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  1. Hello there!! First off, i'm sorry for my englisch. Soo. My friends and i have played Ragnarok for 6 Months now. (Nitrado Server, PS4) We just want to change the Map. But now we are not sure what to do if we want to go back to Ragnarok in a Month, in 2 Months, in a Year. Do we need to save anything on my PC or does it save automatically online?
  2. Hello Community, I have downloaded patch 1.65 and enabled the new HDR feature, which is compatible with my TV and PS4 PRO. I really do like the color and texture enhancements, but I have noticed the anti-aliasing is no longer functioning very well or at all with HDR enabled. This is most noticeable in the HUD but it also affecting sharp edges (like gates, zip lines, electrical cables, ladders). It's bad enough in the HUD to the point where I cannot look at the HUD or icons for very long without getting a headache because they're blurry / jagged edges. I have also noticed dino textures are not loading in until they're very close to my character (within 20-30 feet) and maintain the default unloaded texture until I move near them. I can understand this with the additional processing power, but it defeats the purpose in a way since it's now harder to tell what enemy dinos and players look like at a distance, if they render at all before you see them. Is there possibly an issue with anti-aliasing with the HUD and certain textures, or is this to be expected with HDR enabled? I do not seem to have this issue with other HDR compatible titles on the PS4. PS4 Video Output ---------------------------------------------------- Resolution: 3840x2160 - 60hz Color Format: YUV422(HDR) HDCP: 2.2 HDR: Supported HDR 4k Frequencies: 24Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz Options--------------------------------------------------------------------- Gamma Correction: Medium Vsync: On, Adaptive, Off (don't notice a difference) Motion Blur: Off High Detail: On HDR Output: On
  3. Hola, quiero reportar a un usuario de servidores dedicados cuyo cometido a sido, aceptar dinero a cambio de wipear bases, aceptar dinero a cambio de dejar a otros usuarios usar bugs y glicht para raidear, aceptar dinero a cambio de hacer crecer a amigos, aceptar dinero a cambio de banear tribus jugadores etc, auto-meterse en tribus y apropiarse del lider y muchos abusos mas El usuario (ID ADMIN) es ROZAY-_-SNAPZ Sus servidores son UNREAL S7 dedicados de pc en PS4 Hello, I want to report a user of dedicated servers whose role has been, accepting money in exchange for wiper bases, accepting money in exchange for letting other users use bugs and Glicht to Raidear, accepting money in exchange for growing friends, accepting money to Change to ban tribes players etc, self-meddling in tribes and appropriating the leader and many more abuses the user (ID ADMIN) is Rozay-_-SNAPZ their servers are unreal S7 dedicated PC on PS4
  4. i think mods should be able to be played and experienced bu console players
  5. Basically, I own a PVE server (through survival servers). I want to play a bit on single player, but don’t want to rebuild all the exact same buildings, I just kind of want a copy of what I’ve already done in multiplayer, in single player, if that makes any sense. Anyone know if this is possible on PS4, and how I would go about it?
  6. youkno356

    Ps4 New server

    Looking for people to join server to start a war server where two tribes will fight against each other some items given to each tribe to start and fight the more people interested the more slots will open up
  7. hi everyone 😊 I'm Kate! Server name: TBOT-NoRules/5X/BoostedDrops/InstaTame/NoAdmin Ragnarok, 5x Experience, 10x Harvesting, Insta-Tame, 8x Egg Hatch Speed, 20x Mature Speed, Boosted Drops, Aberration Dinos, 50 player slots, future cluster Always looking to make the server better. Players can message me with comments or suggestions on ways to improve the server. Any feedback is welcome. So far there have not been many players join, so get in now and get ahead of the race to be the dominant alpha tribe! its a good server and would like more people to join !! please join and give it a try . ✔ check unofficial type in TBOT and join me ! thank you [PS4]
  8. DENM[ARK] PRIMITIVE+ ROLEPLAY: The most ambitious roleplay server for ARK on PS4, where everything from global and Kingdom laws, economy, settings, stats, engrams have been placed for easy understanding! Even perks have been taken into consideration and modified to make the best possible roleplay experience! Server stats: ¤ Hardcore - Disabled ¤ Taming - x8 ¤ Breeding - x8 ¤ Mature - x15 *Server rules are limited and easy to follow as to keep with the RolePlay feel! *11 Pre-Built kingdoms! *Pre-Made BOOK explaining all kingdoms! *Message the Facebook page after you decide on a kingdom to be let into the server! *Will reply to any comments or questions here. *24/7 server, multiple time zones. *Active Admins! YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE... Please follow our Facebook page or ask for the discord link for more information!
  9. I know this is often asked question but I can't find any answers to my specfic question.. (also hope I posted in right section). I play Ark Single Player on the Playstation. I currently am on the Island and have ascended Gamma. I am going for 100% completion and story. My question/concern is: Can I transfer my one (and only) character between all Maps without fear of losing my base and items (Losing my save file on the island essentially). I want to know if I can use my one character to freely transfer through all maps while keeping all buildings and dinos on each map? I know how to upload my character I just want to make sure I can come back to The Island and all my stuff will still be there. I am going for all collectables, bosses, artifacts and lore. I want my one character to do it all while leaving a base and foothold in each map so I can come back anytime. I love this game and am so excited for more to come. So in closing: I want 1 charcter to play all maps on Single Player and keep my Island base, play some SE, Center, Rag and Abb.. and then come back and relax at my awesome Island base anytime I want. Thanks so much in advance for the help everyone.
  10. New server live! "Allegiance PvP Boosted" X3 XP, X40 Taming, X50 Maturation, X2.5 Supply Crates, Boosted stats on tamed dinos and players, STARTER PACKS ARE AVAILABLE. We also enjoy hosting events for our players. Server slots will be adjusted based on player interest. If we ever need to increase slots we will. The admin play as any normal players would. We will only use commands for events, or to help fix any glitch we may be able to help with.
  11. DemonicRuins

    My #WalkAway Story...

    Oooohhhhhh where to begin.... I started on Ark on PC EA around July of 2015, could have been June now that I think about it. I remember logging in for the first time completely awe struck. I felt like a kid watching Jurrasic Park when it first came out back in 93 (yes I'm 30 and still gaming). I couldn't wait to see what this game could become as development continued. I've been around for Atari, NES, SEGA, Super Nintendo, DreamCast, N64, Playstation, XBox and of course the long life of the reigning supreme PC Master Race. I remember running into glitches, exploits and etc during the EA and the fanboy inside of me always would say don't worry they'll fix that long before launch. I remember people flaming the game on forums and instantly coming to Arks Defense would shut it down through facts accrued over a long life of gaming. After getting married and having a family it came time to put the PC down and start picking up consoles again given my wife could join me on epic adventures and fun at the same time (she could never get the hang of PC gaming but could at least participate on consoles and enjoy it) so sacrifices had to be made. For those of you saying "hell giving up your PC, thats grounds for divorce" and I would reply trust me there was always that voice in the back of my head lol. I began playing on PS4 as my chosen console after hearing nothing but bad things about the XBox from fellow OGs (original gamers lol). I discovered that Ark was also on the PS4! Could it be true I wondered. Could I continue my childhood Nostalgia on the PS4? After a quick search I found the game on the store and insta bought it. This would be the 2nd time I had purchased Ark and for us older gamers that's sort of a big deal to spend money twice on the same product. Shortly after this time Aberration was making its appearance and I quickly bought that as well. Have to say I loved Abb and it's without a doubt my favorite map. I have to give credit where credit is due, Ark will inevitably go down in gaming history as a true experience that any gamer should give a shot but now we must come to why many including myself are walking away. On the PS4 platform the game is literally plagued with DDoS, meshing, stressing and etc. For literally 2 weeks straight now the server I play... played on was under a DDoS and stress. Countless hours of 255 ping, rubber banding and etc. I don't believe I can even count the number of babies, tames and gear that have been lost. Granted I had heard stories of this but like most thought "Yea not gonna happen to me". Ticket after ticket was put in and received nothing more than the unambiguous auto response which did nothing but start stoking the flames of hatred towards WC and Nitrado who actually host the shards. Hatred is a funny thing. It can literally kill years long love and devotion for a game in seconds and start ramping up ideas of conspiracy and suspicion. I like many others began diving into the Histories of Wild Card and it didn't take long to start finding piles of inconsistencies. Problems like the ones I was reporting and worse spanning years without fix. To add fuel to the fire Wild Card instead of fixing the unbelievable amount of issues chose to continue to develop and release more DLCs and cross over to even more platforms. All encompassing that very primitive desire of greed. Greed for more money over quality of their game. If history can tell us anything it's that nothing is too big to fail. I dont know the ages of the developers but in my decades of gaming I have seen many massive games fail due to incompetence and poor decision making. A quick google search can validate these claims. So last night after going through another server stress I put down my controller and slept on it. Waking fresh this morning I decided to delete Ark off the hard drive and start looking elsewhere to fill the hole that Ark would be creating. I didn't delete the game out of emotion or misplaced rage hence the sleeping on it. It only became the most logical step. Why continue to support a game where the dev's of that game don't support their patrons. It's like beaten wife syndrome when you think about it. I truly do hope Wild Card takes notice of the players leaving and the reasons they're leaving and does a 180 on their current path. I don't expect there are many games like Ark on the market so finding that replacement will take time but I am open to suggestions. If Wild Card is open to suggestions I have a couple I believe could help. First and foremost start using dedicated servers. Having a great number of shards shared on one server opens you up to a slew of problems when it comes to DDoSing. If one Shard is under a DDoS the others experience the stress as well given they are tied to the same Server Rig. Secondly hire actual GMs to police your game. If some shady stuff goes down on a server GMs should be able to respond within minutes, not weeks. Thirdly your ticket response time is the worst I have ever seen of any game I have ever played in decades. So try and work on that. Fourthly listen to your players. At the end of the day they are the ones that keep your lights on and they are the ones that can turn your lights off. Games rise and fall all the time. I imagine this post will either be deleted or flamed with fanboys coming to WCs defense and I can respect that. I too did that years ago. I truly hope WC starts taking notice of the mentioned issues and does their due diligence to correct them and bring back players including myself. I mainly mentioned PS4 problems only because I haven't been on PC in over a year and I have no personal experience with XBox to talk about it. My own tribe doesn't know I've quit yet, cant imagine that will go over well. Take care and good gaming this is my #WalkAway story. P.S. If anyone else has walked away and has games they have gone to that follow along with the genre PM them to me please.
  12. Please join our discord if you're interested I have a PvP cluster that's been running for around 5 months, looking for more survivors. We have around 30 active players on average, 10+ online each night. To find us search; Wakanda Ragnarok Wakanda The Island Wakanda Aberration
  13. Hello everyone! Looking for some lovely new people to join my PS4 server cluster FRESH START ON SATURDAY 8TH SEPT 2018, COMPLETE CLUSTER WIPE AND START OF SEASON 2 (Season 3 will start when the DLC is released and this will be added to the cluster). For full details and discord link please visit http://auntymez.co.uk/ just added a brand new PGM map with boosted max level 300 dinos (other maps 150) for those who like taming epic beasts 😁
  14. Looking for new or existing players that want to experience Ark in a casual way, without pillared maps and enjoy what this game has to offer. Currently have 2 map cluster 10 players max on each ; Abberation and Ragnarok. Working on expanding for another server to host Sorched Earth, The Island or The Center. Abberation Server is 3x Tame,Xp,Harvesting,Maturing all the time, this server will follow official server evolution events with a minor custom increase. It will never go below 3x. And the evolution events will be kept fair. No admin cheats. This server is clustered with a Ragnarok server. Any special announcement will be in the message of the day in game. Ragnarok is boosted to cut out the fat that Ark: Survival Evolved has... The grind!!! You still have to grind but you don’t have to grind for 6 hours for 200 Ingots. This helps you enjoy the other aspects without letting the grind ruin the game for you. The server is set to fair and reasonable settings 6x Tame, Harvesting, Xp. 8x Maturing. Mating every 3-4 hours. Egg lay interval is doubled to prevent egg farms affecting Tame cap. Official server holiday events will be on both servers. Any changes will be in the message of the day. For more info or interested in joining these servers contact Fernyv12 via PlayStation message. Looking forward to see more peeps join. Thanks
  15. Hi everybody ! I need help creating a process-generated map (PGM) on PS4. With a small team, we created a RPG and decided to use PGM for an immersive world. This season will have the Wild West theme. We also know that the desert does not exist on PS4, so the map has so many plains, a small forest of red wood, and mountains or mountains of snow. It is also a great map, there are some rivers and lakes. So the problem is that we created a lot of PGM, our code is now wrong and we do not find the error (see below). I ask someone to help us with this, or to have the courage to create the perfect map, we and we would be grateful (we are ready to give some money for this heros )🙂 Thank you in advance and I hope you answer us soon 🙂 map's code:
  16. So I play on the PS4 Official PVP and this past weekend I ran into an issue where I could not leave my Aberattion server. Someone later suggested I go to my main Rag server and see if I could download my character, which I could. But when I was trying to transfer back to Ab from Rag I now get a connection timeout error. This then boots me to the main menu. I tried logging on to the server on a lvl 1 character and I still get a Connection Timeout error. I even tried switching my PS4 Account to a different user to see if it was just an issue with my character but I am still getting a Connection Timeout error. Now this is an Oceanic server im trying to transfer to, dont know if that has something to do with my issue. But my other tribemates are not having any issues. Any advice would be extremely helpful.
  17. Hello Survivors I'm just doing the obligatory server advertisement post SERVER INFO Hosted by Nitrado, Has been running for about 3 months with a nice group of people growing, currently on game day 1425, also ranked top 400 in Nitrado server rankings (not sure how that works) The Center and Ragnarok map have 16 slots, with Aberration, Scorched and the Island all having 10 slots each, More slots can be added if needed. We are averaging roughly 10 players on week nights and the sever has filled up on a couple of weekends:) Search Safe Haven in unofficial PC server to find us Server Settings I have tried to keep settings as vanilla as possible, Player position on map and corpse locator is enabled on all servers, also loot drops/beacons will offer 2.0 loot (Default is 1.0) Gathering x 5 XP x 5 Taming x5 Mating x25 (with 100% imprint possible) Offline raid protection is enabled All other settings are as official Admin Admin with only be enabled for legit reasons, no handouts will be given or spawned so please don't ask (Ive even fallen out with a family member over this ha ha) Admin logs enabled, please do not ask for hand outs, everything on the server has been worked for and will stay that way. Rules Simple, just be respectful and don't harass anyone Well I think that's everything, If Ive missed anything out feel feel to ask here or PSN = Psymon08 Thank you for reading Happy Surviving
  18. Just created a ARK server PVE for PS4 players with big multipliers please come in and help build our community! Select Join Ark search for Longbow431 make sure you set Session Filter: Unofficial PC Servers favorite it to make it easy to find enjoy
  19. DemonicRuins

    Still getting DDoSed....

    Going on a full week now 57 is DDoSed every day. We've lost giga babies, rex babies, wyverns and the list goes on. Still not a word from WC on the dozens of tickets we've put in. Does WC have DDoS protection or not?
  20. So ever since I started a new game of the island map everything resets everytime I log and sometimes even when I die. It resets my engrams, stats and tame groups to whatever they were at lvl 18. It doesn’t refund the lost Engram points or stat levels. Things I learned and made are gone. A temp fix is supposedly to kill myself but this doesn’t fix it everytime. Sometimes I need to die 2 or 3 times before it suddenly refunds my levels. If I craft too much things disappear. (Had tranq arrow disappear WHILE I was making them them trying to tame a lvl 93 carno). This is nearly game breaking and at this point my frustration levels will cause me to rage quit until I can play without the bug. The tame group reset is annoying as well. It also reset to what I had at 18 which frankly wasn’t much so I’m having to redo the tame groups every day. If there is a permanent fix out plz help. If not plz fix!!! its should be noted that I don’t play on official servers. I only play single player and this is on PS4
  21. TAGameplay

    Ice Wyvern Changes Color

    I had a very unusual bug today that is very annoying. I hatched a black and white Ice Wyvern yesterday, he grew up and kept his colors. I login today only to see that my new wyvern lost its colors and is now a pale gray blue and green Ive tried re-logging in but now the game has saved him with these new colors. I want his original colors back. PS4, Single Player, Ragnarok map.
  22. Hello fellow Arkateers! My tribe and I recently launched our server! We are planning on being around for a long time. The gathering is 1.5× the taming is 5x and xp is 2x to keep the game fun and challenging. Looking to get some haggling and trading going on to keep things interesting. 70 slot Server name: The Grand Exchange. IP:🤣🤣
  23. Ps4 has been having nothing but ddos wars for the past 4 months, is WC doing anything to address the issue? OC servers d ont have the updated ddos protection that NA/EU servers have, but even that can't stop people with botnets(almost every big tribe on ps4has a botnet user now). The dev wipes were a good step in the right direction, but this has always been the main issue on PS4.
  24. Hey! So, I'm new to this forum and I'm about to buy a PS4, and I would like one of my first games to be ARK: Survival Evolved. It looks quite fun. The problem is, I would only like it if I could play Multiplayer on it for free, without having to ask my dad to get PS Plus. So, is there any way to play ARK: Survival Evolved without getting PS Plus, or is it Multiplayer even without PS Plus normally, or is it only Multiplayer for those who have PS Plus? I know some games don't need PS Plus for Multiplayer and some do, but does ARK: Survival Evolved need PS Plus for Multiplayer? Thanks, PIZZA.
  25. kciwoo

    Tame cap?

    Is there any way at all to tell how many dinos are on a server? I play on PS4 and all people are doing is arguing over who should kill their tames. I think there should be a way of telling us.. andy one else agree? 😮