Realm Arena (military training ghost town theme). We want to build a community of dedicated players who love ARK, are creative and enjoy a good challenge, and are willing to step-up to a leadership role potentially. Each realm has a listing of available jobs in the community that pay a salary to purchase things (like at the World Market in the Underworld Arena!) This is just a small taste of what we have built. Come over to the server and see what the Elven Realm, Half-Elven Realm, Dwarven Realm, Human Realm, and Orc realm have in store for you and choose which Realm you would like to align yourself with. Below is the link to our Discord Channel! We also have a Facebook page that can get you there if desired or have questions. Look for Realms of LOTR. Hope to see you there! https://discord.gg/zqc6bxg
  8. Arkmada is a new rp server built around making a community, live as your own well created characters and live within the world of ark. The server is run under Nitrado and is also server protected to weed out any trolls, that way the people who want to play and have fun are able to. To join the server message its koala tea and then I will do a short application to personally try and get rid of trolls. Arkmada is a pvp/pve server solely based on freedom for your character. As for that I have also banned explosives and metal buildings and tek, and turrets, I want this server to not be medieval but to be restricted, at one point a discord will be set up with more extensive rules, along with character creation and things of that nature starter pack will be an argentavis, a metal set of tools, and an armor set of your choice from, fur, chitin, hide server rules. No Griefing No Metagaming(meaning do not read someones name and instantly know who they are, or read tribe logs to see who raided you, learn it through rp) No Brontos No bullying(everyone here is just trying to have fun like the rest of us) No blocking caves that have artifacts (you can build in caves just don't block artifacts) No kos( actually rp your fights) Raiding rules will be told to you in person There are other basic rules I can go over for beginners but those are the major rules server settings are listed below Xp 5 Taming 20(might change if it is too fast) harvest 7 all breeding stats are bumped higher players stats are only slightly boosted. if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask its koala tea
  9. I'm hosting a new server, and as a promotion to help bring in more players, I will be hosting a pvp arena tournament tomorrow, Friday the 25th at 10:30pm GMT, 5:30pm EST. The server is Libertarian Utopia pvpve. The arena is located just south of the green tower near the rivers, and there is a public teleport to get ther as well. Prizes will include a pet of your choice for 1st place (no giga or titan), and probably weapons and armor for 2nd and 3rd.https://arkservers.net/server/
  10. TheLostKingdoms [RP] Server This roleplay server is brand new and is looking for new Kingdoms to be created. You and your kingdom can fight other kingdoms for more land or even items, or you can allie with a bigger kingdom so you and your allie can conquer Ragnarok together! But can you trust them? We also have admins that are willing to help you with any report or complaints about the server. This server is in Primitive+ but is still very fun and original. Join Today by adding Wolfpack2437 on Playstation 4. Be sure to message him and letting him know.
  11. [Elderdodo] Soft Role-play server: Welcome if you are reading this then you are probably interested in soft Role-play on ark if so then you have come to the right place. Elderdodo is a server run by the host and one admin. Along with a few players who take it upon themselves to help solve problems and ensure everyone has fun and follows the rules. The rates for the server are slightly increased. Gathering: 8x Taming: fairly fast Discord: https://discord.gg/C5Vydhw This server is a Xbox one server under unofficial pc. I am not an admin just really close to the admin of the server so if you need any help such as more details on what is going on in the server ask for Pippin in the discord chat. We hope that you have fun on our server and are able to meet new people and build up. Note: offline raiding is disabled and because of that alliances do not work. This Role-play aims for some realism and because of this there are no gigias or flyers allowed along with certain restrictions and engagement rules such as no kill on sight try to make interactions before raiding, must have a reason to raid and more. In game name: [Pippin] Gamertag: [OneRichMaster]
  12. Winters Hollows - RP P+ Server: Ragnarok Are you reaching endgame so fast that you lost your sense of progression in Ark? Are you sick of being wiped over and over on Official? Are you finding it a chore to log on and take care of your base? Ever wish you could just build a beautiful base at your own pace? Not having fun playing Ark and looking for a new way to play? LOOK NO FURTHER, THIS SERVER IS THE ONE FOR YOU! We are looking for new members to come play with us! *As more people join, we will add more player slots to the server! Join our growing community today! PSN Community page: Winter Hollows - Ark RP P+ Server Discord Server: Winter Hollows - RP (https://discord.gg/q2m7Fq6) Dedicated P+ Ark Server Search: Winter Hollows - RP We have a lot of custom settings to enhance your Ark experience! Custom P+ ini files: some engrams added, some taken out Custom day/night cycles Custom auto PvP/PvE cycles: to match the day/night cycle Team of Moderators committed to a set of rules and enhancing the experience, not cheapening it! Community polls and suggestion box for player feedback Our server features several in game RP based things for you to do! The neutral city. The only place on the map where PvP is strictly prohibited. It is a community city! A place to visit, trade with, complete quests for, or even join!: Winter’s Edge. The city is completely Neutral, so they will trade with you no matter who you are or what you do for a living! Build a kingdom of your very own! Visit our discord server for details on how to make your own official kingdom that is recognized by Winter’s Edge! This gives you plenty of added perks, including a Sentinel’s Blessing! Check out some amazing work from our community!! Winter's Edge - The Main Gate --- Winter's Edge - Wayne's Tavern --- Torchbearers - Open Lighthouse Outpost ---
  13. EVERFORTH ROLEPLAY SEVER XBOX ONE Hello everybody, we are hosting a 4x Roleplay server on Unoffical PC servers for the Xbox one, if you want to join a server with serious roleplay and fun scenarios, events, roleplay interactions join us, MUST JOIN DISCORD AT: https://discord.gg/d6gYzs NO DEFORMED CHARACTERS! No midgets, no Popeye characters etc! to Join step one: switch over to Primitive Plus step two: search up "Everforth" in the search bar but make sure it's on maps Ragnarok, and unofficial PC Servers, it is a Nitrado server and on PVP step three: Spawn at the welcome Center in Highlands North and read rules OIF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS MESSAGE GAMERTAG "Diego" yes, it's Just Diego no numbers "X's" etc. GT:Diego
  14. Hello, Just a friendly message to all primitive plus players looking for a friendly server to play on. We are hoping to find a few members to join our community. The server isn't password protected. Please take a look at our Facebook and Patreon page for rules. www.facebook.com/cromwellgaming www.patreon.com/cromwellgaming We have 3 major towns. Vankton being the main town with Exotic pet shop, Rare item shop, Hair salon, a Bank with rent-able vaults, Tavern, guild hall and jousting arena. The rare shops sell Aberration items for iron ingots. The facebook page is being uploaded with images so take a look. Thanks Server name is Cromwell permanent Boosted 24/7 pvp/rp (Xbox and PC) Trolls will be banned. Thanks
  15. Hello everyone! I am starting a new role play server. I have been a part of RP servers before and it is the best way to play ark. MUST HAVE DISCORD. All new members will be interviewed before being accepted. If you are interested you can either PM me on Xbox or express interest here as I will be checking this everyday as well. My GT is CPT COOL24. If interested please let me know whether or not you have been part of a RP server before. If not no worries as I will explain how it works. Below is the background lore so you have an idea of what to expect. I can also forward you a copy of the rules as well. I don't want to put too much info in the post and overload everyone. Year: 2018 Location: Europe (Ragnarok) While it is the year 2018 human evolution on this earth has taken a drastically slower rate. This slower rate can be attributed to the presence of prehistoric creatures. The catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs on our planet never happened on this earth. Large creatures freely roam these lands with little threat to their existence. On this world human civilization seems reminiscent of the High Middle Ages. Humans have adopted large, stone walls and vast castles to keep predators at bay. Recently, humans have hit a breakthrough in their evolution. They have learned to make these aggressive animals that roam this planet their allies. On this earth, man has learned to ride the mighty Rex into battle. Man has learned to use a Mammoth to harvest wood. Man, as it always has on our planet, has learned to make the most of his environment. Still, mankind’s worst enemy is himself. With the recent discovery of taming dinosaurs, the world has entered an uneasy peace. Man knows the kind of destruction these animals can cause and does not want to see these animals used in times of war. But, just as in the world you know, man is capable of great things. Terrible things, but great. Despite being in a different universe and timeline man has kept his desire for power we are all too familiar with. Just like on our earth, power is defined through resources and land. In Europe there are three major Kingdoms that have struggled for control and are currently in a tense stalemate. The English, just like in our world, are a major world power. They have also maintained their prowess in archery. No one is capable of crafting bows and arrows like the English. They have amassed their power by killing their enemy before they can even get near them. The Germans value strength and are home to the best blacksmiths in the world. To combat the English, they have developed better armor to absorb more arrows as well as better swords, axes, and pikes to ensure they are unmatched in hand to hand combat. The Spanish, while not having access to better weapons and armor like the English and Germans, have found another way to accumulate lands and wealth. The Spanish were the first to make allies with these prehistoric creatures and are unmatched in their ability to tame and breed. Spanish bred animals are both faster and stronger. Spanish mounts are coveted around the world. While these Kingdoms do not fear each other, and relations are tense even in this time of peace, they all respect their God. God has maintained a physical presence on this earth and demands respect. The Kings/Queens of these Kingdoms have learned that this God is both vengeful and merciful, so they try to stay in his good graces. This has led to the creation of the Sacred City. No matter the circumstances there is no bloodshed in this city. This has led to the city being a place all Kingdoms can converse. Trade, commerce, and even talks amongst Kings and Queens happens here. In times of darkness and uncertainty the Sacred City remains a beacon of light.
  16. I'm going to try to sum this up as efficiently as possible for you guys. This Primitive Plus based Unofficial PC Nitrado server has been developed by core members of SASRP (San Andreas State Role Play) - an emergency services and life roleplay community with more than 4 years in operation on GTA 5. Our goal was to create an environment where players were given the freedom to build and govern themselves as they please, with some encouragement and a variety of benefits for players that build and conduct themselves in a simulation / RP manner. We are building towns, cities, and capitals not plant species fortified bunkers. The admin tribe is on daily and at least one member is on at most times of the day to heavily patrol and enforce the rules of the server. This is a PVP experience but a tame one. Think of it more like a game of Diplomacy than an arms race. There are some mild improvements to taming, carry weight, oxygen, etc but we have attempted to maintain the integrity of the vanilla game so that your time and efforts are rewarded. Offline damage is prevented, there is a strict policy about leaving abandoned structures anywhere on the map (even something as small as a campfire), and trolling is absolutely prohibited in any fashion. We also have rules for the engagement of war, what formal alliances mean, and ways to gain power without war. Our players can choose how they want to live. We have seen a hybrid of Skyrim meets Game Of Thrones at this point but will steer the evolution of the server based on how our players interact. With tribe options ranging from wildling to township, city, city-state, or capital our players can choose a variety of experiences within this one server. You can run into smaller elusive wildling tribes that viciously defend their lands without any attempt at diplomacy, you may come upon a small township of people happy to aid a weary traveler and even provide a new home, and speckled in the various claimed regions are larger capital cities and city-states that govern their lands in a variety of ways. You may even wander upon a nomadic trading caravan. So you choose! Do you want to live and build peacefully under the protection of a powerful capital or city-state? Then start or join a township inside their kingdom. Do you aspire for more? Build up your tribe and meet the requirements to become a city and eventually a capital in an unclaimed region and lay claim to the land. Entice others to build towns and cities within your kingdom and fortify your alliance and the power you wield throughout the country. The possibilities are endless and as previously stated; this server will evolve to the players. You should know that this server has been up for approximately a month as approximately 20-25 of our core members have helped establish a few towns, cities, and capitals. This is not to protect these tribes' alpha status's, it's so that a base for the experience is setup now that we officially open to the public. That said, only the national capital city (The Admin City) and 2 other capitals exist. There is a lot of land left to be claimed. The admin city is The Reach. All joining players are expected to make their way to the reach on their own accord, request entry, and be given the official welcome speech as well their starter pack which includes a level 150 (max on the server is 150 but this is a 100 perfect tame so you receive it at 150) iron pickaxe, iron hatchet, sickle, metal pike,a bunk bed, and 100x tek shards. NOTE - you'll learn more upon entry but tek shards are the base for our economy system as our currency. The Reach is assumed friendly to any and all players and tribes unless provoked otherwise. This means that we will always shelter and feed a traveler and his/her tame as well as provide temporary protection. The Reach also sets the standard retail price for everything in the server. A complete pricing guide is available for those who gain entry to the server. Prices are non-negotiable and only tek shards may be used to make purchases through The Reach. The prices are also somewhat steep. This facilitates other communities to focus their skills and efforts into certain specialties so that they can under-cut prices and trade. And thus our economy was born. You should also note that we will spawn in certain approved items and tames otherwise not available on Ragnarok; but you'll have to save up! And you will NEVER get machine guns, rocket launchers, tek armor, etc so don't bother asking. The integrity of the server lies on the strategy of how you use tames not explosives and automatic weapons. We also host a variety of events from tame battle tournaments, races, mazes, treasure hunts, jousting competitions, and much much more for prizes! If you're interested please contact Iceman 918 (note the space) on XBox and checkout our website that still has some work to be done at http://sasrp.enjin.com/sasrpark . This is a password protected server but all are welcome if this sort of experience interests you!
  17. "You find yourself in Adaesu, an unforgiving, cruel and chaotic continent that is inhabited by primeval beasts. You are naked and alone; nowhere is truly safe, Yet in chaos there is opportunity. Do you have what it takes to grow from a tribe to establish an empire? Will you unite the people of Adaesu and bring peace to the continent? ....Or perhaps you want be a simple trader, leading a modest life and making changes in small ways. Which path will you take? The choice is yours, Survivor." Survive Stormont is a RPVPVE servers for 18+ players who enjoy a more immersive narrative experience, our website is www.survivestormont.com (if viewing from mobile please select web version for full site) alternatively you can download our companion app from Google play (just search survive stormont) we have a lovely community of 2 years on the server. We are an external (nitrado) hosted server, we use enjin as our website platform, and we also have a private discord server, We are using the Map Ragnarock and Primitive + Mod. We are Xbox and Windows 10 version. you can find out a little more about the server at www.survivestormont.com/about and if you're looking for our settings you can view them+ here bit.ly/2A3hjHY
  18. Hello! We are a small community as of right now, me personally being a PC Veteran and multiple Xbox Vets as well. I personally have a huge amount of experience with Roleplay servers from my PC days, So we thought we can hopefully open up a server for people that are also looking for roleplay or PVP. (EU)ValhallaArkRPPVP Alright so, straight to the point. I'm hosting an Xbox PC Dedicated (Through Nitrado) light roleplay/PVP server. Roleplay is not mandatory, But stronger suggested and encouraged! We're happy to ease new people looking to try it out or people who are new to Ark or Aberration as well! We're paying the server month by month. We have slightly boosted rates, still working out kinks however. (Around 3.5 Gathering and Taming) We prefer that the game takes time, but not a grueling grind. Also with increased baby raising and imprinting. We are on Aberration for the time being at least, this might possibly change in the future. Currently one admin, and one moderator. (Probably will stay that way.) We have only a few rules on our server, 1. Do not ruin the fun for others. (Includes Griefing. Just being a sausage, etc.) 2. Nothing too Vulgar,Extreme or Racist, Etc. (We have a sense of humor, just don't go too far.) 3. If you are including yourself in Roleplay, Please make sure you have a REAL REASON. We're not going to accept "I felt like killing him" If the person is on your land, Taking your resources or threatens you in character, Feel free to slaughter them as you wish! We don't expect your roleplay to be perfect, nobody's is. 4. We have no age limit, Everyone and anyone is welcome. Finally we have one policy as well, Ark can sometimes be a tough game to get started on. So we're offering to those who want it. One free starter tame, of your choosing to take to help you get you off your feet. We do have limits on the tame, We aren't allowing fliers on Aberration, Nor anything larger than a Megalosaurus. So no Rex, Giga, Spino, Yuty, Etc. This is just to get you on your way. So ask away if you wish! Please enjoy yourself, and please if you have any questions ask me, BNW1214.
  19. LolaTheLost

    RP Server/Community

    We are a Role Play community that has whitelisted server for Ark, (we also have whitelist servers for other games such as Just Survive & Miscreated) If the role play game style is interesting to you I would like to invite you to check us out! We go by The Last Survivors RP Community. We are an active community, with active admins. we have monthly meetings with our community for feedback on the rules of our servers, and how we can change things for the better.Please see the website & discord below for more details. NEW to RP? That is fine! we will guide you! Website: https://thelastsurvivors.enjin.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/fR8AgDH
  20. The Legendary Unofficial PC Server NOW ON XBOX ONE We love Ark. We love Roleplay. It's like Peanut Butter & Chocolate. Welcome... to Medieval Viking RP. Play with us on: Xbox One > Ark > Primitive Plus > Unofficial PC Servers > Medieval Viking RP (SHOW PASSWORD PROTECTED SERVERS) NOW ACCEPTING CREATIVE MEDIEVAL VIKING CHARACTERS! SUBMIT YOUR CHARACTER FOR PASSWORD ACCESS TO MEDIEVAL VIKING RP AT: MEDIEVAL VIKING RP https://mvrpark.wix.com/mvrp MVRP Medieval Viking RP is an XBOX ONE ROLEPLAY PVPVE Server with the sole intention of the creating the most fun & engaging ARK experience possible. In order to achieve this, we've learned that, when certain rules are applied, we can achieve that experience. That being said, I give you... THE RULES 1: No breaking/destruction/killing of others’ property. Unless war is declared. 2: "Fur & Feather" tames ONLY. The Paracer, Ankylo, and Doedicarus are exceptions. They may be tamed as labor machines ONLY. They CANNOT be travel or battle mounts. 3: NO FLYERS IN WAR. 4: The only ridable flyers that may be tamed are the Argentavis & Pelagornis. You may obtain a Griffin or Wyvern by way of completing a quest for your Jarl. 5: If you use any taming materials (i.e. walls for traps), you must clean them up as soon as you are done using them. 6: Make your Survivor name a Viking or medieval name. 7: When you enter a Jarl's land, they can do what they want to you. BE PREPARED to meet with the Jarl in the region you choose to live in. 8: Anyone caught with an item that is not approved, or that has a tame not on the tame list will have the tame killed and possibly be banned, at the discretion of the host. 9: No guns. you can have cannons, but no firearms like the pistol and musket. 10: Mark your dinos with your initials like for GodsSilentgrace ([Gsg] Dino Name). 11: Please be respectful to others. Don’t be rude to people in chat. 12: No Drama (Outside of RP) 13: No Building on Major Resource Spawn points. 14: Don’t spam chat on the server 15: Don’t ugly up the landscape, meaning don’t toss thatch foundations and whatnot around to save land/prevent spawning. Manage your Spike Walls! 16: Do not build within render distance of another player/tribe without their permission.🙀 17: If you fail to clean up things that are temporary, there will be a penalty for your entire tribe. So please make sure you CLEAN your poop. 18: No Behemoth walls, Use Behemoth gates for doors not walls. 19: WYVERNS AND GRIFFINS ARE ONLY OBTAINED THROUGH QUESTS Be creative! This isn’t really a rule, more of a guideline. Don’t just build boxes and be finished, try to go outside your comfort zone.
  21. Chill New Boosted Ragnarok Server. It is PVP with ORP on, NO PASSIVE TAME KILLING. Other than that enjoy. Keep grieving to a minimum. There is a 3 of the same tame maximum to give advantages to traders. I am the owner and only admin and I do not have time for starters or beef squashing so be mature about it please. Join "Bang Gang Mac" to start your journey. Good Luck My GT: 'Mac Bangs' Director GT: 'ZTG Cutthroat' Host GT : 'Bang Gang Mac'
  22. Hello! We are a small community as of right now, me personally being a PC Veteran and multiple Xbox Vets as well. I personally have a huge amount of experience with Roleplay servers from my PC days, So we thought we can hopefully open up a server for people that are also looking for roleplay or PVP. (EU)ValhallaArkRPPVP Alright so, straight to the point. I'm hosting an Xbox PC Dedicated (Through Nitrado) light roleplay/PVP server. Roleplay is not mandatory, But stronger suggested and encouraged! We're happy to ease new people looking to try it out or people who are new to Ark or Aberration as well! We're paying the server month by month. We have slightly boosted rates, still working out kinks however. (Around 3.5 Gathering and Taming) We prefer that the game takes time, but not a grueling grind. Also with increased baby raising and imprinting. We are on Aberration for the time being at least, this might possibly change in the future. Currently one admin, and one moderator. (Probably will stay that way.) We have only a few rules on our server, 1. Do not ruin the fun for others. (Includes Griefing. Just being a sausage, etc.) 2. Nothing too Vulgar,Extreme or Racist, Etc. (We have a sense of humor, just don't go too far.) 3. If you are including yourself in Roleplay, Please make sure you have a REAL REASON. We're not going to accept "I felt like killing him" If the person is on your land, Taking your resources or threatens you in character, Feel free to slaughter them as you wish! We don't expect your roleplay to be perfect, nobody's is. 4. We have no age limit, Everyone and anyone is welcome. Finally we have one policy as well, Ark can sometimes be a tough game to get started on. So we're offering to those who want it. One free starter tame, of your choosing to take to help you get you off your feet. We do have limits on the tame, We aren't allowing fliers on Aberration, Nor anything larger than a Megalosaurus. So no Rex, Giga, Spino, Yuty, Etc. This is just to get you on your way. So ask away if you wish! Please enjoy yourself, and please if you have any questions ask me, BNW1214.
  23. this server is hosted 24-7 on Ragnarok and involves factions of survivors at war. We (the admins) are looking for players who would like to lead the other factions, considering the admins lead an faction each (there are only two admins), this leaves space for other people to lead a faction into war. We are looking for at least 2 or 3 more factions. And YES, whoever leads a faction will get to name it him or herself (as long as the name is reasonable). Each faction can have its own coat of arms if it wants but requires its own colors eg. Everyone apart of a faction must wear armor with that selected color. The admins will help whomever becomes leader for a faction build their kingdom or base. This is how it works, if a faction conquers another factions land including the hq, then everyone from the conquered faction will join the conquering faction thus the defeated faction is out of the game. The factions are gonna be one big tribe, no alliances. Tek can be used but each faction only gets one set and a limited amount of element eg 20. This could be changed in future. The rates and stuff are decently balanced and high, but not too high. If anyone has suggestions please Xbox msg KamakazeeCow01 or GOD4073 and ask for it to be adjusted. faction locations require specific biomes or areas such as cliff lands (griffin cliffs), desert islands, snow, (king of the north lol), grasslands, red woods, and the blue ob jungle. Factions CAN have very short truces to tackle powerful enemies eg. ONLY WHEN A FACTION HAS GROWN DUE TO CONQUERING ANOTHER FACTION CAN TRIBES TRUCE FOR A PERIOD OF 24 HOURS. this server doesn't put have strict Rp or Role Play, but would encourage players to enjoy the experience. The last faction standing will get an advantage in the next round of any op or powerful item of their choosing eg. An ascendant blue print, titan, overpowered quetz etc. raiding is allowed, if you get raided don't cry, gather your friends (faction members) and retaliate, and fight back. Factions can claim land by destroying an enemy structure and replacing it with their own. The base MUST have the factions colors and if wanted, sigil or coat of arms. Yes ATM until further notice tek structures such as underwater bases can be used but your faction must earn the engrams through boss fights. This server is 24-7 and will be up for ever so teams will have plenty of time to conquer and dominate. oh btw, the winning faction will get one selected tame from each member so it doesn't feel completely repetitive. When a faction wins the server won't get wiped, just every base except for the head quarters or home base. All structure which belong to a faction that are still standing after the game restarts will be demolished by admin and the tribe which they belong to will get a disadvantage eg. The faction whom finds the structure selects one of their tames to be executed. to access the server, search in UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS...Ark pvp boosted 24/7 pvp event rewards this might be changed in the future but don't worry, if you befriend an admin, they will give you plenty of notice. REMEMBER...if you want to be a faction leader, contact any of the admins when on. extra notes and stuff... the server IS about 1-2 weeks old but trust me, there are plenty of spots available due to very low population. Anyway we hope you enjoy this server as much as we do, thanks for reading this long forum 👌
  24. Xbox Roleplaying Server What are the first steps? As a Roleplay server, we are dedicated to making your experience with us a good one and creative one. We are currently based on the TV show Vikings and other shows like it! Please understand that we are not like other PVPVE servers this is a ROLEPLAY server if you don't understand what that entails we will teach you! Just ask. This is a Nitrado rented server and is called [US] Laurasia Vikings Roleplay Server The server is PVPVE for now unless there is drama- it is based on Ragnorak- and the theme is based off of the Vikings TV Show and other shows like it. There will be area marked as neutral zones and they should be respected as they are my builds for the whole community to use! There will be events form time to time with special prizes things you typically cant get or are very rare. Owner/Admin GT - ShroudedDravyn The server is 24/7 20 slots a adequate amount to keep lag down - To start. And may become a cluster in the future. 18+ only please Some basic stats- Primitive+ Crossplay enabled - + Aberration Creatures are spawned randomly and Aberration's Engrams and Resources available through admin store TamingSpeedMultiplier=8.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=10.0 XPMultiplier=5.0 Mature=13.0 Please remember the Laurasia is a Values Roleplay over pointless Raiding https://laurasiavikings.wixsite.com/home
  25. FAQ Maelstrom Persistent Worlds (MPW) PvPRP Wiki Please excuse our dust! This FAQ is a bit dated and we are in the process of compiling all up to date information in our new wiki This FAQ will still serve to provide a basic understanding of what to expect on this server. **What is the MPW Mega Cluster?** **What is different about this server?** **What are the rates?** ***Yeah, but what are the rates?*** **What about the Dinos?** **So what’s this "Persistent World" deal?** **How do you guys work out the economy?** **Wait... quests??** **Where can I get quests?** ***Can I create my own kingdom?*** **Can I create a village or kingdom without filling the prerequisites?** **Can I join an existing kingdom?** **Can I be a trader? a smith? a saddler? a farmer?** **I committed crime in a kingdom, what does that mean?** ***What about your admins?*** **How committed to your servers are you?** ***How do I join?***