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  1. We are a friendly PVE server, and we still got some room for new players that wants to have fun. The servers gets rebooted daily to prevent laggs. There are 2 admins that help incase you need something!. All servers are connected so you can transfer back and forth. Direct Links to join the servers Automatically: The Island Aberration Ragnarok Extinction Valguero Servers Up-time: 24/7 no-wipes Servers Mods: Mod Collection. Battle Eye is enabled! Servers Difficulty: 5.0. Servers Settings: Tame Speed: 5x Harvest Amount: 4x mature speed: 7x Lower Baby food consumption Higher Egg hatch speed/Gestation XP Multiplier: 1.5x Friendly Fire Disabled Max Player Level 135 with Ascension! Custom supply drops Wild Dino lvl 300 (360 TEK) Max tames: 400 Egg laying speed: 2x Additional content. -arkshop -voterewards For any questions join our Discord.
  2. How do I transfer 10k ingots without a whip? Isn't there a way to access their inventory and fill them pass the capacity of their weight to 10k ingots worth?
  3. Mama's House: , Mama's Attic (Scorched Earth): , Mama's Backyard (Valguero): Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730052281 - Rare sightings -Dino storage version 2 -Water blocks -Advanced engram unlocker -Structures plus -Stack me more -Readable signs -The tombstone -Dino patrol -Eco Rp/Garden -Castle, Keeps and forts Remastered ( Modding contest winner) -Along with other minor everyday life mods. 20 total mods, no dino overhaul mods and the majority of the mods are small at best eco being the largest. Many new features including a helpful in game information screen for our servers using the [delete] key! Also helpful plugins such as death porting without losing your inventory, all you have to do is type / suicide and it will immediately kill your character and allow death porting or fall/get eaten whatever you like! You will not lose your items that you worked so hard to obtain! Unless a pego or pirate bird gets you in those cases carry a shotgun to handle them personally. Head Admin: Mama Jane Server Admins: Divim & Zerg All our admins are active and experienced ark players with almost 20k hours combined between the 3 of us! We also have a discord available for those in the community https://discord.gg/F9Ap9UX Give it a shot you never know!
  4. A Very Simple ARK Server This server is very simple because I'm not trying to advertise anything eye catching. If you're looking for a really chill place, without any mods, then you can try this server out if you want. Here's the battlemetrics link so you can check out how many hours players have put it thus far. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4137750 Vanilla Evolved Discord Server (if you're interested) - https://discord.gg/ZvXB75 I guess the only rules are to not be a jerk to other people. Just be nice, be friendly, and don't hurt anyone elses tames or structures and whatnot. Now I'll put the full game.ini file text and part of the gameusersettings.ini down below if you want to know all the settings. Be warned, it is really long. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game.ini ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=1.850000 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.025000 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier=1.000000 BabyCuddleLoseImprintQualitySpeedMultiplier=1.000000 GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier=0.000000 GlobalItemDecompositionTimeMultiplier=0.000000 GlobalCorpseDecompositionTimeMultiplier=0.000000 PvPZoneStructureDamageMultiplier=6.000000 StructureDamageRepairCooldown=5.000000 IncreasePvPRespawnIntervalCheckPeriod=300.000000 IncreasePvPRespawnIntervalMultiplier=2.000000 IncreasePvPRespawnIntervalBaseAmount=59.999001 ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers=0.750000 ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures=0.750000 CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier=5.000000 LayEggIntervalMultiplier=1.000000 PoopIntervalMultiplier=1.000000 CropDecaySpeedMultiplier=1.000000 MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.05000 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=32.000000 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=64.000000 MatingSpeedMultiplier=5.0 BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMultiplier=0.750000 DinoTurretDamageMultiplier=1.000000 DinoHarvestingDamageMultiplier=3.200000 PlayerHarvestingDamageMultiplier=1.000000 CustomRecipeEffectivenessMultiplier=1.000000 CustomRecipeSkillMultiplier=1.000000 AutoPvEStartTimeSeconds=0.000000 AutoPvEStopTimeSeconds=0.000000 KillXPMultiplier=1.000000 HarvestXPMultiplier=1.000000 CraftXPMultiplier=1.000000 GenericXPMultiplier=1.000000 SpecialXPMultiplier=1.000000 FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier=1.000000 bIncreasePvPRespawnInterval=True bAutoPvETimer=False bAutoPvEUseSystemTime=False bDisableFriendlyFire=False bFlyerPlatformAllowUnalignedDinoBasing=True bDisableLootCrates=False bAllowCustomRecipes=True bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos=False bPvEAllowTribeWar=True bPvEAllowTribeWarCancel=False MaxDifficulty=True bUseSingleplayerSettings=False bUseCorpseLocator=True bShowCreativeMode=False bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=True bAllowPlatformSaddleMultiFloors=True bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=True bDisableDinoRiding=False bDisableDinoTaming=False OverrideMaxExperiencePointsPlayer=0 OverrideMaxExperiencePointsDino=0 MaxNumberOfPlayersInTribe=0 SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier=1.000000 FishingLootQualityMultiplier=1.000000 CraftingSkillBonusMultiplier=1.000000 DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaMegalodon_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Alpha_Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Mega_Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Mosa_Character_BP_Mega_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaCarno_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaRaptor_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaRex_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Deathworm_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="RubbleGolem_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_TheCenterHard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_TheCenterMedium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_TheCenter_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_TheCenter_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_TheCenter_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_TheCenter_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Medium_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Easy_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Hard_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Medium_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Easy_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Defender_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaDeathworm_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaWyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaBasilisk_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaCrab_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaXenomorph_Character_BP_Male_Surface_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_Gamma_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_Beta_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_Alpha_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="CorruptTumor_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.004) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_Beta_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_Alpha_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaMek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Mek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaMek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Mek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaMegalodon_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Alpha_Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Mega_Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Mosa_Character_BP_Mega_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaCarno_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaRaptor_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaRex_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBoss_Character_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossSpiderL_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossDragon_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="EndBossGorilla_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_TheCenterHard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_TheCenterMedium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="SpiderL_Character_BP_TheCenter_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_TheCenter_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_TheCenter_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorilla_Character_BP_TheCenter_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Medium_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Easy_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Hard_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Medium_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Easy_Ragnarok_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Defender_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Manticore_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaDeathworm_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaWyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaBasilisk_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaCrab_Character_BP_C ",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaXenomorph_Character_BP_Male_Surface_C",Multiplier=0.25) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_Medium_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Rockwell_Character_BP_Hard_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_Gamma_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_Beta_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="RockwellTentacle_Character_BP_Alpha_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="CorruptTumor_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.004) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_Beta_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_Alpha_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="KingKaiju_Character_BP_Easy_C",Multiplier=0.04) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Deathworm_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="RubbleGolem_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaMek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Mek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) TamedDinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="MegaMek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) TamedDinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Mek_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=2.5) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Honey_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_Fish_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawMutton_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Hesperonis_Golden_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemAmmo_CannonBall_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemAmmo_CannonShell_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemAmmo_RocketPod_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_WyvernMilk_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_DinoPoopSmall_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_HumanPoop_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_DinoPoopMedium_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_DinoPoopLarge_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_DinoPoopMassive_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_OwlPellet_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_AirConditioner_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_Cannon_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TurretBallista_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_ChemBench_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_CryoFridge_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_Fabricator_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_GasCollector_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_IndustrialCookingPot_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_IndustrialForge_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_Grinder_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_Grill_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_oilPump_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_IceBox_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TekShield_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TekGenerator_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TekReplicator_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TekTransmitter_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TekTrough_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_StorageBox_Huge_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_WindTurbine_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_WoodCage_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=100, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_CorruptedPolymer_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=1000, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_Polymer_Organic_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=1000, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[0]=0.800000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[1]=4.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[2]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[3]=4.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[4]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[5]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[6]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[7]=4.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[8]=0.340000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[9]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[10]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[0]=0.280000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[1]=2.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[2]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[3]=2.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[4]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[5]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[6]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[7]=2.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[8]=0.280000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[9]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[10]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[0]=0.880000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[1]=2.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[2]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[3]=2.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[4]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[5]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[6]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[7]=2.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[8]=0.880000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[9]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[10]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[0]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[1]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[2]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[3]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[4]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[5]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[6]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[7]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[8]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[9]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[10]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[0]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[1]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[2]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[3]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[4]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[5]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[6]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[8]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[9]=1.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[10]=5.000000 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[11]=5.000000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GameUserSettings.ini ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ServerSettings] TheMaxStructuresInRange=10000.000000 TribeNameChangeCooldown=10.000000 DifficultyOffset=1.000000 ListenServerTetherDistanceMultiplier=1.000000 RaidDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=1.000000 StructurePreventResourceRadiusMultiplier=1.000000 PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier=1.5 AllowRaidDinoFeeding=True PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=5.000000 GlobalVoiceChat=False ProximityChat=False NoTributeDownloads=False AllowThirdPersonPlayer=True AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft=False DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined=True ServerHardcore=False ServerPVE=False ServerCrosshair=True ServerForceNoHUD=False ShowMapPlayerLocation=True EnablePvPGamma=True AllowFlyerCarryPvE=False OnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams=False PreventDownloadSurvivors=False PreventDownloadItems=False PreventDownloadDinos=False DisablePvEGamma=False DisableDinoDecayPvE=False AdminLogging=False AllowCaveBuildingPvE=False ForceAllowCaveFlyers=True PreventOfflinePvP=False PvPDinoDecay=False PvPStructureDecay=true OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=True AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=False DisableImprintDinoBuff=False PreventDiseases=False NonPermanentDiseases=False EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=False PreventTribeAlliances=False PreventOfflinePvPInterval=0.010000 ActiveMods= ActiveMapMod=0 RCONPort=27020 OxygenSwimSpeedStatMultiplier=1.000000 AllowHideDamageSourceFromLogs=True KickIdlePlayersPeriod=3600.000000 AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15.000000 MaxTamedDinos=5000.000000 RCONServerGameLogBuffer=600.000000 AllowHitMarkers=True AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=true XPMultiplier=4.000000 TamingSpeedMultiplier=4.000000 HarvestAmountMultiplier=6.000000 OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 ResourcesRespawnPeriodMultiplier=0.400000 StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement=30.000000 AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures=True StructurePickupHoldDuration=0.0001 DisableWeatherFog=true ItemStackSizeMultiplier=50.0 PlatformSaddleBuildAreaBoundsMultiplier=10.000000 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that's it, if you wanna join, then feel free to. Thanks and seeya in game. Also wanted to add that more maps will be added into the cluster over time. At the moment it's only TheIsland.
  5. Ark Genesis (3x gather, xp , tame) - [PC Server] Hi! I just started my own pve ark server and am looking for people to join so far the caps 30 players but if a lot of people join I'll increase it and I am also looking to make a cluster later in the week but right now the map is valguerro What I am going for with the server is a community that all works together to beat the odds, so say maybe 1 big tribe or 2-3 all helping and trading with one another The mods I have for the server are - Ark Eternal (so the servers gonna be really hard to start) Dino Hybrids & More Rare Sightings Ark Mysterious Mysteries - Indoraptor Ark Mysterious Mysteries - Royasaurus Accessories Plus Lite Skins Crafter Flaming Sword+ Castles, Keeps, and the Forts Medieval Architecture Additional Lighting Upgrade Station Homing Pidgeon Here's the discord link in case anyone's interested https://discord.gg/evJagyd
  6. NL/BE [PVE CLUSTERS PC] Sociaal Spelen Welcome, we are a Dutch community! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welkom en bedankt voor het bekijken van deze advertentie. Wij zijn een sociaal groepje spelers die plezier willen hebben in Ark Survival. Kom en vergezel ons in het avontuur van Ark. Onderstaand een overzicht van onze regels en wat algemene informatie. Server locatie: Duitsland (via Nitrado) Server IP: Forum: https://sociaalspelen.forum2go.nl/index.php Join onze Teamspeak: ts.g4me.eu (we hebben speciale ark kanaal) Hieronder staat een link waarmee je de server direct kan joinen, zet deze link in de searchbar van je webbrowser en je joint onze server. steam://connect/ Rules & Features · Server updates worden op gepaste momenten uitgevoerd. · We hebben een groepje actieve admins. Ik (Erza Scarlet: eigenaar) en de andere admins helpen de speler zo goed mogelijk om problemen op te lossen. · Admins zijn volledig neutraal. Admins bemoeien zich niet met ruzies en kiezen geen kant. Ze blijven neutraal op alle fronten. Als je een probleem heb met een admin of denkt dat een admin iets heeft misdaan, geef dit dan zo snel mogelijk door aan de eigenaar (Erza Scarlet). De admins worden gezien als spelers en zijn niet immuun voor de regels. · Cross ARK Naast de Ragnarok map hebben wij ook 3 andere maps in onze cluster zitten. Deze zijn: Island, Extintion en Valguero. (In de toekomst kan dit veranderen! Houdt het forum in de gaten!) General Rules · Ingame Chat/voice chat (B-knop) Alle chat opties mogen worden gebruikt (global, local, tribe, alliance). Verder is er nog een opties die ervaren Ark-spelers misschien wel gewend zullen zijn, de voice chat of ook wel het praten met andere spelers ingame door gebruik te maken van de B-knop, wanneer in gebruik is jou stem door iedere speler in de hele server te horen, deze optie is ingeschakeld om stiekeme situaties tussen spelers te voorkomen (we zijn tenslotte een Pve-server), Dus maak GEEN gebruik van deze optie. Het is erg verwarrend voor andere spelers en het wordt ook niet als een grap ervaren. Als je met andere spelers wil praten kan dat via de ingame chat of via onze ts (Teamspeak-server) ip: Ts.g4me.eu . Natuurlijk is grof taalgebruik niet toegestaan. · Basis bouwen Een tribe mag 1 BASIS PER MAP hebben, een tribe met een speler aantal van 4 of meer actieve spelers mag een kleine tweede basis bouwen. Als je van locatie veranderd, graag na de verhuizing de oude base helemaal opruimen. Dit geldt ook voor een kampvuur of iets dergelijks. Deze regel zorgt voor een server zonder rondslingerende ongebruikte gebouwen die in de weg kunnen staan voor andere spelers ergens graag willen bouwen. · Dino verkoop Er mogen alleen zadel dragende dino’s worden verkocht (verdere informatie is te vinden op ons forum) · De verkoop van bevruchte dino-eieren Verkoop en weggeven is verboden Waarom? > spelers moeten zelf moeite doen om aan een goede dino te komen. · Tribe joinen Een tribe maakt zelf uit of je mag joinen, ga niet bedelen. Nee=nee · Hulp We kunnen je helpen bij gevaar of andere dingen, een persoon bepaald zelf of hij/zij een ander helpt. We geven geen spullen en gaan ook niks voor je bouwen. (ondervind het avontuur zelf) · Basis locaties De speler spawns op de stranden, waterwegen, artifact cave’s en punten met belangenrijke resources mogen NIET worden geblokkeerd. Beverdammen vallen ook onder deze resources. dammen. · Beverdammen graag helemaal leeghalen! Gooi wat je niet gebruikt weg. Waarom? > Als een beverdam niet helemaal wordt leeggehaald blijft deze bestaan met haar huidige inventory en spawnen er ook geen nieuwe dammen. · Turrets graag alleen op medium en low range. Als je vliegdieren buiten staan graag aan een hitching post. Waarom? > Iemand neemt een wilde dino (temmen) mee naar zijn/haar base en passeert onderweg een base met turrets, enkele seconden later is het wilde dier dood vanwege de turrets. Op medium range zal dit minder snel gebeuren. · Ban Bans kunnen niet worden teruggedraaid, EEN BAN = EEN BAN! Voor verdere info wat betreft de regels, kun je naar ons forum: https://sociaalspelen.forum2go.nl/index.php Settings · OverrideOfficialDifficulty=6 (Lvl 180 Dinos) · 1.5x Gather · 8x Tame · 0.9x HarvestEXPMultiplier · 0.9x Egg Laying Interval (Less=More Edible Eggs) · 0.2x MatingIntervalMultiplier · 2.0 xBabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier · 9x EggHatchSpeedMultiplier · 9x BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier · 2.5x Baby Imprinting Stats Multiplier · 0.5 Cuddle Interval · PvEDinoDecay = 31 dagen · PveStructersdecay = 32 dagen · PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.2 · PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.2 · ShowFloatingDamageText=True · AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=True · Pve tribe war=True Mods · Structers Plus (S+) (noFoundationRequired=True (betekend geen foundation onder een ceilings nodig) · Eco Trees · Eco’s RP decor · Dino pick-up mod Server updates en informatie kun je vinden op ons forum. https://sociaalspelen.forum2go.nl/index.php Belangerijke personen Steam, naam, ingame rank DarkWolfNL, Erza Scarlet, Eigenaar Sociaal spelen/Ragnarok Kevin_hoogerwerf, Deadkiller, Admin en eigenaar island Paxy_PG, Paxy_PG, Admin en eigenaar Extintion Justintje, Justintje, Admin Pack of Wolves, Pack of Wolves, Eigenaar Valguero (geen admin)
  7. [GER] ARK-Wonderland sucht Nachwuchs Mein kleiner aber feiner ARK Server sucht noch eine kleine handvoll gut gelaunter, gesprächiger Mitspieler. WIr haben nur einen Kleinen Server aber freuen uns auf leute zum Spielen, Bauen, Tamen und unterhalten. Was wir euch bieten? Map: Valguero + Valguero Map Extension Slots: 10 Besonderheiten: OSD Events, Element Veins, Eastereggs, Reward Vault Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=796050009 Rates: Max Dino Level: 300 (450 als Rare Sighting) XPMultiplier=2 HarvestAmountMultiplier=1 TamingSpeedMultiplier=5 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=10 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=10 Falls interesse besteht, einfach mich bei Steam adden und ihr könnt mich alles Fragen was ihr wollt :3 Ich freue mich auf ein paar neue Mitspieler.
  8. If you are looking for a chill server that isn't too easy, but also isn't a difficult grind, check it out. Difficulty Offset 1.0 XP 3x Harvest 10x Taming 5x Player Water/Food Consumption 0.5 Player Harvest Damage 3x Dino Harvest Damage 5x No Fog Flyer Carry Enabled Egg Lay Interval 0.5 Egg Hatch Speed 5x Mating Interval 0.25 Baby Mature Speed 5x Cuddle Interval 0.875 Resource Respawn Period 0.5 Night Time Speed 5x Spoil Time 3.0 Supply Crate/Fishing Loot Quality 5x Structure Placement Collision Disabled Player Stats Per Level 2x ORP Enabled Max Players in Tribe 8 Tek structures auto unlock at lvl 90 Tek devices auto unlock at lvl 100 Custom Loot Drops: White drops contain Element White bonus drops contain Element and Tek Armor Desert crates contain off-map items like cryopods, cryofridge, cliff platforms, climbing picks, dino leash, glider, zipline anchor Server name is: Subjeqt 5x Taming 3x XP Tek
  9. Check out The Jamon Paradigm PvE Mega Cluster - An active and friendly ARK: Survival Evolved Community. Who we are: We're The Jamon Paradigm, we currently run a whole load of ARK PvE servers. We've got loads of maps so there's bound to be one you enjoy! Our Goal Our goal is to keep the core feel of the game, while adding some quality of life improvements and more structures to build cool stuff. Discord: We have an active and friendly community over on our discord server, feel free to join and meet everyone! http://discord.jamonparadigm.com Server Settings: - Harvesting: 2.5x - Taming: 5x - XP: 5x - Egg Hatch Speed: 5x - Maturation Speed: 10x - Wild Dino Max Level: 150 - Player Max Level: 150 + Ascension - All engrams Unlockable - Fully Custom Supply Drops - Seamless Cross Cluster Chat Mods - We highly recommend you subscribe to all mods before joining the server, this ensures you will join smoothly first time. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889810710 - Jamon Stacks - ARK Additions: The Commection - Water Blocks - Structures Plus (S+) - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered - Platforms Plus - Meat Spoiler - Bitou2k's Binocular - Eco Trees - Eco's RP Decor - Eco's Shoppe Decor - Eco's Garden Decor Map Specific - Eco's Scorched Earth Decor - Eco's Aberration Decor - Eco's Extinction Foliage - Valguero Dino and Map Extension You can join our servers from here: The Island - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27000 The Center - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27001 Ragnarok - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27002 Scorched Earth - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27003 Aberration - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27004 Extinction - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27005 Olympus - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27006 Valguero - steam://connect/ark.jamonparadigm.com:27007 Valhalla - steam://connect/ark2.jamonparadigm.com:27000 The Chasm - steam://connect/ark2.jamonparadigm.com:27001 Hope - steam://connect/ark2.jamonparadigm.com:27002 We hope to see you on The Jamon Paradigm! Surviving, making friends, and most importantly having fun!
  10. NEW Boosted Small Tribe Rag Server Discord: https://discord.gg/Pj9SUYX Server is a pc unofficial session Server name: Dream Ark PvE during the week and PvP Fri-Sun Stats include: 3x XP 5x Gather 10x Tame Map is Rag Host of the server is Dreamweaver912
  11. I am hosting my server on nitrado and is placed in US East. i plan to continue the server for years to come. Hey I'm takashi and i'm hosting a cluster server for both pve and pvp on ragnarok and valguero server for both new and veteran players. there are modded Drops on the server. check out the loot drops you never know what you are going to get. . i will host an event every 3 weeks(when more people start coming in). if you want to RP or dont want to RP you are welcome on the server. Rates do include faster breeding/hatching/mating for dinos, less food and water drain, faster crop growth, food spoils less, and more. *PVP* [US]-Takashi- Ragnarok PvP Cluster Server ravager and roll rat spawn on this map. all stats below apply. there will be a events here like gladiator fighting/battle royale and jousting. roll rat saddle unlocked at level 58. ravager saddle unlocked at 47 Offline damage enabled *PVE* [US]Valguero - The Ark - Takashi Snow owl and gacha + all glow creatures spawn on this map. All stats below apply. there is dodoball and there will be events like ovis soccer and zoo taming on this server. Offline Damage disabled Main rates taming speed = 3X harvesting speed =10X Experience = 3X Dino Hunger multiplier = 2 fishing loot multiplier = 5 draining multiplier = 0.2 Starvation multiplier = 0.5 difficulty = 12 Breeding rates mating multiplier = 0.25 baby mature speed multiplier =5 lay egg interval =.5 egg hatch speed multiplier = 5 baby imprinting stat scale multiplier = 5 baby cuddle grace period =5 baby cuddle interval multiplier= 0.875 anyone can cuddle baby crop growth= 10 Extra info resources respawn= 0.5 dino harvesting multiplier = 3 dino stamina multiplier = 0.5 floating damage text on resource health = 0.5 3rd person mode enabled unlimited respecs auto unlock snow owl saddle engram and gacha saddle engram at spawn(PVE) added snow owls to snow forest (PVE) added gacha to snow forest (PVE) added bulbdog and shinehorn to beach (PVE) added glowtail to Red Woods (PVE) added featherlight to chalk plains(PVE) added ravager to mountains(PVP) added roll rat to redwoods (PVP) crosshair enabled cavebuilding enabled Custom loot drop custom events for the community with prizes I have a discord that can be joined to just chill and chat and get in contact with me as well as updates. Hope to see you in game! HOW TO JOIN PVE OR PVP 1. Start ARK 2. Select "Join ARK" 3. Select "Unofficial PC Session" from the Session Filter 4. Filter "All maps" amd "All modes" 5. Search "Takashi" in the seach bar
  12. Welcome to the Ryzen ThreadRipper Server Cluster Home of Legacy 166, 822, and 427. We currently have 9 servers in our PvE cluster, including our Battle Zone server and Valguero. Start your Legacy today.... Click the spoiler or visit our home to see the Server Rates and Settings. (Links) Check out the Website , along with our Discord Server. (Links) We recommend bookmarking our site for the convenience of reconnecting. Our Aim is to provide to you the player, the gaming experience that you deserve. We own the hardware, we have the bandwidth, and we are dedicated to providing to you the gaming experience and customer support that you should expect. Our Servers are setup for those who lack the time to fully dedicate to one game. Balance is kept in mind with this setup, both with the game play, and your social or real life. This is accomplished with slow decay, slow food consumption, but reasonable tame and breeding rates, in conjunction with S+ and Castle features. Check it out on the Rates Page. (Links) Why a 1950X CPU from AMD? With 128 Gigabytes of system memory, and 16 cores and 32 threads on the CPU, we can ensure that you get the best quality gaming experience available. With the project costing thousands of dollars, and an extra $2600 for a custom map that is on the way, this is definitely no garage setup. Our servers do have regular players on them, which is good for those who want company, or somebody to make trade with. There is usually somebody on the servers. More and more new players are joining. We do encourage you to join our community, and say hi on Discord. Server Mods Castles Keeps and Forts, Wardrobe Mod, Pimp My Home, Structures Plus (S+), (Links) One Click Install : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1726930156 (Links) Our NoTame Server Server Mods Domination Rex!, Mythical Creatures, Mysterious Mysteries, Senior Class, Castles Keeps and Forts, Wardrobe Mod, Pimp My Home, Structures Plus (S+), (Links) Our Battle Zone Server Server Mods Small Islands, Castles Keeps and Forts, Wardrobe Mod, Pimp My Home, Structures Plus (S+), (Links) We have Global Cluster Chat, Dino Tracker as well as Weekend Rates. Try out the launcher http://tiny.cc/rb7gaz Hosted on Dropbox. (Links) Virus Total (Links) Alternatively feel free to use the quick launch links to join the game on Discord or on the website Yukitsuki.com. Our servers are regularly maintained and kept in top performance, to ensure you get the best that is possible in server hosting. We encourage you to visit our website, to view our server rates, to be able to quick launch into our servers, join our discord, discuss topics of interest on our forums, or check out our simple and easy to understand rules. http://yukitsuki.com (Links) System: This advertisement contains actual pictures of the server, as well as stock images found online.
  13. Glorified Single Player (Adults Only) Looking for adults to join my glorified single player-esq, 8 server cluster. If you like playing solo or in a small tribe (up to 6), this community may be for you. Drop in and out as you please, as full time commitment isn’t necessary. No decay timers and slow tamed dino starving means you can take extended breaks without worry. I chose choice over population, so many servers appear inactive, however there are enough active people spread across the cluster for a sense of community. Server info and rules can be found in this link, including how to join.
  14. PvE Server Names: Team6ixGaming.com (Ragnarok) PvE 10 Slots Team6ixGaming.com (Valguero) PvE 10 Slots Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 8x Taming 8x Gathering 8x Maturation 8x Hatch Speed 3x Experience Gain White and Green supply drops contain some/all things required to summon a boss portal Beaver dam contents increased significantly Boss drops increased significantly Item stack sizes increased Public Tek Teleporters around the map Other Information: Survivor Weight increases by 600 per point spent on Weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 60 per point spent on Oxygen Survivor Speed increases 1.5x normal rate Survivor Stamina Increased x2 Survivor Fortitude increases by 6 per point spent on Fortitude Slightly boosted Dinosaur stamina Boosted Dinosaur Weight Crop growth speed x4 Supply crate loot quality increased x2 Fishing loot quality increased by x2 Rules: Absolutely ZERO tolerance for harassment of any kind! (Repeatedly attacking the same person/tribe over and over again, verbal abuse, etc.) Obviously, refrain from building too close to resource-rich spawns FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our community site at http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. However, nothing outside of Official Server realm. No level 1000 tames. We grind the game just like everyone else! We purchased these servers with the full intent to play and operate it as if they were official servers minus your normal official server rates. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game every day of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVER!
  15. PrimalFear & PF EXTINCTION! 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS PvE In order to find server is on Unofficial channel MAP: VALGUERO Server Name: Bravemania PF Extinction 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: RATES: TamingSpeedMultiplier=15X HarvestAmountMultiplier=7X CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier=15X Mating= 4X EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=25X BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=20X BAECON-SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier=5X 20 MODS: PF EXTINCTION EXPANSION PRIMAL FEAR (Automated Ark 2.51) AA Mod ACM Unlock Haircuts & Emotes S+ Awesome Teleporters Element bench Castles keeps and forts Ultra stacks Upgrade station XP Potion Eco wonderland AWESOME SPYGLASS Automated Ark 2.151 (AA) Dino Storage v2 New Ones EXTINCTION PRIMAL FEAR BOSS EXPANSION Wild Dino Wipe Auto Schedule Death Recovery JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR BEING MEMBER & CONTACT https://discord.gg/GeeyJ4e JOIN OUR STEAM GROUP TO FOLLOW SERVER NEWS & UPDATE Note: Send Join Request we confirm daily! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bravemaniawarriors
  16. Lost Boyz-Valguero PvE The Lost Boyz Ark The Lost Boyz is a community of gamers with hundreds of members and growing every day. We have active members playing and streaming many games and it's time to build us an Ark. Our Vision: To build up a community of enthusiastic Arkitects and expand into a cluster of Arks. Our Arks will focus on big building and big collection and we hope for some BIG BEAUTIFUL bases. Admins will lead activities, host events and provide points of interest that may just contain some interesting loot. Join the Ark early to claim your territory and have a voice in how settings and mods are set before they're finalized. Join the Lost Boyz discord to have that voice heard http://discord.gg/KkDs2ng Go to the "gaming-roles" channel and select Ark and any other roles to see the channels of your favorite games. Name: TheLostBoys - Valguero PvPvE connection IP: Active mods (for now) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1775453559 General Settings: PVE Max dino lvl 300 Harvest x3 Taming x5 XP x2 night speed x2 food/water drain x0.7 all stat gains x2
  17. WILD SOCIETY - 6 MAP STEAM PVE w/ RAID SERVER Are you looking for a fresh, active, helpful, and mature PVE community? Are you tired of always joining a new server and playing alone? Looking to complete the Ark story and don't want to be done everything in a week? How about unique exclusives, events, and a rotating PVP raid server?!? Then you are reading the right post!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We welcome you to join our 6 Map Steam PC PVE Cluster, called Wild Society – hosted by two friends who are very active and dedicated to the game. We have a small community center on every map where you claim starter pack, and we offer The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero & our brand new TCC Event Map with Bi-Weekly Raids! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our mod lists and server settings have been hand picked and selectively chosen to ensure stability and longevity with our community. We are a tight knit active community, who are very helpful and friendly and we are looking to grow! Our servers encourage teamwork, trading, & bartering with tribes. Our rates are set for longer lasting game-play experience. Don't be shy! We have lots of tribes recruiting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have server currency in TC Arc Credits, which are used for player trading, Raffle Purchases, and Reward Packs. You also gain 5 credits per 30 minutes logged on our cluster! We host multiple giveaways, events, and have tons of extras! Our public Discord includes tribe channels, mod/currency guides, links, tips, tricks, server info, events, gallery, & help-desk w support tickets. ------------------------------- Server/Cluster Exclusives: ------------------------------- • Community Center with Starter Pack on Every Map! • Teleporters at Every Obelisk, 2 Per Tribe • Discord with over 75 Members – Average Player Count of 25-30/Day • Buy/Sell/Trade channels in Discord • In-Game Currency – TC Arc Credits – Over 60 Reward Packs • Random Giveaways in Discord! Weekly/Daily/Monthly • Community Voting on Minor Changes/Adjustments/Events • Recruitment Rewards & Voting Rewards! • Guide for 1st Time Players & Troubleshooting Guides • Mailbox System Linked to Admins and Allied Tribes! • Immersive Taming & Vanilla Taming Methods! • 2 Dedicated Hosts, Only 1 Admin – No Abuse • Mature, Respectful Community 18+ • Both Castles, Keeps, and Forts, Ecos RP & Scenery Decor • 8 New Horse Species & Custom Saddles • Steampunk Mod Added to all Maps! • Custom Loot Drops, Boss Loot & Cave Drops • Weekly/Monthly Server Events & Member Hosted Events • KO Tameable/Breedable – Corrupted Drake, Wyvern, Pteranondon • KO Tameable/Breedable – Alpha Wyvern, Ice, Fire, Poison, Lightning Wyvern, Rock Drake • Custom Bi-Weekly Raid Weekends • Disabled Pegos, Itchy, Snow Cave Purlovia --------- Maps: --------- • The Island • Aberration • Extinction • Valguero • Ragnarok • Events Map / Raid Server -------------------- Mod Collection: -------------------- • Naj's Speedy Flyers • Structures Plus • Castles, Keeps, and Forts • Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered • TCs Auto Rewards • Ark SteamPunk • Bunn3H’s Natural Scenery • Valguero Dino & Map Extension (Valguero Only) • Rare Sightings • Automated Ark • Bunn3H's Extras • Simple Spawners • Saddle Emporium • Dino Storage v2 • Super Spyglass • Clear/Blue Scuba Mask • HazeStacks • JPs ArkNav GPS HUD • Awesome Teleporters • MarniiMods: Horses • Ecos RP Decor • Immersive Taming • TCC Event Map (Events) ------------------------------------- Mod Collection Download Link ------------------------------------- • https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1788452684 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rates: -------- • 3x XP Rate • 3x Harvesting Rate • 5x Taming Speed • 25x Egg Hatch Speed • 35x Mature Speed • 0.10 Mating & Egg Intervals • Max Dino 150 / Max Player 135 • 3x Weight - Player & Dino • 1.5x Night Speed & Slower Days • Cave Building & Flying Enabled • No Flyer Restrictions on Aberration! ---------------------- Direct-Join Links: ---------------------- • Island: -- steam://connect/ • Aberration: -- steam://connect/ • Extinction: -- steam://connect/ • Valguero: -- steam://connect/ • Ragnarok: -- steam://connect/ • Event Map: -- steam://connect/ --------------------- Server Websites: --------------------- • Island: -- http://wildsocietyisland.arkers.io/ • Aberration: -- http://wildsocietyaberration.arkers.io/ • Extinction: -- http://wildsocietyextinction.arkers.io/ • Valguero: -- http://wildsocietyvalguero.arkers.io/ • Ragnarok: -- http://wildsocietyragnarok.arkers.io/ • Event Map: -- http://wildsocietytevents.arkers.io ----------------------- BattleMetrics Links: ----------------------- • Island: -- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3861186 • Aberration: -- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3857012 • Extinction: -- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4051239 • Valguero: -- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3886928 • Ragnarok: -- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3952619 • Event Map: -- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3857292 -------------------------- ArkServers. Net Links: -------------------------- • The Island - https://arkservers.net/server/ • Ragnarok - https://arkservers.net/server/ • Valguero - https://arkservers.net/server/ • Aberration - https://arkservers.net/server/ • Extinction - https://arkservers.net/server/ • Event Map: -- https://arkservers.net/server/ ----------- Discord: ----------- • https://discord.gg/Cd666eN ---------------------- Facebook Group: ---------------------- • https://www.facebook.com/groups/500583114011931/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A community you can call home, where you treated with respect, and we try to keep our servers up and maintained as much as possible. We are very dedicated to this project and are looking to grow even more. Issues are resolved through our support ticket system in discord and dealt with promptly. Your new PVE home awaits you! Join our great community, you won't regret it! ---------------------------------------------- • Richard (BunnyDad) Host & Admin • Daniel (Molecular Spirit) Host • Shelly (ShellyBean) Moderator ----------------------------------------------
  18. DISCORD | WEBSITE ------------------------------------------------------ SERVER IP - ——————————————————— ● PVE : Mon-Thurs | EVENTS : Fri-Sun ● Offline Raid Protection ● Player LVL 170 | Wild Dino LVL 250 | +200 LVLS ● 15H | 15XP | 25T | 30M | 100% Imprint Possible ● Fire/Poison/Lightning Wyverns & Rock Drake Spawns/Nests Added! ● Valguero Map - Cluster Servers Coming Soon ● Active Admins : Strawbis & King Voxe | RCON ● America Server Location | 12AM Server Restart
  19. Divinity Gaming Community is hosting Ark! Looking for a friendly community of gamers? People of all ages, all walks of life? Divinity Gaming might be the place for you. Here we strive for quality over quantity! Come join a tight nit melting pot of various minds! Embark on numerous adventures alongside our ever growing family! We offer a variety of gaming servers, but since this is for Ark, take a look at this!! {Daily Restarts/Updates} {Active Admin Team} {Friendly Community} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DG's Primal Fears!! {Season 3} {Launched 7/19} Server IP: - DG Primal Fear Mod Collection! Game Mode: PvE Map: Valguero Max Player Level: 300 Max Wild Dino Leve 600/+74 Levels after Tame! Offline Raid Protection is ON / 10 second timer to help when crashing! TC Auto Rewards with plenty of packs to spice your game! {Basic Rates} XP: x10 Harvest: x10 Taming: x10 Resource Respawn: 0.85 Oxygen Swim Speed Stat Multiplier: x2 Player Food/Water Drain: 0.85 Player Stamina Drain: 0.85 {Structure Rates} Structure Damage Multiplier x2 (Spike Walls are more effective) PvE Dino/Structure Decay: Off (No Dino Decay) Turrets + Spikes ON platforms Per Platform Max Structures: 20,000 {Loot Quality} Supply Crate Quality: 3 Fishing Loot Quality: 3 {Decomp Times} Corpse Lifespawn Multiplier: x3 Global Corpse Decomp Time: x3 Global Item Decom Time: x3 {Breeding Stats} Hatch: 10 Maturation: 10 Imprint Interval: 0.15 (Go for a Nanny) Mating Interval: Default Stat Scale Multiplier: 1.5 {Dino Settings} Dino Count: 1 Dino Stamina Drain: 0.85 (Slower/Lower) Dino Health Recovery: 1.25 Passive Tame Interval Multiplier: 0.85 (Shorter Taming) Wild Dino Food Drain: 1.25 (Faster Food drain for faster Taming!) {Misc} Crop Growth: 5 Custome Recipe Skill Multiplier: 1.25 Custom Recipe Effectiveness Multiplier: 1.25 Day/Night Speed: Default Cave flying/building is ON Friendly Fire is Enabled, BE CAREFUL! {S+ Settings} 35% Return rate on Grinder Max Return Rate of 10000 on Grind Beehive Watering at 35 Extended foundation support to 4 Min Wind for Turbine - 0 Larger pull radius Increased crafting speeds Increased container sizes {Player Stats Per Level} Health: 1.25 Stamina: 1.0 Oxygen: 1.0 Food: 1.0 Water: 1.0 Weight: 2.5 Melee: 1.25 Movement Speed: 1.0 Fortitude: 1.5 Crafting Skill/Speed: 1.25 {Player Base Stats "At Level 1"} Health: 3.0 Oxygen: 1.5 Weight: 3.0 {Dino Stats} Default ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DG's Ark Adventures Cluster! (NEW) Ark Adventures Cluster Mod List + IPs!! CLICK HERE! Game Mode: PvE Max Player Level: Default Max Wild Dino Level 300 /+76 Levels after Tame! TC Auto Rewards with plenty of packs to spice your game! Immersive Taming for a unique experience! 25% Bonus Imprint when taming! Dino Storage with plenty of new options to utilize storing dinos and saving space! Use Soul Terminals as Incubators, Egg Collectors, and Passive Collection from snails etc! Unique spawns for each map, bonus resource zones hidden throughout the cluster, wanna find them all? Promotes exploration! {Basic Rates} XP: x2 Harvest: x3 Taming: x5 Resource Respawn: 0.85 Oxygen Swim Speed Stat Multiplier: x1.25 Player Food/Water Drain: 0.85 Player Stamina Drain: 0.95 {Structure Rates} Structure Damage Multiplier x2 (Spike Walls are more effective) Structure Decay Off Turrets + Spikes ON platforms Per Platform Max Structures: 20,000 {Loot Quality} Supply Crate Quality: 1.5 Fishing Loot Quality: 1.5 {Decomp Times} Corpse Lifespawn Multiplier: x3 Global Corpse Decomp Time: x3 Global Item Decom Time: x3 {Breeding Stats} Hatch: 10 Maturation: 10 Lay Interval 0.75 Imprint Interval: 0.15 (Go for a Nanny for the BEST results!) Mating Interval: 0.5 Stat Scale Multiplier: 1.25 {Dino Settings} Dino Count: 1 Dino Decay Timer Off Dino Stamina Drain: 0.75 (Slower/Lower) Dino Health Recovery: 1.25 Wild Dino Food Drain: 1.25 (Faster Food drain for faster Taming!) {Misc} Crop Growth: 5 Custome Recipe Skill Multiplier: 1.25 Custom Recipe Effectiveness Multiplier: 1.25 Day/Night Speed: Default Cave flying/building is off {S+ Settings} 25% return rate on Grinder Max Return Rate of 2500 on Grind Beehive Watering at 25 Extended foundation support to 6 Min Wind for Turbine - 0 DisableGeneratorDuringStorm=True DisableElectronicsDuringStorm=True Larger pull radius Increased crafting speeds Increased container sizes {Player Stats Per Level} Health: 1.5 Stamina: 1.5 Oxygen: 1.5 Food: 1.5 Water: 1.5 Weight: 7.5 (75pts per level) Melee: 1.15 Movement Speed: 1.15 Fortitude: 1.5 Crafting Skill/Speed: 1.25 {Dino Stats} Default ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any of this is catching your eye, come join us! We also have other games besides Ark! Discord! - https://discord.gg/BxfyJsR
  20. Hello fellow Ark friends! Discord Link 500+ Members on our discord https://discord.gg/8MZEURQ [All Official Maps-Clustered | Full accession available] Ink Gaming Ark is a relaxed community that primarily focuses on breeding, longevity and boss fights. We offer a small variety of mods to improve quality of life game play but keep the game basics active. Each server consist of active admins and a community center to help get things started! We also at our community we love to do things together! We host events to bring everyone on all of our servers together! The only donations we take goes straight to our server provider and with that we give back to our donators with some little rewards! I have added some some pictures in a imgur album so you can see some of the events we have hosted in the past https://imgur.com/a/rLYdn48 Currently we offer Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, TheCenter, Scorched Earth and now Valguero! We don't wipe our PvE servers very often and when we do we offer you to be able to move to another part of the cluster and then move back when were done wiping the map! With that being said its been over a year since the last wipe of island just to give you a idea of our clusters! But also we do have auto decay on our building and dinos to help combat with the overhaul of people leaving for long periods of time and opening up new spots for people to build in location they want. You can find more info below about our auto decay rates. PvE Server Settings [- 30 Max Player Count for each map] [- 180 Max dino level (Difficulty 6)] [- 3x Experience] [- 6x Gathering] [- 5x Taming] [- 10x Hatching/Gestation] [- 15x Maturation] [- Boosted carry weight of both players and dinos (5.0)! [- Food and Water decreased] [- Flyer carry is enabled] Server Decay Rates [Thatch - 4 Days ] [Wood - 7 Days ] [Stone - 12 Days ] [Metal - 16 Days ] [Tek - 20 Days ] [Dinos - 7 Days ] Mods Editable Server Ui Structures Plus (S+) Platforms Plus Utilities Plus Eco's Rp Decor Eco's Garden Decor Naj's Speedy Flyers HG Stack Mod 5k Awesome Spyglass Hg Cryo Mod Pack {PvE} Server Links Island: steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) Aberration: steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) Extinction: steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) Ragnarok: steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) The Center : steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) Valguero : steam://connect/ (Daily restart: 10am US Eastern / 9am US Central) I hope to see some of you soon!
  21. Shattered Paradise - Ragnarok PVE - Great Community Reasonably Boosted Rates WELCOME TO SHATTERED PARADISE Shattered Paradise hosts a growing community on Ragnarok. Our current player base consists of about nine individuals who are all working together to create an environment in which everyone enjoys playing. We're working toward growing an economy with trading posts and deploy crate towers, we have regular weekly boost events to help with taming and harvesting, and we also have admin-hosted special events in which our community can take part to win special prizes! Shattered Paradise enjoys reasonably boosted server rates such as 6x taming, 3x harvesting, 10x egg hatch speed, and 20x baby mature speed. Many of our other settings are also adjusted for quality of life, and we have custom supply drops and Aberration and Extinction dino spawns. Engrams for Aberration are auto-unlocked at the required level to craft, and Aberration raw resources have been included in supply drop loot tables. OUR WELCOME CENTER provides new players with a safe haven in Viking Bay, protecting them from predators when they log off, and also providing them with the necessary crafting stations until they can move off the beach on their own. New players may also elect to receive a STARTER CARE PACKAGE when they first create their character, containing a few essential goods to make life easier on the Ark. We also have a Shattered Paradise DISCORD that can be used to communicate with the rest of the SP community, as well as keep up to date on server events and announcements. Our discord also has a record of all rules and regulations, as well as a place for players to make suggestions for future server changes. A full list of server settings can be found on our discord, but here's a summary of what you can expect on Shattered Paradise: - 6x taming -3x harvesting -slightly shorter nights -aberration and extinction spawns on Rag -20 pts of weight per level and 3 pts of fortitude per level -custom supply drop loot tables -8x egg hatch speed -10x baby mature speed -egg lay interval x2 -difficulty set at 6.5 -cave flying -cave building (3x damage in caves instead of 6x) -structures allowed at drops, and structures won't block drops -increased engram points per level So if you're looking for a reasonably boosted PVE server with a community that works together and plays together, Shattered Paradise is the place you want to be! Come join us now while we're still growing, and you'll have almost anywhere on Ragnarok to build your base! We are a CROSS ARK server, so Windows 10 users and Xbox One users are both allowed to join. To find our server, search for SHATTERED PARADISE make sure UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS is selected, and PASSWORD PROTECTED is unchecked. Make sure game mode and map are both set to ALL before you search. Please also join our discord server by clicking this link. Or following this URL -> https://discord.gg/AJVNcEd Hope to see you soon!!!!
  22. Hey there! Looking for a new chill server for you / your small crew? Not a fan of extreme boosts but don't have time to grind all day long either? Then this might be a cluster just for you! We prefer new ARK players and are willing to help on pretty much everything but also more experienced players are welcome as long as they can behave (; There's few things we expect from players that are looking to join: 1. Be dedicated! This cluster is not for players that only show up once a week to keep their dinos alive. All maps are currently restricted to 10 players max and to keep them crowded but still open for every user there's no room for passive players. If you still find this cluster very suitable for you but you just can't find time to play every day because of your work / family then you can always ask to join and settle down on unpopular maps such as Scorched. 2. Second one is pretty simple. Don't be a fool! The server has certain rules that you must follow! By using common sense you shouldn't have any problems. For example pillaring resource spawns, leaving tame traps all over the maps or building in the middle of the best metal farming areas is not acceptable! 3. We are trying to keep all the maps as free of lag as possible by monitoring the scale of bases. It's a PvE cluster so there's no point to build enormous metal boxes as bases. First of all they add lag and secondly we'd love to see very cool looking bases instead. We're also trying to reduce lag by giving every player a cryofridge and 10 cryopods once they have electricity. Here's couple images from a base we have on Scorched Earth (not our main base on the cluster) and it's a good example of the size we're looking for: 4. You gotta understand that you (or your crew) need to be able to survive by your own. There's no room for players on our tribe. All players are free to do any kind of trading. We do trading as well but not dinos except some exotic ones such as Rock Drakes, Wyverns and Griffins. We accept shotgun ammo and trophies as payment methods. If you don't have a friend and you know you get bored playing mostly alone then this cluster might not be the one for you! Main Server INFO: The main map is The Island. Our second server runs Extinction but it's currently restricted for only the most dedicated players. Our third server runs Scorched Earth. Fourth server runs Aberration and fifth server runs Ragnarok until Valguero is out! Difficulty is set as max (1.0). Max level of wild dinos is 150 and tek dinos 180 Some engrams are disabled since we've found them too helpful or not wanted: Handcuffs, all C4 stuff, Camera, Lance, Catapult turret, Chain bola, Basic/Cluster/Smoke/Poison grenades, Training dummy, War drums, Poison trap, Toilet, Bear traps, GPS ammo, Gravestone, Flaslight, Laser, Miners helmet, Sea mine, Mirror, Shag rug, Rocket turret, Painting canvas, Electric prod. Third person (except on dinos), crosshair, friendly fire, wild dino carry, and flying inside caves are turned off! Offline protection on Winter Wonderland is the main event which is on when there's no official events on. Rates: 2x XP 2x Harvest 10x Maturation/5x Hatch Speeds 2x Fish loot quality 2x Fuel consumption interval also some minor adjustments here and there... Modified stack sizes: Electronics, Pearls, Keratin, Chitin, Hide, Fiber, Thatch and Cementin Paste up to 1000 Angler Gel up to 200 Organic Polymer and Corrupted nodules up to 100 Raw prime meat, Raw Prime fish meat, Raw Mutton, Honey, Veggie Cakes and Wyvern Milk up to 10 Nameless Venom up to 5 So you made it all the way down and feel like this might be just for you? Then feel free to contact me through xbl (gt M4cex) by sending a message. The list of other specs/rules are given after you've been accepted. If there's any other questions please feel free to ask! - Make
  23. Doublee Gaming (formerly Doublee ARK) was formed in 2015 after playing Ark: Survival Evolved and not enjoying the officials so much (wanted more control and mods), so I decided to put up my own on a spare desktop. Weeks after I put up a crazy modified server and met some great people and things took off from there. Many of the Admins you see in Discord have helped build this community with me (a member created this Discord for me years back). Fast forward to now and we have new equipment donated for more games, donations to order new parts, host contests, donate to modders/devs, etc. We are looking good because of all the help (donation wall coming soon showing the contributors). This community is going strong because of the awesome people! Come join the fun We have a very active DISCORD (link on bottom) Server Names/Ports (IP Address is: Doublee ARK Valguero PvE [CrossARK] - Query Port: 27027 - Server Port: 7612 Doublee ARK Island PvE [CrossARK] - Query Port: 27021 - Server Port: 7602 Doublee ARK Ragnarok PvE [CrossARK] - Query Port: 27022 - Server Port: 7604 Doublee ARK Aberration PvE [CrossARK] - Query Port: 27023 - Server Port: 7606 Doublee ARK Extinction PvE [CrossARK] - Query Port: 27025 - Server Port: 7608 Doublee ARK Scorched Earth PvE [CrossARK] - Query Port: 27026 - Server Port: 7610 (offline - request if needed) Doublee Ark Eternal Ebenus Astrum PVE 1xp/2xH/5xT - Query Port: 28000 Server Port: 7900 Daily server restarts at 5:00AM EST-5:30AM EST all servers will restart 5 minutes apart. Clustered Server Settings: Difficulty: 150 Taming: 5x Harvest: Items are adjusted to communities requests. IE: Chitin 2x. Mejoberry 3x, etc (not OP) Player XP: 2x Mating Interval: 0.5x Egg Hatch Speed: 20x Baby Mature Speed: 20x Baby Food Consumption Speed: 0.5x Imprinting Stat Scale: 2x Cuddle Interval: 0.15x Cuddle Grace Period: 3x Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed: 0.1x Structure Decay Multiplier: 4.2x (with Auto Destroy Enabled) Dino Decay: 6.25x (with Auto Destroy Enabled) Decay Timers (This will result in the following decay periods): Thatch: 16.8 days Greenhouse: 21 days Wood/Adobe: 33.6 days Stone: 50.4 days Metal: 67.2 days Tek: 84 days Dinos: 50 days Mod Settings (INI Settings): Structures Plus: https://pastebin.com/du78h7B5 Ark Automated: https://pastebin.com/xLuAS43n Doublee ARK CrossARK Servers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1450838806 Doublee ARK Eternal Ebenus Astrum: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716353765 Doublee Gaming ARK Live Info/Map Site: (creatures/breeding/crops/etc): http://ark.doubleegaming.com N1njaAssas1n93, CanadianKat, Infernal_Aucard, Waremtae and ThunderGod97 (admins in all different time zones) Join us on Discord for Live Updates, Screenshots, Chats, Info, Links!! http://discord.doubleegaming.com or https://discord.gg/NeXDngC
  24. This is a 7 map cluster with TheIsland, TheCenter, Ragnorok, Extinction, Scorched Earth, Abberration and Valguero admin is active and you can feel free to voice your comments and suggestions on discord (link provided below) mods installed are S+, classic flyer, HG stack mod, awesome spyglass, offline gaurd system, level equalizer and breedable creatures bundle. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751433651 only attribute changes are increased weight in both dinos and players new addition ** cross server chat has been implemented PVP weekends will come in the coming weeks-these will be thr rules set forth for when that does happen (no griefing/trolling/meshing/camping bases waiting for player to log to attack.) auto engram unlock-er (learns as you lvl up) for any concerns or questions here is a link to our discord channel: https://discord.gg/9hMU9MY links to each server are posted in discord arkservers.net https://arkservers.net/1/name/asc/?term=tridentisle server hardware is personnaly owned by the admin and connected via gigabit internet connection (cluster isnt going anywhere anytime soon) happy arking and hope to see yall there
  25. Merric Gaming are a group of gamer's that are dedicated to making a friendly, helpful and enjoyable community! We currently run all 7 official ARK maps in a cluster and an ARK: event server and have one test ARK: PVP server and will be adding an ARK PVP cluster later this month(Aug 2019)! We will be adding more as and when needed. All our servers are modded and a list can be seen on our website https://merric-gaming.co.uk. We also have a Rust server and a Minecraft server up and running - check our website for details. Our setting have been setup to ensure taming and levelling do not take forever and we have set the maximum level for wild dinos to 240 for a little extra challenge. Join us and find out just how friendly and helpful all our players are by joining either from our website or from our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/AGUfUvh We pride ourselves on giving extensive help and advice to new players....
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