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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 103 results

  1. Hi Guys! Join World War Ark! [WorldWarArk - 5xORP(UK)/Events/AberrationDrops] Just opened a brand new Ragnarok Server for PS4 with ORP (offline raid protection) it also has Aberration engrams and drops along with a few Aberration Dinos, such as Karkinos and Ravangers! I am the sole admin for the server and will be hosting events such as arena 1v1s and Tame fights. It's a UK server so the primary language is English. But everyone is welcome! PS4 ID: Diabolik_H
  2. Fixes for ORP Abuse

    One game-breaking problem provided by Offline Raid Protection is the way people are exploiting it. For example, tribes that live in caves will make a separate character in a separate tribe and put a gate in front of the cave and pin code it, then never log onto that character except to reset the decay timer, thus giving the gate permanent ORP. They can access it because they have the pin code and the gate cannot be destroyed, making unraidable bases. Another problem that arises from this is the inability for tribes to retrieve the artifacts for Tek, since they can't even get into the caves. A couple solutions for this would be to disallow the use of pin codes on an offline raid protected structure, or entirely remove building in caves, specifically the ones that provide access to artifacts. A gate made by a troll should not be able to prevent the bigger tribes from access to tek.
  3. Official Server ORP

    So I haven't seen this topic related to official servers, but was wondering if game devs have thought about doing a batch of servers like the official PS4 Hardcore servers. Only difference being that these batch of official PvPvE servers will have a set raid time or offline raid protection time. For obvious reasons, many solo players can struggle on regular PvP servers due to settled tribes and cross raiders, and on PvE many large tribes can choke-out newcomers by simply laying out foundations to stop other tribes building or placing pillboxes to extend their territory. If a closed set of official servers was made, like the Hardcore servers, an offline raid protection timer or set raid time would mean that solo players and small tribes have a bit of protection from cross raiders and the bigger tribes choking them out through extended sieges/offline raids I'm not great at describing the problem, but hopefully my point was easy enough to understand
  4. OBLIVION PvPvE Where Noobs Become Legends Search OBLIVION in the in-game server browser now! Welcome to the Oblivion! This server has custom settings for the best ARK experience! Creating a fun environment without making everthing too difficult or easy. The Oblivion strives for one thing and that's a strong community! We try to look after each other the best we can! EASTER EVENT ACTIVE! [Server Details] -x20 Harvesting -x20 Taming -x50 Breeding -x5 Experience [Experience has been tweaked for a gradual level gain resulting in better gameplay] -Max Player Level: 300 -Max Level Wild Dino: 150 -Max Level Tamed Dino: 525 with perfect tame! -Water & Food drain has been halfed -Atribute Rewards Increased [EG: carry weight, health, melee] -24/7 Realtime Day & Night Cycle -x2 Crop Grow Speed -Spoil Time Reduced By Half! -Cave Structure Take Same Damage! -Improved Drop Loot -No Admins, No Abuse! Please Vote To Support The Server! https://ps4arkservers.com/server/1692 For the latest updates, support or suggestions join the official Discord below! https://discord.gg/zmydy8G Note: The server is in final stage of development and will be released later today! Please join the discord and voice your opinions!
  5. Hello, i found pin coded doors and gates on orp servers who dont belong to the tribe who are using them. they use second accs/tribes who only come on to refresh the decay timer every 14 days to be protected from any attack at their bases, esp if they're in caves. that makes them undestroyable. as we dont have alliances there we should not need pincodes at doors, please remove them.
  6. Official EU ORP servers

    Hello everyone, I'd like to say that in my opinion OfflineRaidProtection (ORP) official servers are very useful. So, I am going to ask a question and give an advisement. The question is: are you planning to open other official ORP servers in EU region (possibly Crossark ones)? If yes, when? Because nowaday there is only one Crossark ORP, quite old. So the advicement is: please, open other official EU-PVP-ORP-Crossark servers!!! It's so great, because it allowes people to play more relaxing, without always having the trouble to be raided or wiped while they are offline. It also allowes to play real pvp, because you mostly have to defeat enemies while they are online, to raid them, giving them the possibility to defend their own goodies and buildings. Thank you all, I am waiting for this servers in my region!
  7. So for some reason, I am unable to make alliances with people if offline raid protection is on. Is there a reason for this? It’s really annoying if you want to go caving or exploring with someone who’s in a different tribe and your dinosaurs will hurt them
  8. I saw this morning ,where they released NA cross ark 6. Just like EU cross ark 5, IT HAS ORP!! Keep making the game better wc! i hope to slay(cough cough) see new players out there!!
  9. Gulden Swaene Game Of Obelisks Event Server 32 slots PvP Hey guys, I'm hosting an event pvp server and we're looking for additional players to fill out teams. It's a take on the game of obelisks style server with a few changes. Complete rules are below but basically it's a two week event server that wipes after each cycle, no flyers, limited gear and tames. No metal bases, advanced weapons, automated turrets, and most explosives are disabled. We have a discord server and the server is password protected to keep random people from joining and disrupting the event. Active admins with admin logging ON so no funny business. Taming, breeding, harvesting and XP are all boosted so you can get a lot done in the 2 weeks for each cycle. For additional information or to join PM me on here, PS4 (SEAASER), or join our discord https://discord.gg/qaVF6up Game of Obelisks Rules: Each cycle will be 2 weeks long Each tribe will have a starter pack at their obelisk that includes dye of their team colors, a motorboat, a generator, 10 ac's, their artifacts and trophy stands 3 tribes each tribe has 3 artifacts, they will keep them on unlocked trophy stands in their bases at/around their respective obelisk. 1 artifact per base, no keeping all three at one base, bases are allowed 2 layers of honeycomb no double walling/railing. The objective will be to steal as many obelisk artifacts as you can during pvp raid events, raiding will be disabled unless it's a raid event (how often/long the raid events will be is still being determined) If you capture an enemy artifact you must keep it at one of your bases next to an artifact of yours until the end of the cycle, attackers may steal any artifact in your base so having a lot makes you a target. Building will be limited to stone tier, no auto turrets, limited plant x (no armored x) 25 plant x is the limit so use them wisely Gigas, brontos, diplos and fliers will all be disabled. Some will have spawns turned off entirely, others will have their spawns replaced with relevant tames. Rexes, Spinos, and Theris are considered Tier 1 pvp tames and limited to 6 of each per tribe or 1 per member if your tribe exceeds 6 members. Paracers are tier 1 utility tames and limited to 10 per tribe. No compound bows, fab pistol/snipers or pump shotguns, c4 or rockets Iengrams have been disabled. When someone tames a new tame do not shoot it while its down, you can try to steal the knockout but no griefing an already down tame. Once it's up it will be saddled with a white saddle and taken back to that teams base. White saddle=do not kill. Anyone who is caught using a white saddle on a not fresh tame will have their tame admin killed. New tames purchased form the shop will also get the white saddle rule. Use common sense and be respectful when pvping (NO OFFLINE RAIDING), do not throw out peoples loot just to despawn it, do not snipe passive tames (outside of a raid) don't camp outside buildings of other players or hinder their progress. IF YOU THINK YOU'RE BREAKING A RULE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY ARE ANYONE CAUGHT BREAKING THE RULES WILL RECIEVE A TEMP BAN
  10. Hello Survivors I'm just doing the obligatory server advertisement post SERVER INFO Hosted by Nitrado, Has been running for about 3 months with a nice group of people growing, currently on game day 1425, also ranked top 400 in Nitrado server rankings (not sure how that works) The Center and Ragnarok map have 16 slots, with Aberration, Scorched and the Island all having 10 slots each, More slots can be added if needed. We are averaging roughly 10 players on week nights and the sever has filled up on a couple of weekends:) Search Safe Haven in unofficial PC server to find us Server Settings I have tried to keep settings as vanilla as possible, Player position on map and corpse locator is enabled on all servers, also loot drops/beacons will offer 2.0 loot (Default is 1.0) Gathering x 5 XP x 5 Taming x5 Mating x25 (with 100% imprint possible) Offline raid protection is enabled All other settings are as official Admin Admin with only be enabled for legit reasons, no handouts will be given or spawned so please don't ask (Ive even fallen out with a family member over this ha ha) Admin logs enabled, please do not ask for hand outs, everything on the server has been worked for and will stay that way. Rules Simple, just be respectful and don't harass anyone Well I think that's everything, If Ive missed anything out feel feel to ask here or PSN = Psymon08 Thank you for reading Happy Surviving
  11. Looking for tribe members or come make your own on a fresh low lag mild boosted server. free startup gear for every player
  12. Orp Pvp

    I want to put into game suggestions, to develop Orp Pvp, further. As currently, i feel like balance for pvp in this game is impossible. (still great job on the effort so far). 1.Right now pvp in the game is either, offline raiding, or giant alpha tribe battles, and neither of those are much fun, and require no creativity. 2. if there is no orp, it becomes most beneficial for your tribe to offline raid other bases, as much as possible. (smallest amount of defence for least risk and best reward). 3.Tons of items have been put into the game intended for online combat, eg. narco traps, ieds, narco grenades, plant y traps, ect. These items see no use without ORP. 4. Because of reasons explained in #1 and 2. Even though its fun to raid others online, also exciting not knowing if your going to win\prepared enough for the battle. even though its fun, due to the possiblity of losing these fights, players will simply avoid online raiding. Because of this pvp servers aren't pvp servers, they are politics and farm simulators. So my main suggestion is that you develop ORP pvp servers further, it adds a whole new concept to the game , and a level of depth to the pvp that could have made this game more popular from the beginning, and it still can. Thanks for all your continued effort to make this game better!!
  13. official ORP pvp questions

    Hello all, Generally speaking, is it a ban-able / GM wipeable offense to block caves / surface entrances etc on an official ORP PVP server with pin coded offline gates with an alt tribe that's sole purpose is to block/protect assets of an active tribe? The glowtail cave on my official aberration server has been blocked by a tribe that's always offline since December but members of a certain tribe can always be found using the pin code and even parking tames behind it. I don't understand how its fair to use ORP pin coded gates if the tribe is rarely on long enough to destroy the gates or if its basically an alt tribe used to gain an unfair advantage.
  14. welcome to Rinedale’s crossplay, unofficial pvp server! 40x gather 20min mating cool down (no wyvern milk req) OFFLINE RAID PREVENTION extremely fast exp gain<<< with unlimited engram points! -it is a pvp server (3rd day so fairly new) so raiding is allowed, come join and claim your spot today!
  15. hosting an xbox 75x pvp with orp and starters named chilltopia ark currently unpopulated so easy alpha
  16. First of all..... DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT NAG FOR STARTERS, we will not be doing starters. sometimes you might join on a lucky day where the shop has some free dinos for grabs, or super cheap dinos, but don't nag for starters. if you keep nagging we WILL ban. Welcome to Arkatar! Please go to https://www.facebook.com/ArkatarTSWS/ for more on our rules and such. Rules and info can be found in the pinned post so i suggest you go and read them before even thinking of joining us fully. we have breeders available on server if you need colors/stats/so on and feel just a little bit too lazy to get them yourself. Ducky (me) is a color breeder, Chibi (admin) is a stat breeder. Garvis is also our other admin; he also breeds, i think he does both i'm not sure. Arkatar is a boosted server which provides; fast tame, fast breed/hatch/mature, boosted gathers, boosted stats, infinite weight, extra levels, events and much more. The server will have a a shop and things to buy with ingame currency which will be resources, trade, so on so on. we have a fully built communal area at green ob, the blue and black gates are unlocked for people to come in and out safely; there are several brontos with turrets for YOUR protection from wild dinos; so please do not attempt to kill them AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING; close the gates behind you . wandering rhinos are also present, do NOT hit them or they will attack you. we have 3 admins, do NOT ask for admin rights; you will be told no. do NOT ask to join admin tribes, the answer will be no. Aberration Rockdrake will only be available to buy via 3k Black Pearls along with another resource of random amount or type; which only the admins get to decide on. the prices vary and will increase depending on numbers in a persons tribe. alliances will now be allowed. survivor/dino downloads will not be allowed. CrossPlay is allowed. play fair with use of the communal area. We don't want to give out so many things from Aberration in large quantities like rockdrakes, certain tames will NOT be allowed to buy (example; things like alpha rap/rex, reapers, bosses). we will breed smaller Aberration creatures if you really want; but their sell currency is usually Black Pearl, so keep this in mind when you want to buy. We're doing this because we don't want the server overloaded with cross map creatures, as it could cause more lag, but also want to get people focussed on doing things and keeping the server active by getting what they need to buy a tame. more info will be added to the Arkatar facebook page when i have time to do so. yeah, have a good read and the pinned post please to see if you feel that this server is for you. we want to run this as a community so server meetings are going to be happening; a notice will be put up in game when a meeting is about to happen and where so... if you want to hear what the meeting has to say you will need to come to us and join our party chat momentarily but please DO NOT SCREECH, SING OR TALK STUPIDLY LOUD DOWN THE MIC, also... do NOT constantly talk over the admins when they're talking during the meeting. You will have your chance to talk when we ask for your views and opinions on things and we want everyone who enters the meeting to have a turn at their say. If you wanna be loud and annoying you'll be removed from the party. For anyone who misses the meetings I will be making a point of posting on the facebook page about what the meeting was about to keep everyone updated so please join the group or save the page and check regularly for any news and updates. (time between posts will vary, so don't think we're dead if we don't post anything for a while). We'll also feature your bases/tames with snapshots and post them up on the page too if you want others to have a look! We'd love to expand our image gallery a little to find us, in your ark search menu change the filter to PC sessions and type in [EU]ArkatarTSWS to find us. we are currently a 10 slot server. ANYONE WITH PVE IN THEIR TRIBE NAME IS TO BE LEFT ALONE. Please make sure you read the rules in the pinned post; don't like it? go somewhere else instead of being a butt, all you'll do is get banned and whatever you've done can be undone with a quick and simple backup from our nitrado save files so being a humongous butt and trying to destroy everything really won't work for you. if you decide to attack an admin base; i have no say against what they want to do to you in return. and guys, please be at LEAST 16 years of age with MANNERS.... no one wants a bad mouthed kid causing issues or being disrespectful to others. if you're younger than 16 and have manners then by all means, feel free to join us; just know we will most likely be a semi age suitable server which means sometimes it might not be child friendly and we want to avoid any good mannered children seeing what the older people could be saying while admins are away and unable to keep a watch on the activity. EVENTS WILL HAPPEN when we have a steady amount of attention coming in to the server (available player slots may upgrade to more in the future). please refer to the facebook link at the top of this forum post to see more on what events we currently have, what arenas we have, and so on so on. our image gallery has some snapshots of the community area and what building is what. you can earn rewards from events such as tames, items, or even points (will be supplied in resources) to use to buy from the shop after events or to save up for something better.
  17. Right here!!! Check us out! WAR ZONE PVP CLUSTER!! We keep it bloody in the WZ,we want your tribe big,well defended and agressive! We host daily events and allow you to choose your prizes so as to provide you what you need to be competitive We put an emphasis on organized and scheduled PvP so you can expect to enjoy all your hard work.Offline raid protection through the week, We remove O.R.P. for the "bloody weekend" 4 servers in the cluster with plenty of places to build! Server names: WAR ZONE (RAGNAROK) WAR ZONE ISL (The Island) WAR ZONE CENTER (The Center) WAR ZONE ABERRATION FEATURING:Daily Events Indoor PvP arena Outdoor PvP arena Death Maze FREE ADMIN HOSTED BOSS FIGHTS Naval warfare arena Fishing Dock Server store & currency THIS is an adult 18+ community with a zero tolerance policy on whining Password protected so no random trolls Lots of tribes recruiting in server There are not many rules in the WZ,but the community has a unique way of dealing with folks who demonstrate a lack of class and or sportsmanship.pick on small tribes and fresh spawns you expect to be hunted to extinction. Don't get me wrong,We have some extremely talented PVP players in server and most of us are downright bloodthirsty savages,I'm simply saying you will have the chance to build up and we all believe in online PVP. You can expect to be REWARDED HEAVILY for being a loyal WZ player or recruiting new players and tribemembers. WZ will NOT CHANGE OR WIPE.The servers are prepaid and will not shut down prematurely For admission and more details check out our FB community. YOU MUST SIGN PINNED POST FOR THE PW https://www.facebook.com/groups/303448136721892/ In closing.....That's what I'm offering,a community! This is more than just a cluster of servers,we are attempting to break the mold of ark's "salty pvp" and give folks a chance to have fun for an extended period of time. JOIN US!
  18. SERVER IS DESIGNED TO BE CHALLENGING! All ideas and input are welcome. map is ragnarok, all tek engrams unlock without boss kills. communal element will be provided. aberration spawns are incorporated into the map. stats that will be the same no matter what map: player xp 1.5x harvest 1.5x dino count maxed: tame limit 50 wild dino levels....very high(unconfirmed how high, but ive seen 480 so far) wild dino damage 2x spoil time 6x platform limit 2x maturation 3x, egg hatch 6x, mating interval 2x wild dino weight 6x. tame dino speed/level 2x player stats 1.5x/level crop growth 6x. To get a tamed rock drake or basilisk, hand the admin 20 of either rock drake feathers(for drake) or 20 basilisk scales( for basilisk). Then KO one of them and they will be admin tamed for you. Wyvern can spawn anywhere in the map except the highlands. unrideable tame gifted at first starting.(aka you pick any dino that can not be ridden normally) all kinds of exciting events and stuff, join up and help grow! 32 slots open, will add more as they are needed!. Currently the server name is. [US] Tek unlocked/wild level max 480/aberration dinos Also if interested in merging servers into a cluster, let me know! Reply here, private message or Xbox message with anything you want to talk about!(replies here help as they also bump the topic!!)
  19. Currently on ORP servers , you can make a separate tribe with another character/account and the separate tribe can craft a dino gate owned by them, pin code it, and you have a gate that only they know the pincode to but will only be able to be destroyed very rarely, as they only have to log in on the separate tribe to refresh the demo timer. please remove the ability to do this. somebody can kill you or your tames , or even raid your base, but once they retreat behind the exploited gate, you can't do anything to them, even though they are online. Also this one is less of a problem, however currently since the turrets do not shoot when tribes are offline, an enemy tribe that wishes to raid someone can put c4 on dodos then go place a dodo, on each turret so that when the tribes come online, the turrets blow each other up, and can make some bases very easy to raid. These are exploits on vanilla orp. The ways i propose to fix them, 1. remove the ability to use other tribes dino gates, when the gate is in stasis or " offline raid protected". Similar to what has been done with containers, but make doors and gates act the same way. 2. Make the "offline protection" invincibility work for about 10 seconds after you come online so that any c4 placed in your base while you were offline , simply gets blown up and wasted. I have downloaded the dev kit ,and want to work on these issues myself, however I can't find anything in the kit that messes with the vanilla orp. it seems like i would have to make my own version of orp to get started. PLEASE, if anyone knows anything or thinks they can help me fix these exploits, post it here. If just these exploits are fixed You'd have an orp worth putting on most pvp servers. This game is much more balanced and fun when every raid is actually a fight. You can play as much or little as you want to on orp and still be competitive. I will probably not go back to non offline protected pvp, so if theres anything I can do to fix this, I want to. ORP Allows for more playstyles and strategies to be used in pvp. orp allows, small tribes and solo players to do what they want to, and not have to hide, or always be online. orp also still allows for there to be alpha tribes, and they are still just as strong. So to put ORP and the state of pvp in this game in a better / more fun place, lets make a better orp! Thanks to anyone reading!!
  20. SUPERBAD | RAGNAROK X10 PS4 DEDICATED [UNOFFICIAL PC] ORP PROTECTION Friendly community, all welcome Pvp/pve Events Offline raid protection 5 Day protection can be requested after being raided to rebuild,resupply. https://www.facebook.com/groups/superbadark/
  21. Welcome to Friday Night Fights! Server will be ORP with the exception of Fridays when ORP will be deactivated from 6PM-12AM EST. This is to allow tribes who work to be protected while offline for the majority of the week but require them to still have to defend their base once a week. Server will also host daily Loot drop events every evening at 8PM EST. The admin will load a vault full of loot and give the players the gps coordinates of the loot drop and give them 10 minutes to arrive to the location. Once the 10 minutes are up the admin will announce vault pin code and let each tribe fight over the drop. The quality of loot within the vault will be determined based on how long the server has been up. This means day 1 loot drop will contain items that would help a day 1 tribe out (such as tools, crafting stations, etc…) while day 15 might contain highly desired blueprints. Daily loot drops will be implemented to help keep an active pvp community while also allowing players to attain much needed loot. Rules: This server doesn’t want to police the community with a lot of rules, banter is fine just know that if the admins deem it as more hate thrown at a player than banter they can give you a warning that could then lead to muting a member if needed. We aren’t going to enforce rules like no passive tame kills, just know that you will not gain many friends from such actions. Stats: Slightly boosted human and dino stats with near infinite boost in weight 8x exp 8x harvest 20x tame Egg hatch: 10 Baby Mature:10 ORP after 15 minutes of log out. Note: stat values may change based on community feedback How to join server: change session filter to unofficial PC Sessions and type in the name filter of Friday Night Fights. We might have a few things added to the title to advertise for members not involved with survivetheark but this name filter will always lead you to our server to be able to join!
  22. server names: Redvirus Ragnorok and Redvirus Center max dino 300, 20x taming 7x harvesting boosted weight egg hatch 45x mature 35x modified drops 24/7 PVP with ORP Everything is well balanced come check it out
  23. Hello, and welcome to ReapersArk. We are a Ragnarok server, with 20 player slots. Currently an EU server until more NA open up. If the server becomes popular we will increase the player slots and open up more to form a cluster. The settings currently are: DifficultyOffset = 1 OverrideOfficialDifficulty = 7 Max players in tribe = 5 TamingSpeedMultiplier = 15 HarvestAmountMultiplier = 6 HarvestHealthMultiplier = 2 WaterDrainMultiplier = .6 FoodDrainMultiplier = .7 StaminaDrainMultiplier = .7 HealthRecoveryMultiplier = 1.5 ResourcesRespawnPeriodMultiplier = .6 XPMultiplier = 2 MatingIntervalMultiplier = .8 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier = 6 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier = 7 SupplyCratQualityMultiplier = 1.5 -------------------------------------- Player stats per level: Health = 4 Stamina = 4 Torpidity = 1 Oxygen = 4 Food = 5 Water = 5 Temperature = 1 Weight = 20 MeleeDamageMultiplier = 4 SpeedMultiplier = 2 TemperatureFortitude = 5 CraftingSpeedMultiplier = 5 ---------------------------------------- Dino stats per level: Health = 2 Stamina = 3 Torpidity = 1 Oxygen = 1 Food = 5 Water = 5 Temperature = 1 Weight = 35 MeleeDamageMultiplier = 1.4 SpeedMultiplier = 2.5 TemperatureFortitude = 1 CraftingSpeedMultiplier = 1 ---------------------------------------- Currently there has only been two testers on the server to give feedback on rates and stats. Today we officially open. Look forward to many events! Some like boxing, shoulder mount deathmatch, tribe vs tribe gladiator battles, pirate fights, the list goes on and on. Orp is on throughout the week, although we encourage pvp we do not like offline raiding. But some people may use that to hide, so on weekends starting friday morning until monday morning orp is turned off! Anything goes. Tribe size is set to 5 max and we dont want to see more then one ally to promote trading. We have a shop where you can make purchases with hard polymer. Please do not use brontos, or diplos for harvesting, and lets keep plant x to 80 per tribe per server. This will help with lag. Any questions can be directed at myself here, or on xbox. Myself and the admins gamertags are below: II CriD II Wardog0001 VainWhiteHog You can find us on discord here: https://discord.gg/rqBXqn5 Good luck and happy hunting
  24. ORP just a little work to do.

    After posting in a forum in general about ORP pvp I've been informed of current exploits that exist on orp1 official servers. 1. Dino gates can be used with pincodes from other tribes. With this obviously tribes can use a separate character to make a new tribe and make a shell around there base which only logs on to refresh the timer. please disable the use of pincoded gates doors or any other containers entirely to prevent this. Could even be toggle-able with server settings, should be off on official though. 2. Since turrets do not shoot when offline, tribes have been planting c4 on dinosaurs that they leave on the turrets until the tribe logs on and all their turrets kill each other. this one takes a little more creativity, however my best answer is to make all your structures and things invincible for about 10 seconds when logging in and disengaging the "offline protection" status. that way the turrets would kill everything and all the c4 but nothing would be damaged. I'm sure there are more exploits, however just changing these two things could dramatically improve ORP pvp servers. I love your game still wildcard, I've played since it came out. Thanks for the content and improving the game. Keep up the good work!
  25. ORP2 Discontinued suggestion

    Hello guys, I would like to talk about getting this mod idea created in the standard game or maybe someone making a new mod with the same ideas. The ORP2 mod right now is not in a great shape and really needs some care :'( I do understand that wildcard devs have created Offline Raid Prevention but in my opinion this system is not great solution. When you make tribe buildings all over the map invonarbel it creates a docile and bad pvp environment. ORP2 mod also has some other interesting ideas that would be great to see in an build in solution. Like the warning system when someone is close to your base and that you can set hp and damage multipliers to change when you go offline. I know this is wishful thinking properly but damn it would cool if there would be a person or a group of people that could build this :-) Please help the good people of ark. Link to the old mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600705968