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Found 70 results

  1. Tengoku7450

    Single player data transfer?

    My parents just bought me a new iPhone and I’m wondering if my single player data will transfer from my iPhone SE to IPhone X. I kinda don’t wanna loss my pack of raptors but if there’s nothing I can do it’s fine. Thank you for taking the time to answer this!
  2. Tengoku7450

    Taming command?

    Is there a command to skip taming in single players?
  3. StormSurge68

    Code of Conduct Question

    So under the CoC it now states that unintended building mechanics are deemed an exploit. I'd like a clarification on this. What are Wildcard's "intended" building mechanics? If I place a fence foundation and it's only snap point is the roof above me, is that "intended" building mechanics? If I place a foundation under a roof 4 walls over my raft and then remove the support structures, is that "intended" building mechanics? If I layer 8 walls on one foundation, is that "intended" building mechanics? This list is extensive, and I could go on for quite a while on different building mechanics that could be deemed an exploit. Wildcard needs to put out a clarified statement of what is, and isn't, intended building mechanics. I have always enjoyed Ark's building mechanics, especially how the more you delve into the mechanics the more you could build. It seems now that instead of fixing an issue they are threatening any that delve far enough into the mechanics with bans and dev wipes. @Jatheish
  4. Hey people Me and my tribemates have been wondering a lot about how resources like ingots convert into other resources like crystal or polymer. we havent been able to find out how this stuff is valued for real i know it varies from server to server but i would like to know what you guys think. i want to know how for example 10k ingots convert into crystal or polymer atm we have been thinking that 10k ingots would be like 7k crystal but we have no idea about polymer is this semi accurate or all wrong?
  5. sandpaperwaffle

    Question About The Event

    when you obtain the new skins from the event (dilo hat, brachiosaurus, ect) do you keep them forever?
  6. Revan25

    Small tribe scorched servers?

    Are there any small tribe pvp scorched servers on the Xbox platform? I would look myself but I’m away for a few days. The devs didn’t give to much detail on the small tribe servers.
  7. LycristKatkiller

    question Loading into primitive+

    Hi there, I used to play primitive+ a while ago so I know the issue but... does it still take 15 minutes to load into primitive+ or is my computer dying in the process (and wont load into at all) best L.
  8. Hey guys, I am thinking about getting ark and playing singleplayer on it. If someone could explain the basics of what you do in singleplayer that would be great. I was wondering if on singleplayer you have to have any defences on your base? And if so why? Thanks guys, keep in mind I dont have the game yet
  9. Is there any way I can delete my account on here? Or is there any way I can change my username? Alternatively, is there anyway an Admin can do either for me? Basically, I've just signed up to the site using my mobile but my screen is broke and I hadn't noticed I put "Noco" in my username instead of "Nico", I've looked on the forum and seen that previously neither of these were an option, and the only help in deleting the account I saw was "logout and never come back", but the thing is, I have used my Xbox account to sign up, I want to continue to use my Xbox account to use this site, but my username is wrong, so I would really appreciate it if there was any way someone could help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance, NICO
  10. GearHead

    Breeding question.

    Hello! This is my first ever post and it's on breeding. I've looked at a lot of videos on youtube, and even looked around the forum for an answer to this question but I found nothing that was specific enough for me to apply to this situation to my understanding. I'm breeding rexes for boss battles, and I have run into an issue. I have identical twins that have no mutations, which are the base 0/0 mutations parents. I have just hatched two eggs from a line of rexes that already had some mutations. Both rexes are male. One has two health mutations and one melee mutation. The other rex is also male, but has one health mutation and two melee mutations. The question i have is, how do I get all the mutations into one line, so that I can have a rex with two health and two melee mutations to keep breeding with? The first solution I thought of was this. Breed the male that has 2hp and 1dmg mutation back to the 0/0 mother, in order to get a female that has the fathers mutations. With that female rex, breed it back to the other male with 1hp and 2dmg mutations to get all the mutations into one rex. Would this proposed solution work? I know it would cost more mutation slots but that cap is breakable anyways. Thank you to anyone who read this rambling post, and thank you even more if you can help me here.
  11. I’ve played ark on my friends console when I was at his house for the past year and I love the game so I’m planning to get it on my Xbox one but right now I wanna beta test the iOS version so how long does it take before I get to beta test my new favorite game
  12. Is there an official way to complain about some extant bug that ensures developers are going to take note? Is there an official list of all the bugs that exist? Nothing is pinned in this thread. If such information existed, logically it'd be pinned in this thread. It's not. Am I wrong?
  13. (Unofficial Server Arkcluster Rag) Last night I had a buddy being raided and the guy setup a Tek Bubble with turrets on the outside and I could do any sort of bullet sponging because his turrets were on Player-Only. I was thinking cluster nades were the way to go but I couldn't get close enough. Server has AA and S+ if that has anything that'll help.
  14. WillyGomez

    Save files for legacy

    What do these save files for legacy PvE mean? it was released in the notes for the new update that came out a few hrs ago.
  15. I would like to ask how often we can see sponsored mods being integrated into the base game? the Sponsored Mod program started on March first, 2017 (yes, it has been a year already), on Agust 29#, approximately 6 months later, Ragnarok was announced and released as the first mod from the program to be integrated. Ragnarok was deemed Feature complete in December 2017 for PC, which was about 4 months ago. So I guess what I'm asking here is can we expect to see another sponsored mod integrated in the next couple months? I personally hope so, as Ragnarok is an amazing map. Personally, I want to see ISO: Crystal Isles integrated, not only is a beautiful map, but this upcoming patch should optimize it a bit, and Isolode has said that the patch after the next one will be focused on Optimization, meaning that either of those two patches would be an optimal time to integrate it (and yes, I know that S+ is being integrated, but we needed a structure overhaul anyways).
  16. I have been searching for 2 days now and no solutions have come up. I am trying to make a tranq + kind of mod but whenever i right click something in the context browser or hit play it always freezes In case this is a hardware incompatibility issue here are my specs GTX 1080 i7 7700K 32GB DDR4-3000 Ram No SSD but 1 3 TB HDD with 2 terabytes avaliable Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks,
  17. o0oNightmareo0o

    Why do you play PVP?!?

    Just like the title, why do you play PvP? What is the most hours put into a build you have lost? What is the highest level dino you have lost? Really curious.
  18. Anybody have any idea of the purpose of the "Heart" meter visible on the UI when riding a Ravager on a zipline? (The meter uses the same texture as the Wooly Rhino charge meter) It doesn't seem to fill no matter how long I hang on or below the zipline. Any ideas?
  19. ForsakenChief

    hosting Xbox Server Save -> Steam

    I have a simple question for the WildCard team and for the Ark Community if anyone happens to know. (and if not than this instantly becomes a suggestion for the game!) My girl and I play on Legacy Official on Xbox. However with the "Mass Migration" looming every few months, we're considering a change but would prefer not to lose all our stuff. Question: Once an Xbox Official Legacy Server Save is available for download, can it then be hosted on a different (but not conflicting *cough*ps4*cough*) platform? Example: -Official Legacy Server (OLS) gets taken down -WildCard hosts the Official Legacy Server Save (OLSS) for download -Resident of said server (me) wants to transition from playing on Xbox to playing through the Steam version of the game. (not the play anywhere Windows Store version) -Resident creates/ rents server with the Xbox OLSS to be hosted for the STEAM version of the game. -My girl and I live on with our progress and dino's/pets happily ever after on a private server in the STEAM version of the game. So... Is that possible? If so, are there any special considerations that need to be taken in account when creating/ renting a hosted server? If not, could this brought in the future as a feature? I'm sure there are PLENTY of Xbox Players that would jump at the option to transition to PC with their content intact if their server gets taken down. Instead of leaving the game permanently as many of my fellows on various servers have done already.
  20. Hey! So, I'm new to this forum and I'm about to buy a PS4, and I would like one of my first games to be ARK: Survival Evolved. It looks quite fun. The problem is, I would only like it if I could play Multiplayer on it for free, without having to ask my dad to get PS Plus. So, is there any way to play ARK: Survival Evolved without getting PS Plus, or is it Multiplayer even without PS Plus normally, or is it only Multiplayer for those who have PS Plus? I know some games don't need PS Plus for Multiplayer and some do, but does ARK: Survival Evolved need PS Plus for Multiplayer? Thanks, PIZZA.
  21. Hello this is my first post. I've been playing ark for a few months and love it so far. However I've taken a break from multiplayer online and just want to focus on single player and play split screen with my girlfriend. We don't have the income to buy a new TV, ps4, and game and honestly shouldn't have to. The words on the screen are too small when it goes to split screen and is making it difficult for us both to enjoy the game. Can you guys please fix this. I've seen others with the same problem.
  22. Olivar

    Species Z Plants

    Question: When planting Species Z plants in the crop plots around your base, aren't they supposed to keep nameless away? We have a bunch of plants scattered around the base, coating our base pretty much in their glowing particles, but still if we dear venture outside without glowpet, they spawn like crazy. Not that we can't handle them, but since last patch I noticed they actually spawn. This wasn't the case before, as we could run around freely next to the base with these plants.
  23. Crows


    Is it still possible in 2018 to repair something expensive (weight issues) such as an industrial grinder which is on 184/2500 health? and how would I go about doing that? thanks. The materials required to repair it: 1483 metal, 927 crystal, 371 paste, 278 oil, 278 poly.
  24. Hi, I’m thinking of starting over and have already found a good taming speed to use, and now I need a difficulty so, what is the average difficulty on official? Also what difficulty would I have to set to make the Dinos spawn around level 30?
  25. Is it possible for me to rent a Linux server and then host an Xbox Ark player dedicated server from it? Or are we stuck to only renting via Nitrado? Nitrado prices are insane and I feel like there are much cheaper options. I know PC players can host player dedicated sessions from a Linux machine and with cross platform now implemented I'm hoping that I can host an Xbox session from a Linux machine. I know there are detailed instructions for how to download, install, and host Ark on Linux but how do I tell the setup that I want it to be an Xbox session? I don't see this discussed anywhere in ark.gamepedia.com/Dedicated_Server_Setup My plan is to rent a Linux server from Digital Ocean and then host from there. Any feedback or guidance would be greatly appreciated.