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Found 1720 results

  1. Cosmic Dream Ark Server Location: NA IP: Map: Ragnarok PVE 60 slots 20x Tame 20x Experience 10x Gather Faster breeding and incubating Max player level: 100 (Able to get all engrams) Max Wild Dino: 750 Low population as of now, plenty of places to build. Brontos and Titanosaurs are untamable due to the potential lag they can cause when used. This server so far has no lag and we'd like to try to keep it that way to make it a better playing experience for everyone. Mod List: Discord:
  2. MASTERS of RAGNAROK is a PvPvE server. We strive to cultivate a friendly community that welcomes new players and accommodates different styles of gameplay. Features ORP2 for offline raid protection. Balanced server economy, supporting a variety of trades. PvP Safe Zone at Jinx Point Market, in Viking Bay. Player-supported trading, with a variety of Player Trader tables. An active admin with a focus on game balance and community. Server Details Map: Ragnarok Connection URL: steam://connect/ IP Address: Mods: 8 Multipliers: x6 Tame Speed, x3 Crafting XP, x2 Harvesting XP, x1 Killing XP, x3 Egg Hatch Speed, x3 Baby Mature Speed, x3 Custom Recipe Effectiveness, x2 Player Harvesting Max Tribe Size: 5 Survivors Tribe Tame Limit: 100 (boats included) Structure Decay: Enabled Dino Decay: Disabled Timezone: Pacific Standard Age Requirement: 18+ Server Policies By playing on MASTERS of RAGNAROK, you acknowledge and accept the following policies. Be respectful. No racism, sexism, or other hateful nonsense. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Saddles for flying beasts are uncraftable (but are available at Jinx Point Market). Never raid the same base more than once per week. Never restrain someone (i.e. handcuffs, traps, and cages) for longer than 30 minutes, and never more than once per week. Do not build near cave entrances, obelisks, or crate drops. Losses due to game glitches will not be compensated. Report policy violations to the Policy Violations discussion thread. Policy violations may result in warnings, property destruction, and/or blacklisting. Server Reboots The server usually reboots twice a day. Once at 12 noon (PST), and whenever Studio Wildcard pushes updates (usually around midnight). Larger updates may increase wait times. Stay alert, stay alive.
  3. (18+ONLY) (MIC REQUIRED) Hi all ARK survivors! I'm Cookiewife92 and I'm hosting a mature, friendly, community based 24/7 PVE server with my husband on the Center map XB1. There is no admin abuse on the server. Monthly, Weekly, and Holiday community events are in rotation. Hatching/Gestation, Maturation, Gathering, Breeding, Taming, Xp, Stats for both wild and tamed dinosaur well as players are all boosted, BUT NOT BY MUCH! (X2-X3) There is absolutely NO TROLLING, NO GRIEFING, NO STEALING, NO PILLAR SPAMMING allowed on the server. Anyone who breaks these rules will be banned without questions asked. Tribe wars are enabled for all you PVE fans who need a little player VS player action, without the risk of bothering other tribes who want to just chill and build peacefully. Children are not allowed on the server under any circumstances. I personally have nothing against kids, I love kids, but sadly everytime kids come around we have loads of problems. Over the three years of playing ARK. Time and time again I give them chance after chance and everytime it turns out badly, so no more. Sorry boys and girls! So if your interested in joining the server please contact me -Cookiewife92- or my husband -Beetz Tha Don- for a party invite. I would advise to try messaging him first or getting in contact with him first since he is on and around xbox more than i am. Hope you enjoy and Happy Huntings! xoxo <3
  4. Discord: We have quite a few servers. We intend to keep most of our servers online well into 2018, so don't worry about us randomly closing down. We will be adding the Aberration DLC to our cluster when it releases. Transfers will be closed for the first month or two to ensure it is a fresh experience. Our servers have a very friendly and cozy atmosphere where people help one another. If that's your thing, definitely stop by! We're quite active on discord. We won't tolerate griefing, harassment, racism, bigots, trolls or anyone who taints the vibe of our servers with negativity. Our servers have custom boss drops (more balanced, with an RNG aspect for more element or a small chance for tek blueprints). We also have balanced beacons and crates, so none of that water jar or crop plot non-sense every time you make a dart for one. Note: These servers use a password to show us that you read this post and acknowledge our rules. Joining Discord is a requirement as this lets us keep track of who is inactive since we do regular clean ups in order to keep things fresh and to avoid full map wipes. We also post important updates on discord. Server Location: North America Founded: May 2017 Passwords: Join our discord and check the cluster-info channel under the servers. ( Clustered Servers The Island: Scorched Earth: Ragnarok: (Our most active server. If you intend to build here, please make sure you read our building rules.) Cluster Multipliers (We have a weekend bonus event with boosts to XP, Taming and Breeding) Experience = 3x Taming = 3x Harvesting = 3x Difficulty = Level 1-150 wild dinos Egg Hatching = 5x Maturing = 6.5x (You will get 100% imprint most of the time if you put in the effort or you can check out our Baby Premium Care mod) Cuddle Interval = 0.55 Night Speed = 1.5 Server Settings (Join Discord for more detailed information) Cave Building = Enabled Flyer Carry = Enabled (Read the rules below) Third Person Mode = Enabled Crosshairs = Enabled Friendly Fire = Disabled Floating Damage Text = Enabled Map Location = Enabled Battleye Anti-Cheat = Enabled Dino Decay = Disabled Structure Decay = Disabled Cluster Mods (To avoid time outs, click this link and scroll down to subscribe to all ACM Admin Bomb Advanced Rafts ARK Fog Remover Armour Stand (Island, Center, Ragnarok) Baby Premium Care Bionic Giga (Island, Center) Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture (Center, Ragnarok, SE) Classic Flyers Craftable Tribute Terminal Death Recovery Mod Dino Tracker eco's Garden Decor eco's RP Decor (Ragnarok, SE) eco's SE Decor eco's Shoppe Decor (SE) eco's Stable Structures and Decor ecoTrees Medieval Props (Center, Ragnarok) Medieval Structures (Center, Ragnarok) Mindwipe Classic Ozocraft (Center, Island, Ragnarok) Pet Finder Pimp My Home (Island, Ragnarok, SE) Platforms Plus (Island, Ragnarok) Rainbow Unicorn Mod (Island, Center, Ragnarok) Resource Stacks Reusable Plus Scorched Earth Resource Stacks Structures Plus Super Spyglass Ticket Mod Unlock Hairstyles and Emotes Wooden Hanging Bridge (Island, Center, Ragnarok) (Paste this to subscribe to all mods) Much quicker than downloading them normally. Loading time is between 3-5 minutes but we will our variety in mods makes it worth it. Rules (Must Read) 1) We won't tolerate harassment, racists, trolls, bigots or anyone who taints our servers with negativity. 2) No overcrowding huge amounts of dinos. If you notice lag or have 150+ dinos in one small area then it's best that you build another area a short distance away. Kibble farms only require 2-3 females with our settings. Anything more will drive up your dino count. 3) No walling off massive areas, like a chunk of the map. Walling isn't a big deal if you're working on an area, but let's keep things reasonable. 4) Make sure your base is out of the render distance of other bases. We don't want to get complaints that you're too close to another base. 5) Do not spam foundations and pillars all over the map. It's acceptable if you're actively working on a base. 6) Do not block resource nodes (3+ nodes) or beaver dams. 7) Do not build on Skull Island (Center), the Volcano (Island), the Floating Islands Ruins (Crystal Isles or the Patreon Temple (Ragnarok). 8) Do not block access to caves or build in caves containing artifacts. 9) Do not pick up other players or drop dinos into other player's bases without permission. Report all accidents! 10) Do not build your base too high (into the sky) or block off huge areas for smaller bases. 11) If you think your area is on a spawn or if you get complaints, please unlock a gate or two. 12) Use the appropriate chat channel depending on whether you're discussing details with your tribe or have something to say on global. 13) We have a strict rule of 1-2 oil veins per tribe on Ragnarok and SE, since veins are limited. 14) If you start building a base and then quit, or if you take a long break, please let an admin know! 15) No fast travel beds scattered all over the map. I know these are convenient, but it creates a mess when everyone does it. 16) When abandoning tames in the wild, please make sure you dispose of them properly so they aren't wandering around the map. For other detailed info, join our Discord and check our Servers category.
  5. Hey survivors, just wanted to share our new server, Vikings of ARK. PvE is the focus, but casual role-play is welcome as well. Below is the mod list as well as discord link. S+ Structure Mod,Unlock Haircuts and Emotes, HG Stacking Mod, Classic Flyers, Medieval Props, Bridge Mod Discord:
  6. Dino Nuts PVE Cluster Server We are proud to offer a friendly, mature and diverse PVE community for you to join. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say hello, you will be greeted with a nice warm welcome. If you need help in game, just give us a shout in-game or on Discord and the community would be more than happy to help. We have 4 servers running – The Island, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok with an events server. Events We host regular events on our ARK servers that take into account everyone's interests. We offer events such as dino racing, group boss killing (across all servers), build off, maze runner, Survival of the Fittest, raid boss, call of the wild, the four horsemen and more! Our events calendar can be found at Our server rates - 5x Taming - 2.5x Gathering - 2.5x XP - 2x The number of eggs - 10x All Breeding Numbers - Longer Days - Level 300 Max Wild Dino - Custom Config Bosses & Loot Drops Mods we are running - Rawr Stacks / Scorched Stacks - Structures Plus - ARK Advanced 10 - Omnicular - Utilities+ - Titus Healing Mod - Pet Finder - Castles, Keeps and Forts - Bulk Crafters - Pillars Plus Our dedicated server specs CPU: Intel i7-6700k 4.2GHz (4 cores / 8 threads) RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz SSD: 480GB Additional information We have multiple friendly admins on hand to assist you in all timezones, our website comes complete with an events calendar, connection information, vote rewards, ticket system and a stats page to track all information such as how many of each dinos are on the map and other player information. Connection Info The Island Scorched Earth Ragnarok Discord Warpaint on, spears at the ready, it's time to get down and dirty with ARK!
  7. Boa Tarde, estava pensando em como a WD recompensar os players antigos que ajudaram, poder transferir dinos dos servers antigos para os novos, claro que não todos mas tipo 5 ou 10 dinos por player, o que acham
  8. One of the ideas i have come up with is behemoth walls what are your ideas.
  9. Come and join a friendly and fun server. Currently only me and my friend on a 15 slot Ragnarok PVE server so plenaty of space for new players looking for a friendly and peaceful server to join. If it becomes popular we will look to increase the server slot size or instead add in more small servers so as to keep this a small cosy community Minimal Mods on the server as of right now these mods are: Omnicular Structures Plus Small Resource Stacks AB Ecos Trees and Eco's Tek Decor. Mods will be kept minimal on this server as it's a Survival vanilla server with minimal mods. Other server stats * PVE just your average friendly trading community * Breeding stats adjusted so still a challenge and something to work towards but quite a bit quicker than on official. Am currently still testing this on the server but just finished breeding a baby bronto at max level and achieved a full imprint of 100%. Settings as follows: BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMuliplier=1.0 BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=6.2247 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.25 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier=7.0 BabyCuddleLoseImprintQualitySpeedMultiplier=0.0 * Corpse Locator Activated * Leeches Removed so there can be no trolling through passing diseases. (You can still get a decent amount of leech blood from the ice worms cave for fishing.) * Egg laying Intervals increased so you can find eggs easier * Corpse Decomposition increased so you have more time to find your bag/body * Harvest Health = 4.0 * Harvest Amount = 3.0 * XP Multiplier = 3.0 * Map Player Location Enabled * Server Crosshair Enabled * Oxygen Swim Speed =3.0 * Taming Multiplier x10 * Flyer Carry Enabled * Item/Survivor Uploads Enabled * NoClip enabled on vanilla buildings so you can build straight into walls/unbreakable rocks etc! * Crate Spawns can still spawn on top of structures (Hence people can't destroy a spawn point to taunt others) * Hit Markers Enabled *AdminLogging Enabled * Amount of structures allowed on platforms increased I have no plans to wipe this server anytime in the near future! Only time it would be wipped is if something really got corrupted on the server and was unable to be fixed! Come and Join our friendly server! We are happy to help you out and are located in the cave I think near the Jungle Spawn point 2. We are happy to help you out and get you started with a starter pack to help get you on your way. Coordinates are 21.0 Latitude, 24.0 Longitude. If we aren't on feel free to log off in this area and one of us will put items plus an unclaimed trike with saddle next to you! Any items will be put on your body. If you are on feel free to say hi in the chat to see if one of us are on and able to help you out. If no response we probably aren't currently online. As said server was only wiped on the 22nd of the 8th 2017 due to the fact that official release is coming up and people may like to have a fresh clean friendly server to start on! Look forward to seeing you on the server! Will be fun! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask them below! Am happy to help you out. Server name is Ark of Dragons! Hope to see you there EDIT: Sorry had to wipe again due to bonus engram levels constantly screwing up! SO had to remove bonus engram points! Currently waiting for the server to be reset to readd all settings again! Hopefully this is the last wipe getting this server running
  10. PvP Weekends Friday-Sunday PvE Weekdays Monday-Thursday Harvesting, EXP gain, Baby Maturing and taming are turned up to allow for a faster build, or rebuild, during PvE times Those settings are reduced during PvP Dino wipes happen pretty frequent but a forewarning always goes out. Special events are a work in progress at the moment but they are coming. Admins are here to enjoy the game. We do not PvP. We do not Raid. We expect our stuff to be unraided in return. When adding the server please Just add friend. DO NOT send the server messages. They are not read. Serverer name is HyperSquishy PvP Settings Difficulty 10 Exp multiplier 1,5 Taming 4 Dino harvest 2 Harvest 3.7 Dino Count .7 Egg lay interval .3 Mating interval .1 Egg hatch 12 Baby mature 7 Tames stats per level Health 1.9 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Speed 2 Tamed Add per level Health 2 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Tamed Dino Affinity Health 2 Damage 4.5 Speed 2 Player Stats per level Health 2.5 Stam 3 Oxygen 10 Weight 10 Speed 2 EXP Multiplier Kill 1.5 Harvest 1.5 Craft 1.5 Supply Crate loot 3 Fishing loot 6 Cave damage 1 PvE Settings Difficulty 10 Exp multiplier 10 Taming 10 Dino harvest 2 Harvest 10 Dino Count .7 Egg lay interval .3 Mating interval .1 Egg hatch 15 Baby mature 15 Tames stats per level Health 1.9 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Speed 2 Tamed Add per level Health 2 Stamina 1.5 Weight 10 Damage 1 Tamed Dino Affinity Health 2 Damage 4.5 Speed 2 Player Stats per level Health 2.5 Stam 3 Oxygen 10 Weight 10 Speed 2 EXP Multiplier Kill 10 Harvest 10 Craft 10 Supply Crate loot 3 Fishing loot 6 Cave damage 1
  11. Title explains everything. all people "Selling boss runs" cant even be added or contacted. to be clear, I am looking for someone that is doing Dragon (Beta) or (Alpha) I have 50 rex's all 15k / 525 born waiting if someone as artifacts and doesn't want to risk their rex's I will risk mine; saddle doesn't matter as soon as get "stuck" its gameover for the dragon, I have had a lot of friends joining people now with 10 rex's 10 players and have stuck it, so it all depends on location of rex and looking up ofcourse, am online 20/7 with rex's at disposal. steam name ; [email protected]
  12. We've recently moved from a PS4 Dedicated to a PC-hosted server and we're looking to boost our numbers! Open to anyone from newbies to experts! Our server is usually Password Protected but for now we have it Public. 3.5x Taming 3.5xGathering 6x Hatching 20x Maturing Player stats are slightly boosted but balanced. All of our admins are very active and are always up to help out players who need it. We have events frequently to keep the server fun and are planning to open up a Cluster soon! Currently our map is set to Ragnarok. We have cave building and terrain clipping allowed, to let you guys to build the coolest bases possible! Our only rules are No Griefing and No Stealing. Server name: MostinkyArk24/7 When Private password is: mostinkyark Let me know if there are any questions, or contact my PSN Meulin33
  13. Hi. I have a small server that I want to cluster with others that think like me. My server is with boosted drops (x2.5) and lowered water (0.6) and food consumption. As admins we do not abuse power or interact with world in any way. Just taking care of abusive players and griffers. I'm hoping to find other admins like me that have servers with maps other then The Island. Please PM me for details and propositions. Thanks
  14. Chilled PVE server looking to repopulate after wipe. we have it on prim+, not for everyone I know but some like it. Scorched Earth engrams will be exchanged for the required resources by the regular admins. No-Nonsense PVE, trolling, griefing etc is not tolerated. Its chilled here, for fun only. Game Stats xp - 2 taming - 5 hatch - 6 baby grow - 100 harvest - 2.5 Baby grow s fast and enough for full imprint Player Stats - (actual increase) health - 250 stam - 250 oxygen - 500 weight - 800 damage - 25 speed - 15 fortitude - 200 Server GT is D1NOTOPIA Host is TackierFlunky64 Mine (admin) is AllottedTax Host friend accept is required and may take time due to work commitments. Message me with any questions (AllottedTax)
  15. GibsArkServer is a Canadian based 24/7 PVPVE Ragnarok server. It has slightly boosted rates for those who don't want to struggle of officials but also don't want things to be too easy. We are currently hosted on an xbox but as soon as pc servers come available we will be switching to that. We are now a PVP/PVE set up, tribes that wish to be PVE only should put PVE in their Tribe Name. Tribes that break this truce with be severely punished. PVP will occur on Saturday and Sunday ESTt. The rest of the week will be PVE. PVE tribes will be protected from ALL PVP no matter what day it is. -------------------------- Rates: Taming: 3x Harvest: 3x Experience: 1.25x Dino Conumption: 1.55x Egg lay interval: .12 Mating interval: .1 Maturation: 40x Egg Hatch: 80x Rules: Don't build in artifact caves or ruins. No excessive pillars, this is causing lag on the server. Be good to others, even in the name of sport No massive bases. Ragnarok is a difficult map to run on xbox anyways due to the massive size, adding huge bases only strains the server further and causes it to lag and crash. Players are limited to one big base and an outpost to prevent spamming of the map. ------------------------------------ As you can see we highly encourage breeding on this server, finding that trade between tribes is incredibly fun. We plan on creating an outpost for newbies to get started with tools and clothing, as well as a marketplace once the nitrado servers are up. Events are happening even as we speak.There was recently a horde survival event! Last tribe standing against the packs of dinos wins! Upcoming will be a scavenger hunt in the underground cave, filled with dinos and threats-- make it to the end to win a handsome prize! *This Saturday is the wyvern hunt-- find and kill the odd-colored wyvern, provide proof to the admin, and you receive a 185 lightning wyvern egg, the milk to raise it, and admin command colors of your choice.* Every Saturday there will be a hunt for an odd-colored dino, and if you tame it then it's yours! If you are interested in joining simply add GibsArkServer and hop on to play! You can also add the admins TheLitRival, xLokiira (me!), or lordgibmaster if you have any questions or concerns.
  16. US DEDICATED SERVER - Hosted in Chicago! No Lag! STEAM PUNK MOD & Scorch Earth Dinos! Active & Fun & Mature Admins - Do not Abuse Players! Server website: Server info: PVE Server - No Wipes - Long Term Server Map - Ragnarok Server Slots - 50 Server IP - EXP Rate - x10 Taming Rate - x8 Harvest Rate - x4 Night Time - x2 Faster Egg Hatch Rate - x2 Mating Rate - x2 Mature Rate - x2 Max Player Level - 200 Max Dino Level - 600 Server Difficulty Rate - x12 More Info: Night time speed x2.0 Map player location – Enabled HUD – Enabled 3rd Person – Enabled Cave flyers – Enabled Custom Recipes – Enabled Cross-hair – Enabled Plugins: Reusable Plus SE Structures Plus (S+) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station Ark Steampunk Mod Big Raft Primitive Survival Equipment+ AllSkins - Chest Additional Armor Sets Scorched Earth Tobula Rasa Super Spyglass Ultra Stacks Death Helper Meat Spoiler Offline Raid Protection Craftable Element STAFF: Admin: Phitradio Game Master: Nicklg03
  17. CehNehDeh is a Canadian-run server cluster now offering Ragnarok, The Center, The Island, and Scorched Earth with several multipliers and a handful of mods to enhance quality of life a little. Experienced Admin (two years of experience dealing with ARK's unique charm, lol). Further info and connection details: Main Steam group page Or simply type "CehNehDeh" in the Name Filter field after selecting Unofficial Servers in ARK's in-game server list. (many thanks for that feature, ARK devs) :-)
  18. Dynasty Ark-Eternal Fear PvE/10xp/10t/5h TEK/Prome Server Info:ISO: Crystal Isles - PvEEternal - Primal Fear Max normal Wild - level 450ish Max Player - level 136XP - 10xTaming - 10xHarvest - 5x (Eternal Pick and Eternal Hatchet do 10x on top of that so 50x for most resources with the Eternal tools)address: steam://connect/ mod collection - - rules and more discussions can be found there.I'm running a modded Crystal Isles PVE server featuring Ark: Eternal and Primal Fear. Other mods include S+, Awesome Teleporters, Resource Stacks, Kibble Table, Tek 2.0, Death Recovery, Pet Finder, Pick-Up Relic, Engram Unlocker [this will save you the hassle and give you tek access], OSM [admin structures for Arena], and Ozocraft. I will be adding in a public teleporter system and possibly a Community Center to help those starting out, I know its a rough map+mod combo to survive in so I don't mind helping out a little if I'm online. Right now I'm on every day at various times and I've noticed 3 other tribes and maybe a half dozen solo survivors coming in and out. This server WILL run for quite a while and in this format unless something tragic happens but this is my favorite map and mods so I'm content to call it home for the foreseeable future. Hoping to add Abberation as a cluster when it comes out. RULES OF THE SERVER1) No harassment, racists, trolls, bigots or any kind of abuse will be tolerated.2) No overcrowding huge amounts of dinos. 3) No massive walled off areas or pillaring, if you are going to build then build don't claim a mile around you for your 3x3 hut. 4) Don't build close to other bases. Give eachother room to breath. 5) Do not block resource rich areas or especially beaver dams. 6) [Ragnarok] Do not build in new Patreon Temple for the time being. I don't mind having your base on the other ruins but the new one will remain off limits for now. .7) Do not block access to caves or build in caves containing artifacts.8) Do not pick up other players or drop dinos into other player's bases.9) No skyscrapers or massive buildings. You don't need a base that looks like a shopping mall. 10) 1-2 Oil Pumps per tribe.11) Do not spam teleporter pads. I'm leaving the engram learnable for the moment but will change to 1 personal + public tele access if they become an issue. 12) Do not leave your tames out in the wild. If you wish to get rid of a tame use a suicide potion from the Eternal WorkbenchI actively play on the server too, I don't use commands for my own building but will use it for upcoming Community Center and Arenas. If you're looking for a good Eternal Primal Fear PvE server hopefully you can find a good home here.
  19. High Speed Connection -Two Servers - [4 Months 24/7] - BOOSTED ONLINE 24/7 Ragnarok PvE (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! ONLINE 24/7 The Island PvE (Offline Protection) & BOOSTED Xboxone! Place White Flags & Put PvE in Tribe Name! If anyone messes around with our PVE players they get banned unless that person forgives them. (Save Screenshot Tribe Log) (Admins 24/7) Free Admission! (All Donations Help.) Free Hospitality! Free To Build and Relax! Server Competitions For Blueprints & Rex Skins Bring TWO Friends And Get Yourself PROTECTED! We want dedicated players to be part of our good server and awesome community! Currently we are new have 10+ players during the evenings and everyone is very helpful! Contact Admin -> HighlifeVIP for Invites to the server & club. If you DO NOT join club WILL NOT be accepted into the server! We have admins on around the clock. They always clean the server from old structures, dinowipes, stop cheaters, griefers, and keep the server in order & running smooth. They WILL NOT SPAWN YOU ANYTHING. If you ask to be an admin you will be removed from the server we don't have the time for little kids and annoying people. The host works all day and does the best he possibly can to maintain the server and keep it online so don't stress him out. The Host BOOSTED his internet service to support 50 people playing on weekends! Also got new equipment! (Netgear R7000) gaming router, new surfboard cable modem). He is serious about running a quality server so please enjoy our community and be cooperative! Contact for DONATIONS! We do the best here! RULES: Offline Protection Enabled, No PvE raiding using wild dinos (kiting), No greifing, No passive tame killing (record/capture proof), No crying, No blocking caves or resources, No Harassment, No over-use of doedic/anky/bronto etc creates lag, No asking to change server rates, No little kid BS be a man!, If you get wiped for no reason it will be looked into and you may be compensated because we want you to play on our server we're all having a good time. REMEMBER Ark is Cruel! BUT have some fun! Contact Admin: HighlifeVIP for info etc. Admins will not spawn anything lose due to crashes, glitches in the game, if you don't speak up before a dinowipe for any other reason you will lose a dino!! P.S. If you come looking for trouble or cause any problems you will be banned from the server and will not be allowed back. any type of glitch abuse or cheating will get you banned. if you know of a glitch that has not been blocked by the admins please tell us so we can block people from exploiting it. See you guys in there! If you guys like aquariums check me out on IG @Badass_Aquatics
  20. Server is 24/7 and hosted by with auto updates set at 10 min warning . To join : TopArk website: or Win + R copy/paste: steam://connect/ Rules : Do not block artie caves .. easy on the language since global voice chat is enabled across the whole map.. Max wild dino lvl 840 List of mods : Extinction Core ACM V2.6.8700 Difficulty 28 Death Recovery Mod (v1.7.3) Structures Plus (S+) Classic Flyers Upgrade Station v1.8h Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] Ark Advance Supply Drops HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V1.3 Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.2 Reusable Plus Super Spyglass Ammo Pools (Fixed!) ...... (For those pesky tribes men) Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator Kibble Table Awesome Teleporters ! EZTek Double Engrams Bore Water Kit Xtreme Pearl Converter 2.4 Spoiling Bin Foreworld Myth (added) One admin.. If you do join and would like to see certain mods in game let admin know which ones .. Enjoy...
  21. Hardcore PvE Server - The Island New dedicated server running The Island. Harcore is enabled so the big rule on the server is to not let someone else die. Server is running a whitelist to control who connects. We want to get the server population up to about 20 and then spawn Scorched Earch and Aberration clusters and grow a little more. - Vanilla Server - No Mods - Standard Multipliers - Cave Building Disabled - No Pillar Claiming - Discord Comms Server has only been running a few days. Currently only has a couple players. If you want to join you're free to play with my tribe or do your own thing. Just keep in mind if you die... Reply Here if interested with your SteamID or add me on Steam (Toriessian) and I will get you setup.
  22. So with the new updates bosses got slightly harder...OK, HARDER. However, they are possible none the less. BroodMother Hard seems to be the toughes wich needs about 10 players doing a 360 degree formation and attaking from all directions. Seems like minimun requirements to have a decent fight is to have rexes with 40k health and 600+ melee with more than 5 riders to be safe. My surprice is the fact that it gives so little element for the risk people are taking. Now, lets talk about monkey. 18 RExes with the same stats as mention above with a pig and a yuti does the trick. Not to forget that since you will be mounted on the pig and the yuti you can probably have guns and help the rexes from a far on a safe space. This looks like the new strategy for this now. LAst but not least....the DRAGON. this vicious flying thing that shoots balls of death... Way to kill it seems easy with at least 7 riders and everyone mounted on rexes with Asc SAddles. Just wait till it lands and get close while looking up to trap it. Stats for rexes to kill all bosses seem to be the same. My only concern is how redicolously hard is to get element....and how trully little each boss gives. When you think about it...and maybe only one boss a week is possible for a big tribe...what chance are the Developers giving the smaller tribes or the single players on Official servers? I understand bosses need to be difficult to kill...and that they want this to be a community thing. The problem is that not everyone like being in tribes or Alliences. Reasons being not everyone is a good person, not everyone wants to share their hard earn things, and finally tribes are not for ever. I am hoping that the Devs can see that making element extremely hard to get is not a smart move and that players being force to merge with people they dont know is not a benefit most of the time. However, if they make boss fights fun where it is not a DPS smashing fest they might understand that just because a boss is hard it doesnt mean fun. Not to mention risk vs reward is not there either. Now that the Tek Teir things just got more takes killing 1 dragon on hard to make 1 replicator...and have enough to do some fun with the rest. maybe one armor set... how not cool is that? So when you really think about this...Bosses are not worth the risk...also...though the tek things are awesome... they are expensive to make and expensive to use. Lets talk about what this mean on pve... Pve is a building/adventure without worring about a rival tribe to demolish all your progress in 1 hour after spending hundreds of hours. If anyone from WC can explain why they treat pve as pvp? Pve is a building/having fun with friends experience. Shouldnt pve enable players to do more things than pvp? Now lets talk pvp. Pvp is a all out war with everyone. If things get imposible for new player to compete with pre existing tribes...what is the fun in that? We shouldnt be force to join tribes...specially when the game is not design to have roles within the tribes. characters are all capable of doing everytihng solo. There are no roles to be filled. There are no breeding qualities or roles within the characters gameplay, there are no crafting capabilities that one has to fill that other tribe members cant do, and there are no special qualities each character can do that others cant. The truth is that the character development is extremely lacking. If you ever see an RPG each character has something the other doesnt. If you are a mage you are week but you can cast spells, if you are a berserk you are strong but devilitated by magic, if you are an elf you can do magic and fight... etc. and that is my point. If being in a tribe was more influential and was needed it would be more fun. But the truth is that "the tribe" mechanics is a joke. We are force to join just for numbers...not because there is a need to. Specially on pve. On pvp is a different thing though. Pvp you need at least 10 people to not have your things destroyed...and if you are a solo player... you are done for sure. So I want to post a question to WC, "why was there never a more indepth character attribute or characteristic mechanic never considered?"
  23. We're looking for more people to join our PVE cluster servers! The maps we are running is the Island(New on the 02/06/2017), the Center (New on the 02/06/2017), Scorced earth and Ragnarok. We want to create a close knit community of players that thrive together. We like to host different in-game games like dino races, treasure hunting events and other fun events where you can win out of season dino skins, resources, dinosaurs and other fun things. We also have weekend events with increased rates to spice things up! With our new cluster setup we’ve got a 5th server which we’ll use solely for events, so a lot more events will be hosted in the future! The way our servers are set up means that they pretty much run themselves with automatic updates for both ark and mod content, so the servers have very little down time! If you and your group of friends are migrating from another server/cluster and don't wish to lose progress then the admin team is more than happy to provide an XP boost for your characters in exchange for a screenshot proving that you've already made it so far in the game. If you're a large group of people then just send us a message and we'll have a chat and see what we can do for you. :) Our website: Our Steamgroup: Our facebook group: Mods: Small Resource Stacks AB Structures Plus Gatemod(Remake) Stackable Foundations Versatile Raft Mod Myvern Mating(Milk crafting disabled) Platform Plus SE Engrams Anywhere Stairs mod with Rounded walls The Volcano (Map) Ragnarok (Map) Complete mod list: Note that we wish to keep the overall feel of ark, so we will not implement mods which has a major impact on the way the game works. Our motto is vanilla, but better! Server settings: Max wild dinos level: 150 Harvesting x2 XP multiplier x1.5 Taming speed x2 Dino food consumption x1 Gestation speed x6 Breeding speed x4 Platform max structure x2 (also enabled turrets on platforms!) Baby cuddle interval x0.75 Human food and water consumption x0.5 Decay Multiplier x1.5 (24 day timer on metal) Dino Decay Multiplier x2.5 (20 days) Other settings: Raid dino feeding: enabled (Titan feeding) Quetz stamina regen in air is enabled Anyone can imprint on babies Crosshairs enabled Enabled wild dino/person carrying Disabled map location pin Increased engram points (you can learn everything as a solo player) Enabled travel and transfer between all 4 arks Beacons spawns on top of buildings Autodestroy is on Since we wish we keep our community friendly we’ve set a few community guidelines: -Don't use racist/sexist and highly offensive survivor and tribe names -No Pillar/Foundation spamming! -No griefing -No kiting or dropping wild animals into peoples bases -No building on large resource areas. -Clean up after yourself! Don't leave half your base if you move or loads of fences after taming. -Be respectful of one another, personal attacks are not allowed! -Be respectful when you build, how much land you take and be considerate and avoid building next to each other. AKA: Dont build a base 3 times the size of what you actually need. -No building that destroy beaver spawns. (The Island) -ARK is a survival game, therefore we ask that people do not give new players free dinos and equipment. -Do not give away wyverns and end game dinos, these should be earned. -When you loot a beaver dam, empty it completely. -If you take dinos and resources from an expired base, then you are responsible for tearing down the remaining buildings of that player. If you've made it this far and you're not scared yet, here's the server info: Please give us a vote if you like our little community! The Island: Scorched Earth: The Volcano: Ragnarok: Keep in mind that the admins of the server are only able to speak English and scandinavian, so speaking one of the 2 is essential if you were to find yourself in trouble and in need of admin help. Our admin team is Blaze, Navrika, Tivra(Trial admin) and Valkyrja. Contact one of the 4 if you're having any issues. We are also active on discord, so if you fancy a chat, or just want to get to know people better then use this link and join us now! Server announcements will also be posted here to make sure you’re up to speed on everything! Kind regards Valkyrja aka Hilde, and the rest of the admin team!
  24. Maelstrom Gaming Servers [UK] Servers are based in the UK for everyone to enjoy with low pings from the America's to Austrilasia. we have a community of players like minded in enjoying the game from all over the globe. if you want a relaxed Ark with no stress come and check us out. Discord: Map: The Island Direct connect: steam://connect/ Map: Ragnarok Direct connect: steam://connect/ Map:Scorched Earth Direct connect: steam://connect/ Map: The Centre (temp till Aberration is out) Direct connect: steam://connect/ Mods: Upgrade bench, Scorched Earth+, Structures+, Platform+, Egg & Poop Collector, Stairs and Eco stables and decor, Eco trees, Eco Shoppe, Advanced Rafts (for the pirate minded) Rates: 5x EXP 5x Breeding & Taming x2 Harvesting x30 platform structures (for the nomad minded player) Server adjustments: 286 player levels and enough emgram points for all engrams to be unlocked. Breeding you are able to get 100% imprinting on all dinosaurs and tribe imprinting activated. Element is boosted for beating bosses (ask for info) Group Page: Players have ideas for events do you like to have your say?? You are welcome to be apart of our Ark community.. Check out what the players have to say about Maelstrom- Notes: we have it set so its still challenging for the player even though it is PvE. Maelstrom Discord is available and tribe channels are setup on request. Zero server wipes as we do not believe players should lose their progress at Maelstrom. come and say hi.....