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Found 7 results

  1. Before I put Ark on hiatus, I have a solid list of small bugs or possible quality of life improvements a Dev will hopefully see at some point. I’m sure a few of these have been suggested before but it’s a lot to back check. -When alternating local servers between dedicated and non dedicated, journal progress is forgotten -On local servers, bodies and inventory disappear after death in caves. Only light pillar remains -On local servers, resources don’t respawn outside rendered area. A console command to force respawn all resources outside developed areas would be a simple fix -Make wild and tame Dinos smarter about maneuvering through doors and gates -Medium Dinos get stuck between small beach trees. It would still be realistic if they could knock little ones over -Change or add menu option to allow building clipping. Construction and architecture are one of the most enjoyable things in survival games but Ark building is extremely frustrating in having to build certain items in a certain order or tear down whole sections to upgrade say stone materials to metal. Behemoth Gates are the worst offender -No way to know when you’re nearing the build limit. Add line under character menu or in showcheatplayer hud of number of items in rendered area -In nondedicated sessions, not being able to see where other players are can get really obnoxious when you’re working with tether. In this case utility trumps realism -When transferring or dropping items and clearing a row, the cursor shifts up one row and often results in accidental tee drops or consumption -Disable tames from going into attack mode from fall or environment damage -Ability to select and deselect items a tame picks up whenever harvesting or victim collection to filter junk -Correct particle affects on waterfalls to reflect and not glow in fog or night -When typing or naming things on Xbox the game glitches and user has to open the console blade menu to back out -Wild aquatic Dinos somehow touch the air and die often -Console crashing, crashing, and more crashing -Sometimes Aquatic tames flee when attacked even when set on any targeting besides flee unless set to follow -Aquatic tames will start circling wildly on follow regardless of follow distance making remounting unnecessarily harder -Dinos have a hard time walking over fence foundations and trap doors -Aquatic tames with platform saddles Idle animations move them up and get players stuck in the saddle. Add collision box to push them out of the way Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been faced with this problem, but frankly, Aberration is just about unplayable for me. My PC meets the minimum requirements for the game, and I've never had this big of an issue before to play the game. I play on Extremely Low settings every time I launch the game, and it has never been a problem for my computer to run the game on those settings. However, when I use the same settings and launch Aberration, it is impossible for me to do anything. The graphics never seem to stop appearing blocky nor do they ever seem to look normal (at extremely low settings standards). My frame rate is frustratingly low to the point that I can't play Aberration at all. When Aberration first came out, I had no problems running the game. But after a week or two after it had been released, I haven't been able to play at all because of how frustrating it is. Again, my computer has never had a problem running ARK on any other map. I have all of the DLC, I play ARK regularly. But for whatever reason my experience with Aberration is not even remotely similar to my experience on any other map. Please solve this issue. I don't know what it takes, maybe your system requirements have changed, but that wouldn't make any sense, since I can still run every other map that has been released. The problem is Aberration, no other map.
  3. You guys need to fix windows 10 crossplay, because I can play on steam on Maximum settings and if i go far enough no matter my graphics settings farther out my map just stops loading in and it really ruins the gameplay, making abberation completely unplayable. Please fix this and optimize the graphics on it.
  4. The loading and saving of walls, ceilings, etc costs a lot of bandwidth and storage bytes. Each structure is stored/loaded/send individually. My proposal is to join adjacent structures of the same type/color/health/orientation into a batch with a length and width; so rectangles of the same structure. For sake of clarity let's just talk about walls for now. Each time the walls are saved, a check is done whether a similar wall can be found in a rectangle extending to the right and up (for instance). As long as the walls are exactly the same and snapped at the default snap points, the rectangle extends. Following, only the bottom left wall is saved along with the size of the rectangle, the other walls are not saved. If there is only 1 wall, the size will be 1x1 (or no property "size", depending on how the data is stored). Likewise, the loading of the wall will add the extra walls to the right and up. Also when sending the structure information to the client, the walls will be batched again and 'unbatched' at the client.
  5. LukestaAU

    Ark PS4 Graphics

    I've been playing Ark on my PS4 Slim since the start of 2017. I've recently thought I should record and upload gameplay of me playing Ark, but I'm worried about how Ark will look before I buy an Elgato HD60. The game itself runs at 680p, absolutely terrible. About 15m away from my character the rendering from there looks like it's 144p, honestly. On Aberration, I get terrible frames even though it's 680p. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the setting to see if I could up the quality. If there's nothing I can do, just let me know because I just don't want to waste my money. Everyone else on YouTube who plays Ark on the Original PS4 (I have a slim) has decent graphics and a decent framerate. The shadows look blurry, the rocks and trees look like Super Mario 64 (Not even Kidding) on mine. Does the Slim have weaker hardware or something? I'm not quite sure. Just asking for someone who could help me out. Thanks.
  6. ThesaurusRex

    humor ARK: The External Drive

    This current revision of ARK: Survival Evolved lands the disk space at around 100 GB. Many may have to uninstall other games, get new hardware or a new computer entirely to run it. Wildcard ought to sell an external SSD with the ARK logo printed on it tailored specifically to meet the space demands for the game. It'd be like an old cartridge game, except one meant to run on a NASA supercomputer!