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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 22 results

  1. Xbox Gt- (Junkcrescent101) server is pvp/pve. Ragnarok, all types of players are welcome. medium boosted, with events, 2 admins only who run shops and events and do not disturb players for any reason unless needed. I am not one of them, just helping them get new players for new server. Plenty of room, if any questions message the Gt or look for a Wildspartan or Darktech they are the admins.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/238996873177647/ This is DaggerZone247! This is a new server and we are looking for new members to join everyday! We keep it cool on our server, so we very little rules! We are democratically run run so blame the president for any rules. However there is base ground rules which need to be followed ------------------------------------- No building in Caves that contain artifacts! You MUST pay your TAX depending on your base size and electricity use, e.g. if loads of auto turrets are being run electricity TAX's will be higher, same with base. This does not apply if the President doesn't come to your base to collect it. You MUST vote for a president after their time period is up, choose wisely because THEY will decide the rules. Assassinating the president is allowed, but will not put you as president unless voted for by others, however it will shorten the time period of their presidency so if you don't like their rules, simply assassinate them. ------------------------------------- We hope you have a great time at DaggerZone247 and happy surviving! Server details here as seen below! ------------------------------------- Host Gamertag is: DaggerZone247 If you wish to speak to owner, please add JayDaB3ast Everything is boosted! However all boosts are at an extent, due to not wanting players to be too overpowered however the stats are brilliant as many of our players said. Is a mixture of not too strong yet not too weak that's where you get plenty of materials but not too many materials so you're not too overpowered. Also the levelling isn't too over the top because we don't want people to have too much strength too much, however weight is a lot higher than many other stats because we believe that everyone should have high weight so you can carry more stuff so it's easier for everyone. -------------------------------------
  3. Hey, I tried to teleport a player to me on my innoficial pc server for ps4. cheat TeleportPlayerIdToMe and cheat TeleportPlayerNameToMe seems to be not working. Can you fix these both commands? I miss the cheat managment on the right side in ShowMyAdminManager like in the pc version. Can you add the cheat management for ps4 too?
  4. Hello everyone! This is a brand new Ragnarok Server with boosted settings. I'm advertising this server because it needs players and everyone is welcome. The map is Ragnarok. Below is gonna be some settings that have been modified. To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Changed stats for players Health 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Stamina 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Oxygen 5.0x -- -- +80 Per Point Food 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Water 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Weight -- -- Infinite Melee -- -- +15 Per Point Movement -- -- +4 Per Point Fortitude -- -- +30 Per Point Server Settings 20x Taming 10x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 72.5x Egg Hatch Speed 15x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop Quality 2x Fishing drop quality 0.25x Mating interval 0.5 Food/Water/Stamina Drain. Rules No Passive Tame Killing. PVP. Don't build in unfair locations. Such as glitched locations. Don't Grief, Such as blocking building locations or just being a troll. When you create a character, don't keep the default name. You'll have up too thirty minutes to change your characters name or you will be kicked on your first offense. Don't raid a thatch house if you have stone. (This stops their motivation to continue playing, and isn't beneficial to anyone involved.) Tribe Dinos are currently unrestricted as too what you can have. This may change if seen fit. A System of Punishment. Bans will be lead on a strike system. It goes as follows: 1st Strike will be a warning. 2nd Strike: Will be a warning + punishment. 3rd Strike: Will result in a kick, and if necessary, a ban. Instant Termination Rules Griefing. (Griefing and raiding are too different things.) Passive Killing Glitch Spot building. (Can Be Negotiated) A failure to change name from the default, which is "Human" Extra Server Info. (Uptime and Events) Server will be up whenever possible. Possible downtime may happen due to crashes or settings changes. Events are possible when the time seems right. They will be announced. Explanations/Reasons Passive Tame killing is very strict. As such, a tame that may not be passive, but not used in combat shall not be killed. If it's not used in combat, Don't kill it. Accidents are possible. If a problem occurs during a raid, please have some form of recording or record. Otherwise no action can be taken against any possible violators. Disclaimer: There is no start packs. Help may be provided by an admin, under specific circumstances only. ----- Admin raiding ---- surely it'll be a brought up issue and the answer is simple. Don't attack the admins and the chances are, they won't attack you. Admins exist to moderate, protect, and provide a great experience while on the server. Shop: A shop was previously existent at the start of the server. It has been abused, and now has been removed. Dino's can still be bought in ways, along with items. Ask the admins if interested. Additional Is there admin abuse? No, nor will there ever be. If an admin is using commands against another player, the reason is probably valid. Such as rule breaking. Can you change this stat? Probably, always open to suggestions about the server. Community Center? Not at the moment. Population of the server needs to be suitable. Can I be in the admin tribe? Probably not. Requires extreme trust if even a chance is possible. Can you spawn me and item or dino? Long answer: Yes. Short answer: No. Can I build here? Depends, if it's not a glitch spot, you probably have the green light. Can you paint my dino? Painting dinos will be a gift or reward. Depending on the current situation of the server, we just might come paint your dino. Can I be admin? No. Why is the server down? Temporary maintenance or Crash How often are you online? Almost all the time. Any admins can be reached at the Gamertags of: XxMCrocker199xX ---- LHateGamertags/CircularInk6028 ---- NavySeals2112 ---- xxxArk247xx ---- To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Credit to Crimson Eclipze or Equinox for the Post Style and a few other things. - Join his server as well @ the Gamertag of Boosted247x
  5. Don't know if anyone has mentioned this idea before but how about some kind of log for when people take stuff off your body while your offline you can see who and what item they took could do safes/boxes as well . don't need a crazy interface just a txt log
  6. Edgy Gaming Hello Arkers, we are a fairly new Server which is open to your ideas and wants to shape a server that is enjoyable to almost everyone ( Obviously it is impossible to please everyone ) we ask nothing of you, just enjoy the server and follow our rules as listed below. Very active admins Helpful Community ( But will take your shoes if you let your guard down ) Frequent Restarts ( Every 6 hours ) Server Location - Los Angeles Number of Mods: 18 (They will be pruned and adjusted to make the server smooth and fun to play! ) ⚔️ Happy Arking ⚔️ Info Our Ark Server: https://ark-servers.net/server/111932/ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/Sx7vUG9 ( All welcome! ) Our Ark Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/edgyark Rules Will also be changed if needed, nothing is perfect so most likely lots of tweaking along the way. No form of phishing or advertisement in our server. No Hacking or Exploiting glitches, we want a fair environment for our users. If someone is built in a ''OP'' spot then band together to flush the enemy out. Unless it's a cave with more than 8 turrets guarding the entrance. No Spamming in Global. If someone infiltrates your Tribe and ruins you from within, that is your fault. Be more careful when allowing members into your circle. You can use whatever language you like, just do not be repetitive. We believe in freedom of speech and not censoring every little action like most servers, but do not abuse this since it is a two way street. We will mute people who become a drag. No base camping of any kind. Try to get video evidence if you think you are being camped. This really helps your case. Only 8 people per tribe so we do not get the cancerous overpowering alpha tribes coming into our server and ruling over the map. If a utility is open then do NOT destroy it, just take the items and leave it. Remaking chemistry benches can be very tedious. All the mods we use: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1187881370
  7. (Xbox One) Hello, we are looking for new players to play on our server. We are running a 24/7 dedicated always online server that will always be available to play on. To join any time and always please add server runner WiryNebula8962
  8. Hey everyone! So the time has finally come for us to be able to host servers from the PC. I would like to invite everyone over to our server Dinopocalypse + using the primitive plus mod. The server has a few active admins which are there to help you. Search Dinopocalypse in the PC hosted section of Primitive Plus . We are offering a PVPVe Experience with multiple buffs to the base game including XP multipliers, taming multipliers, breeding multipliers, and much more! For more information visit our website at https://dinopocalypseark.wixsite.com/dinoserver. I know its not the best website but its still a work in progress and we just put it up the other day. The server is based in the USA. hope to see you all soon!
  9. We have a rented server and we need a few more players, we arent abusive admins by any means. Just dont build on an obi or metal spawns. Anyone who joins gets a FREE wyvern if they want one. We have longer days, and some boosted stats, if you have suggestions they are welcome. Its a password protected server, if you are interested send me a friend request or message on PSN. SETit_allABLAZE
  10. Our server name can be found under "unofficial pc sessions" and is named "!7 Kingdoms PVPE|FUN|RPG BOOSTED!" 7 We are currently looking for players to join a new and growing PS4 server! Our server will feature things like: -Help with getting started -No grief -A stiff challenge -BEST OF ALL- Every week we will have tribal war day on Saturday! Participation is voluntary and what we would like to do is have a lot of tribes who we can help get setup throughout the week and then go at it on a selected day! How fun does that sound!? The server is fairly new but we think with some help and a little direction that it can be a very fun experience. We are open to suggestions as well. Feel free to add bowtoyoursensei7 on ps4 or peanutx15 on steam. Thank you for your time and have fun!
  11. @RAGNAROK_665 We are looking for people to join our unofficial pc server for ps4 jut change your search filter to unofficial pc and search Ragnarok_665 server is open to all. Boosts to get started when you join for the first while we will keep things at Harvesting x5 Taming x5 Etc...x5 I will be giving away some free building supply's when I'm on This server runs 24/7 and on PVE you can follow us on twitter: @ragnarok_665 For any server changes or events that may be running along with all the latest updates from wildcard studio's Hope to see you there survivers.
  12. Is it just me or are the Ark Player Dedicated Servers (hosted on PS4) dropping their connection to the servers and kicking everyone out like every hour? I've ran my PDS (GagaRagna) for about a month on the Center, only recently converted to Ragnarok on full release, and it's only just started to kick everyone. The game isn't blue screening anymore, it just seems to boot everyone and they can't get back in. Is it just me who has this issue or is this common? Server NameGagaRagna Mode: PVP Map: Ragnarok Boosts: 2x XP, 3x Taming/Breeding, 3x Harvest Health (more from one pebble and one tree, allows tools breakage) Loads of active Players but they are getting tired of the Ark bugs that ruin PDS. So please let me know of a fix or if this is a known issue thanks.
  13. Dont the players make the game?

    Kinda seems like theres little room for discussion and opinions outside the realm of what were wanted to think and act like in this community. If you disagree or have complaint, you get swept under the rug. Anybody else ever experienced that kind of stuff? Were all here because we obviously love ARK, but what good is a community if our voices are stifled so to speak. This is a community dialogue, not somebodys facebook wall.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Urahara, playing ark since 1 month, and already have 300+Hours (Mostly PvP). I'm actually on CrossArk09 with my girlfriend Zira, 700+hours (Mostly PvE). I'm introducing ourselves cause we are looking for a good tribe PvP. An alpha tribe would be good, cause we play many hours per days, and are goods on PvP. (Know how to build a good PvP base etc...). My specialities are the Pure PvP & the Crafting (Aiming and killing people with weapons, building bases and farm a lot of ressources). My girlfriend Specialities are the Taming and the Farming. We would like to join an alpha tribe for raiding and control a server. Obviously, we play as duo, so everything we'll have to do is as duo. (If the tribe need a Rex, we both go for it etc...). We are ready to join a tribe who want to conquer a new server at his opening, and ready to join an already tribe who need more players ! If you're interested, add sekeelbeast or Urahara on steam. Urahara#8697 is my discord username. Cya everyone !
  15. Hi! I recently started playing the NoTaming servers with my friends. We love it, and we think they are much better than normal servers. I wanted to know what do you think about this servers? What will happen with this servers in the full version game (at the official game launch in August 8) (No beta)? Do you think willcard will destroy them? Or they will support them? I thank you and await your reply, LEVA!
  16. Solo -Lone Wolf- players

    Hello, everyone After playing the game and enjoying for the past couple of months, I've made a list of suggestions that I would love to see in-game. This topic is going to be dramatically updated over time and for as long as I am playing ARK as it improves over time! Please note: I did play PVP-PVE since release and I know what I am doing Your criticism and ideas will be appreciated please do share your thoughts with me so I can improve the list! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Suggestions: 1) The Lone Wolf Buff: As we all know and especially on PVE a lot of players tend to play Solo! the game is designed to encourage players to Tribe-up and the lone wolves do not appreciate that! " The lone wolf is a buff that the player receives after level 10, it gives the solo player % of the total number of engram points at hand, which will allow you as a solo player to learn more engrams for as long as you are solo, however, if you join a tribe you lose the extra % of points received like a mind wipe. Great idea however it is exploitable, say we implement this buff into the game, tribes will now exploit it by kicking a player temporary whenever he/she wants to reset his/her learned engrams which work as a free mind wipe tonic. The solution: The solo player receives the extra points as in Lone Wolf points, which have nothing to do with the normal engram points and if so you get invited only the points spent by the lone wolf system will be wiped out of your character and you lose the buff. 2) Invite to party: I do enjoy playing with others, yet I prefer to play solo so that a PARTY system is needed! " After you invite a player to a party you and the other player will be set in a state where you and the other player can do stuff together, a total of 6 dinos only are allowed per party. 3) Looting system: Free for all: Means the party leader sets the loot for FFA which means you just yolo it and loot while killing without even distribution. Rolling: a popup window appears when looting a crate or a dino, you can either ignore or roll for certain items that you want. 4) Protect the in-game resources: Sadly, players do love to exploit and you developers only receive the blame "Feel sorry for you" Now I do understand that 12-hour unclipped pillar/structure did help with stopping trolls from claiming areas! However, other players are using the same method to protect metal, obsidian, crystal, etc... You have lately implemented something similar where players can not build under DROPS which is a great idea. Now let's take this a step further where players can not build around FARMING zones especially in PVE. in PVP it's a different story yes you an block to control and starve another tribe. I beg of you, this NEEDS to be implemented ASAP. " Building right next to a farming zone doesn't block it even with the block radius as it doesn't calculate towards it because it's protected by its Farming zone Aura < for example> Thank you and please state your thoughts, I will improve this post through your suggestions
  17. The option to show gamertags in the chat menu doesn't enable, so the list of players is just one person
  18. 24/7 AUS/NZ 3x

    Server is super friendly NO admin abuse, Just plain ARK. Server Name: 247NZAUS Server Host: T3RROR_TRIB3 (Message for invite/questions) Sever Admin: N/A Map: The Center No raiding fresh spawns for 2 weeks Raiding is allowed (Including server host and admin if there is one) There will be weekly challenges/tournaments and a specified battle areana for player and dinos of all kind. There will be vairous prizes handed out to the winner of those who participate.
  19. Hello! I've found a couple of high level players in the wilderness on a hardcore server, and I know they are from a tribe that used to be kind to new players, so I wish to save their unconcious bodies and put them in a small house, so that wild animals does not eat them. But how do I efficiently move them halfway across the map? Dragging them on foot is too dangerous Dragging them with an argent is toooooo sloooooow Anyone got any ideas or confirmed methods? Thank you John
  20. DEVO - Dragons Evolved [PVE] International English Speaking Server (ON NITRADO) is now recruiting players/tribes to join our Amazingly Populated World of Ark. Do you want a fully living populated world with amazing creatures and all of those creatures on The Island? This is the place to be! Do you want to tame the best dynos on the island and save them to your amazing tame collection? This is the place to be! Do you want to become the Dragon Master and have the most wonderful and powerful dragons on the island, back at your home? This is the place to be! Do you want to trade amazing stuff with other members on the server? This is the place to be! Do you want to breed amazingly mutated coloured creatures and add them to your collection? This is the place to be! Do you want to live in a castle surrounded by royal gardens and beautiful, rare exotic flowers? This is the place to be! Do you want to construct, explore, conquer the island and share the amazing experience with other players? This is the place to be! Server Information & Rules: Server Name: [DEVO] [PVE] [TheIsland] Dragons Evolved International Server Address (IP): Server Location: Europe, Nitrado Server Ping: Average 60 Server Type: PVE Server Map: The Island Difficulty & Learning Curve: Average - 5x XP - 5x Harvesting - 5x Taming - 10x Breeding - 42 Slots (Additional Slots will be added if we reach the cap limit) - 24/7 Active Server! - NO Rollbacks - NO WIPES! - Very active, friendly & Helpful Admins - NO Admin Abuse - NO CHEATING & EXPLOITING (The Admins are NOT using any cheats to make their game experience less challenging) - English Speaking Server - Perfect Stability - Ultimate Mods installed & Updated (Additional Mods will be installed on request before testing them and making sure they are compatible with the already installed mods on the server) Active Mods Installed by ID: (Copy&Paste the ID in google followed by ark mod - Example MOD ID ark mod. You will be directed to the steam workshop link where u can subscribe and install the specific mod). 83337938 817096835 538986229 896413489 897817685 731604991 719928795 539464369 519998112 816824313 680481868 561820195 702828089 655581765 760067652 843960973 764755314 793605978 679529026 531396658 821530042 741203089 670764308 816908578 880887081 Active Mods installed by Name: Pugnacia Dinos Structures Plus Platforms Plus Advanced Architecture Mod Monster Ark: Hunting Evolved StackMeMore Dragon Gods Annunaki Genesis Dragons and Enhanced Creatures Extinction Core Eco in Wonderland Small Dragons Pimp my Dino Teleport Pad v. 1.3 DragonTail Castles, Keeps & Forts Medieval Architecture Super Spyglass Ark Steampunk Mod Crystal Lamps v. 1.52 Upgrade Station Eco's RP Decor EcoTrees Eco's Tek Decor Eco's Terrariums Server Rules: - Be polite - Speak English in global chat - Be friendly and you will be surprised of how much help will you get - Be creative ;) - Don't rage if you die - Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need Active Admins by Ingame Name: Rick Daryl Sven Pablo Additional Server Info: - Every LOST DINO, ITEM etc. due to glitches or other game breaking mechanics will be reimbursed if you will provide a screenshot to one of the admins. - Server Contests (The Server will host several contests based on RP events, creative experiences and/ or player's ideeas) - Community Crunches and Updates on NEW Mods that will be active on the server on the long run. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a reply here! Thank you very much and waiting YOU in our amazing Dragon Land!
  21. My friends and family as well as many others I'm sure used to use the upload character function to transfer arks on our player dedicated server. We have build bases and have lots of Dino's on the center and the SE maps for a little change every now and then. This is not possible with ought the upload survivor. This bug keeps us from being able to experience over 66% of ark.
  22. NEW Server Recruiting

    Looking for Players and Tribes alike, Trying to start a no wipe, Official Game play server. Offline Base Immunity Enabled. For more Information Message : Xbox Gamer tag: Natsu Dra9n3e1 For server Add: afaeven