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  1. Blood lust ark server (XBOX) clustered with rag and island,friendly admin,shop and discord coming soon. boosted drops and fibercraft server start up was today, owners-spirit bunni and xTheUntoldSoulx and admin seadragon72, comeplay server is fun.
  2. Xbox/pc Cross play New cluster 15x harvesting /10man/50xtame/50xhatch/mature https://discord.gg/29A3F5t Ark Of Shadows New cluster 15x/10man/25xtame/50xhatch/mature Unofficial Pc Xbox/Microsoft Pc Cross Plat New cluster opened 5/10/2020 Wipe every 2-3 Months Seasonal Polls Custom Boosted Drops Giveaways Admins DO NOT PLAY! RATES: - 15x XP - 15x Harvest - 25x Taming - 50x Hatching - 50x Maturing PLAYER STATS (Max Lvl. 105): - 1.5x Health/Melee - 5x Stamina/Oxygen/Fortitude - 3x Crafting - 10000x Weight - 3x Speed DINO STATS (Max Wild Lvl. 150): - 1.5x Health/Melee - 5x Stamina/Oxygen - 10000x Weight - 2.5x Speed MISC. SETTINGS: - 50x Crop Growth - 2x Turret Damage - 0.5x Food/Water Drain - 10x Slower Fuel Burn (2.5) -Grinders/Rocket turrets ez craft ENABLED SETTINGS: - Structure Placement Collision - Cave Fliers - Auto Unlock All Engrams DISABLED SETTINGS: - Structure Pick Up Time
  3. HydronicNetwork is a community mainly on Gmod/Rust and now on ARK as well , This server is a pvpve server , we only allow PVP/RAID during Satuday 5:00PM to Sunday 10:00PM , we want players to progress and enjoy PVE as well , We allow Tribe to enter war. Add the server to you're favorite on steam HydronicNetwork.com:27015 If you like challenge this is the server for you , early start is hard , very hard , the dinosaur are powerful and fearsome on top of that some we have a lot of different species of Dino on the server , you can evolve them and make combine mutation or element , conquer the server , raids during weekend and impose you're strength. we have a Marketplace with a Economy system as well. Bounty Hunter , Auction house and many many more cool feature. XP x3 / Taming Speed x5 / eggs Hatching x40 / Max Tribe member x15 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2075617072 We allow PVP/Raid only on Satuday 5:00PM to Sunday 10:00PM Both Tribe Leader must agree to the War terms Once a War Begin between 2 tribe , In the first 12hrs of the Wars no Tribe can admit defeat The Only way to stop a war is by forcing one of the 2 tribe to admit defeat in Global chat and you must pm a staff member Some are dangerous and some might get you and you're tribe killed .... but the reward is tremendous . [DISCORD] https://discord.gg/TmbVXEZ RAGNAROK [1] Do not block any cave that contain Resource or rare material [2] Do not Troll " building a wall of china across the map " [3] Do not Intentionally Prevent Resource from spawning [4] Try to be Friendly and during weekend [5] Do not exploit any bug or Glitch [6] Try to be Friendly to new players [1] You are only Allow to RAID/PVP on Saturday 5:00PM to Sunday 10:00PM TIME ZONE (GMT-4) EAST [2] The Talion Law "An eye for an eye" , if you are raiding during non-authorize Raid time , you will be subject to the Talion law , depending of the grief , you might be banned Wyvern for Wyvern , Base for Base , Loot for Loot , etc [1] Both Leader should agree and decide a time and day to begin there wars, Both Leader Must PM a staff member with the same date and time and it will be advertised in " WAR ON GOING " on discord [2] The Only way to stop a war is by forcing one of the 2 tribe to admit defeat in Global chat and you must pm a staff member [3] In the first 12hrs of the Wars no Tribe can admit defeat [4] Everything is allow , you can destroy there base to dust , Slaughter there member and Dinosaur , this is war and this is what war should be. We hope you have great time on our server https://www.hydronicnetworks.com/
  4. NZ/AU Cluster currently running 10 servers and 1 Mod Server Genesis Ragnarok Extinction Aberation Island Valguero ISO Crystal Isles Center Scorched Earth The Volcano Separate PvP 10x Rate server, this map will be rotated on wipes PvPvE with Offline Raid protection - 1 Hour Cooldown for this to kick in (PvP 10x isn't running ORP) We have Discord which features: -Active Admin -Cross Server Chat -Chat to any server without being in game -Own private tribe channels, -Tribe Logs can be sent to channels Server Rules and Server Details can be found on Discord Rates and Info Standard Cluster XP: 1.5 Gather: 2x Tame: 5x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.4 Egg hatch: 7x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Boosted Rate Events No Wipes PvP Rates XP: 10 Gather: 10x Tame: 10x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.2 Egg hatch: 10x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Regular Wipes - Map will rotate on wipe Mods Standard Cluster Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus ISO Crystal Isles The Volcano eco's RP Deco Mods PvP Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus eco's RP Deco Primal NPCs Discord https://discord.gg/cpPpeV2
  5. Welcome to CPG Look For Players Info: > 20x XP/Harvest > Instant Levels > Custom Drops > Max Dino 300 > Taming Speed Instant > Xbox/Windows Crossplay > 6 Maps, Ragnarok, The Island, Valguero, The Centre, Aberration and Extinction. > [EU] Servers Join the discord for more information Discord: https://discord.gg/VzmsF9Q Server rules [1] Meshing Meshing of all types is not allowed on the server except for mesh defense mesh - meant to be an inaccessible location in the game (also called: under mapping) • Often used to attack tribes unfairly by destroying or avoiding turrets You cannot.. • Go underneath the map (to attack a tribe or for any other reason) - Glitch into a location where you cannot be shot by another tribes turrets - Going into an inaccessible location to attack a tribe (not meant to be in the game) • Build a base in an inaccessible location or a place not meant to be in the game • Cause damage through a solid wall (mek swipe or mesh bite) • Place structures in the mesh as spam Mesh Defense • Only turrets can be placed in the mesh along with any structure that is needed to support the turret • Nothing else can be placed in the besides turrets or structures supporting the turrets • Generators cannot be placed inside the mesh • No items or dinos can be placed in the mesh (items ex: vault with loot) • Cannot have a large amount structures in the mesh • Turrets cannot shoot through the map • Beds or teleporters cannot be placed under the map (must be demolished after setting up mesh defense) [2] Location or item Blocking • No blocking obelisks or terminals • No blocking player spawns • Players must be able to move 100 foundations from spawn without being shot by turrets • No blocking wyvern or rockdrake eggs • No blocking aberration pink zone • No blocking Valguero aberration zone entrance [3] Spamming • Must be connected to an active base • Spam must not cause lag • Spam cannot block player spawns • No spamming of locations • No spamming large amount of structures during a raid • 1 for 2 rule (If two gates are blown down you can put one in its place) • No trapping players or dinos [4] Structures • Raided bases must be destroyed • Raid bases (fobs) must be destroyed after use(edited) [12:12 AM] • All traps must be unlocked or destroyed after use • Caging is limited to 24 hours [5] Respect Players. Staff and Server • No harassment of staff or players • No hateful speech including racism • No IP tracing, ddossing or doxing • Cannot purposely cause lag to server (mass breeding) • No forcing small tribes or new players to give you items in exchange for protection or building rights (unless they agree to it) • No wiping small tribes (less than 20 turrets) if you have more than (200 turrets) unless provoked [6] Exploits and Glitches • Anything that is not supposed to be part of the game that gives a player or tribe an unfair advantage against other players • May include but not limited to... invincibility, meshing, flying or building in map holes • No abusing PvE or ORP(edited) [12:16 AM] [7] Discord Rules • No advertising other servers • No selling anything for real money • Respect and listen to Admin • Discriminatory jokes and language, hate speech (which calls out a group by their age, race, gender), etc. • Displaying offensive, derogatory, or sexually explicit content. • Verbal abuse, insults, or threats towards others. • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behaviours. • Organizing and participating in raids or other forms of harassment. [12:17 AM] • Punishments All offences outside of the perm mute section will take on the following punishments: - 1st offence - Warning - 2nd offence - temp mute 1 hour - 3rd offence - temp mute 2 hours - 4th offence - temp mute 4 hours - 5th offence - temp mute 8 hours - 6th offence - temp mute 16 hours - 7th offence - temp mute 24 hours - 8th offence - perm mute
  6. MaNiAc PVP - Cluster - Wiping - 22.05:2020 MaNiAc PVP - Cluster - Wiping - 22.05:2020 Admin Events, Admin Raiding Bases Events SETTINGS - Type /Suicide in chat for suicide. - Type /orp in chat to Check ORP cooldown for safe logout. - Max wild dino level: 150 ( Wyvern 190) (TEK Dinos 180) - x15 Experience - x15 Harvesting - x15 Taming - x20 Egg hatching - x20 Breeding,Mature - Unlimited mindwipes - Kill Alpha Boss At Valguero To Get Alpha Ascend 15+ levels ( Kill Manticore Last!! ) ----------------------------------------------- Admins dont interfare with gameplay! Settings to make PVP fair ,So players should prefer raid online instead of offline. Cannon damage to structures is disabled. ORP is activated automatically ----------------------------------------------- Offline Raid Protection: Takes 15min for ORP to get active when last tribemember logs out, with Pvp/Raid Cooldown 160min. Turrets gives x4 more dmg. Structures takes 50% less dmg. ORP shutdowns if no one from the tribe has been online after 48hours Online Raid: Player vs Building Starts Raid Cooldown Turret Shooting Starts Raid Cooldown Raid Cooldown = 180s Cooldown Settings ------------------------------------------------ While on CD it takes 160 minutes for ORP get active when last tribemember logs out While on CD you cant popcorn blueprints While on CD you cant use s+ tools While on CD you cant pickup structures While on CD you cant use /suicide /buy /kit /shop ARK SERVERS: The Center: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/KPpSrw7
  7. [30x] ArkNerds.com NPP/ORP/SHOP/DROPS/POINTS - 8 Server Cluster! [PVP] [30x] ArkNerds.com NPP/ORP/SHOP/DROPS/POINTS - 8 Server Cluster! Aberration 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Extinction 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Genesis 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Island 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Olympus 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Ragnarok 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ The Center 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Valguero 30xPVP/ORP/NPP/POINTS/SHOP/DROPS steam://connect/ Below you can find a list of the current mods hosted on the Ark Nerds PvP cluster. You can browse each mod individually or visit the ArkNerds.com mod collection page on Steam and subscribe to all mods at once. Visit the ArkNerds.com Mod Collection on Steam! Super Structures 1999447172 Platforms Plus 719928795 Ultra Stacks 761535755 Naj’s Speedy Flyers 1083349027 Utilities Plus 899250777 Death Helper 566885854 Editable Server UI 924619115 Domination Rex 1445395055 Engram Unlocker 958439036 Classic Rocket Launcher 884380337 All players earn 30 points every 10 mins that can be spent in out extensive in-game shop! Check out what is available! New players get 72 hours of structure protection! Our current rates, multipliers and additional settings can be found below. Specific dinos and certain resources have varying multipliers but for the most part the rates below reflect a majority of our current settings. Max wild dino level ~ 150 Dino levels after tame ~ 199 Player levels ~ 199 + Ascension Harvest rate ~ x30 Taming rate ~ x30 Experience rate ~ x30 Egg hatch multiplier ~ x30 Baby mature speed ~ x30 Imprinting stat scale ~ x3 Cuddle Interval ~ x30 Mating Interval ~ 0.05 Max tamed dinos ~ 800 per tribe Structure damage ~ x2 Cave damage ~ x6 Turret limit ~ 1,000 Max platform saddle dinos on server ~ 1,000 Player resistance ~ x2 20 second PvP respawn timer
  8. [PvPOnAir 24/7] PvPvE Cluster/Boosted/Noob Friendly/Genesis Hello! We're looking for new or experienced players to join our friendly cluster! Welcome to PvP On Air. Are you searching for an all map cluster which has a friendly and active community? No admin abuse? Fed up of getting wiped for no reason over and over again? Want a mature server thats cared for by everyone? Then look no further. Join an active cluster today! Genesis is now LIVE! Join our friendly PvE Island to get started! Keep your gear and dinos safe! Join us for a chat today and receive server passwords: https://discord.gg/xwbr4Jx We say no to server wipes and take care of your maps by regularly cleaning abandoned structures. We look into a problem instead of pushing the 'Restart Button'. We believe that hours invested in-game progress matter and nobody wants to start from the beach again and again. We promote online PvP, not offline raiding. Action and momentum rather than passive meat runs. Features: Friendly Host & Active Community Active Events Active & Mature Discord Channel Boosted Exp Rates/Harvest/Mature/Breeding (See each server information in Discord) Max Player Level - 302 Maximum Wild Dino Level - 150 (Higher levels on Scorched) Balanced Player Stats for PVP Admin Shop / Bush Berry Currency No Purges Cluster Maps: [PvE] Island - Our only PvE map. A safe haven for you and your items. Transfer here from PvP to lick your wounds or prepare for the next battle! [PvP] Extinction - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted Orbital Drops/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos] [PvP] The Center - [Wild Bosses, Item Transfer Restricted/Boosted Drops/High Level Gear Drops from Wild Dinos] [PvP] Aberration - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted Orbital Drops/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos] [PvP] Scorched Earth - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted Drops/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos/High Level Drops/Higher Wild Lvl Dinos] [PvP] Valguero - The newest map with all of the above! Come check it out and build with us today! [PvP] Genesis - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos] If you'd like to join our servers head on over to the Discord Channel, make an Introduction, Read the Rules and we'll provide you with the server password. Join us for a chat today: https://discord.gg/xwbr4Jx We look forward to gaming with you!
  9. Growing cluster I Just wanted to talk about a PvP cluster I joined ~2yrs ago called Anarchy. (TL;DR its great, you should join AnarchyArk) We all know how it is with unofficial. How clusters grow, then collapse when people get burnt out a couple months after each new expansion, or quit due to toxic 'alpha' tribes full of people who have too much time and are better suited for official. Many servers just outright die. Anarchy has gone through ALL of that. Its had its ups and downs, burnt out players, toxic tribes, but its still active. The reason is the owner is passionate about Ark, and he does his best to make his cluster fair and full of non-toxic, competitive PvP. He has a life outside of Ark, and he knows that many of the players who join unofficial do so because they dont have the time or energy for official. So if you're a parent, full time worker, college student, or whatever, you wont be hurting on this cluster. He also put his own money down on buying a dedicated server (massive performance increase) so you know hes in it for the long haul. It is a PvP server, but almost no tribe will attack new players who join. We prefer a challenge vs easy pickings. There have been more toxic tribes, but they end up getting banned. Even donators aren't safe from the ban if they are toxic or bullies towards tribes who arent at the point of being able to fight back (you can raid lower tier tribes, just dont be excessive or jerks about it.) We all want a good fight. Keep that in mind when you put up your turret towers XD. Mods and Settings; -Very active admins who monitor logs and in game events. -Server wipes every few months for stability and a chance for new tribes to become the next alpha (may wipe less often with better server) -Ark Shop (Donators do get more points, but it doesnt give them an edge over non-donators. Im not a donator, and never felt the need to) -6x XP/Farming/Taming/Breeding -Automated Ark (with some stuff removed, as a lot of it is broken and can be exploited) -HG Stacking mod (stacks to 2500) -Death Helper -Solo Farm mod (Amazing as I solo a lot) -Rare Sightings (Rare dinos that can spawn tame-able up to level 180. Only 1-2 spawn at a time, and its often something you dont want, but sometimes you see something good) -SS (Like S+ but more support, some exploitable engrams removed) -Current maps are Island/Ragnarok/Aberration/Extinction/Valguero (Genesis was removed this wipe due to exploits and broken dinos) -Periodic admin sponsored in-game events with special rewards. -Periodic raffles in discord with rewards (currently there is one for a mating pair of dinos of your choice) Honestly, Anarchy has just passed another lull in player-base, but it is growing again. We have a moderately sized dedicated player-base that sticks around every wipe, and that dedicated group grows a little every wipe. We all would love to see new players join. I cant guarantee you'll love it, or it will be a new permanent server for you to play, but I can guarantee that there is a good chance that that will be the case if you give it a try. Discord https://discord.gg/GYJJgKs feel free to hop in if you have any questions. -Hex
  10. Fresh WIPE May 29, 2020 NEW LONG TERM CLUSTER Join us on The Maze! If you prefer Vanilla ARK with slightly boosted rates (5x), give us a try. LAST WIPE: April 17 Server Settings XP: 5x Harvest: 2x Taming: 5x Egg Hatching: 5x Egg Maturation: 5x The Island: [US] The Maze [ISLD] 5x Ragnarok: [US] The Maze [RAG] 5x Aberration: [US] The Maze [ABB] 5x Valguero: [US] The Maze [VAL] 5x No ORP Weekdays: Structure damage: DISABLED Player damage: ENABLED Animal damage: ENABLED Weekends: Structure damage: ENABLED Player damage: ENABLED Animal damage: ENABLED DISCORD: https://discord.gg/sb8FUvG
  11. [PC Server] MKC | Fresh Wipe 5/21| PVP | Official Maps | Cluster MKC would like to welcome you to join our group. We formed our community in 2016 and have kept it going ever since! If you like playing to grind hard and battle other players with just minimal Quality of Life mods, you should be happy on our cluster. We have active admins that should allow you to be able to catch up with one most any time when needed. All admin commands are logged for monitoring purposes. New Season starts 5/21! FEATURES **Shop system to allow players to purchase starter kits, QOL items and more! Other items will be added as time goes on. **Wipe Cycle is every 3 to 6 months depending on the community & activity of the season! **Off-line Guard Protection is available! **Server UI with server and shop details available at the touch of a button while in-game! RULES ** Max tribe size is set to 3-Man-Trio for this season "currently" with NO alliance allowed. ** No blocking or building around Obelisks or Artifacts locations. Players must be able to reach these. ** No building in Artifact Caves, Caves with small openings (Stego must be able to enter), Cracks & Rat-holes. ** No exploiting glitches or cheating. We will do what we need, to preserve the atmosphere of our community. ** Absolutely no racism, swearing, racial or other offensive language will be tolerated. ** You may build around spawn areas when starting out, but you are not allowed to have Species X or Turrets so new players are not killed. ** Please see our discord for the full list of rules and settings of the server cluster. ** Any players found to be toxic or causing a toxic environment to our community will be removed from the community if needed. Discord - https://discord.gg/HrmksGv Server Location: North America steam://connect/ Island PVP (Cluster) steam://connect/ Ragnarok PVP (Cluster) steam://connect/ Aberration PVP (Cluster) steam://connect/ Extinction PVP (Cluster) steam://connect/ Genesis PVP (Cluster) Multipliers Experience = 8x Taming = 8x Harvesting = 8x Override Official Difficulty = 5x Egg Hatching = 12x MatingIntervalMultiplier = 0.5x Maturing = 12x (S+ Nanny set to 100%) Cuddle Interval = 0.35x Server Settings Cave Building = Enabled (with restrictions) Flyer Carry = Enabled Third Person = Enabled Crosshairs = Enabled Map Location = Enabled Battleye = Enabled Dino Decay = Disabled Structure Decay = Disabled Mods Shared Across ALL Maps 1184731864--StackMeMore v1.51 1999447172--Super Structures 899250777--Utilities Plus 1404697612--Awesome SpyGlass! 2097127616--Offline Guard System 2 924619115--Editable Server UI (WBUI) 1092349650--Iguanodon Seed Trainer Complete Mod Pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337756568 API Plugins ArkHomes (Max 1 home per map, disabled on Genesis map) ArkShop AllEngrams ShopRewards
  12. PentaArk is a slow growing Ark cluster with all maps (including DLCs), featuring : 5x rates 5 man tribes New Player Protection Offline Raid Protection (3x) Player-2-Player Marketplace ... and much more ! Read more about it on our website : pentaark.co.uk Join our discord : Discord Link Join Links (also found on our website) : The Island : Steam Link The Center : Steam Link Scorched Earth : Steam Link Ragnarok : Steam Link Extinction : Steam Link Aberration : Steam Link Valguero : Steam Link Genesis : Steam Link Hope to see you there !
  13. The Spawn PVP PS4 cluster Just Fresh Wiped 5/19/2020 Search The Spawn on Ps4 BASIC Experience = 5.0 Harvesting = 5.0 Element Harvesting = 2.0 Taming = 5.0 Breeding = 5.0 Egg Hatch = 20.0 Baby Maturation = 20.0 Mating Interval = 0.5 Baby Imprint Interval = 0.03 Crop Growth = 3.0 Cave Damage = 6.0 Player Food/Water Consumption = 0.5 Beacon Loot Quality = 1.0 Fishing Loot Quality = 1.2 PlayerFortitudePerLevelStatsMultiplier = 2.0 PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier = 0.35 Day Time Speed = 1.0 Night Time Speed = 1.0 Saddle Armour Clamp = 112%/140% Weapon Damage Clamp = 350% SETTINGS Tribe Limit = 6 Max Player Level = 155 Max Wild Dino Level = 150 Max Wild Wyvern Egg Level = 190 Max Wild Rock Drake Egg Level = 190 Max Wild Deinonychus Egg Level = 150 Max Wild Magamsaur Egg Level = 150 Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs = True Tribemate Imprints = True Diseases = False Alliance System = False Custom Recipes = True Corpse Locater = True Console Gamma = True Auto Unlock Engrams = True Show Floating Damage = False Cluster Transferring = True Transfer Timers = False Admin Logging = True Tribe Slot Reuse Cooldown = 6 Hours ENHANCED WEEKEND RATES Harvesting=5.0 →10.0 Taming = 5.0 → 10.0 Loot Quality = 1.0 → 1.2 DISABLED DINOS Managarmr Titanosaur Ice Titan Forest Titan Desert Titan Enforcer Iguanodon Ovis Gacha CUSTOM RECIPES Basic Kibble=5xCooked meat,10xFiber,1xTintoberry Regular Kibble= 10xCooked Meat ,10xFiber,1xMejoberry Simple Kibble= 5xRaw Meat,10xFiber,1xStimberry Superior kibble=2xCooked Meat jerky 10xFiber 1xMejoberry Exceptional Kibble= 1xPrime Meat Jerky,10xFiber,5xMejoberry Extraordinary Kibble= 1xLambChop,10xFiber,1xMejoberry Shadow Steak= 1xCooked Meat ,50xFiber,5xStimberry Narcotics=5xNarcoberry Mindwipe= 10xRare mushrooms Tranq Arrow=5 narcoberrys
  14. The Server: Nervous Rex is aiming to be an attractively optimized PvP server with game play geared towards a wide variety of players. We want a community that is fun, PvP driven, and most of all fair. We use plugins MAGA and Raid Balancer to offer ORP and balanced raid options so smaller tribes feel they still have a chance and solo players will get help from their base to help defend. We have other things in place like flyer restrictions and a non-pay-to-win donation system geared towards players getting the most out of their time on our server!** The server will go LIVE Friday May 15th. Come join us from a fresh wipe and enjoy A FRESH START!!! The Info: Map: Ragnarok, the supreme choice. We also have an option for lawless lands to be enabled by donators! These maps will be blood filled dangerous places with little to no rules to save you. See Patreon for more information! Experience: 2x (Logic? With a little Google, anyone can level faster than really necessary. Enjoy the game, die a lot, have fun!** Harvest: 2.5x with 5x harvest health. (Logic? You get better rates, but still have to work, and be weary of the open world elements and PvP longer. Taming: 2.5x with 2.5x Wild Dino Consumption. (Logic? Kibble is still viable but tame times are not awful) Breeding: 12x with .8 Mating Interval The Mods: S+ Naj's Speedy Flyers Better Reusables Awesome Spyglass Dino Storage V2 (Better Cryos!) HG Stack 1000/50% The Plugins: Ark Shop Lottery Vote Rewards MAGA ORP Raid Balancer Engram Unlocker (Boss fights still needed for Tek Engrams) The Join: Come say Hello in the Discord: N8JWapt FIRST SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD THE MODS!! Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2087516557 THEN CONNECT!! Direct Connect: steam://connect/ IP:
  15. Yardi Cluster - XB1 and PC, PvE/PvP/ORP Yardi Cluster is recruiting! Low-pop server cluster looking for players! CROSSPLAY ENABLED Taming = 65 Harvest = x3 *Individual items have their own multipliers outside of this XP = 6 Tame Cap = 5,000 per tribe Oxygen Swim Speed = x15 Mating Interval = roughly 20 minutes MAPS All PvP/ORP Ragnarok Valguero Extinction Center Aberration Genesis Island Scorched Infinite weight! Modded player stats PLAYERS - 155 before ascension/chibis! DINOS - Wild level 450, 570 for wyverns/drakes, and 540 for tek dinos! 85 levels after taming! Non-vanilla DLCs unlock on vanilla maps Dinos drop ammo! Custom stacks, drops, bosses, events, and more! Simple dyes and waterless cooker! Most components (paste, gunpowder, ammo) are half the cost! Https://discord.gg/xHBcCgh RULES Don’t be a jerk You can have an unlimited number of bases but be prepared to lose them. It is PvP. White Flag Rules: white flags are PvE. Green flags are PvP. All player bases must have flags. You cannot hide behind white flags if you attack someone. If you attack someone and only have one base with white flags, that base can be attacked for 24 hours. If you hide offline to avoid the 24 hours, your base will be wiped by an admin for abusing ORP. If you attack someone and you yourself have multiple bases, you cannot hide in the one that has white flags to avoid being killed for 24 hours. You can only have white flags on one base. Do not mesh, inside, blue-tag, whatever. No griefing. Don’t block major resources, artifacts, spawn points, obelisks, explorer notes, or popular taming/drop locations. Dinos found outside of render distances of their own bases on aggressive and without a rider are KOS. Keep them under wraps. No one wants your aggressive dilo munching their giga on a meat run. The discord has a ticket system and a giveaway system. Do not abuse these or your right to use them will be removed. Rules are subject to change at any notice.
  16. A bit about us: CryptoArk is a new server (Wiped 20/5/2020) and is trying to give new and old players a better experience of ARK with less bugs as possible, better mods giving a purpose in the game and a great friendly community. We are doing our best to bring new content either by adding new/fresh mods or by adding more special and unique plugins to change the gameplay itself. • Server Settings • -Map: Ragnarok -x10 XP -x10 Harvest -x3 Tame, Hatch and Mature Speed -x3 Cuddle Interval -x0,5 Mating Interval -Anyone can imprint -Difficulty 5 (max wild dinolvl 150, max charlvl 135) -Crosshair enabled -Third person enabled -Map location enabled -Damage text enabled • Server Mods • -Structures Plus (Open Source) -HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V296 -Classic Flyers -ARKomatic -Better Reusables -Water for ARK -Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source -TCs Auto Rewards -Advanced Engram Unlocker Dino Storage v2 Backpack Simple Spawners Arkaley Musicbox • Server Specials • -Saturday and Sunday is Double Exp-Tame-Resources -Cave damage is x2 times more than on any other terrain -All new players get 72 hours PVP protection (you can't attack other tribe members or other tribe dinos and you can't get attacked by them).You can turn it off anytime though -Free Kits (Custom events will be added soon!) • Extra Details • Server: steam://connect/ Subscribe to these server mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=2106055689 Discord: https://discord.gg/YaDvrF3 Personal Steam ID: 76561198039168786 Have fun playing!
  17. [PC] Sigma Draconis' Project ARK cluster. RP controlled PVPVE Ark players interested in a roleplay PVP/PVE play style, Sigma Draconis is interested in providing you with an ideal gaming experience. Seven servers with moderators and admins available to help you through the up’s and down’s of Ark gameplay. Outfitted with mods including Better Dino’s, Eco Decor Mods, Awesome Teleporters, Automatic Engrams and more. Maps hosted by Sigma Draconis are storyline maps; Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction. Free DLC maps Ragnarok and Valguero are also available. Upon release, players will have a Genesis server to look forward to! PVP players are permitted a no-rules barred gaming experience on Scorched Earth with players and NPC’s to contend with. Claimable loot Outpost to protect and farm as long as you can defend it from your competitors. For PVP players interested in playing a hostile role, a Rules of Engagement is active for all other servers to allow satisfying gameplay for both PVP and PVE players. We provide events and rewards on a routine basis to keep things spicy! An Arena Mod map is hosted for events and special challenges with many loot opportunities! Loot from custom loot tables! Currency implemented on the maps in the form of ARc! Use to purchase items from the Reward Vault or trade with fellow players for tames and resources! Also included are a handful of plugins such as the ARK shop vote rewards, and lotteries. If interested feel free to join the Sigma Draconis Discord and we can answer any questions you may have. With a friendly and supportive community we can provide the gaming experience you desire. We look forward to any and all new faces! May you earn the Ark’s favor! Currently looking for moderators! If you are interested then join the discord and ping an admin to schedule an interview! https://wiki.sigmadraconis.games/doku.php?id=ark:start#ark_server_ip_s https://discord.gg/p5psnfB https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8bL08nDXlQNCc9G6TAzsrA/playlists
  18. Game of Thrones RP server Game of Thrones Prim plus, heavy RP server Xbox and PC(probably only windows 10 version of game, steam probably won't work) About a month old House Greyjoy and House Arryn are open as of right now. Major characters in House Lannister and Baratheon available as of right now. If you want to choose a GOT character make sure it is available. Ask in OCC chat channel or contact me. If you are interested in House Baratheon contact me directly on discord. peequi#3475 discord: DAZnAj4 https://discord.gg/DAZnAj4
  19. [PC] (FRESH WIPE 24/5 @ 330 EST) Untitled Ark Server|6Man|4X,5H,10T,20B|5 Maps [PC] (WIPED 24/5 @ 330 EST) Untitled Ark Server|6Man|4X,5H,10T,20B|5 Maps Main Maps: Ragnarok, Genesis, Extinction, Abberation and Crystal Isles upon release. MODS: MAGA Plug-In Shop, Currency & Kits SuperStructures Death Helper HG Stacking Mod Super Spyglass NAJ’s Speedy Flyers Server UI Better Re-Usables Tribute/Ele Transfers STEAM COLLECTION: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=1780348122 MAGA PLUGIN SETTINGS: -Active 30 minutes after last player logs off -Timer increased to 90 minutes if combat logging -ORP Protected Structures take 66% less damage -ORP Turrets do 3x damage -ORP Protected Non-passive Dinos take 50% damage -ORP Protected Passive Dinos take 66% less damage -PVP Cooldowns block use of SS tools and Personal Teleporter Remote -Titans can be tamed but not uploaded -Claimed babies have wandering and ally looking disabled automatically! EXTRA INFO: -Boosted player stats -Better supply drops -Damage numbers enabled -No building in artifact caves or too close to obelisks -Admins play and can be raided like anyone else -Max wild dino level 150 (Tek 180) -Tame limit 300 -Cave damage 6x -6 man tribe limit -No alliances DISCORD: https://discord.gg/rg6ZUSF EXTINCTION: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/6574630 Steam Connect: steam://connect/ GENESIS: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/6574631 Steam Connect: steam://connect/ RAG: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/6551607 Steam Connect: steam://connect/ ROTATING (Aberration Currently): https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/6562571 Steam Connect: steam://connect/
  20. We are "The Awakening" We are cross-platform compatible (Win10/Xbox) Read Below! Hello! We are THE AWAKENING, a new cluster up for 3 months now. If your looking for a PvP, never wipe cluster, Element transferable, max lvl wild dino 400, Insta-tame, lvl 150 players, auto engrams, custom drops, stack mods, crafting mods, alpha loot mods, boss loot mods, 15x harvesting rates, infinite weight, 150x mature rate, eggs lay every 4 hrs, cross-play (Xbox and PC Win10), an active discord with friendly/active Admins/Moderators, we are it! Servers include: Rag, Ext, Gen, Island, Center and more to come. We host regular events outside those put on by wildcard, a regular lotto, and giveaways with in-game prizes. If your interested come check us out. We have a no raid Beach Bob rule so everyone has a chance to grow. Take advantage of boosted drops for faster builds and admins willing to assist all! https://discord.gg/V75VYRn
  21. WIPING MAY 7TH SKS/17 servers/ 3 man SKS offers the prime ark life for people with regular day to day lives as we offer ORP (offline raid protection) Sunday night till Friday night allowing people to still continue with there lives and still be able to enjoy ark *3 MAN WIPES MAY 7TH* ALL MAPS 17 3 man servers (Last wipe May 7th) Wipes every 4-6 months new servers and slots added regularly week day ORP 30 minutes after log out xbox/pc 10x Harvest 15X breeding 35x maturation 5x XP 10x crop growth boosted player/Dino stats custom drops stack mod great admin team just search sks in pc sessions to join the cluster or find our discord by using the code njdpbvK
  22. Droppin cordz pc and xbox one,25x harvest, custom drops, instatame DROPPIN CORDZ is a our new cluster. -ADMINS DO NOT PLAY -ACTIVE DISCORD -INSTANT TAME -BOOSTED BREEDING, HARVEST AND STATS -INSTANT ENGRAMS - FREQUENT EVENTS(tonight is jousting, pike fights, and slay the dragon) -IN GAME CURRENCY RAGNORAK, VALGERO, CENTER AND MORE COMING THIS WEEK!!!!
  23. EndGame 20xH15xT - 15 server Cluster Thank you for talking a look at our cluster information. We have over 4 years experience running ARK servers, have spent hundreds of hours setting up our servers and refining the configuration and spent thousands of $$s out of pocket to help bring you a fun gaming experience. I would like to invite you to come in and check our servers out! Basic Information: Server settings, Rules, Mods, and wipe dates are all voted on by the community at the end of each season. Admins DO NOT PLAY OR RAID. We are here to help you, not to get involved with game politics or to destroy your stuff! Custom Shop with Graphic interface Custom made boosted drops. APIs that run on the server to add functionality without adding more MODs We have 15 servers in this cluster including all official maps as part of the main cluster. There are also theme park maps, Official Conquest maps for raiding, event maps, solo farming map for single players with auto farming Dinos. We also have a High speed PvP map that is set to no Tek and 100x H 50xT (no item/dino transfer in or out.) 48 hour NPP, light ORP on core maps, heavy ORP on the solo player map Raid time limits during the week, because people have jobs and stuff. You can find all rules, full cluster feature guides, server information, support tickets and much more in our Discord, https://postimg.cc/fVVqDrGq Basic Information: XP and rates - Level Cap is 106 +40 levels when fully ascended. There is also +5 Ciibi levels on top of those. - Max wild dino level 150 normal, 180 tek, and 190 wyvern - Taming and breeding 15x - Player and dino XP x20 - Harvest x20 Tribe and PvP settings - 10 players max per tribe, 1 Alliance - Tribe dino cap per server: 450 normal server, 750 per high performance server (See 》start-here》 Map Information) - Turret damage x2.5 - Mutator x5 - Turret limit 1000 heave, 500 tek, 10 flame per tribe per map. (API enforced) Gameplay - Boss can be done on the Boss Fight event map. - Drops are custom made and can contain really good items, no one likes water jar blueprints! - Drops can have different items depending on what server you're on. - Aberration and Genesis is Tek flying only. - Have fun, we have custom raid base servers, raid base servers loaded from Official ARK, and custom event servers! - The core is a 20x PvP cluster and hopefully there is always something fun to do! "Server Mods" To download ALL mods click here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1857658273 "Event server Maps" In addition to the Core PvP Official Maps, the event servers will have a mix of the following mods and maps: -Grumpy Town Map -The Octopus Map -Valhalla Server List: Aberation: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ Inception: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Center: steam://connect/ Boss Map: steam://connect/ Test Lab (admin only): steam://connect/ Conquest Raid Maps: steam://connect/ Zombie FPS: steam://connect/ Legacy Raid Maps: steam://connect/ Genesis: steam://connect/ Solo Tribe server: steam://connect/ GL/HF please msg me in Discord if you have any questions!
  24. (Xbox/pc) Full on PvP 8x 3 man tribes custom drops We just dropped last night 5/23/20. we have over 70 people in discord Discord: https://discord.gg/mdUs2ZG We let our community choose how the server rules (example: when yo add certain dinos or what events they would like) we are looking forward to all of you joining and making the community bigger. UNOFFICIAL PC/XBOX Maps -Valguero(50slot) -Ragnarok(50slot) -Center(50slot) Rates Harvest - 8x Experience Multiplier - 20x FoodDrainMultiplier - .1x WaterDrainMultiplier - .1x Insta Taming Incubation speed - 200x (Rex Egg Takes 2 mins) Mating Interval - .5x Maturation - 40x Imprint Interval 30min Stats (Per Level) Health - 12.5 Stamina - 25 Weight - 10,000 Oxygen - 150 Melee - 5 Movement - 2.0 Fortitude - 10 Dino Stats Weight - 10,000x Stamina - 2x Settings Custom Balanced Drops Item stack - 10x Turret Limit - 250 Turret Damage - 1.5 Cave Damage - 6x Mode: [ PvP ] Max Player Lvl - [ 105 ] (No Ascension) Max Wild Dino - [ Lvl 150 ] Max Wild Wyvern Egg - [ Lvl 190 ] Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs: [ Yes ] Tribe Limit - [ 3 Man ] Tribemate Imprints - [ Yes ] Alliance System - [ No ] Diseases - [ No ] Custom Recipes - [ Yes ] Corpse Locater - [ Yes ] Console Gamma - [ Yes ] Auto Unlock Engrams - [ Yes ] (excluding Tek) Show Floating Damage - [ No ] Cluster Transferring - [ Yes ] Transfer Timers - [ No ] Tribe Slot Cooldown - [ 15min ] Recipes/Engrams Whip - [ 10 hide | 5 wood | 25 fiber ] Tranq Arrow - [ 1 Stone Arrow | 5 Narcoberries ] Spy Glass - [ 5 Wood | 5 Fiber ] Pteranadon Saddle - [ 275 Hide | 275 Fiber ] Medical Brew - [ 250 Tintoberries | 3 Narcotic ] Narcotic - [ 5 Narcoberries ] Mind Wipe - [ 1000 Stimberries | 1000 Narcoberries | 1000 Mejoberries | 1 Water ] Veggie Cake - [ 10 savoroot | 10 Rockarrot | 1500 Fiber ] Energy Brew - [ 200 Azulberries | 200 Stimberries ] Enduro Stew - [ 200 Stimberries | 100 Mejoberries | 20 Savoroot | 20 Rockarrot ] Focal Chili - [ 2000 ArmaBerries | 1 Water ] Lazarus Chowder - [ 200 Narcoberries | 20 Savoroot | 20 Rockarrot | 1 Water ] Supply Drops White Drop - ((Prim Flak Set / Prim-Ram Metal Tools / Prim-Ram Pike / Empty Cryopod / 10x Bolas / 10x Parachutes)) White Ring Drop - ((Prim-Appr Flak Set / Prim-Appr Metal Tools / Prim-Appr Pike / Empty Cryopod / 10x Bolas / 10x Parachutes)) Green Drop - ((Kibbles)) Green Ring Drop - ((Consumables)) Blue Drop - ((Artifacts)) Blue Ring Drop - ((Artifacts / Tributes)) Purple Drop - ((Prim-Appr Saddles)) Purple Ring Drop - ((Prim-Jrnymn Saddles)) Yellow Drop - ((Ram-Mstrcft Weapons BP chance / Ram-Jrnymn Flak&Riot BP Chance / Mstrcft-Asndt Cloth&Hide BP Chance)) Yellow Ring Drop - ((Appr-Mstrcft Weapons BP Chance+ / Appr-Mstrcft Flak&Riot BP chance+ / Asndnt Cloth&Hide Bp Chance+)) Red Drop - ((Appr-Asndnt Weapons BP Chance++ / Appr-Ascndnt Flak&Riot Bp Chance++ / Appr-Asndnt Saddles BP Chance++)) Red Ring Drop - ((Jrnymn-Asndnt Weapons BP Chance+++ / Jrnymn-Asndnt Flak&Riot BP Chance+++ / Jrnymn-Asndnt Saddles BP Chance+++))
  25. [Xbox/Pc] UKA 15x InstaTame PVP Easycraft **7 day grace for new tribes** UKA 15x PVP Crossplay Xbox/PC (win10) ***7 day grace for new tribes, ORP also enabled for the next 7 days to allow people to build up before the 24/7 pvp kicks in again*** -15x Harvest, Instatame, Reduced Night time cycle + Much more! -EasyCraft Items such as all Saddles, Electronics, Poly, ARB, Indi Cooker for demoing, Gunpowder (no charcoal), Sparkpowder, Tranq Dart (just berries) -Discord set up to include Giveaways, Events, Rewards, Donations, Streaming + much more -Daily events Big and small-Daily Giveaways through the discord (Free breeding pairs, chibis + more) -Fresh Cluster so plenty of build spots still open! -Friendly Admins (The reason we set this cluster up, fed up of bad admins on other dedis!) discord invite link : http://discord.gg/E8Dz6A2
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