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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted Soon we will be giving new players a "starter kit" in which will contain metal tools, pike and some other goodies as well as a starting Argentavis! (I'll update post when the starter kit contents have been finalized) The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. As seen in the picture below, we have constructed our coliseum! We hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  2. Hello Survivors! We have a new pc hosted PvP cluster open, currently we run Ragnarok, The Island and Scorched Earth. Rates are: 3x harvesting and XP taming 6x Hatching 35x Maturing 20x Breeding is longer to offset the really short maturation times, however, you can still play with your dinos really fast this way. Player stats are 1.5 except for weight, that's at 10. Cave flyers are off, ORP is on, no building on resources or in loot caves. Loot drops have been upgraded a little. Admin logs are enabled on all servers as well. On Ragnarok don't build in or around the big castle, its a cave entrance and we want to host events there in the future. Help newer tribes and people out that join the server, fight hard but keep it friendly, and generally don't be an asshat. We welcome new players and newbies will get starting protection and plenty of help from the admin tribes. For further questions you can contact Funchy2 or TurbulentZeus or Ac1dpt on PSN ^_^. Or leave a message here, I'll try and answer one time per day. Cya soon! Regards, Funchy, TurbulentZeus and Ac1dPT. EDITS: text adjustments, updates as we go along with the server
  3. [PVE] PC Hosted Nitrado PVE Ragnarok Server. 20 slot server, 2 slots currently available. Slot count will be increased depending on demand, anywhere up to 100 slots. Boosted rates: 5x EXP. 5x Harvesting. 16x Taming. 0.25x Wild Dino food consumption. (Taming and Consumption equal roughly 4x taming overall) 4x Spoil timers. 2x maturation. Instant egg hatch. No breeding cooldowns. 0.75x Player water and food drain. Slight boosts to player speed and weight. Highly boosted fortitude. Daily events and fighting pits award our server currency, which can be saved up and used to purchase weapons, Armor, blueprints and high level dinos. Donations are welcome to help with the cost of running the server, monthly raffles will be held for donaters with high level prizes (higher level dinos, 100% imprints, Dino recolour and more) Friendly admins and players. Discord server available with details of server rates, rewards and events. Starter packs including rifle, tranq darts, metal tools, 2x2 stone base, Dino gates for basic Dino storage, a starter argy and a few other bits and bobs are available if required. All other requests will be considered. If you would like to know more, contact using the details below. Always happy to help with further questions Contact: PSN - mong1991 Discord - Mong1991#5609 Or private message on here.
  4. **The Eldritch Arks PVPVE** Website, More Info and how to join - Ark Server 1 : The Island Ark Server 2 : Scorched earth Ark Server 3 : Aberration (when released) Introduction: The Eldritch Arks were set up to try and play Ark Survival as Vanilla as possible, while having some boosted settings to help keep that sense of achievement yet quick enough where it doesn't suck your soul dry. The Arks are purely PVPVE (options for tribe war mini battles in set area.) where friendliness and a helpful attitude is welcomed with open arms, we would like to accept everyone but you have to atleast want to join in with everyone (mics are welcomed but not forced). Eldritch was chosen due to the relationship to Horror and thus the theme of these servers are Gothic/horror and anything Erie, though its not set in stone and your free to build what ever you want but you get a big high five (maybe goodies) for theming your creations. 5x XP 5x Harvest 5x Taming 2x Player Weight Increase breeding but more testing and refinement needed Must join server-wide alliance to play on server
  5. You don't have to live in the Seattle area to join this server it's open to everyone! Slightly boosted, no rules, no Admin abuse. Map - Ragnarok Server Name - Multiplay :: Ark Seattle Evolved Game Type – PvP PlayerHarvestingDamageMultiplier – 3x PoopIntervalMultiplier – 3x TamingSpeedMultiplier – 3x XPMultiplier - 3x BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier – 1x DayCycleSpeedScale - 0.7x DayTimeSpeedScale - 0.7x DifficultyOffset – 4x DinoCharacterHealthRecoveryMultiplier – 1x DinoCharacterStaminaDrainMultiplier – 1x DinoHarvestingDamageMultiplier - 3.2x DisableStructurePlacementCollision - True EggHatchSpeedMultiplier – 1x FlyerPlatformAllowUnalignedDinoBasing - True HarvestAmountMultiplier - 2.5x MatingIntervalMultiplier – 1x NightTimeSpeedScale – 3x PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier - 0.1x PlayerCharacterHealthRecoveryMultiplier – 3x PlayerCharacterStaminaDrainMultiplier - 0.1x PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier - 0.1x PerLevelStatsMultiplier Player - 3x PerLevelStatsMultiplier DinoTamed - 3x PerLevelStatsMultiplier DinoWild - 1x Donations accepted here:
  6. Salutations Survivor, Welcome to the Ark for Adults PSN community server. We work hard to provide a fun and friendly PVP experience for our community members. Why are we different? We rely on our community to provide input for all server adjustments. We do not use extreme boosted rates that ruin the feeling of accomplishment. Our rates are increased just enough to bring balance. Our admins are long-term, dedicated server hosts. We've had the same two admins since season 1 and the release of PS4 dedicated servers. They've earned the trust of the community. Admin logging is enabled! There will be no cheating on our servers. Minimal crashing. We use a professional Nitrado hosted server. Whitelisting and 'white-flag rule' in effect. Join our PSN community 'Ark 4 Adults' for more information. Rules/rates for this season: Rates: 3x XP/G/T 5x Maturity w/Tribe cuddling Stats: Player weight and dino carry weight increased No building in artifact caves, nor in the Castle. This gives everyone a chance to explore the map. ORP will be off, this is a PVP server so build defenses. Gentlemen agreement: no offline raiding Tribe limit is 5 members, each tribe can have 1 ally. No griefing. Alpha tribe or victim’s ally will be responsible for punishing griefers. Don’t destroy major crafting stations unless absolutely necessary. No caging unless done so for the duration of a raid. NEVER drop an unwanted wyvern egg, eat it. Purge info: This season will mirror the recent season of Nerd Parade (Youtube) and incorporate a ‘Purge’ theme. During the week structures will have extra damage resistance making raiding much more difficult. (Still allowed, but much harder) On Saturday’s, from 2pm to 8pm EST structures will take reduced damage thus promoting raiding. During the week, we encourage open world PvP. The server is free to play but remains open due to donations. We rely on your support to become an Ark gaming hub for mature players. Please consider a donation to keep the server going. To be whitelisted or to activate the ‘white-flag rule’ for your tribe you must donate. Here's how to join: On Ark, filter servers by "Unofficial PC Servers" Enter A4A into the search bar at the top. Select our server A4A Season 4 3xRates/5xM Purge Saturdays Favorite the server and join. Join our PS4 community called Ark 4 Adults to stay up to date, ask questions, provide feedback, and recruit.
  7. Looking to build the population on my PVP Ragnarok server. We have no admins so everyone is on a level playing field. It's early days so you will be able to build up to be the alpha tribe if thats your thing. PVP is encouraged as the game is more exciting that way. Server name: x10KeenSteedRagnarokPVP Rates: x10 taming x8 harvesting x5 XP x10 breeding If you have any questions feel free to ask
  8. 3 Questions 1. Can I host a dedicated server on my PC for xbox? 2. Can I make and load custom ARK maps to my server? 3. If 1 & 2 are no, when will I be able to do this? Thanks.