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Found 104 results

  1. Currently Scorched servers are a safe haven creating untouchable Alpha tribes that are capable of wiping every server that is connected to the server cluster. This has been discussed on many forums, Reddit posts, and social media platforms. The devs have turned a blind eye to this game breaking mechanic. The transferring of unlimited dinosaurs and items from Scorched to Island/Center has caused the wipe of many tribes within hours of transferring to the server. These tribes that are being wiped have spent thousands of hours building up on their Island/Center servers. There is no way to predict or retaliate these attacks. This has already began to destroy the ARK Community and has made many official servers desolate. Let's not let them ignore this issue any longer. Let's be so loud that they are forced to address this game breaking issue. Please help our voices be heard.
  2. 24/7 pvp Ragnarok Map! Taming: 10x Harvesting: 8x Xp: 8x All player stats: 2x Add gamertag ark2xserver to check us out, we want you, so come join us!
  3. Join my Xbox Ark Server one The Island map, 20x taming, 25x experience, 20x harvest, PVE, PVP, Raid friendly, 24/7 server, To join server add CreedBark as a friend on xbox and wait for me to add you as a friend. Then join my game
  4. Is boss scaling still broken? I run a dedicated on a .4 offset so dinos spawn at a max of 57. Fully leveled it would put them at 128. Of course there could be some breeding up, imprinting, etc. but what I am wondering is if taking on a boss with 128's on a .4 server is the same as taking on a boss with 191's on a 1.0 server. Thanks.
  5. So, I seen a post talking about EMP's. Back story first, when the shocking tranq dart was released, I took it upon myself to try these out on my tribemates. Upon knocking my tribemates unconscious I shot a turret wall. I had thought that the shocking tranq dart had turned my turrets off (gen ran out of gas) and was excited to go trolling. Upon failing to knock turrets offline I went back to square one and tried again. Shooting my own turrets with no luck. Realizing my gens were out of gas I thought. This would be cool if the shocking part of shocking tranq darts actually disabled electrical stuff in a small radius. I let the idea go thinking I will never get to share this. After seeing some responses to a FB post I figured why not post to the forums. So, to explain the effect: 1: shocking tranq dart causes a 20 sec electrical short on a radius of about 1-2 foundations in distance. 2: has to be fired from the longneck- has a long reload time therefore prevents excessive spamming and OP tactics. 3: adds a new tactic in strategy for pvp 4: with most turret walls or towers having 100's of turrets this would be ineffective shooting turrets directly but finding the generator becomes the fun part. 5: would bring a more tactical use to the shocking tranq darts making them more desired. (Currently I feel like I'm the only person in Ark that uses them) 6: can be used against other electrical items such as gear and items that require some sort of electrical use. I.E. Tek armor, tek rifle, tek saddles, rocket launchers, c4 detonators, etc. please leave me some comments and feed back. I'd really like to see this added. Would make biotoxin a much more desired commodity.
  6. Just wanted to see what everyone thinks of the idea of a 24 hr. cooldown between transfers. Basic idea is that after you transfer to a server you can not transfer from that server or upload any items or animals on that server for 24 hrs. (you can still download items and animals from your home server, you just wont be to upload them from the server you transferred to) A lot of people have an issue with the time difference in Ark where certain countries / continents are active while it is the middle of the night in your region. A 24 hour cooldown will prevent someone coming onto you server in the middle of the night, while you are asleep, raiding your base, stealing your items and be gone by the time you wake up. They will be stuck on your server for 24 hrs. without a way to upload their stolen items and you will have a chance to hunt them down and get your revenge.
  7. DDos Raiders

    Hello Everyone, My server has been not reachable for almost 6 hours on xbox offical. When we got in for a few minutes we saw our allies have been raided and all they Wyverns killed. When they killed the raiders turtles and wyvern we all got instant rubber banding log and kick out of the server again. I went through one of the players GTs that wasnt familiar to the server and it had a picture of him under the map... How can this be a thing. Please help
  8. Leave a message if you're interested, PS4 Official
  9. While the Offline Raiding Protection for PVE is nice there does seem to be issues with it, which I think maybe have been caused by the hasty implementation of a PVP feature to a PVE environment which is handled differently. ORP Removes pin codes from containers on the server which causes a great deal of issues on a PVE server where we collaborate quite a bit and being able to access other containers is very important. We have various public or alliance spaces which now do not work anymore because unless the owner is online no one can access them as not even an unlocked container is accessible when protection has engaged. It has really destroyed a lot of the ability to collaborate with ones alliance members. One thing I know many from our official server have been wanting for both convenience and especially now with the implementation of ORP is that option to allow Alliance Access to a door or container. A feature that I envision would work by having an option on the Radial menu when interacting with an object to access the "Alliance Sharing" option. When in that new sub-menu you would find the various alliances you are in and be able to enable access for specific alliances to that door or container, So that those trusted with access can maintain and use it. A Small Text Example. Alliance Sharing > Alliance A On, Alliance B Off, Alliance C Off, Alliance D On. If we were able to have Alliance Sharing it would allow having access to containers or doors by allies while still keeping ones base and belongings safe as ORP intends. Since the sharing option would be per object and voluntary the individual would only be risking what they thought was worth risking and if you are giving alliance access to something then I would expect you to know who you are dealing with already.
  10. Raiding is stupidly ez. The time invested in Def is 5000% more then Offence and still cant hold off even small raiding parties. Not showing who destroyed things is bad for pvp. Not showing what server someone is from is bad for pvp. Before Server poop transfers you could retaliate. Others on the server would not trust them. You had to play smart in your raids. After there is no pvp. It is go scout a server, wait till late at night and offline raid. Takes very little to raid a base with 40+ auto turrets. ONLY the Alphas with 100s of turrets have a chance to hold out. Auto Turrets do so little damage to Tames you can send on in take hits and pull it back. Force feed to heal and do it again until turrets are empty then 5-6 C4 and you are in even if they 3-4 stack walls its stupidly ez to get in. The time to make the C4 is SOOO small compared to the time to build the base. pvpers call offline raiding pvp when its pve. Wildcard needs to update the game where base can def with little effort and raiding takes planning and actual skill. FYI this post is for Wildcard not the kiddies that think they are pvping in this game right now.
  11. I could only wish if they used a server to run a single server instead of a cluster for official. The frustration of not being able to even raid when a server is either at max pop or close to it is enough to make people quit the game. whats the purpose of having pop cap of 70 or 100 if the server cant handle it?
  12. Firstly to define the term "Tree Homes" I mean any form of base that is settled ON or in-between metal tree-platform(s). I would like to know if a properly built tree-platform with surrounding Tek structures, Tek Shield, massive amounts of turrets, plant x, layers, and ground defenses would be able to defend against another tribe from a different server attacking with to a maximum of Tek Rex Saddles. I feel many end game tribes end up being located in either caves where they feel "sheltered" and "safe" or in a specific location that can be defended easily with the right structural composition to protect its weak points. In my few years of playing Ark I've never heard any positive opinions on end game tree homes, yet I've also never heard or spoke to many people who have tried to raid a "well" defending/built tree home up to date with an end game material structure. ===Bottom Line=== Disregarding the weakness of having your bases foundations equivalent to 100x C4 worth of dmg AND knowing that Tek Rex Saddles deal ~60 dmg to metal structures (Metal TreePlatforms have 100k hp). Would it be considered a waste of time to make such a structure when it has these baseline weaknesses? I'd appreciate anyones opinions and thoughts.
  13. Do Rocket Launchers do too much damage? I remember when I was a fresher player I used to think the Rocket Launcher was not that great, considering you only had 10 shots (maybe), the rockets were unreliable to aim, had short range, and were easily ignored by Auto-turrets. Not only that, a regular metal wall can handle the punishment from one easily. They were too expensive for what they were. Two years later, I realized that they are so awesome. For everyone but the person you blow up with them. Then I got a hold of a Mastercraft Rocket Launcher and things have never been the same. I've kind of realized while Mastercraft Rocket Launchers can wipe out chunks of metal walls/ceilings and other base defenses in less shots than a Primitive, there is nothing that matches it defense wise. There ain't no mastercraft walls, no Apprentice auto-turrets. You just have to hope you have enough room to stack more walls in front of your walls and cover more area with your auto-turrets. What do you guys think about Rocket Launchers? Improvements? Nerfs? Stagnancy or Innovation?
  14. New Turret Controls

    I was commenting on another thread about defense ("Improving Auto-Defense options" by VIKAS; check that post out as well if you're looking for more suggestions on this topic), when I thought of some really cool ideas for auto-turrets that I thought deserved their own thread. Anyway: We currently have very few control options for turrets, and that makes it very easy to abuse such a simple AI. Right now, one person can draw the attention away from every single turret (even if there are hundreds of turrets), and as long as they are shooting that one person, they won't shoot anybody else. That makes it WAY too easy to raid, as you need only one tank, and then a guy with C4 can just casually stroll across the field and blow up the base. So here's some options that would really help fix that problem: Make it so that you can connect turrets to a "network" (of maybe 10 or so turrets max per network) like tame groups, and give turrets options like: -"shoot first" (which will make the chosen turret always shoot before the other turrets in its network). This option would largely just exist to make the other options functional. You can set multiple turrets to this option or just one, but if all the "shoot first" turrets are destroyed, the other turrets in the network will never be able to shoot. This only happens if the turret is destroyed, however; if the turret simply runs out of ammo, it will still fulfill its role and another turret will take over. -"shoot at new target only" (which would make it so that the turret never fires at a target first, it will only fire at a target if another turret in its network is firing at a different target). This option would prevent one tank from soaking up the attention of ALL of the turrets. If you set all 10 turrets in the network to this setting (well, 9 of them. One would have to be set to "shoot first" or the network wouldn't fire at all), only one turret would fire at at any given target at a time, and the others wouldn't fire unless a new target appeared (so if you have 10 turrets in the network, and a guy rides up on a turtle, one turret (the one set to "shoot first") would shoot the turtle, another would shoot at the rider, and the other 8 would just wait in standby mode until either a new target appears or one of the turrets stops firing. -"shoot at XXX only" (which would open up a radial menu that allows you to select which creatures it'll fire at; so you can select "carbos and brontos" and the selected turret will only ever fire at those two creatures (or even more useful, you could check everything BUT those two creatures so that it won't shoot at tanks)). This would prevent someone from coming in on some way OP, 100k HP turtle and just soaking up every bullet you have. Now I know a lot of people might think this setup might be a little bit too powerful, but remember that it has some significant downsides as well. For example, if your network only has 1/10 turrets set to "shoot first", and a raider destroys that turret, the other 9 turrets will never fire, even if they have ammo and there are targets. That "shoot at XXX only" option may be able to make it so a given turret ignores tanks, but you can't set all of your turrets to that or tanks would just walk into your base untouched. Basically, the point of these changes would be to make the system more complex and less abusable. You'd have to be smarter about how you set up your defenses, and raiders would have to be smarter about how they go about their attack.
  15. PVE raiding turned off

    I think this is a big mistake. The servers will now really fill up. I know it sounds bad, but do you realize that if everyone got to keep their dinos. Half of the center and islands servers are full. I'm sorry that you didn't make a good defensive base. I mean if someone pisses you off, you can't do crap anymore. Plus nobody ever wants to start a war. I get it's PVE, but come on now. Yes I also play on PVP, but it is nice to take a break from pvp every now and then..
  16. Wildcard.... I know.... I know you said no wipes at launch. But think about this..... alpha tribes are in Tek and have been farming these bosses that you are rebalancing for months. "fixing" these exploits that allow us to kill the bosses only solidifies these alp[has holds on servers... there is no competition.... no one can compete with those that have already farmed element. I am NOT here asking for nerfs, or free stuff. But how much do you think new players will play with such a wall inbetween where they are, and where alpha tribes are? these bosses have been exploited for MONTHS. And now that you are fixing the exploits, its time to rethink server wipes. Otherwise there really is no way to compete. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Hi there, we have started our own new server on the centre island map with SE dinos and materials on the map as well! We have a few players playing everyday but want to bring more people to the server! We invite all players to join our 70 slot server for PVP mayhem all rates are 15x the server will be action packed there will be admins playing as well who will not use admin powers at all please see the mod compliation below and download the mods before you join it should only take a couple of minutes! Mod Workshop Collection: Discord Channel: SERVER RULES: 1. NO CAGING PEOPLE FOR LONGER THAN A DAY 2. NO INSIDE RAIDING 3. ENGLISH IN GLOBAL PLEASE THANK YOU Steam Group: You can join the server via this link all you have to do is click connect on the page: Please invite as many people as you can so we can have a busy and fun server!
  18. Why does xbox rendering run so badly now? I mean raiding is a whole different ball game on xbox when it comes to Plant X.. We have noticed that the lag has gotten a lot worse and want to know why? Will there be improvements? I know the game is still in preview but that's not the point, it wasn't this bad before.. When you raid an average base your facing around 50/60 plants firing at you at once.. This is impossible now due to the lag this creates which causes the game to crash/Lag out. Its completely ruined my game enjoyment and im now im considering quitting. All people do is depend on there base lag which in my opinion should not be a thing. I Hope my question gets answered
  19. Hey all, Been playing on Offiicial PVP for around 7-8 months now and cross server raiding, or even local raiding with brontos/turtles for soaking, rexes/gigas/allos for dps seems to be the meta. My suggestion is that certain carnivores are buffed in order to make them more PVP relevant, and example of this is the Spinosaurus. In real life the Spino was larger than both the Giga and the Rex and would surely have been deadly, but it seems to be lacking power in ARK when compared to the Rex and isn't anywhere as useful for PVP/boss fights. I can guarantee alot more people would use this in raiding if they were on somewhat equal power levels and it just adds a bit of variety to the game. Not to mention the Spino is alot more rare than the Rex on The Island. Megalosaurus is another dino I believe needs a buff, not really stat wise but more mechanic wise. The Megalo pretty much sleeps all day, but at night it becomes fast and somewhat powerful, maybe as powerful as a Rex with slightly quicker attack speed and the ability the pickup smaller creatures. This is all good but it really serves little purpose for a tame that requires a decent amount of effort to get, and this is another dino that has massive PVP potential with nocturnal use, and grabbing birds from the sky. My suggestion is to make the Megalo slightly more powerful than a Carno by day, and then slightly more powerful than a Rex at night, with zero sleeping requirement, it would open up far more options to players and such a cool tame wouldn't spend so much time just sitting in your base. The sleeping animation should be used for an inactive Megalo but it should be just an animation and should not add any 'sleep debt' This can be done with a number of dinos, but I think these two are a couple to be considered and I'd like to see them out there in the large scale wars, as well as people breeding them in bulk! Hope for a dev to check this out, Cheers!
  20. Welcome back to my server the original Event server I'm here to reopen my server for everyone to enjoy Add the host gamertag Host Gamertag: Ark Server NOR Server Name: Ark 7 PvP Map: The Island Rates: 7.0 Gathering 6.0 Taming Exp Ranges from 5.0 to 20.0 Basic Exp gain 1.5 <--- all exp is multiplied by this number Gathering Exp 7.5 Killing Exp 6.0 Crafting Exp 7.5 Alpha Kills 20.0 Player Boosted Stats Health: 2.6 Stamina: 2.8 Oxygen: 3.0 Wight: 4.7 Damage: 2.4 Movement Speed: 1.4 Crafting Speed 1.0 Tamed Dino's Add Per Level Health:0.44 Stamina:1.5 Oxygen:2.5 Weight:3.1 Damage:0.44 Speed:1.2 Tamed Dino Stats Per Level Health:0.6 Stamina:1.3 Oxygen:1.8 Weight:3.0 Damage:0.22 Speed:1.1 Dino Stat Affinity Health:0.79 Stamina:1.9 Oxygen:3.0 Weight:2.5 Damage:0.7 Speed:1.2 Rules are simple. Only 5 important ones so here's the deal admins are not allowed to build a base for themselves. Unless it's a public building for everyone to use Visiter Rules. 1st Rule: No attacking or raiding admins. (This is do to the fact they can't attack or raid anyone in the server) 2nd Rule: no Metal Spawn Building. (no building on metal spawns) 3rd Rule: No "Artifact" Cave Building. (for any reason at all) 4th Rule: No beaver pond building.(for any reason at all) 5th Rule: No Obelisk building. (for any reason at all) Events are hosted on the Weekends Admins Are allowed to host random events during the week if they want Events are as follows; PVP Free For All, PVP Team Battles, Dino Battles, Boss Battles, Scavenger Hunt, Hide And Seek, Drop Hunt, Boat Wars, horse Racing, Gladiator Event. dinos are also boosted if you want to know their stat boost just let me know Always looking for good admins but don't think it will be easy to get I only look for the best possible admins ones that will follow the rules and follow the admin rules also. So if you think you're Admin material apply here but don't expect it to be instantaneous.
  21. New Server owner looking for all types of survivors to join our boosted world with minimal rules. The only rules are no blocking off caves with drops and no base wiping(So yes it is pvp). Take what what you want but try to spare as many of they're passive tames as you can guys.Other than that its all fair game. I have fired my 2 admins so its just me (the owner) looking over the server.Add Bang Gang Mac to Join. Enjoy building and raiding. If You have a friends that will be joining through you please let me know. He will be kicked if not accounted for. Rates are boosted but some are subject to change if enough people request it Important Rates: XP Multiplier - 5.0 Taming Speed - 10.0 Harvest Amount - 9.0 Mating Interval - 0.1 Egg Hatch Speed/Maturation - 10.0 Difficulty Level - 1.5 Allow Cave Flyers: ON Show Map Player Location: ON Offline Raid Protection: Off -Slightly boosted stats to health,stamina, and weight on dinos/players
  22. The real Ark Problem

    Let me ask, what is sens of playing on server, on ark if you are not allowed on playing (LoL). I love PvP but the thing is you ar enot allowed on playing on PvP servers, they are all taken by Alpha tribes and they all are NOT allowing to play you. They just simply destroy you over and over and over. There is no place to play on PvP server now. Ppl are building and trying to get somth and after week they are destroyed by Alpha tribe, they cant do nothing cause Alpha tribes have ALL Dinos, all stuf, laser, rockets ant evrything.And instead of having even a little chance to kill them you just simply watch how you are beeing destroyed and after this droping game for another year. Is this rly the purpose of developing this game? Alpha tribes just make othe players droping ARK and Ark have less players now. New players totally cant find nothing fun if they die and their stuff is destroyed. You will say go PvE server......oh pls do you rly want to play yourself on PvE server where all you can do is build? This is not the goal of this game. You will say "you speak about beeing killed on PvP server loooool" Oh hell yea im speaking about it BUT im speaking about NOT LETTING TO PLAY ON PVP SERVERS BY ALPHA TRIBES. NOT EVEN LETTING THEM TO GEAR UP AND HAVE FUN. SO I SAY WHAT IS THE PURPOSE FOR HAVING PVP SERVERS WHERE ONLY ALPHA TRIBE IS PLAYING THERE IT LIKE 3/70 ON SERVER ALL THE TIME CAUSE ALPHA TRIBES ARE WIPING OUT ALL PLAYERS EVEN NEW ONE. "Go and find other server who are empty" There is none like that ,all server have Alpha tribe i have searched 16 servers asking "can i play here" answer" no we will ride you go find another server" you want example? Kentucky Fried Dodo and Mayhen tribes on 178 server and 648 from expansion. 648 server is the best .....0/70 players, I STARTED TO PLAY THERE WITH SOME NEW TRIBES ALSO , and it was after i was searchin for over 6 HOURS for a server where i can play or start my pvp adventrue.... so server was like 10/70 on day WOW nice, Mayhen log in and BUM.....0/70 he wiped out all low lvl tribes. BEST PVP SERVER EVER. There is no sens to play on PvP servers now where ppl just have fun on killing stone or wooden bases, killing 20 lvl dinos and just wiping out for nothing others. "GO to other server you can take your character, gear up and get revenge" Ohhh yea, i have no time for wasting another 7 hours to find empty server and than just get wiped again CAUSE alpha tribe decided i cant play on their server....pfff Go find spot far away from beaches and rivers - hmh, like Alpha tirbes dont have any Wyverns and flying dinos at ALL.Its so easy to fly over all map and search for buildings pls hide your low tips for yourself. So tell pls community of TRIBE ALPHA ONLY PLAYERS. How does, new player should play on PvP server. Mister admin, developers tell me how does a new guy who dont know what to do, should play on PvP server if he is not allowed by Alpha tribes. What is sens to play than ? If you are not even letting a chance to GET Revenge? My suggestion? If Alpha tribes feel so strong and act so cowardly, let us gear up on PvE server, and than let us join YOUR server with full stuff, and show me THAN how strong you are. But cant transfer from PvE to PvP .Great....How to take out Alpha tribe? Just wait till they will be bored....another year...oh wait i forgot there will be surely new survival games maybe bnetter balanced cause even PvP server need a balance. Like time protection, or war declare should resolve this problem somehow. PvP server need better balance.
  23. Ideas of a Tek Bed?

    What if WC made a Tek Bed? My idea behind it is that instead of having a respawn timer like you would with a simple bed and bunk bed (sleeping bags occasionally), you have a certain number of respawns before the bed was to break? For instance, the Tek Bed has 50 respawns and then it will break. You and your tribe members can spawn on it 50 times with no timer in between each use. Thoughts?
  24. Hello everyone! So i have been hosting a ark pvp server for a couple of months till now and have decided to start recruting people who are willing to stay on the server not just join and leave!Server is going to be wiped today I dont have a actual player count i would like to hop on board but a number arround 20 would be nice So i've been thinking about the stats and here they are: 30xXP(XP rate is high so new players can get lvls fast so everyone is arround the same lvl) 5xHarvest(Trying to keep it low as possible so lag is reduced!) 30xTame(Dont waste hours taming dinos) 40xBreeding(Get the babies up and running) Offline raid protection is off so there can be alliances(Am willing to change this depending on the community) Map is The island and i am concidering if you choose the island or the center to enable transfers once per month so you can get some scorched tames and vice versa if you choose scorched as main map! There will be no admin tribe nor admin players!If there are any issues an admin will be asigned to solve your problem and unadmined afterwards!This way we will reduce the specualtions of admin abuse Admin logging will probably be on!The reason why im saying probably on is chat gets bugged by it so we might turn it off so things go smooth like butter(Pun intended) Hosts GT is:JurassicArkEU,if you are interested in joining please add him and msg you are from this post so we know who you are Server is up! If you have any more questions the comment section is yours and i will try to answer as soon as possible! Starter packs were considered but was decided to not be given(Trying to keep things as primitive as possible) The rules are: No base wipes-Go take what you need and leave,dont be that guy Passive tame killing is allowed-Reason is that people could keep their valuables in a passive parasaur and raiding gets useless Alliances are allowed and alliance wars are of up to 2 tribes max! Please let new people build up,don't go and raid everyone in a wooden house or thatch building(It talks bad for you) White flag rule-24 Hrs grace period!If you were raided you get a 24 Hrs grace period to rebuild* Hope i have answered to all your questions in this post,if you have any more feel free to ask down in the comment section in this post! *Please message the host with a picture of the white flag being placed outside of your base with a date and time!That way we can keep up who is under protection and get to the truth if a tribe that claims to have had a white flag up and was raided durning their grace period but the raiders lie that there was no white flag!
  25. Security cameras

    How about security cameras with a monitor of some sort, possibly even viewable while offline, but still would be usefull for keeping an eye on your base and dinos, especiialy large ones. Not sure if it will effect performance though.