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  1. Come join a Dedicated xbox/W10 server with boosted exp/harvest/tame, longer days and shorter nights. This server is a fresh newly opened server with friendly admins who love to do fun events with the community and survivors! To celebrate the launch of this server the admins are hosting a JOUSTING TOURNAMENT that any of the survivors can enter into! Prizes will be given to the FIRST and SECOND place winners. We plan on hosting more events in the future to give away prizes and encourage the community to have fun together. We are building this server and community so that all player styles can have fun, we want PvP style players to have fun and set up raids with other tribes and have fun blowing stuff up with out the feeling of all is lost! If you are a PVE player and want to just build and tame that is fine also!! If someone is being a jerk and raiding you after you ask them to stop we would love to see the community get together and find these jerks as a BOUNTY SYSTEM. The server admins will be very active and online most days to help and enjoy game time with the players! The server admins WILL NOT ABUSE THEIR POWERS OR USE COMMANDS ON PLAYERS FOR PERSONAL GAIN OR HINDER THE PLAYER. If you are interested in joining this server it is as simple as adding user MGARK002 to your xbox friends list and once he adds you on his friends list you can join his game in session and being!! The account is online 24/7 so the server has 24/7 uptime. You can also check out the server admins and MIXER streamers RUKEO606 and CHEESECAKENEWB we are interactive streamers who love getting our communities involved with our Ark server! https://mixer.com/Rukeo606 https://mixer.com/cheesecakenewb https://discord.gg/NzJrsZ8
  2. Hey all, Been playing on Offiicial PVP for around 7-8 months now and cross server raiding, or even local raiding with brontos/turtles for soaking, rexes/gigas/allos for dps seems to be the meta. My suggestion is that certain carnivores are buffed in order to make them more PVP relevant, and example of this is the Spinosaurus. In real life the Spino was larger than both the Giga and the Rex and would surely have been deadly, but it seems to be lacking power in ARK when compared to the Rex and isn't anywhere as useful for PVP/boss fights. I can guarantee alot more people would use this in raiding if they were on somewhat equal power levels and it just adds a bit of variety to the game. Not to mention the Spino is alot more rare than the Rex on The Island. Megalosaurus is another dino I believe needs a buff, not really stat wise but more mechanic wise. The Megalo pretty much sleeps all day, but at night it becomes fast and somewhat powerful, maybe as powerful as a Rex with slightly quicker attack speed and the ability the pickup smaller creatures. This is all good but it really serves little purpose for a tame that requires a decent amount of effort to get, and this is another dino that has massive PVP potential with nocturnal use, and grabbing birds from the sky. My suggestion is to make the Megalo slightly more powerful than a Carno by day, and then slightly more powerful than a Rex at night, with zero sleeping requirement, it would open up far more options to players and such a cool tame wouldn't spend so much time just sitting in your base. The sleeping animation should be used for an inactive Megalo but it should be just an animation and should not add any 'sleep debt' This can be done with a number of dinos, but I think these two are a couple to be considered and I'd like to see them out there in the large scale wars, as well as people breeding them in bulk! Hope for a dev to check this out, Cheers!
  3. DERoestorf

    Raft Raiding Defense

    Everybody on here probably already knows about rafts and coastal bases being at risk. It is impossible to defend against if your tribe is offline, and one person on a raft can come in, and C4 anything in sight. My Suggestion is to make more raft traps, that are only triggered by rafts. You could for example have a C4 raft trap, and to destroy a raft would take 2 traps, and motor boat, 4 traps. The rafts are really OP in the game at the moment, and it eliminates any base with a water entrance almost immediately.
  4. PVP server 15X Taming 23 Stone per Pick up Rules No Brontos Admins are raidable and they will raid back if provoked, admins will match what raid with for example if you raid with grenades and IEDs, they will try to raid back with the same items. So if you use tek, they'll use tek. Etc. Public events at random times. Stats may change over time, we're adjusting them according to feedback. Server Host is Arkserver2006
  5. Rea

    PVP is broke

    Lets give you a break down of ark pvp if your new this is all you need to know pump all melee and movement speed then get a good club bp then when you do that just run at someone spam hit button you dont even need to hit them just get close and look their direction youll knock them out then take their gear throw out the useless stuff like longnecks where they do barely any damage like every other gun expect fab sniper. If you want to raid someone tame a trike get stego eggs breed the stegos and you can soak about 10k bullets per stego base if there offline thats about it
  6. whocar3s

    Species X

    If I were to go and take out someones species X by taking out all the fertilizer, would they know it was me? (Tribe Log)
  7. Right now you can change your tribe name which makes some situations very tricky to deal with. Let's say you are on a pvp-server and you change the tribe name, raid someone and change the name back again. Boom no one knew you were there and revenge is impossible. You may even think that this is no big deal but you can also just take a name of another big tribe and sort of raid someone in the name of a tribe that usually is always nice. Add a 3 day delay before you can change the name and it's fixed. I would have been still playing this game if it wasn't for these crucial flaws that made me ragequit more than once. Hope people will read this
  8. 24/7 pvp Ragnarok Map! Taming: 10x Harvesting: 8x Xp: 8x All player stats: 2x Add gamertag ark2xserver to check us out, we want you, so come join us!
  9. Is boss scaling still broken? I run a dedicated on a .4 offset so dinos spawn at a max of 57. Fully leveled it would put them at 128. Of course there could be some breeding up, imprinting, etc. but what I am wondering is if taking on a boss with 128's on a .4 server is the same as taking on a boss with 191's on a 1.0 server. Thanks.
  10. So, I seen a post talking about EMP's. Back story first, when the shocking tranq dart was released, I took it upon myself to try these out on my tribemates. Upon knocking my tribemates unconscious I shot a turret wall. I had thought that the shocking tranq dart had turned my turrets off (gen ran out of gas) and was excited to go trolling. Upon failing to knock turrets offline I went back to square one and tried again. Shooting my own turrets with no luck. Realizing my gens were out of gas I thought. This would be cool if the shocking part of shocking tranq darts actually disabled electrical stuff in a small radius. I let the idea go thinking I will never get to share this. After seeing some responses to a FB post I figured why not post to the forums. So, to explain the effect: 1: shocking tranq dart causes a 20 sec electrical short on a radius of about 1-2 foundations in distance. 2: has to be fired from the longneck- has a long reload time therefore prevents excessive spamming and OP tactics. 3: adds a new tactic in strategy for pvp 4: with most turret walls or towers having 100's of turrets this would be ineffective shooting turrets directly but finding the generator becomes the fun part. 5: would bring a more tactical use to the shocking tranq darts making them more desired. (Currently I feel like I'm the only person in Ark that uses them) 6: can be used against other electrical items such as gear and items that require some sort of electrical use. I.E. Tek armor, tek rifle, tek saddles, rocket launchers, c4 detonators, etc. please leave me some comments and feed back. I'd really like to see this added. Would make biotoxin a much more desired commodity.
  11. Just wanted to see what everyone thinks of the idea of a 24 hr. cooldown between transfers. Basic idea is that after you transfer to a server you can not transfer from that server or upload any items or animals on that server for 24 hrs. (you can still download items and animals from your home server, you just wont be to upload them from the server you transferred to) A lot of people have an issue with the time difference in Ark where certain countries / continents are active while it is the middle of the night in your region. A 24 hour cooldown will prevent someone coming onto you server in the middle of the night, while you are asleep, raiding your base, stealing your items and be gone by the time you wake up. They will be stuck on your server for 24 hrs. without a way to upload their stolen items and you will have a chance to hunt them down and get your revenge.
  12. TheNuclearMoose

    DDos Raiders

    Hello Everyone, My server has been not reachable for almost 6 hours on xbox offical. When we got in for a few minutes we saw our allies have been raided and all they Wyverns killed. When they killed the raiders turtles and wyvern we all got instant rubber banding log and kick out of the server again. I went through one of the players GTs that wasnt familiar to the server and it had a picture of him under the map... How can this be a thing. Please help
  13. While the Offline Raiding Protection for PVE is nice there does seem to be issues with it, which I think maybe have been caused by the hasty implementation of a PVP feature to a PVE environment which is handled differently. ORP Removes pin codes from containers on the server which causes a great deal of issues on a PVE server where we collaborate quite a bit and being able to access other containers is very important. We have various public or alliance spaces which now do not work anymore because unless the owner is online no one can access them as not even an unlocked container is accessible when protection has engaged. It has really destroyed a lot of the ability to collaborate with ones alliance members. One thing I know many from our official server have been wanting for both convenience and especially now with the implementation of ORP is that option to allow Alliance Access to a door or container. A feature that I envision would work by having an option on the Radial menu when interacting with an object to access the "Alliance Sharing" option. When in that new sub-menu you would find the various alliances you are in and be able to enable access for specific alliances to that door or container, So that those trusted with access can maintain and use it. A Small Text Example. Alliance Sharing > Alliance A On, Alliance B Off, Alliance C Off, Alliance D On. If we were able to have Alliance Sharing it would allow having access to containers or doors by allies while still keeping ones base and belongings safe as ORP intends. Since the sharing option would be per object and voluntary the individual would only be risking what they thought was worth risking and if you are giving alliance access to something then I would expect you to know who you are dealing with already.