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Found 82 results

  1. Transfering

    Simple Question, will you be able to transfer your person from Ragnarok to aberration?
  2. Hello again, Like the title states did they ever patch or adjust these guys waking up at night no matter what per their dossier info. I just want know as I want to get a couple of these guys for egg purposes but if they wake up at night still and with this event having longer nights I just want to know where I stand. Any and all help is appreciated Oh also the wiki is not loading, probably everyone on it. Can argent pick these guys up? Using a community trap and just wanted to know that as well. Thanks again.
  3. Camera on PS4

    I was having a look through my engrams recently, when I rediscovered the camera. It came out before the paintings and I just sort of forgot about it. I took a couple pictures with my camera to post in my gallery, but to my displeasure, they were nowhere to be found. Is there something I'm missing? All google searches have dug up nothing.
  4. Okay, Something has been bothering me and my girlfriend, but due our characters, we don't want to risk it before having solid information. Consider the following set-up: Survivor level 115 Located on TheIsland Second server in the cluster, running Ragnarok You're standing at the Obelisk on TheIsland Now when I activate the Obelisk, I have the opportunity to "Travel to another server", and I chose to travel to my Ragnarok server. Now when the travel is complete, I have 2 options: "Download survivor" and "Spawn new survivor" Question: What happens to my level 115 survivor if I decide to "Spawn new Survivor" on the Ragnarok server after the traveling?
  5. Dino Topia

    i wonder if ark got some idea's from dinotopia
  6. It feels like the gathering rates on official PvP servers are back to 1x instead of 2x like on legacy servers... are they? Oh and why the hell is there even 1x or 2x on official PvP anyway? those kind of low rates suit PvE servers, not PvP servers where it's in constant motion from buildings being built to being destroyed, so it only makes sense for the Gathering, Taming, Mating and Breeding rates to be higher on PvP servers so that players can jump right back into the action instead of slowly getting back on their feet, only to get wiped a few hours later before they could even grind to make a Fabricator and whatever else.
  7. Season Pass

    I have a question regarding the season pass as I generally never bought one before if I buy it will I have access to all dlc that wildcard will release for ark or will I it have only 1 use before I have to buy another one
  8. Ok, so me and my friend wanted to start up a unofficial pc server for ps4 for free, but i later saw that you need to rent a server but he says he doesnt need to. Can you tell me if im right or he is and please explain why so i can sound smarter than him 😂.
  9. Does anyone have any updates at all when the dossier physical book will be sold standalone? There was a tweet posted 3 months ago about that they're planning to sell it standalone but I have not seen anything about it since then.
  10. Hello, I'm running a PvP server with Offline protection, but also have PvE decay enabled. Are these things canceling each other out? I have abandoned bases on our server that have not seen people for 2 weeks, yet they are not demolishable, it only says PvP Offline protected. Does the PvE decay not work on PvP servers?
  11. Question about property

    Morning all, I have been looking around and can't find an official Wildcard post on Pillaring. True, I have only been looking for a day or so, but I can't find any Official word. Ok, by Pillaring I mean using pillars and foundations to take over whole islands or other large areas. I know foundations are worse than pillars, but I am lumping them together. Large area, while subjective, would mean something akin to Herbie or Carno islands if they were all land. There again, subjective. Tribes with the 500 dino limit would need that much land or possibly more. But we'll use that as a start. Regardless, I have yet to find a Dev post on what is allowed or not. I have seen people on servers chatting up with statements ranging from "Don't pillar anything or you will get banned". To "if you put them to protect spawns it's completely ok." But I digress. If you can point me to a Dev post outlining that, I would be grateful. v/r GT, Lowly Gamer since 1999, The Realm
  12. Can you get Tek armor in Ragnagrok

    I play on a private Ragnagrok server and we want to know if we can get Tek armor and other Tek things without having to go to another map.
  13. My never answered digest questions

    - Advanced custom recipes So the current system is not really good, you just make food or Drinks which heal, fill food or water over time. But why we are not able to make our own soup with custom status effects? XP potions, paralyzed/narcotic meat you can place and wild dinos will eat it and makes taming easier. - Defend my victim We all know this, you taming a Dino and a stupid dilo or something kidding you and bite your unconsious Dino... So why not a defend mode, you targeting the Dino you taming and your dinos get aggressive on all in a good Radius, but your dinos cant damage your target and defend him. - megalosaurus day using I love the megalosaurus but i skip the night like many other people, so why we dont get the Option to disable the sleep debt? for now he is just there for kibble. - industrial grinder custom rate I dont know but i think the industrial Grinder gives 25% of Material back. Why no Option for a higher rate like s+ it have? - Tek Spyglass Let show us all Dino stats, its endgame right? So its not op or something. - Host tether range BRING IT BACK PLS, my friend and me, we only play on my non dedicated Server and the teleporting is disgusting. - Obsidian/Crystal -50% Weight No Dino on the Island have it, why? - creative mode Let people build awesome things with the creative mode. - Wardrums buff Give it a buff like damage up or something when you play it for dinos and tribe members. Will be awesome when people sit on the paracer, bronto or something and support their Allies from behind. - crafting skill should affect engrams Lets be honest, who need later on the game a boosted stone Hatchet/Pickaxe when you can craft or find better Metal tools? Makes sense that you skill in a Role you want to play on the beginning, maybe your friend is a battlepig skills in damage and health and maybe you be the crafter and craft better Spears, tools or armor. Btw. I think focal chili is not updated, i dont see any changes in crafted armor with focal chilli and without. So thats it for now sry for my bad english but i hope you understand what i mean.
  14. New list request

    Can we get a new list, maybe some idea of what's what now - there are servers in my favorite list that weren't there before, and some aren't listed at all (I'm hoping its because they aren't up yet, as they weren't on the kill list) Also; what happens to those on PVE Legacy servers that may now suddenly be an unwanted PVP server? Are we just screwed? Since there are no more tickets for Legacy servers... -worried-
  15. Hi all, I understand Ark is going to get a new list of servers for its official launch. What is the official date for this? No fixed news on google. Would really appreciate if someone could let me know. Also will you be able to travel between new servers and legacy servers? Best regards, The Jman -Just another T-rex puncher
  16. I'm not a fan of crowded servers so i mostly play singleplayer. I've messed with a few setting cause I don't want to spend hours taming and gathering rescources by myself but I've tried to keep most things vanilla, especially combat. The thing is though everything feels easy, I killed a level 40 alpha raptor with my own level 150ish raptor specced for health, speed and melee damage and it barely took him down a third. Then I checked the stats and nearly all my Dinos have things like melee damage over 1000% percent. Is this right, it feels too high. The wiki and google tell me all about different stats but nowhere is giving me the vanilla levels and if I've accidentally messed with something I shouldn't have. For reference, I recently tamed a Paracer at level 120 (after taming bonus), pumped around 4-5 levels into melee damage to help it defend itself and it's already at 1110%, I'm getting around 150% per increase. Is that right or is it too high? I've checked my server settings and all tamed dino stats per level are at 1.0. I'm on Xbox if that makes a difference. Edit: Dilema solved, I had singleplayer settings on, turned them off and everything looks much better
  17. GameSharing Questions

    Hey I've got a question about gamesharing specifically on the Home xbox feature. I couldn't find any info on my question online so I decided just to ask people. So the question is when gamesharing the person trying to install someone else's game will add the other person's account onto their xbox. Then they must set Home Xbox to their own Xbox. But if you put home xbox back onto the other person's account (the person who gave you games) will you still be able to play the other person's games?
  18. ark primal survival

    I personally totally love ark is one of the best games I ever played that gives me the free to play how ever I want but ones I found about the Ark Primal Survival where you can play as the dinosaurs I was totally excited but it didn't came out in February 2017 as told so I wanted to ask if Ark Primal Survival is still in development and if there is a known release date?
  19. I have questions ?

    Lag and Fps drop Even high profile computer are not bitter, please optimize OK 1920x1080 Win 10 CPU:Intel(R) core(tm) i7-6820hk cpu @ 2.70GHz GPU:MSI NVIDIA GTX 1080 RAM:DDR4 (64G) 1x M.2 SSD (SATA) 2x M.2 SSD Combo (NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 / SATA ) SSD 1x 2.5" SATA HDD HDD Already update latest nvidia driver Dynamic tessellation not work Go to Ragnarok and then exit, then there is an error to exit to the desktop, I do not know what other maps will happen
  20. Is ARK worthy of a AAA title?!?

    Just curious what the community would label this as... do you think Ark is a true AAA title in your opinion?!?
  21. I'm on an official pve server. Nothing is attacking the inside of my building or even outside, but the inside of my building is constantly taking little damages here and there that I have to frequently repair. This's applying to both wood, stone, and Ramps. So do your own personal tames cause damage to your own structures? Does a water tap cause damage? Because I have two separate buildings having the same issue. Again, nothing is attacking the buildings or even close.
  22. Hey guys, I am having trouble saving on Single player. I have played 45 mins (no default is 30 min save), game did not autosave when I relaunch.. had to start all over. So I tried typing "saveworld", "cheat saveworld" , and logged out, logged back in... no luck. Not sure what I am doing wrong. For some reason, it will not save on SinglePlayer for me.
  23. A standard server is 1.0 settings on most settings right... Well my server is like 0.5 and its like 50% faster not slower like say harvest amount is 0.5 and it say to increase to get more but its 50% lower and im getting 50% more its like lots of resources im gathering but not only that even on baby imprinting it way above 1.0 like the imprinting speed scale is at 5.0 now and its imprints is less then 3hours i had it at 0.5 and imprints was like every 2 minutes but now its still under 3 hours and its at 5.0... I dont understand why the server settings are not even close to default and its either more or less then server by far on everything... Sorry i explained my issues best as i can... Can someone tell me why this is happening?
  24. What is the difference between unofficial and official? And what does "test server" mean. On XBOX ONE. I only ask because a lot of the tribes on this server keep bringing it up. This server has been up a long time and we've put a lot of work into it. If it's going to be shut down or wiped, I don't want to play anymore because then what's the point. I want to know to take precaution because it might as well be time to go somewhere else if this is the case instead of continuing work. I'm not sure how uploading data and all that works so I don't know if it's even possible to upload our data because it's an official pve test server so wouldn't you only be allowed to go to another official test server? Or the word test doesn't mean anything.
  25. I am in a XBOX ONE PVE sever. It's an old server and most tribes left are huge tribes structure wise, not member wise, and they have dozens of dragons. One base has a line up of almost 10 dragons in one row, but they have others around their base. Pretty much every tribe has more than 2 dragons. I seen in chat people trading for Wyvern eggs. I don't have scortched earth so I am not familiar with them. I read some stuff online, but a lot of old forums and stuff. So can you have a male and female Wyvern on The Island map and breed them on that map? Is it possible? Can you get Wyvern milk from knocking out your tammed female Wyvern? How are they getting the eggs, hatching them? I am not familiar with all things ark, still semi new compared to all these experienced players. Me and my tribe only havw have a few members and we just did a raid on a tribe that went down. We managed to get a male and female. I haven't put them together to try as I haven't build a big enough house for them. So wondering if possible or what I could do to get more dragons myself? Thanks.