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Found 14 results

  1. hii, i want put artifact cave in my otter but for more i lvl up weight to otter she just can carried 25kg, why? its a bug?
  2. Pic1

    Otter inventory bug

    I don't know whether this is a bug or not, but otters don't get the inventory bonus for meat spoilage like the rest of the dinos. All dinos (afaik) increase the spoil timer on meat, including herbivores. Except otter. Please look into it if this is not intended.
  3. So since a couple of updates ago, I've noticed that every shoulder animal I own (an otter and bulbdog) seem to be flattened. It looks really weird when you put a hat on the tame because it will try to be in the position where it's suppost to be but will end up in a weird spot because of the animal's different location. I cannot provide pictures but I hope people understand what I mean.
  4. TheUnstoppableB

    Otter glitched/lost in world

    Hi, I recently just soloed the lava cave and was on my way back to the base with my friends direwolf and otter and mine. My otter was on my neck and the direwolf was following and so was his otter. I think the otter was on neutral or passive but on the way back it disappeared. Is there a way to find the otter? Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. TheUnstoppableB

    Otters aren't breeding, how can I fix this?????

    Hi, I'm playing the abberation update on Xbox One and for the past 20 mins I have been trying to breed two Otters. I have them in a 1x1 thatch house and both on wander. But they keep on walking away and stop mating and then have to restart. I have gotten them up to 97 percent but never had babys. Is there a way I can get them to breed as they currenttly aren't? Thank's for any help in advance.
  6. Thaine

    Otters starving

    Am i the only person who thinks otters starve unreasonably quickly compared to literally every other animal in game? If your not on at least every 3 days its going to die of starvation I've lost 3 this way now and i only use the little guy for insulation so i don't want to be wasting points on food. Cant be because of their size because i have plenty of small animals that i feed maybe every week and a half to two weeks
  7. ArianaGaming

    Otterly difficult breeding

    Hello, Heartbreaking when a Otter baby starves. I have really tried but breeding Otters below level 100 is not possible. The behavior of eating habits we observed with Ovis breeding. They have a Health bar that rise and rise until it drops suddenly and during this Health bar behavior the baby do not eat, so the remedy is to force feed. However with the Otter the feeding stops and the above behavior can be observed, then when they do eat they eat one fish i.e. only one food. So a accumulation effect can now be observed with a drop say 70 food they eat one and another 70ish drop over time that is much with the result that they starve to death even at 15% development. I tried to have food in both trough and inventory to see if that helped the situation but no. I guess do not breed a low level one. Below one hundred, regardless how nice they look. If anyone know a trick to avoid this I love to find out. trivia: we had a fantastic weekend our base was not surrounded by titans (last weekend five in render distance). Rexes popped out and when I was tired we found a white Yutyrannus and we finished with taming that one. Had one Mammoth give the staggering meat count of zero meat my Rex said "what?" Regards, Ariana
  8. On the server listed above ice wyverns and otters aren't spawning. Otters have never spawned (despite killing all the fish in their spawn points a million times over). Ice wyverns haven't spawned since the invisible fix. This seems to be a problem specific to this server and platform and game type. No one seems to respond on twitter and I can't get a hold of any of the devs....
  9. DrTurtok

    Otter Spawns

    I created this topic to help some players find an otter, since they are very small and the spawns not that well known yet (not like beavers who are known to nearly everyone). So please, if you have found a rather promising spawn post the rough coordinates here.
  10. YourFavoriteOni

    Otters Not On Prim Plus?

    So, since the otter has been released for xbox one I've been searching non stop for one and just can NOT find them... I play on Primitive Plus and can find them on single player on The Island, The Center, and Ragnarok, but I can't find them anywhere on the official servers. Now, someone had recently told me that Primitive Plus for xbox one is behind an update, and that we wouldn't be getting the otter until the next update comes out, but then why can I find them on single player, which is also prim plus? I check the spawn locations, I clear them using our spino and then leave the rendering area and come to find that no otters have spawned, but the hesperornis does... like 4 of them... so I keep killing all of the fish and hesperornis that spawn, but still nothing shows up... I'm honestly convinced they just don't exist for Prim Plus yet...
  11. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, today we are going to take a closer look at the Otter The Otter is a very small mammal with an appearance that shows great resemblance to the modern day Otter. It has a narrow stretched body and a long tail that is covered in a thin but insulating layer of fur. Otters are mostly aquatic animals, they have short limbs that are equipped with powerful webbed feet to propel them trough the water. The Otter is a friendly creature that poses no threat to survivors or tames unless provoked. Otters can be extremely hard to spot due to their small size, they are mostly found in shallow parts of the rivers in the south east region and in the rivers surrounding the Islands redwoods. The Otter has a very low health and can be killed fairly easy by using any melee or ranged weapon. When killed the Otter can be harvested for raw meat, hide and pelt Survivors will have to keep in mind that the area the Otter lives in is also the home of predators like the Baryonyx and Piranha, This can make taming an Otter in the wild extremely dangerous, it is therefor recommended to make use of a taming pen. Due to the Otters small size it can be picked up by all fliers and dropped in a taming pen on a location of choice. Players that don't have access to a flier or play pve can also make the Otter follow you into a pen by punching it once. Keep in mind that the Otter has low health so it is not recommended to use any weapons. Because of its small size the Otter will fit through a normal door frame, make sure to close the door as soon as it is in the pen. The Otter can only be tamed passively in a manner similar to the Hesperornis. Fish must be killed, and their corpses dragged to the otter. While still holding the fish, press the y button on your controller to feed the fish to the otter. Feeding the Otter larger fish can be somewhat tricky due to game mechanics, A taming pen situated in water might prove very useful in order to approach the Otter without the dragged fish blocking the feeding option Larger fish, and fish killed by the Ichthyornis, provide a higher taming percentage per fish Once tamed an Otter can be equipped with a hat and carried on a survivors shoulder. While carrying an Otter it will provide a survivor with extra insulation. Leveling the Otter's Melee Damage increases the amount of insulation provided, hypothermic insulation or protection against the cold is about 75 to 82% of the Otters melee damage while hyperthermic insulation or protection against heat is about 34 to 38%. This will allow survivors to travel to colder regions that otherwise would be hard to reach without freezing. Otters can also be used to collect small amounts of silica pearls and sometimes even black pearls from fish that they kill Hold the left bumper and press up on the d-pad while looking at a fish to make the Otter attack it. It is possible to make use of ranged weapons when cross hairs are enabled on a server for better targeting. Survivors will have to keep in mind that the Otter uses oxygen. Using the Otter to hunt fish in area's with large fish spawns or area's with obstacles that prevent it from surfacing can cause the Otter to drown. In my opinion the Otter is a very useful companion for starting survivors. It's ability to gather silica and even black pearls can be of great value for survivors that don't have access to aquatic mounts. The Otters insulation bonus can be very helpful in area's on the Island where a survivor would normally freeze, however when playing on Ragnarok temperatures can be so extreme that survivors will still freeze even when carrying an otter with high melee damage. Attacking larger groups of Piranhas or Sabertooth salmons is not advised due to the Otters low health. That concludes our spotlight on the Otter. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  12. xDarKStaRx616

    Otters not taming properly

    We are finding otters that will not accept the fish or will not show the "feed" button. Thought it may be a "one off" glitch but after having other friends/tribes on the server try as well, they encountered the same issue. Seems to be 1 out of 5 otters with this issue.
  13. adriane

    Ps4 Ragnarok Issues

    I am currently playing ark on my ps4, and I downloaded the Ragnarok expansion when it first released for ps4, and ever since then, I have explored pretty much all of the map and have not seen 1 otter, or ice wyvern/ice wyvern eggs/nests. All other creatures spawn(regular wyverns,griffin, ect) I have searched where the ice wyverns are suppose to spawn and no luck. I have also gone to coordinates where the nests are suppose to be but have not found any. I really want an Ice wyvern but they're doesn't seem to be any. What could be causing this? The game is fully updated as well to v515 or whatever the latest update is. I also haven't been able to find any explorer notes at all, and have found multiple ruins, possible locations for the notes. Please help, any response would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I was originally operating under the impression that our beloved Otter would also be making a appearance on consoles upon the game's full release a few days ago... Does anyone have any idea's as to the timeline of it being included in a future patch?