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Found 63 results

  1. slinkymalinky

    Adobe on Prim Plus Center not working

    Is it just me or is the Adobe building material on Primitive Plus, broken?. I have a server on Center Map and the Adobe building material isn't able to be made despite having the engrams. The material cost includes clay but in primitive plus, buckets of clay aren't being recognised as suitable material. There is no clay (like the Scorched Earth kind) available that I can find on the map. If I spawn in ordinary clay I can make the adobe materials but then most of them can't be placed. For example, I can place a behemoth gateway but I can't place an adobe foundation anywhere. Any ideas?
  2. Server will be up until 2019, Three person tribe primitive plus on ragnarok. 2.5x for most things, breeding increased further. 20 slot limit. No foundation wipes allowed. offline raid allowed. Server Name: CRPVP Primitive plus unofficial PC sessions. no password needed. few tribes active already looking to populate further.
  3. Hi everyone, i m on xbox, i would like to switch my unofficial primitive plus server to a standard one.. Question: what would happen to all my stuff, buildings and engrams? Many tx in advance!
  4. Mikessnow

    Official Servers

    I suggest that offical servers should be resetted and that transferring items between servers shouldn't be allowed. I think this would be a good idea because people jump between servers wiping them and there's like three tribes who block supply drops with pillars and they completely wall of obelisks. I feel new players want to jump into multiplayer and have a fair PVP/PVE environment wheir they can actually compete and have fun but if you join these servers all you can do is get explorer notes for xp and boost stamina and movement speed to run around be map and see the mess it's in. PVE servers are no different but even worse because people can't get wiped and then there's offline protection... Also primitive is a game mode that lags really bad. Players who would be angry at this statement need to think of new players coming into the game and there experience. Big tribes of people who are connected with each other should buy a server and contact other tribes to compete against, instead of using a server that new players will first try. I also think obelisks should be a no build zone, at east in scorched earth because silica pearls is a resource that is in high demand, areas like these could be battlegrounds instead of a no fly, no walk zone.
  5. Hello Ark, Since you have fixed the advance workbench issue, DLC engrams have disappeared, we had them during a week and after you fix the workbench, they have disappeared from the list but also on my character. I had learn all new Aberration engrams but I’m not able to create them anymore. Do we have a chance to have them back in the future? Because it’s so difficult to find them in the lights... Thanks in advance for your help, Silmarion from PS4 primitive+
  6. jjfats

    Any new Prim + servers coming

    Does anyone know will there be any new prim + official servers opening up for this great migration.
  7. sachamos

    New MASSIVE bug after patch

    Hello.after new version 1.67 aberration and scorched engrams disparated on primitive plus( you've added them in last update-fix for walls). Please give it back. Thank you. P.S. We don't have climbing Pick(so we can't climb) and Hazard suit(so we can't tame aberration creatures). Fix it. Thank you.
  8. Only on Ragnarok with modded drops to include aberration engrams, and most Aberration dinos added to spawns. True primitive (not prim+) no guns, explosives, or metal/concrete. No admins, at all. I will activate it very rarely to do a dino wipe, but log out of it right afterward and then randomize the password. Solo play only, no tribes or alliances. Players are judged on individual skill, not how many tribemates you have. Aberration engrams have been added to the supply drops, and drops have been modded to offer slightly higher quality gear. Aberration engrams will automatically unlock on your list when you reach the required level. There are no rules regarding PvP, and offline raid protection is not active. All Aberration dinos are currently spawning in game EXCEPT FOR: Basilisk Rock Drake Reapers/Nameless There is no way to tame any of these, so they will not be added in any future updates, unless that is changed. Server Modifiers: 3x harvesting 2x exp 5x taming 4x hatch/mature speed 20 slots currently, but I will add more as traffic increases, I have several friends who want to play on it so that shouldn't be a problem. Come and join us, and enjoy the true ark experience you deserve.
  9. Welcome to Aesir! This is a Primitive + Role-play server for the Playstation 4, dedicated to serving all your RP needs! If you have any further questions that are not covered in the description feel free to message the Admins, and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Thankyou! Rates are slightly boosted: Experience - 2.5x Harvesting - 2.5x Taming - 4.0x Mating - 2x This is not all of the rates that are boosted, but simply a quick outline of what to expect. Basic Information: This is a Role-play server where imagination and characterization are completely down to you; Be whoever you want to be! Do you like to trade? join the market! Do you like inflicting pain on others? Become a bandit! It's really all up to you! The Boring Stuff ( Rules ) : -No Killing of Passive Tames -No Bullying -No Cheating -No Damaging PvE Areas (Marked with a white flag) -No Building Over Spawns If rules are broken Admins will deal with you accordingly If you know of anyone breaking the rules, report to Admins. Final Words/Conclusion: We appreciate everyone who joins the server, and any complaints will be considered, and responded to always; the server is always expanding, new areas, new rules, and nothing is ever perfect, but we are always trying to better Aesir for your enjoyment, so bare with us whilst we iron out an amazing experience for both you and ourselves. We hope to see you soon! To join, please search Aesir on primitive plus. The first 10 people to join will get any Dino of their choice, level 150, as a gift! Also Join the Discord and Facebook page for updates!
  10. The only PVP Prim+ The Island map seems to be no longer be listed. Is there a way I can load my character onto another server? And how can I submit a report when the server does not have a number which is REQUIRED to submit a server outage report. ------ The server is now up. Thank you
  11. Hello, Just a friendly message to all primitive plus players looking for a friendly server to play on. We are hoping to find a few members to join our community. The server isn't password protected. Please take a look at our Facebook and Patreon page for rules. www.facebook.com/cromwellgaming www.patreon.com/cromwellgaming We have 3 major towns. Vankton being the main town with Exotic pet shop, Rare item shop, Hair salon, a Bank with rent-able vaults, Tavern, guild hall and jousting arena. The rare shops sell Aberration items for iron ingots. The facebook page is being uploaded with images so take a look. Thanks Server name is Cromwell permanent Boosted 24/7 pvp/rp (Xbox and PC) Trolls will be banned. Thanks
  12. We are looking for players to join our boosted primitive ps4 unofficial PvP server on Ragnarok. Server is hosted by Nitrado. If you are looking for server to build and breed with NO ADMINS this is your server. We are friendly people. We can also help new players at start. ForbiddenKingdom 24/7 30x XP 20x taming 10x maturing 5x dino harvesting 3x player harvesting Dino max. level 150 Player and dino stats have been boosted little also. It takes about 9h to breed wyvern. Any questions, comment on here or send message to me. My psn is Temppa-_
  13. - 24/7 Nitrado Hosted Ark Server Search "The Hive" on the public server listing - Primitive+ PVP on Ragnarok - Offline Raid Protection - Grace Period for raided tribes ("white flag") - Up to level 255 Dinos - Command Logging Enabled - Optional Roleplay - Currency System + Starter Pack - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 10x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 200, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed - Double loot - Double fishing - Double crafting - 1x Cave Damage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - No trolling - No raiding with Griffins, Wyverns or Rock Elementals (you may defend your base with them, just not attack bases with them) - When raiding please get in and get out without causing unnecessary damage. No base wiping. - We do not operate a no passive killing rule as such but would rather you tranqed out passive tames to look for loot, we're a community, not a safe space for trolls so dont be a sausage. Excessive unnecessary passive killing will result in a no passive killing rule being enforced. - No Raiding or combat whilst events are on unless stated, this also includes travelling to and from the events. - Patreons using a PvP Shield must announce it prior to structure damage being turned on. - No Artifact cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehiveserver Follow The Hive on other social media: https://www.facebook.com/thehivehq https://www.facebook.com/groups/geek.buy.sell.trade/ https://www.twitter.com/thehivehq https://www.instagram.com/thehivehq . Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/nNgmxer Server Donations Link: https://www.patreon.com/thehivehq (rewards for Patreon donators) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Malafatrosto

    Steel Armor Proposal

    in technology they have riot shield and armors and they have big metal door and small door we want steel doors steel armors and shield for primitive, just a proposal
  15. Neverland roleplay pvp/pve Ark server Neverland is a slightly boosted Prim+ light roleplay server set on The Center map loosely based on the story of Peter Pan. Our main focus is community interaction, story building and most importantly lots of fun. Players can choose to be a Seafaring plundering pirate, a resourceful and skilled red man, a mystical mermaid, a lovable lostboy to a peaceful animal loving fairy. With in each Faction Players can choose from many different trades and can also choose a pvp or pve faction, there is a little something for everyone. We are currently accepting applications to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/928165684008893/
  16. Can you please add Hardcore Primitive Servers to Scorched Earth? And can we please be allowed to transfer from a hardcore primi Scorched server into the island hardcore primi Servers. I payed my 20 dollars for the Scorched Expansion just as everyone else yet I don't get to enjoy it. I hope you don't rely on the amount of responses to this post because very few people play ha score primi and most likely could give a rats arse about it. I payed for the expansion and cannot enjoy it, please consider this and consider asap please. #HardcorePrimiLivesMatterToo. #IncludeEveryone. #IPayedMyDues
  17. Downdowntown


    "PRIMEVAL RP is a boosted (but balanced) Prim+ server set on The Center map and focuses around player-driven interaction and storybuilding. The current 'arc' for the server is very loose and can support just about any character ideas you may have in mind. Please join our initiation discord https://discord.gg/ZxhZwaJ) where we can get you set up in the server and answer any questions you may have about the server, it's lore, etc."
  18. If anyone has some tips to make throwing and detonation more consistent, let me know. Raiding base vaults is totally pointless right now. Barrel bombs are a joke to use. I'm not using 47 for one vault when I can use 8 stickies (if they worked). I've read that this is mainly a PS4 (console?) issue but it's incredibly frustrating when raiding a base to experience this. This is SP so lag is not the issue. https://youtu.be/JNoYchMUPKc is 45 seconds of me throwing sticky bombs at every inch of this vault trying to get them to stick. https://youtu.be/_5yeyghCH4E is 4 min of me trying to use flame arrows to set them off. I can't figure out where to shoot them so they will explode 100% of the time.
  19. You already removed half of the primitive servers as is. now most of us have been waiting patiently for our new servers and you announce last minute there will be none? not even one server per region? and no we don't want primitive + i used to play that before it was an official mod. i made my mind up about it. no we don't want normal ark or any thing else. why include primitive in this server wipe if your not even giving us new servers.
  20. SlimPhoenix

    SlimPhoenix Ark Tutorial/Let's Play

    Hello fellow Survivors, I am getting my YouTube channel started back up again with an Ark tutorial/let's play. Come check out my content and don't forget to view, like, and subscribe! Shooting for 10,000 views. Come join the fun! Channel link below. Thanks in advance! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHpp4R5Jr50ABpYvSZ_kkQg
  21. jjfats

    Prim + cross ark transfers

    Does anyone know if Cross-Ark Transfers are coming to Prim +. Just wondering if my tribe needs to start putting up defenses now or not.
  22. ArkServerHostXBOX

    New Primitive Only Server!

    I miss the Good Old Days of Ark. This is a server dedicated to those who also miss the good old days. Primitive Only! With A Few Exceptions! No Explosives No Rifles No Metal Buildings etc... You get the point. This server is not for everyone but for those that miss flying around on a battle quetz... this is your server. I am looking for long term mature players. Server will start out with 10 players as it gets more traffic I will add more slots. I am not looking for revolving door players I will set the gather and weight as such. Rates will be posted but they will be boosted. not ridiculous but enough to where the grind isnt bad and people can build big and tame lots. We all have lives outside of this game. Hit me up if you want to join Search Primitive Only Server (Its EU as they dont have US ones but I will switch it over once they become available. Hit me up on XBOX if you have questions This Game BIows (the L is a capital i) thanks!! Lets GOOOOOO!
  23. Server name- role playing pirate sea warfare(horrible name I know. Still trying to think of a good name). Some info on the server- -Ps4 unofficial 16slots at the moment(will upgrade if this catches traction) -Primitive + -Pvp -Light roleplaying -Max tribe limit is 4 -Disabled leedsichthys -Cannot build inland(explanation why below) -3x structure limit on platforms -No admins -slightly boosted to lessen the grind. There are a few rules to this server. You cannot build a land base at all until you have 4 players in your tribe and claim a territory. I have divided the map into multiple territories and they are first come first serve. Any tribe consisting of four players can claim a territory for their own. You can build a base on the shore in your territory. You have to be raidable by sea. You set the rules for your territory. You could even let smaller tribes of pirates build on the shores within your territory. You can charge them rent, ban all from entering your waters. Whatever you’d like. We’re currently a small group of friends, and we’re looking for some new players to have some sea warfare with. Join if you’d like and give it a shot. If you have any questions you can pm me here, or on psn (TheBigBurlyBear).
  24. About Us Our server was created to provide the roleplay community with the experience of a prefabricated tier era in Ark with our own Custom mod Muskets, Flintlocks and Blackpowder. In PRIMRP our main priority is our community, this means we’ll try to make your experience as unique as possible. To guarantee this we have built a staff team with different roles with a hierarchy that goes from Helpers to Admins. Our Mod We have our own custom mod to provide Muskets/Flintlock guns and other things in to the game to provide the player with most unique experience. Link HERE Join Us Now @PrimRP.com
  25. Lost Paradise Ark We are a mature gaming community of couples, lone wolves and small groups of friends. We have 2 servers in a cluster. A PVP Vanilla Ragnarok server setup with PVE rules where you can start your own tribe, join us for PVP/PVE events and breed your favourite Dinos, which has been running for sometime & a new Primitive Plus Ragnarok role play PVP server, 3 tribes fight for control of the map. Each tribe is a race, Dwarves, Elves & Humans. Each Race has exclusive tames they must use to compliment their race play style, no other tames can be used except for non rideable tames like, (Dilo, Dodo, Bees etc) & exclusive weapons. Dwarves: Shock troops who use Dire Bears, Micro Raptors, Rynos & Mamouths to storm into battle, they have exclusive access to the Battle Axe. Humans who are tactical warriors who use Equus, Dire Wolves, Ichthyornis & Therizinosaurus to control the battle field in both close quarters or ranged attacks, they have exclusive access to the Musket. Elves who excel at stealth and ranged combat, using Thylacoleo, Hyenadon, Dymorphadon & Chalicatherium to ambush and assassinate their enemies from the shadows, they have exclusive access to the Re curve Bow. New members can join our PVE server to get setup and get help from the community if needed, if they wish to join the PVP server, they choose a race and get assistance from other members of that race to get the right tames before joining the war. Each race has a heavily fortified HQ in their territory where new members can get setup and look for a base location. Structures and tames are Personal, so only you can access your base or use your tames. A full set of rules and application details can be found at our website: lostparadiseark.enjin.com So if your 20+ and either want a friendly PVE community or would like to also have some light hearted PVP role play fun, then we are the place to come. Apply at our website today and begin your adventure.