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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 3108 results

  1. The Island: http://apex-ark.arkers.io/ This server is for people who enjoy having a good and unique Ark experience. We will have events for players (mazes, horse jousting, races, possible building competitions, hunger games, etc!) to come win prizes and supplies for their base! This server also allows you to breed your dinos more efficiently. This is due to the baby mature speed and breeding interval being higher. Keep an eye on your eggs as well, they hatch much faster! The load time is kept short, we will never have more than 15 mods. All mods help the quality of life and add more creative aspects to the game. This server is admin abuse free. Max Dino Level: 300 Max Player Level: 100 SERVER RULES: Have fun and make sure others are also having fun. You will probably be killed and raided. You should also kill and raid. Each tribe gets one main base. Please don't litter buildings everywhere. No dropping/kiting wild dinos into people's base. No building on major resource spawn areas. PVP RULES: Have fun and don't be a jerk. Kill and raid as you please. NO KILLING PASSIVE DINOS No base wiping No Offline Raiding (that's for people who don't have skill) Battle Quetzals may have ONE mountable turret. No plants or autos, and caging in dinos is not allowed. Boosted Rates: Harvest - x4 Taming - x15 Experience Multiplier - x10 Mating Interval - x0.2 Baby Imprinting Stat Multiplier - x10 Baby Mature Speed - x20 Baby Cuddle Interval - .02 Egg Hatch Speed - x20 Night Time Speed Cycle - x8 Crops grow slightly quicker No official server downloads BattleEye enabled Admin-logging enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma Enabled Mod List (This list is up to date): Structures Plus (S+) Classic Flyers Resource Stacks Death Recovery Mod Better Beacons 2.0 OSM Admin ACM Utilities Plus Homing Pigeon Allskins- Chest Unlock Haircuts and Emotes Snappy Saddles & Rafts eco's Tek Decor eco in Wonderland Undies Evolved Subscribe to All: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310222100 Website (states everything here): https://nevermorphosis.wixsite.com/apexark
  2. Just started the server a few hours a go. The cap is currently 20 but will raise if we get more populated. 6X taming, 4X harvest, 2.5X exp. , all subject to change. ORP is on so people that don't have as much time as others still can keep their base when their offline. Rules are as follows 1) No resource dino wiping. Other dino's will need protection and will not be protected. 2) No griefing. Move on after a raid and kill. ( will get more set up and have a more professional look soon. also a discord is on the way if we can get a good population going.) first server I ever hosted so just get at me if you need more info) -- to Join search for" Arkislife JB " on unofficial pc servers.
  3. Got a cluster server with the island and rag only 3 days old the server names are eu arkcluster island eu arkcluster rag Stats are xp 5 gather 10 mating 20 egg hatch 5 maturation 30 food water drain 0.5 player stats per level health 10 stamina 20 oxygen 700 weigh unlimited melee 5 speed 2 fortitude 40 player levels 150 dino levels 300 also a level 300 drake as a starter all welcome plenty of room to build and a friendly community
  4. official ORP pvp questions

    Hello all, Generally speaking, is it a ban-able / GM wipeable offense to block caves / surface entrances etc on an official ORP PVP server with pin coded offline gates with an alt tribe that's sole purpose is to block/protect assets of an active tribe? The glowtail cave on my official aberration server has been blocked by a tribe that's always offline since December but members of a certain tribe can always be found using the pin code and even parking tames behind it. I don't understand how its fair to use ORP pin coded gates if the tribe is rarely on long enough to destroy the gates or if its basically an alt tribe used to gain an unfair advantage.
  5. All are welcome admins are Tenchy and Ginge SERVER NAME: [EU] THIS IS ENGLAND PvP no server wipe xp x3 taming x3 harvesting x3 mating multiplier 0.25 egg hatch multiplier 3.0 baby mature speed 5 Edited 3 hours ago by xiTENCHYIX
  6. SERVER STATS 25x Taming 40x Maturation 12x Harvest Amount + Other resource settings (It’s Good!) 25x Egg Incubation 5x Kill xp, 3x Craft xp , Generic 2xp (Hunting levels you up the Quickest) Max Wild Dino level is 150 (Close to Official settings) (Excluding Wyverns) 5x Crop Growth Speed 300 Turret Limit (Roughly 33 Foundation area) Egg laying is 60% Faster than standard Mating Interval is 60% sooner than Standard Resources take 2x longer to spoil Plant Turret Damage towards Dinos is 50% Higher than standard. Player Stats - 1.5x health - 1.5x Stamina - 75x Weight - Fortitude Increased Dino Stats - Carry Weight and Stamina Increase - Health Recovery x4 SERVER RULES PVP RULES PVP is allowed! Do not wipe fresh starters! Do not troll with pvp (Trolls are insta banned) Do not attack the Pve Town of Vankton (by Green ob) or Anchorage (Vb Castle) Or the Fortress in the Highlands Please do not kill passive tames! Do not block wyvern egg spawns, Artifacts or boss cave entrances with your base PVE RULES You must defend your own pve base You can build in an official town if you are trusted Store your items safely in a hidden location We recommend you keep your dino’s in a pen to keep them safe DO NOT pvp if you live in a pve town (This is important) DO NOT Claim to be Pve then raid people from your own base. ROLEPLAY & UPCOMING EVENTS THE GRAND GLADIATOR ARENA Calling all Champions, the Great Arena is Coming soon! ARE YOU READY FOR THE ARENA? Become the Champion of your tribe and fight other champions. The Battles will be bloody, Lives will be lost and Riches will be won! Fight your dino’s against other tribes dinos in the arena or fight wild and horrific monsters as a Gladiator on your own or in a team. Earn Gems by taking part in the Arena and spend them in the rare item & Pet shop. Various game modes coming soon! (Some as follows) 1v1 Death Match - (Survivor wins) Swords and shields only Team Death Match - Last surviving tribe member wins for that tribe (Swords and shield only) 1v1 Dino Death Match - Surviving Dino wins Dino Team Death Match - Last Surviving Dino Wins for the Tribe Survival of the fittest - (3 - 5 Different Champions from different tribes must survive 5 waves of various monsters) Boss Fight (Fight one heroic monster on your own or with your tribe members. <figure> OTHER ROLEPLAY Role Play is active and encouraged throughout the server. Different Role Play is as follows. Jousting for prizes, Various events, Climbing, Fight Club, Dino Fight Club. Various jobs available and quests. Become a settler in one of the villages. Become a Knight of a particular town by completing tasks and earn your Knights Armour and Noble Steed. Whats Different about this server? Cromwell Server has a great community of dedicated players, the server is also very balanced, you can obtain things quickly if you work but nothing is instant. We want the community to build gradually but quickly. Getting ascendant items and reaching max level instantly ruins the game in our opinion. Think of it like official but boosted! REWARD SYSTEM We will be holding a reward system for the most beautiful buildings, Most beautiful Mutated Dino's, The most loyal players and for the community heroes that help others. DONATIONS We appreciate any donations and all donations will go to the running of the server and protecting the community. We are really trying to expand our slots so any donations will directly increase the player slots and you will be rewarded in game! WWW.PATREON.COM/CROMWELLGAMING Join us today and say hello Cromwell Permanent Boosted 24/7 PVP/RP
  7. Hi Survivors, We have 3 servers online for anyone looking for a home. They run on Windows 10 hosts, so there are no donations, or timers to keep the servers running, and are backed up to a separate device. The community is currently very small, and we're looking for a few more survivors. Anyone is welcome to join, and the server is no rules PvP. Key features: - Custom spawns (Non-standard creatures added to maps) - Custom drops - Individual resource harvest settings - Engrams auto unlock as you level - Web credit store (All credits generated by contributing to the community. Credits hold no cash value.) - Stock player/dino levels - Boosted taming for skilled players (Raw meat = slow, prime = fast, kibble = near instant) Servers Gamertags: - ARKLabs - Vanilla Island (Little to no population until clustering is added to Windows 10) - AberrantARKLabs - Vanilla Aberration (1-3 active tribes) - PrimitiveARKLabs - P+ Ragnarok (3-4 active tribes) If you would like more details check out or website, or send me a message GT: ForeverNEWB. arklabs.club
  8. Server name is “Arkadia BOOSTED PVP Weekends PVE Weekdays.” It only fits 10 people right now so join now before we fill up! Contact Swee890 on PSN to report cheaters, bullies and people who kill passive tames. No base wiping is allowed. It’s not needed so don’t be a sausage! Hope to see some of y’all there! Weekends are for raiding if you want too but do not wipe peoples bases. There are three server mods who play often which are me (swee890), Shadow of Pulp, and Geministic any cheaters and exploiters or bullies can be reported to them in and out of game and we will take action. Hope to see some of ya'll there! Have fun! First three people get free level 250 Wyverns! Join now!
  9. Hello all, Black Horizon is a PVPVE dedicated nitrado cluster which will feature Ragnarok and Aberation maps. In the future, we hope to bring the Island into the cluster. Black Horizon will be launching on 24 Feb, and we are accepting tribes and/or individuals on discord now. Please message thegrinch4421 on xbox for discord invite. Discord will have server rules, rates, and other useful information for our players. Come join us and be ready to get your survivor's hands dirty on the 24th!
  10. Ark Welcome to [EU] PVP Infinite Weight/60x Taming/8x Exp multiplier/No rules Server rates 8x Exp, 60x Taming, 15x harvesting Mutliplier, 20x Incubation, and 50x Mature rate. corpse locator Increased movment speed by 10 Infinite weight player/dino No admins No wipes PvP server Tribe alliances- disabled Max number of players in a tribe 4 No permanent diseases No mindwipe restrictions No mods Nitrado hosted server Solo players and small Tribes can and will succeed here How to join? Search under unofficial PC sessions Type "[EU] PVP Infinite Weight" Server name : [EU] PVP Infinite Weight/60xTaming/8x Xp multiplier/No rules All welcome , server paid for 6 months , which will be extended for the love of ARK.
  11. I want everyone who is interested to choose a map and your opinion on if some features should be on like ORP?. Also advice on the rates as well. My friends and me want to start a new server because were tired of always feeling like we have to play catch up with the guy that have tek because they have played since day 1 and we joined late.
  12. All are welcome admins are Tenchy and Ginge SERVER NAME: [EU] THIS IS ENGLAND PvP no server wipe xp x3 taming x3 harvesting x3 mating multiplier 0.25 egg hatch multiplier 3.0 baby mature speed 5
  13. https://ark-servers.net/server/125676/ all the info you need about the server is in the link we are very friendly people and will help new players get started we hope to start cluster once we populate the server
  14. Ark Latino

    Ark Latino , Server is Pvp On Ragnarock ,With No Rules! Bring Your People And Make An Empire, Curently Cluster With Aberration ! Servers Are Bossted , Dinos Wild Max Level Is 300, Level x5 , Taming x15, Water & Food Lowed To Make You Dont Eat A Lot, Incubation x35, Unlock All Engrams , And A Lot Of Weight Any Question Message Me ... iDroiidz- -
  15. [US] PVP x5, Ragnarok no admin EN-FR-QC Fresh new pvp serveur, no admin abuse. Just one rule : Do not wipe other tribe Harvest : x5 Taming : x8 Hatch : x10 Maturation : x15 Player : Stamina x 3 Weight : x5 Speed : x2 Melee damage : x2 Fortitude : x5 Healt : x2 Tame : Healt : x1.5 Weight : x4 Stamina x 3.5 Max lvl of wild is 150
  16. Ark-4-all cluster - Xbox - All Ark maps (EU server). 6 servers on cluster. Currently has fluctuating population of 50 give or take. Anyone welcome to join.... no admin present and no starters. Server is boosted. Trolls will be banned. Host is new to Ark (6 months) and online most days. 100% Imprint on Wyverns, Rexes and Gigas possible on all maps. Scorched and Island imprint on ptera's as well. Boosted drops on Scorched. Starter tools in White and Green drops across cluster. Full item and dino travel available on cluster to All maps. 20x harvest 20x tame Fast egg hatch (125x) and maturation(75x) Xp multiply 15x Player and dino stats slightly boosted but balanced. search ' Ark-4-all ' on unofficial PC hosted sessions on xbox live. Ark-4-all on discord. https://discord.gg/jwkP9Qj
  17. Hello there! This server is a PVP server! Features: Modded Drops, Player Max Level = 200, Dino Extra Levels = 314, OP Starter in White Drops, Auto Unlock all engrams, The Server Will be Reset next month, March 21st. Cluster Details: Clustered with Ragnarok, and Abberation, more clusters to come. Recent Wipe Fixes: Balancing between Players, and Dino's, Drops updated, Stats Fixed and Fortitude increased per level. Player melee damage decreased to official stat per level gain, Fixed where a player couldn't transfer items between the cluster
  18. Quickkscoperr: Starting a server chat / discussion, anyone from "Asia-PVP-PS4Official-Ragnarok529"?
  19. Join the. Hidden leaf unofficial cluster servers rag,ab,island *phoenix for established tribes *starter friendly.a perfect Challenging but not too difficult boosted servers . Help others survive or kill ass u please as . Live in peace for those pve players with a white flags at base . We are planning on events and weekend challenges like races, Colosseum, Hunger games, tamed battles and so much more join us at hidden leaf add kaos_1407
  20. I was getting out of the reaper queen area in aberration and I jumped up and landed into a cliff side. The reaper is now caught by it, won’t move on follow or when earthquake happens and is infinitely falling so I can’t use its other attacks to free it. How would I go about contacting someone to help me with it?
  21. Search on UNOFFICAL PC Dedicated [Razors Tek World] 45x pickup [SUPER DROPS] WEEKLY EVENTS | INSTA TAME | LVL 300 DInos | PLAYER LVL 250
  22. Official stats, except. Exp - 15 Oxygen - 7 Weight - 9999999/Dino&Player Crafting speed - 10 Temperature fortitude - 3 Gathering - 20 Dino Speed - 3 Dino Stamina - 3 No Turret Limit No Platform Structure Limit Can Put Turrets on platform Cave Flyers On Taming - 15 Hatching - 15 Mature Speed - 15 Crop Growth Speed - 9999999 Crop Decay Speed - 9999999 Lay Egg Interval - 0.5 Mating Interval - 0.5
  23. pvp 247RagnarokEnhanced

    247RagnarokEnhanced is a dedicated server on xbox one that is hosted by Swagman101. This server is enhanced to a comfortable but yet fun setting. All admins are very helpful and love to interact with new members. Please note that this is a 3 day old server so there are no overpowered tribes yet so join! Have fun arkarians and see you soon.
  24. " Server option which makes the Silencer hide the name of the player who has killed you from the kill message and tribe log (enabled by default on Console, disabled on PC Official PvP servers)" Is it really that hard to tell us what the parameter actually is in the ini files? Maybe tell us which ini file it goes into even? Why should people have to go digging for something that should be made clear from the release?
  25. Welcome to Killcam's Ark Server This is a 24/7 PvP Nitrado hosted server We are looking for more players/tribes to join our server, but only players who are true fans of pvp and grinding Some of the basic stats are: 2.5x XP 4x gather rate 6x tame speed The server is freshly wiped as of 2/17/18 it is a 32 man server with about 12-15 players currently Map: The Center Server name: Killcam's Ark Server If you have any question please comment them below or feel free to message URonKILLCAMxX99 on xbox Hope to see you on the ark!