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Found 104 results

  1. We're Back!! After aParadoxServer's Successful Last 6 months, We're back and better than ever! aParadoxServer Is a server that has been created for the player by the player, we urge people who join our server to voice your opinions (With Respect) on the Settings and decisions made on the server, Nearly everything will be taken to a majority vote and everything is subject to change if that's what players want! Off the bat, I'm going to honestly say as of right now [11th December 2017] the server has NO Community area's or event zones, as it stands this server is just a very boosted server hosted from Nitrado, but this is due to change fast, Although at present there are no active admins, I will be recruiting people under very strict guidelines to help me but this will take time and I will require that you have played the server for sometime before we even communicate about admin. Server Information: Name: [US] aParadoxServer Map: Ragnarok ORP: [ Monday - Friday ] [10Min Cooldown] Host GT: SMKH Welshyy Server Settings/Stats: Due to loss of data on the Host dedicated servers, i have had to reset the former stats and start from fresh, Please bare with us if you find anything out of the ordinary or stats seem to be clashing or just weird, I'd appreciate any advice to the above Gamertag if you have any issues! Harvesting: x20 Taming: x12 XP: x10 Egg Hatch: x30 Baby Maturation: x30 Player/Dino Stats: Infinite Dino Weight Infinite Player Weight Flyer Speed Boosted: x1.5 Player Speed: x1.5 Server Rules: 1 Base & 1 Outpost No Random Item Placing (Pillars, Foundations etc..) No Complete Base Flattening No Excessive Passive killing No Bronto Taming Have Fun!
  2. Ark of the Covenant A new server will be starting TONIGHT (yes tonight!). At approximately 5:30 PM EST a new 32 slot Nitrado Raganarok PVPVE Server will be launched. As admin, I will not actually be playing to ensure impartiality. Some of the rules (subject to tweaks) and setting are as follows. Join Search Unofficial PC Servers for: Ark of the Covenant - PVP, SLIGHTLY BOOSTED Map Ragnarok Rules ORP will be on from 6 PM EST Sunday nights to 6 PM Friday nights So ORP will be OFF from 6 PM Friday until 6 PM Sunday for weekend PVP Limit of one Bronto per Tribe Settings Slightly Boosted XP - 5 Taming - 3.5 Harvesting - 2.5 Hatch - 8.0 Maturation - 8.0 Crop - 2.5 Dino and player stats boosted slightly Weight boosted dramatically This post will be updated as more information needs to be added or tweaks need to be made. Discord:
  3. I think offline raid protection timers should be less, you want a base location with a raided metal base? gotta wait like 3 weeks.. its stupid should be like 4 days, you cant log in in 3 days for 2 seconds well...
  4. CALL FOR PLAYERS! Ragnarok 3x harvest with Dino harvest 6x harvest health 3x ORP enabled tame 7x xp 3x player weight and Dino weight 3.5x baby mature 6x eggs hatch 6x structure damage boosted 3x turret damage boosted dino turrets 6x lower water and food drain 0.5x no diseases no dloads wild Dino’s difficult - 4x health 2.8x dam Difficulty 1.0 and max difficulty checked facebook: @PhilthyARK
  5. - 24/7 Nitrado Hosted Ark Server Search "The Hive" on the public server listing - Primitive+ PVP on Ragnarok - Offline Raid Protection - Grace Period for raided tribes ("white flag") - Up to level 255 Dinos - Command Logging Enabled - Optional Roleplay - Currency System + Starter Pack - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 10x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 200, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed - Double loot - Double fishing - Double crafting - 1x Cave Damage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - No trolling - No raiding with Griffins, Wyverns or Rock Elementals (you may defend your base with them, just not attack bases with them) - When raiding please get in and get out without causing unnecessary damage. No base wiping. - We do not operate a no passive killing rule as such but would rather you tranqed out passive tames to look for loot, we're a community, not a safe space for trolls so dont be a sausage. Excessive unnecessary passive killing will result in a no passive killing rule being enforced. - No Raiding or combat whilst events are on unless stated, this also includes travelling to and from the events. - Patreons using a PvP Shield must announce it prior to structure damage being turned on. - No Artifact cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our group: Follow The Hive on other social media: . Join our Discord: Server Donations Link: (rewards for Patreon donators) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. This is not a 24/7 server. The map is the Island No brontos No diplos No pteranodons Shop at South 1 If you want to be a PVE tribe you must have “PVE” in your tribe name and you must message Mydogdoesit or Vaultecboi If you want to be a PVP tribe you don’t have to do anything PVE at obs 4 wyvern in each tribe and 2 griffins in each tribe If you are a PVE tribe you are not aloud to switch a PVP tribe if you do you get banned and kicked If you get raided and you are a PVE tribe you must have proof for us to ban the people you raided you No human names no building at obs No blocking drops and no blocking cave artifacts and drops no cave building No trolling or wiping no passive killing You can raid admin if you want no admin abuse No blocking metal spawns 4 gigas per tribe No turrets for PVE tribes you are aloud Plant x STATS ARE difficulty level is max Xp multiplier is 20 13 tame harvest is 14 Mating 15 egg hatch 20 baby mature speed 10
  7. About Awesome Gaming Community *AGC* Welcome to the Awesome Gaming Community also known as AGC Chances are if you’re reading this that you are looking for a new/improved server to play on. As life plays this way sometimes, we are here looking for dedicated players to join our truly Awesome Gaming Community. So here we are, extending the invite to you and your friends to become a part of our community. A bit about us and who we are: We are a community, and a pretty awesome one - (if you couldn't figure that out by the name yet), that was formed by a handful of dedicated gamers who are in love with this game. We aim to create an environment for gamers that they'll enjoy and love and hopefully tell their friends and family about. Due to this particular server being PvP there are a few rules in place that must be adhered to in order to ensure our server continues to be a fun experience for all rather than just another plain old PVP server that you can join in most official sections of the game - for that reason we ask everybody to please read and understand the rules. PVP Server Rules: Since rules always need to be updated and improved please join our discord to read the most recent ones. Below rules are dated 9/19/17 For most updated rules, please join our Discord here: or our website: (still under construction) By entering our server, each player agrees to the following server rules. Not knowing the rules does not exclude you from the punishment. We do not accept hearsay as proof. You must submit a picture/video of the rule violation in order for us to take action. 1. General Rules · Exploiting In-Game bugs and modifying the game client to give you an advantage over others, is forbidden. · Spamming, permanent post with caps lock, and advertising is forbidden · Racist content is forbidden · We reserve the right to ask you to change your name · Insults and constant stupid comments will be punished by a warning and if continued can result in a ban. (Keep it friendly)[/i] · We speak English in chat. Please keep it that way · If someone else breaks the rules this doesn’t mean you may. (2 wrongs don’t make a right) · Don’t argue with any admin in game. If you disagree with something, you can come into discord and talk it out · All punishments are to the discretion of the admins. If you would like to appeal your ban, use the forums to do so During AGC Server events, the entire map is considered a “Green Zone” whether you are participating or not. No raiding during ongoing events, server message will indicate once the Event has begun & ended. 2. Building Rules · No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Otter/Penguin Spawns and deep sea loot Crates · Max 3 Rafts per Tribe · No pillar/foundation spam. Remove taming structures after finished taming · No Floating Bases - All Bases must be attached to the ground 3. PVP Rules · No killing of passive dino’s. There are other ways to access their inventory (be creative) · No Boxed in Platform Creatures - Find Complete Rules in our · Must Use Battle Quetz for Battle Quetz Builds - Vanilla Quetz must remain regular Flyer/Gatherer · Grieving is forbidden, but we highly support PVP on this server · Open PVP is always allowed, but camping other players bases 24/7 is not granted · Do not put players in cages or keep them tranq’d for more than 30 mins. On raids max 1 hour · Max 10 Members per tribe · Tribes are limited to 1 Main and 2 sub-bases · Complete base wipes will NOT be tolerated. Get valuable loot but don’t be greedy · No raiding bases over and over again. Give people a chance to rebuild (you just took all their stuff already – don’t be a bully). (Request raid protection here if needed – Rule 4) · Building turret towers near enemy bases to support the raid is not allowed. We want players to have the chance to defend their base. Turret towers need to be close to your base! 4. Raid Protection · Raid protection can be requested and ONLY approved by an admin. Those tribes will be listed on the forum Start time – End time as well they will have a sign posted near the base stating the same · Raid protection can be requested for either new players/tribes or raided players/tribes · Bases with a red/white flag on top have raid protections. Do not raid them. · If you are under raid protection, you can’t raid anybody either! · To receive Raid protection, you may either come to our discord or post a request on the forums What we have: • Active admins that don’t take sides (there are always 3 sides to a story :-)) • Active Players • Regularly plan community events with awesome rewards • Reward Hunts (Multiple Creatures scattered throughout the world wandering around containing awesome treasures - Kill them and claim your reward) • Community Boss Fights What we don’t have: • UNHAPPY PLAYER’S 🙂 Boosts & Increases: • x3 Experience • x3 Gather • x15 Tame • Breeding Increased Mods: (Direct Links Can be found below for quick Subscription) • Structures +: Mod ID 731604991 • Automated Ark: Mod ID 812655342 • Classic Flyers: Mod ID 895711211 • Resource Stacks: Mod ID 630601751 • ORP 2: Mod ID 600705968 • Ark Advance Supply Drops: Mod ID 627340159 • Corpse Finder: Mod ID 566885854 • Eco in Wonderland: Mod ID 702828089 • Eco RP: Mod ID 741203089 • Breed-able Griffons: Mod ID 1086678105 • Shopping Mod 2.01 ID 512633537 • Insects-Plus: Mod ID 1112780816 • Battle Quetz: Mod ID 1131178538 Server Information: • Map: Ragnarok There will be a server wipe on 11/22/2017 - No more wipes until the cluster with Aberration • Server IP: • Discord: • Website: CLICK HERE TO JOIN: If you actually took the time and read all of this, why not just give us a try? Come Join AGC – Awesome Gaming Community…Because Gaming is Awesome How to manually favorite our server via Steam • Click View • Click Servers • Click Favorites Tab • Right click into blank area and choose “Add server by IP Address” • Enter the full IP * Port – • Click “Add this address to favorites” * You will now see this server in-game under your favorites tab * MOD ID's - Links found below to subscribe & install prior to joining for the first time Structures Plus Automated Ark Classic Flyer Resource Stacks ORP 2 Ark Advance Supply Drops Corpse Finder Eco in Wonderland Eco RP Breedable Griffons Shopping Mod Insects plus Balanced PVP Battle Quetz
  8. Big base locations

    im looking for a big base location to fit about 30-40 wyverns lots of gigas and brontos any suggestions ? my server is orp so it doesn't have to be too well defended Rag & island
  9. Hi, I have bug that my pin codes on the auto turrets randomly disappears after some time on ORP Server. Server: EU PVP ORP Ragnarok
  10. Alliances and the ORP

    For what i understand, the alliance and the ORP can not be on at the same time due to the fact that some people would take advantage of it in its current settings. Would it be possible to break down the permissions allies have and when ORP is enabled, some of the permissions are removed? For example: building near allied, use allied structures. I think just the simple ability to see the names in a diferent color and the towers not shoting them would be a plus, since some times i dont want to share my base or ressources, i just want to be able to do activities together and this would allow the players to configure the alliance mechanic as they see fair for the server.
  11. I am a software developer by day and Ark Admin by night. This is my new server, open to the public. Rules are similar to Official Servers with an emphasis on removing grind and grief.. This server is made to speed up taming while still retaining most of the official server feel. We're running RAGNOROK at 100 players. Offline Raid Protection Ragnorok Map PVP Ruleset Structures Plus Mod 10 X Taming 4X Gather 2X XP Gain 3rd Person + Crosshair Enabled 100 Slots The idea of this server is to provide a premium Ark experience without waiting forever for tames. We will move hosts and improve CPU priority as necessary for the best possible ARK experience. We are friendly and don't abuse admin rights. SERVER STARTED SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 @ 3PM EST. Add to your Favourites in Steam (View -> Servers -> Favorites -> Add A Server) Basic rules: respect other players and don't exploit.
  12. GT: Chaos Evolved69 and send a message saying add me Map:Ragnorak Details: Boosted player stats and boosted gather rate. Instant tame. Faster egg hatching and maturing. Events. Admins are friendly but no complaining, nobody want to hear you whine. No killing passive Dino's. Don't be an a**hole and no trolling. Have fun and do some friendly pvp. Admin tribe name is Chaos Ranch, do not mess with anything that has that tribe name and everything will be good. Offline damage is prevented. Add Facebook: Choas Evolved Server. For updates and events
  13. Join our server! GAMERTAG: islanders24x7 3x Taming 1.7x Exp 3x Maturing 2.4x Harvest. No Tek, or basewiping. We also are strong believers in Offline Raid Protection 24/7! With Combat Logging prevention! Our server runs very smooth with fast high speed internet, bring your friends we encourage large tribes! Fresh Map so lots of building opportunities
  14. Hey there! I have opened up a server for ragnarok, fine tuned settings to get the most enjoyment out of the game; keeping it challenging but also convenient. My server is 24/7 and it's hosted on a pc so it very rarely lags. The rates are 5x taming, 5x experience. 2x breeding (to allow good imprinting) 3.5x harvesting (player) 10x harvesting(dino) Offline Raid Protection 2.5x Turret damage to allow for easier Base defense. Friendly and helpful server. No downtime. No admin abuse. To find me search on unofficial pc server: Bertland and it will show up or you can add me on ps4 (SCFCRob) Look forward to seeing you!
  15. The Ark Asylum is a PC no rules PVP Ragnarok server. That means we don't tell you HOW to play, provided you are not exploiting, hacking, or cheating. No rules does not mean no consequences. The player population is encouraged to band together to deal with troll/malicious players. Cheaters/hackers/exploiters will be banned. Any server suggestions feel free to message me (Kypster) on steam or discord. I'll increase server player limit as needed. We are looking to build a thriving community! Everyone is welcome! To connect use the steam connect link below or join our discord for more info.steam://connect/ 8x Gather 10x Experience 15x Taming 20x Hatch/MaturationMax Character Level: 200 Max Wild Dino Level: 30050% reduced food and water drain rate.Mods:Classic Flyers (895711211)S+ Structures (731604991)ORP 2 (600705968)Omnicular (538827119)Resource Stacks (630601751)Scorched Earth Resource Stacks(760880376)Versatile Raft Mod (703724165)Reusable Plus (693416678)
  16. Hi me and friend are hosting a brand new ragnarok server with orp enabled because true good players on ark don't raid offline that's for trolls witch will not be tolerated on here. This server is for the tribes that don't have the time to play official and grind as much as it demands of you. This server is boosted but not insane at all rates will be posted below we are trying to create a great pvp community that don't get salty over the simplest of things if you get raided build back up its boosted. There will be events a little later on In the server to keep things fun and entertaining for everyone. Mainly this server can be a place to experience nd explore the new map and still get that good pvp and raiding out of it. structure damage will be reduced for the first 3 days just to weed out any troll. There is 2 Admins only for dino wipes and handling issues on the server admin log is on. Also dino stats are close to official with increase in weight and stam but not insane. Server will be going up September 2 10 am central time. RULES 1. ORP is on and has a 30 minute timer so you know offline raiding 2. If you see a base on timer you cannot raid the base or kill tames 3. Passive killing is allowed because this is a pvp server but no trolling and being a jerk you guys know what I mean 4. If you raid someone you have to leave them alone let them build back up no harassing tribes 5. If your a big tribe only attack bigger tribes not little tribes just starting out plz 6. I will personally do a 3 day base inspection to make sure you are progressing and not just a troll RATES 7x - XP 14X - taming 6x - harvest 8 stone per pick Egg hatch 4.0 takes 10 minutes for wyvern to hatch Mature speed 2.05x takes 2 hours to raise wyvern 35 minutes for ptera Days are longer than nights Stats Per level HP - 15 Oxygen - 120 Weight- 75 Melee - 7 Speed - 2.9 Fort - 10 HOW TO JOIN Server gt - pricedcell37783 Server name Blood land Have any questions ask me gt - landshark527 Come join build up with us and lets have a great PVP community that's last
  17. 24/7 Rag server.

    Server Name: EvryDayIsArkDay 45x taming 25x exp Purge weekends with double structure damage, mon-friday still pvp however structure damage extremely reduced. Boosted gather rates. Boosted mating. Boosted player stats. Boosted weight on players and dinos. Active admins that do not raid. Server rules : 1. No attacking Tribe Team No Sleep, and no attacking Tribe Rick and Morty. 2. Admins will not raid however if you attack them you are subject to being attacked. 3. Events will happen frequently with variation at admin discretion. 4. No building in Glitches/Artifact caves. 5. No blocking excessive amounts of resources/Drops. 6. Rules are subject to change at admin discretion as the need be. 7. No Trolling/foundation wiping without need. 8. No raiding during events hosted by admins.
  18. ORP Servers

    Is there any concrete time frame on when we'll see new official ORP PVP servers? They were mentioned in the announcement for the launch, but I'm not seeing any when searching for servers.
  19. Hey, i havent been able to get online and i am wondering if any pvp orp servers for xbox were released yet?
  20. Is there any chance we will get alliances when using the official ORP mode? And to the other players: I know there is a mod called ORP2, I used it for over a year. But after the latest issues with that mod Im not willing to use it again. I would love to use the official ORP but without alliances its a showstopper for most of us...
  21. ORP servers?

    What is the difference between Regular/Vanilla and ORP servers? I thought all PVE servers had offline raid protection. Is this true or will trolls be able to successfully kite wild dinos into offline bases on the new PVE servers?
  22. Hello Survivors I’m LostArk93, Add Gamertag Lostark93 to joinServer is going live as this post goes up There will be a server store being built shortly, some dinos that are not available on ragnarok will be available for purchase (phoenix). Things like dino painting will be done for a cost as well. We will not be spawning in any gear or dinos that can be obtained in the game.A little background about myself first before we get into the server info. After losing 2 really sweet bases on 2 other dedicate servers because the hosts decided to switch maps I decided enough was enough. I went out and bought an XBOX to run my own server. I am planning on running this server for the long term so that we get to experience all Ragnarok has to offer.Server Rules, there are no rules except building in artifact caves. Offline Raid Protection is enabled but there will be a 45 minute cooldown to limit people logging out when being raided.Admins: There will be 2 Admins Pattison12 and Maveric0821. I know that there are admins out there who abuse their powers and cheat. I will be playing with the same rules and limitations that everyone else is. ADMIN LOGGING WILL ALWAYS BE ON. Admin tribe is fair game and they will also be participating in pvp. Once the server gets underway and there is a steady population admins will be putting on events to win all kinds of cool stuff. When the phoenix is released each tribe will get one max level one spawned in for them. I have created a club; LostArk93, the club will be used to inform members of events and address any issues with the server. If you are having difficulty joining the server, remember to exit the game and properly restart your xbox through the settings menu. Player Stats:Weight: 10xOxygen: 5xFortitude: 2xStamina: 2xMovement Speed: 2xDino Stats:Weight: 10xStamina: 2xDino Movement Speed Increased: (Ragnarok is a huge map)Server Settings:XP: 15xTaming: 15xHarvest Amount: 6xSpoil Timer: 5xEgg Hatch Speed: 50xBaby Mature Speed: 15xBaby Cuddle Interval: 0.2xPlayer Food Drain: .5xPlayer Water Drain: .5xCrop Growth Speed: 10xEgg Laying Interval: .4xResource Respawn: .4xHarvest Health: .6xAnyone can Imprint: YesCave Flyers: YesUnlimited Mind Wipes
  23. Nitrado hosted server, brand new, 3x rates. Higher breeding rates. PVP ORP, helpful admins. Currently 10 slots but will to upgrade if we gain players. Open to suggestions such as moving to ragnarok on release. Add onedeath7 if interested.
  24. Hi everyone My question is simple - will we get a new ORP cluster on release? We don't know how the new servers will be allocated yet, and that is scaring us a lot because we fear the devs might forget about us, about those servers. We have an healty community and a lot of other players interested in OfflineRaidProtection, for different reasons: you experience a lot more PvP against online opponents, it is real-life friendly (I can go away for a weekend and come back knowing that I didn't lose all of my Ark progress) and it is friendly to smaller tribes. You don't have to be in a megatribe with people from allover the world to enjoy PvP on an ORP server, because you can sleep at night even if you play only with your IRL friends. That is why official ORP has a huge potential and has always had its fair share of success even if it has always been pretty small in terms of servers. So here we are, with some servers getting wiped and a lot new servers opening up on release: can we get an ORP cluster too? Would it be too much to ask for Ragnarok too, since everybody seems to love that beautiful map but we never got it on the old cluster? I hope we can get a definitive answer on this thread - afterall servers will start releasing in less than 3 days so I guess someone has a clue on this matter and if not, I hope maybe I'll raise some awareness.
  25. Ark Server Name : ARKTRIBALWARFAR Club: ARKTRIBALWARFAR Admins: Pleb Nation Sux and SavoryBonsai990 THE ADMINS ARE GOING TO KEEP ADMIN INTERFERENCE TO A MINIMUM ONLY DINO WIPES, EVENTS, AND/OR GLITCHERS ARE GOING TO BE DONE THE TRIBES THAT ARE IN THE GAME ALREADY WILL PROBABLY NOT BE HOSTILE TO NEW TRIBES Rules: Only three rules don't build excessive structures (i.e. random pillars and/or foundations), don't block artifacts, and don't bother admins..... Stats: (One level into each) Health: 160.1 Stamina 160.1 Oxygen 700.0 Weight 3100.0 Melee Damage 130.1 Movement Speed 104.6 Fortitude 12.0 (may be different now) Rates: Gather: 33x, almost instant taming, fast plant growth ORP IS ON AND HAS A 15 MIN DELAY Start Day 8/29/17