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Found 125 results

  1. Server name- role playing pirate sea warfare(horrible name I know. Still trying to think of a good name). Some info on the server- -Ps4 unofficial 16slots at the moment(will upgrade if this catches traction) -Primitive + -Pvp -Light roleplaying -Max tribe limit is 4 -Disabled leedsichthys -Cannot build inland(explanation why below) -3x structure limit on platforms -No admins -slightly boosted to lessen the grind. There are a few rules to this server. You cannot build a land base at all until you have 4 players in your tribe and claim a territory. I have divided the map into multiple territories and they are first come first serve. Any tribe consisting of four players can claim a territory for their own. You can build a base on the shore in your territory. You have to be raidable by sea. You set the rules for your territory. You could even let smaller tribes of pirates build on the shores within your territory. You can charge them rent, ban all from entering your waters. Whatever you’d like. We’re currently a small group of friends, and we’re looking for some new players to have some sea warfare with. Join if you’d like and give it a shot. If you have any questions you can pm me here, or on psn (TheBigBurlyBear).
  2. - 24/7 16+ Nitrado Hosted Ark Server - Primitive+ PVP on Ragnarok - Structure DMG = Friday 20:00 till Sunday 23:59 - Offline Raid Protection - Grace Period ("white flag") - Command Logging Enabled - Lite Roleplay (Character name + a back story if you wish) - Currency System (Currency given 10 days after joining) - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 6x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 100, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6.8, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Starter pack = Level 100 Horse and a set of Tools - No trolling - No raiding with Griffins, Wyverns or Rock Elementals (you may defend your base with them, just not attack bases with them) - No Artifact cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. - When raiding please get in and get out without causing unnecessary damage. No base wiping. - We do not operate a no passive killing rule as such but would rather you tranqed out passive tames to look for loot, we're a community, not a safe space for trolls so dont be a sausage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our group to gain access to the server: Follow The Hive on other social media: . Join our Discord: Server Donations Link: (rewards for Patreon donators) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Lost Paradise Ark We are a mature gaming community of couples, lone wolves and small groups of friends. We have 2 servers in a cluster. A PVP Vanilla Ragnarok server setup with PVE rules where you can start your own tribe, join us for PVP/PVE events and breed your favourite Dinos, which has been running for sometime & a new Primitive Plus Ragnarok role play PVP server, 3 tribes fight for control of the map. Each tribe is a race, Dwarves, Elves & Humans. Each Race has exclusive tames they must use to compliment their race play style, no other tames can be used except for non rideable tames like, (Dilo, Dodo, Bees etc) & exclusive weapons. Dwarves: Shock troops who use Dire Bears, Micro Raptors, Rynos & Mamouths to storm into battle, they have exclusive access to the Battle Axe. Humans who are tactical warriors who use Equus, Dire Wolves, Ichthyornis & Therizinosaurus to control the battle field in both close quarters or ranged attacks, they have exclusive access to the Musket. Elves who excel at stealth and ranged combat, using Thylacoleo, Hyenadon, Dymorphadon & Chalicatherium to ambush and assassinate their enemies from the shadows, they have exclusive access to the Re curve Bow. New members can join our PVE server to get setup and get help from the community if needed, if they wish to join the PVP server, they choose a race and get assistance from other members of that race to get the right tames before joining the war. Each race has a heavily fortified HQ in their territory where new members can get setup and look for a base location. Structures and tames are Personal, so only you can access your base or use your tames. A full set of rules and application details can be found at our website: So if your 20+ and either want a friendly PVE community or would like to also have some light hearted PVP role play fun, then we are the place to come. Apply at our website today and begin your adventure.
  4. Im looking at starting up a dedicated server on pc running the rag map and doing it roleplaying. Server would be slightly boosted. Would anyone have interest in playing? Or would I just be wasting my time and money?
  5. Steel Armor Proposal

    in technology they have riot shield and armors and they have big metal door and small door we want steel doors steel armors and shield for primitive, just a proposal
  6. Prim+ Confusion

    It seems as if Xbox ark updates do not apply to primitive plus servers. I play on PVE Ragnarok 2, our ice Wyvs are still invisible, we have no otters, the maps terrain was not fixed in the last update. It just seems like prim + is neglected and I think I speak for at least my entire server when I say it deserves more attention. As a few have stated on the server, we don’t all want “halo with dinosaurs”.
  7. Primitive Plus Bee issue

    I have been playing primotive plus on the ps4 for some time now but i have yet to figure out how to get bee's wax. It would seem the ps4 verson is missing the Apiary aswell as all bee spawn in bushes. Yet items still require I have Beewax to make them. :'(
  8. New RPG server on prim plus called PleasureIsland247 You can be whatever you want only 4 rules. 1) You must be over 18 2 )You must name your Character 3)Your tribe name must correspond with your roll. 4) you gotta biuld something cool. Now go and make your own destiny and welcome to pleasure island.
  9. Considering this is the official view, might I strongly request that all 70+ capped players on the current NA-PVE PrimPlus Ragnarok server request additional servers be created for this game mode? There is only ONE cluster for NA primplus and only one Rag map which the majority of the playerbase naturally will want to play. This server is consistently capped and without a queue system is beginning to become a large issue for growth and stability. Even with the 90% 1-hour AFK timer it's not enough of a countermeasure to the public release influx for players looking for the primitive aspect of the game in a pve environment for the ragnarok map since that is technically the newest. On that note, Prim+ still needs bug fixes that were not addressed in early access for issues reported in tickets, googledocs, fixed in patches and later broken in subsequent patches, or newly introduced. A few being.. Canteen Engram can't be learned/crafted still Island map Coal on majority of mountain tops still yield Christmas event coal rather than fuel coal. Giga's cannot harvest Stegos or Mammoth corpses and instead get stuck in them. Megatheriums cannot harvest fish corpses Megalania Kibble cannot be crafted in any type of cooking device regardless of the number of honey used. Raw Mutton does not cook in all cooking utensils Quality crafted Fishing Rods despawn from Pelagornis inventory on server restarts (Have not been able to test since pre-official release nor tested if this is unique to prim+) PrimitivePlus custom crops kibble alternative taming list does not work other than Beavers, Doeds, Mammoths, Megaloceros that I can remember having tried this weekend. A few other Quality of life issues that occur to me are that while in Primitive Plus we seemingly have the technology to make Cameras, Harpoon guns, Industrial technology, and steel-smithing we are still unable to discover the mysterious schematics behind creating a primitive scuba mask to aid in seeing underwater. There is also a need for a primitive plus variant of a gas mask or carbon based filtration system that would allow us to traverse the swamp cave system or survive poison wyverns. For all the other Primitive+ fans out there, what else have you come across that you've still been craving to have in Prim+ mode or come across as bugs that were never fixed or re-broken? Since this is now the future of the primitive mode, I figure it would be the best time to try and get everything out on the table for fixing before all resources are allocated for future expansion development and console projects leaving us on the backburner with these problems forever. Let's speak up before it's too late.
  10. Primitive + Trading System

    Good morning! So we are playing a player dedicated server and were interested in utilizing the trading system available in-game. I haven't been able to find many resources online to elaborate on it really. Is the trading booth kind of just an aesthetic or is there some type of system to it? Also, any good ideas on what to use as currency? The guys and me have been thinking about ingots but that's so heavy. I mean, we could build a sheet listing the conversion rates and everything but that seems like a lot of work. Thanks guys!

    We've been waiting 50 hours and still no Ragnarok for Prim+, please sort this out (XBOX ONE)
  12. The end of primitive is now here. We get no new servers to play on. I know everyone in our community was looking forward to the new servers. We had a good amount of players on primitive as well. A lot more than Primitive Plus. That DLC Takes like 10 mins to load and is not very balanced at all. Also it is always behind on content. We all wish wildcard would give us a few new servers to play on as well. The Chinese wiped pretty much everyone on all servers that was left on the list to move to. My server was the only server that was to be wiped that they came for. We defended and look forward to the save files coming out. Here is some footage of the end days of Real Primitive. The last real war to be fought there. See all the people fighting and having fun in the video. We fought for 5 days straight. The last wave was a 17h straight siege where we munched there dinos until the servers came down. With everyone celebrating our victory at the end by getting drunk in teamspeak. Truly was the best times I have ever had in ARK. Rip Primitive. Old servers will die the chinese made sure no new population would be established.
  13. You already removed half of the primitive servers as is. now most of us have been waiting patiently for our new servers and you announce last minute there will be none? not even one server per region? and no we don't want primitive + i used to play that before it was an official mod. i made my mind up about it. no we don't want normal ark or any thing else. why include primitive in this server wipe if your not even giving us new servers.
  14. For those of you looking to Move to one of the 5 remaining Primitive PVE servers on Xbox1, dont bother with Server #92. Not only are all of the Oblisks jam packed with Dinos from people who transferred them, and haven't removed them from the area, but the Server Tame Limit has been reached. You can not get any new Dino Tames (wild or hatched) on the server. Confirmed as of 7:30am EST. Even killed a few lower level dinos, and attempted to tame a dodo.. no good. I'm guessing the server is well over it's limit at this point. #MigrationOverPopulation #LegacyServersBroken #WildCardJoker
  15. Great migration Prim +

    We have players on primitive pve servers and i think u guys see that too cuz the island servers will be not deleted. So realy not worth to let minimum 1 SE server for old players? Or there is another plans with the primitive servers? I hope someone who can answer for us read our questions and answer.
  16. So... why is it none of the patch notes are ever accurate or revert old fixes into breaking again? Do you build off of the latest revision of a patch or simply take some random old patch compile and update the wrong one all the time? Prim+ does has not seen any patch notes applied to us for as far back as I can count on the patch logs. Hell, we still can't even use industrial items on a reliable level because future patches broke the "Fix" in the very next update. I know I'm asking oh so much that the game have some sort of scheduled logic to the order of operations and patch development cycles here and before I get the reply of this game is in early access, might I remind you the release date was supposed to be 8/8/17 which is now pushed to the end of this month. Of which none of these issues will magically rectify themselves as it's a company being run improperly and will not get fixed by a public release all of a sudden. Bug reports filed, tickets opened, submit forms utilized on google docs log, forums utilized. Nothing works in getting anything fixed or any resolution or answer. I'm sure this will yet again get buried in some subforum that is never read by an actual WC dev that has a say in Prim+ patch cycles but hey, "It's early access"
  17. More PS4 Primitive Servers

    As someone whose swapped from regular official to primitive, I'd really like to see more primitive servers available. In pve PS4, there's only 2 options. Center or island. Both of which are overrun with players and unbearable lag. I would really like a better opportunity to experience this playstyle as there's a ton of different building and crafting options from regular servers. It would be worth adding a few more for other people to be able to play this style without countless rollbacks, lag, and the ability to build. So much land is already claimed it's ridiculous.
  18. Wyvern Glitch Death

    So i was flying around picking up loot drops, and tried to land at one of them. My wyvern would not land, so i kept pressing X. After 2 or 3 tries he finally landed and when i dismounted he was thrown to the side in a obvious glitch and it said he had died. The wyvern's corpse then spawned on top of me and was followed by all types of lag and glitchiness. the drop was gone and i was stuck in the desert with no mount. Please help?! I'd like to get my wyvern back at the very least. i was on scorched earth primitive 343.
  19. Sorted Storage Boxes: Coming Soon?

    So I've spent the last couple weeks on playing Ark on the Primitive Plus Mod. I'm intrigued by Ragnarok when it becomes available on Console(s), but in the meantime I'm going back to the primary Mod of the Game. That said my biggest take away from Primitive Plus was the expansion of sorted storage containers. (I.E the Miners Box, Wood Storage Shed,etc.) For those unfamiliar; similar to the Bookshelf in the main game, these storage containers allow for easy bulk/organized storage. 100 item capacity; Miner's Box (Metal, Rock, Flint, Obsidian, Crystal ONLY) and Wood Shed (Wood & Thatch). This is particularly useful to Console players vs PC as it allows to players to utilize the "transfer all" function with better accuracy & less time consumption when focusing on foraging & allows for easy "visual" organization within Tribe communities vs scouring multitudes of identical vaults and storage boxes. My question for the Ark Team: ---Are there any plans to incorporate these structure(s) into the main product in an upcoming patch or in time for launch?
  20. Primitive Plus Services Launch!

    Primitive Plus Services is a network that has been connecting numerous tribes of all sizes from every ps4 primitive server. Our function is to connect players that are requiring a service or offering one. There are many different services we can arrange and many job opportunities for those looking for a different ark experience. P+Services has been the main focus of our Hive tribe since it began, and it has proven succesful, so we'vedecided to go public and reach out to the forums to further primitive plus and prevent it from becoming a dead mod. Although we do intend on staying anonymous for the time being. Why do we bother you might ask? Because someone needs to be the good guy. Some of our network's P+SERVICES that people have requested or provided are -Mercenaries for hire -Organising safe dino/item trades -Grinders for hire -Breeding programs -Assistance in finding a reliable alliance in your server - Species X tower installations And Wall/Behemoth Gate builders -Character leveling double XP ride alongs -Egg/Juvenile raising -River Sickness outbreak cures and rival tribe infection -Taming assistance -custom recipe/recipe item orders (High crafing skill) PrimitivePlusServices are also happy to send one of our many in game agents to provide services if we cannot find you a provider, although our agents do NOT harm other tribes or players while acting as an agent to avoid a conflict of interest. Only a service provider can engage in pvp like services. RULES. 1. Once agreed upon, a deal cannot be changed. 2. Keep anonymous for security reasons until you are given your customers/providers playstation username. 3. All participants must have a microphone, and must communicate through playstation messages or party only. 4. Only tell your customer/provider your base location if the service requires them to be at your base. (Extra security measure) 5. Do not talk about the network in global chat or forums. (This is an old rule, but we are still enforcing it as we want people to understand how the network works before they contact us) 6. If you break a rule there are no warnings, you are banned from the network and we will cease all communications. So how does it work? Email [email protected] Include in the email your ps username and what service you would like to offer/provide, and any crucial details. (Leaving tour tribe name is optional) We will resond shortly with further instructions (finding a provider/customer for your particular service may take up to a few days depending on the service) Thats it, its that simple! We expect to be hearing from alot of you soon and look forward to making primitive a more productive mod. And remember guys, your tribes can benefit more working with us than trying to cheat one of our members, so do yourself a favour and contact us. Your mate, The candle
  21. This is my first post on this forum and as such it is probably tagged/titled poorly and in the wrong place. If thats the case, my apologies. I've had a love/hate relationship with ark that I'm sure is familiar to most of you. I've played on and off since shortly after PS4 launch, and I and my friends have had a hell of a time getting a foothold in any of the servers we've played on. Wiped repeatedly before we could ever get to the point of serious productiveness. Being forced into the Guerrilla playstyle was fun, for a while. Even being griefed repeatedly this game provided me with many a heart pounding moment, and i still love what is possible in this game. Just to save some of you time, this project is not intended to appeal to nor appease trolls, especially Alpha trolls, nihilists, others whose main goal is to aggressively raid, or those who want to keep folks down so that they can enjoy flying an ironman suit side strafing novices on the beach with photon torpedoes. I understand "its pvp lol" and feel free to induce buyers remorse in new players in order to harvest their pain and rage to feed the ponzi scheme that Official Ark servers seem to be. This server will not be oriented in a way that promotes any of this behavior. What I'd like to propose is a concept for a server that i will rent come the "29th" where the rules will be tweaked heavily to promote an Ark experience thats is geared toward Role playing, Cooperation, Building, etc. The combat will be primarily in "the wildy" and engrams and tames will be limited in order to produce more satisfying combat which relies on skills and tactics. Any and all advantages will be given to the defender over the attacker. However, there will be no active defenses. There will also be no flying tames and limited options for siege dinos. This will add more consequence to would be wrongdoers (and everybody else) by the simple fact that your going to have to trek where you want to go, not simply land in or on someones base, or eat through it easily with a giga. Obviously this cannot happen based on rules alone and therefore I am seeking Survivors who are mature, reasonable and wanting to participate. This is the type of server environment I have in mind. ******** ORGANIZATION and LAW A primitive plus Medi-eval era ark, where weapons technology peaks at bows, perhaps a flintlock pistol. A quadrant "or less" of the map will be run by an Alliance of specialized tribes who all participate in the collective defense and progress of all tribes allied with the "Commonwealth, Republic, Empire??". This quadrant will be regulated by the Alliance, and will be effectively a PVE area, with the law of common decency enforced. All law abiding citizens will be given access to a small homesteading plot and access to the markets and basic public works and amenities. All citizens will be given and required to maintain a militiamans chest on his property, containing a full set of gear to use in the event of an attack. The collective defense and respect between Alliance tribes will be enforced by a double edged sword. This will lie partly in the fact that all Alliance tribes will be initially and primarily based in a city where a wall with defensive weapons owned by the Alpha encompasses the entirety of the main city "lets call it Refuge City". Within this wall will be multiple walled areas of similar size within which Alliance tribes can build their primary bases. These will all be interconnected with by paths between the separate tribes sovereign areas and public areas. The number of dinos and potential offensive weapons will have to be limited to an equal amount between tribes, in order to ensure that in the event of an insurrection the majority of Alliance members can defeat the rogue tribe. All tribes will have to contribute with mats to build this haven and benefit from it. The area under Alliance control (PVE area) outside Refuge City will have restrictions on building to ensure that there are adequate resources about for everyone to access. ***** Outside of the Empire will be the Wildy, which will be the majority of the map. In order to keep it simple, i propose only a few rules here, enforced by the Alliance No blocking rare resource spawns No killing passive tames No destroying more of someones base than you need to to defeat the defenders and access loot ***** Gameplay Tweaks 3x Harvesting No Flyers Limited Seige dinos. Paracer and platforms allowed. Greater structure resistance to player and dinos No crosshair No Hud No corpse loot beacon Maximum build limit on platforms Nearer resource to structure respawn radius Higher resource gather rate/amount Lower fuel rate consumption Lower spoilage rate speed Higher dino food consumption No musket, no fire barrel?, maybe sticky bombs. Flintlock pistol? all bows and melee allowed. No cannon. Slightly boosted XP in all categories Slower health regeneration Clipping structures through things?? Hopefully through my rambling you've got an idea of how I'd like this to work. I am open to all suggestions, but please bear in mind if this totally isnt your cup of tea, you dont need to tell me about that. I intended this post as a brainstorm, and as a gauge for interest for this type of thing. Please let me think will work and what wont, and of the concept overall! I've never hosted a server and I'll take all the advice I can get. Thank you all for reading and may we one day do battle in the Inter-Alliance War games in Refuge City Arena. tldr; I want to make a Primitive + server that attracts reasonable survivors who want to cooperate in an honorable manner and build a great city and works together. A server where the engrams are tailored to promote more even combat, not offline raiding and wanton wiping. A server with less grinding, but slightly more hardcore aspects as well.
  22. I have found nothing on this subject but talk of decay timers and a lot of unanswered posts so I am posting another thread about this in hopes of finding an answer. A tribe member on an official primitive serve r built a huge greenhoue yesterday, today it is gone. Jus completely gone all the glass in the greenhouse and all the glass he had in his building just vanished. He had logged out for approximately 2 hours. So is there a new 2 hour decay? Is this because the release is so close these servers are no longer being looked after? Should we even bother building greenhouses anymore if they are just going to dissapear? i mean that was a huge amount of effort for nothing. Maybe after release we can actually start to get support for the huge ever increasing list of issues plaguing this game.
  23. Primitive cluster

    Sense primitve didnt have island pve we were taming in a pvp server now i cant get on to my pvp server to bring my tames bk to pve wth have you guys done. We want a immediate fix of this. Basically you fixed something that wasn't broken
  24. About Us Our server was created to provide the roleplay community with the experience of a prefabricated tier era in Ark with our own Custom mod Muskets, Flintlocks and Blackpowder. In PRIMRP our main priority is our community, this means we’ll try to make your experience as unique as possible. To guarantee this we have built a staff team with different roles with a hierarchy that goes from Helpers to Admins. Our Mod We have our own custom mod to provide Muskets/Flintlock guns and other things in to the game to provide the player with most unique experience. Link HERE Join Us Now