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  1. Welcome to the Astral Imperium ARK servers! Astral Imperium was founded on June 10th 2014. We opened our Astral ARK servers in July 2015. We have been gradually increasing the size of our cluster over the years, and our goal right now is to host all the official maps in one cluster. You will be able to play on The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero and any other official maps that will be released in the future. Free starter pack Everyone joining the servers can claim a Free starter pack, which is an optional helping hand to get you started on the servers. The pack includes a basic collection of items to help you build a small base and a Parasaur to warn you of dangers and scare away enemies. Community areas Safe zones, community forges and open taming traps will be available when we relaunch. The Arena The Arena is a cluster-wide event that happens weekly. You will enter the Arena alongside your creature companion and other players to fight your way through different waves of spawned creatures and monsters. The further you get, the greater the challenge, and greater the reward! The event is open to all players of any level, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or if you just joined Astral ARK. All you need to bring is the items you wish to use during the event, and a creature companion or two if you have them. If you don’t we can loan creatures. You can participate in the Arena on foot, however we would recommend having a creature with you for Bracket 2 and up. Server Information General info Server Location: UK Player cap: 100 per server Astral ARK - The Island IP address: Astral ARK - The Center IP address: Astral ARK - Ragnarok IP address: Astral ARK - Valguero IP address: Astral ARK - Scorched Earth IP address: Astral ARK - Aberration IP address: Astral ARK - Extinction IP address: Server settings - Experience: 2x - Harvesting: 4x - Taming speed: 4x - Hatch speed: 4x - Mature speed: 4x Our Events calendar shows which event is currently running on the cluster. Once we relaunch, this page will be populated. Plugins - Discord ↔ In-game cross chat (messages sent via Discord will be sent in-game too, and vice versa) - New Player Protection (you and your structures don't take damage for 48 hours or until you reach level 35) - ORP (you can set one area to be protected while you're offline so you don't lose your progress) - Raid warning (receive a notification when your unprotected structures are under attack while you're offline) - Vote rewards (earn Element, Metal ingots, shop points and a chance to get saddle blueprints each time you vote) - Shop (earn points and spend them in our shop in-game) Server rules - No racism, abuse or any form of hate - No hacking, exploiting or bug abusing - No advertising or trolling - Do not block artifact caves, obelisks, terminals or community areas - Limit your building locations to 2 per map - Keep chat clean, no spamming or inappropriate content Admin information Two admins are available to solve your issues. If you wish to report someone or something, please fill the contact form here. You can also contact us via Discord if necessary, but any report of tribe or player should be done via the form. We look forward to seeing you in-game! Links Website: https://ark.astral-imperium.com/ Shop: https://ark.astral-imperium.com/shop/ Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Astralark Discord: https://discord.gg/jnYzdBj Teamspeak: https://invite.teamspeak.com/astral-imperium.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstralImperium Twitter: https://twitter.com/astralimperium
  2. Few returnee and pvp newbie questions Hi, i have returned to ark after few years of break (back then i played PvE) - so im kinda returnee, kinda new to PvP - and i have few questions about current game state and general mechanics. 1) Is imprinting of dinos such pain in the a.. as it was before? Where you basically had to be online every 4 hours, no matter you had real life (job, need of sleep, social life, etc.), or is there some way to fully imprint dino without need to sacrifice all your life to this game? 2) I saw some pvp videos, where guys with 1500+ armor in flak just ran to base and C4ed it, while wall of 20+ auto turrets did little to no damage to him, even tho it was shooting quite long to them - is this a thing in official pvp servers, or was it thing of unofficial or alredy patched up? 3) Generally - Are rexes still go to dinos for boss fights, or did meta switch? Saw some vids with therizinos and i know about megatheriums for BM. 4) If auto turret has something blocking it from shooting to target (spike wall for example) - will it stop shooting, or will it deplete all its ammo into blockage? 5) Can you somehow limit range of your dinos when they are atacked - when someone is offline raiding you and and you dont want them to lead your dinos completely away, but you want them to move (so you dont overweight them). 6) Are "wild dino bombs" still a thing? 7) If you are in tribe and transfer to another server, then transfer back, will you be back in original tribe, or you need to get invited into it again? Thanks for any answers
  3. [PC] EU MATES PVP (XP5/H5/B15/T10/S+/RS/ORP/PLUGINS!double weekend)[cluster] Die Mates Gaming Community heißt euch Willkommen Die Mates Gaming Community (MGC) ist eine mehrsprachige Multigaming-Community aus Deutschland Wir sind freundlich gesinnt und erwarten das auch von unseren Spielern und Membern Server Hardware ►Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core (inkl. Hyper-Threading-Technologie) ►Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition ►64 GB DDR4 ►2x 1 TB NVMe SSD ►Anbindung: 1 GBit/s-Port ►Traffic: Unbegrenzt Infos ► Cluster Maps ►Aberration ►Valguero ►Ragnarok ►Extinction ►The Island ► Shop System ► Vote System ► Offline Raid Protection Wichtige Links ► Mod Kollektion ► Steam gruppe ► Homepage ► Discord ► Teamspeak: mates-community.ts.dawn-server.de Settings ► Max. wilde Dino Lvl.: 150 ► Max. Wyvern Ei: Lvl. 190 ► Max. Tektiere Lvl.:180 ► XPx5, Harvestx5, Breedingx15, Tamingx10 (higher Weekend rates) ► Max. Tribelimit: 5 ► nur 1 Allianz pro Tribe Um das PVP ein wenig auszugleichen sind einige S+ Items Deaktiviert The Mates Gaming Community welcomes you The Mates Gaming Community (MGC) is a multilingual multigaming community from Germany. We are friendly and expect the same from our players and members Info ► Cluster Maps ►Aberration ►Valguero ►Ragnarok ►Extinction ►TheIsland ► Shop system ► Vote system ► Offline Raid Protection important links ► Mod Kollektion: click me ! ► Steam Gruppe: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MatesGamingCommunity ► Webseite: http://mates-community.de/ ► Discord: https://discord.gg/nXE7JU3 ► Teamspeak: mates-community.ts.dawn-server.de Settings ► Max. wild Dino Lvl.: 150 ► Max. Wyvern Egg: Lvl. 190 ► Max. Tekdinos Lvl.:180 ► XPx5, Harvestx5, Breedingx15, Tamingx10 ► Max. Tribelimit: 5 ► 1 ally per tribe ► higher weekend rates To balance the PVP a bit, some S + Items are disabled
  4. RAGNAROK VALGUERO https://arkservers.net/server/ https://arkservers.net/server/ MODS: MAP:VALGUERO MAX WILD DINO=300 .Structure + LEVELS AFTER TAME=150 .Stacks For Humans MAX PLAYER LEVEL=320 .Classic Flyers 50X HARVEST .Awesome Teleporters 10X TURRET DAMAGE .Arkomatic 6X CAVE DAMAGE .Offline Guard .Better Reuseable .Element Bench
  5. [PC] WARFRONT 10X PVPVE (7 map cluster/AntiMesh/Small Tribes) Come join us on the Warfront 10x PvPvE Cluster. We booted up our cluster again on Saturday 12/10 and offer a small tribes (6 man), no alliances, boosted rates experience with a little as possible modifications to the original game. * We run all 7 official maps. * You are allowed to build anywhere (artifact caves included - we have an alternative solution to acquiring artifacts) * We use S+ only for its pulling and helper system, and some of the crafting stations/structures for the quality of life they offer. * We run very few mods Our PvP environment is a no rules environment with exception to cheaters; who are dealt with swiftly and relentlessly. PvP times are: Weekdays from 6pm until 10pm SAST. Weekends from Friday 6pm until Sunday 6pm SAST. We run an anti mesh plugin to deal with aggressive meshers and prevent them from doing any real harm. Rates: Experience/Harvesting/Taming: 10X Breeding: 15X Breeding Cooldown: 25% Official Rates Mods: Structures Plus (S+) Bitou2k's Binocular (Spyglass Mod) HG Stack Mod 2500-90 HG Remap Stack - To balance bullets and other PvP items Transferable Stuff WBUI - An in game help system If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, then be sure to check out our discord for more information on the servers and server links. https://discord.gg/q7dvbcx
  6. [PC] WARFRONT 10X PVPVE (7 map cluster/AntiMesh/Small Tribes) Come join us on the Warfront 10x PvPvE Cluster. We booted up our cluster again on Saturday 12/10 and offer a small tribes (6 man), no alliances, boosted rates experience with a little as possible modifications to the original game. * We run all 7 official maps. * You are allowed to build anywhere (artifact caves included - we have an alternative solution to acquiring artifacts) * We use S+ only for its pulling and helper system, and some of the crafting stations/structures for the quality of life they offer. * We run very few mods Our PvP environment is a no rules environment with exception to cheaters; who are dealt with swiftly and relentlessly. PvP times are: Weekdays from 6pm until 10pm SAST. Weekends from Friday 6pm until Sunday 6pm SAST. We run an anti mesh plugin to deal with aggressive meshers and prevent them from doing any real harm. Rates: Experience/Harvesting/Taming: 10X Breeding: 15X Breeding Cooldown: 25% Official Rates Mods: Structures Plus (S+) Bitou2k's Binocular (Spyglass Mod) HG Stack Mod 2500-90 HG Remap Stack - To balance bullets and other PvP items Transferable Stuff WBUI - An in game help system If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, then be sure to check out our discord for more information on the servers and server links. https://discord.gg/q7dvbcx
  7. Merric Gaming Community 8 x Ark PvE Cluster || 6 x Ark PvP Cluster About Us Welcome to Merric Gaming Community, We are building a strong, friendly and most importantly very helpful community with several maps for ARK Survival and will be adding more in the future. It is always hard choosing a new home to play your favourite games on, especially when it is an unauthorised server, as you never know if it will still be running tomorrow and all your hard work will be lost. The reason you can be sure that our servers will be here tomorrow and the day after etc., is because our community has a say in everything that happens with our servers from which mods we use to what will be the next new map we put up, all done via a polling system in Discord. Also our strength lies in the fact that our community helps to (voluntarily) fund our services which helps us to grow as a community. If you are looking for a safe, secure and exciting new home to play then you have found the right community in Merric Gaming. If you like to get involved with other players fantastic, you will find no end of other friendly players to chat to. If on the other hand you’re a lone wolf and like to keep yourself to yourself that too is great, just know that if you need help it is only a message away. You will find that everyone is chatty and willing to help out other players whether they are brand new to the game or seasoned veterans. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we have over 20 years experience in hosting/running games and have always placed great importance on safeguarding the younger players and female members of our community (if needed). Should you have any questions please join our Discord server and have a chat with us. https://discord.gg/invite/xm3pFUX You can also checkout our website for more information @ https://merric-gaming.co.uk PVE Cluster island.merric-gaming.co.uk:21900 ScorchedEarth.merric-gaming.co.uk:21800 abberration.merric-gaming.co.uk:22300 ragnarok.merric-gaming.co.uk:222010 center.merric-gaming.co.uk:22000 extinction.merric-gaming.co.uk:22100 valguero.merric-gaming.co.uk:23300 olympus.merric-gaming.co.uk:22400 ( Subscriber only map ) Rates Draining Multiplier 0.50 Mating Multiplier 0.50 XP Multiplier 1.50 Player Harvesting Damage Multiplier 2.50 Dino harvesting damage multiplier 3.00 Taming Speed Multiplier 10.00 Lay egg interval multiplier 0.50 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier 25.00 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier 35.00 Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier 0.07 Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier 5.00 Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier 10.00 Speed Multiplier 0.01 Mods Super Spyglass - 793605978 Structures Plus - 731604991 Platforms Plus - 719928795 DinoTracker Classic - 1134646361 Classic Flyers - 895711211 Dino Pick Up Mod - 870709781 Upgrade Station - 821530042 Aku Shima - 479295136 Better Reusables - 1364327869 Death Recovery - 751991809 SCUBA Mask - 919494787 Minor Stacks - 665492552 Auction House - 898049820 PvP Cluster The Island - Ragnarok - Abberation - Valguero - Extinction - ScorchedEarth - Rates Experience = 5.0 Harvesting = 5.0 Taming = 5.0 Breeding = 5.0 Egg Hatch = 5.0 Baby Maturation = 5.0 Mating Interval = 0.5 Baby Imprint Interval = 0.5 Crop Growth = 5.0 Cave Damage = 6.0 Player Food/Water Consumption = 0.5 Beacon Loot Quality = 1.0 Fishing Loot Quality = 1.2 PlayerFortitudePerLevelStatsMultiplier = 5.0 PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier = 0.35 Mods Structures Plus - 731604991 Classic Flyers - 895711211 Death Recovery - 751991809 Minor Stacks - 665492552
  8. [US-W] [PVP] MRB Servers/Mod & No-Mod/Cluster/Valg Hey guys! I've been running my ARK servers for about half a year with an almost 100% uptime. I decided to make two new servers with mods as an excuse to try Valguero. I've never attempted to try to get more traffic but it would be nice to get more people in Great pings for people on the West Coast with a powerful server setup. *6 Servers Total in Cluster *Location: SoCal *Equipment: 5960x/64gb RAM/ 2TB NVMe Storage *Discord: https://discord.gg/ufuXYTf Rates: XP: 10x | Harvest: 10x | Tame: 20x | Mature: 40x *Stacks changed to 1K(script/no mod) Mod-Free Servers The Island: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Modded Servers Mods: S+/AA/Classic Flyers/Upgrade Station Valguero: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Be the first to get in on these brand new servers! Really look forward to seeing you guys around! ***Site to come.
  9. PvP Server Names: Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed25xharvest 20 Slots (Ragnarok) Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed20xharvest 20 Slots (Valguero) Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed20xharvest 10 Slots (Extinction) Team6ix 50xtame100xbreed20xharvest 20 Slots (The Center) Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 50x Taming 20x Gathering 100x Maturation 100x Hatch Speed Custom Crafting Requirements Other Information: Unlimited Survivor and tame weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 10000 per point spent Survivor Health increases by 30 per point spent Survivor Speed increases by 7% per point spent Survivor Stamina Increased 5000 per point Survivor Fortitude increases by 20 per point spent on Fortitude Crafting speed increases by 100 per point spent Boosted tame stamina Unlimited tame weight Crop growth speed x5 Custom Stack Sizes Rules: FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our community site at http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. However, nothing outside of Official Server realm. No level 1000 tames. We grind the game just like everyone else! We purchased these servers with the full intent to play and operate it as if they were official servers minus your normal official server rates. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game every day of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site and join our Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/um3Jab9 You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVERS!
  10. Name: EurekaPvP l 4 map cluster l 10x ALL RATES / BOOSTED STATS SeverName: EurekaPvP A similar MTS style server, but for Xbox/win10 players! Metal ingots currency shop. Located in the discord! Server Stats +Harvest.......................... = 10x +Day cycle....................... = 0.5x +Night time speed.......... = 1.25x +Day time speed............. = 0.25x +All Containers lock....... = False +**NO ALLIANCES**...... = True +Clipping ........................ = True +Unlimited Mindwipes... = True +Corpse beacon............. = True +**TRIBE LIMIT**............ = 4 +Turret limit..................... = 100 +Turret dmg..................... = 1x (on weekends, during weekdays it is 3x) +Structure resistance..... = 1x (on weekends, during weekdays it is 3x) +**NO ORP**................... = True +XP multiplier.................. = 10x +Food drain..................... = 0.5x PLAYER STATS +Max Level.................. = 105 +Health........................ = 1x (Goes up by 10) +Stamina...................... = 1x.....(Goes up by 10) +Oxygen....................... = 1x.....(Goes up by 10) +Food........................... = 1x......(Goes up by 10) +Water.......................... = 1x......(Goes up by 10) +Weight........................ = 10x...(Goes up by 100) +Melee......................... = 1x...(Goes up by 5) +Movement speed...... = 1x...(Goes up by 1.5) +Fortitude.................... = 7x......(Goes up by 14) +Crafting...................... = 1x.......(Goes up by 10) DINO STATS +Max Level................. = 150 +Health....................... = 1x +Stamina.................... = 1x +Oxygen...................... = 1x +Food.......................... = 1x +Water......................... = 1x +Weight....................... = 10x +Melee......................... = 1x +Movement speed...... = 1x STARTERS +Starters are Anky + Argy w/ Cryos. Ask admin in discord!.... +During the week there is 3x turret dmg and 3x damage resistance for structures, while on the weekends there is 1x for all. (This is the only way to make this work as there is no instant ORP dmg modifiers mid game without mods) https://discord.gg/Ndne8xB
  11. [EU] Bravo 5x 10x harvest instatame 4 man tribes map ragnarock New to the server stuff but I wanna try it out I tried to get all the setting right but if there are any recommendations for setting changes please message my Xbox username x0 harvey j x0 I hope you at least give my server a try good luck and thank you
  12. Make ARK Great Again! (20xTame 10xHarvest Ragnarok soooo i decided to rent my own server where it can be healthy and fun and still have pvp on weekends. 20 slot server as of now but if all goes well and we get some good tribes in here, i will upgrade, lets see what happens and lets MAKE ARK GREAT AGAIN! (NO ADMIN COMMAND CRAP FOR PERSONAL GAIN) https://discord.gg/VuYt6db for more! small tribes (4) also looking for more admins XBOX GT xDarthD message me for more info! GOODLUCK!
  13. TrueArk - Xbox PDS About the server: This server is meant to capture that sweet ark feeling just before the release of the Tek tier on Xbox, when wyverns didn't exist and when the Giga was the primary method of raiding. Although there are many things I simply can't change, like what dinos spawn and classic flyers, I am still doing my best. There is also 2x xp, resources and taming as to give the server a constant evolution event feeling. How to join: Send a message to FieldTea6328514, saying that you would like to join. You will be friended by FieldTea and will recieve an invite to our club so that you can join without having to friend FieldTea. As of 9/28/19, the club's name is "Gremlin Den". Feel free to have fun and do whatever you want, I make no rules. Why did I make this: It doesn't seem like Wildcard ever intends to fix dedicated servers on xbox, and I made the mistake of jumping to conclusions and purchasing a seperate console without knowing this. Although it's not what I wanted, I want to make sure I didn't flush $350 down the drain. Update: The server has shown up finally. After 6 months of pleading and begging, it seems that Wildcard has finally fixed PDS. It might just be for me, but I don't know. It's all hit me so fast and I don't know how to express how thankful I am. I'll update if anything changes. Update 2: Maybe I spoke too soon...the October 10th update dropped yesterday and the server has now vanished once again. It seems to be a constant fight, but I'm not going to give up; having it on the list brought back so many good memories of the game in its early stsges, hopefully it'll get resolved. I'll keep this updated.
  14. ZA Ark Life 10x PVPVE Clustered maps S+ Hi guys, I have run a clustered server for over a year, and have recently branched into a 3 map cluster. We host Extinction, Ragnarok and Hope (which is all expansions built into 1 map, allowing players who do not own the expansions a chance to have those dino's and enjoy). Our community is player-driven and very friendly. Owners take all suggestions and ideas from players to help increase, and make for an amazing gaming experience. -10x rates -PVP is 4 hours a day -New map to launch is being voted on -Genesis being added when launched -Friendly community, always willing to help, with admin who go above and beyond to help players out when needed EVENTS: -Random color events -Weekend events include double breeding, double harvest, double tame rates. -PVP events with prizes. NAME: ZA ARK LIFE RAGNAROK PVPVE 10x S+ Cluster CONNECTION INFO: DISCORD: https://discord.gg/VbTGR8 Feel free to Private Message me with any questions, and we look forward to gaming with you!
  15. ThePinkDodo 1000x And 10x - 250 Slot - All Clusters With Anti Mesh The Pink Dodo Server Info We are a professional server with mature admins If you want to get in contact with us feel free to join the discord Discord : https://discord.gg/7PdkfEF Server Mods ---------------------------------------- Player Reward Vault Awesome spy glass Awesome teleporter Anti Mesh New player protection Offline raid protection Automatic Ark ------------------------------------ Server List The Island - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ The Center - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ Scorched Earth - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ Ragnarok - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ Aberration - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ Extinction - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ Valguero - 250 Slot - 1000x - steam://connect/ The Island - 250 Slot - 10x - steam://connect/ The Center - 250 Slot - 10x - steam://connect/ Scorched Earth - 250 Slot - 10x - steam://connect/ Ragnarok - 250 Slot - 10x - steam://connect/ Valguero - 250 Slot - 10x - steam://connect/
  16. RHADAFUN discord invite : https://discord.gg/kKKxBB6 EVENT Every weekend => RATE ARE DOUBLED mod file details : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386379656 Suicide command is enabled Shop available Kit available ! Write /kit starter in chat to retrieve you starter kit Description : Mods : Classic Flyers ,Editable ServerUI, S+, Kibble Table , HG Stacking Mod, Arkomatic, Utilities plus,Engram unlocker, Awesome Teleporter Settings : XP100, breed X60, Taming X100, Harvest X100, Player max lvl 150 (tekcave + rockwell ), dino wild max level 150 To Know : Loot crat quality improved SERVER SETTING: Turret dmg :2X Cave dmg : 6X Pvp respawn system is enabled Fast autodecay : 48 hours for both dino and structures Auto Wipe wild dino every 6 hours AutoLearn all available engram AutoSave all 15min Players in Tribe 8 Ally : 2 Taming Speed x100 Weight for dino/player X20 Harvest Amount x100 Ressource Respawn x100 Max Turrets 250 for 10000 range Max Tamed Dino per tribe : 150 Max Structures 4000 for 10000 range /!\ RAGNAROK /!\ #[Kit,Event,Shop] X100 by Rhada https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3663156 /!\ ISLAND /!\ #[Kit,Event,Shop] X100 by Rhada https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3753122 /!\ EXTINCTION /!\ #[Kit,Event,Shop] X100 by Rhada https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4496453
  17. Welcome to TrueStoryGaming.com, well balanced, beginner friendly, recently wiped Ark Survival Evolved server. You have the best chance to find your dream base spot if you join now. Come here and experience everything that Ark Survival Evolved offers. # Rates EXP: 5x Gathering: 5x Taming: 5x Breeding: 5x # Links Website: https://truestorygaming.com/server Discord: https://discord.gg/bsqWFk4 # Mods ✦ Structures S+ ✦ Awesome Spyglass ✦ WGUI # Servers The Island: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/
  18. Crusaders - 10x - 3Man - Cluster- Fresh Wipe Oct 8 The first and most important thing we pride ourselves on is absolutely zero admin abuse. I have been on too many servers where admin abuse and spawned items have ruined a good time. Any admins are very closely watched, do not play on their admin accounts, and do not make friends and tribe up with others. I personally check the admin command log to see what they are doing in-game and make sure it aligns with what they should be doing. This is a new cluster and will be grown naturally to avoid everyone being too spread out and to keep the action going. The first launched map is Ragnarok. Once it hits 50 concurrent players online, a new map will be voted upon in the discord and added to the cluster, and thus will continue until all maps are open. This allows new and old players to consistently get a fresh start on a new map when it opens. We will open 50 or 70 or 100 player servers depending on the demand for that map. TL;DR: - To get in game now, search "Crusaders" on the Unofficial PC Sessions server list - Join the discord for all the rules and information you need: https://discord.gg/s92Yn8h Rates Gather - 10x Taming - (instant) Breeding/Raising - 50x Cave Damage - 6x Turret Damage - 1.5x Server Mods Stack Mods Unlimited Weight EZ craft on certain items which are a pain to craft (such as cp only takes half materials) Custom Drops Auto Engrams Player base weight = 500k Player base oxygen = 1k Certain Ab and Ext Dino spawns on all maps Custom improved dino base stats (such as speed on argys) - coming soon! There is plenty more, for all current server information, join the discord: https://discord.gg/s92Yn8h
  19. About Iapetus Ark server: If your new to our ARK server, Make sure to read rules and pop into general. We have a friendly community and love to have new Members. Our community is a little small ATM great for new players to the game to learn the ARK ways. We have loads of Information in different Discord channels so be sure to take a look around. If you need help we have an issues chat you may ask for help or assistance and an admin will be with you as soon as they are available. Thanks for joining us and hope to see you in game / chat! Server connection ID : Extinction: steam://connect/ Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4545313 Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4550787 Discord: https://discord.gg/sWDd9Se
  20. YGGDRASIL (5 MAPS) PVP 6 MAN CLUSTER Yggdrasil Servers is an established Ark community that began back in OCT 2017. It consists of mature and diverse players from all over the globe. We have spent the past 2 years building a stable friendly community with active admins on hand to help players out when necessary as well as building up some of the best hardware that is available to run an Ark server on. We recognise that ark is a game that offers many different things to players and PvP is a large part of that. With our experience and our already well established community behind us we believe we have created one of the best PvP clusters out there currently!. We have brought on board experienced PvP players and taken advice to build an environment we believe even the most novice to the most experienced players can enjoy! Everything has been balanced to ensure that a new player can get a head start and build up a base quickly and efficiently with our 10x rates. Breeding Dinos is simple as players can use imprinting Kibble to insta grow a Dino to full maturity with 100% imprinting. All of these factors also mean that a player can recover from a Raid quickly to get back on their feet again. Our plans for the server are to have events and activities to keep that community spirit alive. PvP is about having fun and that’s what we want to bring back to the game! We know that ark has its problems and we have applied plug ins to combat this such as the M.A.G.A plug in and the anti-meshing! We have also got an in-game shop system where players can accrue points over time as well as a donation system to keep the servers running. To Join Our Servers Click Any Of The Banners Below JOIN OUR RAGNAROK PVP SERVER JOIN OUR VALGUERO PVP SERVER JOIN OUR ABERRATION PVP SERVER JOIN OUR SHIGOISLANDS PVP SERVER JOIN OUR EXTINCTION PVP SERVER Features: Anti-Undermesh Plugin : - Undermeshing is non-existant on our servers thanks to a plugin that alerts admins of any undermesh attempts. Weekend rates : - Our x10 rates switch to x15 for the weekends on all but XP gain which stays at x10. Resource nodes also spawn twice as fast on weekends. Ark Advanced Chat : Personalised in game chat system allows you to talk to everyone on the cluster in global chat on all servers. Chat is broadcast to our Discord also. Points Rewards - The more you play the more points rewards you earn. - Points can be used to purchase items from our in-game shop. In-game Shop system : - Shop with points which you earn from playtime or activities and voting. Press 'F5' ingame for more info. Custom Coded Loot boxes : - Feel like gambling? These loot box packs could contain rare items,saddles and dinos as well as points to help you get back on your feet again. Advanced ORP Auto Protection plugin : - PVP Cooldown is 5 minutes. If you enter combat with anotehr player you will see the message 'PVP Cooldown' - Raid Cooldown timer is 10 miniutes - 15 Minutes after logging ORP is enabled. Logging during PVP Cooldown takes 1 Hour for ORP to enable to prevent combat logging. - During ORP your structures take 0% damage and your turrets deal x7 more damage. any dinos left on passive will take no damage. - Antipopcorning system means you cannot drop blueprints or teleport during combat. Vote Rewards : - 300 shop points, Electronics, Pearls and Ammo! Earned by simply clicking a button to vote for our servers ingame (You can vote 3 times per day and its linked between all maps). Raidable Admin Events : Custom admin events where you can raid bases setup by our Admins with some amazing loot Speedy Flyers Mod : - Our Flyers are quick but they cannot outrun turrets and are not too fast that they cannot be shot down using handheld weapons. All our flyers are capped at 200 movement speed. MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OUR MODS BELOW BEFORE JOINING (So you don't timeout). CLUSTER MODS ALTERNATIVELY CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MODS THROUGH STEAM If you have any questions feel free to come and ask us on Discord Look forward to playing some Ark with you
  21. This is a 7 map cluster with TheIsland, TheCenter, Ragnorok, Extinction, Scorched Earth, Abberration and Valguero rates are 6x taming, 8x harvesting (with 3x resource health) 1x base xp (1.5x for crafting and harvesting with 2x kills and 4x special events) harvesting damage for tames 10x. admin is active and you can feel free to voice your comments and suggestions on discord (link provided below). mods installed are S+, classic flyer, HG stack mod, awesome spyglass, offline gaurd system, level equalizer, breedable creatures bundle and CKF remastered. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751433651 only attribute changes are increased weight tames (4x wild and 3x tamed) and weight + crafting skill for players (2x weight 10x crafting skill). cross server chat it is your tribes responsibility to make sure you have the offline guard system up and activated, admins will not intervene due to your laziness or inability to ask how things work. auto engram unlock-er (learns as you lvl up). for any concerns or questions here is a link to our discord channel: https://discord.gg/9hMU9MY. links to each server are posted in discord. arkservers.net https://arkservers.net/1/name/asc/?term=tridentisle. server hardware is personnaly owned by main admin and connected via gigabit internet connection hosted from west coast USA. there are currently 2 admins (main admin typically online in the evening PST second admin is usually available around same time but in AUS time zones, yes we have admins on both sides of the planet and have zero lag/ping issues. the two of us have no problem with helping to trouble shoot certain things preventing players from connecting to the cluster but don't get butt hurt if we end up telling you its your hardware and not ours (which is the case 90% of the time) server machine and internet connection are total overkill for what we are doing with it. donation link will be setup soon in discord to ensure cluster stays alive as long as players are actively engaged in the community. happy arking and hope to see y'all there
  22. Bifrost Cluster, x5, mods http://BifrostCluster.arkers.io
  23. 3's Solo/Duo/Trio PvP Cluster 3's Solo/Duo/Trio PvP Cluster join our ever growing community today!! Welcome! 3's Ark Server is based for Solo/Duo/Trio PvP! We have low rates so playing to end game is worth it. We currently have 3 maps; Valguero, Extinction, and Ragnarok. We are supporting 10 Mods currently on our server. We are always adjusting settings so we can keep it fair and balanced between everyone! Links Valguero | Extinction | Ragnarok | Discord | discord.gg/ku8hd8g Mods List Information -We will not wipe until Genesis! After Genesis we will not wipe until the server decides! -Everything is 3x - Rates Are currently doubled! -for more settings information please join discord and look under the settings tab! Disclaimer This server is for all of those who want to play ark with a chill group of people that want to have fun also raiding and PvPing. If you get butt hurt because you were raided you will receive no sympathy unless you were raided unfairly. any question, comments, or concerns i will address with the appropriate response in concerns of the server.
  24. Fresh wipe as of 10-3-19. Server Name: Almost Vanilla Ark Map is Valguero Currently looking for a Admin to setup and run events. Must be 18+. Message me (polyophio) on Xbox if you are interested. Valentines event is currently active. This will change every Monday. Bronto's are not tamable. Alpha's and Giga's have a chance of dropping element, death worm horns and sweet veggie cakes. Some other dinos have random item drops. General rules for conduct: DO NOT build within render distance of another tribe. Please don't completely wipe a tribe. Get in, get what you want, get out. Try to avoid killing passive tames. No killing animals while they're being tamed. Please only one base. No behemoth or dino gate walls. Any traps that are left up must be unlocked for everyone to use. No building where beaver dams spawn or in resource rich areas. Please treat others as you would expect to be treated. Server settings: ORP enabled Most stats are 2x evolution event rates XPMultiplier=4 TamingSpeedMultiplier=4 SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier=3 FishingLootQualityMultiplier=3 PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=.35 PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=.35 PlayerCharacterStaminaDrainMultiplier=.75 DinoCharacterStaminaDrainMultiplier=.50 PlayerCharacterHealthRecoveryMultiplier=2 DinoCharacterHealthRecoveryMultiplier=2 HarvestAmountMultiplier=2 PlayerHarvestingDamageMultiplier=2 DinoHarvestingDamageMultiplier=6 MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.005 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=60 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=40 DinoTurretDamageMultiplier=1.5 StructureResistanceMultiplier=0.5 Infinite structure pick up Reduced spawn rates for Ichthyornis and pegomastix. Willing to make minor adjustment to settings. Must have the majority of server agree to any changes.
  25. Come join us in the Foppas Gaming community & help us grow! Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about Foppas Gaming Community. Our servers are hosted by the owner & they are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection. The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided ssd's to ensure quality for your gaming experience. We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate into our servers so that we can give players more unique gameplay & options without using mods. As of now, some of our unique features are leaderboards for pvp, statistics and weekend rates that automatically activates. Website: https://foppasgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/fXNbqD8 ALL Servers: https://ark-servers.net/group/296/ NEWS!!: We have recently added a PvP Arena that is fully automated and no need to install any mods, it's 100% server built-in feature. And it also works with our other features where you get points to the leaderboard and points for the FGC Shop. Here is a youtube clip of one of the arenas: https://youtu.be/Qa778ON5s18 #### Standalone Servers: #### (Server with own settings and customizations) FGC Primal Fear PvP IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27007 FGC Primal Fear/Eternal PvE IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27008 #### Cluster Servers: #### PVP Cluster: Dino, Items & Player Transfer Allowed FGC Aberration IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27003 FGC The Island IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27002 FGC Ragnarok IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27005 FGC Extinction IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27009 FGC Valguero IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27006 PVE Cluster: Dino, Items & Player Transfer Allowed FGC Aberration IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27004 FGC The Island IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27000 FGC Ragnarok IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26002 FGC Extinction IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27010 FGC Valguero IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:27001 #### Settings & Features: #### (Some is still in development) XP 2x (PvP: 5x) Harvest 3x/6x (PvP: 5x) Taming 5x/10x (PvP: 10x) Dino Level 150 Egg Hatching 5x Baby Mature 15x Corpse Locator Dino Locator Dino Passive Protection Longer Spoiling Time Longer Corpse Decay More Player Inventory ARK Web Companion Weekly Dino Respawn Balanced Distribution of Dino Levels. Chat Commands Cluster Chat Dino Tracker Death Notification (Display kills & death information in pvp) Player List Private Messages Statistics & Ranking (players stats and leader-board (and more to come!)) Starting Kit Weekend Event (auto weekend events with increased rates.) #### Dinos Settings: #### All Can Cuddle Higher Base Speed When Tamed (PvE Only) Lesser Stamina Drain No Titanosaur Custom Giganotosaurus Spawn! (spawns as a normal dino, not only on server restart) #### Cluster Mod list: #### PvP Cluster: Click here PvE Cluster: Click here #### Standalone Mod list: #### Primal Fear Eternal PvE: Click here Primal Fear PvP: Click here
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