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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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  1. Our Team has been Hosting various Survival Games over the years, including a former ark server. We are all about quality of life changes because most of our playerbase are 18+ with kids and lives outside the game. Our Admins are very active and are here to help! Extinction Core Cluster Server IPs The Center EC: Shigo Islands EC: Discord: https://discord.gg/5nxRXV5 Cluster Server Settings & Rates: XP 4 Harvesting 4 Taming 10 Breeding 15 Half Stamina, Water and Food Drain Cap Survivor Level 150 (165 Shigo Islands Ascension), Wild Dino 150 Dinos Level up 150 times when Tamed Custom player stats per level Rates are all about having fun and removing most of the grind for casual players. These rates have been tested and approved by our community. Cluster Mods: Pariah Cluster By: NeroHiro These are the mods we use on the Pariah Ragnarok PvE Server of the Pariah Cluster Cluster Rules No Toxic Behavior - Overly Hostile behavior, general unpleasantness, trolling, etc. No Griefing - This includes Pillaring around the world/around resources, kiting bosses/dinos to bases, killing other survivors knocked out dinos, etc. No Racist or Discriminatory Chat Tolerated We don't mind swearing, just don't make it more than that. More in depth rules are available in the in game UI by hitting F5 Our Server consists of a PvE Cluster, so we are very welcoming of all types of players. We would like to have an environment that people can enjoy logging on everyday and experience new stories and beginnings together. Admins: Dawn (Ingame) 𝓓𝓐𝓦𝓝 (Steam) foxrider98 (Ingame) foxrider981 (Steam) Contact any admin on Discord for more information, do not rely on waiting in game, our admins do not play on just one server in the cluster.
  2. ★★★Triassic Period★★★ Click Here Aberration There is a public TEK transmitter at the Store location for easy access to all servers, so you wont be "stuck" on aberration. Or Add a server to your steam favorites, launch steam —-> Select ‘View’ (Next to ‘File’) —-> Click ‘Servers’ —-> Click the ‘Favorites’ tab —-> Click ‘Add Server’ at the bottom, then add the IP. Or You can join the Discord, and join directly from there. There are four servers on this cluster The Island (PvE) Ragnarok (PvE) Aberration (PvE) Crystal Isles (PvP) Click here for the ★Discord Channel★ ★Server Multipliers★ ►XP 10x ►Harvesting 5x ►Taming 10x ►Egg Hatch Speed: 50x ►Baby Mature Speed: 20x ►Crop Growth: 30x ►Food/Water Drain: 0.3 ►Player/Dino Heath Regen: 3x ►Supply Drop Quality: 1x ►Fishing Loot Quality: 1x ►Player/Dino Health Recovery: 3x ►100 Player Level ►150 Wild Dino Level ►No Tribe Limit ►All engrams learnable at level 100 (Except TEK) ★Mods Used★ Steam Mod Collection ★Aberration Mods★ ►WBUI►StackMeMore►Capitalism Currency►Capitalism NPC Trader►Structures (S+) ►Platforms+ ►Event Rewards►SEL Vision►Dino Tracker►Amazing Teleporters!►Dino Mind Wipe►Ticket Mod►Upgrade Station►Auction House►eco In Wonderland►eco's Aberration Décor►Dinosaur Treadmill Generator►Wardrobe Skins [PrimRP.com] ►More Aberrant Dinos ►Death Recovery Mod (v1.8.1) ►Anti Radiation Armor - Tek, Skins ►Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture ★Location★ Our servers are hosted in Eastern USA, but all players from all over the world are welcome. We have no region restrictions. We believe in a multinational and multicultural community with respect for other nationalities and religions. This is what we demand from our players too. We want to have fun with you and the game and this is what we will always working for!
  3. Triassic Period Click Here Ragnarok Store location is in Viking Bay Or Add a server to your steam favorites, launch steam —-> Select ‘View’ (Next to ‘File’) —-> Click ‘Servers’ —-> Click the ‘Favorites’ tab —-> Click ‘Add Server’ at the bottom, then add the IP. Or You can join the Discord, and join directly from there. There are four servers on this cluster The Island (PvE) Ragnarok (PvE) Aberration (PvE) Crystal Isles (PvP) Click here for the ★Discord Channel★ ★Server Multipliers★ ►XP 10x ►Harvesting 5x ►Taming 10x ►Egg Hatch Speed: 50x ►Baby Mature Speed: 20x ►Crop Growth: 30x ►Food/Water Drain: 0.3 ►Player/Dino Heath Regen: 3x ►Supply Drop Quality: 1x ►Fishing Loot Quality: 1x ►Player/Dino Health Recovery: 3x ►100 Player Level ►150 Wild Dino Level ►No Tribe Limit ►All engrams learnable at level 100 (Except TEK) ★Mods Used★ Steam Mod Collection ★Ragnarok Mods★ ►WBUI►StackMeMore►Capitalism Currency►Capitalism NPC Trader►Structures (S+)►Classic Flyers►Platforms+►Event Rewards►SEL Vision►Dino Tracker►Snappy Saddles►Amazing Teleporters!►Dino Mind Wipe►Ticket Mod►Auction House►Wardrobe Skins [PrimRP.com] ►Upgrade Station ►Death Recovery Mod (v1.8.1) ►OSM Admin ►Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture ★Location★ Our servers are hosted in Eastern USA, but all players from all over the world are welcome. We have no region restrictions. We believe in a multinational and multicultural community with respect for other nationalities and religions. This is what we demand from our players too. We want to have fun with you and the game and this is what we will always working for!
  4. Welcome to Smiggos Playpen modded ark cluster currently consisting of 2 servers Ragnarok and Scorched Earth Mods on server Extinction core Captialism and more Complete mod list Mod list Clustered 12h restart with automatic updates as needed Discord Map Ragnarok: Ragnarok Map Scorched Earth: Scorched Earth server Welcome
  5. NEW Ragnarok PVE server (PC) We need players 125 Slot no Lag Servers: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2008746 Settings: Experience = 100 Taming = 20x Harvesting = 10x Mods: Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Death Helper Dino Tracker No Collision Structures Awesome Teleporters! Ultra Stacks Automated Ark K9 Custom Stacks Size Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2 Classic Flyers Structures Plus (S+) Cross Aberration Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] Ultra Stacks
  6. Experienced server admin (1200+ hours on steam, 200+ xbox). New Stormsworn cluster map available on Ragnarok. Clean map with so much space to build! Hands off, but active admins playing alongside with no cheats unless bug fixes/ conflict resolutions needed asap. Ragnarok is a huge map and we would love more company! Server sitting at 10 players, but will throw it up to 20 or 30 for need. Currently clustered with the island, se, and center (eventually abb), but no dino downloads available for the first few weeks to keep an even playing field for all involved. No wipe, long running servers. Xbox cluster has been running for several months. A plethora of experience admining has lead me to these rates. They've proven to be low enough for a long running and difficult playthrough, but high enough to no be tedious. We DO NOT tolerate harassment and blocking of spawns/obelisks/etc. Absolutely no forests of pillars or anything else silly. Don't be a d*** is the one rule we will enforce. Everyone, small or large or solo tribes, should be able to have a fun server to play on. Find me on xbox at "Appnea" To find: search xbox server list, no password "Stormsworn Ragnarok- 2xp4harv6tame5egg10mature" ... just "Stormsworn" will bring up all clustered servers, including this. Dino Level 150 Server type, PvE Disabled Friendly Fire Corpse Locator, flyer carry, player map location enabled Rates: XP: 2 Harvest: 4 Taming: 6 Egg Laying: 5 Mating Interval: .5 Baby Maturation: 10
  7. I had always been told that kiting dinos into another persons base was a bannable offence. It recently had it happen to me and was able to record it and got a response "Hello Survivor, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. I am GM Fury and I will be addressing your issue today. I would like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to me about this issue. I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue with the players luring dinos into your base. As a fellow survivor, I know how heartbreaking this can be and how much time, effort, and love goes into each base and tame. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that customer support is able to take action on, due to internal policy. Being a mature rated, survival game where dinos can wander into a base at any time, we advise players to build defensive bases in order to prevent this from happening. I am again sorry that you have had to experience this. I am here for any further questions you have for me at this time. Sincerely, GM Fury Studio Wildcard" This is god news and bad news. bad news, I got kited and WC wont do anything about it. Good news is you can kite people and WC wont do anything about it. And invite the whole server to watch... Game on...
  8. They have 5x Rates with 15x Breeding and a few simple mods. We're running S+, Castles and Keeps, Eco RP Decor, Eco Garden Decor and a small stack mod. PvP is enabled, but to opt out please display white flags outside your base. RAGNAROK - https://arkservers.net/server/ Aberration! - https://arkservers.net/server/ TheIsland - https://arkservers.net/server/ These are servers for our community and group members to enjoy, so please feel free to suggest any mods or rate changes in our Discord. This can be found at bit.ly/Antigen Remember these servers are open to all, so bring your tribe!
  9. So the Asians have decided to use the European and American servers as their personal dino storage and I don't know about you, but I need dodo eggs for my Daeodons. 500 dodos a person should now be the goal.
  10. Chill Server Just come build, trade, and have fun. Do Whatever. ________________________________ GT: Ark Realm 24/7 PvE Server Full Stats: Here Website: Here ________________________________ Add the Account Join Game Through Profile ________________________________ Any issues message me on Xbox My personal GT is Dmor But DO NOT SPAM ME PLZ. _________________________________ 200 Mbps Average Internet Speed
  11. Map: The Ragnarok Server: PVELanguage: EnglishJoin our Discord: https://discord.gg/7MCRPjgDaily Restarts at 10 AM/ 8PM GMT+1- MaxPlayerLevel = 100- MaxDinoLevel = 150- Xp x10- Harvest x10- Taming x10- EggHatch x5- Breeding x5- MatingTimer 0.2-Fishing Loot Quality x3-Beacon Loot Quality x3-Player Stats Multiplier:* Weight x2* Speed x2* Fortitude x2* Crafting x2-Dino Stats Multiplier:* Weight x2* Speed x2General rules* Hacking/Using exploits/Duping is strictly forbidden.* No racist, sexist names/speak. No massive blame or insulting in global chat and discord also.* No replacement of gear dinos or any other ingame items in anyway. Admin will not spawn stuff ingame!No porting outside of any kind of stuck or bug situation. No help about fails that made you leave your own tribe.Building rules:* Do not block Obelisk, Pve-Caves or artifacts in any way.* Remove unused structures like spikes or taming boxes after taming.* Do not pillar/foundation or structure spam the world. If you spam its up to the admin to structure wipe your tribe.* Do not undermesh structures to block building or ressource spawns. Any undermeshed or undestroyable structure beside your basebuilding foundation will be removed by the admin. Do not glitch build into world borders, ground or air. Build legit!If you abuse undermeshing or glitch building its up to the admin to structure wipe your tribe. Take it serious.Violations may result in a temporary suspension or a permanent banMODS:S+http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991HG Multi Storage Box V2.4http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1211297684Editable Server UIhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924619115DinoTracker Classichttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1134646361Classic Flyershttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895711211Platforms Anywherehttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779897534Auto Run - Func+http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=801082391Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecturehttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764755314Omnicularhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538827119Platforms Plushttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719928795Dino Costumeshttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297026149eco's Tek Decorhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=816908578eco's Camping Decorhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926567353eco's Garden Decorhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880871931eco's Terrariumshttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880887081ecoTreeshttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=670764308HG Stacking Mod 5000-90http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849985437
  12. Hi, let me start off by saying thank you to Wildcard for making an awesome game and putting forth all the continued hard work into making new and improved content. One of the biggest problems i see in both pvp and especially pve is performance issues around large structures or bases housing hundreds and hundreds of dinos from the huge alpha tribes in pvp to the ever expanding bases built next to each other in pve. Each server will have countless plant/mechanical turrents and 100's of raised boss dinos as well as endless dinos for kibble. This will always contribute to the overall performance of each server. My idea is simple and hopefully Wildcard will take the time to read this. Ark should develop a "kibble farm" type structure that would look similar to the raptor pen in the first Jurassic Park movie. This would be a preshaped structure that you can build in different sizes similar to crop plots to house or upload medium, large to gigantic dinos into kinda like a transmitter that would collect eggs from all the dinos placed in there. By adding an Oviraptor you would increase the yield amount for the eggs and be able to pull them out to store them or let the egg count grow. The structure should be a fairly large but simple caged building with barbwire or bars running across the top area and a few dino animation like the Rex's head poping out every now and then or a bronto reaching his neck over to pick at a tree, what ever you want. Much like a transmtter you would be able to pull out any dino and place them back in any time you want without the timer of course. You would be able to create some kind of easy to make grain or nutritional supplement for the animals to eat that would last a long time so we are not constantly feeding them and this could act as the "feul or gas" this kibble farm would run off of I know that having this "kibble farm" will mean that every farm that is built would be like a personal cloud for each tribe and would result in huge memory consuption but imagine if you will how much that would improve server performance and stability and how easy it would be for ark to keep track of lost dinos if they were lost in the kibble farm. How much easier it would be to collect kibble and not build giant elaborate structures to house and collect the kibble from each of the dinos. How much room would be saved at each base and how having less populated basses would greatly decrease the lag or performance issues of each server. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I hope this sparks some kind of discussion on how this would help and benefit both the developers and the players.
  13. Hi! My name is Crysthamyr, and I run a 60-slot server called The Sanctuary, running Ragnarok from the eastern US. We are looking for more players all the time, and would love if you would join! We are a PvE server, with Extinction Core as our primary mod. Our server has SOME RP elements, but in no way is RP required. Simply put, currently, everyone has themselves divided into themed factions with characters. Again, this is not required but is recommended for server continuity. However, if you do decided to develop a 'story' of sorts to your character or faction, you might be given bonus stuff to start off with. There are 15 total mods, most of them for decoration or utility. You can find the mod list here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940168563 We are a friendly server that is very accepting of new players. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Steam or leave a question in this discussion, which I'll be monitoring for the next few days. To join, or for some other information, please visit http://the-sanctuary.arkers.io/ Thanks! Crysthamyr
  14. Server IP:https://arkservers.net/server/ Wipe ----- February 13th 2018Seattle ran server 40-80 pingMax players 10 (Will increase if it caps)PvE Map: RagnarokExp 1xResources 1.75xTaming 7xDifficulty offset 13x Eggs3x CropsIncreased player resilienceDecreased Dino exp by 300%Increased Engrams by 500%Dinos that knock you off mount are removed, also Cnidaria and Vulture is removed.Group is available on steam with regular announcementshttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/Darklore22ArkThis server is also white-listed, so you may or may not get kicked. I take this seriously, so if you cause trouble you will be banned.Rules:1-No griefing. The Admin is always watching (he has no life).1A-Do not drop wild dinos in bases, block resources, kill taming dinos.Working on more rulesPC specs of the server(Multiple Servers are using this PC)4xGTX 1080tiIntel Xeon E5 v3 8-core128gbs of ddr4 2400Samsung 850 Evo 4tb SSDEVGA SuperNOVA 1200 Platinum+10x All attributes is too much. You get to end-game in a couple hours and then it is boring. My settings are about the struggles to gain levels and survive. The games intent.
  15. I've always known it. But now it's actually bothered me. Ark: Survival Evolved freaking sucks. PvE doesn't work. PvP is too hard to start in. Solution? Rent your own server. This concludes my post. K'bye.
  16. The Event was active on all servers but the official EU 196 PVE server is not active the event
  17. pve Ark PvE [Vengecide]

    Ark PvE is a 20 slot server on Ragnarok. Its x10 harvesting and XP. And during the week its x4 mating, breeding, and taming and x8 on the weekends. Its designed to feel like a boosted official. The only rules i have is No pillaring other people so they cant expand their base and No building in caves there is more than enough space for everyone to build somewhere. Please take care of the server and dont make a mess out of it, nothing is more annoying than a giant castle left in the middle of nowhere taking up space thats not being used. Come join and have some fun.
  18. Hello everyone! hope you are all having a wonderful day. My name is Kane and me and 4 of my friends recently started up a laidback and friendly pve private server, its not littered with mods only "quality of life" mods, (S+ Building Mod & 2x Egg incubating/raising!) so please feel free to come and hangout on a quiet and laidback server! (T-Bones Ragnarok Adventure)!
  19. Dino transfer stuck

    Hello. My old friend gifted me some dinos. I uploaded them to the obelisk. Tried to download on my server, and I cant because server is capped. Tried to download back on his server, and I cant because its also capped... Does this mean the dinos will be deleted when their timer runs out?
  20. Hello Everyone! We've got a small server here with adult players looking for some more people to hang out with. We're currently running The Island & Aberration with 5x hatch/mature 3x xp/harvest and 3x taming. -Currently no mods installed. May consider some for Aberration. -The Island is non PvP - Max lvl 210 wild dinos. -Aberration has PvP on because a bunch of people asked. However most people do not want PvP so I'm gonna say it's allowed as long as both tribes agreed to it. If this gets out of hand I'm turning it off. Max level wild dinos are 150. -This is meant to be a friendly laid back place where we can play together, build, tame and have fun. As stated above most of us are adults with jobs and do not play all the time so with that said some rules to play by are as follows: -Do not take things that don't belong to you, I clear out bases that have been abandoned for over 2 months, if there are dinos left you can take them then. -PvP on Aberration is going to work like this: Screenshot the agreement to PvP with each other to save both your asses and not waste my time or don't PvP. Server Name: Llamasaur - Vanilla (the island) & Llamasaur - Aberration Discord is where we post server updates and stuff, if there's gonna be downtime for maintenance, etc. so please join us there! https://discord.gg/FJ828j5
  21. AltTabGamers ARK presents a fresh modded Ragnarok launch! Small community, friendly and helpful players. Read below for all the server details. [Feb 10 2018]: Ingame Day 1: Public server launch. ════─────────────────────════ █ TL;DR Overview: █ ════─────────────────────════ Ingame MMO style Auction House! Tek Gear at lvl 95 with no boss fights. DLC content without needing DLC. ALL DLC engrams. DLC Custom dino spawns from other maps. Extra Engram points per level. Custom useful supply drops. PvE first and foremost, with 'Lite' optional PvP during night hours, Full base and dino protection available for PvE players. No wipes or resets without player votes. Low rates for a slowpace gamestyle [2xT|1xXP|1xG]. Find lost dinos with trackers. Get corpse items back with gravestone. Max Dino level 150. 75 Slot. How to Connect: ════─────────────────────════ Be sure to subscribe to mods listed below before hand, to insure easy connection. Quick sub mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293393858 -One click quick join: http://alttabgamers.com/ark.htm -Or search ATG in server listing. While ingame press F1 for rules and info. ════─────────────────────════ █ TS;WM Overview: █ ════─────────────────────════ SERVER INFORMATION: We believe a servers heart is its player base. A server with no players is just lonely code running on a box. The player base is the breath and life of the server. All player feedback is taken into consideration as we think the players experience and fun is the core intent. ── AltTabGamers has over a decade of experience running various MP game servers, so rest assured the server will not reset or go offline in 2 weeks time at the whim of the admins. Also no worry of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wipes: With the slow rates and build times, wipes will not happen for months at a time, and then only happen with majority player votes. SERVER HIGHLIGHTS: ════─────────────════ Core info: No needed DLC purchase to access content. ALL DLC engrams available. ALL DLC materials collectable. Custom dino spawns: Scorched Earth, Aberration, & missing Island dinos spawn. Tek Info: No Boss kills needed for Tek Unlocks. All Tek Gear unlocks at level 95, with element lootable in supply crates. You got to level 95 at 1xXP you earned it! Core tweaks Info: Increased engram points per level. Custom supply crate table overrides: primitive to ascendant items. No more water jug and crop plot BPs. Custom stacks: Larger stacks and 1/2 weight. Night time 1/2 length. Max dino level 150. Optional PvP Info: We aim to make a PvE main focus, with friendly PvP 'just an optional added element' to the game. Not an effort in frustration for some, as the more powerful players demean the less/not PvP focused players. People found in clear violation of these rules will be advised, repeat offenders banished from the map. Safe Zones: Able to request your tribes base area be a PvP safezone. Passive Protection: All dinos set to passive are unable to be killed after a cooldown timer. Night time is more dangerous. PvP Schedule from Midnight to 5 AM in game time. Daytime is PvP disabled. Unless at war, PvP restricted to player kills only. Offline raid protection. Optional mutually agreed tribal warfare. All is fair game 24/7 when in a tribe war. but BOTH sides must agree to the war. MODS: ════─────────────════ To make life easier overall 'Quality of life' mods are installed to make the game less tedious such as: Finding lost dinos and recovering corpse items, but still slow paced enough to enjoy the progress as it comes. To ensure hassle free connection to server, the following collection has all the mods we use: Simply tell it to subscribe to all. Quick sub mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293393858 List of mods: Auction House Structures Plus (S+) DLC Engrams Anywhere Death Recovery Mod PvP Safe Zones v2 Protected Passives Survival Drop Dino Tracker Configurable Stack Mod Readable Signs Aku Shima RWT Standalone SpotLights SERVER SETTINGS: ════─────────────════ 100 Dinos per tribe. Map location thumbtack. Crosshairs. 2x Tame speed. 1x EXP amount. 1x Harvest amount. 1x Structure decay. 1x Egg laying. 2x Platform limit. Platform Turret Allow. 0.75 Player Food/Water Drain. Auto save interval: 5 Minutes. Wild dinosaur cap: 150. Voice chat is proximity, typing is global. BattlEye and VAC.
  22. Hi there, as of next Saturday we will be opening up our island pve server to new players. The server is part of a 5 map cluster, but only the island will be available to join to start with. We have an active player base from across the world so there is usually someone on to help or trade with. We have sensible rates at 4x taming, 3x harvesting and 2x xp. We have regular events with boosted rates that tend to last a week so that people everyone can enjoy them. If your interested in joining a relaxed pve environment where building and breeding are encouraged then drop me a message on psn - chunk1664 Hopefully see some new people soon Edit. Meant to add these servers have been prepaid for a year and will not be going anywhere
  23. SERVER SPECS Server name: MD Ark Ragnarok Server Category: Unofficial PC Session Server Map: Ragnarok Server Host: Nitrado 24/7 Current Server Player Slots: 10 (Player slots will increase as server becomes more populated) Server Admin: 1 - xMaleficDragonx CrossPlay: Enabled Structure Placement Collision: Disabled (buildings/structures can clip into terrain and other buildings/structures) Auto Restart: Enabled: 5 AM PST daily (with warning countdown) Cluster Server: MD Ark Aberration *** Tek Engrams unlock automatically starting at level 100 (this perk is currently being added)*** DINO DETAILS Dino Max Level Wild Spawn: 150 (reg), 190 (wyverns) PLAYER DETAILS Server Type: PVE Offline PVE Timer: Enabled Tribe Tame Limit: 500 Tribe Player Limit: 50 Friendly Fire: Disabled Respecs Allowed: Unlimited Player Location on Map: Shown Corpse Locator: Enabled (beam of light on body/bag) ** If you want the new player character boost to level 100 just ask for xMaleficDragonx ** PERSONAL BOOSTS XP Multiplier: 5X Harvest Multiplier: 5X DINO BOOSTS Taming Speed: 5X Dino-Health-Regen Multiplier: 10X Dino Mating Interval: 0.001X (Decreased waiting time in between breeding) Dino Egg Lay: 4X Dino Egg Hatch Speed: 10X (This also affects Gestation timers) Dino Baby Mature Speed: 10X Dino Baby Cuddle Interval: .0625 (Imprint every 30 minutes) OTHER BOOSTS Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 3X Crop Growth Speed: 3X Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: 15X SERVER RULES #1. No griefing players, tames, or bases. This is NOT A PVP server, we have a cluster Aberration server for that. You may request a Tribe War, but if the war is declined you must leave them alone and move on. #2. Anyone caught griefing players, tames, or bases with sufficient evidence (video, screenshot, etc. with clear shot of gamertag) will be WARNED and/or BANNED either temporarily or permanently depending on degree of offense. *** If you would like to help financially ($) support this server, download the Nitrado app through the Xbox or Microsoft store, open the app and select the Boost tab shaped like a rocket ship, then enter the code below into the box in the Nitrado app and select the boost you wish to contribute. ** Players who donate server game time will be rewarded with points that may redeem special or high level dinos and gear: Server Boost Amount Points Rewarded Small Boost 5 pts Medium Boost 25 pts Large Boost 50 pts X-Large Boost 100 pts Boost Prizes Points Needed Choice MC BP (1) 20 pts Choice ASC BP (1) 30 pts Choice 150 Tamed Dino Custom Color (1) 40 pts Choice 150 Pair Dinos Custom Color (1) 50 pts Choice 190 Tamed Wyvern Custom Color (1) 75 pts 150 Tamed Rock Elemental Custom Color (1) 75 pts 150 Tamed Phoenix Custom Color (1) 100 pts **To claim boost rewards send message to the admin, once boost has been verified you will receive reward.** Server Boost code is: oa1rr2og (OA1RR2OG all lowercase) If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this server please message my gt: xMaleficDragonx Edited Monday at 10:27 AM by xMaleficDragonx
  24. First of all..... DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT NAG FOR STARTERS, we will not be doing starters. sometimes you might join on a lucky day where the shop has some free dinos for grabs, or super cheap dinos, but don't nag for starters. if you keep nagging we WILL ban. Welcome to Arkatar! Please go to https://www.facebook.com/ArkatarTSWS/ for more on our rules and such. Rules and info can be found in the pinned post so i suggest you go and read them before even thinking of joining us fully. we have breeders available on server if you need colors/stats/so on and feel just a little bit too lazy to get them yourself. Ducky (me) is a color breeder, Chibi (admin) is a stat breeder. Garvis is also our other admin; he also breeds, i think he does both i'm not sure. Arkatar is a boosted server which provides; fast tame, fast breed/hatch/mature, boosted gathers, boosted stats, infinite weight, extra levels, events and much more. The server will have a a shop and things to buy with ingame currency which will be resources, trade, so on so on. we have a fully built communal area at green ob, the blue and black gates are unlocked for people to come in and out safely; there are several brontos with turrets for YOUR protection from wild dinos; so please do not attempt to kill them AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING; close the gates behind you . wandering rhinos are also present, do NOT hit them or they will attack you. we have 3 admins, do NOT ask for admin rights; you will be told no. do NOT ask to join admin tribes, the answer will be no. Aberration Rockdrake will only be available to buy via 3k Black Pearls along with another resource of random amount or type; which only the admins get to decide on. the prices vary and will increase depending on numbers in a persons tribe. alliances will now be allowed. survivor/dino downloads will not be allowed. CrossPlay is allowed. play fair with use of the communal area. We don't want to give out so many things from Aberration in large quantities like rockdrakes, certain tames will NOT be allowed to buy (example; things like alpha rap/rex, reapers, bosses). we will breed smaller Aberration creatures if you really want; but their sell currency is usually Black Pearl, so keep this in mind when you want to buy. We're doing this because we don't want the server overloaded with cross map creatures, as it could cause more lag, but also want to get people focussed on doing things and keeping the server active by getting what they need to buy a tame. more info will be added to the Arkatar facebook page when i have time to do so. yeah, have a good read and the pinned post please to see if you feel that this server is for you. we want to run this as a community so server meetings are going to be happening; a notice will be put up in game when a meeting is about to happen and where so... if you want to hear what the meeting has to say you will need to come to us and join our party chat momentarily but please DO NOT SCREECH, SING OR TALK STUPIDLY LOUD DOWN THE MIC, also... do NOT constantly talk over the admins when they're talking during the meeting. You will have your chance to talk when we ask for your views and opinions on things and we want everyone who enters the meeting to have a turn at their say. If you wanna be loud and annoying you'll be removed from the party. For anyone who misses the meetings I will be making a point of posting on the facebook page about what the meeting was about to keep everyone updated so please join the group or save the page and check regularly for any news and updates. (time between posts will vary, so don't think we're dead if we don't post anything for a while). We'll also feature your bases/tames with snapshots and post them up on the page too if you want others to have a look! We'd love to expand our image gallery a little to find us, in your ark search menu change the filter to PC sessions and type in [EU]ArkatarTSWS to find us. we are currently a 10 slot server. ANYONE WITH PVE IN THEIR TRIBE NAME IS TO BE LEFT ALONE. Please make sure you read the rules in the pinned post; don't like it? go somewhere else instead of being a butt, all you'll do is get banned and whatever you've done can be undone with a quick and simple backup from our nitrado save files so being a humongous butt and trying to destroy everything really won't work for you. if you decide to attack an admin base; i have no say against what they want to do to you in return. and guys, please be at LEAST 16 years of age with MANNERS.... no one wants a bad mouthed kid causing issues or being disrespectful to others. if you're younger than 16 and have manners then by all means, feel free to join us; just know we will most likely be a semi age suitable server which means sometimes it might not be child friendly and we want to avoid any good mannered children seeing what the older people could be saying while admins are away and unable to keep a watch on the activity. EVENTS WILL HAPPEN when we have a steady amount of attention coming in to the server (available player slots may upgrade to more in the future). please refer to the facebook link at the top of this forum post to see more on what events we currently have, what arenas we have, and so on so on. our image gallery has some snapshots of the community area and what building is what. you can earn rewards from events such as tames, items, or even points (will be supplied in resources) to use to buy from the shop after events or to save up for something better.
  25. Map: The Island Taming: 5x Harvesting: 5x XP: 1000x Hatching and maturing: 50x (Rex takes about 2 hours) Max Dino level: 180 Slightly boosted loot crates, better drops Nitrado Hosted This is a brand new server. We currently have 3 players, and we can take 7 more players for now. If we receive donations (not required) we will add slots as well as maps. We will have events, a community center, and 2 active, helpful admins. There may be changes in the future, such as optional pvp weekends. Message either of the following GTs: Steak Happy or Great Homeless