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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 971 results

  1. Spawn/Drop Blocking

    The Spartans 300 has blocked every spawn point, obelisk, and drop points on the map so no one can get in or out of the server.
  2. Hello survivors! I am recruiting for our cluster! We currently have 10 slots on Ragnarok and Aberration. We plan on expanding it once we get a solid 10-15 player base. We are at about 8 active players at the moment. Stats are boosted to make things easier for you guys; Fly inside caves 3rd person enabled Show players on map Global voice chat Difficulty offset 1.5714 Override official dif 6.0 Max structure count 1,000,000 Day cycle speed .5 Night time scale speed 2.0 All item containers lockable Show dmg text Override structure platform Non-permanent diseases Allow raid dino feeding Hitmarkers Tribe log destroyed enemy structures Destroy unconnected water pipes Allow crates on structures Max dinos at 50,000 Allow stamina recovery flying Allow multiple c4 chagres per dino Multi floor saddles Unlimited respects Structure collision Corpse locator Only auto destroy core structures Disables pvp enable pve Allow cave building pve Allow flyer carry Allow structures at supply drops Allow tribe to war/cancel Xp 15 Tame/harvest 5 Rss health 1.5 Water drain .3 Starve .3 Dino food 1.0 Stam drain .000001 Rss respawn is .2 Regrow structures .5 Regrow .5 Platform saddle 1.5 Dino harvest dmg 5.0 Mating .005 Egg hatch 25 Supply crate multiple 4.0 O2 swim speed stat 5.0 Mature 50 Cuddle .02 Player per level sats multiplier O2 5.0 Weight 100000000000000000000000 Speed 5.0 Crafting 5.0 Stam 2.5 Health 3.0 Melee 3.0 Fort 8 Tamed Stam 5 O2 5 Weight 10000000000000 Speed 5 Health/melee 1.25 Our server is a PVE server with tribe war enabled. so if you and another tribe want to war, you must both agree to it. We also have PVP events in our community center for prizes. Killing bosses will grant you 4x the element by an admin. you must prove you killed the boss to receive the bonus element! Rules: No structure spam. No harassment/griefing/trolling. The map is wide open, so no need to build 2 foundations from another player/tribe. If you build a taming pen outside of your base, demolish after use. Do not build on obvious important resource spawns. We accept donations to the server through paypal and NItrado. Donations will be rewarded with prizes that only admins can give. (for example would be coloring dinos) We are a tight community. we have a discord as well if you have any questions or need help. It is mandatory to join the discord if you wish to play on the cluster. To join the server, message me personally > Gt: Hey Its Waggs
  3. Hi Guys! Join World War Ark! [WorldWarArk - 5xORP(UK)/Events/AberrationDrops] Just opened a brand new Ragnarok Server for PS4 with ORP (offline raid protection) it also has Aberration engrams and drops along with a few Aberration Dinos, such as Karkinos and Ravangers! I am the sole admin for the server and will be hosting events such as arena 1v1s and Tame fights. It's a UK server so the primary language is English. But everyone is welcome! PS4 ID: Diabolik_H
  4. Hey I rent a server that a play with a couple of friends where we are in a tribe and have 10 spots, looking for individuals or a group who want to start a tribe where we can boss together, trade, have tribe wars. The server is password protected called [US] Dman Land. I am willing to increase to 20 spots if enough people are wanting to play all together and we can make a group chat if interested. Gamertag Danielman64 Well the server is boosted and the stats are currently as follows: max structure nearby: 1300 day/night 1:1 scale allowed multiple platform saddles/ increased boat building to allow massive rafts to be built Taming speed: 45 Harvest multiplier: 12 egg hatch speed: 45 baby mature speed: 45 Engine settings: Player: Weight- 40x melee damage- 12x stamina- 60x speed- 6x crafting speed- 5x oxygen- 5x temp fortitude- 5x food- 2x health-5 x Dino (tamed): weight-65x stamina- 50x melee damage- 10x Dino (wild) weight- 65x any questions or interest in the server message me my gamertag is DanielMan64 Thanks!
  5. If you are going to insist that rafts with structures count so heavily towards the dino cap, please, I must request that you limit the number of rafts a tribe/survivor can own. One of, if not the single largest issue with the dino cap on Ragnarok PvE servers are the tribes that troll with several dozen rafts. I understand your reasoning behind the dino cap; but this is not a matter of performance anymore.
  6. Hi to all, I just started my own server and looking for people to join. I'm new to it, so far it's been cool to run it. I started mine due to overpopulation and unfair land claiming on just about every official server there is. My server has a few minor upgrades, not meant to get you there super fast. I'm US based, we have a few players East to West coast. But either way, if you're drama free and aren't looking for a whole lot of cheats and game upgrades, hit me up on PS4. Name is DevRos747.
  7. My friend is hosting a center map that is clustered to his friends ragnarok server. the center server has 20 slots, we can get more if more people get on. there are going to be events coming soon. we play both servers. if youre interested send me a message on xbox anmar0689. We will be also adding arbberation to the cluster in the near future.
  8. Brand new server as of 4/1. Dino weight and stam boosted Player stats moderately boosted The costs of certain resources like polymer and cp have been changed. No trolling, spamming, or undermapping. No building in caves or on obelisks. Build up and have fun ! Contact HI_IM_BOB_2010 or ShoGun540 on psn if you have questions.
  9. so I logged back to ark after 3 days of vacation and all my dinos were lost. they most likely were attacked and scattered because i found my carno and scorpion close to base problem is i still have a 150 allo to find, it took me too much effort to tame i dont want to just let it rot somewhere, there is no way it died in the highland, the only thing that couldve killed it is a player or a giga and since i still have the scorpion and the carno which are way weaker than the allo i dont see how they survived if it died. any suggestions on how to find it would be apreciated
  10. After the TLC update my Argentavis does not have any secondary animations not does the saddle render on screen. - Saddle is not rendering at all. Character is shown hovering above Agents back. - Claw Grab animation not working - but i can see the stamina drop and i can pick up animals (rarely) - Beak grab animation not working - have not been able to pick up any thing at all either (have not tried a shoulder mound size tame yet however) I'm finding it "very" difficult to pick up animals with my Argents claws. Tried like 11 times before I picked up a Moschops. Please patch.. Playing Primitive+ total conversion and Ragnarok map. ---First post so wanted to say love the game Wildcard!!
  11. So I play singleplayer on the ps4 and I’ve tamed multiple griffins on ragnarok and have tamed ones with different colors (reddish color, brown, and the normal tanish orangey color) and whenever I log off and log back on every griffin turns into the regular orangey color so they all look the same. Is there a way to fix this?? My game is fully updated. Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. So I’ve tamed a few griffins that were different shades, one an orangey tan(the basic color they usually spawn as) a brown and tan and a more reddish one, and whenever I log off and log back on they seem to change back into the original orangey color. And it’s pretty disappointing and I really hope there’s a way to fix it or make it aware to people that work on bugs/fixes. BTW: I play on singleplayer and my game is fully updated. And it seems to always happen with whatever griffin I tame.
  13. Been several weeks now since you've not been able to transfer Kibble and Fertalised eggs off of Ragnarok. People on my server reported it when they first noticed so I didn't bother reporting it, but as its still not working I thought I'd report it too. As soon as the transfer timer drops to 0:00 it resets back to the timer, nothing has spoiled or changed inventories, it just resets straight away before you can upload it. I've been told it happens with Shock darts too but i haven't tried. If, somehow, it's an isolated issue for the Ragnarok server I'm on then I'm on OC PVE Ragnarok 39.
  14. To find the Servers just search: A11TCM Facebook Group search: M3atL0afCupcak3 These used to be the M3atL0afCupcak3 servers. They have been running since day one of Nitrado availability. All Maps. I'll work my way through what I think are the most commonly asked stats, please join the facebook group if your question isn't answered here. Admin will rarely play, but will not be assisting any group/tribe/players… that doesn’t mean don’t pike me if you see me. I have one other Admin that handles gameplay issues as he is available. MAX TRIBE SIZE IS 5, No alliances for first month. All changes that are adjustments go to the community for vote. Admin receives recommendations and will hold a vote if the same issue keeps coming up. XP: x4 Harvesting: x6 Taming: x7 Crate quality: x2 Hatch/Maturation: x50 (imprints approx every 9 minutes on large dinos) Player stats get a x3.4 with the exception of the following: Oxygen: x10 Weight: x15 Crafting: x4 Crop Growth: x10 Baby food consumption = .1 for that casual feeding. Hair Growth: x5 for the filthy animal in you Fuel Consumption 3x longer, gas/wood/whatever burns for longer. Rag: 50 Player Server Aberration, Island, and Center: 32 Player Servers Scorched Earth: 20 Player Server Dino speed and stamina across the board (wild, tamed, tamed_add, and tamed_affinity) gets x5, weight gets x30. Dino tamed_add and tamed_affinity also gets Melee Damage multiplier x3 (helps offset crafting bonuses a little on saddles) THE ONLY RULES: 1. It is full PvP. 2. It is full PvP. 3. Building - a. Cave building is allowed EXCEPT when you block in known CAVE loot drops or impede artifact collection. If you guys see a tribe doing this let me know so I can work out a solution. Worst case I will just admin the structures away. b. Glitch building is not acceptable. If you glitch through the map to build or build in a way that exploits a map issue I’ll just get rid of your base. c. Glitching into bases (clipping) using platform saddle structures is punishable by loss of all tribe tames. 4. Racism/sexism/constant harassment in game chat is an instant ban if proven. This doesn’t include trash talk in line with Ark. CUSTOM DROPS: White Drop: up to 50 bullets total from a combination of simple bullets, simple rifle ammo, and simple shotgun shells. White Bonus Drop: up to 50 bullets total from a combination of advanced bullets, advanced rifle bullets, and advanced sniper bullets. Green Drop: Small Kibble Package will be a combination of up to 10-20 pieces of kibble of any type available in game. Green Bonus Drop: Large Kibble Package will be a combination of up to 15-25 pieces of kibble of any type available in the game. Blue Drop: Eggs, 3-7 of any type of unfertilized eggs Blue Bonus Drop: Eggs, 5-10 of any type of unfertilized eggs Purple, Red, and Yellow drops have no changes.
  15. Hello, I transfered my character from theisland to ragnarok and my character is gone now? Is there any way to recover it? I checked the other server I had left and confirmed it came to ragnarok but now its just gone. Help please!
  16. Easter Wyverns?

    Title basically says it all: Can we hatch special colored Wyverns during the Easter event?
  17. quetzal Quetzal Spawns/Locations

    So I have come across two quetzals on Ragnarok. I tamed one and killed the other. One was around LAT-25, LONG-45 ish. That valley between the volcanic area and the beaver sanctuary/mountain. I tamed that one. The other I do not remember specifically but believe it was in a different location. It was such a low of level I killed it. That was weeks ago and since then I haven't seen another quetz anywhere. Are they similar as on the island where once they spawn they all move to a certain point in the map? Anyone know of odd places they have found them or know popular places they can be found at? I can pretty much find EVERY creature but quetzals now. I even have a unicorn, but have only ever seen two quetzals. I am almost done making my kibble farm but am lacking a male quetz and my female lays eggs so slow, needs mateboost. With oviraptor only have had two eggs total since I got quetz two-three months ago.
  18. Just started implementing mods within my SP Ragnarok map. Noticed after a while that the engrams for my Equus saddle doesn't work properly as they aren't showing anything but the lasso blueprint. I believe this has something to do with a stack mod I have on but I was wondering if anyone has a solution to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  19. LastActionGamers is a friendly long-term PvP cluster on PS4 including Ragnarok & Aberration maps currently & will include Extinction when released. Rates are 6x everything through the week to give the working people a chance to build while taking the edge off from the official grind. Weekends are nicely boosted with breeding rates occasionally as high as 20x and the other rates between 10x & 15x. No crazy 50x or instatame. Loot drops are boosted as well, so ascendant gear is common. Plenty of areas to build as well. Admin is friendly and stays neutral so no worries about admin abuse. Community is friendly as well and while it is PvP, offline raiding is frowned upon- let them be online to defend themselves. The community will stand behind this one rule and help support any victims of offline raiding. There's also a starter pack for new players. People are always trading high level gear, materials, dinos, mutated fertilized eggs, you name it. Tek is attainable and all players are encouraged to do boss battles. The community is generally comprised of mature working adults but all players are welcome to experience a server that truly has no admin abuse, reasonable rates that still have a little grind, friendly community and most of all just have fun and the ability to actually experience Ark in its entirety without the worry of someone wiping your thatch hut or imprisoning you. We are the needle in a haystack. We are LastActionGamers
  20. Ragnarok doing it again

    So, I join ragnarok, I see it loading left bottom. And I crash, and without doing anything it starts ark automatically again. I already reinstalled and verified cache files? Please help
  21. Hey, so i'm hosting a Nitrado server and i've been getting creative with the settings and the .ini files. I've got the Abberation dinos and items on Ragnarok and i've even adjusted the crafting requirements to omit the Abberation resources etc. Thing is, it occurred to me that the players on my server aren't going to be able to tame most of the creatures without the mushrooms and stuff so i was wondering ... is it possible to adjust what a resource node actually yields? In the game .ini? I came up with the idea of having the Basilisk and the Karkinos etc. drop 'shrooms and gems and stuff which works ok, but it would real cool if, for example, the swamp trees gave us occasional fungal wood. And maybe harvesting in the swamp gave us a chance of gathering some Abb mushrooms and all that. So if anyone has an idea how we can adjust this, you're the man/woman/non-binary/genderfluid/martian. Thanks folks.
  22. Ragnarok crash

    Steam version of the server, on Win 10 Pro, no mods This one is happening repeatedly now. The Ragnarok server will not startup.
  23. Could start after last update. was flying on ragnarok map to around 34 37 and ark crashed. tryed 2. account - same problem now i cant even start ark- at end of loading - ark crashes again. got all new drivers reinstalled ark did file check reset resolution started with low graphic settings started with different start parameters - still same problem PC Specs : Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) Core I 7 6700 Asus Strix GTX 970 32 GB Ram some baby dinos should be death, some structures will start auto decay... help please
  24. Since the TLC 2 update yesterday I am not able to join the server of my friend anymore. Been looking for solutions everywhere but nothing really helped. Server restarted multiple times already. I don't know if it's because of the mod, the update or me.
  25. Crashes in ARK?

    So ive been playing Ragnarok for a couple weeks, and its been fine. A few days ago, I had a series of random crashes; i could immediately log back in, and it always happened for no apparent reason. I got these two error reports, but im not entirely sure what they say. Can anyone help me?