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  1. Any way i can get a premade ini custom code for ragnorok loot crates? I dont have a computer and i feel it will help others. I would really want kibble and mushrooms plant z and many other needed things please help. I cant find alot on the internet. 😀😀
  2. Looking for any survivors who want to join a PVP Ragnorok server. The settings are very similar to a normal server except that collision is off and the structure limit is a bit higher. We have also built 3 community centers to help out newer players. The two big ones are located at Vikings Bay and the desert castle. We are offering every new players a metal tool kit starter pack. To make the PVP experience more fun and to help keep newer players playing. We have taken away any engram that has explosive properties. To join the server just add Theark1234 as a friend and join the ark. Any questions on it just message Ulfhednar506. Happy gaming y’all.
  3. Landiah

    6x damage in caves

    Just a simple question, Do all caves on Ragnorok do 6x times dmg in them?
  4. Racketrc1

    Ragnorok server

    Ragnorok server day 3 4x gathering 7x breeding 10x taming
  5. The server is currently not very populated, unsure why as it’s the best server I’ve played with the most balanced stats and with the friendliest tribes I’ve met so far, also to ensure players have the smoothest play time the server has a daily restart at 4am PT (Pacific Time). To find the server just search Pika Valley in pc unofficial and add to favourites. Also there are community events coming in the possible future, admin tribe is called Myst and they play legit and never spawn items in. The maps is ragnorok.There are also plenty of base spots left so come claim ur base location while you still can. STATS: 5x harvest and gather 5x exp Fast breeding Very balanced player and Dino stats RULES: No spamming chat No glitches at it make the less fun for other tribes Server is US hosted but still has a couple of players from Europe playing and they never experience lag. Hope you enjoy thanks.
  6. Welcome! This is the world of coming over to Ark-n-Chill! It is a 3 Server Cluster Nitrado hosted Ark world with more focus on the PVE side of things but without disabling the PVP! Stats are as follows: Difficulty: 10x (level 300 dino max) Taming and XP: 2x Harvest: 3x Player Health, Stamina, Fortitude, Melee, Movement Speed lightly boosted, Weight 5x Tamed Dino Health, Stamina, Movement Speed, Melee lightly boosted, Weight 5x Only one player has admin abilities, and those are only used as needed to fix glitches in the game when possible (dino stuck in a rock, etc) All item containers lockable, RPG style popup text, auto turrets allowed on saddles, turret limits enforced but 2x turret damage Hatch speed: 5x, Maturation: 2x Why not boosted more? Some of the fun in this game is the grind. We believe insta taming and max level 100 and starter packs take away from the reward of the game, and we come from when the game first released on xbox, when disconnections were a plenty and render distances were low, the grind don't stop! However, a little bit of boosting is needed with the higher level dinos. As it stands currently, The Island, Ragnarok, and Aberration all have 10 slots. This will go up as more people show interest or boosting, but for now that is how it will stand. Tribe limit is 4, tame limit is 250. Now, RULES! Pretty simple really, 1. No griefing: meaning do not spawn kill, don't constantly pester people by hounding their base, killing their tames, stealing their stuff, etc. You know what this means. Now, this also goes the other way as well... DO NOT make it easy for people to do this too you! Use some common sense people! 2. The person to begin the taming process gets the tame: If someone is in the process of taming a dino, regardless of if you 'saw it first' then they get to tame it, if they are able to. 3. Do not wipe someone: Raiding is allowed, wiping is not. Wiping is decimating their base, killing off all the dinos and taking all the resources. NOT ALLOWED. Raiding is a part of the game: blowing into their base, emptying vaults and smithy, defending against their defenses and then leaving. That is all. If you feel any of these rules have been broken and want the admin to help, then PROOF must be shown in the form of screenshots, recordings etc. Word of mouth is not enough! All in all, the point of these servers are to enjoy the game. To build, to tame, to breed, and ultimately to face down the bosses and then ascend! To play the game completely, beginning to end! Do not bite off more than you can chew, and if you did... well, make more friends than enemies! If you are interested in these servers feel free to send a message to either guitar2117 on Xbox or on this site, or Louie Gunnz on Xbox for information on how to join, as they are NO LONGER! password protected! Further questions are also welcomed. SERVER NAMES ARE: Ark-n-Chill Cluster Server 3 Boosted 2xXP/T- The Island Ark-n-Chill Cluster Server 2 Boosted 2xXP/T- Ragnorak Ark-n-Chill Cluster Server 3 Boosted 2xXP/T- Aberration
  7. Hey all I'm looking for a few more 18+ dedicated players to join my server cluster. We have a 20 slot Nitrado server on Ragnorok and a 20 slot Nitrado server on Aberration. Both are hosted out of New York, US. People from all over the world are welcome but server chat and discord are English only. This server is a PRIVATE password protected server, only people who have been invited to join may have the password. I do this so we never have to worry about trolls and so our dedicated players never have to be worried about their being enough space to join. We are a very chill community of adults that spend a lot of time helping each other out. The whole point of my servers are to provide an easy going experience for those of us that cant no life the game but don't want everything instantly so you can experience ark in a way it was meant to be played. Another main focus of our servers is to make things easier for solo players and small tribes. That's why I have auto decay turned off and dino and structure decay turned to x3. This way it takes 3 weeks for a wood structure to become demolish allowed or a dino to become claimable. Life happens and sometimes you cant be on for a while, with dino food consumption turned down to 0.5 any dino with a moderate food stat will survive those 3 weeks. After those 3 weeks if you have not let me know of your intent to come back your structures and dinos will be removed to make room for new players. If there is a family emergency, internet outage, vacation, let me know and I can reset your timers for you. Max player level pre ascension is 150, all Tek engrams unlock at levels 100 through 150. You will still need to earn element the normal way but you can at least get every Tek engram without traveling between maps. I also do 2.0 xp weekends and have plans to do boss battle days if players start to get set up to do bosses where I will lower the difficulty of the map so the bosses are easier to defeat for the smaller tribes. Also with earning engram points all the way past level 150 and the ability to use mindwipes as often as you want, you are not punished for being solo or in a small tribe. Settings: Both maps use the same settings. Gametype: PVE DifficultyOverRide: 5.0 (lvl 150 wild creature spawns) Taming: 6 Dino Food consumption: 0.5 XP: 1.5 Resource gathering: 2 Spoil timer: 2 PVE flyer carry: Enabled Friendly fire: Disabled Crosshairs: Enabled Show map player location: Enabled Allow stamina recovery while flying: Enabled Unlimited Respecs: Enabled Disable structure placememnt collision: Enabled Corpse Locator: Enabled Mating interval: 0.5 Egg hatch speed: 6.0 Baby mature speed: 6.0 Baby food consumption: 0.5 I have increased a few of the player stats. PPL = points per level Oxygen: 2.5 (50ppl) Weight: 2.0 (20ppl) Melee: 2.0 (10ppl) Speed: 3.33 (5ppl) Fortitude: 5.0 (10ppl) I have also turned player food and water drain to 0.5 Dino stamina drain is reduced to 0.6 and Dino add per level for speed is set to 2.5. This helps combat the flyer nerf. Max player level is 150 pre ascension with all of Tek Auto Unlocked between 100 and 150. Its not an easy grind, but it allows solo players and small tribes to get Tek without defeating the bosses on all of the maps. Rules Basically don't be a jerk. No griefing/trolling, no stealing, no land grabbing(pillars or foundations), no blocking important spawns, don't build too close to another player. As I said above this is a private server, if you break any of the rules or if I just don't like you I have the right to remove you from our server at anytime. I have been an unofficial server host on Xbox since June of 2016 and I have a very little tolerance for jerks or drama and will not put up with anyone who is makes a negative impact on our community. I have a more detailed list of rules and settings on the server's Discord which is the main way we communicate. It is not required that you join the Discord but it is the main place for server news and general discussion so it is strongly encouraged. What is required is joining the Xbox club for the server as it helps players be able to see who is allowed in the server or not, if you are not a member of the club then you are not allowed on the server. So if after all this you still want to join my server please message me at my Gamertag TedyBearOfDeath expressing your interest in joining the server and saying that you heard of the server from the forums. I don't respond to random messages saying "i hav pasword?" or "I join?" please use complete sentences. Also if I take the time to give you the password and you decide to go with another server please let me know so I can look for another player for your spot.
  8. I’m experiencing a new glitch where every time I try to transfer to or join any ragnorok server it won’t allow me to download character and eventually times out. Although I can join any other server on my official Notame cluster. I’ve contacted support without any response.
  9. A Xbox Roleplay server with its primary focus being the relationships between each kingdom. Every kingdom is player made and requires a government and community and they may claim a reasonable chunk of land. * Kingdoms may declare war on other kingdoms, trade, engage in diplomacy, tax citizens, form a military, and build up their nation. * Players can still role play in the traditional sense by building houses and taverns or running a business. Because there is no strict storyline, players can decide their own backstory as long as it’s realistic. * Ragnorok Only pvp allowed is when kingdoms declare war Vanilla 5x harvesting 20x taming 5x XP gain No flyers (pteranodon saddle is disabled so you am tame it for imprinting kibble) High structure resistance and high turret damage (to make wars costly and not just some easy raid) Join this discord link to be accepted into the interview discord - https://discord.gg/AqXJwQK
  10. Hello! Today marks the start of the ARKpedia Nitrado dedicated server. Currently a 20 slot server.( Will be upgraded as needed) The goal is a balanced server, with moderately boosted stats and rates to rid the excessive grind of official servers. We are always looking to recruit players who are looking for a long committed server. With many planned events. As for now the server is only Ragnarok, we will open a cluster map based on what the community wants to do. Server is PvPvE, we encourage both walks of life. That being said we will have incentives for PvP players. We ask that everyone joins the discord. All info on events will be posted there. As you will also have direct communication with the admins. Link: https://discord.gg/CCTTqHX Some base rates and settings: .5x water and food consumption 2x turret damage 2x spoil time 1.5x Regeneration Rates 2.5x Loot Quality 8x XP Multiplyer 5x Taming 11x Egg Hatch and Maturation Player stats: 3x Health 1.5x Stamina 5x Oxygen 10x Weight 10x Fortitude 2x Speed 2x Melee Tamed Dino Per Level Multiplayer 2x Health 1.5x Stamina 5x weight 4x Speed 1.2x Melee Damage As the admin we are looking to create a fun and active server. We have many events planned and are always open to suggestions/ ideas or any tweeks to over all gameplay. This will be a long running server and I hope to see you on the Ark.
  11. We are hosting a free nitrado server, it is called “24/7 Ragnorok Boosted - 4x harvest, 20x tame -“ Anyone is welcome to join. No admin abuse. Gather - 4.5x taming - 20x hatching - 45x maturing - 30x instant mating white and blue drops contain random artifacts and ELEMENT!!! Max wild Dino level set to 210 Curently hosted at 32 slots will increase as needed. Cross server download active Looking for some fun pvp times. willing to make adjustments as needed.
  12. I plan on renting a new Nitrado server for me and a few buddies to play on. I was going to just do a 10 man server, but figure I would come on here and see if there are a few people who would like to join us and I will get a bigger server. It will be PvP offline raid protection will be enabled after a 45 minute period. Rates will be 2x down the board except taming, breeding, maturing etc will be at 3x. No mega tribes will be allowed and PvP is open at all levels. I plan on giving you enough EP so all players will be able to learn every engram to try and push small tribes and solo players. I will be playing solo and under no circumstances will I ever use admin commands to help myself or any player on the server. Let me know!
  13. I'm recruiting for my pvp server on ragnorok. We have one day starters, 25 slots opened. Must have a mic and fb to join. This is an 18 year old and up server. Message me on Xbox for an invite to the party. My gt is: Temphalfling12
  14. Hi! I just rented a server from Nitrado, and am looking for a few other people to join! Just a small community. Pvp. Booster server! Server name: ARKat Map: Ragnorok Xbox One Taming: 50x Ex: 10x Harvest: 10x Weight: unlimited Player stats: most are 5x, oxygen is 25x Dino weight: unlimited
  15. Pretty much what the title says. What have you guys done to get through the ice cave with all the deathworm in it. I've heard using alot of vultures work but idk what stats are considered good for that. Any strat you have is appreciated.
  16. Server is 24/7 and is pretty new. No super alpha tribes. Great settings.
  17. Session name xDVxDiveBomber Looking add more players to my server its not super boosted but some stats are turned up like taming and XP. Some players have been playing so watch out. Rules are simple: let someone get started before you attack them, be nice and be courteous Have Fun! Bring your tribe also see if you can bring down the other
  18. Two days ago I put up a total of 27 pillars around my base and when i logged back in yesterday they were all gone. There is nothing in my tribe log saying they were destroyed. Was there a server rollback or a glitch? Love the map but I have to say i never had this problem on The Island. This is on Xbox One.
  19. Boosted pvpve 24/7 xbone server 24/7 pvpve Rag map boosted server looking to populate. my tribe will not take sides or participate in pvp.you'll never be raided by an admin unless u attack first or break one of the few server rules. all other tribes are fair game to each other. i am very active . come join our community we would love to have you. tame-8.0 / harvest-3.0 /egg lay-0.01 / mature rate-8 / mate interval-0.2 / all xp-2x and dino/character weight is boosted./ this is not an instant everything server so dnt ask me to make it one. -Offline Raid Protection enabled -unlimited mindwipe active -platform structure slider set to 5.0 so you can build raft bases! -you can build turrets on platforms -you can clip structures into terrain -loot quality set to 2.0 trolls need not apply looking for people who want to build grow and play with/ compete with each other RULES: - -do not block artifact caves , i will wipe your structures if u do - do not harass new ppl unless the pick a fight with you first , let people try to get established -no trolling. if your idea of fun is just making someone else miserable this is not the server for you. there is a diff between pvp and trolling and u know it. add the server GT, it is AmazedJuggler51 . feel free to just join and check it out!
  20. I am a software developer by day and Ark Admin by night. This is my new server, open to the public. Rules are similar to Official Servers with an emphasis on removing grind and grief.. This server is made to speed up taming while still retaining most of the official server feel. We're running RAGNOROK at 100 players. Offline Raid Protection Ragnorok Map PVP Ruleset Structures Plus Mod 10 X Taming 4X Gather 2X XP Gain 3rd Person + Crosshair Enabled 100 Slots The idea of this server is to provide a premium Ark experience without waiting forever for tames. We will move hosts and improve CPU priority as necessary for the best possible ARK experience. We are friendly and don't abuse admin rights. https://toparkservers.com/server/ SERVER STARTED SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 @ 3PM EST. Add to your Favourites in Steam (View -> Servers -> Favorites -> Add A Server) Basic rules: respect other players and don't exploit.
  21. TheLadyPale

    ARKest Night

    Add ARKest Night ✔24/7 Ragnarok map ✔Admins are hands off ✔No starter packs ✔Moderatly boosted to help everyone get established If this sounds like the server for you click "Join Game" anytime!
  22. I've got a good 247 boosted balanced server on Ragnarok friendly people as well as PVP plenty of space for new players add the noble Lime to join 12 harvest Insta tame no admin
  23. Landiah

    Griffin Questions

    Some things I've thought about... Should the Griffin have a saddle for it? Should the Griffin be able to breed? Should we be able to change the speed of the griffin or flyers in general? Why isn't there a two handed option? Tell me in the comments please...
  24. While I began to build up in ark on server 291 ragnorok , there was an update a few days ago and ever since then I have had the hardest of time logging in, it will either time me out or when on the load screen it will freeze up (being the load bar in the bottom left of the screen ) when it hits the next music like you're about to join .. after the bar continues it freezes again for a minute then continues but then my game fully crashes , it only happens with this server but I have my character I have worked hours on , can anyone help?