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Found 34 results

  1. TheCreep

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    So, my tribe and I have finally gotten access to Rock Drakes. We spent days doing the whole process; treading down to their birthing grounds, stealing eggs, hatching, and raising. So far, the drakes are way too weak to be useful, minus their abilities as a taxi. They have no health. While their stamina regeneration is good, they have almost no stamina (gain ~30 per level) Everything they do requires stamina (climbing, gliding, fighting, camo) They do almost no damage (scaling is terrible) Even with 100% Imprinting Their attack speed is so insanely slow Their stats can't be improved via breeding Hatching & Raising them takes days (depending on multipliers) The passenger takes damage from attacks and can die, while the rider remains fine like any other mount They are almost weaker than wild rock drakes Why is the fight between my 100% imprinted rock drake and a single wild rock drake so close? The rock drake is 'supposedly' the only equal to the reapers, but that is not even remotely true. As it stands, our Megalosaurus does at least 3x damage per hit and attack at least 2x faster, with easily 2-4x more health. Minus the rock drake's maneuverability and their eggs being used to tame the Basilisk, they're completely useless. Am I missing something here? I'm not sure how many other tribes have progressed to this point, but is anyone else experiencing lack luster combat performance from their rock drakes?
  2. Kimgy

    Buggy Rock Drakes

    Anyone else having trouble climbing at all with Rock Drake? If it touches a wall it glitches around and falls off and goes upside down and under the map and so on, is it me or is it the Drake messing up here?
  3. xEGxShinobuu

    Rock Drake Turret Soakers

    I know that it''s more optimal to use reapers or stegos, but is it possible to tank bullets using a rock drake with an 80+armor saddle, using nameless venom as psuedo veggie cakes?
  4. We have a baby rock drake that wants to go on a walk for its imprinting activity. We have walked it half way across the fertile biome and back it was not satisfied, another survivor came over and checked it and for them it said it needed a cuddle, not a walk, and then it randomly completed. This was after my tribe mate had walked it around for quite some time. Could one client have been displaying the incorrect imprinting activity? Saying that it wanted a walk when it really needed a good cuddle? EDIT: It seems like it might be a client side display issue. I just got another one that wanted to go on a walk that would not complete so out of curiosity I got out of the server and got back in and then it said it wanted to cuddle and i was able to complete the imprinting activity. So if you are trying to imprint a rock drake and it wants to go on a walk but it wont complete, try exiting to the menu and reconnecting and see if the activity changes.
  5. YoanY

    Rock Drake Suggestion

    I think it'd be neat and fitting if all the wyvern spawns inside the cave to the south west get replaced with rock drakes. I hope it's possible to separate the cave area from the wyvern spawns outside. Also it'd be neat if the cliffs outside also spawn water wyverns, but that would mean cooperating with he guy who made the mod with those.
  6. When I'm gliding on any of my Rock Drakes, whether it is in Aberration or the Island, if I pull out an item (such as a gps, crossbow, or even the map) while my drake is gliding, it stops gliding. I don't think this is an implementation, since I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes, so I'm left to assume it's a bug. It's not a big inconvenience, but it sure is making explorer note finding a lot more tedious.
  7. SandsOfSalt

    Rock Drake Variants?

    So I was thinking 'If Rock Drakes are the Aberration equivalent of Wyverns, shouldn't there be some variants?'. The Variations could probably get a bit more creative than a simple Lightning, Fire, Poison and Ice. A small more gecko-like one that can ride on you shoulders that can act as a natural replacement for a glider and climbing picks for the sacrifice of not being able to have a lantern pet whilst using it and not being able to equip anything whilst climbing. It would probably be very fast and skittish like a Tapejara with its preferred food being element ore(or some other rare resource)? High Speed and Stamina, Low Melee and Health, Decent Weight A slightly smaller weaker Rock Drake that can breathe charge in a beam like fashion to buff Rock Drakes, recharge Lantern Pets and stun and scare off the Nameless and Reapers. Passive in the wild and preferred food is gems. Similiar stats to a Ravager. A weaker, Ravager-sized Drake that has good invisibility and a good stealth attack that can only be done from behind and will decloak with a stealth attack. Aggresive and mostly cloaked in the wild and preferred food is fish in fish baskets. Puny Health, Very High Melee and Stamina, Decent Weight. These are my ideas so far.
  8. Egg use to spawn frequently and now there is only one egg spawn on the whole map that works. I noticed that the egg spawns were getting worse and worse over time. Now the one egg that spawns is always a low level egg. This is a problem on other servers as well. We have tribe mates that dont have a drake and it sucks to tell them i had no luck in the drake nest. This issue needs to be fixed.
  9. Abberation, Official 708 PVE. So I was on my way up riding my favorite rock drake to my fertile zone base which is located in the highest level of the map. From the lower level, I was pouncing my my way up on the mountain to reach my base. I pounced onto the ledge right at my base and my game froze for a few seconds to load my base in. However, about 2 seconds in my game crashed. I loaded back in and now my rock drake is just gone. But when I go onto the ledge where I was latched to when I disconnected, you can still see him poop once in awhile. It's like he is still there, but there is no trace of him, name, or anything. I've tried to whistle and such but to no avail. All I have left of him is his occasional defication. And let's be honest, that's not the best thing to be remembered by so is there any help or suggestions to make him reappear? He's "been there" for about 2 days now.
  10. Hi Guys not sure if this is the right forum but this is a topic for transfers of aberration creatures... I have decided I want to progress with TEK so I am doing other maps temporarily, starting with Ragnarok. I have transferred Karkinos, bulbdog, Glowtail and rollrat without problems. I do struggle with Rock Drake though, when I try to download it it is just greyed out??? Unofficial server cluster with all the options in: PreventUploadSurvivors=False PreventUploadItems=False PreventUploadDinos=False NoTributeDownloads=False PreventDownloadSurivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=True Does anyone know of anything extra I need to do to be able to download Rock Drake on map other than Aberration? (I can download it back on Aberration). PS: All servers use same configs and same mods. Edit: thanks mods / admins for moving - sorry for putting it in wrong topic / forum
  11. Again, Rock Drake Eggs are going under nests after patch 278. The patch 278 was effective for one day with eggs far away up to the nest. I took some just after the pacth but it was not respawning during the Vanlentine event... I checked again with the 3rd person camera and bingo: the eggs are back under the nests and unreachable. Here is a picture taken today the 15.02.2018 at 11:00 am CET Hope there will be a issue for this problem. If you want a Rock Drake or a Basilik, be patient. Only pink ravagers areavailable for the moment! ;-)
  12. Deglis

    Rock drakes under the ground

    So recently a lot of people drakes have been getting stuck under the map we need to get the development team more aware of this because it is frustrating loos ing a 4 day raise to getting shoved under the map by reaper queens
  13. Wildthing

    rock drake bug Aberration Rock Drake Bug

    Since the update from Aberration today Rock Drakes are not usable anymore. As soon I hit the A button you will get Disconnected from Server. This was Tested with 3 other Players and Nitrado reported they know about it but it's on Wildcards side. Please fix this asap Thank you
  14. Deglis

    Rock drakes under the ground

    So recently a lot of people drakes have been getting stuck under the map we need to get the development team more aware of this because it is frustrating loos ing a 4 day raise to getting shoved under the map by reaper queens
  15. So I noticed something different when I hopped on my Rock Drake today- the mane down it's back was black, when it used to be teal. I hopped off and after some moving it around, I figured out that there's a lighting bug of some sort going on with their mane, but only on one side. It's on both Drakes, so it's not just the one. Here's a picture of the Drake with every color region changed bright blue- the mane is still black on one side? Bugged side- https://imgur.com/RRgRNhO Other side- https://imgur.com/kefiZgl I know it's not a major issue, I just thought it was strange since it wasn't there before. I have a few mods, but none of them effect dinos at all, it's all just building structures; Eco's Stable/garden mods, S+, etc. but I haven't changed or added any for a month. Haven't messed with any graphic settings recently either. Not sure when this changed, as I haven't played for a few days.
  16. Migol

    How to level Rock Drake Stats

    Just got our first, a 180. From what I'm seeing the Stamina is Ok, but the attack is kind of...not great, not sure if that's the way to go though because the attack animation is also very slow. Is it better to just make them a high HP tank and run away when something big attacks that would take too long to kill?
  17. RoyMustang

    Rock Drake Raising Tips?

    Does anyone have any tips for raising rock drakes? It isn't that hard to get the egg for me, just storm the trench with a few megalosaurus and ez pz... But raising them is really difficult. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks to raising these things. The main problem is the spoil timer on the Venom is extremely short, and they don't stack. What I'm currently doing is setting multiple alarms throughout the night to get on and feed them, but it's messing up my sleep schedule. The only options I see are really to struggle like I am, or bring them onto a rag server and use preserving salt with nameless venom, or ditch the drakes until I can afford tek trough (which is hard since I play official). Does anyone have better ideas?
  18. N1ghtmeer

    Rockdrakes oneshotting

    https://www.smashcast.tv/N1ghtmeer/videos/1378722 im pretty sure thats not how they are supposed to work
  19. I believe when an AI controlled Rock Drake dive bombs into the water to attack something this may be causing a server crash which rolls back the server.
  20. Lancelot

    Rock Drake sliding off plane

    Hello there, I wanted to report a bug where my rock drake slid off a plance where you could easily stand. I was climbing up the metal pillar from the rock drake trench with my own raised drake( a beautiful 155 Christmas drake). The ride was getting a bit glitchy so i found a nice big surface to stand on to dismount and remount, it usually helps with the glitchy climbing. As soon as i dismounted, my rock drake slid off the plaform (the platform had a very small angle on it) and fell in the elementium river below. I tried to go down on hooks but as soon as I rendered the drake, it died
  21. I'm not sure if anyone else has reported this issue or not, but the rock drake takes fall damage from a very ridiculous 5 inches off the wall, but doesn't from only slightly higher up. If you're too close to the ground, or just turning climbing off too close to the ground you take solid fall damage, but if you climb about 2 steps higher you take nothing. Seems a bit off to me. Currently playing single player aberration on Xbox one. Edit: Bugs out after getting off numerous times. Hoping on and off to farm drake eggs, and once in every 4 dismounts it bugs the drake out and it won't glide. Tries to climb EVERYTHING in its sites, even when not told to climb or gliding, also camera will lock in position of the drake when you get on. In example, parked my drake in the cove of an egg, got off while he was on the wall, hopped back on and camera was locked sideways.
  22. Bauti

    Rock Drake weird imprint

    Apparently,everytime you imprint a rock drake you get 25% imprinting,that's pretty good but i wanted to know if it was an error
  23. Since the last update (16.12.2017) on nitrado, I always get kicked from the server when I'll try to jump with my Rock Drake. Need a fix! ASAP!
  24. Zip lines aren't allowed where Rock Drakes spawn. I get why this is a thing, but it makes it far too difficult to get your first drake egg. I was thinking that perhaps a timer could be in place- the zipline can be in the radiation for however long, long enough to escape the drakes but it won't interfere with other player's drake-getting experience.
  25. Bauti

    Can't feed Drake

    So,I play on an official server and i can't force feed my Rock Drake.Is it actually a bug or is it intended to be like this?I have a real life and i can't be 4 days straight checking that the Drake has food.Just let me force feed until max food so i can at least sleep...