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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 736 results

  1. Server name AAA coliseum Non dedicated pc server on ps4 ARK server settings: Admin command logging disabled, ARK data downloads disabled, Third person Allowed, non-hardcore mode, pvpve, Crosshair enabled, Floating HUDs allowed, map player location enabled, pvp structure decay disabled. Here is whats up join in and join a tribe make your own or go lone wolf whatever you want to do but no offline raiding you can raid all you like but only if that person is online. every friday at 12:00am peace time starts and ends at 12:00pm after the peace period a war among the clans takes place the winner gets rewarded by the server admin and then you can go about your buisness raiding, gathering, building, ect. Theyre is no admin abuse so you dont have to worry about your mounts randomly dissapearing and the admin DOES NOT GIVE THING OUT TO ANYONE you have to build up your stuff from scratch if anyone is caught cheating or breaking server rules they will be raided and banned. Regular server rules but we do have the ark drops amped up so you find ascended blueprints often. if you would like to join my clan on the server its aw5h1tadragon its just me and one other person in the clan so we could use the help if not have fun and we will see you in the clan battles also feel free to bring friends along to help you
  2. Brand new PVP server already populated 50 player slot limit Admin commands all shown in chat log No blocking of artifacts/drops Cave building is allowed Dino rates slightly increased (stamina & weight) No Tribe limits ! Tribe protection is available upon request (5 days) Any tribe with protected is not to be raided, however open play (outside off base) killing is allowed Dont be a griefer , Give noobs to the server a chance Any breaking of the rules will result in a server ban (NO EXCEPTIONS) Active facebook group can be found by searching https://www.facebook.com/groups/1628681153885855/ UK based server We are all here to have a laugh and have fun , everyone on the server is 20+ at the moment , Come and enjoy yourself but PLEASE respect the RULES
  3. impossible to keep playing

    I really love this game i do, but i dont know if i can keep playing like this. Me and my friend have had the game since the first day of early access and have went through multiple servers. We started on pve dedi for a month and it eventually went down and we lost everything. then we did a pvp dedicated and again lost everything due to a restart this time. This trend continues for months until we start an official and proceed to get murdered every time we step on land as i built a small base raft to keep us moving but eventually we have to tame dinos and get resources but since officials have so many people we cant get anywhere without getting killed its ridiculous. We just wanna keep our tribe me and him but this game seems to be nothing but people harassing fresh spawns in officials and the dedis/unofficials are so unstable that we cant play more than a month without losing everything. thats nearly 6 months of work between servers lost due to all this.
  4. I invite you to a new server, every day we are more people. We will wait for you. Greetings to all.
  5. Quickkscoperr: Starting a server chat / discussion, anyone from "Asia-PVP-PS4Official-Ragnarok529"?
  6. Hi! I play ARK in PS4. I have the digital version of ARK. Im having a very annoying issue since i bought the game. When I open an inventory, moving an item or something like this, the game freezes for at least 1 seconds... I play ARK in a PS4 slim in the spanish patch. Someone more is experiencing this? (If you dont have this issue, please reply to this with your PS4 version, if ARK is digital and if you are playing in spanish or english)
  7. Hopefully someone can help. I've just started a server with a save file of my old server. It's dated 24th August 2017 but having gone exploring it has aberation items on it and seems about a month old? Any ideas on getting the right save file?
  8. since your changing most dino abilites and looks, can you please do the daeodon. Give the daeodon the ability to increase the chance for getting a mutation and the chance increases each time you increase the melee damage by .000001 or something like that. That would be awesome for official servers and single player. Thanks in advanced.
  9. Server Ping 9999

    Hey guys, so I just joined the forums today and I was hoping to get a little help with some issues I have been having with the official Ark severs. All of them are displaying 9999 Ping and will not allow me to connect to any of them. I checked my internet and everything is working fine, and I have no issues with any other games online. I went as far a reinstalling the game but still, nothing is working. Any help would be greatly apprecialted.
  10. Hello fellow Ark'ers! We have started a new server on Ark for PS4! On that occasion we would like to welcome players to the ark. Server will be expanded in the very near future. We are a group of friends that enjoy playing Ark, and the occasional PVP, but are not very hardcore. The server would suit most people but are intended as an option for the casual players/tribes who doesn't play 7 days a week. The server is Offline Raid Protected, with shorter nights and longer days. So if you need some peace and quiet it'snot hard to achieve, while if you want to try a fight or two that can also be found in the very same server. The options are endless! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server info: Name - Zeryot TheIsland 6X taming offline raid protected Taming - 6X Map - The Island Longer days, shorter nights PVP Offline Raid Protection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome! - Zeryot
  11. Looking for some players for a small community server!! it's a PVP RP setup, rates are x2 ragnarok map (PC HOSTED DDOS Protection 24/7 uptime NO ADMIN ACCESS) always up to date!!! So if your looking for a decent lag free Australian server come join you wont be disappointed!!! SEARCH US ON UNOFFICIAL PC HOSTED SESSIONS...PROJECT GENESIS HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS THERE THANKS FOR READING
  12. We are from the legacy server 694. We are the tribesman. We have started a nitrado pvp server on island. We have lots of things in store. Gladiator matches. Jousting matches and much more. 30x breeding and taming 10x harvesting. Join tribesman pvp under unofficial pc hosted server and I’ll see you in the ark.
  13. Welcome to The Prophets World! PS4 server Owned by SteelPanther19 and XxTheIceBladeXx we have 50 slots looking for tons of active players! we feature 2.5x taming, 2x xp rates, 6x kill xp, 100x crop growth speed, 20x platform saddle structures. Build anywhere and unclip! 5x mating, 10x eggs, 10x mature, 10x hatch speed. 100x fishing loot. Max level over 400+ but difficulty is 10x (2x official difficulty) the server will be open to transfers between February 20th and February 23rd 2018, after those dates will will be closed to a cluster. We are open to your suggestions and hope to have you on our server. We are also looking for admins but we do require loyalty and maybe some donations. Search “the prophet” on PS4 unofficial servers to join. Players who join during Valentine’s Day add “SteelPanther19” on PSN to get 5 chocolate cakes free to start taming right away!
  14. Dear survivors, My name is Daniel and I would like to show you my project for this year. First of all: excuses for my English - it's not my mother tongue. Lean back and count with about 7 minutes reading time (grab a cigarette or coffee). I hope it won't be a waste of time for some of your people. My target group are people who'd like to play Ark, but getting sick of other people on their server (raiding till 0, bulling, griefing)... introducing: Sanctuary. To my person: I'm playing ark since end of 2016 ( I think). It was an on off playing relationship with this game... I love the idea, I like survival and taming some dinosaurs is a fkin cool idea etc. But it's not a one man game (online). I started all over again - I met many ppl, but most of them weren't that good like I thought (it could be maybe my fault?). I also tried primitive plus, till I saw how strong a giga can be on primitive+ (That’s imba, Redeemer Unreal Tournament). On this point I knew I had to rage quit there as well. But at the same day came Ragnarok out. A glimmer of hope. As we died all together in primitive+, we became a trustful team. From Day 1 on, we played on Ragna. It was fun to learn hatching wyverns and trapping griffons. And I never saw a rocket following a Quetzal before (awesome experience). All in all - we get bored - as it was too peaceful. So I started jumping on other servers and asked always who wants to get some help. I was helping and switching again. When I was asking how their base is running, I received pretty often this kind of answer: Wiped or Rage quitting (often both). Since 4 days, I'm building up my base again. The old primitive team is online again and we got lots of space to share. This will be your Sanctuary. To Sanctuary: 50 Turrets à 600 bullets (50x600 bullet farming sux), targeting on humans. This defense is just on the roof of Sanctuary. The hall of Sanctuary could hold about 61 tames - so enough place to save your favorites. Sanctuary is also offering these objects to use: Industrial Forge, Chemistry Brench and of course for our low levels: Industrial Grinder. You'll also find enough tames to get what you need (Beaver -> Wood, Anky -> Iron, Obsidian etc.). Never hatched a dino? No worries, we will share our experince and breeding area with you. Everything that you tame / hatch on our server is yours - we got a lot of slots to park tames in. Fill your stock in your room with anything you want, grab your backpack / tame and travel back again - or stay and help other people - like you received our help (for example). Now the bad point: The server is more acting like a PvE server. We have an awesome server alliance - for you: No yellow or red names - everything is blue. We have a very big area, but I would say that we are one of the smallest tribes on this SV. These heave basis causing horrible lags. On some point, when somebody is connecting, you have to replay your last 10 seconds - again and again. List ends here. Who is allowed to join? Sanctuary should be a place with open doors for everybody. But rooms are limited, (as we don't make the dragon hall smaller .... yes probably you are sleeping next to your or our wyverns.). Of course I would like to expand Sanctuary area, but I'm not quite sure if this project will be interesting for anyone. So that’s it... contact me by E-Mail (below). Send me a description what kind of poopty things happened to you in ark. Be sure you'll get a reply. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Share this thread if possible - for those who wants to try it. PS4, Ragnarok. ... And yes. Of course it's an official server... Unofficial = waste of time... >.> Application to: [email protected] Twitter: will follow if necassary. Maybe we fail or we rock :>
  15. Hello all, If you're looking for a fun new PVP unofficial server to join then look no further Welcome to ARKADIA (FIND US BY SEARCHING: ARKADIA / MILD BOOST / NO ADMIN) With a Dino Shop located at the Green Obilisk you can purchase dinos using cementing paste or polymer (no organic) as currency. Based on the Ragnarok map. See you on the ARK.
  16. Ps4 lag on local

    Is there. Reason for this? I'm playing on local and as long as I'm high in the air on my pteranadon I don't lag. But if I'm on the ground I'm laggy and sometimes freeze up for 5 minutes at a time. I'm playing on single player on ps4. So it shouldn't be server or hosting issues?
  17. This server is all about fun in the new world. Bring your friends and build while it's still new. You Can find us under PC sessions. Type multi and look for 3x xp and 2x tame. Hope to see new faces
  18. I noticed this bug has been reported many times, but it seems that this bug still not has been fixed on PS4. When I breed 2 aberrant megalosaurus (on aberration), the baby is a normal megalosaurus. That means it sleeps during the day, isn't immune to radiation and isn't breedable with aberrant megalosaurus. On all of the topics i read about this, they say it has been fixed a long time ago, but i'm playing on PS4 and i still got a bugged baby last week. Did anyone have the same problem? In case this still haven't been fixed on PS4, can this please be reported, so they can fix this bug and turn the bugged megalosaurus into aberrant ones?
  19. As the title mentions i can’t spawn in those trophies. Took my ragnarok character to the island and i did fit the gamma megapethicus and the beta broodmother and i wanted the trophies in my ragnarok base i know I cannot send them over so i had to spawn them in so i did this code “Gfi Gorilla_Gamma 1 0 0” and nothing happened. i tried to get the gamma broodmother it worked but for the gamma megapethicus it didn’t. Also the same thing goes for the beta broodmother. Is it an issue or a bug or im doing something wrong. ps: I tried the long spawn cheat and it didn’t work.
  20. Argentavis in Ragnarok Arena??

    So I know you can bring up to 20 dinos into Ragnarok arena, but is it possible to bring argys? I read on the ark wiki for ragnarok arena and it says “Argentavis” and then “compatiple: Yes/No” And I’m not sure what they mean by that.
  21. Hello potential members! I run a 24/7 always online player dedicated on my other PS4 Pro called Horizon. The server is on Ragnarok and is a PvP server. Offline raiding is enabled. It is set to max difficulty and wild dino stats have been set to 1.6 (except damage) to make it a bit harder. We generally want more long term players to join and build up and have a good time helping others, pvping, etc. Anything you can do on an official server, you can do here. No admins are going to punish you for simply playing the game. We all have jobs and the server is boosted to accommodate the little downtime we have. Stats are: 2x Experience 2x Player Stats 5x Taming (We have lives Wildcard lol) and Maturity/Eggs 2x Corpse/Item Decomposition 2x Crops 2x Resources/Health Anything that isnt listed above is at default values. The server has no password and is open to all. Feel free to bring anyone you want. If your interested in joining - add SuperKaveXRR41 (the server account) and you can join the server directly through him for sweet easy access. My account is KaveXRR on Playstation if you need anything else. If you have any questions feel free to ask! We hope to see you on the server!
  22. Ps4 patch 1.63 notes?

    I had a PS4 update last night for roughly 4.6 or something Gigs. Was this the same fix as what PC got? Just curious as I didn't see any notes about it for PS4 and thought the 277 major update was only for PC. If they are different can someone point me or advise me of what was added/changed? I was following it sorta close yesterday and didn't notice any mention to it being related to PS4 as well so forgive me if I missed it.
  23. I run a player dedicated ragnarok server with 20 people daily. Theres never lag bronto saddles are banned. Its been up for about 2-3 weeks and it just started to crash. Alot daily like 5 times were it gets annoying. I own the server i dont abuse. The stats arnt op were its bad or were it lags server. Speed is about 250 bit lower. Its on ps4 and this is a bluescreen ce dashboard error (game crashes) every reset this has happened after 2-3 weeks after 5 total resets so far can anyone help? I will also include screenshots of my base my dino count etc. And the error code when it happens which will probaly be really soon.
  24. On Asia-PVP-PS4Official-Ragnarok520 my Character level 94 is stuck because of dodos. Is there a way for me to get it out as I can’t get on to the server to transfer it.
  25. Hey guys, we have a server running for ps4 with the Aberration map. There is going to be loads of events,mini games and good old role play characters on the server whenever possible.We want people to role play as their characters to make the server more fun so join and create the character you want to be. everyone that joins will be given starter packs to help get you going and will include good qlty gear and bps (everyone will be given a bp for good qlty climbing picks,tools etc) To join the server search the pc hosted servers for Aberrationland or contact BirdmanGligo on psn