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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 36 results

  1. Ever since tlc 2 came out taming is not working for me, anything I knock out (tike, dilo, parasaur, etc.) I cannot access the inventory and after a while it says they can only be tamed while awake, and passive tames like a lystro do not even give me the option to feed them even when I have the correct food in the last slot of my hotbar, google is not helping me at all and I really just want to play the game but I cannot tame anything without cheats on my single player world... Plus sarcos still have the old model and none of the new abilities... For some reason the new primary attack animation shows but nothing else... I really have no idea why all these issues are happening. If you know any way to fix this please please please tell me...
  2. I love Ark !!!! I paid for it and have been playing from the begining. I hate tethers. I love playing with friends. I've been looking forward to hosting a dedicated server on my own PC for the XB1 because it takes a degree in magic to host PC to PC . (by the way , I bought the game on PC and XB1) Sooooooooooooooooooooooo ,,, your product (ARK) is not working as prommised on the PC Xbox App "crossplay/playanywhere" I have downloaded and deleted about 6 to 8 times now. Right off the bat , I was able to host for a day , then PLOP ,, won't even start. Delete reinstall, = a few more days, then BOOT !!!!!!!!!!!! And again , and again ..... I would love to help the devs fix things, maybe I could send you error stuff. I just need some help, Please. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate the game. Thank You All Very Much.
  3. So I've played on multiple servers where the Loot Drops are boosted slightly but they are relatively inexpensive (compared to official's rates) but I cannot seem to find a setting where I can change the expense of the blueprints. If anybody knows, please let me know. It would be truly appreciated.
  4. so im new to this game literally got it about a week ago ive been playing over this three day weekend non stop got in an alliance so had to make a tribe well they wanted to merge with a tribe and bring me with them so i accepted well at the time i got banned because these 3 guys harrassed me jailed me up etc... and well as i was talking to them i said p*ssy and got a 1 day ban... well during this 1 day ban im trying to communicate using notes and i didnt know what to click and didnt know about tribe claim and all that jazz.. so i just thought accept the invitation at the top clicked it and lost everything now my rex i taimed last night until 7 a.m. fighting off 2 rexs and a alpha raptor and countless more raptors... thing a carn drop happened... well hes gone the 140 rex i shot about 70 tranq darts into and chased/was chased for what seemed like an hour.. then tamed for more then 6hours is now stuck in the oasis and not mine... please help i have submitted a ticket and hoping for a response
  5. you must be connected to the xbox live service to play online. I cant play multiplayer but im in a party and it works on other games i have restarted everything hundreds of times
  6. Rock Drake Stuck in Ground

    Me(YourBoiSlow) and my tribe(Doppelgangaz) were on a rock drake run and whilst getting attack by multiple rock drakes, mine got stuck under the surface of the map. Any way I could get help from a dev to release my drake from this glitch?
  7. I personally think they should bring back the classic dossier system to a extent because for me that was the main attraction to the game, the thrill of having to challenge myself to tame everything in the book with some being easy and some being difficult like the GIGA but after countless hours taming everything all my progress gets deleted when they changed it to the new system which has made me not play the game because it feels like it doesn't have a progression system so you can keep track of what you need to do next. They should keep the system now with the notes but also make it so you get the entries from taming them because if you have the skill to work out how to tame something without the note then you should be rewarded with the dossier entry but if you find a note it makes it easier because it tells you what to do in the first place. This would also give all players a shot at completing the dossier even if they don't have the money for the DLCs (they won't be able to get the DLC ones but will still be able to complete the normal dossiers) but if in the event they do buy thr DLC then it will unlock the slots for thr new creatures. it makes it alot fairer in my opinion. I hope this gets viewed by the developers then maybe they can put some sort of system in place, it will improve the game even more
  8. Plant Z Functions??

    Do Plant Z heal you when youre nearby?
  9. basically we are a medium sized tribe with 30 people, we have spent the past month farming like crazy and have setup a pretty decent sized base with tek. 1000+ turrets lot of tames and we have committed sooooo much effort into this base, since we started the tribe about 2 months ago our owner never played he said he had "exams" so we assumed he was and we carried on as normal, there are 5 admins and the problem is our owner has been on his second account insiding another 2 tribes as owner, so basically he is owner of 3 tribes and pretends to be doing exams til the tribe gets big and then he insides them as he is owner and we have evidence from people who got insidid by him before and we are next but we dont want to get kicked and wiped as we spent sooo much time and effort, is there no fix for this? can there not be an option for 10 admins to kick or demote an owner? or can there not be a co-owner who cannot be kicked? but cant kick owner? PLEASE HELP US!!!!! btw we are on official so this is not on unofficial please contact me DEVS plllleeeaaasseeee
  10. New items?

    Ok here’s the thing. Iwas watching The Lorax and I decided to write a post about some things I want to be added into the game. I would love to hear suggestions from people and it would be best to to make this fun, so, if you want to make a suggestion, write a reply like this… I was watching (movie name) and I got inspired and would like to see (item you want added) to be added to the game For example, I was watching The Lorax and I got inspired and would like to see a wagon that is able to be pulled by Equus’s to be added to the game! This really is something I want to be added to the game so please! Chip in and help me, us, and everyone get what they want! We have this amazing technology to talk to the dev’s and suggest things! Let’s put it to good use! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Remember to smile!
  11. I have not been able to play ark for almost an entire week due to the fact that whenever I try to load up a singleplayer game it either freezes before it attempts to load or attempts to load and then the screen turns black with the only visible icon being the loading bar with the text 'PrimalGameData_BP'. Please get this to Studio Wildcards attention to fix this bug as I know I am definitely not the only one to suffer from this issue (P.S. It is not because of being below system requirements as I have been able to run the game perfectly fine before about a week ago) Thhank You.
  12. Instead of picking up a tribe mates death bag and having all the contents mixed in with your own, it should detect that there is an ID chip and make a folder with the content in your inventory. It would make it way easier to give your buddies stuff back. If it could detect that it as from your death bag and not make a folder, that would be good. If it could detect it by the ID chip and make a folder for all death bags, I would be cool with that. If it could detect that the ID chip/name is not from someone in your tribe so no need to make a folder for it, even better. Edit: [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/7b8p3n/suggestion_pls_wc_qol_mega_list_1/) is my suggestions mega post if you want moar. I forgot this one was in there too.
  13. Official Server- Rag. Picture pretty much says it all, but basically had the glitch where griffin flew off on it's own. Ended up finding it and on the way of getting it back (following, not on it) it ended up getting stuck on the other side of the world border. Calling on WC to help get my boy stepson out of the world border. More than messed up, game breaking glitch. Thanks, Zach.
  14. Ark Community IOS App

    When Are They Going To Make An IOS App For The Ark App?

    theres troodons every where you walk!!!! they are so broken and its getting on my nerves!
  16. Omnidirectional Lamppost Bug

    Hey there, we are encountering a bug involving our lampposts. Everytime we set the light intensity to "medium" and change server/log off it sets it back to "high". Its really annoying tbh greetings
  17. So basically what the title says, I got this game 2 days ago to play with friends, and I can't do that. I'm able to play on singleplayer mode, but when I try to join an official (or unofficial) server, it waits a few seconds and then goes to the page of the picture I uploaded. I have reinstalled windows, reinstalled the game, I have verified integrity of game files, I have changed settings to max ping at 250 per minute, my specs on computer are good enough. I don't know what to do and this is getting to be upsetting that I can't play. Please help.
  18. Anyone else on xbox play on the cross ark cluster servers? The ones which ate supposed to have 1 of each map to each cluster? Notice how none of them have all the maps for any of the clusters? If you play on them, please keep this topic going, send tweets, fill out the right forms. Let's get this fixed. 50 tweets in and at least 20 forms sent for server problems and it hasn't been addressed yet they keep putting out new servers. Let's get the ones out working properly please!
  19. Next Update Suggestions

    Suggestions Can you add breeding for pulminoscorpions? Pelagornis diving into the sea option in server settings for allowing level up of movement speed for fliers Rare dino breeding option (Ex. Griffins, Rock Golems, Wyverns Etc.)
  20. So i just got back from a 2 week holiday, while i was away ark was released. So when i got home i downloaded all the updates and started playing, i noticed the problem when i got on my Pteranodon and started flying. It's not easy to describe and i can attach a video if my explanation doesn't come clear. Whenever i turn with my mouse on the Pteranodon it has some kind of delay, so the 3rd person camera looks in that direction that i turn to before the Pteranodon, same happens when i look up or down. Very strange problem and is happening on all flyers. It makes picking people really hard in PVP and is overall quite annoying. Any help is appreciated.
  21. Cluster servers

    When will the cluster servers have one of each map? You keep putting out new servers. Please fix the ones out currently. If cluster servers have one of each map, and Xbox has 9-10 clusters, then why are there only 23 servers?!?!? @Jen @Jat @Jeremy Stieglitz
  22. New Server Type

    I simply cannot understand why we cannot get a few official PVP servers with the following settings: - No Dino Transfer - No Tribes - No alliances Dino transfer between servers, especially from SE is simply mind boggling to me. Not to mention it puts some stupid amount of imbalance into the game. I know a lot of people would like these settings, especially solo players. Earn what you can, on a single server on a single map. It is very simple and very fair.
  23. Request to Wildcard... Can Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini from official servers be posted somewhere please, so that unofficial servers can use the same settings. Thankyou.
  24. Hey there, does anyone know why my baryonyx wont recover air, even on land, at first it did recover air, but its been 3 days and even on land it just keeps dropping the "air tank" icon till the point when now it appear the "lung" icon as when one is out of air while diving.