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Found 86 results

  1. Hi there! I was wondering if there is a way to change a wild Creatures' Aggression Level on an Nitrado Server? For example. The Tapejara flees as soon as you come close to him. Is there a way to change the creatures' Aggression Level so he is attacking us?? (Without eating a rare Flower) Thank You
  2. This is a PC Unofficial cluster server. I saw another post in PS4 that is similar to this issue. But they have issues with fast travel and fast travel works fine on the same map. When our players travel to another server using the Tek Transmitter or the Obelisks, they get to the other server, select their bed and get booted out with this error: Network Failure Message Outgoing reliable buffer overflow. We can log in again, but have to select the connection for the server we were traveling into. I saw another post similar from April this year, that said to not use fullscreen. I have tried windows and windowed fullscreen. Both fail. I have tried sleeping bag, bunk bed, thatch bed, and a mod bed. All fail. Here is a list of my mods: http://blam.me/Blam/Mods.aspx This only started after the Aberration updates. Anyone else experiencing this and any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Please do some things with the sun. It shines a thousand fire on water, metal walls, weapons and anything else. It can be that there is already a topic above, so sorry. But not only apparently he will not have served, and in addition I have not found, so sorry. can be in the topic of bugs but I made a lot of tickets and Wildcare tells me that they read Game Suggestion topics, i hope they read and will do some things for those lights, this sun and those ultra powerful rays. I'm not going to write anymore I'm French and I do not speak very good english. i hope you will understand me. I post here some pictures that do not come from me, taken the net. Proof that I'm not the only one, and the French topics talk about it anyway. I could have made photos of the game myself, and precisely on the island. Wildcare, please do some things with the light and the sun that you do not need to play with the sunglasses! I love this game, it can be the best for me, and take care a few more years there are some details to improve. Thanks WC!!!
  4. This is a “page” where we talk about issues and problems that could be fixed in ark
  5. TsunamiShimada07

    Ark For PC

    so, ive been thinking about getting ark on pc on my birthday, but I don't know if it'll run well on my pc I have 12g ram and idk graphics card, but overall okay computer for gaming is it worth my 51$???
  6. Come one, come all to Dr. Wondertainment's Fun House a new server on Ark Survival [map: Ragnarok] you'll meet dragons!, Griffins!, dinosaurs!, And many other fantastical creatures you only see in your dreams! In Dr.Wondertainment's Funhouse you can live out your wildest fantasies: ever wanted to fly on the back of a Griffin over a breathtaking landscape? Ever wanted to keep a T-rex as a pet? Well, now you can! Better hurry up though slots are very limited don't miss your chance on this life changing opportunity! Dr.Wondertainment and Wondertainment INC is/are not responsible or liable for any death, dismemberment, maiming, or other effects anomalous or non-anomalous caused and/or influenced by Dr.Wondertainment's Funhouse©™ By joining and playing on Dr.Wondertainments Funhouse©™ you hearby agree to the above statement
  7. tomandpug123

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    "The launch of the Windows 10 version also brings the single player & non-dedicated split-screen to PC." This feature should be in the game based on quotes from the article on this website about the Windows 10 crossplay release. I have the Windows 10 edition, but there doesn't seem to be any splitscreen. It seems like it isn't a feature yet. What I want is clarity on either how to do splitscreen or when this will be a feature. I'm really looking forward to playing this locally with friends and I'm disappointed that I can't yet.
  8. I've set up a server to host my friends on Win10 PC, friends on xbox. Yes, it is the windows store version, crossplay compatible, I've tried with and without passwords, and it never lets my friends join. Trying to start on Abberation. One of my friends played in my basement and was able to join, but a few others were not. Any ideas? I've looked over the setting and can't figure out how to move forward, and it is very frustrating to be stuck on something that should be working fine.
  9. Mikessnow

    Map improvement.

    There's many little holes, hollows, caves that seem like you can build in but you can't because it says cannot place it obstructed when it isn't. Would be great to see places like this improved on. A lot of places on the map just seem ignored and not really that much time spent on them, not just the hiddening spots. Many cave drops are in horrible places that you can't even access them and they have been like that for a long time. I mostly play solo and there's isn't enough hidden places, I mainly play in scorched earth and if you go single player, enable cheats and fly around looking for good spots, there isn't much. Increasing the map size would also be great. Also wondering if this forum is actually looked at by either community managers, devs and other members or is there somewhere else?
  10. Cant add you on discord and i dont see any other way to contact you.
  11. When I started my nitrado server i wanted the engrams to auto unlock and so now ill be telling you how to make this happen on your nitrado server for xbox,pc or ps4 servers. So first if you want engrams to auto unlock make sure that you are under general then turn on expert settings and save changes now under the settings tab there should be a tab called expert settings you click that now there should be a slide box that says gameusersettings.ini change that to game.ini now scroll all the way down till to the bottom click at the ned of the last setting there and hit enter and type bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true this will allow you to unlock every engram at your level when leveling up but if you spam something into like stamina the screen will be filled with the learning of the engrams also when you reach level 100 or higher you will unlock all the tea engrams i do not know how to fix this but if you use this be aware of that. Also make sure your server was stopped when you changed the settings in the game.ini and if your server is stopped there will be an option to save changes. This is all you need to know if you want to make your engrams to auto unlock in your server. Let me know if this was helpful and bye.
  12. Hello! Me and my girlfriend have been playing Ark "together" for quite a while now. On each our single player world how ever. Ive been playing on xbox, and she's been playing on PC. However, we read that with the win10 edition we would be able to play together cross platform. So she bought the win10 edition of the game, but we cant figure out how to play together. We've tried hosting non dedicated servers, but seem unable to find eachother regardless of which one of us is hosting the session. We've also tried running a dedicayed server, but as far as I can tell, that would require us to have a second PC hosting the session? When I was hosting I was able to invite my xbox friends, but no other options were available, when she hosted, the invite friend option didnt do anything at all. What do we need to do to play together? Do we have to do something with the router/wifi in order to play together locally on our network? All help is very much appreciated, thanks.
  13. Whenever I try to open the Ragnarok map (running dedicated servers,playing solo,joining servers,etc.) on play anywhere Ark on PC, it starts to load but then returns me to the title screen, no message pop up or anything. Every other map works. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  14. Every time I try to open Ragnarok on play anywhere at all (running dedicated server, playing solo, joining servers,etc.) it starts to load but then goes back to the ark home screen. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? It doesn’t happen with any other map.
  15. Level4Gaming

    Bugs with current patch

    After taking a hefty break from ARK and coming back to play the game and walk a friend through the game, I have noticed a few minor, but very annoying bugs that I would like to see potentially addressed soon: 1: Render bug with Basilisk (and a few other creatures) - I made a thread about this a while ago, and it still hasn't been addressed, as even minor render bugs like this kill the graphical fidelity of the game. Basically you step a couple feet away from said creature, and part of it's mesh goes to crap-level of detail (you would have to see for yourself, since it's difficult to explain, but it's resembling the "origami creatures" memory issue with the console versions of the game, except it occurs every time and isn't random.) I am playing the game on a GTX 1080Ti, i7 8700k with 32GB of RAM, and in 2560x1440p resolution on epic settings (with shadows off), so it is not down to my specs, or settings. 2: Folder view craftables inventory bug - A lot of people like me prefer to have Folder View on when navigating craftable items in the inventory to not have endless lists of engrams thrown in their face, but recently this has had issues and has stopped working. Basically, when you have it on, and you navigate back to craftables, it shows your list of engrams as if they are not in folder view despite it being shown as enabled. Disabling and re-enabling folder view fixes it, but when you go back, the problem returns until you disable and re-enable again. 3: Explorer notes are not shown in the user's Explorer notes tab - Tried everything from selecting random tabs of notes to even searching, but no avail. No explorer notes whatsoever show up, essentially meaning if one is trying to get 100 percent explorer notes, they cannot tell where they are, or if one wants to read a dossier or note to kill time, they cannot do it due to the notes refusing to show up on the list. I know all these are minor bugs, but if they were to be fixed, it would help improve the QoL for 99 percent of the playerbase. -Level4Gaming
  16. joostr16

    PC and PS4 crossplay.

    Hiii Survivors, So since Fortnite and Rocket League are gonna get or already have cross platform play where is the ARK Crossplay? It's clear that Sony still don't wants crossplay with Xbox. But PC and PS4 is possible. Earlier the ARK dev team told us that crossplay is a thing and that they have it running. So why not open the game crossplay with PS4 and PC? It would be awesome if i can play with my friends from PS4. And dont complain about the skill gap. It's your choice to play on a cross play server Regards Joost
  17. ToeiRei

    Obelisk Transfer limit?

    Hi guys, I'm running a PC server with my small tribe and we are having about 400 important dinos to transfer to a new map. From my previous experience, ARK acted up on transferring a larger number of items and/or dinos via Obelisk. Is there any upper cap that you'd recommend or would you just upload all at once? Cheers Rei
  18. Just downloaded the game and all of its expansions on PC. Played on PS4 prior to this. I DO NOT know if this is a bug VS. a setting for Single Player. I started a new Single Player game on Ragnarok, and changed maybe 5 settings total. (Harvesting, dino count, etc.) When I leveled up, the Engram for the cloth clothing showed weird requirements. Meaning: the shirt and pants wanted 6 hide, while I know that it shouldn't require any hide. Only the gloves and boots need it. I tried resetting the game settings. I tried a new map, a new character, so on and so forth and the only thing that made the Engrams go back to normal was re-installing the game. Even after that, as soon as I changed the settings, it did the same exact thing where the Engram Requirement would change and would not revert. Soooo I'm re-installing for the second time. Its like changing the values of the settings changes the Engram Requirements (which it shouldn't) because on my rented server on PS4 I did the same exact thing and it never changed. The only variable here that has changed is that I'm on PC single player VS PS4 rented server. Can someone please explain this to me? I have had no luck finding the solution. Thank you!
  19. Viper is a slightly boosted server which hosts regular events, and has fully active admins. There will be no admin abuse on this server for PVP. The admin tribe will not participate in PVP. We have a fully active and functioning Discord server, https://discord.gg/KxnEtZU and we recommend anyone who joins the cluster also join the discord. This will help keep players up to date on news, update info, and allow players to interact from the other servers in the cluster much easier. Server Stats (whole cluster): 10x experience gain 10x gathering 10x breeding speed *Reduced breeding interval time *Reduced egg lay interval time *Reduced pooping interval time 10x plant growth speed 10x taming speed 25x baby maturation speed Custom drops *slightly boosted overall human stats *slightly boosted Dino stats *Tamed Dino limit per-tribe is 800 *Turret limit is 250 *platform turrets enabled *platform structure limit increase *boosted Dino spawns rate for specific dinos. Attention: This server is only open to Ragnarok as of this moment, however we are making dinos and objects from other maps available during events until the other maps open up. Rules: 1.) No meshing. If you are reported for meshing, you will be banned. 2.) No insiding. If it is proven that you are guilty of insiding, you and your whole tribe will be banned. We will not replace lots items or dinos. 3.) Absolutely no land-grabbing. Offenders will be warned once. Repeat offenders will be banned. Please remember to remove any temporary structures. 4.) No caging for longer than 5 consecutive hours at a time. Anyone caught violating will receive a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned. 5.) Absolutely no taming Titans. Offenders will be banned. 6.) No transfers to others servers whatsoever of the following dinos: -Velos and higher level Mech. ( Basic Mech are O.K) 7.) The use of manas for base raiding is prohibited. 8.) No destruction of admin structures or killing admin dinos. This is for event purposes. Weekly Events: 1.) Gladiator event- This will take place at an admin built colosseum where hand to hand combat will take place and other players watch. There will be a level 150 tame of your choosing for the reward. 2.) Admin raid- An admin-built base will be available for you to raid. You will have two hours to do so, and retrieve anything inside. The rewards will be inside, which will include resources and element. 3.) Sunday’s Dino tame hide-and-seek- Every Sunday we will host an event where we spawn a level 250 wild Dino of our choice in a random location on the map. Players will have two hours to locate the Dino. If you do not tame the Dino within the time limit the tame goes to the admins! Whoever finds the Dino first gets the tame. No exceptions. No stealing the Dino, no killing the Dino. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be disqualified from future events along with the rest of their tribe. 4.) Wednesday live admin auction- We will have a Neutral zone every Wednesday where we auction special dinos and blueprints to participating players. We will only host in a specified location, no exceptions. We do not deliver, if you can’t make it, or transport the items yourself, the sale is void. 5.) Friday marketplace- Every Friday we will have the neutral zone open for tribes to come and safely trade and sell items and dinos they advertise. An admin will be present to make sure all transactions are fair and to make sure everyone plays fair. Any disrespectful or dishonest behavior during this event will result in an immediate ban. Holiday Events: Valentine’s Day 2 person maze breeding game- A two person team go through a large maze to try to find a male and female Dino the admins have hidden. They will claim then breed the dinos together then walk the baby to the finish line. The team will be timed, whichever team does this the fastest wins the rewards. Easter fertilized egg hunt- The admins will set up leashes with parents on random locations of the island. They will be constantly laying fertilized eggs as the timer runs. The dinos will be level 150 perfect tames. First come first serve, no killing the parent dinos. Have fun egg hunting! 4th of July Equis race- whoever collects all the tourches and crosses the finish line first wins. Must be riding an Equis. Halloween haunted house run- Try to survive our haunted building. The last man standing wins. You may only bring 1 tame. You cannot participate with Gagas, Brontos, Titans, Wyverns, Quetz, or elementals. Thanksgiving under-the-sea scavenger hunt: Find the notes at the bottom of the ocean. The tribe with the most notes wins! You may not kill another player and take their notes. You can however kill a player to keep them from collecting the same ungathered note as you. Do not loot the dead body. Christmas admin-clause- Come find an admin and make a reasonable Christmas gift request and we may grant it. Limited one per tribe. We are more than happy to receive donations to keep this server alive and continue running our events. We do also offer custom Dino coloring for 1$. We look forward to seeing you!
  20. We should start a petition for Ark to bring back Upgrades for Movement Speed in Flyers in all versions of Ark. I know a lot of other users agree, so why don't we bring it to the game developers attention.
  21. Level4Gaming

    Basilisk texture render bug

    So I have recently noticed with the basilisk, you get only a couple of feet away from it, and it's texture/mesh un-loads (or stops fully rendering) and goes partially polygonal (somewhat like when a dino stops rendering fully on Xbox when the machine starts running out of resources). This is most noticeable when you stand behind it, it looks a bit like a crumpled piece of paper. (I cannot upload a file, due to file size limitations.) I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, and it's a very minor bug but I'd rather it be fixed. PS. this is on PC Ark on steam. I did notice that something in the patch notes was about "memory mesh optimizations," but if this is supposed to optimize the mesh, it clearly is messing up the texture streaming or whatever the term is. This has only been happening with the most recent update. A couple of friends have also noticed this "bug" as well. So far, I have only noticed this with the basilisk, and it HAS to be a glitch, because it doesn't look like it was intended to un-load the meshes like this. It's not exactly like what happens on Xbox, but it's similar, but also consistent when you aren't right up to it.
  22. Rendoh

    Ark mobile on android emulator

    Can I download and play ARK from an android emulator on a windows PC?
  23. So this is my first time playing ARK and running a dedicated server. I was able to create the server on my PC with a separate gamertag and I was able to join it using my regular gamertag. My question is if I were to exit the game on my PC is all the progress we make on the server erased or is it saved locally on my PC? If I close the game on my PC can I open start up the same server I made again?
  24. SamNuttall03

    Come and check me out!

    Hi guys, ive been playing ark and many other games for nearly all my life, and its got to a point where i want to start youtube and twitch, as a content creator. I have a small following on youtube of 200 subscribers. It would mean alot if anyone readig this now could give me a chance, at the moment im getting set up as i have got my new computer but in the future i will be very active as i have alot of time on my hands My links are below if interested but thanks if not! https://www.youtube.com/c/NutterYT https://www.twitch.tv/NutterTTV
  25. If you join our facebook group you will get a level 260 land dino of your choice rock golems are not a choice in this deal and it one dino per person not per tribe www.facebook.com/groups/2074633885964789/ hope you join us stats and rules in the picture xbox one and pc only any question contact GT: IPX PAC C4