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  1. Steampunk Ragnarok, Castle Keeps- Extreme Difficulty is a new Ark: Survival Evolved server with the intent of putting some of the survival challenges back into the game. With the difficulty scaled up significantly as well as player stats reduced, surviving and building that ideal base is once again, a test of will and patience. As content was released throughout the development of Ark, the challenge of surviving became somewhat trivial and a second thought to taming the best dinosaurs and ruining the day of any new players, which is a shame. The survival aspect is interesting and an integral part of the whole dynamic of the game. Steampunk Ragnarok, Castle Keeps- Extreme Difficulty attempts to rectify this; reducing player resistance to damage weather and poison, slightly scaling tamed dinosaur damage back, as well as increasing the damage wild dinosaurs do to structures, tames and players. PvP is an integral part of the game and brings a new element of danger to the player. Again, in recent patches and content releases, this has become more of a chore than a danger. The presence of “mega tribes” as well as the ability to transfer dinosaurs and equipment between servers has made PvP just something that happens to you, rather than you being involved. With dino, item and player downloads disabled as well as a block on Aberration dinos on the server, Steampunk Ragnarok, Castle Keeps- Extreme Difficulty is bringing back the enjoyment of PvP. Ask yourself this; have you joined an official PvP server, spent countless hours building up a base and arsenal of dinosaurs and weapons to just have someone with a Managarmr fly over and drop 30 minutes worth of C4 resource gathering on you, completely wiping everything you built out? If you answered “yes” then this is the server for you. With the removal of the C4, C4 remote, Rocket Launcher, Rocket Ammo and Rocket Turret engrams and blueprints, base raiding is no longer a casual 5-minute endeavour, real plans must be made and, real-time committed to resource harvesting if you intend on raiding another player. Active and friendly admins help to resolve any issues within the game, including harassment in chat or locally, exploitation and, of course, cheating. You can rest easy knowing that if you have evidence of infringements against any of the code of conduct obligations; action will be taken swiftly. There are no silly rules on the server and no shortcuts for admins; everyone is equal. Everyone is free to build where they want (any area that allows building) as well as tame any dinos they want (I’ve joined servers in the past in which admins are the only ones allowed to tame Gigas!) Admin commands are enabled for select admin, however, any admin commands will be broadcast in global chat, so there are no unfair or unseen advantages. Join now and enjoy Ark the way it was and the way it should have stayed. Full Server Details Server Name: Steampunk Ragnarok, Castle Keeps- Extreme Difficulty Server IP: Server Slots: 30 Players Active Mods: Ark Steampunk Mod (679529026), Castles, Keeps, Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314), Structures Plus (Open Source) (731604991) Server Configuration World Map: (Official) Ragnarok Cross Travel: Disabled Aberration Dinos: Disabled BattlEye Enabled Game Configuration Difficulty: 10.0 (Official Difficulty) Wild Dino Level 300 (Excluding Tek and Cave Dinos) Harvest Amount: X2.0 Taming Speed: X6.0 (Balancing difficulty offset) XP Multiplier: X5.0 Egg Hatch Speed: X7.0 Baby Mature Speed: X10.0 Hit Markers: Enabled Crosshairs: Enabled Third Person Mode: Enabled Player Map Location: Disabled Dino Decay: Enabled Structure Decay: Enabled Raid Dino Feeding: True (Let's face it, who wants to put that much effort in to lose it after a couple of days) Riderless Passive Dino Damage: Enabled (Wild or non-ridden dinos will take damage from structures and turrets) Wild Dino Damage Multiplier: X2.0 Tamed Dino Damage Multiplier: X0.8 Tamed Dino Resistance: X0.8 Player Damage Multiplier: X2.0 (Players take double damage) Player Resistance Multiplier: X2.0 (Players have half resistance) Player Food and Water Loss Multiplier: X1.5 Dino Downloads: Disabled Item Downloads: Disabled Player Tribute Downloads: Enabled (Bring your pre-levelled character over) Offline Raid Protection: Enabled Disabled Engrams: C4 Remote, C4 Charge, Rocket Launcher, Rocket Propelled Grenade, Homing Rocket Ammo, Rocket Turret. Active Admins available Hosted By: Game Servers
  2. The Team BBQ Ark Epyc Cluster! All Storyline Maps: Island, Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration & Extinction. 2 Heavy Modded PvP Servers: Crystal Isles/Jurassic Park & The Volcano/Primal Fear 3 PvE Servers: Island, Center & Aberration 2 Heavy Modded PvE Servers: Ragnarok/Eternal & Olympus/Pugnacia All Cross-Arked/Cross-Chat Between The Servers! The servers / cluster have just been wiped (1/4/2019), we have a growing, regularly playing community so why not come and join and make it even better! TEK is very easy to get as we use EZTEK MOD as we feel it should be a tier open to all and to promote more strategy, we do allow PVP but would remind players to keep it friendly as we are not into drama, name calling or other childish like behaviour. We are adults that play as adults, strategy and having fun are key! The servers are apart of a cluster that span ALL Islands in the Ark Universe! There are VIP perks that you can buy but also plenty of ways to get VIP ranks just by playing / joining / being apart of the community. Even for joining the Discord server! Dedicated Server Hardware Details: AMD Epyc 7351P - 16c/ 32t - @ 3GHz 128 GB DDR4 2400MHz 1TB NVMe SSD Storage 1GB UP/DOWN Internet Connection, 10GB Dual NIC (Housed in Red House, London) ArkAPI Plugins: Ark Shop Dino Colour Command Discord Integration Kill Feed Loot Boxes Player List MAGA Private Messages Shop Rewards Tebex Integration Vote Rewards. Wipe Schedule: Every 6 Months | Next Wipe: 01/10/2019 Server MOD's (All Server's): I have created a Collection with all of the MOD's that we use on our Cluster Servers and also on our Heavy Modded Servers Please Click Here Server Voting Links: The Island [PVP] The Center [PVP] Scorched Earth [PVP] Ragnarok [PVP] Aberration [PVP] Extinction [PVP] Crystal Isles / Jurassic Park Volcano / Primal Fear The Island [PVE] The Center [PVE] Aberration [PVE] Rag-Eternal [PVE] Cluster Travel Settings: PvP < - > PvP = Character / Items / Dino's (Only Character Can Transfer To/From: Crystal/Volcano) PvE < - > PvE = Character / Dino (Only Character Can Transfer To/From: Rag-Eternal/Olympug) PvP < - > PvE = Character / Dino (Only Character Can Transfer To/From: Crystal/Volcano/Rag-Eternal/Olympug) ORP Settings: Use ORP: true Time To Activate (Minutes): 1 (Minutes after last player off-line to activate ORP normally) Time To Activate (Minutes) (PvP CD): 240 (Minutes after last player off-line to activate ORP, when player logged out while in recent pvp. (combat logged)) Max ORP Duration Hours: 72 ORP Damage Multiplier: 0 (Damage multiplier when ORP is active. 0.2 = 20% damage taken | 0 = 0% damage) ORP Damage Multiplier Non Passive Dino's: 0 (Damage multiplier if a Dino is not passive. 0.5 = 50% damage taken. | 0 = 0% damage) ORP Turret Damage Multiplier: 10.0 (Turret Damage multiplier for active ORP turrets) ORP Infinite Turret Ammo: true (Turrets with active ORP have infinite ammo) ORP Passive Dino Takes No Damage: true (Passive Dino's take no damage during active ORP)
  3. Please come join The Aesir on our new Ragnarok server Asgard2019. Help us build a wonderful casual Rp community! In Viking bay2 you will find the Settlement of Midgard. A small town built in the skeletal remains of Fafnir the dragon. Midgard will act as a neutral zone for all players where goods and services can be exchanged. Meet with us at our large Tavern stocked with savory foods and sweet Honey Mead where you can share your tales of glory or recruit new members for your tribe. The Gods walk among you, tribes hungry for glory will be tested those brave enough to seek it will be rewarded. Gather your tribe, claim your land, be worthy of the Gods. Join Asgard2019 "People create gods when they wonder why things happen. Do you know why things happen? Because gods make them happen. You wanna know how to make good things happen? Be good to your god. You give a little, you get a little. The simplicity of that bargain has always been appealing. That's why we're here, and that's precisely why I matter." -Odin Be good to your Gods, Help boost the Nitrado server with code: ohfnr8wf
  4. Mazaca is an 'Official' Style PvP server with moderate boosted stats and little mods. It consists of a 5 map cluster which is: Center, Extinction, Ragnarok, Island and Abberation. The server rates are 10x all and the tribe limit is 6 players with 1 alliance allowed only. Keeping the small tribes theme Mazaca allows various events such as an 1 hour 20x harvesting event in the hope for more open PvP. This time is between 7-8PM CET and 6-7PM BST. The mods are quite simple and doesn't affect PvP too much, keeping that official theme. - HG Stacking - 849372965 - Structures plus ( Removed all of the S+ items except cables to give that official feel to building!) - 731604991 - Mazaca UI - 1661898025 - Raid Protection (Not ORP, but when raided you can ask the admin for a 48-hour raid cool down to prevent being raided again and let you build back up within that time) - 1413790425 - Super Spyglass - 793605978 - Fog remover - 1148802682 There is a point system in which you can purchase various dinos (Spayed and Neutered) to assist your farming or PvP opportunities and the point system offers other assistance such as Wyvern milk or Nameless venom (Also Seeds!). Below is a in game screenshot of an idea of what the point system looks like, It is clean if you ask me! https://gyazo.com/c86976c14fc1346c013d1ae0d8c2ddf6 Also to help grow the server and make it easiest to host there is a VIP section available for purchase! The VIP perks consist of: - 2x Points during play time - 2x Voting points during voting - Access to a website that will give the following information - Dino scanner, Tribe Log, Notifications for imprinting, Generator Gas, Crop plot fertiliser, Dino Hunger, Dino location, Special VIP icon in game and a rank on the official Mazaca discord to let everybody know you supported the server!. Donation costs: Donations cost starts from €5 but you can increase the amount to more than €5 if you wish so. For more information please contact the server at : https://mazaca.eu/discord You can also visit the website for the server IP's https://mazaca.eu
  5. Now open, our server hopes to keep things fun and competitive, without the burden of highly confusing rules and structure. ARK is great because of the freedom it gives, so we hope to ensure that freedom stays. There are NO written PvP rules to help keep your days fun filled and full of adventure. Discord: https://discord.gg/uACDZwS Battlemetrics: Ragnarok: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3407335 Extinction: Coming soon Aberration: Coming soon Island: Coming soon Crystal Isle: Coming soon Server IP: steam://connect/ Ragnarok Server Located in North America Server Launched on 3/23/2019 Rates/Info: PvP, Ragnarok + More maps coming soon No server wipes unless agreed upon by the majority of the community We are willing to add additional mods if voted on by the community! 100% uptime Wild Dino level 1-180 Food/Water drain reduced Faster nights and slower days EXP x5 Taming x5 Breeding x5 Gathering x3 Ultra Stacks mod for weight reduction Mods: Ultra Stacks Offline Guard System SELVision (Dino stats disabled) UIEditor (In-game messages) Structures+ Rules: Absolutely no bug abusing, meshing, or any other form of glitches or exploits Racism, excessive inappropriate language, bullying, or any other forms of abuse are forbidden. If you have a disagreement with someone take it up in private chat or via PvP Tribe size limit is a maximum of six(6) members. Tribe members are counted as sleepers, cluster members, slaves, and alternate accounts (you may have additional characters under the same Steam ID for cluster maps) Do not block caves, resource areas, or obelisks. You will be asked to move one time, then your stuff will be deleted.
  6. Wiped 4/17 Aftermath Tunguska PVP 5XP 5H 10T Freshly wiped PVP server on the Tunguska map. The tribe limit is 8 players with 2 alliances. Server settings and everything are set so the PVP can be fair and balanced and the official ORP is currently turned on however may be changed in the future. The server has a currency mod where you gain currency over time that you can use to purchase packs at the Rewards vault. You can visit http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1348564970 to get all the mods. If you want to get in touch with me join the server discord. Message Crazyvato https://discord.gg/UV7BfjF Server information: Player Stats x1 HP x2 Stam x2 Oxy x5 Weight x1 Speed x1 Fort x1 Craft Dino Stats x2 Stam x2 Weight CropGrowthSpeed x10 CaveDamage x3 MatingInterval x0.5 Egg Hatch Speed x5 Baby Mature Speed x10 Search the ark join server for the below name. Tunguska Map: Wiped 4/17 Aftermath Tunguska PVP 5XP5H10T Server IP: https://arkservers.net/server/ https://ark-servers.net/server/174995/ RULES: These are considered your warning so any breaking of the rules after this is subject to a possible ban. At the admins discretion - they may impose any new rule they deem necessary for continued server growth. To prevent players from attempting to use techniques that are otherwise "outside the bounds" of good sportsmanlike conduct, in an attempt to overthrow or mass damage of server population. 1. No undermeshing/exploiting at all. Undermeshing is getting under the terrain or into places you should otherwise not be able to get into by using an item or some other means. Exploits include replacing forcefields, duping of any kind, completely boxing in your dino or placing vacuum compartments on land to capture players/dinos. No complete covering of platform creatures. They must be pickable and damaged by turrets. Also no floating bases by exploiting Structures Plus mod. 2. No building in resource-heavy areas, obelisks or blocking the spawns/access to those locations. Also, no excessive pillar/foundation spam unless it's around your base. 3. No racism, sexism, or slurs. 4. No continuous attacking of the same tribe. Give at least 48 hours before attacking the same tribe again. Constant attacks will be considered griefing and warnings or other actions will be taken. 5. Give new tribes a chance by not steamrolling their base on their first day. If they attack you then fair is fair though. This is more of a courtesy rather than a rule. Established tribes should not be picking on a new tribe. 6. No raiding your ALLY or insiding tribes. If an alliance ends all parties of the alliance must wait 24 hours before raiding a tribe that was in the alliance. 7. No extended caging or keeping a player unconscious/weighed down. Players are not to be held more than 30 minutes in a cage. If it is during a raid 15 minutes is the timer. 9. All raids that will have a FOB must be removed immediately after the raid is over. Up to one hour after raid will be the grace period. 10. No raiding of more than 2 tribes within 24 hours. You will be allowed to counter-attack even if it exceeds your limit. 11. Passive dino killing is allowed during raiding. DO NOT STORE YOUR GEAR ON PASSIVE DINOS! This is why this rule is being allowed. Admins are tired of the complaints of passive dinos being killed. This is usually a courtesy not to kill passives. If you are not raiding the person do not sit back and snipe their tames at their base just to grief. Mods: Tunguska(Map) Structures Plus Chief Stacks Large Simple Spawners Awesome Spyglass Unlock Engrams Kraken's Better Dinos ARKomatic Editable Server UI(WBUI) TCs Auto Rewards Speed Saddles
  7. 10x Gather 2x Experience 15x Taming and breeding. only mod is ultrastacks. Two server admin and active player base so someone is always online. We discourage players blocking obelisk and artifact but all map location are fair game. We run current events and Alpha base wiped 12/9/2018. Who will be the next alpha tribe! Stay tuned! Rag155.254.17.142:27435 Abberation155.254.17.142:27425 Island Center155.254.17.142:27565 Extinctionto easily join any of the maps or see server stats follow the link belowhttps://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=Cooter&features%5B2e07900a-d6f7-11e7-8461-bbd30a086d7b%5D%5Band%5D%5B0%5D=0234b968-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&sort=scoreServer Discord: https://discord.gg/N4tmy5gServer will be up long term. Please donate with the link below. Contributors will get to choose events to run when official events are not running.https://www.activegamehost.com/client/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=g0l8YNKepdAx 10x Gather 2x Experience 15x Taming and breeding. only mod is ultrastacks. Two server admin and active player base so someone is always online. We discourage players blocking obelisk and artifact but all map location are fair game. We run current events. Server wiped Feb 14th 2019! Who will be the next alpha tribe! Stay tuned! tbd Rag Island Center Scorched to easily join any of the maps or see server stats follow the link below https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=Cooter&features%5B2e07900a-d6f7-11e7-8461-bbd30a086d7b%5D%5Band%5D%5B0%5D=0234b968-d6f9-11e7-b9ff-31090f026e05&sort=score Server Discord: https://discord.gg/N4tmy5g Server will be up long term. Please donate with the link below. Contributors will get to choose events to run when official events are not running. https://www.activegamehost.com/client/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=g0l8YNKepdAx
  8. WELCOME to Legends of Ark! trophy This is a 24/7 FULL PvP 5 Map Cluster! 24/7 structure damage with a 1 Week Tribe grace period, however if you raid while under protection, it’s voided. We have Auto Unlock with the STACKING mod and you are able to pick up any items with no cut off time! We now have a BBS store that is NOT pay to to play - in fact we won’t accept donations! Max level Dino’s are 300! Player and Dino stats are boosted but not game breaking. Maps we have; dragonAberration volcanoExtinction palm_treeIsland mountain_snowRagnarok fountain️Center Our RATES slot_machine XP: x8 boxing_glove Harvest: x10seedling Taming: x15 with x2 consumption speed🦖 Drop Quality: x2 balloon Fishing Quality: x5blowfish Hatch Speed: x40 hatching_chick Maturation: x18 with 100% imprint 🦖 https://www.facebook.com/groups/648554368935778/?ref=share https://discord.gg/DArHJMA
  9. Dear Gamers, On behalf of the TrueStory Gaming community I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you as a new player. At TrueStory Gaming, we pride ourselves on offering our players responsive, competent and excellent service. Our players are the most important part of our business, and we work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction, now and for as long as you are a player. Our main goal is to improve gaming experience of our players that playing here with active GM support. We insist on the opinion that ARK: Survival Evolved is awesome game, but playing on Official servers is quite difficult due to big alpha tribes, meshing and other things that makes your gaming complicated. We offer you a chance to start from scratch, from the day zero! Do NOT hesitate and join our community at https://discord.gg/yPunYSp We are not just another average ARK server, we are TrueStory Gaming. SERVER HAS STARTED ON JANUARY 26TH We are CrossARK server with all maps. Maps: Server information: XP: 3x Harvesting: 3x Taming: 7x Breeding: 10x Mating & Maturation: 10x This is vanilla server without any mods!
  10. For those who want a clean (no mod), low rates (kind of) server. Server is located in California, USA. Server name: [SuperDoge] 3X3H5T10H10M/NoMod/map_name TheIsland: Aberration: Ragnarok: Extinction: Discord: https://discord.gg/jrj3hYM x3 XP x3 Harvest x5 Taming x10 Hatch/Maturation PvPvE NO MODS Gamma ENABLED ORP DISABLED Mindwipes unlimited times allowed per level Max tribe members = 8 Character/Item/Dino upload/download enabled OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 to match official server AdminLogging enabled ShowFloatingDamageText=True Use BattleEye, no cheat! Absolutely no admin abuse!!
  11. RHADAFUN discord invite : https://discord.gg/kKKxBB6 EVENT Every weekend => RATE ARE DOUBLED mod file details : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386379656 Suicide command is enabled Shop available check #👜-shop Kit available ! Write /kit starter in chat to retrieve you starter kit 😃 Kit : full flak set + metal pick/matchet Description : Mods : Faster Flyers ,Editable ServerUI, S+, Kibble Table , Stack It, Arkomatic, Utilities plus,Engram unlocker, Awesome Teleporter Settings : XP100, breed X60, Taming X100, Harvest X100, Player max lvl 150 (tekcave + rockwell), dino wild max level 150 To Know : Loot crat quality improved SERVER SETTING: Turret dmg : 1.84X Cave dmg : 6X Pvp respawn system is enabled Fast autodecay : 48 hours for both dino and structures (72h for donators) Auto Wipe wild dino every 6 hours AutoLearn all available engram AutoSave all 15min Players in Tribe 8 Ally : 2 Taming Speed x100 Weight for dino/player X20 Harvest Amount x100 Ressource Respawn x100 Max Turrets 250 for 10000 range Max Tamed Dino per tribe : 100 Max Structures 4000 for 10000 range /!\ RAGNAROK /!\ #1 [NewPlayerProt,Shop,Kit] X100 by Rhada Connect to server via IP address : ragnarok.rhadafun.com https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2334708 /!\ ISLAND /!\ #2 [NewPlayerProt,Shop,Kit] X100 by Rhada Connect to server via IP address : island.rhadafun.com https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2440901
  12. Looking for a fun evenly boosted 24/7 server? Well you've come to the right place we strive to create a fun balanced gaming community for everyone to enjoy! Fresh Island Map added to our cluster the island features 24/7 server clusters hosted by Nitrado, 5x Gather rates instant level 105, 25x Tame rates and much more for tames, Infinate weight, fortitude boosted, food and water & stamina drain cut in half. All dinos raise at 100% imprint within 2 hours. Modded drops, Boss fights=Good drops and element. Small deticated admin team. Starter packs for all new players are available at red or green ob (contact admin for assistance) starter packs include a max level Pteradon, Set of Apprentice Tools & Armor, and shocking tranq darts and 100 bush berry seeds. Servers also feature admin shop with bush berry seeds as server currency which are obtainable through server boosts days "donations",boss fights, and admin hosted events For more information and rules please join our discord @ https://discord.gg/mfjCugd To join our cluster on Ark select unofficial Pc Sessions and search "IPvPeedMyself" IPvPeedMyself Admin Team: Gamertag: xRobx 906 Servertag: Medusa Gamertag: BaDa JaBaDa Servertag: Dumbledore Gamertag: ICE HYDRA007 Servertag: Karlos Server Technician: Gamertag: Zombeast FaTBoY Servertag: Zom
  13. FRESH WIPE 04/08/19 Fight your way to become the Alpha Tribe! Join the Server By searching DeltaCraftArk in the PC session filter on Xbox! Or add R4yyW4LSH on Xbox to get a fast add into the server! WE WIPE ROUGHLY EVERY 6 Months to keep the servers fresh with EPIC PVP! ORP Disabled Friday 6 PM Eastern ORP Enabled Sunday 6 PM Easter Discord: https://discord.gg/qZwRMpU Website: DeltaCraftArk.com Rules: You can view all of our server rules at our website DeltaCraftArk.com Server Stats: 10x Harvesting, 15xXP, 20x Taming, Player Stat Boost, Weight Boost, Dino Stat Boost. What do we offer to the players? We offer online currency (DeltaBucks) on our website for in-game packages send them to your friends & more. We offer a Kibble Shop players can buy in-game packages with kibble from our website. We offer a FREE social DeltaCraftArk Gaming Profile on our website, to share, customize and communicate with others. We Offer Weekly Rewards Autosomally From Our Website. Active Discord Community 150+ members & growing. We Offer Special Events. we offer Three Maps Island, Ragnarok, Abbertation Professional Server & Admin JOIN NOW SEARCH DeltaCraftArk, Unofficial PC Gamemodes Set To ALL. Come visit our Store! Players can buy amazing packages from the website! DeltaCraftArk.com Do you need a Website? Talk to our friends at Deltacraftark.com. See you on the battlefield. **NEW** 24/7 JOIN NOW
  14. West World invites friendly, hard working PVP-ers. Do you want to play an unofficial Ark mobile server with limited admin, no abuse and proper rules? Welcome to West World, a Medium difficulty PVPserver. One event per week including Treasure Hunts, races, gladiatorial combat (with and without Dino’s), and more! Come to the Starter Village for up to three days. Secure accommodation, pin lock your own storage and it will be safe in the Village. Then head off to join a tribe, build a base and grow. Features included are: - One time level boost to level 40 with Pteranadon, Tools and structures when you reach level 20. - Clear simple rules to support good play - Player report system to report violations. - Appeal system via discord to non playing admin - Weekly events that are guaranteed to be interesting - MAX RATES for everything - Long days, short nights - No god console abuse by admin and no access by players - PVE at Starter Village, Volcano and Obs. If you are interested in learning more about our server and becoming a part of our community please visit our Discord server using the following link. https://discord.gg/Cj4JBvv
  15. Server Hardware: Dell PowerEdge R730 1 x Intel Xeon 12 Core E5-2650L v3 1.8 - 2.2GHz processor, 24 threads total 128GB DDR4 2133MHz ECC memory 14 x 600 GB 10K SAS drives (5 Gbps read 4Gbps write) + 2 x 600 GB 10K SAS global spares Raid 10 Array 15 minute saves and auto update checks Backups done at 2:30 AM daily to external drives Just a friendly PvPvE server. Our first cluster contains 8 maps. This includes: Skull Island (The Island) Pandora (The Center) Perfection (Scorched Earth) Valhalla Rising (Ragnarok) Nostromo (Aberration) Lost In Space (Extinction) Yataland Arena (Eventmap) Mod Info Bismuth (Volcano) Mod Info We have also added a few mods to the servers. These mods are: Ark Steampunk Mod (679529026) Structures Plus (S+) (731604991) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station (926028694) Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] (778345456) StackMeMore (v1.41) (1184731864) Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314) Platforms Plus (719928795) (Mod versions might not be updated on this post but are updated on server) We have two other clusters that as of now have 3 maps total. We plan on adding more maps to these clusters. Cross Ark global chat is enabled. When a player chats in global on one map it is sent to all maps. For more info and to connect to the servers - Click Here
  16. ARKADE is an established multi-map community dedicated to bringing the PERFECT Ark Experience! We provide both a PvP and PvE cluster for players to choose from. This cluster is designed to give you the feel of the actual game with added quality of life features. This is a proven cluster that doesn't wipe often, provides you with all of the official maps, has a great community with superior hardware and up time. Now is your chance to bring you and/or your team to see what ARKADE is all about. Links: ARKADE Website - View server info and sign in with steam Discord.gg/WpQyUwc - Active 3500+ member community Guilded.gg - News hub to post events and more PvP Mod List - Subscribe to mods ahead of time 12 Maps between two clusters - Make the most out of Ark by traveling to all official maps plus our awesome Event map! Come to ARKADE to experience Extinction, Ragnarok, Aberration, Center, Island, Scorched Earth and Event map. Hit up Island to do a Note run, get all your Steam achievements, and ascend your character through all Ark bosses to reach a maximum level of 135. Don't wait, join our proven, growing community now! ARKADE Servers - 6 map PvP cluster, 5 map PvE cluster, Event maps PvP Links Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ PvE Links Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Crystal Isles: steam://connect/ Olympus: steam://connect/ Amissa: steam://connect/ EU Ragnarok: steam://connect/ EU Extinction: steam://connect/ Event Links Event Map: steam://connect/ Deathmatch: steam://connect/ Why ARKADE? ARKADE is unique in that we've got a passionate, experienced team who work together with our community. We have experience running large gaming communities and know how to run an Ark server. All Admin commands and activity are logged and monitored to ensure no admin abuse and any administrator action requires the presence of more than one admin. Moderators and Admins are in various time zones across the world so if you have an issue, someone can address it in a reasonable time. The ARKADE Staff has just the right balance of technical expertise to solve any issue, provide you with the smoothest gameplay, and provide a unique fun experience! The five official maps(excluding Extinction) all have customized beacons, such as a certain color dropping primarily kibble, or perhaps tributes… We've got unique features so you don't have to download extra mods to track down a dino, private message a friend, cross-server chat etc.. ARKADE will provide a boost for starting tribes in the form of new player and new tribe kits. Top of the Line Dedicated Servers Our overclocked (I7-7700k 5.2Ghz) dedicated servers are up 24/7, with a fast daily restart time in just seconds (2x 1TB NVMe SSDs) for a fresh wild dino wipe at 8 am EDT. Ping is low across our main population base in North America and Europe. 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM to accommodate the maps and population. We have an equally powerful backup dedicated server for testing and future growth. Experience ARKADE's lag-free servers today! Shop/Kits with ARKADE Coins Earn ARKADE Coins just from playing on our servers to buy fun items in the ARKADE Shop! Don't have a lot of time to play? Earn Coins just for upvoting us on ark-servers.net! You may also earn coins for certain PvP events. Exciting Streamed Events Some servers consider double taming as an event, but not on ARKADE. Our custom-built, fun events include 5v5s, automated death matches, mazes, gauntlet, Pirate ship battles and more! Our Event map is configured to be unique and provide fair, balanced pvp. Events are streamed, and these are always so much fun! We also host contests, and other unique rewards such as Past Season Champions! We have a custom built western town of Arkadia complete with tombstones of all our staff and Tribe Reps! Blow the town up in an event, no worries, it is saved and will come back for future events. Fun Community Join our active Discord Community with over 2000 members where we interact with Survivors and encourage every tribe to help us plan the community by assigning a Tribe Rep. Every Friday we host a Friday Night Fireside Chat and a large number of the community hop in to listen to ARKADE's plans, give feedback and help us build the best Ark server ever! We highly value ARKADE Survivors and most major decisions are run past the entire community to get a feel for what the server as a whole wants to see. Other important decisions are up to our Tribe Reps in which every tribe on the server is encouraged to have a Tribe Rep or two to represent their tribe. Returning champion tribes are given a Crown icon in Discord! Our new ARKADE Guilded hub is where to check on special server Events, tribe safe tags, and more. We love our fun community! ❤️ Optimized for PvP Settings and rules are optimized for balanced PvP and PvE experiences, OP items are disabled (see our website for more details). We run only the most essential mods such as Structures Plus and other quality of life mods. We won't go overboard with mods, to ensure optimal up-time. Rates XP: 3x Gather: 5x Taming: 7x Breeding: 10x (PvE 15) Max Player Level: 105; 135 (max ascension) Max Number of Players in Tribe: 12 Max Alliances Per Tribe: 0 Player Fortitude per level multiplier: x2.5 (5 fortitude per point) Unlimited Respecs enabled All Engrams able to be learned /giveengrams command lets you learn all engrams available to you at any level Custom beacon drops! Mating Interval: .5x Baby Mature Speed: 10x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.25 Admin Logging: Enabled Third person: Enabled Gamma: Enabled Crosshair: Enabled Show Floating Damage Text: Disabled Show Map Player Location: Enabled Spawn Animation: Disabled Structure Placement Collision: Allowed Mods - Subscribe ahead of time to our Mod List on Steam! Structures Plus Omnicular Death Helper Tribute and Element Transfers HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 Offline Guard System Editable UI Cake Fix Join our community today by hopping into our Discord and choosing your new home! We look forward to meeting you!
  17. Welcome to The Anthology RP, an ARK: Survival Evolved Role-Playing server for Xbox One. Hey Survivalists, Looking for a fun server to Role Play in on Xbox One? Looking for a great community? Looking to enchance your Ark: Survival Evolved skills. Join The Anthology RP. Join the community, be part of the story. We are a Nitrado PC Hosted Server. We have seen over 300+ players come and go through our seasons and cant wait to bring in more! Our server offers everything you would want in a great community; friendly players, competitions with prizes (both real and in game), an interactive lore & a fantastic environment to role play. You'll have the opportunity to create a character of your desire and live that character's life in the worlds of the Ark. You'll meet many, some of which you might like or hate, become friend or adversary, trade by choice or force. You will cherish some of the best ARK memories you've ever had, to replace some of you that have the memories of losing everything in official. Start a story, Be the story. Join the Anthology. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/KjDJAsd Our Website: https://www.arksurvivalists.com/ Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anthology_RP Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthology_rp/?hl=en
  18. Jamon Paradigm RP ‘lite’ server Again we opened our eyes, sand grasped in our hands. It wasn't the first time this had happened, but after every death we always ended up back here right where we started as if cursed. Last thing we remembered we had been on a floating island fighting what we were to believe were gods, but this world was eerily silent and the priest of those gods we had known vanished. It seemed we had to start anew as if it was all a bad dream; and so we had to do what was necessary to survive in this new environment. With each day we learned more about this new world we inhabited and eventually would succumb to a new more dangerous threat time and time again. A never ending loop of defeat and success all the while wondering why. These things implanted in us, do they have anything to do with our ceaseless struggle to survive? We build, evolve and befriend the wildlife becoming more resilient with each passing day only to wonder why in the world were we put here; until that day. Season 2 has started! We offer a story driven server with many player made events. The map we are playing on right now is Olympus. Every new season, that happens around every 3 months, will see us go to a new world. There are 2 main factions that are led by active admins, they provide story and events for everyone to participate in. You can join our server by filling in a whitelist, for all the information you need join the Jamon Paradigm Discord and give yourself the ARK RP role. https://discord.gg/vVagkAA We are an RP ‘Lite’ server, we value fun over game mechanics and serious RP rules. Of course you’re expected to RP as much as possible, but sometimes a situation calls for some out of character communication. If you are looking for ‘hardcore RP’ we are not the server for you, if you are looking for fun and banter, than we certainly are the server for you. We are looking forward to meeting you in-game! Server settings Exp x10. Harvesting: 2.5x Taming: 5x Egg Hatch Speed: 5x Maturation Speed: 10x Wild Dino Max Level: 150 Player Max Level: 150 Mod list https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707225130
  19. Rocketraptor

    pvp Free level 80 plus kit

    So next week I’ll be starting to run a server with two admins for 12 people this server will be set to brutal each player will get 80 level for free if they ask an admin and a starter kit their will be random give aways and a shop with potent dust we will have events with massive rewards if this server will be running on mobile and eventually when dungeons come out me and the other admin will be helping people complete the dungeons we will also when we can and if we have time help players tame creatures
  20. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please type ?rank Ark when entering discord to unlock the section you want.https://discord.gg/sQEqfk6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Community information: we are a discord with multiple game servers for different games such as, Ark, Outlaws of the wild west, 7 days to die and more. we are looking also for active helping members to help build this community as it is coming quite popular quite fast and so we are looking for active mod/admins for the very near future! Thank you, server information is below! Minyan Gaming Community WIPED 17/04 Maps: Ragnarok & Extinction Both include cross chat. vote rewards and shop coming soon! Server list https://ark-servers.net/server/174804 #1 Ragnarok https://ark-servers.net/server/174805 #2 Extinction Or for direct connect (Might need to paste into browser) steam://connect/ or steam://connect/ #1 Ragnarok steam://connect/ or steam://connect/ #2 Extinction Please consider adding us to your steam favourites! #1 #2 Slots: 50 Auto Restart Everyday At 11:45 PM EST Note: In Game and Discord Notifications Collision: Disabled Crop Growth: 20x Cross Ark Travel: Enabled Flyers in Caves Enabled Food & Water Drain: 0.5x Gamma Settings: Disabled Harvest: 20x Loot Crates: 2x Max Levels After Tame: 155 Max Player Level: 135 (165 with Ascension) Max Tamed Dinos: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 270 ORP: Enabled (15 Minutes After Logging) Taming Speed: 20x Weather: Enabled XP: 20x Awesome commands you can do in server /Suicide - kills yourself /claim - Checks for votes and awards player. /vote - lists vote links to players /track <DinoName> - Will return the map long and latitude of where the dino is. <DinoName> is a dino name or dino tag. /mystats - Shows player's stats. /stats <Type> - Shows leaderboard. Type can be 'player' or 'dino'. /Bounty : show the actual bonty and their position "The position might not be working good" Commands that are work in progress /points - Shows current amount of points. /buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop. /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary). /kit - Shows all kits. /kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit. /buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price). /shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop. /sell <ID> <Amount> - Sells an item. /shopsell<Page> - Shows a list of available for selling items. /shophelp - Show custom help message. Mods Auto Engrams! (1428596566) Automated Ark 2.51 (812655342) Bitou2k's Binocular (1136125765) Boss Summoner (1564714031) Classic Flyers (895711211) Cross Aberration (1267677473) Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.0) (751991809) Editable Server UI (WBUI) (924619115) HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V287.4 (849985437) Better Reusable (1364327869) Download link to mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715005428 Discord for all server information and rules -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please type ?rank Ark when entering discord to unlock the section you want.https://discord.gg/sQEqfk6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. ------------------- 200IQ ------------------- WIPED 4.16 Our servers are perfect for players who want to exprience some good PvP ! We have a cluster of 3 maps now. Cluster: TheIsland - Ragnarok - TheCenter[i/] You can travel betwwen all this servers and take your dinos and items. Discord: https://discord.gg/sG78Qpd Donation Shop: http://200iq.tebex.io/ Our Servers: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=%22198.204.230.26%22&sort=score = Settings = Breeding: x1000 Taming: x1000 Harvesting: x1000 XP: x1000 300 Player Levels + 15 Ascension Levels 180 Max. Wild Dino Level +300 Tamed Dino Level All Engrams Fully costumized OP drops Voting Rewards Max. Player in Tribe: 6 = Mods = Arkomatic Awesome Teleporters Classic Flyers Cross Aberration Editable Server UI Kibble Table Structures Plus Utilities Plus HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1555397459
  22. New cluster as of March 1, 2019! Dimension PvP cluster! No rules and close to official settings! Do you have what it takes to become alpha, and stay the strongest? Come find out! PC Steam version Rates: Farming: 5x Taming: 5x Breeding 6x Xp: 3x 8x on the weekends! Settings: only 1 alliance with 3 alliance member tribes. 150 turret limit in range. 6 man tribes Mods: Better dinos https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565015734 Dino storage V.2 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1609138312 We want to keep it close to official experience, just with a bit higher rates. Same rules as official applies on the cluster More maps is coming! We need active raiders and PvP'ers! The more action the better! Maps: Ragnarok: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3301224 Extinction: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3301350 Aberration: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3301352 The Center: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3304923 The Island: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3311448 https://discord.gg/dhPvk4y Discord i shared with my PvE cluster
  23. About: Salamandastron is a PvPvE server, where we focus on an equal balance of PvP and PvE. A fine-tuned ruleset in place and reasonable settings lets you play knowing that your hard work won't be wiped while you're leading your busy lives. We also have never and will never wipe - this can be a place to call home for the long haul. With structure and decay in place, there's always more room for new players. Features: *Balanced settings (vanilla with sprinkles!) *Active admins *Friendly and helpful community *Custom mods *NO WIPE *Dedicated server with great hardware - newly upgraded! Settings: 2x Experience 5x Gather (increased node health) 10x Tame 15x Mature 20x Hatch Difficulty 5 Max Wild Dino Level 150 Max Player Level 100 Customized Engram Points Per Level Handmade CUSTOM, balanced beacons! Player Stat Gain Per Level 2x (3x weight) Tamed Dino Stat Gain Per Level (3x weight) Nights 25% Faster Max Players Per Tribe 12 Structure and Dino Decay Enabled Mods: Omnicular v1.51 Nifty Things SalaStackThings Platforms Plus Structures Plus (S+) Dino Tracker Utilities Plus Protected Passives Offline Guard System (ORP!) eco's Garden Decor eco's RP Decor eco's Tek Decor ecoTrees Link to mods list here:* http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113683352 Plugins: Cross-server chat Better Spawn Distribution - Island/Aberration bumped to Ragnarok levels Shop, Currency and Kits – balanced and fun items to choose from Rules/Guidelines: Rules list here: http://salamandastron-gaming.com/rules & on Discord's #rules Contact: Hit us up via Discord with any questions! Discord: https://discord.gg/HDEBHxJ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Island: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Crystal Isles: steam://connect/
  24. Hello all survivors! I've Just launched a new 1 year PrePaid Ark private server cluster PVP the rates are as follows;- All Rates 100x. All servers have 100 slots. Weight is boosted by a lot on players and dino's. The server has new player protect for 168 hours or 3 days. To disable do !npp disable. I'm 26 year old and the only admin so there will be no admin abuse. -- Connection Details -- Ragnarok steam://connect/ The Island steam://connect/ Aberration steam://connect/ -- Server Rules -- 1) No building At obelisks, Artefact caves or Wyvern caves. 2) No keeping prisoners for more then 15 minutes outside of a raid. If raiding you can keep for the duration. 3) No glitching/ Meshing or abusing and ark glitch to gain an unfair advantage. 4) No racism or obsessive harassment try to keep disputes as friendly as possible. 5) No wiping peoples bases raid but don't be nasty. 6) No spamming of chat. Breaking any rule will result in a warning, excluding rule 3 what is instant ban. cheaters are not welcome. Discord link https://discord.gg/rF8v6u3 Thanks for reading and i hope to see you online at some point.
  25. NZ/AU Cluster currently running 7 servers Ragnarok Extinction Abberation Island Scorched Earth The Center Event Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788341599 New Mod Map coming later this year - community will vote on what map it will be These are all running on gigabit connection. PvPvE with Offline Raid protection - 1 Hour Cooldown for this to kick in Active admins who are monitoring for any griefing of the ORP system, pillaring and cave blocking etc. We have Discord which features: -Active Admins -Cross Server Chat -Chat to any server without being in game -Own private tribe channels, -Tribe Logs can be sent to channels Server Rules can be found on Discord Rates and Info Gather: 2x Tame: 5x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.5 Egg hatch: 7x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Boosted Rate Events Mods Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus Discord https://discord.gg/xKXBYrY Server Details Server 1 - Ragnarok: Gibbo Cluster Ragnarok (5X Tame, 2X Gather, S+) Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2821891 Server 2 - Aberration: Gibbo Cluster Aberration (5X Tame, 2X Gather, S+) Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2809525 Server 3 - Extinction: Gibbo Extinction (5X Tame, 2X Gather, S+) Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2809529 Server 4 - Island: Gibbo Cluster Island (5X Tame, 2X Gather, S+) Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3075438 Server 5 - Scorched Earth: Gibbo Cluster Scorched (5X Tame, 2X Gather, S+) Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3360648 Server 6 - The Centre: Gibbo Cluster Centre (5X Tame, 2X Gather, S+) Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3360647 Server 7 - Event Map: Gibbo Cluster Event Server - Used for when we run events. Mod Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788341599 Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3360649