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Found 721 results

  1. Sever name: Kings Landing 5x (search PC dedicated servers) Map: Ragnarok Slots: 32 Admins (psn I.D.'s): Rjwhicker05, and cballa1986 Hi all, Just started up a nitrado dedicated server. We are looking for players to join up and enjoy a permanent server. Ragnarok will be the only map we will play on. We will not allow character/dino/item downloads. Everyone will have to start fresh but we will allow the upload feature if you want to transfer to another server at some point. Be aware that you will not be able to bring what you upload back to our server though. Rules: * No racism or trolling. * No killing passive dinos (must provide proof dinos were not passive if you kill them). Neutral is not passive! (You are allowed to kill dinos that are set on neutral and attack when a player does damage to a structure) * Friendly fire is disabled . * Offline raid protection is on. However, players will have a 800 seconds to attack a base after a player/tribe logs off. This will prevent players from stopping an attack on their base by simply logging off. We will be switching this setting to the "White Flag Rule" in the future. Players who have joined early will have the benefit of building their bases and defenses without having to worry too much about losing their progress. Player who join after the the offline raid protection is removed will have a harder time keeping up with the rest of the players who joined the server early so join ASAP! * Trading is allowed. If you make a deal honor it. Setting up players to get ambushed will NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban. * No land claiming with random pillars. If you put something down start building. Don't be a douche. * Taming limit is set to unlimited. * Cave building is allowed but you are not allowed to block artifacts or drops. If a player does block an artifact or drop, server admins will come and clear a way. Server Settings: * Taming speed is set to 10x. * Mating/Mature settings are all set to 20x. * Imprinting is default. * All xp multipliers are set to 3x (except for generic which is 2x) * Loot Crate/Fishing quality is set to 3x. * Itchthyornis and Troodon spawns are disabled! * Harvesting is set to 7x. * Player stats are also slightly boosted! Once our server population gets up, we plan on having special weekend events such as, Dodo Arena (prizes for winners), Jousting Tournaments (prizes for winners), and some other ideas that our community comes up with. Come join the fun! Add Rjwhicker05 and cballa1986 on psn.
  2. Hey Surviviors Are you looking for a long term pvp ragnarok server with events and no admins thats 247? if you answered yes to any of those questions come and join freedom pvp server. The rates are 8x tame 10xp 5x gather and 40x breeding. Some stats have also been adjusted such as weight stamina mele etc to provide a more laid back experience. The server is only on day 58 plenty of spots to build in plenty of room to grow. There are a few rules not many building on artifacts, blocking caves, building on ob, wiping raiding is allowed there is NO orp but do not wipe take what you need and leave, bullying, most importantly be respectful To join the server just search Freedom or Freedompvp and server should show up (: if you have any questions please contact: Sir_Laffy_Taffy or join the community page Freedom pvp hope to see you all soon. Finally this is a no admin server unless need be such as events or someone is just being completely out of line but than that have fun survivors happy raiding(: breeding or whatever you like.
  3. I know there a "TakeAllStructure" But is there a GiveAllStructure of x tribe to z tribe That a private admin can do without x or z being online?
  4. We have a The Island <> Ragnarok cluster. 10 slots each. Could be increased if nescesarry. Its a slightly boosted PVP server. Harvesting x2 Taming x3 More engram points. Slight boosted player and Tamed dino stats including weight x4. Breeding and hatching x5 (Most Dino's are done within 24 hours. Except the really long ones like Giga, Quetz, ...) It is a PVP server so PVP is allowed. Just dont try to troll people. Or raid the same people day in and out. Keep things Civil. Everybody is welcome. Up2Gaming The Island Up2Gaming Ragnarok We are not looking for tribe members. You will be on youre own or with youre friends. For further question contact me here or on PSN: Xtry_online
  5. I'm sure these questions have been asked before, but I haven't really been able to find a coherent answer that hasn't changed or isn't almost a year old. (I hope I didn't gloss over it in a FAQ if I did my apologies and direction to the answer would be welcome) my two questions are: 1. is there a plan to release software to setup a dedicated ark server for PS4 players on your own machine (kind of like how you can now on PC) as I have the hardware and the knowhow to setup the server for me and some friends (as I have done so for PC a few times over the early access period on ark) to play on, just not the actual software to do so. 2. is there a plan to allow Steam users to play with PS4 users on a server together. I have ark on steam, a few friends have it on steam as well, a few also have it on PS4 (maybe even a few on xbox as well, but that's not relevant at this point) I would love to be able to get all my friends together regardless of system, pop into our own server and play together with our dinos. will this ever happen? ultimate goal: setup dedicated server, play with everyone, tame dinos, make a tribe of cannibals and eat my friends regardless of location or game system. thanks for any replies
  6. Split screen woes

    Have been playing SP for awhile and wanted to try out the split screen co-op with a friend. I made a new profile specifically for this (as there seems to be an issue with the game not always saving and making you start a whole new character at times & don't want to mess my SP account up). Anyways, my friend also made a profile on my PS4 too. I went in with new profile hit "Host/Local", made a couple of adjustments in the slider settings (so Host/Local>settings>made character>Single Player), waited a little bit & then they hit the "Options" to join in & they made a character. We played for awhile, they then quit & logged out. A little later I quit & logged out. Later on I logged back in (seen their body) & I had nothing (back to level 1, no tools, nothing in inventory, etc) & then they tried to get back on & it asked them to make a new character. We tried every which way but Sunday to figure this out with no luck! (PS4, physical disc, no internet) I've searched & haven't found any answers.
  7. Ps4 Ragnarok Issues

    I am currently playing ark on my ps4, and I downloaded the Ragnarok expansion when it first released for ps4, and ever since then, I have explored pretty much all of the map and have not seen 1 otter, or ice wyvern/ice wyvern eggs/nests. All other creatures spawn(regular wyverns,griffin, ect) I have searched where the ice wyverns are suppose to spawn and no luck. I have also gone to coordinates where the nests are suppose to be but have not found any. I really want an Ice wyvern but they're doesn't seem to be any. What could be causing this? The game is fully updated as well to v515 or whatever the latest update is. I also haven't been able to find any explorer notes at all, and have found multiple ruins, possible locations for the notes. Please help, any response would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ragnarok Server is rented for a year already, and will be up at least that long. Admin logging, I am the only admin logging, and only use commands if neccesary Difficulty is 10 so dinos spawn at levels 10-300, to compensate all player point values are doubled (i.e. every time you level, your point it worth twice as much) 4x gather, 4x XP, 36x Tame with 0.25 consumption, 30x maturation and 10x hatch Player stats are boosted to scale with the higher level dinos, all stats are 2.5x and weigh is 4.5x Egg rates are boosted, dinos consume food less often, loot drops and fishing is increased and custom recipes are also increased (in quality) Server is PVE, only rules are you can't block paths (if you do you must leave an unlocked gate so players can still travel along the path), no griefing, and no blocking off resources unless they are close to your base. Currently there are about 10ish total active members Overall the server is really laid back, we're just trying to have fun, server has been rented for a year, so it will be up for at least that long
  9. Ps4 Splitscreen

    when playing as splitscreen are two players on one console able to go online with others? for example: if myself and another play on my console, can my friend play with her bf on their console online with us? Many thanks
  10. We recently started a new server and we are looking for players. this a is server for those who ether want a safe haven to play the game on their terms without worrying about the grind and worry of someone running you over just cause they feel like it. Though it is a pvp server, we only have it as such as it adds an interesting element when playing the game, to take caution around others player in the server, we do not encourage PVP on this server. if you do engage in pvp we do ask those who do forgo greifing and overall destroying someones base. (as no one likes rebuilding) Boosted stats (will be posted later) Once a week pvp arena, As more players join the sever we plan to host duels and such on Friday night with various prizes, who knows might get a nice Parasaur! SO BRING YOUR BEST DINOS! Overall we have no players as of right now (only 3 have a established base), so most land is free to take and claim Difficulty is set to the maximum, to spawn the toughest and most powerful dinos that we can! If you need in server assistance with anything one of the admins will be more than happy to help! If any are interested in joining our server contact Zalayian or kingRyuujin on PSN and well get you in!
  11. Hello Survivors! We have a new pc hosted PvP cluster open, currently we run Ragnarok, The Island and Scorched Earth. Rates are: 3x harvesting and XP taming 6x Hatching 35x Maturing 20x Breeding is longer to offset the really short maturation times, however, you can still play with your dinos really fast this way. Player stats are 1.5 except for weight, that's at 10. Cave flyers are off, ORP is on, no building on resources or in loot caves. Loot drops have been upgraded a little. Admin logs are enabled on all servers as well. On Ragnarok don't build in or around the big castle, its a cave entrance and we want to host events there in the future. We want a friendly but competitive server, plenty of pvp, but don't use only the dirty tricks, don't ORP ambush, don't overrun a small 2 player tribe with an armada, keep it somewhat balanced so that it stays competitive For further questions you can contact Funchy2 or TurbulentZeus or Ac1dpt on PSN. Or leave a message here, I'll try and answer one time per day. For communications we have a PS4 community and a Discord group ^_^. Cya soon! Regards, Funchy, TurbulentZeus and Ac1dPT. EDITS: text adjustments, updates as we go along with the server 25/09/2017: Added Discord.
  12. Joining another tribe can be a devastating thing if not done correctly. A Lot of people don't understand that leaving a one man tribe for another will cause you to lose your existing property to a tribe with 0 people in it if you don't transfer your property to yourself first. How about a pop-up alert when you are about to lose control of property to confirm that they realize this? Or better yet ask them then if they want to transfer the property as well
  13. More PS4 PVE Ragnarok Servers

    So, you want a suggestion?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT MORE PS4 PVE RAGNAROK SERVERS?!?!?!!? This is ridiculous!!! Every single day, to TRY TO PLAY is a pain!!! I spend 1, 2, 3h JUST ON THE SERVER LIST TO TRY TO CONNECT!!! Imagine then if I try to TRANSFER to any other server to do ANYTHING!?!?!??!
  14. Everytime I log back in after logging out my griffins and ice wyvern colors keep switching to some default colors. I'm on a solo game on ps4. Is it just me or is anyone else having this same issue?
  15. Hello fellow survivors! AugsArk Primitive+ PVP server is now live on Ragnarok! *Our Community: AugsArk is a mature community of players who are primarily +21, and simply wish to enjoy the creative building offered in Prim+ along with some competitive PVP encounters. We also have a Discord chat for all of our members to join featuring channels dedicated to trading the vast amount of Prim+ resources and items, general server chat, Admin announcements, and organizing Community events and games. *Our Server: AugsArk is a PVP Primitive+ server currently set on the Ragnarok map, and we encourage everyone to embrace the competitive spirit of PVP. We have adjusted the rates to allow people to spend less time grinding, and more time actually engaging other tribes and players in primitive warfare! We have no set-in rules, and only ask that everyone just have basic curiosity for one other (No pillaring locations, senselessly killing passive dinos, full-base wiping, grieving, spawn trapping, etc.). May the strongest tribe reign! *Our Admins: My brother and I make up our admin team. We have a year of console-hosting experience and managing communities of about 25 players on our past vanilla servers. No admin abuse, no BS. We just want to host servers that are enjoyable for those who want a fresh new PVP experience, and for those who wish to simply explore the creative tiles and items offered in Primitive Plus. We're very friendly and knowledgeable, and can be reached virtually anytime. Simply message AmericanArmour or TheTrueAugustus if you ever need admin assistance, report join failed messages, ask questions, or even find tribe mates. We're here to help 👍🏼 Our Rates and World Adjustments: 2x Gather 2x Exp 4x Weight Gain 6x Dino Weight Gain 0.5x Movement Speed 5x Dino Speed Gain 7x Tame (10x on Special Events) 100x Egg Phase Speed 5x Mature Speed 3x Platform Saddle Unit Limit 3x Egg Lay Speed 1x Cave Damage Offline Raid Protection Enabled (30 min. Delay) Dead Body Locator Enabled Pego/ichthy/Gigant Removal Plant X Removal Flying inside caves allowed All containers lockable by default Allow anyone to Imprint Nonpermanent diseases Unlimited respecs Prevent spawn animation Disables structure placement collision Added pvp decay timers If you have interest in joining us or have any questions at all, please message AmericanArmour here, Reddit, or on PSN
  16. tribe BUG

    I have a tribe, or had a tribe with one other guy. He hasn't been on for a couple weeks so I made him a hut and a chest put a bed in the chest pin coded most everything for him and booted him but when I did it told me to name my tribe? Like I wasn't in a tribe of 1, the last guy in the tribe. like it booted me but his name was in the removal words on the screen. So now im locked out as the owner of everything. the tribe name is the same as my gamertag. I only did the boot once so if it booted me then he's still in it right? But he hasn't been on so If he's not back in a week all my stuff will be lost? Can an admin look into this? the tribe name is the same as my gamertag. server NA PVE Theisland302 gamertag: Archon430 tribe name: Archon430 survivor name: Archon HELP
  17. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted NEW! Starter Packs are now a thing! We're giving new players 1 week raid protection by placing a white flag at their base with a sign that states the date they joined/started. Once their week is up the flag and sign will be removed and they will then be raidable. Note that if players under raid protection raid another player, raid protection will be removed. The starter pack will include; a metal axe, pick and pike. A crossbow with some arrows, a set of chitin armor, GPS, a bed and a ptera. Message ltddarklord or Oximodious via PSN to receive your starter pack and tell 'em riiot sent ya The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. We've finished the colloseum! (refer to image below) We can only hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards to victors of said colloseum such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Phoenix's, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. Colloseum Tourney #1 Scheduled for this upcoming weekend! 9/29 1v1 Fights - Best of 3 fights advances. Contestants will be given a mind wipe before the tourney. Everyone will leave their stats at their base level. This is to make the fights fair. Admins will provide primitive flak armor with a sword and shield. FIRST PRIZE: Lvl 150 Phoenix SECOND PRIZE: Lvl 100 Wyvern of your choice THIRD PRIZE: Lvl 100 Giga [Two Options: You may get the Giga colored to your liking at the cost of it being neutered/spayed OR you can keep it at it's original colors while keeping the ability to breed it.] Consolation Prizes are deep sea loot crates. All spectators must remain in the stands. For more information contact Oximodious via PSN for more details. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  18. Issue: Second player receives a black screen and is unable to issue any commands after player 1 dies. Steps to repeat: Launch single player game, have second player load in, have first player punch a dinosaur that attacks back, let first player die, respawn first player. Desired fix: First player dying does not affect second player at all. Possible intermediary fix: Second player is able to issue commands such as 'options' -> 'leave game' so that they can reenter and continue playing. Current workaround: First player must completely close the running game and relaunch and second player can rejoin. Date first noticed: 9/18/2017 Hardware: PS4 Software Version: v515
  19. THANK YOU FOR CLICKING ON RCGAMING.COM THE GIST So my cousin and I are looking for a server and he finds one where we are out leveled and they already have Wyverns and Gigas and all that fun stuff, right? We end up catching up and we're just bored at that point there is nothing going on, no point and no purpose, so we get this idea to maybe just start our own server with some *structure*. Needless to say we both liked the idea, and to test it out we got a 10 person server to mess with, so consider you select few as beta testers. So get a load of this The Idea: This is by far not a new idea, but I haven't come across a server like it yet. But let's make this clear MICS ARE REQUIRED, no if, ands, or buts. The idea is that we have 2 "teams" or "tribes" split up evenly, for us it will be 5 and 5, and put on opposite sides of the map in which the opposite side MAY NOT spawn at (*structure*). Each team will start with absolutely nothing and build from the bottom up like the game wills us to do, brutally may I add. As each city builds up and each city gets more tames you you can attack each other's base(s) at will and each has a chance to defend itself. You may raid and grief the city as much as you like and force them to rebuild until you are dead . That is after all the point of a defense. But There Are Rules! 1.) No switching tribes or going "lone-wolf" (Not yet anyway, only a 10 slot server) 2.) You are stuck with the tribe you have no inviting friends or banishing one from the tribe (But no one said anything about trading...) 3.) No more than 5 bases outside of the city 4.) If caught (and we will catch you) raiding/destroying/f**king up a city or base with a SINGLE line of defense (meaning at least 2 people from the opposite tribe must be on) you will be banned immediately. Sorry charlie. 5.) A Microphone is required. Your Tribe can use either Playstation Chat or the Ark Chat, whichever you prefer, but all must be in it (That are currently in the game of course) no loners. 6.) Have fun. I know it seems like a lot of rules, but its structure for a successful server and until NITRADO creates a better server host that allows more structure, we must keep the peace! Contact Info: You can contact us at [email protected] Message Me on Forums or KingZacharius on PS4
  20. It's a new server with some very friendly admins. The gather rates are generous and the dinos are easy to tame. Starter kit includes a weapon of choice (excluding tek) and a tame of choice (excluding a giga). The admins don't raid, and hold events, giveaways, and construct loot bases for the sole purpose of being raided, containing various degrees of different gear, materials, and blueprints; with the difficulty depending on the type of material the base itself is constructed out of. The server name is 247EU/NABoosted, and we encourage anyone to join!
  22. Been trying to log on to the ARK Servers for 3 hours now and I keep getting the message " Joining Failed: Unknown Error"! I connected just fine last night, but today I get that message on every server I try to connect to. I normally play on PVE-NA-PS4TheCenter486 and kept getting this error so I tried another server that had less people and I still get the same message. Tried restarting the game, restarting my PS4, and restarting my internet connection and still no luck! Normally I get the "Server Full" message when I can't join, but this is an all new message I haven't seen yet.
  23. Why does the therizinosaurus ignore wild triceratops, but attacks my domesticated one's? Do I have them on the wrong setting?
  24. map suggestion

    i am playing on an open rag server and i wanted the community's opinion on what map i would have the most luck on starting fresh i have a ptero and not much else so any suggestions will be welcome
  25. New Ice Wyvern model???

    Anybody know when PS4 will be getting the new Ice wyvern Model? Also will it re-skin currently tamed wyverns or will we need to find new eggs after update?