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Found 172 results

  1. Hello Survivors I’m LostArk93, Add Gamertag Lostark93 to joinServer is going live as this post goes up There will be a server store being built shortly, some dinos that are not available on ragnarok will be available for purchase (phoenix). Things like dino painting will be done for a cost as well. We will not be spawning in any gear or dinos that can be obtained in the game.A little background about myself first before we get into the server info. After losing 2 really sweet bases on 2 other dedicate servers because the hosts decided to switch maps I decided enough was enough. I went out and bought an XBOX to run my own server. I am planning on running this server for the long term so that we get to experience all Ragnarok has to offer.Server Rules, there are no rules except building in artifact caves. Offline Raid Protection is enabled but there will be a 45 minute cooldown to limit people logging out when being raided.Admins: There will be 2 Admins Pattison12 and Maveric0821. I know that there are admins out there who abuse their powers and cheat. I will be playing with the same rules and limitations that everyone else is. ADMIN LOGGING WILL ALWAYS BE ON. Admin tribe is fair game and they will also be participating in pvp. Once the server gets underway and there is a steady population admins will be putting on events to win all kinds of cool stuff. When the phoenix is released each tribe will get one max level one spawned in for them. I have created a club; LostArk93, the club will be used to inform members of events and address any issues with the server. If you are having difficulty joining the server, remember to exit the game and properly restart your xbox through the settings menu. Player Stats:Weight: 10xOxygen: 5xFortitude: 2xStamina: 2xMovement Speed: 2xDino Stats:Weight: 10xStamina: 2xDino Movement Speed Increased: (Ragnarok is a huge map)Server Settings:XP: 15xTaming: 15xHarvest Amount: 6xSpoil Timer: 5xEgg Hatch Speed: 50xBaby Mature Speed: 15xBaby Cuddle Interval: 0.2xPlayer Food Drain: .5xPlayer Water Drain: .5xCrop Growth Speed: 10xEgg Laying Interval: .4xResource Respawn: .4xHarvest Health: .6xAnyone can Imprint: YesCave Flyers: YesUnlimited Mind Wipes
  2. ====================Going Live October 25th!!!!=============================== Anyone is welcome as long as they can play by the rules. Join xbox club "Zephyros Island of Madness" for status updates on the server when it goes live. -Ragnarok -Hardcore PVP -ORP -No Transfers -slightly boosted taming speed 3x -boosted hatch/maturation times 6x -Official Server difficulty, wild dino max lvl 150 -possible tribe size limit, undetermined but probably <12 -there will only be 1 admin, I am looking to have a fun and fair server with limited admin intervention. Rules - Trolls/Griefers will be punished, repeat offenders banned. - Killing other players, attacking bases, or killing dinos is not considered griefing, going around and killing low level/freshly spawned characters all day is. -Anyone abusing systems, using exploits, or cheating will be banned -If Anyone needs admin help getting unstuck, getting killed by a glitch, etc, have video evidence or nothing will be done.
  3. Big base locations

    im looking for a big base location to fit about 30-40 wyverns lots of gigas and brontos any suggestions ? my server is orp so it doesn't have to be too well defended Rag & island
  4. The Ark Asylum is a PC no rules PVP Ragnarok server. That means we don't tell you HOW to play, provided you are not exploiting, hacking, or cheating. No rules does not mean no consequences. The player population is encouraged to band together to deal with troll/malicious players. Cheaters/hackers/exploiters will be banned. The server was created on 9/1/17. Any server suggestions feel free to message me (Kypster) on steam or discord. I'll increase server player limit as needed. We've been holding around 10 people around prime time EST. Looking to build a thriving community. Everyone is welcome. To connect use the steam connect link below or search Unofficial servers for "Ark Asylum"steam://connect/ 5x Gather 5x Experience 10x Taming 15x Hatch/MaturationMods:Classic Flyers (895711211)S+ Structures (731604991)ORP 2 (600705968)Omnicular (538827119)Small Resource Stacks AB(637517143)Versatile Raft Mod (703724165)
  5. Ragnarok FRESH START FOR ALL!!! *primitive plus *ORP enabled *wild dinos stats crazy boosted *player stats slightly boosted *eggs and babies boosted *imprints boosted Xbox one Gamertag:PhilthyARK Facebook: @PhilthyARK
  6. Boosted server

    Host gamer tag SoldOsprey323 join off his profile and ask for starter pack. Griffin tools and armour. One big tribe for pve players. ORP. L pick Hanzo is one of many active admins
  7. Florida Man Ragnarok Vanilla ORP 50 Slot PvP SERVER IP: WE NEED YOU Plenty of prime real estate available, plenty of opportunities to be murdered by the local fauna, plenty of ways to be shot, stabbed, conflagrated, and eaten by friendly neighbors! PVP, vanilla rates, offline raid protection enabled. We also participate in evolution events. Friendly, responsive admin, steam group for persistent server information and discussion forums, and enabled admin command logging. 50 slots, fastest ping in the southeastern United States! We are noob friendly! STEAM CONNECT: steam://connect/
  8. Ragnarok! 24/7 PVP - {ORP Weekdays} An awesome community with an active player base of 18 - 20 players on weekdays and more on the weekends! Welcome to a NEW Season of our Server on the brand new Ragnarok!! We have carefully adjusted the settings to make a very well balanced server. The rates have been increased just enough to help eliminate some of the grind. We have ORP on during the weekdays and off on weekends, to accommodate those that work or go to school. We have a set of rules in place to make sure everyone enjoys the server without fear of being completely wiped or endlessly harassed. Admin logging is on and the occasional admin commands are broadcasted so folks know what the commands are for. Please sign up for Discord with the link below. We heavily rely on this app for player input and involvement. To Join our server: 1. ) Sign up for discord 2. ) Send a message to our Owner/Admin superman2469 on Discord 3.) Add the GT: ArkatrazServer Rates: XP = 2x Harvest = 2.5x Tame = 4x Consumption Speed = 2x Difficulty = 1 (Max Wild Dino = 150) Stats Per Level: Health = 1.25X, Stam = 1.25X, Weight = 1.25x, Damage= 1.25x, Speed = 1.25 Public Library As with any new season of Arkatraz, there will be new and improved public library! Owned and operated by a player tribe (not admins). The aim is to help any and all who seek it, with a collection of blueprints that anyone may come use. The library also buys/trades for your unwanted blueprints. For a small fee librarians will even mindwipe to put all their stats into crafting to get you that extra boost to your gear. Just ask for the library on the discord for more info! Our Rules These rules are here to make sure we maintain a healthy server with high player count. Full detail about the rules and consequences can be found on our discord page New Tribe Grace Period of 5 days No Base Wiping - Only cause enough damage to get in and out and take what you need No killing passive Non Threat Dinos that are kept separate from base and plant-x No Structure Spamming No PVP at official Server Events or Server Locations No blocking caves with artifacts Events Events will be held at the request of the members of the server and if there is enough support for them. These events may include: Dodo Battle Arena 1v1 Player Boxing tournaments Jousting, Find the Hidden Dino, Find the hidden loot cache.
  9. 24/7 Ragnarok dedicated

    Join Acornsark, Ragnarok PVP , wed. Sept 27th the server goes NO RULES NO ADMINS Server is boosted but not insane. No starters we earn it. Been up for 2weeks still no declared alpha. Server will take a trip to island for tek cave when there r tribes ready. Do u hv what it takes to survive Acornsark?
  10. Look for us on the in-game server list! [US] Ragnarok! PvP 5xXP/15xTame or add to steam favorites: or click the connect link from our website Chat with us online on our Discord server at: This IS a PvP server! Average of 75 players online at once daily! Offline Raid Protection: Enabled (via ARK ORP) SERVER RATES: Increased dino/player weight Corpse Finder On XP Multiplier – 5.0 Harvesting Multiplier – 5.0 Taming Multiplier – 15.0 Max Players Per Tribe – 15.0 Dino Count Multiplier – 1.5 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier – 25.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier – 25.0 Third Person – Enabled Show Map Player Location – Enabled Food and water consumption halved Web Alerts - Enabled (sign into website to configure, this will send a notification if your alarms get tripped) Dedicated Server Specs AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.4GHz / 3.8GHz Turbo 8Cores / 16 threads 32GB DDR4 RAM 480GB SSD WIPES: We try not to wipe unless there is a major update that changes many things like game play, map additions, patch screwed everything, etc...
  11. To join, add and message: Arkonauts Ark Hello all! My husband and I are hosting a new server on ragnarok. We have moderately boosted rates and some rules against griefing. We have hosted several pretty successful servers in the past. The two of us will be the ONLY admins, and admin logging is always enabled. We only use admin commands for dino wipes, emergencies, and maybe some dino painting. RATES: 4x exp 6x tame 5x gather 15x breeding, with increased frequency of imprints increased weight per level reduced stamina, water, and food drain Offline Raid Protection is on with a timer of an hour an a half. This is primarily to discourage people from logging off when they are attacked, and to discourage any trolls who want to raid the whole server overnight. RULES: TAKE GAME CLIPS WHEN YOU RAID! People report rule breaking to me constantly. So if you are following these rules, prove it. No griefing--which I will interpret as anything preventing someone else from playing for more than 20 minutes. So caging, handcuffing, repeatedly picking and killing while not raiding a base. No building in any cave zones--you will take 20x damage so you don't want to build there anyway No brontos Avoid killing passives. If you kill a few small dinos in a house while raiding, fine. If you have to kill a few dinos with splash damage trying to break into a wall, fine. But if you raid a base and then walk outside to kill 15 passives, you have to find a new server. No wiping whole bases. Take what you need and leave. Basically, don't be a jerk or cause too much drama. Feel free to raid, but do it to get resources and blueprints. Don't raid just to hurt others. Message me if you have any questions. Otherwise, come check us out Arkonauts Ark
  12. Hello fellow survivors! This thread is related to a main discussion and review about the official OfflineRaidProtection-Servers which you can find here. In here I will just post a priority version of problems we found so far and possible solutions we already found. Feel free to join our discussion in the other thread! To-Do: HIGH Priority: Make it, so when you log in there will be a timer "[..] minutes untill ORP decays", in this time the turrets will already shoot but your structures / dinos cannot be damged (To prevent people from camping at your base while your offline and waiting for you to come online) Remove ORP from Looting bags (Destroyed structures/Killed players/Dinos) Enable the placement of C4 on structures, that are under the ORP-Timer-effect ([..] minutes till ORP) Remove ORP from tamed dinos that no longer got an tribe (People droppign dodos in your base and then leave their tribe) MEDIUM Priority: Dynamic Auto-demolish timers depending on how many structures are nearby (As mentioned in an ARK Digest) Cap the time of how long the ORP will work untill it disables itselve (1 Week) or let it scale dynamically with the time you played before you log out Enable turrets shooting when you are offline and in ORP mode (People building stuff and drop infected dodos in your base while you are offline) Comment: The reason to not enable turret shooting because people will try to empty them while you are offline is not that big if you think about it. A tribe who can empty-tank your turrets while you are offline is also able to do that while you are online. And IF you are online it may even be alot easier because they can just destroy your electrical outlets or your generator(s). (We concluded that this would not end good, so let's find another solution ;] ) Create an auto-kill timer for Dinos that works the same as the auto-demolish timer for structures LOW Priority Make it, so ORP only activates after a certain amount of time played Only force the autolock system on certain structures that you are most likely to place outside (Compost bin, crop plot,...) remove ti from structures like storage boxes. Make recently damaged structures reset their ORP timer so that you are not be forced to be fast if a tribe logs out while you raid them. Some structures like Feeding Trought and Compost bin have no auto-demolish-timer (Cannot be auto-demolished). this needs to be fixed. That is all for now, i will update this list while we find and discuss further issues. Greets Picolo
  13. ORP Servers

    Is there any concrete time frame on when we'll see new official ORP PVP servers? They were mentioned in the announcement for the launch, but I'm not seeing any when searching for servers.
  14. Kamino 420 PvPvE Ragnarok 24/7 Hello survivors, we're looking for some chill new players to join our Ragnarok server. The general idea is PvE with PvP settings. Offline raid protection is turned off Saturdays for raiding.. and you get boosted exp, taming and breeding so you can have a life and still play ARK. Important settings and info are listed below, let me know if you have any questions! Host GamerTag: BlitzMommy Server Name: Kamino 420 PvPvE Password: NerfHerder Admin GamerTags: Toxyethanol, Vicious Violets Send BlitzMommy a friend request, open ARK, open your friends list, go to BlitzMommy, under Join press join game. Unfortunately my full setting text got deleted, so here are some key settings worth mentioning.. and feel free to ask for more details. SETTINGS: Max Difficulty - ON (spawns up to lv150) Experience - 4.20 Harvesting - 4.20 Taming - 6 Baby Mature Speed - 12.25 Consumption Speed - 1 Crop Growth - 24 Egg Hatching - 500 Turret Damage - 4.20 Structure Resistance - 0.25 Cave/PvP Zone Damage - 16 Crafting Skill Bonus - 1000 Structure Collision - ON (can clip into map/structures) Offline Raid Protection - ON (except Saturdays) ORP Logoff Timer - 300sec Friendly Fire - ON Unlimited Respecs - ON Show Map Position - ON Corpse Locator - ON Noteable EFFECTS: - Humans and Dinos have increased weight, stamina and speed for better harvesting. Also matched tamed and wild dino stats-per-level for better HP and Damage. - Breeding and Hatching is very, very fast. Baby maturation is fast but still allows most large dinos to be highly imprinted. Imprinting is also slightly boosted. - Crafting Skill Bonus allows max-stat items to be crafted from low-level blueprints! This is a gamechanger folks. - Offline raid protection Sunday-Friday, off for raiding on Saturdays. So we can all have lives outside of ARK.. and kill eachother too. Anyone who wants a full photo list of the settings is welcome to request it by email, you can reach me at [email protected] Thanks!
  15. GT: Chaos Evolved69 and send a message saying add me Map:Ragnorak Details: Boosted player stats and boosted gather rate. Instant tame. Faster egg hatching and maturing. Events. Admins are friendly but no complaining, nobody want to hear you whine. No killing passive Dino's. Don't be an a**hole and no trolling. Have fun and do some friendly pvp. Admin tribe name is Chaos Ranch, do not mess with anything that has that tribe name and everything will be good. Offline damage is prevented. Add Facebook: Choas Evolved Server. For updates and events
  16. Boosted pvpve 24/7 xbone server 24/7 pvpve Rag map boosted server looking to populate. my tribe will not take sides or participate in'll never be raided by an admin unless u attack first or break one of the few server rules. all other tribes are fair game to each other. i am very active . come join our community we would love to have you. tame-8.0 / harvest-3.0 /egg lay-0.01 / mature rate-8 / mate interval-0.2 / all xp-2x and dino/character weight is boosted./ this is not an instant everything server so dnt ask me to make it one. -Offline Raid Protection enabled -unlimited mindwipe active -platform structure slider set to 5.0 so you can build raft bases! -you can build turrets on platforms -you can clip structures into terrain -loot quality set to 2.0 trolls need not apply looking for people who want to build grow and play with/ compete with each other RULES: - -do not block artifact caves , i will wipe your structures if u do - do not harass new ppl unless the pick a fight with you first , let people try to get established -no trolling. if your idea of fun is just making someone else miserable this is not the server for you. there is a diff between pvp and trolling and u know it. add the server GT, it is AmazedJuggler51 . feel free to just join and check it out!
  17. Hi, I have bug that my pin codes on the auto turrets randomly disappears after some time on ORP Server. Server: EU PVP ORP Ragnarok
  18. I am a software developer by day and Ark Admin by night. This is my new server, open to the public. Rules are similar to Official Servers with an emphasis on removing grind and grief.. This server is made to speed up taming while still retaining most of the official server feel. We're running RAGNOROK at 100 players. Offline Raid Protection Ragnorok Map PVP Ruleset Structures Plus Mod 10 X Taming 4X Gather 2X XP Gain 3rd Person + Crosshair Enabled 100 Slots The idea of this server is to provide a premium Ark experience without waiting forever for tames. We will move hosts and improve CPU priority as necessary for the best possible ARK experience. We are friendly and don't abuse admin rights. SERVER STARTED SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 @ 3PM EST. Add to your Favourites in Steam (View -> Servers -> Favorites -> Add A Server) Basic rules: respect other players and don't exploit.
  19. One of a kind automatic base protection, not on any other Ark server. Your base is indestructible for 72 hours, no matter when you join the server! So build in peace! Automated events!! Every day multiple times a day! Automated PVP Arena. KIll and Leaderboard tracking! Points rewards to use ingame shop. Instant respawning! Entire server Versus Insane Dino waves!! Work as a team to defeat each wave. Friendly fire is turned off! Points rewarded! WIPE 9/20 CASTLES/15xALL/7ManTribes/10+Kits EliteArk steam://connect/ Mod List= WIPE 9/20 CASTLES/15xALL/7ManTribes/10+Kits EliteArk Intel i7-7700K Overclocked Dedicated 4 Cores / 8 Threads 5.0 GHz 64 GB DDR4 2400 MHz 2 x 480 GB NVME Network: 1 GPS HTTP://WWW.ELITEARK.COM steam://connect/ We take great pride in running a fair, clean and fun server. For over TWO YEAR I have maintained various Ark servers, and will continue to do so. What separates us from the 1000's of other servers? -Automated events ingame like NO other server has. SImply join in to partake in various different events! Like PVP arena and Team Dino Mayhem Arena. -Admins do *NOT* play on the server. No more questioning if admin tribes cheat or anything. We simply do not play, only maintain and hold events. -This server is not my server, its the PLAYERS server. What I mean by this is that we are ALWAYS open to any suggestions. Whether that is mod suggestions, server settings etc. If the majoirty wants it, you guys got it. -Active admins. We are always cleaning up the world, solving various problems and making sure the server is running clean and smoothly. -15x Gather -15x Taming Speed -Player level 150 -Wild Dino 150 -Fast breeding/Hatching -Tamed dinos + 125 lvls after taming effectiveness -EXP 50x -Weight 4x -Water Drain 1/2 -Food Drain 1/2 MODS
  20. Alliances and the ORP

    For what i understand, the alliance and the ORP can not be on at the same time due to the fact that some people would take advantage of it in its current settings. Would it be possible to break down the permissions allies have and when ORP is enabled, some of the permissions are removed? For example: building near allied, use allied structures. I think just the simple ability to see the names in a diferent color and the towers not shoting them would be a plus, since some times i dont want to share my base or ressources, i just want to be able to do activities together and this would allow the players to configure the alliance mechanic as they see fair for the server.
  21. Fresh Ragnarok, x10 all, S+, ORP2, EU. Ragnarok, ORP2, Structures+ and many events! Join us! [ENG PL] PvP x10 Start 17.09.2017. Mods: ORP2, Stacks, Structures+, Classic Flyers. All engrams. Admin Log, active admin. Rules: Don't be an asshole, don't raid/kill newbies. Enjoy, Powodzenia!
  22. Join our server! GAMERTAG: islanders24x7 3x Taming 1.7x Exp 3x Maturing 2.4x Harvest. No Tek, or basewiping. We also are strong believers in Offline Raid Protection 24/7! With Combat Logging prevention! Our server runs very smooth with fast high speed internet, bring your friends we encourage large tribes! Fresh Map so lots of building opportunities
  23. Hi me and friend are hosting a brand new ragnarok server with orp enabled because true good players on ark don't raid offline that's for trolls witch will not be tolerated on here. This server is for the tribes that don't have the time to play official and grind as much as it demands of you. This server is boosted but not insane at all rates will be posted below we are trying to create a great pvp community that don't get salty over the simplest of things if you get raided build back up its boosted. There will be events a little later on In the server to keep things fun and entertaining for everyone. Mainly this server can be a place to experience nd explore the new map and still get that good pvp and raiding out of it. structure damage will be reduced for the first 3 days just to weed out any troll. There is 2 Admins only for dino wipes and handling issues on the server admin log is on. Also dino stats are close to official with increase in weight and stam but not insane. Server will be going up September 2 10 am central time. RULES 1. ORP is on and has a 30 minute timer so you know offline raiding 2. If you see a base on timer you cannot raid the base or kill tames 3. Passive killing is allowed because this is a pvp server but no trolling and being a jerk you guys know what I mean 4. If you raid someone you have to leave them alone let them build back up no harassing tribes 5. If your a big tribe only attack bigger tribes not little tribes just starting out plz 6. I will personally do a 3 day base inspection to make sure you are progressing and not just a troll RATES 7x - XP 14X - taming 6x - harvest 8 stone per pick Egg hatch 4.0 takes 10 minutes for wyvern to hatch Mature speed 2.05x takes 2 hours to raise wyvern 35 minutes for ptera Days are longer than nights Stats Per level HP - 15 Oxygen - 120 Weight- 75 Melee - 7 Speed - 2.9 Fort - 10 HOW TO JOIN Server gt - pricedcell37783 Server name Blood land Have any questions ask me gt - landshark527 Come join build up with us and lets have a great PVP community that's last
  24. Hey there! I have opened up a server for ragnarok, fine tuned settings to get the most enjoyment out of the game; keeping it challenging but also convenient. My server is 24/7 and it's hosted on a pc so it very rarely lags. The rates are 5x taming, 5x experience. 2x breeding (to allow good imprinting) 3.5x harvesting (player) 10x harvesting(dino) Offline Raid Protection 2.5x Turret damage to allow for easier Base defense. Friendly and helpful server. No downtime. No admin abuse. To find me search on unofficial pc server: Bertland and it will show up or you can add me on ps4 (SCFCRob) Look forward to seeing you!
  25. Hey, i havent been able to get online and i am wondering if any pvp orp servers for xbox were released yet?