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Found 711 results

  1. Hi Fellow survivors, We have just opened up a new Nitrado server running a PVE Ragnarok map with boosted rates. The server has three admins which live in different timezones so an admin is reachable most of the time. We are looking to add new members to our server who want to build, tame and breed without having to put up with the griefing that goes on on official servers. The server is boosted by the following rates: XP x4.0 Harvesting x3.0 Taming x4.5 with Dino food consumption turned up slightly Mating Intervals x0.8 (Slightly reduced time between Mating) Egg Hatching x6.0 Baby Mature Speed x8.0 We have also included boosts to player and dinos which we feel is balanced for the game has increased the difficulty level of the dinos. Rules ===== 1. Must be over 16 to join 2. No Griefing (Instant Ban if proof provided) 3. No Stealing (Instant Ban if proof provided) 4. No Foundation or pillaring - Will be warned before being banned 5. No Bronto or Titan taming 6. One base per tribe - You move then you destroy the base you are leaving. To join you will need to contact one of the three admins for a quick chat and you will be given the password to join. We want the server to become a community for everyone to enjoy. (Community Centre near Blue Ob(Jungle 2)) Start Packs will be made available and events will be scheduled soon including boss fights to allow everyone to get the TEK Engrams. US Contacts: xEGxTalos (Owner) or NOVAwiz00 (Admin) UK Contact: Furnace1969 (Admin) SERVER: Peta Police (Password Required) We look forward to seeing you all soon
  2. New PvP server for Xbox One players. Server info: Server name: Spicy Leech Map: Ragnarok Style: PvP Slots: 10 slots Offline protection: off XP: x6 Harvest: x6 Engram Points: Boosted Mating: Boosted Egg laying: Boosted Crops: Boosted Weight and Stamina stats on dinos: Boosted Food and Water drain player: 0.3
  3. Brand new 24/7 Nitrado Hosted PvP server on Ragnarok Map just went LIVE now!! Hey Survivors! I just started up a brand new PvP, Nitrado hosted server that is now live! Rally up your tribe and be the first ones to claim the best spots on the map! Hope to see you all out there and good luck surviving the Ark! Stats: Difficulty= 6.8 10x XP 10x Resources 10x Taming 20x Egg Hatch Speed 20x Baby Mature 7x Crop Growth Speed - Days longer than nights - Flyer Movement Speed increased - Player and tame stats slightly boosted - Increased loot quality for drops Server Info: · No Rules! · No Admins! · Admin Logging: ON · Currently there is 20 slots available but I will upgrade for additional slots when the server gets more populated How to Join: 1. Click “Join Ark” 2. In bottom left-hand corner, change Session Filter to “Unofficial PC Session” 3. Search Name Filter “ArkPVP24/7 10x” 4. Click on “ArkPVP24/7 10X” then click “Join” If you have any questions please feel free to message me personally or comment on this post anytime. I will reply as soon as possible!
  4. Please help!

    Please help me! I got a new update on Xbox and my server on primitive plus ragnarok saved all of my engrams, players, stats, everything BUT tamed dinosaurs and built structures. I don't know what to do. My server isn't online it's a private I guess I go to join ark then it shows all the settings not the play online so I don't play online if that has anything to do with it so please halp!
  5. Server Name: (US) MilkTopia Console: Xbox One Server Stats: Taming 3x, Harvesting 5x, XP 5x, Egg Hatch 6x, Maturation 4x, Baby Cuddle Mutiplier 2.5, Mating Interval 50% less, Imprint times 3-4 hours. Slightly increased player and dino stats. Doubled Spoil Timers with longer days and shorter nights. No structure damage. All containers lockable.(smithy, fridges, forge,ect) High loot table for fishing and loot drops. PVE Current Map: Ragnarok Steps To Join 1.Click join ARK 2.Change Session Filter to "UNOFFICIAL PC SESSION" 3.Search Name Filter "MilkTopia" 4.Have Fun
  6. Do you like playing on the Center, but you want to go grab Wyvern eggs from Ragnarok? Do you want to travel to the Island so you can ascend? Currently running all three with cross ark play enabled! You can take your survivor, gear, and dinos wherever you choose; no cool down between movements. No starters; no admin assists or do overs (Admin lives in Hawaii and only gets on around work). Just come PvP... ADMIN will plan/announce/post events in the Facebook group to pay entry into boss battles and the Ascension Cave. Any Tribe that brings their own dinos/gear can give a go at getting tek and ascending... but be ready for the fight! Details with a schedule to follow. Search in the server list for "A11TCM" to find Nitrado Cross Ark Cluster of The Center, The Island, and Ragnarok! 32 slots per server, plenty of room for now and will grow if demand increases. PvP, boosted (short list is 7x taming, 50x breeding maturing, 4x XP, 5x survivor harvesting, thirst/hunger reduced by 90%). All stats posted on Facebook group M3atL0afCupcak3; screen shots of all settings for public review. Come solo or with a clan. Set up wherever you want. Server has been on since day one of Nitrado, but traffic has been below 10 folks on any given map at a time. I don't check here often, so please lookup and join the facebook group (M3atL0afCupcake) if you have questions and need a response. I look forward to seeing any survivors that want to PvP.
  7. loot crate bug/glitch ps4

    Hello everybody, My name is Liam and i have a problem. When i open a lootcrate in Ark Ragnarok (maybe the other maps too) i get kicked out of the server. this problem is on ps4. i tried to reinstall the game but that did not work. Does anyone have the solution? Liam van der Valk, (PSN: Liamvalkie)
  8. Come join our server! Taming is set at 20x and Harvest Multiplier is 5x. Stats are boosted as well. Me and a buddy rented the server to play ourselves, but we're looking for others to join the server. At the moment we only have 10 slots, but if we see an increase in players on, we'll up the slots to allow more people on. Also, we will avoid spawning things in so everything will be legit. It is a PVP server, so it is pretty much an everything goes, HOWEVER, if we do get complaints about new players being attacked frequently we will intervene. By 'new', I mean players in wood tier or lower, with few tames, or very little defences. Basically, don't be a sausage. Again, come and join our server and enjoy!
  9. I recently started this server and players are needed. No admin abuse. No player captivity, no griefing. Breeding, taming, harvesting, Xp, boosted. Currently10 slots but will increase according to traffic. Structures take reduced/ No damage with the acception of 7+ day decay timers. Stamina Regen for flyers, Structures on platforms Increased, mating and hatching boosted. Build up without a worry of it being gone when you return! Fight on the field or in an arena the way it should be! Anyone interested in becoming admin must contribute to keeping the server up. Events coming soon...
  10. Hey All, I wanted to invite folks to our XBOX Nitrado Server cluster on Ragnarok and The Center! Short and sweet folks, here are the particulars you'll want to know The name of the servers are DragonArk ½ and DragonArk 2/2 Some of the features include: Allow anyone to Imprint / cuddle enabled Allow structure glitching (cool when building in caves and such) Multifloor for platform saddles is enabled 2.5 taming, XP, Harvesting Supply drops boosted to 2.0 Egg Hatch baby mature 10x Cave damage reduced to x2 instead of x6 on official Speed is increased by x4 This is a password protected server to protect against TROLLS. PM me for the password. Also note that joining our Discord is required so I'll send you an invite to Discord as well. Ragnarok has 32 slots while the Center has 20. We just added the Center today 11/17/17 so it will have no established inhabitants. Ragnarok has been up for about 2 weeks so some established tribes, but no massive metal bases or anything like that just yet. All I've seen right now is stone bases here and there. We will also be switching The Center over to Aberation when it comes out. Don't plan on buying Aberation? No problem we'll still have Ragnarok so buying Aberation is optional.
  11. Annoying stuff about Ragnarok map

    Well here is one: Running my own unofficial server and i kind of wish the devs would remove that freaking barrier .. Reason : Every week i need to ghost my self thru the barrier so i can place some teleporters (they do decay after 7 days) for folks to be able travel there reason why running Pugnacia mod and once all the bosses are killed on the playable side most of them spawn pass the barrier... ( Go figure) Folks are like " Admin pls help no bosses on the map, we used the S+ transmitter to scan and they are all on the other side .... Helppppppp " Barrier has to go
  12. Hey Survivors! I have a cluster with Ragnarok, Scorched and The Island. We are looking to grow! We are on Nitrado Dedicated PS4 I have the server set so that you can achieve 100% imprint and egg hatch time is 99x and Maturation is 40x. So a Wyvern,Rex takes 2 hours and 22 mins and a Giga is just under 8 hours. (from hatch to Adult) We have 15xs Harvest and 30x Tame. Drops are boosted as well as fishing. I make raidable PvP bases for some awesome loot and Eggs. We have no white flags and ORP is off. Mature Admin and I Don't play in Admin unless I am needed in an emergency. We are not a bunch a a$$holes that grief and raid you as soon as you show up! We want a healthy populated server and a strong community. (I know hard to believe but true) We have all player stats slightly boosted and decent weight... Caz no one likes spending their day encumbered. Dino stats are boosted for stam and weight Flyer speed is boosted by 1x but you can not put points into flyer speed. (for a little pick me up) Our server name is 247Tek Cluster 50X Hatch Boosted Drops Insta PVP We are adults on these servers. We kid, we play, and have fun. Caz... well it's a game .. Come on over and check us out! Hope to see you there!
  13. Server Rules Help

    Hey all, this is probably a stupid questions but what are the most basic rules you should have on your server? My server is: Ragnarok/ PvPvE / 15x / Mods My server rules: No form of phishing or advertisement in our server. No Hacking or Exploiting glitches, we want a fair environment for our users. If someone is built in a ''OP'' spot then band together to flush the enemy out. Unless it's a cave with more than 8 turrets guarding the entrance. No Spamming in Global. If someone infiltrates your Tribe and ruins you from within, that is your fault. Be more careful when allowing members into your circle. You can use whatever language you like, just do not be repetitive. We believe in freedom of speech and not censoring every little action like most servers, but do not abuse this since it is a two way street. We will mute people who become a drag. No base camping of any kind. Try to get video evidence if you think you are being camped. This really helps your case. Only 8 people per tribe so we do not get the cancerous overpowering alpha tribes coming into our server and ruling over the map. If a utility is open then do NOT destroy it, just take the items and leave it. Remaking chemistry benches can be very tedious. Any more that need to be added or tweaked?
  14. I am currently attempting to set up a Public Teleporter system on my Ragnarok Server, but i am unable to find the Enable Public Transport option on the teleporters, or anything dealing with it for a Game.ini.
  15. -ARKPURGESERVER1- If you're looking a place to build where you aren't pillaged everyday....super boosted, easy tames and low psychotic behavior
  16. rag giga spawns wierd

    i know that they added a spawn at green obby but has anyone else gone a week with out seeing a giga some times the only time i see good spawns is after a dino wipe and then there is almost always 3 on the map i have killed the low lv ones to try to get high lv ones to spawn but it fells like a waste because even then it can take days for another one to spawn i fell like there should always be at least one wild giga on rag it is alittle disheartening to wait days for one to spawn and it be lv 40.
  17. Ice Wyvern Eggs

    Does anyone know a few places Ice Wyvern eggs can spawn for certain or do does it not have a correlation? I looked for a few spots people have mentions in previous posts, but cannot actually find any.
  18. When will us Xbox users be getting the first of three Desert Biome update??
  19. Hi, I host a ps4 server with my friends, we just got done with Island and found it pretty boring with no one else in there so I am looking for mature people to join our world. No free hand outs, no boosted rates. What there is, is a good times and hopefully a friendly and helpful 24/7 community. I also plan on doing planned pvp events that wont affect normal time things (bases, dinos, etc) that will have either, wagers from other survivors or prizes. Tribe wars are on for those who wish to battle one another. Rates are 2x for most things, no stat boosts for anything. I use discord to announce server activity. Add PsychoServers if interested.
  20. Friends server. Super boosted xp, gather and tame rates. Pvp at all times although we discourage offline raiding bc where’s the fun in that. As long you don’t troll the admins are fair. But start to troll, cage and handcuff people and you’ll get foundation wiped. GT: Tuggernaut911
  21. Someone was stuck in the Iceworm Queen boss area with out a pick/tool to break the ice to get out. I went to help them out but there is a barrier blocking other players from entering understandably. So I threw down a pick but when I touched the barrier I became stuck in it. I could not move any direction or eat anything. Additionally the terrain near the invisible flyer wall near the beginning of the cave has some issues. Ex. When leaving the cave entrance where the call space is stick to the right side about where it starts to incline there is a transition where you can get temporally stuck.
  22. Hi all, as it states in the title, a slightly boosted PvE Ragnarok Server. I have a 10 Slot Nitrado Server, currently have 2 Fulltime players and 2 Part timers. Just looking to fill the server with people who are dedicated to playing the game. This is also going to be a long term server as well with maybe having Cross-Ark features in the future. There is an Admin on the server but no abuse of commands. Some of the Rates below, Difficulty is set to have max 180 dinos XP - x5 Taming - x4 Harvesting - x3 Dino + Player weight - x2 Dino Stamina Increased - x2 Mating Intervals 0.5 Egg Hatching - x25 If you would like to join my server or have any questions please contact me on Xbox Gt - DarkShadow0108 After a quick message asking me why you would like to join I will give you the Server Name and Password to join. Thanks
  23. Server Name: Boomerang Gang Maps: Ragnarok - Island - Center Public - No Password (uncheck password protected on the server menu) Occupancy: Currently 4 tribes totaling 21 players About: This cluster is relatively peaceful. If you come with a nice additude, you probably wont have many worries. The difficulty element is present. However, we placed the settings to speed the game up. There are no starter packs from us. Admins aren't very micro managy types of people. Admins command logging is on. I track the logs and have an open door policy for anyone reporting abuse. We hold events from time to time but not every weekend. Server rules are pretty much - If you do that and it'd get you wiped in official, it'll prolly do the same here. Anyone can join at any time unless you have been removed forcibly by the admin team. Server Settings: Taming x25, Dino Food consumption x0.4, structure resistance x0.35, xp mult x3.0, Harvesting x3.5, resource health x2.0, Dino Stam x5.5, Player harvesting damage x3.0, Resource respawn x2.5, platform saddle x2.5, lay egg interval x0.5, Dino turret damage x1.8, Dino harvesting damage x3.5, customer recipe effectiveness x2.0, Mating mult x0.3, Egg hatch speed x50.0, Kill xp x2.0, Harvest-Craft-Generic xp x2.5, Special xp x4.0, Supply Crate loot quality x1.5, Fishing loot x4.0, Crop growth x4.0, Oxygen Swim Speed x8.0, Baby mature speed x30.0, Baby cuddle interval x0.09, Imprinting stat scale x4.0, Cave structure damage x2.0 Other Changes: Troodon-Pego-Micro Raptor Spawns decreased on Rok, Giga increased on island, ORD is off, Alliances are on, Structure Clipping on, Turrets on platforms on, players own location on map is on, platform collision fixed, platform multifloor on, Anyone can imprint baby on, floating damage text on, server side crosshair, Wild Dino is lvl 195, Max wild Wyv is lvl 247, Stat per lvl increases on player: health x1.2, weight x10.0, Oxygen x2.5, Fort x2.5, speed x1.3 - Dino stat per lvl increases: Weight x3.5, stamina x14.0, speed x4.0
  24. New ragnarok server, just created last night. Dedicated xbox server GT is AbbyGamingARK We have boosted this server to be like double XP weekends. We felt that boosting beyond that changes the dynamic too much. Though we are open to tweaking if we receive a lot of feedback. The server will only go down if there’s updates etc. Up time on a server we hosted before was 95% admins are mature and will be there to moderate/police the server to ensure everyone is having a fun experience. we may do stores once things pick up. admins may do starter packs or provide items to make the start more enjoyable. The server is PVP but with common sense rules, don’t wipe tribes that are much lower. We don’t want to discourage people from playing. tl;dr - don’t be a sausage, come have fun! you can message me if you’re having trouble joining gt stubbspwnz We look forward to seeing you in our server.
  25. Forbidden Landz Nitrado Server paid for 1 year on Ragnarok. Boosted stats ; XP , Gather , weight. Balanced stats for everything else. Come join us and see if you can hang. Join in game by searching "Forbidden Landz" or you can add my gamertag "McTuck88" and join off me if im online. Best connection ive seen on a server