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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 7 results

  1. More rewards from Notes

    Suggestion before Ark officially releases. Haven't been here for a while! Sorry if this may be outdated but I believe there hasn't been a change to notes. Suggested rewards? More Dino skin Dino saddle skin Weapon skin Armor skin Building skins (such as a smithy/forge?) may be neat New emotes New hairs Engram points Free skill point(Rare, can't be earned back from a mindwipe/can make a notewipe) Raft skins Human skin color (purple skin, blue, yellow, etc? ) Human skins (GOT White walker?) More skins Blue prints to building objects that can't be obtained by engram list Other blue prints that can't be obtained by engram list Furniture Ideas, thoughts?
  2. So the game has been in beta for so long and there a lot of people like me that we been playing a reporting bugs (some people just play the game but oh welll they did support the game by buying it ). It would be cool to give a special beta testers skin to every beta user and a beta tester achievement like blizzard does all these years for all of us that test their games in the beta program. Its a nice touch to thank us all.
  3. Beta player rewards

    I'm unsure if this has been addressed anywhere, I've tried to dig up some information but had no luck. I've been a strong supporter of ARK since the beginning, I have my Parasaur Stylish Saddle Skin that I still trot around in. I have the game on both Steam and Xbox One, bought Scorched Earth and put many extensive hours into the game. I've been seeing lots of rewards for new players who buy the special edition and the pre-order bonus skins and I understand that's how the game industry and market works, I'm a Student of Game Design and Development myself. However, it seems a little odd to me that I can not find rewards for long lasting players who have been the basis of funding. It might just be me not searching in the right places, Are there any rewards for long-committed players? Having just finished university, I do not have the money to go out and re-buy ARK again for the same console despite how much I really want that special edition. Thank you for the time
  4. Hey all, I'm interested in hearing the different methods to divide up everyone's share of the element for boss fights. Obviously there is a point where tribe tek should be crafted first as a priority like transmitters and such. How about in an ally participation setting? After all that is taken care of, how do you reward your tribe mates/allies for coming along to help gather summon items and do boss fights? Does it go by participating in the boss fight alone, contributing atrifacts, tributes, etc. Do you use a currency system, for example (10 tributes = 1 element, 1 artifact = 5 element. etc) How do you do it? Cheers!
  5. Always thought of how there wasn't much skins in the game.. Edit: There is some skins in the explorer notes now but that isn't a lot.. Maybe more? Getting certain survival notes will give a player: Dino skin Dino saddle skin Weapon skin Armor skin Other suggested rewards: Building skins (such as a smithy/forge?) may be neat New emotes New hairs Engram points Free skill point(Rare, can't be earned back from a mindwipe/can make a notewipe) Raft skins Human skin color (purple skin, blue, yellow, etc) Human skins More skins Blue prints to building objects that can't be obtained by engram list Other blue prints that can't be obtained by engram list Furniture (Other rewards? Ran out of ideas) When you die you will get the skins again (will be a skin folder to open up so it doesn't spam a player when they spawn back in) Ideas, thoughts?
  6. We have a fairly new PVPVE server in The Island and are looking for some new members! First off, some information about the server: Online 24/7 (aside from a well warned occasional restart to refresh and unexpected and very rare blackouts) Wild dinos cleared approximately once a week to encourage new spawns Events 1 tranq-ball arenas painted dinos hunts alpha drops boosted weekends, etc. Neutral admins Will not attack UNLESS attacked first do not choose sides, UNLESS necessitated for justice (such as rules being broken with PROOF, such as screenshots or recordings) will help out with certain tasks, if available, such as looking for lost items Updated as soon as possible whenever new patches are pushed out Ping at approximately between 20-30 depending on the loading of large bases Dino melee and health slightly boosted, weight significantly boosted Players stats boosted Harvest, XP, and Taming are all 2x, some weekends are 3x Maturation is 2x, hatching is 4x (some boosted weekends) Spoil time is 2x, turret damage is 1x a few other very small changes to some odds and ends to help improve and modify the game Now, some rules: No blocking of beaver dams, metal spawns, or other valuable resources if your ideal base blocks one of these areas, contact an admin for permission to build there No blocking off of cave entrances or building permanent residences within caves, no exceptions items such as campfires, sleeping bags, standing torches and a few storage chests are allowed No killing of passive tames if you feel as though this has happened to you or your tribe, screenshot the tribe log and it will be investigated if you have accidentally committed this act, you can either re-tame them the dino, or pay an amount that will be decided in resources For the first few weeks for a NEW tribe, no raiding! the server will be PVP, but for the first 14 days it is a grace period for new people to build up No griefing, ever. You know what this is... dropping titanboas in small tribes pens, raiding thatch huts with a giga, or leading giga/titans into small tribes bases, etc. This makes the game frustrating to many people, and this server is meant to encourage new players, family's, or people annoyed by mega tribes wiping their server and then leaving. So don't ruin it. If you attack someone, DO NOT complain about them retaliating. Don't bite off more than you can chew, use common sense. No claiming of wild dinos to be tamed if you have begun the tame, such as began to knock the dino out then sure, its yours. But if you just see it and want it, you can announce that you want it, but that doesn't mean its automatically yours. You have to start the process. First one to a supply drop gets it. If you see someone there, leave it be. Or ask if you can have it/ some of the loot, then its their decision. Most of these rules are pretty common sense/courtesy, but its still good to make sure they are in writing. If these rules are broken with proof, the admins have the freedom to determine the punishment. Many tribes on this server are very peaceful and simply want to enjoy the game way from officials, and the admins will protect their right to do that. The best way to ensure justice is the screenshot/recording feature on your xbox. Use it. Send me proof if you feel as though the rules have been broken and the admins, along with 3rd party tribes together will make a ruling on whether or not the rules have been broken/the punishment. Just saying something means very little, as anyone can say anything, but a video or picture is actually worth something. Some final words: The admin tribe, Arkitects, are not always on. We have lives, which include postgraduate schooling, family, careers, etc. If there is an urgent matter, message guitar2117, however anything else can wait until they are online. The server sometimes will boot you, just like official, and sometimes you won't be able to join, just like official. Until Wildcard gets their act together, these issues will most likely remain, however they are not permanent and will be fixed. Also, once they release the ability for servers to increase difficulty, this server will be raised to 10. This is double that of official, with wild dinos being up to level 300, and supply drops having much higher quality. So keep that in mind. To join the server, add the gt, ARKITECTSERVER1 on xbox and click the 'Join Game' option. It helps to have Ark currently quit, not running already.Also, feel free to join our club on xbox, Arkitect Server 1, where the rules are restated. Have fun, enjoy the game, make more friends than enemies, and welcome to the Ark!
  7. With the for coming release of ark survival evolved this winter I thought now would be a good time to look at the achievements for the different formats of the game! I'm Looking forward to hunting down these achievements and really hope WC don't go down the boring generic route with there achievements as I feel these can be a great way to connect with your community. We here can help massively by giving are ideas as to what we would like to see, these are just a few of mine as I can go on and on about this subject! 1: GATHERING THATCH/A MADE MAN, ok so we can start with the normal get to rank 25, 35, 50, 75, and then reach max lvl. Kill a max lvl rex / spino, kill a giga, tame a max lvl rex / spino, tame a giga and quetzal! 2 : ALL AROUND THE WORLD, fly ( in total ) the distance it would take to fly around the world ( unsure on the games ability to track stuff like this) 3 : DON'T GO INTO THE LONG GRASS, melee/kill three or more raptors or terror birds in 5 secs! 4 : NO MONKEY BUSINESS!, use a monkey to unlock your enemies door! 5 : AND ON THE 7TH DAY / ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY, place over 200 snapped items or harvest a large amount of fibre, wood and stone! So there is a few ideas to help get the ball rolling! If you have any ideas for map or dlc only achievements as I know on xbox you get extra achievements/250 gamer score per dlc! If you have ideas of your own or want to improve on ideas already suggested please let us know! thx ?