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Found 12 results

  1. Considering this is the official view, might I strongly request that all 70+ capped players on the current NA-PVE PrimPlus Ragnarok server request additional servers be created for this game mode? There is only ONE cluster for NA primplus and only one Rag map which the majority of the playerbase naturally will want to play. This server is consistently capped and without a queue system is beginning to become a large issue for growth and stability. Even with the 90% 1-hour AFK timer it's not enough of a countermeasure to the public release influx for players looking for the primitive aspect of the game in a pve environment for the ragnarok map since that is technically the newest. On that note, Prim+ still needs bug fixes that were not addressed in early access for issues reported in tickets, googledocs, fixed in patches and later broken in subsequent patches, or newly introduced. A few being.. Canteen Engram can't be learned/crafted still Island map Coal on majority of mountain tops still yield Christmas event coal rather than fuel coal. Giga's cannot harvest Stegos or Mammoth corpses and instead get stuck in them. Megatheriums cannot harvest fish corpses Megalania Kibble cannot be crafted in any type of cooking device regardless of the number of honey used. Raw Mutton does not cook in all cooking utensils Quality crafted Fishing Rods despawn from Pelagornis inventory on server restarts (Have not been able to test since pre-official release nor tested if this is unique to prim+) PrimitivePlus custom crops kibble alternative taming list does not work other than Beavers, Doeds, Mammoths, Megaloceros that I can remember having tried this weekend. A few other Quality of life issues that occur to me are that while in Primitive Plus we seemingly have the technology to make Cameras, Harpoon guns, Industrial technology, and steel-smithing we are still unable to discover the mysterious schematics behind creating a primitive scuba mask to aid in seeing underwater. There is also a need for a primitive plus variant of a gas mask or carbon based filtration system that would allow us to traverse the swamp cave system or survive poison wyverns. For all the other Primitive+ fans out there, what else have you come across that you've still been craving to have in Prim+ mode or come across as bugs that were never fixed or re-broken? Since this is now the future of the primitive mode, I figure it would be the best time to try and get everything out on the table for fixing before all resources are allocated for future expansion development and console projects leaving us on the backburner with these problems forever. Let's speak up before it's too late.
  2. So whats up with the servers on prim + will they be fixed or labeled right. I would like to play on a PVP prim+ cluster server, but they say PVP but are labeled PVE. I don't want to waste my time on a server thinking I'm prepping for PVP and come to find out they are PVE. I started on what says NA-PVP-Ragnarok-crossark3 and no one on that server knows if its PVP or PVE, but I can't hurt anyone and when the tribe is offline it says offline damage prevented. So will it become pvp later or will it stay like this.
  3. 562 NEEDS HELP

    We have a VERY large issue on PVE Prim server 562. There are 5 people who came onto our server and are causing major problems. My fiancée and I have a base in redwood Oasis with behemoth gates surrounding. These people have come onto our server and gated is into our own base. There is NO WAY out. Where there aren't doors they put spiked walls. The lag is so bad we can't fly out. They have gated off the entire redwood area. They piped our base. Water pipes everywhere on our beach, into our buildings, along our bridges, into our gates. The tribe they are using now is Plumbing Service because they have now piped two bases, not only ours. They wiped a tribe on here with dimorphedons by kiting them to their base. There is a huge swarm of dimorphs over our base that we're not able to kill our Dino's because we have them on passive. they have threatened to wipe anybody who gets in their way. Their gamer tags are: Suicidejester89, TANGYDMACHINE69, MissGiggles024, TitaniumNuttz88, Nicayliah. Tangydmachine69 and missgiggles024 are the main people who are doing the piping and killing of other people's Dino's. They are the two that behemoth gated us into our own base. The other 3 are helping them. We need something to be done. We've reported this to wildcard, Microsoft, Xbox, and tweeted the ark creators. Nothing has been done. They went into a friend of theirs base and piped them and took all of their blueprints. No one can fly over redwood without getting DCed. As a server, we are asking for help. I have photos and screen shots of vulgar language they have used in chat, calling people names, and threatening people. I have photos of the gates they put up, and the pipes they have put up. I'm not able to attach them for some reason but will email them if I get an email to send them to. We need help. They have also done this on servers 92 and 561. We have heard it from people who play on that server but we are not on that server. 562 needs help.
  4. Hello, No idea if this is the correct forums to ask but here it goes... What are the chances that we will get hardcore no taming servers? Primitive+ would be even better. I've recently started to play no-taming servers and IMO it's just a much better Ark experience. No more risk that someone will kill your 100+ dinos and completely destroy your base with a single pteradon when you're offline. No more chores that come with the need of having lots of dinos...I could go on forever. I had no more interest in Ark for months but no-taming servers made me love the game once again. All it needs is more servers (and more stable, the EU server for no taming is garbage, massive lag every minute), hardcore mode (so those alpha tribes will think twice before going rambo on everyone and map won't be destroyed by tons of structures and rafts) and prim+. I think mixing no taming with hardcore and primitive gameplay would create the ultimate survival experience. Pretty please?
  6. Old lumber bp drops inn beacon

    Old lumber bp drops inn beacon So I started a new char and been picking new becons the last days and when I crafted to day one off the lumber walls and door frameand placed them I now need to pic them up to be the new lumber tho then replace them. So all the bp need to be updated to. And It wud be really nice if you cud sone give out the codes for the new brick walls sins I runn my own server I have players that have hundres off walls they cant use sin off the pach. And I really want to help my players to replace this walls. And I have lots off frustrated players that cant get fethers and other pim items sins they not drop. when wil this be fixed?
  7. Hello fellow Arkers, stopping by to tell you about our 24/7 PvP Server on The Island Prim+. The server has recently switched to Prim+ as of Feb. 04 2017 and is now online, looking for more players to participate on the server. The server is challenging to really bring out the survivor in you. The server has a few boosted rates, but they are not extremely boosted as to make your survival a more enjoyable experience, so planning your attack is a well thought out process that you can't just breeze through, which will make your PVP conquest that much more rewarding. We have also boosted the server difficulty to 10.0, just means you won't be 1 shotting dinosaurs until you are strong enough if you can survive long enough. Only the strongest survivor can live in this world full of dangers around every corner, it is not for weak at heart, not everyone knows the key to survival, some will take the easy route and few will prey on the weak but only the strong will survive! If you think you can survive in the Ark we welcome you to try, if not you'll join the sea or corpses that have fallen victim to the sands of time. We welcome you to take Death by the hand and join our community, become the master of your destiny. We welcome you to our misfortune! Server Account: ArkCenter247 We ask that you not apply to join the server unless you are age 16+. We'd prefer to avoid all the immature drama and pettiness, we'd like to maintain a mature atmosphere. I'll give a full list of adjusted settings and rates a little further down, but for now let's talk rules. RULES 1. No Complaining about Dinos- Dinos will not be replaced, our taming speed is increased to take away the headache of having to wait hours or days to tame/breed a dino, PVP is apart of the server, so we ask that you don't take to heart the death of a dino due to pvp conflict. 2. No Excessive Caging - Caging should only be used as a raiding instrument. Caging someone you're actively raiding to keep them out of the fight is 100% ok. Leaving them caged briefly after the raid is also acceptable. What isn't acceptable, however, is leaving people caged indefinitely. Don't be a sausage and try to keep people from playing. 3. No Complaining Needlessly - This isn't actually a rule like the others, just a guideline really. If you have proof that people have been violating the rules then absolutely message us to let us know. Don't complain to us about anything other than violations of those rules. We don't want to hear about how you got offline raided or your passive tames got killed. This is meant to be a PVP server. We don't police the tactics used in PvP unless it breaks one of our rules. 4. No Racism, Sexism, etc. Over World Chat - We understand that people become angry with each other, so try to keep it civil over world chat and not bring race, sex or religion in to an argument. If excessive discriminating terms are used over world chat admins will take appropriate actions. 5.No Advertisement - We do not allow advertisement for other servers, we ask that you respect our server and not advertise your server in our chat log. We do not go to other servers advertising, so please do not do it on ours or we will remove you so our members can enjoy there gameplay. ADMIN POLICY We, the admins, will be participating on the server. Admins will be open targets the same as every other player, there will be no repercussions for killing a admin since we are playing also. Trading in a Admin Spec ID will give grant you a reward! COMMUNITY Our community's opinion matters to us, if you have suggestions that could potentially improve the overall gameplay of our server then please let us know. We will listen to our community for potential changes to settings or recommendations for events, though we will not make the change simply because you want it. If we have a number of requests for a certain adjustment we will take action to please the server, this is a team effort to allow everyone to have the best gameplay they can have. Community events planned in the future; "Gladiator Arena" RATES Now onto what you've all been waiting for! Without further delay, I present the full list of adjusted rates: No Survivor Downloads No Dino Downloads No Item Downloads Difficulty: 10.0 XP Multiplier: 3.0 Taming Multiplier: 4.0(So you have a reason to build kibble supplies, but still fast enough to tame low lv dinos) Gathering Multiplier: 5.0 Dino Gather: 3.0 Player Character Food Drain: 1.0 Player Character Water Drain: 1.0 Player Character Stamina Drain: 1.0 Dino Character Stamina Drain: 1.0 Dino Health Recovery: 2.5 Force Allow Cave Flyers PvP Zone Structure Damage: 0.0 (Caves, Underwater Bubbles, etc.) Structure Resistance: 2.0 Spoiling Time: 2.0 Item Decomposition Time: 2.0 Corpse Decomposition Time: 2.0 No Resources Radius - Players: 0.2 No Resource Radius - Structures: 0.2 Resources Respawn Period: 0.1 Crop Growth Speed: 10.0 Lay Egg Interval: 0.5 Mating Interval: 0.3 Egg Hatch Speed: 15.0 Baby Mature Speed: 10.0 Resources Respawn Period: 0.1 - PLAYER STATS - Health: 2.0 Stamina: 1.5 Torpidity: 2.2 Oxygen: 1.0 Weight: 50.0 *1 point = 500 weight* Food: 2.2 Water: 2.2 Damage: 1.0 Speed: 1.0 Fortitude: 2.0 **Rates subject to change dependent on community** - DINO STATS - TAMED Health: 2.0 Stamina: 1.5 Weight: 20.0 Damage: 2.5 Speed: 3.0 -Suggestions- If you have any suggestions for future event ideas please leave them in comments and we will consider the idea for a official server event, thank you for considering join Faction Wars on Arkcenter247
  8. Prim + cross ark transfers

    Does anyone know if Cross-Ark Transfers are coming to Prim +. Just wondering if my tribe needs to start putting up defenses now or not.
  9. -----------------------------------------Currently Running Normal Non Prim Plus-------------------------------------------------------------------------Server Locale: Buffalo, NY Specs/Connection: 100mb upload/download Updates and Info: Server Details: ------------------------------------ Ark Server 13 is a PvPvE server with a stronger emphasis on the PvE side. Server Website: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining: Add the servers gamertag Ark Server 13 to your friends list. Once the server has added you back you will be able to join off your friends list! Hope to see you on! Edit: Switched from prim plus to normal mode.
  10. THIS IS FOR XBOX ONE. So I host a dedicated prim+ server. For the most part it is a fun gameplay. Recently the fear evolved 2 event was released which I really looked forward to for the skeleton dino costumes and new masks. Problem is on prim+ servers you cannot get these in any way. I have tried every possible route. I have tried admin spawning in which the game comprehends that I spawned the item in, but will not show it in inventory. This goes same for the dinosaurs, which show the spawn code as being received, but do not spawn. I've tried admin spawning in the dinosaurs and killing them, in which there inventory yields no dinosaur skeleton costumes. I have sought out legitimately game spawned in dinosaurs and killed them, also yielding no dinosaur skeleton costumes. Then I tried another route by opening up a regular (non prim+) server to spawn the items in. Them and the dinosaur spawns came in regularly giving me the items I admin spawned in, when I put them in item transfer through the obelisk, they wouldn't show up on primitive plus. So I instead decided I would spawn the skeleton dinosaurs, force tame them, and transfer them over to prim+ that way my users could still have a chance at getting a skeleton dino. The obelisk would not pick up the skeleton dinosaur as there, so I couldn't upload the dino from regular to prim+. I'm asking if you could fix this in some way. Possibly if you could make halloween spawns work in prim+ which I doubt since it won't be around much longer. Or if you could at least make the dino skele costumes/masks transferable from a regular server to prim+ since they don't change the gameplay of prim+ but just a more aesthetic look of it. Any replies I get are appreciated it to know if you are also having the same problem. Thanks.
  11. DINOMITE 24/7 The Center Primitive+ 24/7 PvE with PvP on weekends will be launching in 30 minutes. We are starting from day 1. The server is hosted from Sicily, Italy. We have great internet because we live on a naval base, so if you lag it has to do with your own connection or a player joining the session with poor connection. I took a break from hosting for over a month and am eager to build another good community in this server. HOST XBOX GT IS DINOMITE 247 ADMIN There are two admins, neither participates in raids. They exist to build public structures, host events, enforce the rules, and hand out welcome packs. Their tribe is clearly marked “ADMIN”. WELCOME PACKS Welcome packs consist of a 150 Argy, metal tools, 100 narcs, 100 narc arrows, fur armor, a bed, and a crossbow. Welcome packs must be picked up at blue OB, they will not be delivered. Please give us some time to create the welcome center at blue OB before coming to collect these items. RULES Breaking the rules will result in one of the following: Killing all of your tribes tames one by one, destroying all of a tribes structures, banishment of a single player, or banishment of a whole tribe. Punishment will be decided by admin on a case-by-case basis. -No taming Gigas -No obstructing caves/passage ways to the underground areas -Public structures can only be made by ADMIN -Do not damage public structures or any structure owned by ADMIN -The entire underground area is a PvE zone, tribes who want to play as PvE may only build in the underground area otherwise ADMIN will not intervene if they are raided on weekends (when PvP is enabled). -Please speak English in game chat only, if you speak another language please use party chat. EVENTS Will host events such as: Fishing tournaments, dodo fights, building competitions, and more. Will have a marketplace set up as soon as possible with mall shops that can be managed by interested tribes. SETTINGS Settings are exactly the way I like them, and will not be changed upon request. No crosshair, no downloads, non-permanent diseases, cave building & flying enabled Xp: 7, Taming speed: 8, Spoiling time: 0, Decomposition time: 0 Mating interval: 5.2, Egg hatch speed 3.4, baby mature speed: 2.8, Lay egg interval: 1.9 Harvest amount: 10 Player character food&water drain: 0.4 Max Players in tribe: 5 If you are interested please join us by adding Dinomite 24/7 on xbox and joining their game when you receive a friend request in return.
  12. Rules and everything about the server are on . In this server you can choose to be either a pvp tribe or pve tribes. PVP tribes can only raid only other PVP tribes. The sever's gt is: ArkserverNL 18+ server no little kids please Taming Speed: 5X