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Found 24 results

  1. BAD SALT SHAKER- Bad Salt Shaker (unofficial pc session) RAG pvp 24/7 Purge weekends with no structure damage during weekdays. Infinite weight, Fresh start, 8x harvest, 30x taming 15xp, NO ORP. Will have a shop & cc by castle. Admins are PVE only. Boosted loot drops, Clustered with aberration. We are looking forward to exploring the new area of the map. Come join us! 1ST PURGE BEGINS 1/27/18!!!
  2. I've been seeing a lot of this issue being posted and not seeing any responses from those who can offer some insight or... sympathy... for this issue. I've bought the game, the DLC, played on a hosted server with friends, had no issues of game crashing. Update goes out, I start a Single Player and now, like most on here, game is crashing every 15 minutes or so. When this happens, I lose progress back to whatever the last save was, which I can't seem to find what those settings are. I'm playing Single Player, Non-Dedicated Server, Ragnorak, XboxOne. As we speak - I have started the game, set a timer and not moved my character from the position it loaded into. Timer is at 26:52 with no crash yet. This tells me there is a loading issue. Previously, game would crash every 15 minutes or so no matter what task I was doing, if I was riding or flying, or even location did not seem to matter. Game crashes and sends me back to the Xbox Home screen. I have reached out to Wildcard on Twitter, no response. I see others have reached out to technical support, no response. Is this a problem they plan on fixing??? This is a full release game now. People need to know that they haven't paid for something that doesn't work properly and that the developers aren't just ignoring this. Do they even have a Community Manager??
  3. I was wondering if there is anyone who owns a Nitrado server and would be willing to link servers to create a giant cluster. This will bring intense PvP server wars making ark way way more intense than ever before. Let me know if you guys would be interested in doing something like this in the future.
  4. Starting on Christmas EVE No alpha tribe bullying everyone! Everyone starts at level 1 RAGNORAK FB Group "ARK NEW APOCALYPTO SERVER" join for events chat and changes Anyone and everyone is welcome, like it says the server is 24/7. No Downloads besides tribute! Boosted Stats X3 Tame X3 all breeding except for mating interval is normal X3 XP X3 Gathering (pick up a rock get 8 stone) Day cycle speed .8 Day time .8 Night time 1.5 crop growth speed 2 egg lay interval .5 Personal stats on character and dinos are normal Max dino lvl 150 RULES Basically don't be a sausage clean up after your tames don't leave spikes everywhere when you make a new base demolish or pick up old one unless using both Empty beaver dams or insta wipe no excuses those people suck No building by high traffic metal spawns or in or blocking artifact caves in anyway No using glitches in game ark hasn't fixed yet We will have events and they will be posted in FB Anyone exploiting or abusing these rules will get wiped minor offenses warned We will perform wild dino wipe every 2-3 days and will give a good heads up before we do to keep dino spawns correct
  5. x50 harvesting full PvP no rules Ragnarok map 32 slots instant tame and raising cave flying on infinite weight PChosted session on xbox, can be found under “Unofficial PC Sessions” on the ARK server list. SERVER NAME: KIRA PVP
  6. https://ruhruhraven.wixsite.com/arkoholicssyndicate Join our cluster! PVP! Ark Syndicate- Rag Ark Syndicate #2-Center Ark lives matter- Rag Ark United - Island We will have aberration once it is released. Stats: 10 xp 20x taming 5x harvest 100x egg hatch 6x mature rate 3 imprint stat .2x mating multiplyer Boosted loot crate
  7. Fumblerok is a boosted 24/7 PVP server (new york EST server) with 50 slots and is free to join and play. Feel free to search "Fum" (with a capital F) in the unofficial pc sessions, and join "Fumblerok" at any time. Early access to the scorched biome on ragnarok, I can teleport players in where they can place some beds to fast travel too at their leisure. Massive arena and other unique pvp zones. (Don't raid this or any buildings in the safe zone) Shop in the works, resources spent at the shop will be put into a prize package given out at arena events. Starter package available which includes: 225 griffin 225 argy (with mid level quality saddle) 225 beaver (with mid level quality saddle) 100 metal foundations 100 metal pillars 100 metal dino gates and gateframes 200 metal ceilings 400 metal walls 1 sets of mid level quality flak armour a few pieces of good fur armor fabricator, generator and indy forge 5 auto turrets and about 1,000 AR rounds Max wild dino level 150 (same as official), dino spawn weights adjusted to maximize griffins, quetzals, spinos, rexes, gigas, and a variety of lesser creatures. Spawn weight adjusted to lessen troodons and gallis, and to minimize pegos and microraptors. Taming is about 6 times faster than what you experience on official (12x), requiring less eating, making kibble unnecessary to acquire perfect tamed creatures. Maturation is 10 times faster, incubation is 25 times faster, and mating cooldown is decreased by about 100 times. Baby's food drops half as slow, most creatures require no feeding in the baby stage, but will starve out without trough in the juvi stage, this is to prevent a mass breeding disaster while offline with an over production of unclaimed babies maturing and mating further, multiplying them until the area is unplayable. Harvest is 4 times more than official (8x), with extra buffs to many resources such as obsidian, oil, metal, stone, pearls etc XP is 3 times that of official (6x) Most saddle engrams are unlocked at level 1 and cost 1 engram point, as well as many crafting structure pieces. To compensate for the boosted rates, structure resistance is increased as well as damage done to dinos by turrets. No clipping for structure placement, so you can build into or through other structure pieces or natural terrain. Large battle arena built near green ob. Will be stating tournaments there, as well as other fun events like naval battles. Awesome prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd places for any given event. (Anything from a 300 armor rating saddle to things like a tamed alpha wyvern.) Platform build limit increased by 5 times Player Stats: Health: unchanged Stam: drains 40% slower, 20 points per level oxy: 50 points per level, oxygen effects swim speed times 5 as well fortitude: 5 points per level melee: 10 points per level crafting skill: 50 points per level food and water: 100 points per level speed: 2.5 points per level weight: 10,000 points per level Tamed Dino Stats: weight: 1,000 times more added per level speed (non flyers only): 2.5 times more added per level stam (including flyers): 3 times more added per level Imprinting also boosts stats twice as much as official when raising dinos, and anyone in the tribe can do the imprint cuddles etc. Loot drops and crates as well as fishing are boosted for item quality. No rules for non admin players, admin tribes only raid other admin tribes, unless raided by non admin players, or the arena or safe zone near the arena is raided (I can't believe I have to even say that, but apparently I do). If the server becomes too far out of balance with non admin tribes and new players are having a hard time being allowed to build, admins will start offering ridiculous starter packages to help equalize the server, but no direct action or involvement is the primary goal of the admins, and to help foster a community for trade, and offer assistance to make the game more enjoyable when needed. If a tribe is wiped or raided, that tribe can expect a significant starter package to help rebuild. Item upload/download disabled Happy to greet and help newcomers. We've tweaked a lot of settings and have found a good balance you are sure to enjoy. Admin GT fumbles9488 Feel free to search "Fum" (with a capital F) in the unofficial pc sessions, and join "Fumblerok" at any time.
  8. Xbox Roleplaying Server What are the first steps? As a Roleplay server, we are dedicated to making your experience with us a good one and creative one. We are currently based on the TV show Vikings and other shows like it! Please understand that we are not like other PVPVE servers this is a ROLEPLAY server if you don't understand what that entails we will teach you! Just ask. This is a Nitrado rented server and is called [US] Laurasia Vikings Roleplay Server The server is PVPVE for now unless there is drama- it is based on Ragnorak- and the theme is based off of the Vikings TV Show and other shows like it. There will be area marked as neutral zones and they should be respected as they are my builds for the whole community to use! There will be events form time to time with special prizes things you typically cant get or are very rare. Owner/Admin GT - ShroudedDravyn The server is 24/7 20 slots a adequate amount to keep lag down - To start. And may become a cluster in the future. 18+ only please Some basic stats- Primitive+ Crossplay enabled - + Aberration Creatures are spawned randomly and Aberration's Engrams and Resources available through admin store TamingSpeedMultiplier=8.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=10.0 XPMultiplier=5.0 Mature=13.0 Please remember the Laurasia is a Values Roleplay over pointless Raiding https://laurasiavikings.wixsite.com/home
  9. Ragnorak pvp 24/7 boosted GT: YxvysArk
  10. I'm currently trying to make a boosted server that has instant max level, instant tame max level, good stat gain and good resorse gain the adv settings are just confusing I just need assistance I'll make you admin if you succeed 😆
  11. Ragnorak, Corrupted area

    Every time myself and a few others go to an area on the map Ragnorak the game crashes the server 30, 20 is the cords near the area best we can figure. We have used a test server and the server that is active to the public. Thank you for any help you can give.
  12. Central Ark is the profile to be able to join. Friend the profile and I'll friend you back. No abusive admins. Taming 8x Xp 6x Dino food drain 1.5 Think you can be the alpha tribe. Come test your luck.
  13. https://ark-servers.net/server/107764/ <--- SERVER LINK <------------------ JUST CLICK LINK AND HIT CONNECT WITH STEAM OPEN Current active Players: 5 Discord Link : https://discord.gg/9D2AMAr Come chill in discord its super chill and fun Ark Pvp server WIPED 9/19 Map: Ragnorak. Mods: Structures Plus, Omnicular, Classic Flyers, Automated ark, Charcoal baker, Meat Spoiler, Reusable Plus. Uptime: 24/7 Gather Rate: 20x Harvest Rate: 20x Exp Rate: 10x Fast Crop Growth Fast Baby growth/hatch with imprinting bonus. I am up for suggestions. Let me know if you want me to update or poll any new mods to add to the server. IP: Port: 28000 Starter Kits Can be handed out if need be nothing to crazy. Steam Name: TerryTate I am the one that says "Chris" and it is US.
  14. A few friends and I just started a boosted Ragnorak PvP server (Boosted XP and Gathering). Just send a Friend Request to FeistyTurtle287 and Join Game. There are communal tools avail on the East side of Viking Bay.
  15. 24/7 pvp Ragnarok Map! Taming: 10x Harvesting: 8x Xp: 8x All player stats: 2x Add gamertag ark2xserver to check us out, we want you, so come join us!
  16. GT: Chaos Evolved69 and send a message saying add me Map:Ragnorak Details: Boosted player stats and boosted gather rate. Instant tame. Faster egg hatching and maturing. Events. Admins are friendly but no complaining, nobody want to hear you whine. No killing passive Dino's. Don't be an a**hole and no trolling. Have fun and do some friendly pvp. Admin tribe name is Chaos Ranch, do not mess with anything that has that tribe name and everything will be good. Offline damage is prevented. Add Facebook: Choas Evolved Server. For updates and events
  17. Hello i am playing on the server called NA-PVP-NoTek-NoTaming-Ragnarok-CrossArk7-(v761.1) and there are a few issues with this server. First and formost people are going around on tames doing whatever they want even though it is obviously a no tame server. Also the dinosaurs can be high level and the engrams like all saddles, turrets, and RPGs are available. The XP and gathering rates are unaltered as well and everything is as if the server is a normal official server. I want to bring this to the attention of people because i cant find any threats about this same issue. I also want to know how this problem will be solved. Because if there is a full on reset that will take place i am afraid ill waste some time playing on this server building up and whatnot. Any info on the subject?
  18. Hello, I am looking for a low populated (less that 20 players to prevent lag) PVE dedicated server on Ragnorak. I'm looking for slightly boosted stats but not Vanilla stats. The server I am currently on is so laggy and the admins are jerks and act like children if they aren't already children. Please provide some server stats if you respond back.
  19. PvP Ragnorak 24/7

    Join us add PumpkinSnow7568 Map: Ragnorak Pvp 24/7, instant tame, boosted stats and gathering. Offline raid prevention on. Everybody just be cool Give people a chance to build up and have fun.
  20. Come play a new server at "Survive anarchy" pvp 24/7 unofficial pc hosted server with ragnorak map cluster Come and join the fun! there is not yet a Alpha tribe so come fight for the spot. We are lag free. When we hit 10 people online we will buy the map cluster for all 4 maps! Soon to have a in game store and much more. Taming and xp 5x. to meet new people and talking about the server and give us your suggestion go to our facebook group "survive anarchy
  21. My tribe an I are on the look out for a Dedicated PvP server that will be starting on Ragnorak upon release. We would like the server to be near to official stats but with slight boosts in areas such as Taming and Maturation (we are open to other boosts though) No admin abuse, and ran by a mature admin Ideally we would prefer the server to be UK based but that isn't too important. If you have a server you think we would like please pop it in the comments below with a list of stats and information Thanks
  22. Come join Wonderland!! Currently rates are super boosted till Ragnarok drops. Once Ragnarok drops rates will be adjusted and lowered (though not super low, the grind will be there but it it wont take a day to make a stone house), right now they are just boosted for some fun PVP and building to kill time till the big bad map drops on the 4th (if we are lucky). This server is a long term, community driven group for everyone. Join the Facebook page to take part in server decisions and to get notified of events. ORP is currently on, if you combat log then your base will be demolished (ORP may not follow to the new map) Rules are: No Brontos No artifact cave blocking No caging for more then a day Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/groups/Wonderland009/ Weight is infinite
  23. Ragnorak suggestion

    So a suggestion and a question combined really for console players as already released on PC as we know What are the chances of wildcard doing what a lot of download games do now which is allow us to download few days early as different locations diff net speeds an time zones etc et and all sorts that could have issues getting on. so allow early down load then release a patch allowing us to play it universally at same time as land will be hoarded like always on all maps by bigger tribes. Is this possible or likely and if not why
  24. Fresh Ragnorak server looking for new tribes to join. PvP no rules against raiding, offline prevention active. 2 admins no abuse. All in the name of arking. Few rules. Boosted stats confirmed. Message shadeoftheark for add to the host and rules will be explained by host or admin. Not many rules just like no cave building, no trolling and a couple more.