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      Haven’t yet explored the island of ARK? Nows your chance to get in as ARK has huge discounts with Black Friday coming up, across retail and digital for PS4, Xbox, and Steam!The discounts and sale length may vary across platforms and regions, please continue reading for further sales information! The following prices will be in effect this Friday in North America: Wal-Mart (US Stores) - $29.99 USD (a discount of $30) GameStop (US Stores) - $34.99 USD (a discount of $25) EB Games (Canadian Stores) - $39.99 CAD ARK is also currently on sale in the Xbox Digital Store until 11:00 AM GMT on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017:  ARK: Survival Evolved - 25% off Scorched Earth - 35% off Explorer's Edition - 30% off Season Pass - 25% off ARK is also available on sale now with early access for PS+ members and will be on sale on the 23rd of November for everyone else until Black Friday (27/11).Please note that the discounts may vary based on your region. ARK: Survival Evolved Scorched Earth ARK: Explorer’s Edition ARK: Season pass Complete your ARK Season Pass ARK will also be participating in this year's Steam Autumn Sale! It'll run from now until 6 PM on the 28th of November! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Season Pass

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Found 767 results

  1. I didn't see a way to reset my local host setting back to default. Is there a button for this? Is the default settings is that what is used on the official servers? I'm trying to replicate NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok30
  2. Ping 9999

    Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to help fix a ping 9999 on a Official NA server, i'm in NA
  3. Idk if I’m getting upset for no reason or if I’m a complete idiot. I used to be on ps4 a few months ago and for boss fights our rexes were the same hatch as Xbox but the entire alliance would only pump rex health to 25k tips would be 30k then just unloaded melee. This was good enough to beat the dragon with the trap method. Then when you could trap the dragon took hp away and not a percentage. Now that the dragon takes 20% regardless of your health shouldn’t you still only level to 25k or so and pump melee? I’ve traded 3 different trusted traders for a full grown boss rex and they all have 35-55k health ranging from 491-550 melee. Is this right? Our trek rexes would start at 50khp but these guys are still using them as boss with no melee
  4. Bottom Line Up Front: Is there a plan to optimize console UI? So I’ve recently created a PS4 Ark server to play with some of my console buddies after over 1500 hrs on PC. Problem I have is the frustrating and obscene amount of time spent managing inventories on console. The Ui is literally a copy and paste of PC version with bare minimum changes to ease the burden of transferring items and navigating the menus. I understand it’s been this way for a long time, even before the TEK Ui design released but is there a fix in the works?? I assumed it would of been a done deal with full game release for consoles but it’s still clunky and time abusive.
  5. Ps4 server

    I cannot connect to a dedicated server hosted by you but other are on all i see is 9999 ping and i dont know whats wrong
  6. The loading screen displayed during logging in to a server shows Tofu (in Japanese edition.) I saw several messages contain Tofu.
  7. loot crate bug/glitch ps4

    Hello everybody, My name is Liam and i have a problem. When i open a lootcrate in Ark Ragnarok (maybe the other maps too) i get kicked out of the server. this problem is on ps4. i tried to reinstall the game but that did not work. Does anyone have the solution? Liam van der Valk, (PSN: Liamvalkie)
  8. There is a massive number of unclaimed bred dinosaurs in my ark server. Somewhere in the region of 1000 dinos in this one spot. The issue has its root in bred dinosaurs being born on wandering. This is like the 4th time this has happened, but other times I could enter the area without my game freezing or crashing.
  9. How do you figure out the spawn rate on an official server for a resource? Besides waiting for it. Are all resource spawn rates the same? Trying to calculate the beached whales.
  10. ps4 GFI bug

    Just a quick bug report... the command GFI StoneGate_Large 1 0 0 does not work.
  11. Hey Survivors! I have a cluster with Ragnarok, Scorched and The Island. We are looking to grow! We are on Nitrado Dedicated PS4 I have the server set so that you can achieve 100% imprint and egg hatch time is 99x and Maturation is 40x. So a Wyvern,Rex takes 2 hours and 22 mins and a Giga is just under 8 hours. (from hatch to Adult) We have 15xs Harvest and 30x Tame. Drops are boosted as well as fishing. I make raidable PvP bases for some awesome loot and Eggs. We have no white flags and ORP is off. Mature Admin and I Don't play in Admin unless I am needed in an emergency. We are not a bunch a a$$holes that grief and raid you as soon as you show up! We want a healthy populated server and a strong community. (I know hard to believe but true) We have all player stats slightly boosted and decent weight... Caz no one likes spending their day encumbered. Dino stats are boosted for stam and weight Flyer speed is boosted by 1x but you can not put points into flyer speed. (for a little pick me up) Our server name is 247Tek Cluster 50X Hatch Boosted Drops Insta PVP We are adults on these servers. We kid, we play, and have fun. Caz... well it's a game .. Come on over and check us out! Hope to see you there!
  12. I was reading somewhere and someone said they moved a wild praying mantis in PVE by shooting it with a grappling hook and flying it to their taming pen. Is this possible?
  13. PS4 Ark Server

    Does anyone know a place where I can put my PS4 server details for people to join and play with me?
  14. Hi, I host a ps4 server with my friends, we just got done with Island and found it pretty boring with no one else in there so I am looking for mature people to join our world. No free hand outs, no boosted rates. What there is, is a good times and hopefully a friendly and helpful 24/7 community. I also plan on doing planned pvp events that wont affect normal time things (bases, dinos, etc) that will have either, wagers from other survivors or prizes. Tribe wars are on for those who wish to battle one another. Rates are 2x for most things, no stat boosts for anything. I use discord to announce server activity. Add PsychoServers if interested.
  15. Hello, A new pc hosted server is in the works and will be made available December 1st with 6 months paid in advance if interest is shown. This server will be made to be a long term, community based server. (The 50x rates servers are getting really old.) Also, the server will ran in Seasons. The winning tribe of each season will receive certain perks to start going into the next season. Thinking of a possible tribe member limit. Add me on [email protected] LastShot6 if interested or comment below.
  16. Will there ever be a reduced price for the season pass? Just curious because i bought the game before official release and already own scorched earth, and I don't want to by a season pass that's 44$ for aberration and scorched earth
  17. I got a pvp ragnarok nitrado server up and running 24/7 for ps4. I wanna find someone with a island server with simular rates to start a server cluster with. My server settings: farming x5 xp x8 taming x5 breeding/hatching x3 pre-nerf oxy stat and generator gas use x2 platform structures friendly fire disabled
  18. So, as many of you will know there are ark sponsored mods, There's a whole section of this website on it in fact! But not as many of you will know that they were rumored to be coming to PS4 as well as steam. They have already been released on steam, but if like many of us, you're a PS4 player, you'll know that sponsored mods haven't been released for us, and there seems to be no sign of them in any way. Before we get started, if you're still waiting for ark Primal Survival, in which you can play as a dinosaur, then click Here! It's my forum on that topic, anyway, Sponsored Mods, they are already on Steam as I've said, if you'd like to see that click Here. We obviously want that to come over to the console side of ark with XB1 and PS4 ! So let's see what we can find to support whether or not we can expect them on consoles in the near or far future ! There is this article This still doesn't mention anything about them coming to consoles in any depth or AT ALL. But it still has been rumored that they CAN Be Expected for console players It would be Great AMAZING for mods to be introduced to PS4 ark players, but there IS a more recent article on the topic which I have seen, thsi just includes a list of all of the current ark sponsored mods which are available on steam Right Now ! So if you want to subscribe to those on steam, you can HERE. It's a great program that we can only wish for to come to PS4 and XB1. I have also found out through research that the fantastic maps, The Center and Ragnarok were both originally mods, you as well as I may have already knew about The Center being a mod that was integrated into the game, but so is Ragnarok ?! This shocked me as I just ever suspected that. But also I've read that Structures Plus is going to be integrated into the core game in the same way! As are some of the following! NPC Bush People by Swords Scorched Earth Decor, RP Decor, eco In Wonderland, and ecoTrees by eco Ragnarok by Excited Kangaroo Structures Plus, Platforms Anywhere, Platforms Plus by orionsun Steampunk Mod by iSpeZz Roraima by Jeff Castles, Keeps, and Forts Architecture by enc | ExileAcid Survival Plus by Tao Ark Moon Survival by DavidBC Shigo Islands by Exilog Madagascar Evolved by Hey my team rules! Thieves Island and Skies of Nazca by Tkat5200 MRRadTools.Inc by MRRadioactiv Ark Postal Service and Offline Raid Protection by jslay Advanced Admin Command Menu by Woeful Macabre So what does this mean for us console players ?! it means that the sponsored mods We've all been waiting for are ACTUALLY already being integrated into the game, with those that have already been released ( Ragnarok and The Center) So we just have to be patient and wait for the new mods, apparently Structures plus is becoming part of the core game, which is something amazing to get, if you don't know what structures plus is, Here is one of my favourite features https://ibb.co/ivdEfw (Image) Here's Another GREAT Feature! https://ibb.co/kas70w One more Astounding feature is this, https://ibb.co/mmxwtG One more feature I'm going to include is https://ibb.co/gsRpDG There are LOTS MORE, So you can Amaze yourself V If you'd like to browse the screenshots yourself, CLICK HERE A video on youtube I've watched is quite helpful which you may find helpful, rather than reading it here, they ARE a feature that's coming to consoles it seems, but you can watch the video HERE! If you want to get even more news on the topic, thanks for reading this, and have a good day!
  19. Hi im New, sorry. Can someone pls point me in the right direction on How To set up a PC Dedicated Ark Server for PS4? I hear that that is a thing now and my friend and I would like to set one up.
  20. Hello ARK adventurers I'm having issues with my PS4 dedicated server. My issue is there seems to be no Dino's in the water only in one cave. I know when I first ventured underwater I couldn't go far without being killed multiple times after a while things seem to have gotten easier. then I realized there are not Dino's in the water and we need those Black pearls to create the TEK Gear I just don't want to be using admin commands just to receive them i'd like to keep playing the game without using admin commands. I do have the Dino rate set at 1.0 to give the server the max amount of dino's but it just doesn't seem to be balanced enough what would i need to do in order to get the game balanced like it was when I first started the game? any help is greatly appreciated thank you
  21. Browsing servers in-game on Xbox is painfully slow. I can't speak for PS4 but I would expect the same. Now that rentable servers are a thing they're so many servers to list it takes almost 15 minutes to be able to toggle from Official to non-official servers. Suggestion: Have a way to browse servers from a PC browser and or smart phone browser that would launch on the Xbox or PS4 when selected.
  22. Beautiful Dinos

    I want to get a friend into ARK and I want to show him some of the dinos, so I want yout guys opinions. All I request is a list of the most beautiful dinos in your opinion. Thanks!
  23. Late Game

    What are the best late games dinos for PvP and PvE? If you have the time please could you specify what it is good for? As in (this might not be right) setup like this: PvP - Giganotosaurus - Good for the damage output. PvP - Titanosaurus - Good for the health. Etc etc. So setup like that for both PvP and PvE, thanks if you can! You may also want to tell me the best late game dinos for flying, berry collecting, holding down my base etc etc. Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me!
  24. Ice Wyvern Changes Color

    I had a very unusual bug today that is very annoying. I hatched a black and white Ice Wyvern yesterday, he grew up and kept his colors. I login today only to see that my new wyvern lost its colors and is now a pale gray blue and green Ive tried re-logging in but now the game has saved him with these new colors. I want his original colors back. PS4, Single Player, Ragnarok map.
  25. Server Name: TerraNova247 Time: All Day, Everyday. (24/7 Server) Console: PS4 Location: Ragnarok Creation Date: Oct. 31, 2017 Boosts: XP, Harvesting, Breeding, Taming, Hatching, Gathering. Animals Movement Speed. Hello! How is everyone? It’s nice to have you here. TerraNova is looking for some active players to get my dedicated server running pretty good. We are very friendly and helpful. We help each other out a lot in this server. Have you ever been to a Unofficial Server? I basically run it the same but it has boosts instead of running it normal. We do trades here. If you want something and any other tribe has it and willing to trade it for something. That’s what you can do. We also do events it being wyvern giveaways or armor giveaways. Or resource giveaways. This community server is to make it to where all players that come in, will enjoy the game and just have fun. We focus on socializing and good attitudes to one another. The server runs all day. There will be days though that it will shutdown for an hour but that is just where I’m shutting off the system to cool it down so I won’t burn up my PS4. Our rules are simple: Be respectful to one another, meaning no arguing, fighting, yelling, making rude comments or statements to one another. If someone is taming something do not kill it or steal it from them. This server is PvE for now, but when we start up PvP times. Do not touch the alpha base. If it is to be bothered you will be banned from the server. Meaning the animals or base itself is to not be tampered with. I’ll let you guys PvP. But I don’t PvP. You can bring each other’s bases down at your most hearts desires and wishes. But the alpha base is strictly off limits. Do not spam the chat. It’s annoying and disrespectful. Trading is okay, but make sure you trust the person. You can also send me to be a overwatch Incase. (If you scam people from trades, you will be banned. Not only is it disrespectful. It’s illegal in my server.) Do not build in someone’s base or steal things out of there base. Unless you are raiding it during PvP. Do not steal from Alpha base period or you will be removed. Other then that, have fun and enjoy the server. If you for some reason can’t find the server add the server. And I’ll send you an invite out. ‘LittleTurtleLady’ I look forward to hearing from you.