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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 5 results

  1. So we have a timer for transfer items, and WC is saying that its for preventing duping, funny it does only make it so that you can change what u are duping every 40 min but you can dupe all you want. We have tribe tame limit to add "fake performance" in the end it only adds frustration. Dos protection that blocks IP:s that play to many hours on official servers. "Dos protection" I understand that the official servers are expensive to run, they also lack in performance to make them cheaper. Many many players I play with would be ready to pay a small fee every month to play on officials if the server performance is better AND WC stops trying to kill official servers. Thank you for reading.
  2. So after 4-5 days from launch and basically all "new" servers are 70/70 24/7. [EDIT: 1 week now and still nothing] I have yet ti be able to join all but one PVE server and that was simply because I could NEVER join a PVP server due to capacity. The sever I joined was also 100% pillar spammed. Why is there no official response to this? We paid for the game and we can't play! Dear Wildcard, if you are putting up new servers hurry up otherwise give me back my money! I have spent well over 2 hours trying to join an official since purchase and have yet to have ANY game play! I want official servers or my money back! This is not good enough!
  3. It's not too late Wildcard

    We all know something's wrong with this setup, people are quitting, others generally concerned. These are my objective suggestions from a players standpoint of what could be done, instead. I realize it's the 11th hour and then some, but everyone take it for what it's worth. Do not seperate PvE into seperate clusters. Make new PvE servers but transfer lock them only to eachother for 6 months, afterwards open all PvE to the same cluster. This will give new players a chance to build fresh, and vets also who wish to do so along side them. Seperate PvP into legacy and new officials, as planned. Every year, move all PvP servers into the same cluster and repurpose unused existing ones to the next cycle, the new officials. This will give players a chance to start over if they wish every year, or stay and play with the current. Support change: offer in game support only for lost characters and tribes to all players, every server, and nothing else. These are the major problems most players fear, the rest, in the long run, we can all go without. This will cut costs enough to support everyone probably lower than current projections even. These are simple ways to change the current situation, and the reviews- as well as how players see Wildcard right now. This option also allows for 'fixing' major glitches every year in the pvp arena if players choose to not play with the consequences of those future bugs.. without everyone having to suffer a 'wipe the servers' dance each time around.
  4. Wildcard, you really need to revisit the whole system relating to eggs, kibble, and breeding dinos. It's pretty much ruined official PVE servers along with pillar claiming and transferring off server tames. All it does is encourage hoarding behavior. Join any PVE server and fly around while your computer lags as it tries to load massive bases filled with row after row of idle tames whose only purpose is to produce egg for kibble. Vets then get upset when they get called out for their ridiculously huge afk egg fortresses which are blocking new players from being able to tame, along with blocking the 'best' spots. While one could easily go down a rabbithole discussing the 'F you, got mine' mentality displayed by some of the more toxic vets in this game, the fact is that the game systems encourage this kind of behavior and even if a vet tribe decides to help out and cull their herd the server can instantly fill up again from a transfer, so why bother keeping your tames at a reasonable level? (Apparently there already is a limit on server transfers so hoarders are just exaggerating the transfer problem to justify not cutting down on their herds) This is still an early access alpha so it's not too late to reconsider these core systems, hopefully. But as it stands entire egg/kibble/breeding system is inherently flawed and need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
  5. There are a good number of threads on the Ark Reddit calling for official server wipes. And when I mean a good number, I mean like every other post is a thread about a wipe. A majority of it seems to stem from the duping that’s going on or has recently occurred. Theres enough of a hoopla being made that Jen responded to some of the posts: At the most recent convention, Jeremey/Ark devs mentioned that they are still deciding what they want to do with official servers when the game is "released": Add new servers? Wipe? So that post Jat put up months ago seems null and void. See the video here http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1024229/-ARK-Survival-Evolved-Lessons What is frustrating in all of this is that PVE does not work like PVP. I can 100% understand the frustration of someone duping Tek gear in PVP. This would affect YOU if YOU play on that same server. But on PVE? Is duping even going on with PVE servers? Whats the gain on PVE if it is? Just to look cool? PVE seems to be another animal entirely. I cant imagine what duping would accomplish on a PVE server. But that’s not quite the issue. On PVE, people have spent months if not since the games release, building huge elaborate bases, working breeding lines, etc. To see this all go away will suck if a complete wipe is forced on all the officials. I cant quite understand what a wipe at this point would accomplish: Would you get that prime base spot you could never get because someone else has been there? Would the pillars NEVER come back again on any server? Would alpha tribes vanish forever? Would the folks who’ve spent thousands of hours in game be forced to spend thousands more to get breeding lines going again? Would the tamed dino count never reach 4,000 again on servers? Would the platform cap never be reached? I truly hope when considering a wipe the devs realize the major differences between PVE and PVP gameplay and whats all involved in both servers. I love the game but with the amount of time Ive invested in it, I don't think I could start over yet again from scratch. At that point I'd be visiting other games Ive been ignoring to play Ark. Frustrating but no intention on trying to reclaim all those hours/days once again.. EDIT (3/22/2017): it appears Jat has responded somewhat in relation to calls for a wipe due to the duping: https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/60qyco/wildcard_could_we_get_a_statement/df92jqq/