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Found 510 results

  1. Look for us on the in-game server list! [US] Ragnarok! PvP 5xXP/15xTame or add to steam favorites: or click the connect link from our website Chat with us online on our Discord server at: This IS a PvP server! Average of 75 players online at once daily! Offline Raid Protection: Enabled (via ARK ORP) SERVER RATES: Increased dino/player weight Corpse Finder On XP Multiplier – 5.0 Harvesting Multiplier – 5.0 Taming Multiplier – 15.0 Max Players Per Tribe – 15.0 Dino Count Multiplier – 1.5 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier – 25.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier – 25.0 Third Person – Enabled Show Map Player Location – Enabled Food and water consumption halved Web Alerts - Enabled (sign into website to configure, this will send a notification if your alarms get tripped) Dedicated Server Specs AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.4GHz / 3.8GHz Turbo 8Cores / 16 threads 32GB DDR4 RAM 480GB SSD WIPES: We try not to wipe unless there is a major update that changes many things like game play, map additions, patch screwed everything, etc...
  2. The island, the center and Ragnarok. The game crashes every 20-30 mins after the new update v762. Sets you back 30 mins to an hour every time.
  3. New xbox server is up (*(no pvp at community center pls)*) ADD GAMERTAG -- ARKserverTO 2 admins will be running the server so if it crashes it will be up sooner (hopefully) altho there was to be no admin bases there is now a couple to be raided (dont raid CC) Admin - HerStonedKing - ThreeFeatherUp Ocasional Drop partys for whole server Slightly boosted but not crazy, instant tame and increased weight, x75 harvest no dino harvesting for lag reasons No rules yet other then a 3 day grace period to build your base unless you raid it ends immediatley, grace is on base not you. Let others have a chance because its always more fun to raid a built base not 4 foundations Going to be creating a community crafting center to help players get further faster. We are easy going so open to most suggestions. UPDATE community center is at viking 1 just north of spawn PVP Free zone Join today and become alpha over your friends!
  4. Add: Ark4You Server is slightly boosted but not crazy. No admins except to do dino wipes if needed, message and add ark4you. Gather x11 Tamex8 Consumptionx1 Weight per lvl =100 Pictures attached for more info. No starters, looking for solid, skilled, long term Pvp players. If no reaponse from server message GT: Buddy Mcbud Thanks, McBud
  5. Hi, When I play Ark on Ragnarok map, sometimes if I enter my inventory or go into water and then go back out, the terrain on the map becomes distorted and I start walking through the map. I tried unsubscribing and then subscribing back and installing Ragnarok DLC but the bug still remains. Do I have to do something in my graphics settings?
  6. Sever name: Kings Landing 5x (search PC dedicated servers) Map: Ragnarok Slots: 32 Admins (psn I.D.'s): Rjwhicker05, and cballa1986 Hi all, Just started up a nitrado dedicated server. We are looking for players to join up and enjoy a permanent server. Ragnarok will be the only map we will play on. We will not allow character/dino/item downloads. Everyone will have to start fresh but we will allow the upload feature if you want to transfer to another server at some point. Be aware that you will not be able to bring what you upload back to our server though. Rules: * No racism or trolling. * No killing passive dinos (must provide proof dinos were not passive if you kill them). Neutral is not passive! (You are allowed to kill dinos that are set on neutral and attack when a player does damage to a structure) * Friendly fire is disabled . * Offline raid protection is on. However, players will have a 800 seconds to attack a base after a player/tribe logs off. This will prevent players from stopping an attack on their base by simply logging off. We will be switching this setting to the "White Flag Rule" in the future. Players who have joined early will have the benefit of building their bases and defenses without having to worry too much about losing their progress. Player who join after the the offline raid protection is removed will have a harder time keeping up with the rest of the players who joined the server early so join ASAP! * Trading is allowed. If you make a deal honor it. Setting up players to get ambushed will NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban. * No land claiming with random pillars. If you put something down start building. Don't be a douche. * Taming limit is set to unlimited. * Cave building is allowed but you are not allowed to block artifacts or drops. If a player does block an artifact or drop, server admins will come and clear a way. Server Settings: * Taming speed is set to 10x. * Mating/Mature settings are all set to 20x. * Imprinting is default. * All xp multipliers are set to 3x (except for generic which is 2x) * Loot Crate/Fishing quality is set to 3x. * Itchthyornis and Troodon spawns are disabled! * Harvesting is set to 7x. * Player stats are also slightly boosted! Once our server population gets up, we plan on having special weekend events such as, Dodo Arena (prizes for winners), Jousting Tournaments (prizes for winners), and some other ideas that our community comes up with. Come join the fun! Add Rjwhicker05 and cballa1986 on psn.
  7. Welcome survivors! We are pleased to announce our PVP server, Ark Online. We are looking to grow our player base. Our server is offering a no rules and restriction style server. Where you should be just afraid of the dinos as much as the players. Server GT: Ark Online Map: Ragnarok Region: NA website: (event listing & rules for previous server) WHAT TO EXPECT: 24/7 Dedicated Server Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things seem more of a threat or challenge to the survivors that enter but also rewarding. Setting will be adjusted to offer a more terrifying and challenging survival experience 1.5x XP 2x Taming 3x Gathering 8x Maturing 2x Loot Crates 2x Fishing Friendly Server Administration! The Admins are only here to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. Do not ask to spawn stuff in for you. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK: No rules and no restrictions. This is pvp so be on alert at all times
  8. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    Hey Guys its the Ragnarok Devolopment Team here. We want to ask to tell you that alot of the current issues occuring on the map are caused by the change from mod to dlc and its already being work on. If you find any bugs/glitches/issues we would like if you share them with us. The best way to report is to join this discord and report it in the #bug_reports section. If you dont like discord please be so kind and report it here. Also note this: if you report a bug please make sure to include Information where this happens that means include a screenshot of the bug and the actual locations its not helpful to use GPS or ingame map since these cant be easily transferred to the devkit coordinates to help the devs use the one of the following commands to provide the location: also please always try to get an screenshot with background stuff for a better reference here are two example on how to (not) do 1. this is how to do it 2. this is how not to do it
  9. Ragnarok can't render on Xbox one

    *sigh* well Ragnarok has finally arrived but good luck enjoying its beauty when it can't even load in properly. At least in my case on single player the graphics never finish loading. I reminds me of when PGM's first came out and everything looked potato. Tried sitting and waiting around, reloading, wiping Dino's but it still looks bad anyone else having this issue?
  10. OG RMW's 24/7 PVP Paradise 6x Taming 6x Gather 6x Exp 6x Egg Hatch & Maturation Cave Flyer [ON] Offline Raid Protection [ON] Add "OG RMW" on XBL to join. Survive and Thrive
  11. I started a dedicated server because I wanted to play this game long term without losing everything every other weekend due to raids and constant disconnects during critical times. This server is bought and paid upfront for a year (so it's not going to vanish overnight like many others). We are looking for decent players who just want to build, tame and have a good time in the game. Server Name: 0XPvPvEX0-Ragnarok Here's why you should join: New player friendly Admins are friendly and helpful Resource re-spawn is rare (making the game slightly more focussed on actual survival) Game difficulty is at 5x Taming is at 3x Harvest is at 3x Egg incubation is 5x Maturation is 5x Map is Ragnarok It's PvP mode, but more like a mix of PvP and PvE Player base is at around 12 at the moment Server is available 24/7 Server is prepaid for 1 year already so no need to worry about your work vanishing You can invite any friends or other players We can assist you moving from other servers by giving you your exact same character levels, gear and dino's you previously had (screenshots needed as proof) New player resource center with free starter gear and resources (located: 19 69) Server is public and open to anyone No base or map purges We have a thunderdome style court system to settle disputes Some fun things we're going to be doing: Multi-tribe boss fights on server cluster Sharing resources and trading fertilized eggs Picking challenges Custom tournaments Base design awards Reward system for finding certain things Youtube/Twitch streaming Treasure hunts (there are custom treasures hidden around the map - 740% dmg sniper rifles, other good gear etc) Taming challenges
  12. Prim plus is unplayable on ragnarok (im not 100% how it is on other maps) at this point and its pretty discouraging. I love all the extra options for crafting, cooking, building, everything about prim plus. But theres been multiple issues when i play prim plus (none of these things im about to list happen on regular mode fyi just when im playing prim plus) -My long neck rifle and tranq darts disappeared after the last ark update (9.22.17) -Some dinos are acting abnormal? (the wyverns in the south park of the map all have their heads in the wall, sabertooth salmon are going above the water line and suffocating themselves, on land creatures are underwater for longer amount of times then they should be, just walking like they are on land) they did not do this before the update. -The graphics on the rag map are horrid. I clip through mountains and have lost multiple tames/backpacks this way (this does NOT happen when i play regular ark on the same map). -I only could find one otter after hours of killing other animals, using the command destroywilddinos, and logging off/restarting my xbox. *These next issues happen on prim plus and regular i thought id just throw these in* -No matter what color griffin i tame they always change back to the original colors (brown, gold) -I have not seen one giga and ive spent hours looking and killing and clearing dinos. Im just so sad I dont like regular mode, there arent as many options for crafting, cooking, building. My house is just a big empty space with a smithy, forge, a few cabinets, a fridge, and motar/pestle now that ive had to switch back. I hope there is an update soon for prim plus because i could lose hours on ark playing with that mod. Ive had this game since it came out in beta mode 2015. Thank you for everything you guys do i know bugs happen and rag is also an unfinished project, I just thought id put this ticket in/post this in the forums and let you know all the issues i am having.
  13. PvP Weekends Friday-Sunday PvE Weekdays Monday-Thursday Harvesting, EXP gain, Baby Maturing and taming are turned up to allow for a faster build, or rebuild, during PvE times Those settings are reduced during PvP Dino wipes happen pretty frequent but a forewarning always goes out. Special events are a work in progress at the moment but they are coming. Admins are here to enjoy the game. We do not PvP. We do not Raid. We expect our stuff to be unraided in return. When adding the server please Just add friend. DO NOT send the server messages. They are not read. Serverer name is HyperSquishy PvP Settings Difficulty 10 Exp multiplier 1,5 Taming 4 Dino harvest 2 Harvest 3.7 Dino Count .7 Egg lay interval .3 Mating interval .1 Egg hatch 12 Baby mature 7 Tames stats per level Health 1.9 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Speed 2 Tamed Add per level Health 2 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Tamed Dino Affinity Health 2 Damage 4.5 Speed 2 Player Stats per level Health 2.5 Stam 3 Oxygen 10 Weight 10 Speed 2 EXP Multiplier Kill 1.5 Harvest 1.5 Craft 1.5 Supply Crate loot 3 Fishing loot 6 Cave damage 1 PvE Settings Difficulty 10 Exp multiplier 10 Taming 10 Dino harvest 2 Harvest 10 Dino Count .7 Egg lay interval .3 Mating interval .1 Egg hatch 15 Baby mature 15 Tames stats per level Health 1.9 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Speed 2 Tamed Add per level Health 2 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Tamed Dino Affinity Health 2 Damage 4.5 Speed 2 Player Stats per level Health 2.5 Stam 3 Oxygen 10 Weight 10 Speed 2 EXP Multiplier Kill 10 Harvest 10 Craft 10 Supply Crate loot 3 Fishing loot 6 Cave damage 1
  14. New Ragnarok PVP Server: [EU] WildARK FUN PVP ALL 50X Mods No RULES No ADMIN Fresh Be the first to get a foothold on the map. Joining info: - Ragnarok Map - Taming, Breeding, Gathering, XP: 50X - Boosted dino stats - Wild level dinos max 300 - No rules and no admins - Mods currently on the server: - Classic flyers - Meat Spoiler - Reusable Plus - Structures Plus (S+) - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture - Kibble Table - Automated Ark - HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V2.5 - Bitou2k's Binocular - RAWR Beacons - Phoenix Everywhere
  15. Ps4 Ragnarok Issues

    I am currently playing ark on my ps4, and I downloaded the Ragnarok expansion when it first released for ps4, and ever since then, I have explored pretty much all of the map and have not seen 1 otter, or ice wyvern/ice wyvern eggs/nests. All other creatures spawn(regular wyverns,griffin, ect) I have searched where the ice wyverns are suppose to spawn and no luck. I have also gone to coordinates where the nests are suppose to be but have not found any. I really want an Ice wyvern but they're doesn't seem to be any. What could be causing this? The game is fully updated as well to v515 or whatever the latest update is. I also haven't been able to find any explorer notes at all, and have found multiple ruins, possible locations for the notes. Please help, any response would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Sever 61 Xbox and if you can't figure it out when looking up its on Ragnarok. For the past two weeks the server has been a constant cancer. Roll backs from being DC'ed, lag where Dino's are frozen and not moving that throws you into a rollback. I feel this is a problem for more than just the server I play on but all Ragnarok servers. I go to an island when server is full and never experience an issue. Send out at least 3 different request that have never been answered. Now I'm here looking to get an answer. At this point I'll take a don't care from the devs and I would just move on knowing that they don't care. I don't feel they feel that way but the game is to the point that it's not fun anymore. Please fix the issue that is pleageing Ragnarok servers or just ours if no other server is suffering.
  17. Ragnarok FAQ

    Here are some frequently asked question about the map more questions will be added Source: Will the old bosses come back? NO, the old (Island) bosses were removed because they are Islands lore and therefore nolonger on other DLCs allowed. Will more Tek-engrams be added? NO. only the default Engramms from Dragon and Manticore are obtainable Will there be an other boss encounter? NO. There will be no more Tek Bosses but there will be more Bossencounter like the Icequeen and Lavagolem. When will the map be released? We currently aim for a release near the end of this year (2017) What´s in the next Update? Bugfixes also check the patchnotes: What about the "Dragon-flying-away" bug? We are aware of these but need more informations when it happens and videos showing it If you want to help tracking that bug down post Videos showing the bug in the discord, please include also informations of what mods you are using, your rates and other settings we mainly looking for videos showing the issue on offical servers Will there be another Wyvern Scar? most likly not When will the desert be complete? We're looking at 3 - 4 two week periods to release new parts of the Desert (Month and Halfish) Will there be more caves/buildable caves? Yes Will there be more dungeons? Yes, hopefully one for each artifact or at least a more difficult to reach area. Will there be new tamable Dinos on Ragnarok? Most likely no unless a new dino is added to the original Island spawns. Players will however see new boss battles much like the lava golem/Ice Queen that are not tamable. Unless there is a Bison or Owl added, then those will totally be added to the map Will Aberration spawns be on Ragnarok? No, but players I assume will be able to transfer them unless Wildcard changes something. Will the Ragnarok Team be able to use the Aberration assets? There is a good chance of yes to this given that they are released before the end of this year; 2017. We're hoping to create some new dungeons using these assets. Will the Phoenix make an appearance on Ragnarok? Right now we're a hard sell on this, and from a dev stand point want to keep it in Scorched Earth. We have however been told from WC that we can add the Phoenix if we would like to, so things could change in the future. Will the Ragnarok Team add any new biomes after the Desert? After the desert that will be the last of new Biomes. What is after the Desert Biome for the Ragnarok Team? We'll be adding new building caves (Caves players can build in) As well as creating new dungeons to give artifacts a new home. Will the Desert Biome have the same weather effects as Scorched Earth? Yes. We are looking to NOT have the effects on electrical structures meaning no effect on Generators or electrical hopefully these answers help you find answers easier also regulary check the original link as we add more from time to time and may need some time till its updated here too
  18. We've recently moved from a PS4 Dedicated to a PC-hosted server and we're looking to boost our numbers! Open to anyone from newbies to experts! Our server is usually Password Protected but for now we have it Public. 3.5x Taming 3.5xGathering 6x Hatching 20x Maturing Player stats are slightly boosted but balanced. All of our admins are very active and are always up to help out players who need it. We have events frequently to keep the server fun and are planning to open up a Cluster soon! Currently our map is set to Ragnarok. We have cave building and terrain clipping allowed, to let you guys to build the coolest bases possible! Our only rules are No Griefing and No Stealing. Server name: MostinkyArk24/7 When Private password is: mostinkyark Let me know if there are any questions, or contact my PSN Meulin33
  19. Ragnarok FRESH START FOR ALL!!! *primitive plus *ORP enabled *wild dinos stats crazy boosted *player stats slightly boosted *eggs and babies boosted *imprints boosted Xbox one Gamertag:PhilthyARK Facebook: @PhilthyARK
  20. Hello, I've been hosting a server for a while now, and am wondering if any players are interested in this type of experience on Ragnarok Stats: 15x Taming 15x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 65x Egg Hatch Speed 27.5x Crop Growth Speed 7.5x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop quality 1.25x Fishing drop quality 0.5 Mating Interval 0.5 Food & Water drain Player Stats: Health: 2.5x (25 per point) Stamina 5x (50 per point) Oxygen: 2.5x (50 per point) Food: 5x (50 per point) Water: 5x (50 per point) Weight: Infinite Melee: 2x (10 per point) [Balances out player health] Movement: 2.5 (5 per point) Fortitude 7.5x (15 per point) Rules/Guidelines: No Passive killing (It's Player Vs. Player not Player Vs. Passive) No Alliance raiding (Don't raid people you're currently allied to) No Glitch Spot building (Some Glitch spots are cheap and make you virtually unraidable) No Griefing (Putting Foundations around where someone is building) You must change your name, if you spawn in with the name "Human" you will be asked to change it, if not you will be banned You can only cage someone for 30 minutes [Maximum] Ice Wyverns cannot be hatched (Server issue which causes them to be invisible, causes server crashes, creature overspawning, and a host of other issues) 1st time bans last for 2 weeks [2nd time is permanent] If you get raided and move, please demolish the raided base to prevent further issue Rules are on a 3 strike basis meaning: 1st strike [Warning] 2nd Strike [Warning + Penalty] 3rd Strike [Ban] [Additional] Breaking rules could result in you losing the ability to participate in any/all events Rules that instantly lead to ban/wipe: Alliance Raiding Passive Killing Glitch Spot building Being found to own a Ice Wyvern Any troll "Human" names Schedule: Server will stay on for the day and may be down at night due to server crashes, but should be back up when I get the chance Events will be announced periodically during the week Keep in mind not all time zones are the same [Mine is PST] With the server being mostly 24/7 it may need to go down for a while to let the Xbox cool down and not over heat Explanations: Passive tame killing is one of the main issues reported, and along with that comes with some misunderstandings Any tame that is not used in combat cannot be killed, if you use a tame e.g Ptera to attack someone, that tame is free game If you line the walls of your base with tames and a explosion kills them, then it doesn't count as a passive tame kill Knocked out dinos that you are currently taming, do not count as passive tames, allowing them to be killed To avoid extra confusion, please record any time you kill one or more of a tribes tames and clear up any accusations I find it that people still ask about start packs, the answer being there is none, since I don't find them necessary on a Boosted Server where you could get a lot of what you need in a matter of hours -Even with there being no starter packs I usually do giveaways for players to get items and tames. Stats are made they are to promote balance and give a overall better experience than official, but still not so OP that you can become Alpha in a few hours, the way they are set up rewards dedication, and gives players a reason to keep playing even after a while of being on the server -Admin raiding is also another issue that is brought up, which should be addressed, admins are on the server to assist with issues and moderate the server, while they may play and build up a base, they are solely on to ensure a better experience for everyone, this means that admins will not raid unless provoked, so if you don't want any issues with admins, don't provoke them and they wont provoke you. Shop: You may purchase dinos/items from the shop, just message the admin about what you want to buy, and they will name a price, (items are sold for cp/metal) -Purchases will start to be accepted after a shop is constructed shortly after the server starts up again -Tames are sold at a max level of 150 -This excludes (Rock Golems, Gigas, and Quetzals) from being bought, only exception being solo tribes may purchase Quetzals -Sales are on a by weekly basis, meaning that one week different dinos would be sold than the last week -Some dinos may be discounted during a certain week reducing the price by either 25%, or 50% FAQ: Does the Admin abuse? No, I only use commands to spawn in items for giveaways or for penalizing rule breakers and materials for events Is there a starter pack? Currently, No Community Center? No, cause too many issues in regards to it being a hotspot for killing Is building in glitch spots allowed? No Can I be an Admin? (-__- ) Can I be in the Admin tribe? (-___- ) Can you spawn me this item/dino? Short answer: No Why is the server down? The server will only be down for a restart, or it may have crashed How often are you available/online? Most of the time When is the next Server Reset? Server resets are every 1,000 days [Ark days] Can you change this certain stat? Yes, I am always open to suggestions on stat changes if I find them to be fitting [Additional] Any future admins I add will be listed to as Community Moderators with the Main Admin being the owner Events: Giveaway (A giveaway will be hosted at one of three obelisks, tames and drops will be given to participants) Jousting (Two players will go head to head on a raptor mount with lances, first to knock the other one off wins) Paintball (Two teams will enter, both having rifles along with tranq darts, one team must knock out the other to win, rewards will vary) Rock Golem Dodgeball (A team of up to 4 players may enter, they must dodge rocks thrown from a rock elemental, survivors will be rewarded) Survival Arena (W.I.P) (Fight waves of dinos on varying difficulty modes, the longer you survive, the more rewards you will get, a maximum of 4 players can enter at once) Vault Drop (A Vault will be spawned at a announced at a said location, the first to blow in gets the gear, ranging from kibble, supplies, or journeyman+ gear. PvP is allowed) -Keep in mind server events will only he hosted if a maximum of 15 or more players are online Banned Engrams: Bronto Saddle Bronto Platform Saddle Zones: N/A Host/Admins: Boosted247x [Host] Crimson Eclipze [Main Admin] XxMCrocker199xX [Community Mod] Discord Link: (Recommended to Join) Come join and chat! -Announcements about new server changes/events -Easier time getting in contact with Server Administration -Shop prices and event announcements will be posted here Club: Boosted247x [Club name is same as host] If you have any other questions/suggestions feel free to message the host. Hope to see you online!
  21. Ragnarok Server is rented for a year already, and will be up at least that long. Admin logging, I am the only admin logging, and only use commands if neccesary Difficulty is 10 so dinos spawn at levels 10-300, to compensate all player point values are doubled (i.e. every time you level, your point it worth twice as much) 4x gather, 4x XP, 36x Tame with 0.25 consumption, 30x maturation and 10x hatch Player stats are boosted to scale with the higher level dinos, all stats are 2.5x and weigh is 4.5x Egg rates are boosted, dinos consume food less often, loot drops and fishing is increased and custom recipes are also increased (in quality) Server is PVE, only rules are you can't block paths (if you do you must leave an unlocked gate so players can still travel along the path), no griefing, and no blocking off resources unless they are close to your base. Currently there are about 10ish total active members Overall the server is really laid back, we're just trying to have fun, server has been rented for a year, so it will be up for at least that long
  22. Chilled PVE server looking to repopulate after wipe. we have it on prim+, not for everyone I know but some like it. Scorched Earth engrams will be exchanged for the required resources by the regular admins. No-Nonsense PVE, trolling, griefing etc is not tolerated. Its chilled here, for fun only. Game Stats xp - 2 taming - 5 hatch - 6 baby grow - 100 harvest - 2.5 Baby grow s fast and enough for full imprint Player Stats - (actual increase) health - 250 stam - 250 oxygen - 500 weight - 800 damage - 25 speed - 15 fortitude - 200 Server GT is D1NOTOPIA Host is TackierFlunky64 Mine (admin) is AllottedTax Host friend accept is required and may take time due to work commitments. Message me with any questions (AllottedTax)
  23. We decided to open our dedicated up to all, come join us guys! We have a 8x Harvest, 10x Taming PVP Ragnarok server here with upcoming events... Mating, egg laying, etc are all boosted. There are community forges at all the Obs as well as a community center by Green Ob which is a PVP free zone. Admins police for trolling and abuse, wipes and bans will be issued. Plan to do events for the server as we get a community going. (ie. ptera tunnel races, coliseum for prize based matches, etc) RULES: -Trolling is against the rules, -Do not pvp at the Obs or at the community center, -Do not kill passive tames. Otherwise, build up and have fun! Xbox One GT: ARK247DEDICATED
  24. Map: Ragnarok Platform: Xbox One Host Account Gamertag: Cult of the ARK Discord Invite Link: Our Website: For those who are looking for a 24/7 PvP dedicated server then add and send a message to Cult of the ARK on Xbox and then join our Discord using the link: To join our Xbox Server you must be in the Discord. Once in the chat send a message tagging @Kuma and you'll be added to the host account's friend list so you can join off the account. Be sure you make your nickname in the Discord your Gamertag so I can find you on Xbox. Only those in the Discord will be allowed server access. Exceptions can be made if you have friends who cannot join the Discord. As long as at least one Tribe member is in the Discord, you will be responsible for their actions. Only those who are in the Discord will be added by the host account. Why You Should Join: 24/7 Dedicated Server Friendly and helpful community on the server, website, and in the Discord. Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome! Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things more fun. We don't like to give exact numbers but give it a try and see you if like it! For more information on Our Servers, see our website. Events! We host periodic events (our goal is weekly) that are available to anyone and have in-game rewards. Events are announced on our Forums and Discord. "Ascension Event!" To go along with our regular events, we also host a similar event to the official "Evolution Event". What's different? Once a month over a 3 day period, the harvest rate will be tripled it's current rate, an Admin will host and assist in a boss fight on one of the three days (the boss will be voted on by the community) as well as an Admin assisting players go through the Tek Cave (difficulty will be determined by the community as well). We have a Store! Our In-Server Store is integrated with our website and includes our own currency system - COTA Credits! Friendly Server Administration! The goal of the server Admins are to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to one of our Administrators. Structure damage is lowered during the week, Monday - Thursday, to promote building while on the weekend, Friday - Sunday, structure damage is set back to normal for full potential chaos! However, all raiding and PvP conduct is allowed at all times. This is a PvP server and isn't for the weak or feint-hearted. The settings are modified to make it a challenge. It is intended to be less of a grind yet at the same time give you the satisfaction of earning your items. The reason for Discord being mandatory for server access is because it creates a better community and a great overall experience for everyone. We hope you will like it and enjoy your time with us!
  25. ====================Because of Xbox rentable server delay this will not be available until sometime in October=============================== Hi i'm looking for players interested in joining the server once Ark's official launch happens. The server will be hosted on Nitrado, response to this will help determine the number of slots we will have. Anyone is welcome as long as they can play by the rules. Join xbox club "DnDs Ark Ragnarok Hardcore PVP Dedicated Server" for status updates on the server when it goes live. The server settings are still being decided upon so let me know if you have any suggestions. -Ragnarok -Hardcore PVP -ORP -No Transfers -slightly boosted taming speed 2-3x -boosted mating/breeding speed ~6x -Official Server difficulty, wild dino max lvl 150 -possible tribe size limit, undetermined but probably <10 (depends on number of players and what everyone's preference is) -there will only be 1 admin, I am looking to have a fun and fair server with limited admin intervention. Rules - Trolls/Griefers will be punished, repeat offenders banned. - Killing other players, attacking bases, or killing dinos is not considered griefing, going around and killing low level/freshly spawned characters all day is. -Anyone abusing systems, using exploits, or cheating will be banned -Admin will not spawn in dinos or items, no getting players/dinos unstuck. Game bugs and glitches will happen and its only fair that everyone will have to deal with it themselves.