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Found 451 results

  1. ragnarok13 Legacy

    So, it has been about a week since i last was able to play on ragnarok13 legacy server... tried to start again on an official but it has been full nearly all the times i want to play. I was promise to be able to play on legacy...i can't. so official is impossible too. So my question do i get ragnarok13 legacy official on pc to be back online... i have sent many reports...probably the only idiot to do it on the server...and nothing... its the only legacy server that has like a mayor issue...just want to know what is happening to that server...
  2. Server Issues

    Quick question guys. I've been playing ARK since last December on the PS4 so I feel as if I have gotten a good amount of experience in ARK. To everyone who's been grinding longer than me or around the same time frame as me, does it make sense for Wildcard to release a DLC when their servers are still having issues? I mean sure it is nice to see that their adding content in such as dinos, items, etc. but what's the point if the servers are going to constantly crash and or not even pop up in the new server browser. This is not a bashing topic, I truly love ARK and what it has given to the players but I wanted to see if other players have been thinking the same idea as myself. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, RadRussian364
  3. New RPG server on prim plus called PleasureIsland247 You can be whatever you want only 4 rules. 1) You must be over 18 2 )You must name your Character 3)Your tribe name must correspond with your roll. 4) you gotta biuld something cool. Now go and make your own destiny and welcome to pleasure island.
  4. ARKSERVERS LINK: IP: steam://connect/ SITE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Max Player Level: 135 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mod List: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator -- 554678442 RAWR Beacons -- 557147187 Death Helper -- 566885854 Pet Finder -- 566887000 Meat Spoiler -- 569786012 ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection -- 600705968 Charcoal Baker -- 622608522 Bulk Crafters -- 633831197 Reusable Plus -- 693416678 Structures Plus -- 731604991 Echos Stacking Storage v2.2.3 -- 757669231 Ultra Stacks -- 761535755 Super Spyglass -- 793605978 Classic Flyers -- 895711211 Ammo Pools (Fixed!) -- 925789347
  5. Can you build in the Ruins/Caves/Castle or near Water well spots on PVE on the new Ragnarok map? I know on the -Island- map you cannot build in caves at all, and on the -Center- map you can buid in a FEW caves and ruins, and on -SE- map you cant build anywhere near water well spots... But what about the new Ragnarok? PVE Ragnarok Build-Zone checklist- Water vein areas = YES Ruin areas = Yes. Castle = YES Caves = YES. Dungeon Ruins/Caves = YES. Subterranean Caves = YES. Boss Caves/Dungeons/Ruins = NO. Extra+ Flying in Caves = YES. Build around Obilisk = NO. Build around Drops = NO. Drops in water for aquatic creatures = Maybe - If you can find a post/reddit thread that may help correct anything inaccurate, please post it or message me the link. (Yes this thread is for all console ark or even pc players that are seeking information that is hard to find.) Thank you to : Zed38 : for assisting with a great deal of juicy information. _ Zed38 Essentially, Ragnarok is a lot less restricted in build rules - i suspect this was done because of the vertical cliffy nature of the map, the focus on gryphons and ice wyverns, and lack of ease of access for land dinos in most places (especially gigas). Additionally, the rules are relaxed and left for players to manage so as to not cause excessive additional stress on Bob and Jane (the people doing ticket support for the world). essentially there are only a few places you cant build. around supply drops and obilisks, and the cave systems that have bosses. all caves are Flier Enabled. A picture of my lightup project in teh caverns under castle: A picture of the cave under the frozen lake in the snow (2 entrances, can be secured with a behemoth gate each, no issues as of yet with dinos falling thru frozen lake). A picture of inside the lava golem boss cave: The Gryphon trap on top of a water node:
  6. Non-Dedicated Server Duplicating Mods

    My wife has a save that we use to play Non-dedicated together on PC and here recently it has started showing all of her mods multiple times in the mods list. Any idea what's causing this?
  7. just put up a 24/7 unofficial pc sever for ark survival evolved for ps4 come check it out !! no passwords high resources a little bit easier level but not to easy still have to make the game worth playing... will upgrade the server if it does well please email me at [email protected] if you have any request to make the server better I am available 24/7 as well thank you and enjoy my ark !!
  8. The Final Stop is a PVP ARK server that's been around for one year, and we're currently on Ragnarok. We will be WIPING on 9/16 so come join us for some PvP action until Aberration launches! Mods are community suggested and voted on. We have several admins with different schedules so that there's almost always an admin available at any time. We have an active discord with a large community of people in several different areas of the world with a majority in the US. Events with rewards are held on weekends. We are able to answer any questions not answered here in our discord! Discord Top Ark page Settings: 5x Tame 3x Gather 2x XP 5x Breed/Hatch/Mature Tribe limit 6 Max level dinos 150 Max player level default Enabled damage numbers, map markers Can learn all Engrams Longer days, shorter nights Rules: This is a PVP server, and PVP will happen No killing fresh spawns No exploits/cheats No pillar or foundation spam No abusive, racist, or sexist names or chat No griefing - caging 30 minutes max Mods: ORP2 Kibble Table Universal Server UI Structures Plus Resource Stacks Super Spyglass Steam Mod Collection for convenience!
  9. Welcome to ArkiTekt. For those of you who just want to get to know the server settings quickly, I have listed the most frequently asked about below: Map: Ragnarok Current Slots:16 (more added incrementally - annum paid) XP: x4 Taming: x10 Maturation: x10 Mating: x0.1 (Mating interval is reduced tenfold) Harvesting: x2.8 Structure Resistance: x0.3 (Buildings are roughly 3x stronger) Difficulty offset: x0.8 Rules 1. Obey the admin. 2. No offline raiding. Offline raid protection is disabled so that tribes may form alliances. If you raid someone whilst they are offline, I, as the admin, will wipe your base/dinos/character/all of the aforementioned (if necessary). If you continue to raid whilst people are offline, you will be banned from the server. 3. When raiding, operate a "destroy only what you need to" attitude. Don't kill passive tames, or completely wipe a persons base (that's for the offline raiders and events). Events I like to host various events around the map that you can join and win prizes. The events range from archery contests to castle sieges. I've listed a few below for your perusal: TameHunt - I will spawn in two high level Dinos and colour them uniquely. I will then notify you of an area to search. I offer ingot rewards to those who bring me a carcass, or if it's too cute to can always tame it. The decision is up to you, but remember the Dino is your prize. BreakTheBank - For this event I will build a structure with defences and introduce an infestation of wild dinos (some annoying). Somewhere inside the building will be storage containing the loot. Get to the loot and out of the building without dying and the loot is yours! Expect surprises. DinoRace - This one's pretty self explanatory but for the sake of professionalism...I will set a course and choose a type of Dino. You will be notified in advance so that you may prepare. You will then race against other players around the set course. First place will win ingots and a high quality saddle for their prize winning stead! I have many more events planned however in order to maintain the unique feel of the server I want to keep them quiet for now. You'll have to join to find out more! That about covers it I think... If you have any questions message me here, helps others out that way too. Want to join? Feel free, just search "ArkiTekt" in unofficial PC sessions. Hope to see you there! Use Twitter? -For event notifications and server updates follow: @ArkiTekt_Server
  10. Xbox and PC Cross Play

    I am new to the Ark world I recently got Ark on steam thinking that I was able to play with my friend who has Ark on Xbox one. Him and I are unfortunately not smart enough to figure it out so i was wondering if it is possible for me to be able to play with him? Otherwise I will just get a refund for it.
  11. The sky and in the sea is way to bright now with the constant fog... Is there any settings i can do to play the game without getting an headache? Edit: Still getting headache by the white sky. Please devs.
  12. Welcome to our new server started 04.09.2017 Die Hard EN/FIN 10xall stack, S+, kibble T,PVP. Come to play and fun server is not too easy or not too hard just perfect like a good poop. Server pc location:finland Address: map is Ragnarok Server mods are HG Stacking Mod 10000-90, Structures Plus (S+), Kibble Table. Server settings are Xp 10x Harvesting 10x Taming 10x Player max level 100 and Dino max level 150. mating interval 0.5x egg hatch speed 15x baby mature speed 2.5x allow baby dino imprint cuddle by anyone imprinting stat scale 1x cuddle interval 0.5x cuddleGracePeriod 10x cuddleloseimprint 0.1x
  13. Joining failed

    yesterday i tried to play on a official ark server like everyday, but when i tried to join it always stopped loading and the massage : ,,Joinig failed`` came! Why is this ? I never had this before !
  14. I know you guys are hard at work WildCard, but that doesn't mean that patch notes should be skipped. for for the love of everything dinos, please at least TELL US WHAT YOU'RE DOING! It's something a lot of people want to see in this age is transparency between companies and their audiences and consumers. At least tell us you're listening, and respect us by telling us what you do to the game we love!!
  15. Hi there! My first post here, although I've been lurking a while and am always gathering info from the forums (found out about Ark Smart Breeding tool from here). Unfortunately I can't seem to find the answer to some taming/breeding questions I have. Using Ark Smart Breeding tool I've got a couple of Direbears that produce the 'best possible bear' - per the tool. I'm pretty impressed with their offspring and they seem to do everything I need, but I'm curious and I assume that there is 'better', statistically. When I tamed the first two bears, I only looked for the highest possible bear, I paid no attention to stats (HP, Attack, etc). I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I haven't seen it written anywhere... Is it possible, regardless of starting stats, to eventually breed a perfect bear, dino, whatever? I'm thinking that when I click on the breeding planner and the tool tells me that I've already got a bear with the best possible stats (or something to that effect) it is talking about the bears that I currently have. I am assuming that I could still find a 'better' bear or breeding pair and get a statistically superior 'best possible' bear - if that makes sense? Next, through my breeding, I've had some pretty cool looking bears, but after breeding out to the 'best possible' I seem to only be getting this one color (plain brown). Does anyone know if it is possible to get a different color by breeding this pair any further (outside of mutations)? Unfortunately my breeding pair were born twins (triplets actually) and both the plain brown, so I'm thinking I would need to introduce another male/female of a different color to get any variance? Lastly, is there a tool you can use to find the best animals for breeding? How do you do this? How would I know, other than keeping some sort of log of all the animals I've tranquilized, what a 'good' stat is? Take my bears for instance, if I wanted to add a new partner or two for breeding and went out to look for some with high HP or Attack, how would I know what a good HP or Attack number is? Are there max/mins posted someplace? Dododex? Something else? That's it for now. Thanks for reading and I look forward to some conversation on this topic!
  16. Does anybody know why my steam wants to reinstall ark every two weeks? its not an update, the game worked fine before, and there is just no reason why it needs to reinstall. I found no fix for that and I am sick of it.
  17. I play Single Player (PC) and I used to able to upload and download dinos/items from a Beacon to another Beacon/Obelisk. I have Tribute downloads enabled and I can use the Obelisks for transferring, but I can't access Ark Data in a Beacon's UI. Was this feature removed?.

    Tired of settings too low you have to grind for hours just to be wiped by tyrannical alphas? Or settings so high PvP is cheesy and ptera c-spin for 1k+ damage? Well I have the perfect server(S) for you! Introducing "PerfectRagPvPx10Cluster" and "PerfectIslandPvEx10Cluster" Ragnarok is full PvP, with events, starter packs, taming pens in the wild, and PC so no long down times (except if WC raptor up :p) Island is PVE so new players came build a base, tame their animals and then transfer to ragnarok whenever they're ready for the action. YES! It's a cluster so players can switch back and forth between Ragnarok and Island for caves, bosses, resources, whatever else you want to do. Stats for players and dinos are exactly the same as official servers, while most others like gather/breeding/taming rates are x10. ========= Admins are: RisstaMebz, Murdamike415, and SwagnoMayne
  19. Server name: Kings and Queens 24/7 50x PvP Server Platform:PS4 Coming join in have fun with your friands or enemy's, let the game of thrones begain
  20. I just wanted to see if anyone knows when more PC servers are comming out, theres around 50 The island servers and I cant get on any of them despite spam clicking to join for hours on end. Im fed up and ive been getting home after work excited to play only to find I cant because the servers are all full. Its been 3 days i think its about time we had WAY more servers.
  21. Can we host dedicated ps4 servers from our own pc yet or do we have to rent one from nitrado or use another ps4 to host? If so how and can we use any mods.
  22. So i'm not sure if i'm reading the new announcements wrong or not, but from what I've read online it is now possible to create servers on our PC's, which can be accessed by PS4's. Is this correct or am i misinterpreting things? There is allot of news about being able to purchase a dedicated server from Nitrado, but that's not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about being able to create a server on my PC (using the ARK/ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/ShooterGameServer.exe), that can be accessed by my PS4 and my friends PS4's in order to play without tethering, is it possible? Thankyou in advance.
  23. I bought The game In early access So i knew from the get go that like all early access games this one would be filled with delays and glitches or delays like Subnautica or other silly indie games i know that some youtubers i watch have played. So it was no big issue to me. Ive always given patience. for once because despite all the hatred or complaints going around on the web. I only play single player on PS4. by myself. I never play online. so I usually never run into any glitches or problems with the game from day one Ive never really had any issues other than a few minor things here and there. because most issues seem to stem from Servers Ive noticed from reading forums. The only Glitch Ive ever really had was a silly one due on my part because a big update came out around the obelisk sounds back then and i had lost a building. but i didn't care. since usually i use commands for creative use to build things. this game has been a good ride. and although the updates for console do seem to be lacking compared to PC, that usually is expected nowadays because of how the gaming industry is. certain companies wont do certain things. or wont allow certain things. example. how long it took for us ps4 users to get mods for fallout 4 implemented. they did a good job. I can tell they have a passion for games. but do need to focus more on communication with the community as Ive seen so many youtubers (including JadePLAYSGAMES) and people on forums agree. And i strongly agree with that as well. Although i do know their struggles with microsoft and sony could be one hell of a big deal. considering how much stuff is going on right now between the two companies. and legal issues and microsoft not helping their own PC users is a big struggle. And hacking has been a problem for both of the companies for years. So i understand why all this and more takes time. and certain things cant be said. BUT BUT and let me say. Communication is KEY! Listen to the players. listen to the community. and I dont mean every little whim here and there. Cuz there are a lot of people whining these days. but the big things. 1. Focus on one thing at a time- maybe instead of putting all ur effort into 5 different ideas at once. maybe focus on one thing at a time. before pushing onto something bigger. small changes before the big plunge. gradually make progress. for example instead of spreading out between dlcs, mods, servers, updates and everything. focus on Fixes for a few weeks. make sure each platform is stable for around a month or two. go solid. then if everything is ok and smooth after 3 months. push out an update for everyone to have the same models. aka the ice wyvern. so everyone is the same. equal. slow. gradual. month by month. very slow. progress and when everyone has the model. a week or two later. update everyone to make sure everyone is running smoothly. no glitches. or messing up. u know? 2. Communication- know when to focus on the complaints. and talk to your players. and know when to ignore whiny kids. also take in positive and negative criticism. as a gaming developer. and a human. positive. and negative. is healthy. because without the negative. you will never know what is going on. but know the difference between negative. and a whining kid. or false complaint. always have that system in balance. because there are those who will take advantage. and just whine. there are people who need your help. but there are also a lot of kids who complain. so know the difference. know real. from fake. and listen. read EVERY WORD. COMMUNICATE. 3. If your going to release something- do not. preview it in the trailer because some people find it as a spoiler. And even more rewarding if they see it for the first time when they find it in game on their own. Also. actually release it when you say your going to release it. dont hype up things Then just dont deliver. because a lot of people will expect you to deliver on that. but if you work on it for a long time in advanced and actually finish it. then dont reveal it in the trailer. release it. and make people go find it. and they see it for the first time on their own. I think that would be an amazing and better reward. less hype. because showing people things in trailers. some people like it. some people dont. i usually dont because its fun to find things for the first time on my own. and thats why movie trailers are so bad these days. they will play over and over. and by the time you have seen the movie the trailer on tv has spoiled all the best parts for you. 4- DO NOT go in the direction most game companies are going NOW - down a fast slope of losing their players. Heres a good one. Important one If you want to keep building this game company you have. then Do not follow the footsteps that most gaming companies are going in now. Most game companies are changing to a format of mostly online play. not to say your game isn't a lot of online players. but those other companies. like for example GTA V are charging for that online play. charging so much it seems that the players are modding the game so they don't have to play with those prices. other games are going in this direction. Minecraft. is now going to be forcing its players to either buy the new Sony console or Microsoft console just to play its even newer update of the game. because they want people to play online. and getting rid of the old console versions. and many many other games charge or force players to play online or buy stuff they do not need to buy for outrageous prices. and a lot of those companies are losing players like crazy right now. dropping so fast. that's why everyone wants either indie or free content. and that's why everyone was excited for Ragnarok cuz it was fresh. so my advice. if you want to stay successful. make business. but don't be greedy. don't remove options for players to decide. let the players decide. stay original. And thats all i really have to say. Some friendly advice, my opinions, and more. Hope u all had a great day. Go forth And game! and hope it was worth something!
  24. I would like to think that I am not the only person in the following situation: I am an Xbox One gamer. I own one Xbox One. I would like to host a dedicate server for my friends only. I own one pretty good PC. I would like to use my PC to host a dedicated Xbox One Ark: Survival Evolved (later to be referred to as "Ark") Server What I am not asking for here is a cross platform server. I am not expecting players from PC, Xbox and PS4 to be able to play together (although that would be really awesome). Precisely what I am asking for here is: to server Ark from my PC to an invite only Xbox One community of players. Since Ark is a PC game capable to hosting a dedicated server for players on PCs and we live in a wonderful world where our Xboxes are glorified (dumbed down) PCs; this doesn't seem like it would be much of a stretch.
  25. we 're gonna need a pve SE server if we are going to get a phoenix to cook our raw meat D: this is a complete list of servers that aren't going to be wiped (as of 24 aug 2017 gmt+6) if you like what I got here please give me likes 712 730 HARDCORE 775 HARDCORE 692 693 694 698 to 701 704 705 715 720 721 752 758 759 766 to 794 796 799 800 802 804 to 822