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Found 31 results

  1. Masterbowmen

    Please help

    Hi I'm just wondering how people have gone setting up a player dedicated server on xbox. I can't seem to get mine on the server list. Any suggestions??
  2. Woodsplatypus56

    Persistant bugs....

    - Lumber Doorways: Having to duck even small character to enter. This only happens when another wall is placed above the doorway wall section (happens with/without door). - Simple Bed: After learning engram learning other engrams "may" place another learned engram in personal inventory engram list. These two bugs have been persistant since Prim+ first release.
  3. I have a player dedicated server running on my original Xbox One. I’ve been playing on it normally until a few days ago, when I had a problem where the game would load me into the server, then stutter and freeze after he load screen. I trying to fix the issue, I accidentally deleted the world save from the host console. I was able to join the new server that I made, and my friend and I rebuilt in creative mode. We’ve been playing fine for the last 2-3 days and are preparing for Tek Cave, but I’m getting the freezing issue on load again today. My friend loads into the server normally, but I can’t now. Ive tried hard resetting both xboxes, clearing persistent storage on both, and deleting alternate MAC address on both. I still can’t load in. I submitted a ticket to WC Support, but I wanted to make a post on the forums too in case anyone knows of a fix. Any help at all in fixing this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Want a relaxing PvE/PvP experience with increased harvest, experience, and taming rates? Well look no further than the new ARK: Survival Evolved server on Xbox One, “WolvesDen1039”. Taking place on the island with multiple available spots to build on (and many thatch huts to destroy) this server has 3 “Alpha” tribes with high level dinosaurs and sturdy bases. You can join one of these or create your own with friends! This server has NO ADMIN INFLUENCE which means items are never ever spawned in and cheats are only used when bugs occur. It’s on 24/7 with active players on every day. Come join the fun and... oh wait! There is PvP on the last Friday/Saturday of each month so if you get raided you have a whole month to either rebuild and plan your revenge or move away and bunker up. See you on the ARK!
  5. Is there a reason why I can play on a server for a day and the next day I can't find the server but their GT is online and playing the game?
  6. EGMarkyMark


    Listen up ARK players! We have a great new island server for you guys to check out! Complete with a paintball arena. A raid base (filled with great loot if you dare). A race track.... And coming soon a colosseum. Weekly events and prizes given out! Alpha tribe title not yet claimed!
  7. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but I'm running a server off one of my PlayStation 4 systems and it will not let me upload my survivor. I also cannot download anything from outside the server other than another dedicated server for which I have to shut one server down and start another and then transfer items in. This is not that big of a deal to me as I did it with my nitrado server before i got my spare ps4. However, not being able to upload my survivor means I cannot transfer my character with his engrams and what not. I am only given an option to transfer to another server. in which case I have to run another server that i cannot do while running the server I am transferring from. So if i do anything with the bosses, I will not keep my tek grams when i start a new map. I'm certain you all can see the problem in this. Any advice would be appreciated or help from studio wildcard itself
  8. So I've had problems lately with player dedicated servers. Xbox one 1. They don't show up on the ark server list 2. Host accounts won't let me join them The second problem is the one i'm most concerned and aggravated about because I know most of the time servers don't show up on the server list and that's fine because I find servers to play on through the internet. However when I add a host account to join someone's server it goes fine for a day or two but then I can no longer join because when I try to (I play on xbox 1) the join game option is grayed out and won't let me join even though it says that the account is on Ark Survival Evolved. I have a group of 5 people I play with and they can't join the server either and say they're having the same problem I am. Really wish ark would get fixed instead of wildcard adding new content before finishing or fixing the old stuff. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! ;(
  9. Before I submit a bug report, I’ve seen plenty of issues about this and even experienced it myself a couple years ago but to this day; player dedicated servers refuse to show up in the sessions list. It would be great to have an official response on the matter and to settle any disputes that other members of the community seem to have. Thank you for your time. @Jen @Jatheish @Eli @TheRightHand @Jeremy Stieglitz
  10. 24/7, PvP, Player Dedicated Server. Xbox. Ragnarok Map. x3.5 XP, x3 Harvesting, x35 Taming, x50 Maturation, x1000 Crop Growth. This is a no rules server. Consider it an official server with boosted stats. There are four friendly admins who play legitimately and only use commands for community events and fixing server problems. Consider them to be just another tribe. If you want to try and raid admin, you can (try). Be warned though, if you mess with community events, admin will use commands to mess with you. Also, if admin hear of people base wiping, they'll be added to admins list of "Acceptable people to raid". If admin ever feel like raiding someone (legitimately still), they'll choose someone from this list. Add "CrazyARK 247" as a friend on Xbox and join through that account. I've played ARK since it's release on early access and I'm very dedicated to keeping this server live. If it ever goes down, I am quick to fix it. I've had this server running for many months and I'll keep it running for many, many more. Enjoy the server.
  11. We HAD a PC hosted player dedicated Cross Play server up and running. Then when the Xbox Ark update hit last week, only the host can connect from his Xbox, from the same network. No one from outside his home can join. Everyone else only receives "Join Failed". I have searched for days, to see many folks reporting the same issue in random threads, but no one is reporting a fix that I can find. If there is a fix, I would love to know. I can not figure out why the host can join while on his home network, even though he is connecting via Xbox live, but no one else can. This defies logic.
  12. hosting an xbox 75x pvp with orp and starters named chilltopia ark currently unpopulated so easy alpha
  13. I recently purchased an Xbox One X and decided to use my old Xbox One to set up a player dedicated server. Everything works fine, with the occasional and expected Ragnarok crashes, except for a very specific problem that has been plaguing the members of the server since it's inception. My internet is fine, I have a constant 100+ Mbps, my Xbox One works fine and sounds fine. My other Xbox along with a handful of people have limited or no problems joining. The problem is a quite random and seemingly arbitrary inability for a person or at times persons to join my server. On occasion, an unlocky member freeze at the starting primal game data or it times out. The only thing that fixes the problem for the often single player who is unable to join is to reset the server, which is terribly inconvenient for the rest of the people on the server. And half the time when i do reset the server another person gets the problem the next time they crash. Combine the occasional crashing and an inability to join afterwords and it becomes a massive problem and deterrent to everybody on the server. We have tried everything from deleting save data to hard resets to internet resets and all the tricks in between, including having them join various sessions first. The problem is always the same and it is certainly a connection failure between the client and the server and quite likely an ark bug. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this, anything I haven't thought of, and does it even pay to go to support?
  14. Server names: D00MLAND, D00MNAROK, D00MISLAND (zeros in d00m) •NITRADO SERVER CLUSTER, Aberration 10 slot, The Island 32 slot and Ragnarok 32 slot. Will increase/decrease slot size according to population. These are rented servers that vary in price according to slot count and length of time. They're usually paid 3 months each time I renew. I dont ask for donations but if its something you want to do feel free to ask. •24/7 PvP/Structure damage off Mon-Thurs •100x taming •Custom leveling system •20x harvest •Baby maturity 20/ Egg hatch 50 •100% Imprint on most tames •Crop growth 10 •Wild dino level cap 300 •Player lvl cap 125, tames can gain 100 lvls instead of the normal 71. •Tek engrams auto unlock at max lvl •Custom drops, element and tek in red, player/dino consumables, raw mats and cosmetics in green and starter kits are in white. •Faster resource respawn •Longer days, slightly shorter nights •Food drain and water drain at 40% of normal •Boosted character and tame stats to adjust for higher dino difficulty. •Old school platforms, allows turrets •Multi floors on platforms, x10 platform building •Don't "Shock and Awe" raid the little guys. If you're far more advanced leave them be and let them build unless they do something that warrants action but this is anything goes pvp as well. I ask you to play smart and not kill the servers. •PvP is 24/7, structure damage is off during the week to prevent raiding until the Purge. Purge begins on Friday and ends on Sunday. During purge structures take 50% damage. • Your friends are welcome to join. Any advertisement of the cluster via forums or Facebook will be rewarded with free gear or tames but nothing game breaking. •Not password protected, to join search d00m in the top filter for all maps, pvp and the bottom left filter set to unofficial pc sessions. Zeros in d00m About the admin: I've been hosting since ark came to console during pre release on a second xbox and recently made the switch to nitrado rentable servers. So I'm very familiar with the game and how to host one with balance. These servers are going to run for a long time and will not disappear overnight or map switch without warning. These maps are a place to call home, to establish a community, to build on and tame without fear of being gone the next day. I've had a few groups of guys follow me religiously through the hard times and game breaking bugs and crashes and unexpected map wipes because they know I'll take care of them and make things right. I'm not always interfering or putting my nose where it doesn't belong but I do take care of people who become residents on my servers. That being said, it is a pvp environment and things do happen that I won't be able to fix without breaking the balance but instead of quitting or leaving, hang around, luck may find you.
  15. I need some help. I’m trying to figure out how to travel to other maps. I have one Playstation set up as my server and I’m not sure what to do once I get to the obelisk. All I can find is a transfer to server page that has no servers and no upload character option. Can anyone tell me what to do? Do I need a second Playstation to run the dlc maps? Can you cluster PS4s? Does the host PS4 need to have the dlc’s or do I need to ascend to have maps show up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Sever name: Kings Landing 5x (search unofficial PC servers) Cluster Name: The Wisemen Cluster Maps: The Center clustered with, Ragnarok and Aberration. We also have a PvE The Center map in our cluster for PvE players to enjoy. Admins (PSN I.D.'s): The Center: Rjwhicker05, cballa1986, and Aurex98. (26 slots) The Center 2 (PvE Server): Gruumock (24 slots) Ragnarok Admin: gruumock (24 slots) Aberration: Gruumock (24 slots) * All server will have similar rates listed below. However, rules for each server may vary. For questions pm the admin of the server you need information on. To join PSN community search for "Kings Landing 5x (Nitrado Server)" in Communities on PS4. All server events and announcements will be posted there. Hi all, We are looking for players/tribes to join up and enjoy a permanent server. Tribes are currently recruiting on the server if you are looking for a tribe to join just ask in the game chat. Rules: * No racism or trolling. * No killing passive dinos (must provide proof dinos were not passive if you kill them). Neutral is not passive! (You are allowed to kill dinos that are set on neutral and attack when a player does damage to a structure). * Friendly fire is disabled . * No Offline Raid Protection. We have switched this setting off and now we are implimenting the White Flag Rule. New Players/Tribes are eligible for the White Flag Rule. This means new Players/Tribes can place a white flag down around their base and be protected from raids for 1 week. During this week you may not raid or you will forfeit the raid protection and players may raid you back. Take advantage of this week and build up your base and defenses as much as you can. * Trading is allowed. If you make a deal honor it. Setting up players to get ambushed will NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban. * No land claiming with random pillars or foundations. If you put something down start building. Don't be a douche. * Cave building is allowed but you are not allowed to block artifacts or drops. If a player does block an artifact or drop, server admins will come and clear a way. * Players who kill passives or break the white flag rules we have set will have a choice to have a Trial by Combat in the Dino Arena or be banned from the server. If the player chooses Trial by Combat then the player will have to fight off wild dinos that the admin will spawn in (Raptor, Carno, Rex, etc). If the player loses the battle he will be forced to give up 5 dinos that the victim chooses. If the player refuses to give up the dinos, then the admins will do it for them. If the player survives, then the player has earned a pass and will be free to go. For new players who decide to break these rules and refuse to comply or do not have 5 dinos to give up, you will be wiped (dinos and structures) completely by the admins and will start from scratch. If offense is repeated players/tribe will get an automatic ban. Server Settings: * XP multipliers: Kill xp is 4x, Harvest xp is 3x, Crafting xp is 3x, Generic so is 1x, and Special xp is 3x. * Raised the max wild dino level to 300. Max Wyvern eggs levels on Ragnarok server we are clustered with is 380. * Cave damage multiplier for structures is at 1x. * Taming speed is set to 10x. * Mating/Mature settings are all set to 20x. * Imprinting is default. * Loot Drops/Fishing quality is set to 2x. * Itchthyornis and Troodon spawns are disabled! (Center Map only) * Harvesting is set to 5x * Player stats are also slightly boosted! * Structures Damage Resistance has been increased to make raids more challenging. We have weekend events with prizes such as, Colosseum Battles, Dodo Arena, Dino Arena, TDM Arena, Capture the Admin, Scavenger Hunts, War events, Raid events and some other fun ideas that our community comes up with. Come join the fun!
  17. This is a post to address both PS4 and Xbox communites that host a player dedicated server on their console. I’m intrigued to know what issues still persist, what new things need to be addressed, and the general feel of hosting via console. I’d also like to address what impact unofficial PC hosting has had on atracting people to your servers?
  18. Hello! Its me again with another bug issue. More of an inconvenience than anything. On my player dedicates server. Lights are not saving the light levels i set for them, resetting to high level whenever they reload into the game (i.e after a teleport) Xbox one x/xbox one S. All light sources.
  19. Is it possible for me to rent a Linux server and then host an Xbox Ark player dedicated server from it? Or are we stuck to only renting via Nitrado? Nitrado prices are insane and I feel like there are much cheaper options. I know PC players can host player dedicated sessions from a Linux machine and with cross platform now implemented I'm hoping that I can host an Xbox session from a Linux machine. I know there are detailed instructions for how to download, install, and host Ark on Linux but how do I tell the setup that I want it to be an Xbox session? I don't see this discussed anywhere in ark.gamepedia.com/Dedicated_Server_Setup My plan is to rent a Linux server from Digital Ocean and then host from there. Any feedback or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I'm curious if anyone is able to assist with this issue. I have my PC set up to run a Player Dedicated Ark and allow Crossplay for XB1 and Win10. The first night I set it up I had randoms join (which is fine as I want this.) Since then I haven't. I can't seem to see my server under the session list either. Only way for me to join is to join on the silver xbox live account I created to run the server. Anyone know how I get my server to show up to anyone and everyone?
  21. SERVER NAME: [US] FroopyLand TWITTER: @Froopyland_ark Twitter will be the communication platform between server players and admins. We will keep it updated as much as we can with events , server info, as well as many other things. Feel free to report any issues here as well -24/7 Nitrado Hosted PVP Server -Ragnarok - ALL Tekgrams Can be Acquired Through Admin Ran Boss Arena (description at end) -Admin Protected -Element and Skin Store for Top Tier Players -Tapejara and starter items for new players !!!! New Abberation starter items: glider, ziplines - Level 150 Abberation tame gifted to players reaching level 100 JOINING: The server is on the Xbox one ark server list. It is under the Filter: “Unofficial PC Sessions”. Search the server name, and make sure to uncheck password protected as there is no password. If there is trouble joining please comment in this thread THE SERVER IS VERY NEW AND LOOKING TO RECRUIT. AS A REWARD TO NEW PLAYERS LOOT CRATES WILL BE TEMPORARILY BOOSTED! small boosts to player stats(2xhealth,3xstam,2xspeed,5x oxygen, 2.5xmelee, 5xcarry,4xfort) and very small boosts to tame health , carry weight, speed stamina. Max wild Dino level is 200 (it is usually 150 on official servers) overall the server feels like an official when fighting dinos, exploring and PVPing, but does not require the ridiculous grinding hours needed on official servers thanks to boosted harvesting, experience, mating, taming , hatching , and mature speed. The settings preserve the feel of the official game, while making it much more fun thanks to a much easier grind. GENERAL SETTINGS 4x experience 7x gather 10x hatch 10x mature 5x taming speed 1.5x Spoil Time 200 max wild Dino level 1.5x Turret Damage to Dinos 4x Crop Growth 2x Xp From Kills RULES - It is full on PVP. Players trolling other tribes by constantly raiding them or killing noobs will be dealt with by the admins -No Griefing. Repeat offenders will be dealt with by the admins As the server population grows rules will be implemented if the population requests them and the admins are in agreement. ADMINS there are currently 4 admins who will intermittently be on to maintain the state of the server and enforce rules as they develop.The admins will have NO PART in PVP unless you are deemed a threat to the server from continuos trolling and griefing. Here are their gamertags: Salim Zago RogueTable98080 DiverseBook7221 AquaticYeti3430 ELEMENT & SKIN STORE The admins will be running an element and skin store for top tier players. To gain access to the store you must win the ragnarok arena boss fight. The store will sell skins and element for a balanced price allowing only tribes who have earned items to acquire them. TEKGRAMS Upon winning, tribes will also be allowed to request boss drops at a boss arena made by the admins for a price. If you can complete the admin trials tekgrams will be rewarded to you via admin command since they cannot be obtained through regular means Good luck
  22. This is a topic for increasing the structure limit on platforms and rafts. An option for selecting say 3.0 platform structure increase. This is for the xbox one. So we can build bigger structures on rafts and platform saddles with out it saying we hit a limit. The option would be for single, non dedicated as well as player dedicated servers.
  23. Good morning, After downloading the new build Microsoft put out last night for abberation, my server lost everything except for character builds. I figured this was because of the new patch and cut my losses. But now, after waking up and turning my player dedicated server off to tweak some settings, I booted it up to be met with the same issue. All progress made, from tamed creatures to structures built, are gone again. It makes the game pretty unplayable and hard to enjoy. Not a type of hardcore content I wish to play.
  24. 24/7 server ping is usually always below 30. X3 gather but harvest health is up. Xp is good enough to get max level after a couple hours taming is x5 i think. Egg hatch instant. Should only take a couple hours to raise stuff. Bird movement around 156% on default. Player stats weight is decent mine is 1200. Fort goes up by 3. Movement is 3 also. Melee is 10 or 20. Health is 20 or more not sure. Wild dino stats default. Server difficulty 25. Cave flyer allowed. Dino weight is nice and melee. Server will always be up. Hosting on Criptek Quantum so add it. For any more info message criptek junkies or criptek leader
  25. Welcome to our 24/7 PvPvE Nitrado hosted server on Ragnarok! Opens on Nov. 6 @ 6:00pm EST (possibly sooner) ARKEOLOGY This will be a Nitrado run server with a 24/7 uptime, consisting of 3 admins. All players are welcome; in order to join you must join the discord and msg an admin with your GT. Once you have done that and acknowledge you understand the rules you will be given the server info / password to join. We want to build a strong community where people can coincide together and enjoy the 'pvp' raiding without feeling like you lost all of your hard work but instead had fun. We heavily encourage trading amongst other tribes and working together, but we also understand not everyone gets along which is perfectly fine, so we just ask; follow the rules. Discord: https://discord.gg/54vCSRQ Facebook: http://fb.me/arkeologyxbox Twitter: twitter.com/ArkeologyServer There will be no collision on so building will be much better. Enjoy mindwiping as many times as you'd like instead of once per level. Admin logging is ON. Offline Raiding Prevention will be OFF! With that said it is frowned upon to raid people while they are offline, this is a PvP server not PvBase. So, in order to counteract that we are taking the liberty of creating NPC bases throughout the map which will vary in difficulty / loot quality for you to raid. These will be fixed and or improve every time they are raided, so please message an admin to let us know which base you have successfully raided. We will be hosting plenty of server events. We have 3 admins who are very active and a ton of ideas to make things exciting and fun. We have yet to decide if we want to set specific dates and times each week that don't change or if we simply want to give a 48hours in advance notice. (Use discord for updates) There will be trading outposts located throughout the map as well which will be designated PvE zones. Dino wipes will be held on a schedule, everyday at 7:00pm EST Just like official servers host double EXP weekends, we will be promoting the same kind of events! Stats: XP: 2x Harvesting: 4x Crop Growth: 7.5x Egg Hatch Speed: 200x Baby Mature: 8x Taming Speed: 3x Consumption Speed: 1x Cave Damage: 2x Turret Damage: 1.3x Player Stats: Health: 1.5x Stamina: 2.5x Oxygen: 8.0x Food: 3.1x Water: 3.1x Weight: 50x Damage: 1.39x Speed: 2.5x Fortitude: 2.0x Dino Stats: Health: 0.4x Stamina: 2.0x Oxygen: 1.0x Food: 1.0x Water: 1.0x Weight: 50x Damage: 0.4x Speed: 2.0x _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: * Admin Base & Community Center(s) are PVE only and are located @ The Great Plataeu. * No foundation spam beyond walls/gates to block resources/spawns. * No building in or near artifact/loot drops. * No foundation wiping; get in and get out with as little damage as possible, take ONLY what you need. * No passive tame killing. (If a Dino is used block access to your base or for PVP, but whistled passive or on passive after the rider is killed, it is fair game) * Passive tames can be tranq'd and knocked out for loot/saddles * No griefing or trolling. this is zero tolerance and will result in an instant ban. * No popcorning. If you don't know what this is, ask. * Enemies can only be captured for a MAX. of 20mins, unless raiding.. in which the duration may be as long as the raid lasts. * Clean up after yourself; destroy all tame pens after the tame is complete & don't leave random structures out and about. * No war Quetz * No cussing in the global chat & keep the global chat trash talk to a minimum * Use common sense * This is a PvP server, meaning.. you can be killed anywhere (like the real world) so prepare yourself. If you are on or have a mounted creature and do not attack back with that tame, your tame must be left alone. * To be streamer-friendly, any confirmed "stream sniping" or "griefing" will result in an immediate ban. *To those being raided, remember this is a PvP server, so don’t complain unless rules are broken. So rebuild, work with other tribes, and fight back. If you are raided, and the raid rules were broken then we the admins will rectify the situation. * Reports to admin must be accompanied with video/photographic proof. Finally; last but not least: Have Fun, chill, compete, socialize! Enjoy The Arkeology Server! We hope to see you on the Ark