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Found 14 results

  1. chancho33015

    end game Fixing ARK!

    So, after quitting ark official servers I have had a few days of clarity. I have been thinking about the things I like the most and the things i hated the most. Also, i have been thinking about the actual gameplay on official and where does it fail. Things I hated the most on official pve: 1. People allowed to have multiple accounts. This is unavoidable and i believe is one of the biggest issues on pve. People who own multiple accounts to minimize the grind and also to have multiple bases on the same maps. The problem is that this is not done by one person per map. A lot of players do this. 2. Breeding times and breeding process are terrible! Also, it doesn't add to the game experience in a positive way. As ark is not based no in character progress perse but experiencing dangers and learning how to deal with them in order to survive. Let me explain, you can survive anything pretty comfortable once you reach stone structures from rexes to gigas. That is about level 80 in which you can achieve in one day of playing if you get help from someone. Which most people are willing to help. Once you get to that level the player makes his first breeding area and starts breeding. Once you get to the breeding phase to get a decent rex to fight an alpha other than the "gorilla" it would take at least about 2 months of breeding to get stats of at least 500 base melee and 14k hp. IF you get lucky finding a great pair from the start. What does that mean, that you have to knock out at least 20 rexes which each takes 3 hours to tame on kibble but also the fact that you have to waste hours looking for high level rexes (above 130) to start breeding. So the total playing time just to get this running might be a week or two before you actually start breeding. 3. Cap Severs! Well, all servers on official are currently at its limit which means that you cant breed... so...that means pve official is now just a building game. So what should of taken 2 weeks of looking for rexes and start breeding them now it will take a month if you are a new player. Also, this means you cant tame so you would not even to be able to start collecting resources other that without your hands. which means that it would take 10 times longer. 4. S+ promised but never delivered! I remember their twitch stream for the release of aberration when S+ was being promised by Jen and the other guy next to her. They said a year + ago that they were working on the balancing and that they were close to releasing it...but that was a total lie. S+ might not work for PVP but it will definitely improve PVE. Since pve is base on building and breeding. That would make 1 of the 2 things that pve is for much better. Also, people would be able to move entire bases without needing to demo everything which makes up for room as players would be able to move their bases from one server to another easier without losing everything! Common SENSE! People create multiple bases because they cant move things once they are set...and if S+ was allowed this problem would be solve. This would help create a flow of players within servers. 5. IF pve is the Players Vs Elements then perhaps it is time that they unable "GAMMA" on official pve. Takes away a huge part of the game! All this lightsources we were give become unnecessary and just a waste of space. With the gamma option Nightvision is useless, torches, lamps posts, tek light, and anything that emits light that is supposed to help you see at night. I know players have become used to having everything easy on pve...and I dare to say we have become too passive. But if we are playing pve arent we expected to play to survive nature? That includes the dangers of night, rain, fog, and sandstorms. 6. Dino restrictions in PVE are a problem. In pve since you cant grab wild dinos there are about 100 traps all around the map to tame dinos. Tramps that block resources, waterpaths, and sometimes even dino spawns. Forcing players to tame on the wild is a lot more problematic to the actual gameplay than it adds to the total experience. 7. I dont know if anyone understands the story of ark but I believe most people don't care too much about that on PVE official. Not only is poorly done and delivered. However, it is incomplete. Scorched Earth is supposed to have another Tek cave but it was never done. At least according to the lore. But, Ark never finished it...and they actually sold an incomplete DLC as if it was done.... i dont know what this mean to many but to me it means that they are not looking for quality of content but amount per content released! And that is never a good sign. Also, it adds to my point that the story of ark is broken. Now for PVP official: 1. Meshing...under meshing! Well, there are about 3 ways to do that. In some maps you can find spots. Others you can use ladders, and now you can use a climbing pick. For pvp that is perhaps the biggest problem as that means that no one is safe at any point! someone can literally build a base under you and just anable turrets and there goes the dynamite lol 2. Parts in which players are allowed to build in the game but the developers decide that is not without telling anyone. So you build in a spot you thought it was ok...cause the game allows you...but some how an admin comes and either bans you or demolishes your entire base without a warning. It has happen to many people. Well, those are the mayor issues in ark at the moment in official. Right now ark is suffering a lot on both PVe and PvP official. Both for different reason. Are these problems hard to fix? The meshing no. Put a killzone. I think everyone rather lose one dino than their entire base. It is again common sense. What is better? on person crying for a single dino...or 20 people annoyed and quitting because 500 dinos were kill thanks to under meshing? I cant put it any simpler than that! The breeding system...cutting times by 50% would make ark PVE playable again. I now people hate raising dinos for weeks. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME! Also, if you guys work on the kibble tree...there would be no need to have 500 dinos per tribe. IT is ridiculous! Also, i dare to say, add something quick to put dinos on inventory on pve. Same function as the beehive has. That would make people have smaller bases. It is foolish to make people build big unnecessary bases to keep 500 dinos inside! Also, to play ark no tribe needs more than 250 dinos... If climbing picks are a problem...take them out! Honestly no one needs climbing picks. if the idea is to add an experience on aberration...about going to get your first drake egg and climbing like a fool down to get one then climb up...no one ever did it like that. lol or well, there might be some fool that was dummy enough to do it like that lol Everyone goes down with spinos or karkinos...in a party for the first time. or whatever dino they like for that. Also, make element transferable! it is weird that is not. Same for tributes. I mean, once artifacts are allowed to be transfer why are tributes not? is just like you guys like forcing people to question that flawed logic. We are not dummies! lol Listen to us! lol PLEASE!
  2. I don't know if this is the case for every official PVE server but I still notice some weird things in ark. I am not going to call them an Error but they are definitely things that leave your head scratching. Here are some of the things that i am still unable to understand or that i believe they are weird: 1. Building issues in Icebergs. This is my personal weird thing since i move to the island map. I build an entire base on the iceberg that looks like an inverted cone behind the Blue obelisk but when i need to build in the base of the iceberg it says that is too far up from the ground even when i put Aberration cliff platforms on the base. 2. Am i the only one who thinks that tek generator should be able to function to replace all cable systems on the base? i mean, all i am saying is that the limit of the range shouldn't affect the element consumption. that would get rid of some rendering issues and it would actually make more sense as it is supposedly a better generator than the normal one. not to mention it would mean that people would not need to build so many unnecessarily big bases since you wouldn't need to make a ton of normal troughs around the base to feed your 500 dinos. Also, it would make pvp more fun as one tek generator would be the priority to destroy inside a base because that would be the main thing to destroy...definitely would improve the game in both pve and pvp. 3. Should Tek armor need element to run? I think it shouldn't be the case. Hear me out! How much more fun would be to just fly around the base with the tek armor to do your boring tasks? not to mention that people barely use it because it uses element like crazy. So the best armor is...practically an aesthetics ware rather than a practical one. It is expensive to build (compare to other) yet we rather walk with other armors as this one is just too expensive to keep using for what it actually does. 4. Tek dinos...what is the purpose of this? I am still wondering what this are for... they dont do anything new, nor have a special trait other than they start a bit higher level... something that to those who already have rexes with 20k hp+ and 800 melee is more that pointless to work on the stats...either in pve or pvp... just a weird addition. Dont get me wrong, I like the tek Rex and Tek Raptor but...usless...unless you are new but even then it would be just easier to find someone who sells you a good fert rex egg and start from high stats now. (this is in regards to official play) 5. Am I the only one who thinks that the spino spawn on the island should be double? I mean, i play often and i am only able to find about 10 spinos per week...it is a DILO kinna thing. 6. Thylas not allowed in boss...is just weird. just saying! 😛 7. Gigas are pretty usless...on pve. Maybe they should be allowed in bosses 😛 (at least 1) i know it would make things a lot easier but dang it...takes two weeks to grow 1 and all they do is farm meat...are you kidding me?! lol Well, this are some of my own personal DILO/weird things i still see happening or that are part of ark. What are yours? 😛
  3. So here is my problem, im playing with my friends on a server, im on windows 10 pc so i keep my headphones on and stay on skype with them to talk. well my mic icon is displaying in upper right and people can hear me. Its really aggravating to other people when i cant toggle it on or off. i've tried setting toggle to talk and unchecking it , restarting client every time i change and nothing changes. Not sure whats up but id love a fix for that.
  4. MajorPayneXII

    Broken Game??!

    Can someone explain why this popular game that has been out for roughly three years and developers have yet to fix game breaking problems? I've played ever since it was in early release for xbox, and have had problems with my game freezing, randomly closing, and worst of all just not working ever since it came out. Just like many other people that enjoy this game immensely, I went out and purchased a second xbox to run my own dedicated server. I have had nothing but problems with this game ever since I made the decision. From corrupt saves, to servers just not loading, and having to restart my xbox countless times just to try to play (and try to get friends into servers). This game could have been so much better on release and now, if these problems were fixed long ago. Other games have their crap together and provide nearly flawless interfaces and game mechanics to allow the user a non-problematic experience. Minecraft for example, has never had a single problem for me and my friends ever since it was released. This game has a much more potential for an enjoyable experience for players that want more than just pixelated blocks to build with. Why can't they deliver this experience? The developers decided to release the game for mobile devices, but have yet to fix their game. I don't fully understand the logic behind it. So, if anyone has any information on how I could fix their game, specifically for an xbox dedicated server not allowing players to join, please let me know. Edit: Here is another thread I didn't have to even look for because there are so many, of a person with way more time played in this game and his rant on more problems this game has. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/349830-had-enough/
  5. Kurosai

    Xbox Trading Clubs are so bad

    I just recently got into the trading scene on xbox 5 or 4 months ago and through the scams that have happened to me and my tribemate. I just think the moderation on the clubs is horrible it's so easy to scam to since the Admins/Mods just accept every join request so all it takes is a quick fake gmail account and creating a new microsoft account and if you have gold it will be shared to that account due to the home xbox feature microsoft implemented when Xbox one was released and boom you have a fresh account all you need to do is apply to a club wait a day then go look at all the stuff people are selling and it's as simple as porting fake screenshots to the spoof account to show to the seller that it's real. It's ridiculous and I'm not here to complain about how I've lost So much stuff I just think wildcard should make their own verified club so it can be heavily moderated. And I know what your gonna say ''Well just use facebook or a Subreddit or the Official Ark Trader Group'' I agree but as an avid ark player I know the majority of Trades are PvE related and people on PvE are usually casual laid back Older People with Daily Jobs they don't wanna hop on Reddit or Facebook to contact a person Via Dm's they would rather just press 4 buttons to go to a club where things are simpler and the majority of victims are these types of people and this primarily goes to Console Players as console is just simpler as opposed to Pc. I think an easy fix would to have an Official Ark Club for Consoles I don't know about Ps4 but they have something similar I'm sure but if this were to happen I know people would like it. 2:54AM damn what am I doing up this late I'm not even gonna spell check this lol
  6. Dsdragoon

    What just happened?

    Well that's interesting.. I was playing on an official crossplay server when I joined a tribe.. and the bipolar kid in charge got into a hissy fit when a tribe member traded a pter he tamed ( pve) so he kicked 3 of us and has taken all our stuff, dinos and bases .... now some of you might think "that's ok it's the game dynamics." But why ? If someone who is in charge kites wyverns and giga to other ppl and floats about it but other tribe members don't want this then why not have a system where 2 thirds of the tribe can vote out a member even tribe leader.. we can't trade dinos or we get kicked...cant invite ppl or get kicked, can't trade or get kicked, can't build new outposts or get kicked, help him with ab base or get kicked, don't buy dinos get kicked (I see a pattern) he has been yellow carded by W.C twice in a month so my point is why should a tribe of 8 ppl who just want to play and not do silly stuff have to put up with It? Why cant tribe members who have worked so hard have to keep making apologetic comments on global chat vote out someone even a leader if they are so intent on destroying the tribe? Well I guess it doesn't matter all of our dinos are gone and nothing we can do about it.... gg
  7. Hi there can any tell me why, after playing Single Player, the character I was using was gone, and also any skins I have achieved are gone as well. My structures and dinos are still there, but my character is gone. After doing the alpha for the Tek Cave, I went through the whole thing and also the end credits, I went to start up and my character wasn't there to download. Can someone tell me what might have happened also I am on PS4. Thank you guys.
  8. AdmiralAqua

    Help please

    I haven't been able to put in a password or server name since the ragnarok update. It won't bring the keypad for me so I am unable to enter anything into the box. I don't know if this is an Xbox or Ark problem and I made this account just for this so please help.
  9. Noodlesuppe

    Future of ARK

    Hey there, I just wanted to open this thread because the following things really bug me since I bought the game in 2015; First of all, the building system, especially the cable and pipe system. I think this is really important to improve it since you need a mod to actually build stuff in a better way and I really hate it if I have to use mods for basic ingame mechanics. I'd also like to see some improvements for the server connection, because it sometimes takes hours for my friends to get into my game, just because they get kicked out by the game after one minute of trying to join. Actual premade stats for creatures, bosses, crafting etc. when you play alone would also be pretty neat, just to start a game faster after you haven't played for a while and don't want to check any single option again because something changed in one of the last patches or whatever... Performence improvements should also still be on the agenda, since directX 12 got cancelled and maybe work on the compression, because I already have 150gb+ on my hard drive. I really appreciate that you began with the TLC's but more needs to be done, especially the Pteranodon, Parasaur, Megalodon, Araneo, Plesiosaur, Carbonemys, Mammoth, actually any old creature should get a TLC, because they either got all replaced or are useless since the very beginning (or just look ugly like the Plesiosaur and Stego). This is nothing really important but it just annoys me that there are no fence gates, I can't even build a farm for my sheep I hope someone finally sees this thread because I try to contact you for over a year and didn't even get a response from the support. Pls listen more to your community, this game could be so much more. Sincerely, a survivor
  10. NW ice cave does not spawn in artifact (SP), and takes more than 20 mins and several re enterings to do so.
  11. darkfallenx

    Rampant Incompetence

    This game is fun, addicting, creative, beautiful, and caters to a broad range of play styles and gamers of all ages. Not to mention its extremely popular, and is played across 3 systems. That said..fix your game!!! I KNOW its not a priority however. Making more content is profitable, and expending valuable resources to fix problems while you could be making money instead just isnt worth it from a business perspective. I get it... But you guys did a fantastic job making this game that many people enjoy and spend soo many hours playing, and to see simple bugs and glitches go unresolved or unacknowledged, is simply unexcusable if you care about your customer base and quality of service. Your inability to fix main components of your game is going to hurt you in the long run. Sure, many players are currently satisfied, and wont bother to complain. Few ever do, because it takes time to put together a well written or documented complaint. But there are those that notice, that take notes, and become frustrated by a lack of competence to do just do what is required to make things better. if your going to do something, do your best or dont bother at all. I have been playing this game since it launched as a game preview on the xbox one, with thousands of hours of play time. I love this game. My kids love this game. We want to see you stay committed to delivering a high quality product that we can continue to enjoy. In turn, we will remain committed to playing. Thats what its all about. If you lose interest in ironing out this game for a smooth and optimal experience, were going to lose interest too. I am at my wits end currently, and thats why I felt the need to create this thread. I have been compiling my own list of bugs and glitches for JUST the past few months, and I would like this thread to be dedicated for others to document their experiences as well. In my next post I will list what I have personally observed and noted, as well as a collection of other peoples reports I have found. Im invested, thats why I care. I sure wish that feeling was mutual...
  12. chancho33015

    drakes Drakes Glitches

    So, i dont know if eveyrone noticed, but sometimes drakes are bugged and only climb backwards...and there is no fixing that without and admin or ticket person. I have been playing on official Aberration the past months and so far lost 3 drakes due to glitches...multiple ravagers...most in the purple area by 40 40...some drakes try to climb and end up climibiing under the map "that is my last ticket"...some just become bugged and become bugged with climbiming upsidedown for ever...and nothing can fix it... Also, by 40 40 purple...there is a hole that is unfinished map part...where people can go underground...or get stuck....like.. a lot of people have... just want drop that information...also, hoping to get my ticket answer...it has been a couple days of waiting...due to that problem in that purple area.... Hope to hear soon from you guys. Aberration player from pc official 222
  13. I have a problem with the game that has not been happening until around twenty minutes ago. Me and my brother both have Xbox Ones. I started an aberration server and invited him around five times while he couldn't join. After this, he tried to start a server but needed help typing in the stats because he can't type with his controller. I offer to help and plug mine in. I find that I can't type anything in on his Xbox either, so when I reconnect mine I find that I cannot type in ARK at all. This is a HUGE problem for my server, since it practically only exists to type in cheat codes. I need help.
  14. Dragchar121

    Ragnarok trouble

    I was loading my single player sever on ragnarok and it had said my character had died but when i returned to my base it was not there nor were my creatures. Its only saved my character. Can you help me please!