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  1. This 4 map PvP cluster includes Ragnarok, The Center, The Island & Aberration. Item, dino & character transfer within the cluster is enabled so you can set up on any map at any time. I'm going to give more details about the settings than most do because I feel people should know how the server they'e playing on is set up more than just the usual 3 rates: 8x Taming: your longest kibble tame (150 megalosaurus) will be 30min. 5x Harvest: not too grindy but also not too boosted. 3x XP: won't take forever to level up but I'm also not just giving you level 100. Rates will be slightly higher on the weekends, but not insane- no instatame or 50x rates as that just takes away from the game. Oxygen swim speed stat is increased to 1.5x as this was recently nerfed by 80% Mating/Maturation/Imprint( for all you mutation and battle Rex lovers): Mating interval: .002- this allows a female to mate again in 5 minutes. Egg hatch speed: 75x- allows a giga egg to hatch in about an hr. Rex egg about 5 min. Maturation: 40x Cuddle interval: .1- this allows your Rex to be imprinted within 45 min for 50%, full grown in a few hrs and you're able to fully imprint. With this said, boss battles and tek is encouraged. Imprint quality stat scale: 2x- you're health and melee stat will be 2x higher than usual when you imprint. Anyone can care for baby dino, not just the person who imprinted. Nice if you're afk but your tribemate is there. Wild dino damage: 2x- this provides challenge as a dino should easily kill you anyway. This does NOT alter what the melee will be once tamed. That's an entirely different setting. Player inflicted damage: increased 25% Structure damage: decreased 25%- will require slightly more resources to break into a base. Who wants to spend hrs building to have someone blow it up in seconds? Cave damage disabled- players shouldn't be penalized for base location. Too OP? No, first come first serve. Same resources to raid no matter the location. That is fair. Food/Water drain reduced by 25%- nobody needs to eat that much. Crop growth: 15x- plant x counts as a turret. If you can place bullets for immediate use then plant x should be the same. ORP is disabled. Turrets are your best ORP. This way you can have alliances for boss battles. No tribe size limit. Character stats are nicely boosted but nothing crazy. Dino weight, stamina & speed has been boosted. Pteras, Griffins & Quetzals are only flyers affected by speed increase (Griffins are at 200% movement speed). Wild dino torpor drain is increased 10% to provide more challenge but doesn't make it impossible to tame. Supply drop loot and fish loot is 5x. Days are longer, nights are shorter however the whole day speed scale is slowed down so if you tame a megalosaurus, you'll still be able to have a decent amount of nighttime to use it. Aberration is 10% daytime, 90% nighttime to allow more surface time. Dropped inventory bags last close to an hr. Fuel consumption is 50% slower. Friendly fire is enabled- provides some realism to the game. Dino count on map is reduced by 5%- helps improve server performance. Turret limit is 90- also helps with performance. You can place more but will need to space out towers so they don't count as a whole group. Turret damage to dinos: 2x Resource re-spawn is increased by 50% which should cause resources to re-spawn within 30min Tame limit is 500. No crazy rules, just don't block artifacts. I don't engage in PvP as it wouldn't be fair. I use commands for building my base which I expect any admin who pays for a server to do. I will also help you if your dino falls, gets stuck in the map or floor, ac units etc, or if you accidentally leave your tribe or merge tribes and lose your dinos. I'm very active on the cluster (usually on Ragnarok) so things are kept up to date. I will keep the cluster clean from base ruins of players who are no longer active which allows new players to build more freely. I do work however so I'm usually on in the evenings and weekends. I will be running this long term (as in years) so you have no worry of one day logging in and the server not being there. To find the cluster search under unofficial pc sessions: NA-PvP-LA Gamers Cluster If you have any questions you can message me on PSN: myosapien Hope you all can check it out. Have a great day and keep surviving!
  2. Hello Survivor and welcome to ukevolved, thank you for taking the time to look at our community server. If you are looking for an alternative to official servers, then we are the Server for you. We are a x1 PvE server with active admins. The server was founded on 17th June 2015. Here at ukevolved we currently have a well-balanced server with a good rule-set so everyone can enjoy their adventures while playing here. To see our rules visit: http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/rules By logging onto our server, you are expected to have read and agreed to follow all rules listed. ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE The Island ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE ScorchedEarth ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE Ragnarok ARK ukevolved.co.uk x1 PvE Aberration Server settings: x1 multipliers on everything.(ie XP, breeding & Taming etc) Evolution Events take place as Officials. No Mods. Slight decrease in food consumption Tribe shared Imprinting on baby’s. Flyer carry allowed for PvE, will only work on own tribe, not wilds or alliance. Gamma control enabled. Structure placement collision disabled. 4 servers linked by Cluster-portal (The Island, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth & Aberration). You will NOT be able to upload any data from single player or other servers outside of our cluster. For further questions about this feel free to ask here or on our website. http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/ The server is up 24/7 only down for updates, restarts. Currently a 99-100% uptime! The server wiped on August 29th 2017, there are no future wipes planned. Activities: Evolution Events as per official servers. The admins hold a minimum of 1 event a week, sometimes more. http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/events Events vary from PvP arenas, Mazes, and spear dodgeball to the classic dodo tossing! Store: We have a store on the website where you can purchase in-game items with Loyalty points. Loyalty points can be obtained through various ways such as: Participating in events Voting for the server on ark-servers.net Donating & subscribing to the server. You are welcome to join our Discord server any time, all info can be found on the home page. http://www.ukevolved.co.uk/ Thank you for taking the time to read about our server. Now it’s time to decide if you like what you see and want to be a part of our community, come and join a great helpful friendly server with nice tribes and players, where we are all out to have a good time.
  3. SirChristo

    Ragnarok Server Crashing

    Hey, Let me start by saying my server only has about 5 people playing on it total. Playing on Xbox One. I having been having an issue with my Nitrado Server on Ragnarok. Recently my server has been crashing. The issue did not start until we moved to Rag. The Center did not crash. I have been noticing that the graphics will un-render and look "potato", which happens all the time. About once a day the server will crash or it will Dashboard players. Not sure if there is a way to fix this in the settings. I have contacted Nitrado and their response was Sadly, ARK:SE is not completely optimized at this point, and crashing does occur. Whether this crashing is due to certain actions in the game, or because of corrupted save data is unable to be determined by the log file generated during crashes.
  4. Our server is primarily directed at people who love to build out their bases/breed dinos for stat/color mutations. Search [US] Miami in PVE search in PS4 to find us! Only 10 slots now(will be extended if for some reason we're constantly full), not sure if anyone is even interested, but if you are, please come by! We have a Discord too for easy communication offline. - PVE only - Community Events planned in the future - Easter Event Dinos Temporarily enabled - Faster hatch/mating intervals - Faster taming/gathering speed - Abberation Exclusive and Abberant Variant Spawns - Modified Drops, including Tek/Element/Abberation Drops - Max Wild Dino Level 1020 - Admin shop opened daily - Discord at /NY4BNBN If you are having trouble getting into Discord, you can friend me at Owl#9358 If you are having trouble finding the server, you can friend me on PS4 at SePhrein
  5. Welcome Survivors! To Revenant Gaming’s unofficial server cluster! Hello Survivors!! Revenant Gaming Is welcoming mature players, both Beginners, and Veterans. Our mission is to facilitate a "Long Lasting", and "Easy Going" gaming community. The server cluster is PvE. All mods and settings are player suggested, but we dont stray far from the official feel. That means moderate rate boosts, official difficulty, and a short list of MODs. We have active Admins, and do our best to help everyone have a good time. Servers are hosted on high performance hardware, and located in Montreal. Revenant gaming is friend based community. Join us for the games, and stay for your friends. *Note - For more information PLEASE see links at the bottom of this post. Server Cluster: Aberration PvE (Opened 12/13/17 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:7781 Vote/Join Ragnarok PvE (Opened 6/24/17 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:7777 Vote/Join The Island PvE (Opened 11/28/16 - No-Wipe) ark.revenantgaming.com:7779 Vote/Join Settings 1x Experience (2x REVolution Event) 2x Harvesting, Taming (4x REVolution Event) 4x Harvesting on Aberration (6x REVolution Event) 3x Breeding/Maturation, Mating intervals reduced by 50%. (5x Breeding Frenzy) *Characters, Dinos, and Items can be Uploaded/Downloaded. (cluster only) Native dinos ONLY on Aberration Unlimited Mind-Wipes Tribe Imprinting Tribe Wars Enabled Decay timers are doubled: Thatch 8 days, Wood 16 days, Stone 24 days, Metal 32 Days Mods/Plug-ins: We currently have the following mods installed which are required in order to join. Mod-Pack Structures Plus - Settings Here Platforms Plus Classic Flyers - Discussion Here Dino Storage Mod Editable Server UI Builder's companion ARK Vote Reward System (use /votereward in game) ARK Cross Server Chat (Chat with Everyone on the cluster in-game) Revenant Gaming Guidelines can be found on our Website Revenant Gaming! Need help? Chat with us in Discord Join our RevenantGaming Steam group to keep up with events. Search "Revenant Gaming" to find our servers and give them a try! https://ark-servers.net/group/178/ DONATIONS All money donated will be used solely to Maintain and continue running our gaming servers! Please up-vote our servers and have fun!
  6. We have all maps on a server cluster so you can play and enjoy the game and travel between servers. The servers are all long term (1 year leased). There's still space for more players, but it is limited in order to keep the gameplay fair. We are looking for decent players who just want to build, tame and have a good time in the game. The servers are slightly boosted so you don't have to wait for days to hatch tames. Server Names (search unofficial PC sessions): 0XPvPvEX0-Ragnarok (Boosted) 0XPvPvEX0-Scorched 0XPvPvEX0-Island 0XPvPvEX0-Aberration Those are zero's and not capital o's. Here's why you should join: New player friendly Admins (3) are friendly and helpful Resource re-spawn is rare (making the game slightly more focussed on actual survival) Game difficulty is at 5x Taming is at 3x Harvest is at 3x Egg incubation is 5x Maturation is 5x All maps available, but each map has it's own rules and admins It's PvP mode, but more like a mix of PvP and PvE Servers are available 24/7 Servers are prepaid for 1 year already so no need to worry about your work vanishing like many other dedicated servers You can invite any friends or other players, but space is limited and will stay limited We can assist you moving from other servers by giving you your exact same character levels, gear and dino's you previously had (see conditions below) New player resource center with free starter gear and resources (located: 19 69, see pic further down in thread) Server is public and open to anyone No base, map or wild dino purges We have a thunderdome style court system to settle disputes No admin abuse and admins really play using admin abilities You can simply play and enjoy the game without the stress that comes from playing on official servers You can play any style you want (PvP or PvE), entirely up to you as the server caters for both Some fun things we're going to be doing: Multi-tribe boss fights on server cluster Sharing resources and trading fertilized eggs Picking challenges Custom tournaments Base design awards Reward system for finding certain things Youtube/Twitch streaming Treasure hunts (there are custom treasures hidden around the map - 740% dmg sniper rifles, other good gear etc) Taming challenges Server Rules are: Don't kill low level players No griefing or killing passive tames No racial abuse etc Build nice bases Don't block off land unless you really are building there Abandoned bases (more than 4 weeks) are removed by admin unless requested otherwise Notes regarding transferring in from other servers outside the cluster or Official: Admins are more than keen to help you transfer and get started from any other Ark server. We don't mind spawning your items and dinos, but only under the following conditions: You send us screenshots of the tames and items you want spawned Your screenshots must include the "tamed by" or "raised by" attributes. Admins will not spawn dinos you force-tamed or spawned yourself on single player. Even better if you have done some imprinting. Admins won't spawn all your dinos at once. Most likely one or two to allow you to get going and build a base and then start giving you your other dinos. The reason is that spawning and helping you get set up takes up time and we will only do so knowing that you are invested in playing the game. Show some effort. The full extent of what admins give you is entirely up to them. They might decide to only spawn some of your top dinos and items. We will only give you your characters level if you can prove that the levels you have are not on single player. Cluster Admins PSN ID's are: SeanNieuwoudt [Rag / Island] kx_ryan [Rag / SE / Aberration] bigten55 [Island]
  7. Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/01117BqiUvCRyDoRY Website: http://dinofight.club/ Find your tames, view base stats and keep track of their food status. Get notified of pending imprints, the amount of fertilizer and gasoline remaining in your crops and generators. This and much more is available in your profile on our website. Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dfcark Twitter: https://twitter.com/dino_fight_club Look for us on the in-game server list! DFC ScorchedEarth! PvP 5xXP/15xT/5xG DFC TheIsland! PvP 5xXP/15xT/5xG DFC Ragnarok! PvP 5xXP/15xT/5xG DFC Center! PvP 5xXP/15xT/5xG [US] DFC Aberration! PvP 5xXP/15xT/5xG or add to steam favorites: - CENTER steam://connect/ - ISLAND steam://connect/ - RAG steam://connect/ - SE steam://connect/ - ABERRATION steam://connect/ or click the connect link from our website. This IS a PvP server cluster! Average over 210+ players across all servers! Servers are located in the United States Offline Raid Protection: Enabled (via ARK ORP) Custom loot drops on all servers Starter kits with /kit Built in kill feed leaderboard Vote rewards! Fog Disabled Sniper kills can still be seen in logs CD for Tribe name changes Increased dino/player weight Corpse Finder On XP Multiplier – 5.0 Harvesting Multiplier – 5.0 Taming Multiplier – 15.0 Max Players Per Tribe – 10.0 Dino Count Multiplier – 1.0 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier – 25.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier – 35.0 Third Person – Enabled Show Map Player Location – Enabled Food and water consumption halved Web Alerts - Enabled (sign into website to configure, this will send a notification if your alarms get tripped or eggs hatch) http://rules.dinofight.club
  8. Shooter307

    Ragnarok Wyvern Suicide

    After the latest update (Arkeology) the wyverns in the trench have begun to commit suicide by landing in the lava. This did not happen before, and it is frustrating. I lost a 180 poison wyvern to the lava before it laid an egg. Other wyverns have killed themselves in the lava as well. I play on Xbox one singleplayer. I feel like this was an issue before a while ago, but it seemed to be fixed. I hope WC addresses this soon, and i hope they fix the disappearing bones too.
  9. Murican76

    GIANT Dire Polar Bear?

    Can someone explain why my polar just started growing to the size of a mountain? I cant find any info. It was normal size when i tamed it, I carried it with my wyvern to an oasis in the desert and started mining salt, looked back and BOOM! He's bigger than my wyvern.
  10. So it's been like this on the unofficial server I play on, and neither me or the host knows what the problem is since he hasn't pilfered with anything that would cause this issue. The problem is that there will be like 50 rexes in one area, everyone spawning in from high up the air. It has recently started happening on The Island server too, so there will be around 10 Rexes near the red obelisk, or even more. He's also using the ARK Server manager but i'm unsure if that's the reason. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  11. Grymmdjarr

    (FUN) Arcadia

    Hey there Survivor! Arcadia is a small PS4 server with over 15 members. We are looking for some more people to join us on our amazing adventure! What do we have to offer? Arcadia offers you with an amazing PS4 adventure where you can enjoy your favourite game the right way! We take away the stress of an overpowering mega-tribe that might ruin your progress with a small set of PvP rules. We offer you a fun seasonal based Purge Season event. This Purge happens every weekend, and outside of this Purge structure resistance is greatly increased, and turretdamage too, additionaly we turn extra cave damge off outside of Purge weekends to really demotivate people to partake in PvP-action. What else do you have that other Unofficials don't? We have our signature Resource Requirement Changes-Patch (RRC-Patch) that overhauls the vanilla Ark engramsystem with improved requirements to stimulate a new way of crafting, and to make players go out of the boring loop that Official forces you to take. What else? Addtionally, we will soon start to host events that will grant you fun items to customise your base or your dinosaurs. These rewards will however not contain items that will grant you PvP advantages. What are the settings and rates of Arcadia? Because I deeply value all of our players I have created a community Arcadia Discord-server where you can check out all our settings, ranging from the taming speed to the harvest amount and many more! Please come take a look as we believe you will not regret your decision! (https://discord.gg/SNBUbSS) Please note that we aren't able to take many more members, so be sure to take your spot before someone else does. Thank you so much for taking some of your precious time in reading this lengthy post. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of all Arcadians and we are looking forward to seeing you in the server.
  12. Jezzilynn

    Server tame cap bug

    Fourthhorseman posted about this as well but we need help. We are on ragnarok 458. Tuesday 6/12, there was a server update. As soon as everyone signed back on we were instantly tame capped and it seems by hundreds. We are an older server and have been managing with tame cap for a long time but now it’s worse. Tribes have uploaded/ killed 20+ tames in hopes of downloading 1 without any change. I know of one tribe that did that to over 60 tames and no luck. We think the update has somehow glitched the tame cap on our server. Several servermates have put in tickets, tweeted, facebooked, and now this. We need it fixed please. Thank you.
  13. Come join the lagoon cluster! We have 4 maps in the cluster which include ragnarok, Abberation, The Island, and The Center! All maps have 42 player capacity. So come join the lagoon for some friendly PvP!
  14. Looking for people to join our unofficial PC (PS4) PVP/PVE, boosted Rag server. Also recruiting people to join our tribe. You can go independent or alliance with us. Willing to help out along the way. Friendly admin and If anyone interested to join let me know. It has a bit of everything. White Flags apply in this server as well. For anyone that requires starting kit let me know and it consist of. - 2 Dinos (One Flyer and One Ground) For more information message me. - Ghillie Armor - Crossbow - Basic 100 Arrows - Sword - Spyglass - GPS - Metal Pick - Metal Hatchet - Sickle - Metal Pike P.S. I also have closed group where anyone can just chill and discuss about anything.
  15. I have downloaded the proper mods and the ragnarok map yet every time I go to connect to my friends server I get the error "failed to install mod map." I have tried to unsubcribe from the mods, delete the files in the mod folder under Ark as well as under Steam workshop folder and then completely reinstall them. I also have stopped igfxEM Module in my task manager as well as attempting to uninstall the game and reinstall it completely. Yet I still am unable to connect to the server. None of the mod packs are labeled as being no longer available either. I'm able to load into other Ragnarok maps so I know it isn't an issue with actually downloading the map. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. A friend of mine from England is trying to connect to my personal server at home and the IP isn't showing up when he goes to server favorites. I was logged into my server and playing the whole time and he wasn't even able to see it. I invited him to the game while I was in it, and it would continue to freeze. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Is it a steam issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Johnny Cage
  17. Heya Guys can we please get some Help on RAG OC 70!.... the server has been stuck at 255 ping virtually unplayable, and broke AS hell Right now, people are losing Tames and raises due to the Lag be doing so bad, its been like this last 2 days now and really needs attention so we can Continue Playing. Its constantly crashing as well and coming back up with the existing 255 Ping. It Really needs some attention, or at least can we get someone to tell us what happening with it and if its currently being looked into ? @[email protected] @Jatheish we have Filled out Multiply reports and complaints i spoke to a Gm about it yesterday who came in to help with a tribe issue. Any Help or even some communication would be Appreciated Thank you !
  18. Welcome to Ark Azkaban we currently host 2 maps(Ragnarok and abberation) we will add more if wanted and the funds are there. in the future we will also run the newest dlcs if our budget allows. we can be found under unofficial pc servers list, we do mnot have a password so everyone is free to join, ADMINS DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SERVER. THEY MAY HELP IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES BUT THEY DO NOT PLAY Rules we have some rules to keep our server friendly and enjoyable for everyone. Breaking of these rules could result in a warning or a ban. we will decide upon how big of an offence it was. Please note when a player receives a warning there whole tribe is held responsible. Griefing is not allowed a griefer is a player who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game with out gaining any profit. so if you are high level(metal base) and you raid a low level (wooden/stone base) that would have no value for you. raiding with the only intention of destroying bases without any profit will be seen as griefing. buy if you attack a bigger tribe you best be ready for the backlash Abusing exploits when there is an exploit and you are caught using it you will be banned -Aberration specifics bringing eggs over from flying dino's is not allowed and will result in a warning or ban and the dino eliminated Server rate (may be different during events?evo weekends) TAMING SPEED X4 EXPERIENCE X3 HATCHING/GESTATION X80(Except aberration which follows the normal x8 BREEDING MATURE GATHERING X6 PVP SERVER 24/7 NEVER OFFLINE ONLY DURING UPDATES come talk to our community on discord https://discord.gg/YZAfeWd
  19. alwaysdeadinark

    Ascension (AGAIN!) lol

    So, back to the "cheat ascension" to Ragnarok thing. If anyone did this command, and got successfully ascended from the Island, did you keep your tamed dinos and all of your stuff from the Island? Or, did it erase it, and start a whole new world?
  20. You have awaken in this mysterious world. You have nothing and nobody. Your old life is gone, start anew!!! Welcome! If you are looking for a relaxed Roleplay server for Ark Ps4 then you've come to the right place! The server is new and everyone is at a fresh start so its the perfect time to join. There are not many rules other than don't be a jerk, keep it RP, and most of all, have fun! If you are interested in joining then the server name is "Ark RP" on Ps4. It is regular ark, not primitive + and of course it's an unofficial server on RAGNAROK. If you have any questions the best way to reach me is by private messaging me on Ps4. My psn is "SPECTOR91215". Take care and hopefully we will see you later! 😄
  21. Hello everyone My question is just the one in the title: what do you think about building a base inside a cave? Is it worth? Some say you can protect it better, some say enemies will deal to much damega inside the cave. I am building a base in a cave just right now, what do you think about it? Thanka
  22. Currently we have a Ragnarok server is prepayed for the next 6 months so you will not have to worry about losing your progress.We currently have 18 slots.(PS If the server ever gets overfilled I will upgrade slots on the spot). Basic Server Info Plenty of Base Locations Max player level 300 900 Max Level Dino (DAMAGE TO DINOS FROM TURRETS ARE TURNED UP TO DEAL WITH HIGH LEVEL DINOS SO U MIGHT NEED 2 OR 3 SOAKERS) [Ragnarok] More coming soon 25x Harvest (SEEMS A BIT EXCESSIVE BUT WITH HIGH LEVEL DINOS AND TEK DROPS NEED TO BE QUICK WHEN HARVESTING) Fast Tamining (NOT INSTATAME) Modded drops (Chance of tek not just armor) Boosted Breeding Auto Unlock Engrams Foreign Dino Spawns (ROCK DRAKE EGGS) Active Admin (NO ADMIN ABUSE) The only time someone WILL be in admin mode is for setting up events, helping players with any server related problems and to deal with cheaters and rule breakers. Server Name (search unofficial PC sessions): TRIBEWARS/ROCKDRAKE/25X/TEKDROP/FOREIGNDINOS/EVENTS Server Rules No Undermapping No Cheating No Greifing (IM ALL FOR RAIDS JUST DONT BREAK OR KILL MORE THEN NEEDED UNLESS WAR TERM ARE MADE WITH RIVAL TRIBE) NO PVP AT GREEN OB (EVENT AREA) Server Suggestions If you have any server suggestions like adjustment of server settings or implementing a new rule please contact me (PSN: doctor_who_1209) we really appreciate ALL feedback
  23. Keram

    The free add dlc

    Will the free dlc be added to the mobile version with, the option to buy the expansion?.
  24. So i have a question, im playing on a boosted server with megatjeriums with 83k hp and 1100 melee, do you think they can do the hard ragnarok boss?(18 megatheriums, 1 daeodon, 1 yuty)
  25. alwaysdeadinark

    Ragnarok and Center Access Help

    So, I was reading up on ascension in Ark. When you ascend, on single-player, to the Center map, does your progress all start over, and the same as Ragnarok? Because, I want Ragnarok on my single-player, but I can't buy it. But, on several other articles I read, I can use admin commands to access Ragnarok. And also, if you have any ways to access Ragnarok for free, can you give me any suggestions? Please, and thank you!