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Found 320 results

  1. Hello there yesterday i have been wanting to play ark but can't because of and issues has come up, I start up the game and i am noticeing a green flickering going on when i startup the game. Now my drivers are updated to the latest drivers and also have try'ed a repair for the files. I also have tryed reinstalling the drivers to see if the was the issue aswell
  2. An open invitation

    I have Proposition for you. Yes you, as in the person/community (hopefully) reading this post right now! Are you sick of alpha tribes curb stomping your♥♥♥♥♥♥every day? Want a new start in a safe place, yet still experiencing the full extent that PvP has to offer? This invitation stands to all those who have small developing tribes, or tribes looking to make a new interesting start. My tribe is openly accepting the assimilation or alliance of ANY new tribe. You can have 2 or 2000 hours in the game, and you have a place here. We already have a discord and steam group set up. If interested, Please feel free to dm me, so we may all become stronger, Together.
  3. Played ark on Xbox for a looong time (veteran). Now TRYING to find start again on PC. I only problem is I don’t know anyone on pc for ark or anyone on pc in general. Starting on ragnarok for the first time and so far I’m beginning to know what it feels like to be a “noob” again. Lol. Anyone who wants be friends and possibly help at all or anything message~ discord #6044
  4. Compatibility problems.

    I buy ark survival Evolved on my xbox one,1 year ago and I want to know if its possible to have it free on PC. I don,t realy like to pay the same game twice so please, can i have a answer Thanks !
  5. Hi im New, sorry. Can someone pls point me in the right direction on How To set up a PC Dedicated Ark Server for PS4? I hear that that is a thing now and my friend and I would like to set one up.
  6. Hello! Me and my friend have made an ark server. we are making this server for making ark a better place. everyone is welcome to join. we are going to have events and other things on the server to make it as fun as possible. server name: Nostrum Server US/EU 5X rates. The map is Ragnarok and we are trying to get people to join the server right it's about 3-5 active players. Help us get more. you can find the server on unofficial as well. Any questions add me on steam: korren3
  7. Hi, I know I might have already posted this question, but I was wondering if this computer will be able to run on minimum, I know it may be slow, but will it be usable? Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro 4000 Processor Speed : 3.06 ghz (Intel Xeon) Cores: 4 Memory: 24gb Its the thinkstation s20 but upgraded
  8. Processor type: Intel Core i5 2nd Gen. Memory: 8GB DDR3 Processor speed: 2.50hz Graphics processing type: Nvidia GeForce 8800 Gt 512mb I know its kinda crappy, but will it be usable.
  9. Great Addition for Unofficials

    @Jeremy Stieglitz @Jen @Jatheish Just got to say that this: [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true Is an amazing addition for unofficials, especially for those with many mods. Who ever though of this, I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say thank you, and awesome work!
  10. Ever since the end of the Halloween Event, the Scorched Earth Beacon drops are no longer customizable through Game.ini. I am running a Dedicated private (Unofficial) server on Linux. The Beacon customizations were confirmed as working pre-Halloween Event. I have made no changes to either of my INI files since the Beacons were confirmed as working. I have not changed any Mods the server is running. I am not seeing any error messages or warnings in the logs when restarting the server.
  11. Fix RNG item creation

    As it stands the RNG equation for crating an item or blueprint is extremely random. You can use a command to spawn the same quality 100 weapon and get damage ranging from 130% to 700%+ and durability all over the place and unrelated to the damage score. and all with the same quality rating. Quality should be where the RNG is not the actual item creation. Even as it is now the game can have some crazy results because of it. I have some hard evidence and some speculation to go with it. I'm assuming crafting cost is tied to the flat quality value in this but I have found multiple blueprints of the same item where the one with both higher armor/damage and higher durability costs less to manufacture than it's weaker counterpart. So as far as I can guess if you have a good RNG result with a lower quality vs a low RNG result of a higher quality, you get a more powerful item that's cheaper to build? If nothing else fixing this RNG issue will make setting loot qualities more reliable and/or make generating items more streamlined instead of having to spawn 50 then search through for the one with stats you like. Screenshots taken and cropped for two such examples of inconsistent material costs (one higher with higher stats, one lower with higher stats). (Edit: Added a pair of crossbows I found that share the same cost derping)
  12. Crossplatforms on LAN?

    Hey! I know in 2016, there was some stuff going around about servers being cross platform. The game devs said it wasn't possible, and some bigger companies like Microsoft said it was. What I want to know is that now with the official release of the game across multiple platforms, is it possible? The thing is, I want a co-op game (or vs) that my mother and I can play. We already have explored some of the games that are out there. Yet we have run into the same problem. She is very fluent in the Xbox controls, and I am a PC gamer. I would just buy my mom a copy of the game for her laptop, but it can't run minecraft as a client, let alone ARK. Even my computer (built so I can do 3d renders) occasionally has issues if I'm running too many programs. So the idea would be, I host the game over our LAN, and she plays on the Xbox. Is it possible?
  13. I load ark attempt to play and crashes like this, it doesn't happen immediately though
  14. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    So since Ark is on sale and we have a 2x breeding and taming event, which we love so much to just quote @Jatheish(i believe it was him on the twitch aberration stream), the server is filled to the brim with people trying to tame breed and whatnot. My question actually is: What are those people supposed to do that are not lucky enough to get one of the possibly left slots for tamed creatures? I for myself was planning to breed and maybe even get rid of some older generations (freeing up some dino slots) and just keep the new better ones (i wouldnt even have cared if there was an event or not). But with the server being at cap just minutes after i logged on theres not much left to do for me. I know theres other stuff like running caves or doing bosses but thats not what i prefer to be doing when im online. So yea what are people supposed to do on an official server with the event? And whats the actual point of having such an event if you cant breed or tame anything anyways?
  15. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    If you are New or looking to try Ragnarok on official here’s just a helpful hint that will save you loads of time...don’t bother. Ragnarok has the potentential to be a great map but unfortunately like most of ark it is overloaded with issues. The map is unfinished, the map is broke, Dino mechanics are broke, Dino spawns are broke, the lag is beyond Rediculous, with every new update crashes become worse, now there is dashboarding 20 plus times a day which didn’t even exist on our server before the last update. Then after you fight through all that mentioned above just to try and be able to play the game and try to enjoy it, sorry your server is now capped. So after thousands of hours invested too bad so sad your game is now done. So what’s the point in playing, you can’t tame anything. You can’t raise anything all your efforts and and work are completely useless. After just months most Ragnarok servers are now dead servers. I guess you could pack up and move, but with idiotic OB timers and just the general headache of moving that’s pointless. Besides didn’t we just do that when they shut down our servers with the promise of new servers? So the answer is just keep migrating lol I think not. How about actually releasing new servers to accommodate the amount of people playing. How about forget new content like Aberration and actually fix the exisng content you just released broke and unfinished a few months back that has now become obsolete. So what, wildcards answer is to just release broken new content every few months so we can bounce around endlessly getting nowhere. Sounds silly to me. I would actually like to play the game, tame things, raise Dino’s, fight bosses, ascend, but none of that is really possible. On our server we basically sit around and stare at each other now because there is really no point in playing that we have reached the server cap. Find a new server you say? Nope, pointless, most are in same boat as us. How about realease new servers now that’s a novel idea. Not trying to be negative just giving facts there really is nothing left to do except maybe build but hey Minecraft has that covered. We can’t even finish the game and get to end the way they created it to be, lol just doesn’t make sense, I mean we can’t even get to endgame, our games ended before we even really got started. And for those of you still trying to figure out what this means let me recap. There are not enough Ragnarok servers like there we’re suppose to be so the existing ones are overloaded with people, not to mention they are unfinished and broke making mattters worse. So server Dino cap limits are easily being reached meaning you can no longer tame or raise meaning basically your game is done and any effort prior was wasted time. Wildcard has created a mess and so far are unwilling to do the right thing. So in a nutshell don’t bother if your wanting to actually build anything long term you will just be severely disappointed. So im pretty upset I wasted months of hard work only to be told by wildcards incompeteance, sorry you have to start yet again. Some of us actually like to finish what we start. We actually want to start a map and continue to build and grow on it for years not just every few months and then move on to the next broke content realease. Solution? Just realease the servers promised and more to accomadate the people wanting to play your game the way it was intended to be played, stop producing content until you can actually finish and take care of what you already have. You don’t keep having babies in real life just to have them and once they are born forget about them and move on, that would be absurd but seems to be standard operating procedure at wildcard.
  16. After this past 2x weekend (do to the "weekend warriors" that only play when its 2x) over crowding the servers we noticed a reoccurring trend with the longer lag spikes. Because of the login notification at the top of the screen letting us know when someone enters the server, we realized the longest lag spikes were during or just after this time. So we did some testing on our own. We noticed a member of an ally tribe logging in and the spike lasted 10-11sec. Having my tribe mate timing these spikes, I myself traveled to our ally's based once again experiencing 10-11sec lag but this time do to his massive base rendering in... The third test involved myself logging out in the ally's base (this is where we started noticing a pattern). When logging back in to the game (and into the ally base) everyone on the server experienced the same 10-11sec lag spike. We tested this with even larger base structures and the results were the same. Each time finding that the time it took for the base/structures to render in for the person logging in, the servers current players experienced the same lag spike time. Now, I realize this may not be the cause of ALL of the lag, but just think about how often someone logs in and out over a 2x weekend on a popular server... Has anyone else noticed this trend? We tested this as well on PC with similar results. The only difference to point out was on private servers, the small lag spikes we encountered were still unable to be explained as the only 6 people on the server were in the game the entire time during the lag.
  17. PC VS PS4?

    Anyone have ARK for both PC and PS4? Which one do you prefer? If you have it for PC, do you use a controller? Which one do you recommend?
  18. In the past crunches you mentioned adding a line of code that will allow achievement unlock-able skins/hairstyles to remain with your steam account even through re-installs of the game so we do not have to re-obtain them after a re-install of the game on a different hard-drive or PC. Any clue when it might be implemented?
  19. Add more servers

    We need more servers on PC you can’t load into a map and make a base without running for hours looking for a spot with out a pillar. Since most of the servers are getting near tame limit I don’t understand why we haven’t got more servers. I mean you look at legacy and they have tons of servers with 1/70 to 10/70 ppl playing. I like playing on officials servers tho, I have nothing against hosted ones. Although I don’t want the worry of playing 5months then poof gone. Another thing that I would really like if you happen to add more servers to make them non transferable, but only to it’s own cluster. So people can’t just bring Dino’s over to park them. Just a fresh start server would be nice.
  20. Hi there,solo_all here.

    Hello solo all here,led an alpha tribe on xbox for over a year switching over to pc now with one friend,all i have is knowledge and time to put in looking for a friendly server where i can benefit the alpha tribe or a medium sized tribe i can help lead to end game on official pvp.
  21. Im looking at starting up a dedicated server on pc running the rag map and doing it roleplaying. Server would be slightly boosted. Would anyone have interest in playing? Or would I just be wasting my time and money?
  22. When fishing normally, the game recognizes the controller and prompts it's use when a fish bites. But when fishing from the Pelagornis' back it only prompts keyboard usage. Reproduction is pretty self explanatory, turn on compatible controller before starting ARK, fish from pela, watch bug occur.
  23. Hi Guys, I've been googling this all morning trying to get a straight answer and after watching "how to" youtube videos, which don't actually show you anything new! I've decided to ask here! I've heard I can create a dedicated server on my PC, for me and my friends to play on xbox one. I'm not worried about people playing on pc and cross platforming. I just want to host it myself. Can anyone help me with a rough guide on how I start? Thanks alot
  24. In the past crunches you mentioned adding a line of code that will allow achievement unlock-able skins/hairstyles to remain with your steam account even through re-installs of the game so we do not have to re-obtain them after a re-install of the game on a different hard-drive or PC. Any clue when it might be implemented?
  25. - 24/7 16+ Nitrado Hosted Ark Server - Primitive+ PvE on Ragnarok - Command Logging Enabled - Lite Roleplay (Character name + a back story if you wish) - Currency System (Currency given 10 days after joining) - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes . - 6x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 100, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6.8, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed . - Starter pack = Level 100 Horse and a set of Tools - No trolling - No Pillar Spamming - No Artifcact cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our group to gain access to the server: Follow The Hive on other social media: . Join our Discord: Server Donations Link: (rewards for Patreon donators) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------