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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 3 results

  1. Needs Nerf? Takes 3 shots with fire arrows to destroy or have a flamethrower. No other real way to destroy them quickly. You get stuck in it and someone has a shotgun or comp bow or dino and it's pretty much GG. It's too easy to make and too strong.
  2. #Plant.Z.Matters

    Please give us some information on what Plant Z will be. On the NoTame servers Plant Z is honestly make or break for a large portion of the population. P.s. People please start using #Plant.Z.Matters on all your posts until Wildcard responds to us. #Plant.Z.Matters
  3. Quick note, I thought I had submitted this when scorch earth first came out an while ago, however thinking on it now I checked and there is no signs of a post here so I must of done it wrong, so here’s restating my idea from a while ago. When a new plant species came out I was both happy, and very dispounted when I found out how un-useful it actually was. Though I came up with this idea of what plant species Y could have been. This version of plant species Y will take some explaining as it is a lot bigger and different in design all around. For center and island servers this plant species Y can be found in the swamps as well, but not as a little bush like the plant X is. No this plant species Y is found in an active form that is three times the size a planted version may be. Consisting of five out stretching leafs per say that are lined with razor sharp thorns/ teeth and a ‘mouth’ of sorts in the middle that also drips potent acid. The plant Y moves and holds its self-up on a retractable stem like middle that condenses down when resting under the water but stretches out when it becomes active, lifting the plant out of the water. The middle ‘mouth’ of the plant would have three vine like tentacles it launches out to grapple onto it’s pray and slowly drag it towards it’s maw. I went ahead and made a crude picture of how the plant Y would look to make this all simpler, but to try and describe it more in its resting form the plant Y would be lurking under the water mostly hidden from view besides a few bubbles on the surface of the water. On the floor it would have its five ‘leafs’ laying outwards, leaving it’s middle ‘mouth’ per say open, but this can perhaps be a design feature explained off as how it can sense about its pray nearby. The plant will normally trigger before you step on these, however if you have the unfornate luck to have been launched somehow and landed on one of these 5 ‘leafs’ then it will be the same effect as a bear trap, sticking you in place to soon be eaten without a fighting chance. The way the plant Y would work is when triggered the plant takes a few seconds to rise (burst up) up out of the water (unless you’re stuck atop it, that case it just swallows you) in this time it gives it would be an good idea to run before it grapples you, but in the case you don’t run the plant will become active and entangle you, this process taking about 5-10 seconds to pull/ drag you in before it would surround you with its 5 ‘leafs’ and proceed to grind and tare you up into bits and disgrinate you in acid until you’re broken up (dead) and able to swallow down into its middle stem like area to be stored as food. When grappled by its vine line limbs you can only try to free yourself with a sword, a Sycle, or an axe. Pickaxes and Pikes will not work effectively at cutting the vines, though if you want to add a fair mechanic perhaps they have a 40% chance of hitting the plant and a 60% chance of hitting and harming you as using a point to cut a vine would be a rather hard objective. Every time the vines are hit they would pull you in even sooner, so that 5-10 seconds could become 2-3 making the buddy system much more effective as the plant will attack only one player at a time. The plant will have 200-500 storage as once it eats a person it will absorb their items, making having to kill a plant a must if you want said items back, no easy pack recovery (that and also the pack would end up atop of the plant anyways, so it’s better it just gets added to the plants inventory anyways) but if it becomes full then perhaps a pack drop would be an option. It can pull you off of low riding tames and rafts if you’re not quick enough to pass by them in time, and the only way to collect it’s seeds is to kill it, and they will only give 1-5 seeds as is, making them not to easy to get. To prevent easy killing of this plant if it’s in the event of eating a wild or tame animal, if it senses a player nearby it will always chance targets and go after the closest player to it, and if arrows are being used it can cover it’s self in its leafs similar to how a dodicuours curls up into it’s ball, making it a formidable opponent. Now in scorch earth an desert variation can be made, just take out the water and make it tan like sand and hide it in the sand like areas, though this is up to being worked on. Now as for plant versions? They will be a lot weaker in fairness, smaller to being 1/3 the size of the wild these plants can be planted in large crop plots and need an almost point blank range to grapple someone, if not fertilized this plant will eat the closest thing around it, a player, dodo, compy, etc. That’s about the base for this idea, just thought to give it another shout as I must of made the post wrong a while ago when I first did so as I can't seem to find it now.